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 The Dream - Shannon Moore/OC fic.

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PostSubject: The Dream - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:52 am

DISCLAIMER - I'll be brief. I obviously do not know any real persons mentioned in this story, it is a complete work of my imagination and all OC characters + the plot are mine. Story is suitable for an audience of 18+ because of its adult content. Enjoy


The splintered floorboards against his cheek felt rough and damp at the same time, and there was a distinct smell of gasoline or something like it in the air. He opened his eyes and felt his body unconsciously lift from the floor until he was standing, his black and red booted feet sounding like they were grating across sandpaper as he took a few steps forward. His eyes were blurry and he felt like he was walking through a mist until he felt his head thud off a wall and his vision cleared perfectly.

The whole house seemed to be bathed in an eerie green light, yet when Shannon looked at himself in the mirror next to where he had hit his forehead so sharply he looked perfectly normal; like the light couldn’t cast itself over him. He had no idea where he was, but when he heard the thunderous banging noise he knew he had to get away from it as fast as he could. As he began to run from the unseen source of the sound that grew so loud the floor shook he pounded his feet up the old wooden staircase of the dilapidated house, and they began to crumble beneath him as each foot hit a new step.
The noise was so loud it deafened him as he reached the top of the stairs and began to run along a long corridor, and saw right at the other end there was a girl running towards him at the exact same speed, looking behind over her shoulder and then back at him, both advancing on each other quicker and quicker but still almost as if they were in slow motion.
He felt desperation inside to get to her, like his life depended on reaching her and pulling her into his arms, and it was so surreal yet so real he couldn’t make sense of any of it. He didn’t have a clue who she was, but she looked like she needed to get to him every bit as badly as he needed to get to her. She kept running to him, her long white and black hair trailing along after her tiny body as she ran and ran until she reached his open arms and let out a huge relieved sigh. He looked down at her, her body pressed to his and felt as if he was losing his whole world into her eyes, like he’d slid into the dilated pupils if he looked at them for too long; they were incredible

She opened her mouth to speak and he stopped her, pressing a finger to her lips and bending to her small 5ft 3 frame to stare at her intently for what felt like much longer than the few seconds it was, feeling his pulse racing madly as the noise grew louder around them. He then held her face in his hands and leant in kiss her, only when his lips touched hers he heard the noise that had followed him explode and when he opened his eyes he was lying in bed at home, alone, and covered in a thin veil of sweat all over. Something about that dream had made it ten times more intense and real than any other nocturnal adventure he could care to remember, and when he closed his eyes all he could see were two sea blue eyes staring at him......................

..................... ‘Woah!’ exclaimed Keri as she sat bolt upright in bed, the last few traces of remembrance of her dream swimming before her eyes, the deafening noise she had heard like something erupting still ringing in her ears as she was sure she could actually still smell the gorgeous man she had run to, someone she had never seen before in her life. She looked at her clock and saw it was four thirty in the morning, just three hours after she’d stumbled to bed trying as best she could to hide her drunken stupor from her from her mother, asleep in the next room. She hadn’t expected to wake up again so soon, let alone from the most intense and prolific dream she’d ever experienced.

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PostSubject: Chapter One - Will you appear again?   Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:55 am

Lying in his bed the night after the strange and yet vividly real dream Shannon could feel his head starting to go more blank as his brain began to shut off and succumb to slumber, his eyes falling shut as he let out a deep breath through his nose and scratched his bare chest and fell into a deep sleep where once again he would be visited by the mystery girl with the hair so blonde it was white and streaks of jet black underneath it.

Keri had been asleep for two hours when she began to dream of being in a club dancing on a podium, looking out over the huge crowd and scanning the faces until her eyes fell upon him, staring up at her. She moved her body to the beat of the song and began to remove the outfit she was wearing. Looking around she realized she was one of many girls all dressed in full burlesque costumes, black tail coats and bustles covering fishnet tights and pink and black underwear with black top hats on their heads. She had no conscious control over what she was doing, her head still battling to gain some kind of control over the dream she knew she was in over the roar of ‘Dirty’ by American Head Charge as it blasted through the dream induced nightclub.

After the song had finished the hauntingly beautiful ‘Loyalty’ by the same band began to play, and Shannon watched the girl as she swayed slower to it, her hips moving in time with the high notes of the guitar as she pulled the coat from her body, followed by the bustle before casting the hat aside. And when the song kicked in he stood and watched as a huge jet of water began to pour down over her as she danced, the same happening to every other girl up on a podium; but his eyes were too busy locked on her to notice. And just then she disappeared, and before he could wonder where to he felt someone tap his shoulder and turned to see her, fully clothed in black jeans and a white vest top, no longer soaked to the skin.

And just like in the last dream, he wrapped his arms around her and leant down to kiss her, but unlike the last dream he didn’t wake up. He just stood there and kissed her in the midst of the heat and noise of the club, everything fading out until all he could hear was a ringing in his ears and the sound of his own heart thudding faster against his chest. And then he pulled away from her and saw she was opening her mouth to try and speak, yet not words came out; only the spooky sound of white noise before he woke up with a start.

Normally he never looked into dreams or the why’s and wherefores of them, secret meanings or codes behind them etc, but the fact he had dreamt of seeing the same girl in strange dream induced surroundings two nights in a row had pricked his interest. But only so far as to wonder if she would return when he closed his eyes again, and return she did when he felt the pull of a dream a few hours later in his night’s sleep.

Keri didn’t think that she’d dream about him again after she had woken from the last one, but found that once again the mystery man would come to her yet again. She was standing in the middle of a beautiful house surrounding by happy looking people, some she knew and some she didn’t. Looking at her own reflection in a big window she was walking towards she noticed everyone else was dressed so smartly compared to her attire of ripped jeans, a strapless black top and her battered up old black Converse sneakers.

When she reached the window she leaned out and pulled a small handle, making it spring open and reveal it to actually be a full glass door that let her step out of the beautifully decorated perfectly square room, leaving the sounds of party guests chatting over the sound of a grand piano being played to muffle into nothing as she walked outside and across the grass to where he was waiting for her. Still, just like the other two dreams she had no control over her actions, and felt like she was puppet like in the way she played out her part in the dream, walking towards him and reaching to stroke his face when she arrived at where he was standing. Trying to fight against the fact she had no control over her body or voice she once again felt like she wanted to speak, yet like there was a stone lodged in her throat preventing her from talking. And once again he bent to press his mouth to hers, kissing her in a way she’d never experienced before, even when awake.

‘You’re such an amazing kisser’ she heard herself say, rubbing her nose against his and feeling herself drown in his good looks. He was so beautiful it almost made her heart stop to behold him.

‘So are you’ he replied, kissing her again. Keri fought with everything she had inside to speak something she wanted to, rather than words that seemed to be pre programmed into her dream self, and just as she could feel herself being pulled back and his face clouding over she opened her mouth and struggled to speak, her voice sounding oddly deep and distorted as she spluttered out ‘Who are you?’ and then opened her eyes to see her bedroom wall bathed in the light of the early morning.

‘Keri? Hello? Some input to the conversation might be nice’ said her friend Rachel as they sat in the canteen at University with their little group of friends five hours later, talking about plans for the weekend; themselves and Frankie and the boys, Ash and Aaron.

‘Sorry, I was just thinking. Yeah the lake sounds like fun’ she said a little distantly.

‘Did it hurt?’ asked Ash, receiving a thump in the arm from Keri.

‘About as much as it hurts you to remember your own name dumbass!’ she replied, before looking like she was being pulled back into her thoughts. Since their afternoon lecture that had supposed to have consisted of a tour around the beautiful scenery surrounding Alaska Pacific University had been cancelled due to a weather warning the group of friends all studying for their Visual Communications Degree decided to use the free time to catch up on assignments in one of the plush study suites. Keri and Frankie sat alone at one of the tables going over photographs from their joint project on the latter’s digital camera, choosing the ones they wanted to edit using Photoshop to pass that particular module of the course. And although since computer technology was her weakness and Keri should have been focusing, she just couldn’t.

All her thoughts had been consumed with over the last two days were why she was having dreams about one man, someone she had never seen before in her life yet in her dream self ran to and kissed as if she’d known him forever. She never invested too much thought into the reasons behind why people dream what they do; figuring it to be just some nocturnal strangeness of brain activity that meant nothing at all, but her belief system was starting to become tested by that theory.

‘I think if we take this one and show it in a different light as well as hue it’d look so effective. But then I guess that does kinda mean we are blanking out the natural beauty of aurora borealis if we manipulate it too much’ mused Frankie, turning to the PC behind her in her swivel chair and giving the space bar a few taps with her nail to make the screen saver disappear and reaching back to grab hold of the upload lead for the camera.

‘It’s what we’re supposed to do though, unless we pick one of the pictures that are less naturally radiant than that. How about that one? You shouting if I wanted mustard on my burger or not kinda distracted me when I took it’ said Keri with a little laugh, remembering how they had been standing on top of a bridge in their town of Anchorage to snap as many pictures as they could of the beautiful northern lights across the sky.

‘Well you’d have shot me if I’d come back with the wrong condiment slathered all over it’ her friend replied, scratching her head of short mousy brown spikes and laughing. Frankie was the only girl in the world who could carry off having a boys haircut and dressing somewhat tomboy-esque and still look ultra feminine, even though she was gay she didn’t want to dress like a ‘typical dyke’ as she put it.

‘Aha, yes I would. I still haven’t forgiven you for the chilli sauce fiasco’ she replied, making Frankie throw her head back and laugh heartily before they carried on with their project. And once again as her best friend patiently went through the different settings on Photoshop to try and teach her how to use the software on her own Keri found her concentration slipping to a level that made Frankie take notice.

‘Okay bambino, what the F gives? You keep sitting there frowning and looking melancholy’ she said, swivelling in her seat and giving Keri a ‘you better damn well tell me’ look.

‘It’s no biggie, just that I keep having the same dream. Well, no that’s wrong. I keep having a dream with the same person popping up in it. Have you ever had that?’ she asked, watching Frankie smile.

‘The things Jennifer Lopez and I get up to in my dreams on a regular basis, it’d make your hair curl!’ she said, laughing and reaching out to gently tug a piece of her friends platinum mane. ‘But seriously, yeah I have. Why do you ask?’ she added.

‘Well after you dropped me home on Saturday night I had this really vivid dream. I was in this house, god knows where or who it belonged to but I was sitting at the bottom of a staircase and I could hear all these creepy scratching noises, and sounds of what I can only describe as someone trickling slime into a metal bucket, real eerie and stuff and everything was in this green light apart from me. And then I heard this banging noise that scared the shit out of me and started running from it up the staircase which crumbled beneath my feet’ she began, taking a breath as Frankie nodded and asked her in hand gestures if she wanted to go outside for a cigarette by waving her pack of Lucky Strikes.

‘And after I got to the top of the stairs I ran along this huge hallway, and at the other end was this guy with hair a little like mine but way shorter, and he was huge! He had muscles like a bodybuilder or something and I just had this feeling that I had to get to him, and when we reached each other we just held each other’s bodies tight and stared at each other too before he leant to kiss me, then I woke up. And last night I had another two separate dreams he popped up in’ Keri explained through their short walk down the hallway to the fire escape where they were allowed to commune to smoke.

‘And you’ve never seen this mountain of muscles before in your life then? Just a complete random?’ asked Frankie, reaching out and providing shelter from the wind via her hands around Keri’s as she tried to light her cigarette.

‘Never, I have no idea who he is or why I’m dreaming about him! C’mon miss straight A student, shed a little light’ she said, watching Frankie look thoughtful for a few moments.

‘Why not keep a dream journal and write down everything you dream about that involves the guy you keep seeing, I’ll give it to Hayley when you have a few jotted down and see what she makes of them. You know how much she’s into all that dream interpretation hippy crap. But in the meantime you could research dreams and their meanings on the internet’ scoffed Frankie with a little chuckle. She referred to her girlfriend of a year who was fascinated in anything spooky or kooky.

‘Yeah, yeah I might just do that. Thanks Franks. I mean who knows? He may never appear again, but I would like to know why he’s been there three times when I fall asleep when I’ve never had dreams like that before. It was really..............intense’ she said as her friend nodded their mutual cloud of cigarette smoke. Little did she know her dreams would be visited by the man she didn’t yet know was a living breathing person a hell of a lot more over the next week
; each night in fact.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dream - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:09 am

yes a another one ! ... have you been reading my copy of Seduce me in dreams??? I swear it is kind of like that ... the man and woman dreams about each other ... but different. Keri is not giving him a warning of his but loving it girly keep it going...
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PostSubject: Re: The Dream - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:09 pm

No I haven't read it unfortunately Tj. You may remember this one from the old proboard, I wrote it about 3 years ago after watching a film called "The Good Night" inspired me to do something a little different Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The Dream - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   

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The Dream - Shannon Moore/OC fic.
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