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 The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction

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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:21 pm

Where do I start? I loved this chapter, just loved it. And entire one devoted to them Very Happy as I’ve said tirelessly, I love reading these two when they’re together. They sound so damn smitten with each other……and I bet Ayden didn’t notice that group of young men looking at her because she was too busy staring at Christian. Yeah, I’d be the same! I’d hardly notice where I was damn well walking if I had that man on her arm. And I like the fact he took her to Bella’s, it was nice that she could introduce him to her godfather as I guess it is introducing her to family of sorts, and that must be nice for her since she cannot do it with Carlo.

Reading the details of the date itself was like looking at a beautifully painted picture. It was all the little details that made it come alive. I love how kind and considerate he is towards her, he’s such a good guy, so right for her. She’s the kind of male influence she needs in her life- one who isn’t demanding or controlling  I think they’re so well suited. I just loved reading this hun, sorry this isn’t a long review but I only just woke up! I tried to read it last night but only got ½ through Christian’s POV I was so shattered! But trust me, I fucking loved every last word of it and as ever simply cannot wait for another update – even if I have to post it for you LMAO! Bloody board huh? xxxxxx
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PostSubject: Chapter 21 - Unaware of Danger   Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:30 am

Back at Christian’s House;
Ayden’s POV;

Initially we had come back to Christian’s to watch a movie; but as it always was with us, we had gotten talking and it just seemed to flow as easily as before that we quickly forgot about the movie. Christian had grabbed a bottle of wine from his fridge, poured me a glass and one for himself, then given me a big comfortable sweatshirt of his and we moved out and down onto the beach where we were sat watching the calm water lapping gently at the shore and lazily folding back out into the vast darkness.

Everything with this man came so easily – it was scary if I were to be honest. My walls were crumbling like a bad contractor had erected them. And the worst part was; that I was completely out of control and couldn’t stop it from happening.

I had promised myself that I wouldn’t allow him to get too close too quickly but somehow that message had been morphed in its translation to my head. You would think that after all I had been through with Vince; my head would be as reluctant as the rest of me was but apparently not and it was definitely taking charge and doing whatever the Hell it felt like.

The air was a nice medium of heat and a soft breeze – making it comfortable. As always; there were a bunch of kids further down the beach who were having a late night BBQ – the scent of cooking burgers and the like reached us where we sat but we were both completely full after the meal at Papa Joey’s place. It had been so good to see him again; I hadn’t even realized how much I missed him to be honest. I promised him that I would call and we could arrange a time for him to come over and see my new home.

“It does smell good though,” Christian voiced as if he had just been reading my mind.

“You freak me out when you do that,” I smiled at him; shuffling my feet through the soft sand absentmindedly.

“When I do what?”

“Say something that was literally just running through my mind,”

“Sorry,” he chuckled nudging my shoulder playfully, “it’s weird, I just seemed to know that was what you were thinking and about how stuffed we are after our meal,”

“Stop it!” I laughed, “it’s too freaky,”

Turning his head, he looked back up at my house where the lights were still on and I could hear the unimpressing sound of techno music pumping from my stereo – I swear my brother must have been adopted – to come from where we had, there is no way that he could justify liking that ‘noise’.

“That’s awful isn’t it?” Christian asked me as he turned back to look at me to find me staring openly at him for doing it again, “ok that time was a pure accident!” he held his hands up in defeat which of course made me laugh.

“It really is awful,” I sighed before burying my face in my hands, “my poor speakers!”

“I noticed that you take music very seriously,”

“I do,” I nodded, “my Mom and Dad had such vast different musical tastes that I can literally handle almost anything, but that..........that just sounds like noise to me,”

At 26 years old, I felt like I had aged before my time – that was something that I expected my Father to say about the music that Elias and I listened too. I could hear the argument that he’d end up having with my Mother about it. Of course, she’d be telling him that music had adapted and evolved and they’d just have to get used to it and of course, he’d be his normal Neanderthal self – demanding that we listen to what he and our Mother liked.

“You sound like a Mother there,”

“I guess I am the closest thing that he has had to a Mother to be honest,” I admitted going back to ignoring my brother’s obvious party – the music wasn’t all that loud, so I didn’t imagine that it was bothering the other residents in the small cul-de-sac.

“Tell me about your Mother,” he enquired of me.

My attention turned to the water – my thoughts already miles ahead of him on the thinking about my Mother matter. To be fair however, my mind was usually stuck on her or not all that far away from thinking about her. The older I became the more I thought about her; I wondered what she would think of the person that I have become, I wondered if she and Dad would still be together and I wondered if she would have stood up for me in all the arguments that I had, had with Dad. Most of all I wondered if we would be close – I thought about how close we had been when I was younger and I couldn’t help but wonder if that would have strengthened through the years.

“What do you want to know?” I asked Christian, eventually tearing my eyes from the nothingness in front of us and into the concerned and shining blue eyes of my boyfriends. God it felt good to say that.

“Well what kind of music was she into apart from Frank Sinatra?”

“She loved old blue eyes, that’s for sure. I remember her being such a free spirit – she loved to have music playing in the house all the time, where most people love to watch TV or have it on the news channel all the time; my Mom was different – the stereo was always playing. Some of her favourites were; The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Thin Lizzy, Janis Joplin and Nina Simone,”

“She had amazing taste,”

“She really did,” I smiled at him, “I remember this one time; she had found out that her Grandmother had died over in Italy. Dad had thought that she was losing her mind – she looked at him when he delivered the news as she patted down her clothes and stepped out onto the decking at the back of our house and just stood there in the pissing rain – letting it soak right through her clothes and she just started laughing and twirling around in the rain. I can still remember it so vividly and when Dad asked her why she was doing it – she had simply told him that her Grandmother had made her promise to celebrate her life not mourn it, so that was what she was doing, only she was hiding her tears in the rain,”

I knew that memory had nothing to do with music, but it was an important memory for me because it was one of the last that I had of her. I can still remember one of Dad’s employees at the time had asked him if Lillian was having a breakdown – my Father had been furious and 3 days later the guy was gone, and no one knew where he had disappeared too.

“She sounds like she really was amazing,”

“She was, she was high above anybody that I have ever met since, and I just hope that I can be half the woman that she was,”

“I think it’s safe to say that you are more than half the woman she was,”

Most people never said things like that about my Mother, and where I should have been insulted, I felt more close to him because of that. Being with Christian was like being with someone who wanted only to please you – it was like that was his main goal in life, to keep me happy and to please me and not once had he ever complained about it.

I came with a lot of baggage – my Father; the most notorious gangster that LA had ever seen, my dead Mother who cast a huge shadow over everything in my life, and now I had my brother living in my house and taking care of him. Of course there was the fact that we had to hide that we were dating from my Father – I just wanted him to accept that I could make up my own mind and that I knew what was best for me. But no; he was such a control freak that he had to ruin everything until I was miserable and he was happy. Sometimes I hated the man that he was but then I would remember that he was my Dad and I loved him deep down............really deep down.

“Thank you,” my eyes moved towards his and gave him a smile.

Being with him, spending time with him and talking with him was all easy – it was like I had been doing it all my life and that did scare me. When I had told Vince to get out of town; I had left, went home and stood in front of the mirror in my room wondering what I had just done. I knew that I had risked my life and Vince’s life by telling him that my Father was looking for him and that he had to leave town.

If my Father ever found out that I had done that – he would have absolutely no problem in getting rid of me. In his eyes, I would have betrayed the Family and that was punishable by death.

“What’s on your mind?” Christian asked reaching for my hand and giving it a squeeze to bring me back to the moment.

“Just how scary this is,”

“What? Us?”

“Yeah. You don’t find it scary?” I enquired watching his face – there was no sign that felt scared, no sliver of fear of who I was and who my Father was – all I could witness was love, pride and the easiness in which we had founded this whole relationship on.

“Maybe a little,”

“Just a little?” I giggled like some teenager, “I’m petrified,”

“Of what?” he asked me inching closer until our bodies were resting against one another’s.

“Getting hurt again,” I admitted with ease and even that scared me.

I was putting myself out there, I was admitting the way to hurt me to this man who was already pumping through my veins and I never wanted to do that, I never wanted to give him power over me and now here I was willingly handing over the ammunition to him.

I was trying to remain in the mindset that there was no way that Christian would hurt me, but I had thought the same thing with Vince – what made Christian different from Vince? Nothing at all – they were both men and my cynical mind was screaming that I had to remain vigil about the protection of my heart.

“I could never........I would never hurt you, not intentionally or like the way you have been hurt before,” he now moved so that he was kneeling right in front of me; both of his hands capturing mine and holding them against his chest, “after everything that you have been through; I know that it is hard for you to trust and the fact that you are trusting me with something as precious as your heart; means that there is no way that I would do anything to damage that; in fact I am more likely to protect it with everything that I am,”

“Do you mean that?”

“Of course I mean it, I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it,” and I just knew that he was telling me the truth.

“Just don’t hurt me ok?”

“Ayd, believe me when I tell you that this thing with us – it’s meant to be, can’t you feel that?” he asked still holding my gaze in his and I just nodded my head, “there is no way that I could hurt someone that I care about deeply,”

Of course he was right, from the moment that we had met it was like the alignment in my life was drawn to his with magnetic force. I almost felt that it wouldn’t matter if we had never talked – we would have been drawn to one another some way or another. It just felt that right. At the risk of sounding cheesy; it was like we were 2 pieces of a puzzle coming together.

“I promise that I won’t ever hurt you either,” I volunteered honestly.

Just the thought of hurting him made my heart ache – I just had to hope that when Dad did find out about us he wouldn’t do anything stupid to Christian. I couldn’t bear to think of anything happening to him because of me. All I wanted was the chance to love a man who wasn’t an Italian descendent – someone that I had picked, or should I say my heart picked and be left to be happy with my decision.

“I’m glad,” he smiled brushing my hair away from my face and holding it gently his the palms of his hands, “we’re going to be fine Ayd – nothing will come in the way of us being together, I promise you that, because I’m not going to let it happen,”

Slowly his face moved in towards mine and he brushed those soft warm lips over the top of mine and made me melt completely into him. This was where I wanted to be, in his arms, in his life and as close as possible to him. Slowly he was taking over my being and I was happy to let him – in this moment, I would give him absolutely anything that he asked for without complaint.

Christian’s POV;

I know that it was difficult for her to trust and by doing so with me was a huge step for her to take and I knew that she needed the reassurance and to be honest – I liked the feeling of being needed by her. With her posture and self assured presence it was hard to see that she needed to feel cared for and loved too.

“Do you wanna head inside? I’m getting cold,” she whispered against my lips as our kiss came to the end.

“Yeah,” I smiled getting to my feet and reaching my hands out for her, which she took and smiled as we huddled together walking up the soft sand towards my home.

Once inside, I moved to the fire place and switch it on; I prefer a real fire place but there really isn’t much need for it living near the beach, so I had to settle for this artificial one that glowed orange and made it appear that little flames were dancing in the back ground.

“Hot chocolate?” I asked her as she headed straight for the fire and squatted in front of it rubbing her hands.

“Mmmmmm please,” she glanced across at me and smiled brightly. “Do you mind if I put on some music?”

“Knock yourself out,” I nodded moving to the kitchen to make the hot chocolate for us.

I was looking forward to tomorrow; we were heading out to the race track and get the chance to ride in the cars with the professional drivers. I was a big car buff; I had always wanted to drive one of those race cars; they just looked so much fun – maybe I would get the chance tomorrow. At least that is what I am hoping for.

The soulful tunes of Otis Redding came flying in to the kitchen where I was waiting for the kettle to boil and followed by Ayden coming in and giving me a huge smile, “my Mom loved Otis Redding too,”

“Your Mom sounds really cool,”

“She really was amazing,” she smiled.

Watching and listening to her talking about her Mom – it was clear that she was proud of who her Mother had been and more than anything, more than what was comfortable watching; she missed her Mother deeply. It almost washed off her in buckets but she was the girl who held everything together – her own grieving was done when she was alone; she held it together for everyone else – being the rock for people and I admired her for that.

“So when is it you are back to work?” she asked me playing with the hem of her top.

“Another couple weeks yet,” I replied, “so I am planning on spending a lot of time with you during these weeks,”

“Sounds good to me,” she winked at me happily.

“To me too,” I nodded grabbing the mugs from the cupboard and spooning the amount of hot chocolate powder into them.

“I’m gonna be unavailable on Monday night though,”


“Girls night – we always do it. We usually get movies, loads of junk food and just chill out,” she explained smiling at her ritual.

“That’s great, I’ll hang out with my mates then,” I nodded happy that she wasn’t like Caitlyn in any way at all.

Of all the things that I found sexy about Ayden; her state of independence was probably the sexiest thing about her. There was no leaning on men, she didn’t need a man to complete her life and she was more than comfortable in her own skin too which was an added bonus.

“I’m thinking on getting my hair done this week,”

“By who?”

“Britt – she’s a makeup girl and hairdresser too, which is to my benefit,” she smiled.

“What you thinking on getting done?”

“I was thinking some blond streaks?”

“Really?” my head snapped round to look at her and trying to imagine her with blonde streaks in her hair.

“ don’t like the idea?”

“I love it,” I nodded, “but anything to do with your hair is gonna get my approval,”

“Meaning? You hate my hair?” she asked running her fingers through the long black smooth curtain that shone so brightly some days that it did look blue.

“Why would you think that I would hate your hair? I love your hair, it’s so soft and smells great and I think that giving it a little bit of colour will definitely look sexy as Hell,” I explained, “plus it feels so good trickling over my body,” winking at her and she let out a little giggle that I swore was the sweetest sound in the world.

“Good answer handsome,” she replied happily.

Happily I went back to making the hot chocolate, my mind wondering about the rest of her body. I knew that she had a nice body – just because we weren’t having sex didn’t mean that we didn’t do other things, things that I swore no other woman had ever done to me. I could feel myself getting aroused just at the thought of it.

Resting against the counter, I watched her closely – she was still playing with the hem of her shirt; her hair tumbling down like 2 curtains coming together and hiding her face from view. The jet black shining under the lighting in the kitchen. Unlike her place; I had the whole downstairs of my home blocked up into separate rooms.

“So are you going to behave when we go to bed?” she winked at me.

“What would you prefer?”

“Not,” she smiled coyly at me and I nodded my head and agreement.

“Then let’s get this hot chocolate out of the way and head on up,” I suggested handing her the steaming mug.

“Mmmmmm ok,” she smiled turning on the little counter stool that she had been sat on and following me into the living room just as the CD finished and the next one in the changer clicked on to.

The funky start of the latest Kid Rock album filled the room, and I made my way to turn it off when she spoke up, “leave it on, I actually love this album,”

“You do? But you don’t like country music.........”

“I never said that I didn’t like it, I said that I haven’t had much experience with it,” she replied matter of factly at me.

“I’m going to expose you to some of the best country artists ever,” I promised her and she happily nodded.

When she sat down, she placed the mug on the top of her knee but keeping her fingers wrapped firmly around it. Slowly her hips started to move as she closed her eyes. I didn’t want to interrupt her swing of the music – she was moving in a sinful way........God help me! I thought to myself.

“Dance with me?” she asked placing her mug on the coaster on the end table before getting to her feet.

“Sure,” copying her movements, I opened my arms and she moved into them; her own fragile arms wrapping around my neck; her hips swaying against my crotch in time to the music. Sin. Sin. was all I could think.

My hands curled around her slender little hips and pulled her harder against me, eliciting a small moan to escape those ruby red lips. Watching the way she flipped her hair behind her shoulders without her hands, made her hips rub a little more against me and I was fighting the primal urge that was sweeping through my veins at this moment in time.

“What’s wrong?” she asked tilting her head to the side.

“Nothing why?”

“You’re about as stiff as a nun in strip club,” she laughed running her fingers through the back of my hair.

“Sorry,” I chuckled allowing myself to move a little more freely.

For the next 20 minutes, we danced lost in one another’s eyes; and as things began to get a little heated by way of her turning her back to me and slithering down the front of my body; her arm above her head and following the same path that her body had taken. I was beyond hard, I was in pain yet I couldn’t bring myself to tell her to stop; then as if my prayers had been answered her phone began ringing.

“What the fuck?” she muttered moving to where she had left her bag in the corner of the sofa, “sorry,” she looked at me and sighed; only one person could make her sigh like that; daddy dearest.

Taking the moment of reprieve I moved to the front window and stared out into the night. There were more cars turning up outside Ayden’s place; but there was no additional noise, so I figured that it would be ok. I tried not to listen to what was happening on the phone but being in the same room sort of made that difficult.

“Daddy do you know what time it is........? Yes I am busy........hanging out with Christian.......don’t start Daddy, I am gonna hang up if you quit, what.......? YOU DID WHAT........? I didn’t ask you to do absolutely not........yes I am single but that is not the point........because you’re not my pimp – I can find dates on my own thanks........... Lei prova il mio Babbo di pazienza........ bene ma lei mi deve....... quando........... domani........... Ho dei progetti per domani che sono nessuno dei suoi affari prima che lei chieda anche..........” it was at that moment she marched out of the living room and headed outside obviously to have a go at her Father out of earshot.

20 minutes later she came into the room looking defeated and irritated and angry all rolled into a tense body that had been so relaxed not long ago. Moving over to where she was stood running her hands through her hair in a frustrated manner; wrapping my arms around her she clung to me tightly.

“I have to cancel tomorrow,”


“My Dad has set me up with some business partner’s son,”

“Oh,” my heart sank.

“I don’t want to go but what other choice do I have?” she collapsed into my embrace and I scooped her up then carried her up the stairs and into my bedroom where I gently eased her onto the bed.

We both knew that it was going to be difficult with her Father being so dead set against me and us having a relationship. I curled up next to her and just held her in my arms; kissing the top of her head every few moments. I couldn’t get mad – this wasn’t her fault, it was purely down to her Father who, for whatever reason, wouldn’t give me the time of day let alone the chance to make his daughter happy.

Little did we know that things were about to go from bad to even worse.

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PostSubject: Chapter 22 - This is what I want.   Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:49 pm

Ayden’s POV;

Just the thought of my Father setting me up on a date didn’t sit well with me. It felt too much like charity; almost like he didn’t think that I could find my own dates......or more like he didn’t trust me to pick my own dates. It was insulting but I knew that he wasn’t going to drop it. My Dad was like a dog with a bone when he set his mind to something. And this one particular bone was embedded deep.

The plus side was that this guy was a cop – so I had already planned to just explain the situation to him and that I was sorry to have wasted his time. Being a cop; it never entered my mind that I would have anything to fear. Or that my life would be turned upside down because I agreed to one date. Really I should have known – my Dad had previously had plenty of bent cops on the pay role – which meant that they weren’t the type of people who could be trusted.

“What you thinking about?” Christian asked still holding me close to him but the flirty moment, of a few moments previously, was now gone.

“Just how insulted I am,”

“By what gorgeous?”

“By the fact that my Father assumes that he has to find dates for me,” inside I was literally seething at his presumption.

“Is there anything that I can do?” he asked his voice laced with concern.

“Actually there is,”

“Name it?” with Christian – he had more than proved the way he felt about me.

There was the constant stream of compliments; even first thing in the morning when I had a severe case of bed head and absolutely no makeup on. Then there was every time that I had an argument with my Father – he would be right there; it wasn’t that he said anything – it was just the fact that he was there listening to me and being my rock. I swear he was completely solid and I knew that I was falling for him at an alarming rate.

“Take me to bed and fuck me all night?” pulling away from his shoulder and almost literally falling head first into his gorgeous eyes.

“But you said that you..........”

“I’m entitled to change my mind yes?”

“Of course,” he nodded; his hands practically gripping my hips, “I just don’t want you to end up regretting it,”

“Why would I regret it? Are you notoriously bad in bed?” I smiled.

“What......? No........well I’ve never had any complaints,”

“Good; then take me upstairs and prove it to me,” leaning in close; I purred into his ear and felt the chain reaction in shivers race through him.

“Come here,” growling in a primitive manner – he roughly pulled me back against his solid frame.

The strongest scent of his aftershave became caught in my nasal passage as our lips crashed together in a tender caress. My heart rate increased to scary proportions, every single organ in my body began to tremble as I was pressed hard against the wall of the living room and his hands became entangled in my hair. The air was turning hot around us as we became more entangled in the rising passion.

There was an electric charge in the air. Something that had been lingering between us from the moment that we had met and that we hadn’t been able to explain – now I knew that it had been the raw energy bubbling and now it was like a volcano erupting and showering us both in a sea of animalistic passion.

Slowly moving his hands down my body until I could feel his fingers hooking under the shirt and beginning to tug it upwards. Without coaxing my arms rose above my head and took my lead and removed the top. Next thing I knew it was landing on the sofa and he was pressing even harder against me.

My tongue met his in a sensual dance. My hands raked softly through his hair until he was moaning into my mouth. Thrusting his hips against mine; the feel of his arousal throbbed against me; which elicited a blissful moan from somewhere deep inside me.

My fingers quickly slid out of his hair and down over his muscular shoulders, down over his impressive chest; moaning again at how solid his frame was. Almost tearing his long sleeved jersey top from his body in my eagerness to feel his skin pressed into mine. Up until this point I hadn’t even realized that I was as hungry as this for some human affection. I had been craving it without knowing it.

“Ayd you’re so beautiful,” Christian moaned against my lips.

“I want you now,” I panted running my hands over his chest; the heat from his body seemed to fuel my need for him.

For a fleeting moment – I felt a shiver of doubt about doing this – not because I didn’t trust Christian; because I really did – I would trust him with my life but my problem was; I wasn’t all that experienced when it came to men. Vince had been my only lover and as much as I was proud of that fact; I was worried that I wouldn’t be enough for Christian. And with that thought came the fear of him laughing at me. Deep down I knew that he would never laugh at me but that old saying ‘it’s easier to believe the bad stuff than it is the good,’ came into play.

“Hey what’s wrong?” pulling me from the edge of stopping this before it had even started, I met his eyes.

“Nothing,” I pushed the fear down as my smile came back.

I had always lived my life by one simple rule – there is nothing to fear except for fear itself. Whenever I had a problem, or fear; I would face it head on – why should I let this be any different?

“You don’t want to do this?”

“Yes, yes...........I want too,” pressing my lips to his neck; I felt the contraction of his muscles as his head fell back for a moment until he was gripping my shoulders and pulling back from me, “what’s wrong?”

“I need to know that you are definitely ready for this?”

“I just told you that I am,”

“I saw the flicker of doubt in your eyes,” he presented me with the fact that I had underestimated how well he knew me.

“It was just for a second. I’m fine now!”

“What was it?”

“Fear,” I sighed resting back against the wall as he looked at me suspiciously. I knew him well enough to know that if I wanted this, I’d have to tell him the truth, “I’m not experienced with.........this; I was just worried that I might not be enough for you or that I might disappoint you,”

For a split second I couldn’t read the look in his eyes – and then the look softened all I could see was his usual admiration for me. My fear evaporated in that moment – he didn’t need to say anything but I knew that he would because he was just that kind of man.

“Ayd there is absolutely nothing that you could say or do that could make me disappoint you,” Christian was the type of man who when he talked – you could tell exactly what he was feeling, “from the moment that we met – you have completely blown me away. You amaze me – the way you handle things, the way you don’t need constant reassurance........”

“Apart from now,” I laughed.

“Yeah apart from now,” he chuckled brushing his lips over mine in a fleeting kiss, “so don’t even think about disappointing me ‘cos it could never happen!”

“Okay,” I nodded completely reassured.

Holding myself against him again – our lips met in a bruising kiss. My body instantly coming alive as his hands softly swept over my flesh. With neither of us exchanging words; we began making our way towards the stairs. Holding my body hard against his as he led the way.

Getting to the top of the stairs; he gave me a nudge until my legs were wrapping tightly around his waist and we were still kissing. Lost to the world; completely embraced in the passion between us.

The next thing that I was aware of was the velvet soft bed spread as Christian gently laid me down. Neither of us daring to look away from each other. My entire being trembled with my need for him. Climbing onto the bed next to me; he quickly wrapped me back up into his warm embrace. I could feel the beginning scratching of his stubble but as always I didn’t care. All I wanted was him.

From the way he was shivering as my hands danced up and down his back it seemed that he was as far gone as I was. Copying my movements; I trembled against him and slowly working his hands around to my breasts – he stroked my nipples until they were hard and I was breathless. Then as if to work me up even more – he began squeezing my breasts in his hands. I could feel myself becoming almost delirious from how good it felt.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned into his mouth as my hands moved around to his zipper and began tugging it down.

Within moments we were both completely naked; both of us watching the other’s body.

“You’re still sure?” he asked.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. What about you?”

“I think it’s safe to say that I’m sure,” he chuckled looking down – my own eyes following his until they were resting on his cock.

“Mmmmm,” I smiled at him, “I’d definitely say that you’re more than sure,”

Smiling at me; he pushed me on to my back – leaning his body over mine; he quickly opened the drawer on the nightstand and pulled out a sealed packet of condoms and placed them on the bed next to me before positioning himself between my legs; his strong toned body loomed over me.

Instantly his mouth had connected with mine again; the kiss was laced with hunger and the need that I matched with ease. My heart was racing once again – my fingers entwined in his hair, my legs closing in around his body and he groaned lightly into my mouth before dragging his mightily talented lips across my face.

“Tell me you want me?” I whispered turning my head to the side as his lips pressed tenderly to the spot just under my ear.

“Mmmmmm I want!”

“Mmmmmm,” using my hands; I trickled my fingers up his rippling arms.

Not stopping his torture on me; I felt his body sliding downwards – his lips dragging against my flesh. Making me shiver uncontrollably. I sweat he was taking pleasure in driving me out of my mind.

Wrapping his lips around my nipple while using his hand to tease the other one.

“What are you doing?” I panted desperately.

“You’ll see,” was the only response that he mumbled.

Switching sides – his mouth hungrily devoured my other nipple while one hand trailed down over my stomach; circling my naval before continuing down over my pelvis and straight over my pussy and I swear I actually felt him smile against my tit as my body practically jerked.

With Vince – sex was all about him – his own satisfaction and he’d tell me that sex was always about the man, his pleasure and nothing else. I had never even had an orgasm – and I had just let him treat me that way. I was so stupid for even just thinking that what I had with him was real. Selfish asshole.

Christian gently slid his fingers into my pussy and I felt the most wonderful feeling of pleasure shoot through my core. It was almost so amazingly delightfully that my eyes almost rolled inside out.

“Mmmmmm you’re so wet,” finally he looked up at me, “and tight...........”

“I take it; that is a good thing?” I moaned feeling his fingers dragging against my walls creating ripples of pleasure to keep his initial tremor going.

“Are you kidding?” he almost choked so I shook my head, “trust me – it’s a very good thing,”

Vince had always complained that it hurt him to thrust into my pussy; but as usual; he didn’t care or want to know about how much it hurt me. So long as he got what he wanted it didn’t matter about me.

“Mmmmmmm it feels so good,” for the first time in my life I felt a longer lasting torrent of pleasure. No wonder some people got addicted to sex if this was how amazing it could feel.

“Spread your legs’s about to get a whole lot more good,”

Doing as he ordered – my stomach fluttered at the demanding tone of his voice. Somehow he must have sensed it because he moaned out hungrily and pressing his hand a little harder against my pussy and I watched his head slowly bowed towards my cunt. At the very last second it registered in my mind what he was about to do.

My thighs were really beginning to tremble now. This was definitely a new experience for me and just as I was.........OH MY GOD! The soft and gentle impact of his tongue ran the entire length of my slit. My breath hitched in the back of my throat – my mouth quickly dried as my lips shaped out the motion of a silent ‘o’. There was more to come and none of it was anything that I could have imagined.

My friends had always talked about how amazing oral sex was but I had never believed them. I couldn’t even comprehend how they managed to have pleasure while having sex. Now I was feeling it – waves after waves of pleasure rippled through me until I had to close my eyes.

“You taste so fucking good,” he growled before easing his tongue up and under the small bit of flesh that covers the clit and when I had thought it was pleasurable before – it was nothing compared to this.

Christian’s POV;

With all the healthy eating that Ayden did – my taste buds were exploding with an amazing blend of tastes. My tongue dragged firmly across her clit and instantly she was writhing around like a banshee.

After hearing what she said about not being experienced; I hadn’t expected that she was really this inexperienced. But from this reaction I knew that she hadn’t ever had the experience of a man going down on her. That was more than ok with me – I actually liked the thought of being the first person to do this to her.

“Mmmmmm what are you trying to do to me?” she panted breathlessly.

Softly trailing my fingers down over her legs – it was more than evident that her entire body was trembling. Feasting my eyes up over her gorgeous panting body and she was beginning to calm down – I couldn’t let that happen. Pushing her legs up until they were almost resting against her chest – my tongue slid slowly down to her cunt.

She was definitely tight and her muscles were strong; gripping my tongue tightly and it felt so amazing. Using my fingers; I eased over the top of her clit and made small see saw motions that once again had her completely writhing around like a fish out of water. Watching the way her back was rising off the bed; I felt the plus side as my tongue slid in further and tasted her deeper.

“Do something for me Ayd?”

“Mmmmm what?”

“Touch your tits,” I growled low and raw.

Moving her hands to her tits; I watched as she circled her nipples lightly and moaning out as my tongue slowly slid out from her pussy and my fingers moved through her slick walls and my tongue moved back up to the clit. Sucking it into my mouth – she screamed out completely inhibited; she was strong and she was sensual but in this moment – she was like a Goddess lost in the throes of passion.

Small beads of sweat began to gather in the shallow dip between her breasts and my hands eventually had to pin her hips to the bed. With every sucking motion came another cry – a helpless cry; the kind that illustrated the fact that she was completely submitted to me.

My heart was beating at twice it’s normal pace – this was the moment that we had both agreed was worth waiting for but I knew why she had wanted this to happen right now. With the phone call from her Father and the date that she had no option but to say yes too; she felt completely out of control and this was something that she could do that couldn’t be controlled by him. In a way she was saying screw you – I’m going to do whatever the Hell I want and when I want. I had no problem in helping her along with that.

I didn’t actually like the thought of her going on a date with another man but there was something that I didn’t have to worry about and that was her cheating on me. Ayden was straight up – what you saw was what you got – if she wanted to sleep with someone else; I had the strongest impression that she would tell me about it before hand. It was just the in your face attitude that she had and I found it so sexy that it would make my knees knock together.

Circling her clit with my tongue, as it was sucked into my mouth, and felt another cry building in the core of her being. The muscles in her pussy tightened around my fingers which were now fucking her slowly; her entire body became tense and her breath was seemingly lost in the back of her throat; her chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Chrisssssss Mmmmmm oh Goddddddd don’t stoppppp,” she cried out her back arching clean off the bed as my tongue beat relentlessly on the small swollen bud of nerves.

Lapping up the nectar of her release, my fingers remained buried in her cunt as I slowly moved my lips up over her body until I was kissing her neck gently and she was coming down from her explosion. Meeting my lips in a passionate lock we became wrapped up in one another’s arms; neither of us in a hurry to rush this moment. We had all night after all.

The sound of Ayden’s cell phone ringing sounded muffled from where her jeans had been thrown. Crawling off the bed she scrambled for the jeans and pulled her phone out and checked the caller ID before she sighed and slowly slid the phone open.

“What now?” she asked moving back to the bed and sitting with her back to me.

Sliding over so that I was sat behind her – my lips breezing across the length of her shoulder blades. My hand sliding up and down the centre of her back making her spine shudder and she tried reaching behind her and squatting my hand away but she was way off, and I continued to run the line in the same direction of her spine bone.

“Its late Dad – I was in bed,” she said trying to shrug me off, which of course only made me more determined.

Sliding my tongue down the ridges of her spine until she was trembling and then slowly inching my hand around the front of her body; grazing my palm against her tit and was stifling the chuckle as she shuddered and almost lost control of her voice and moaned. Tugging on her nipple gave me the desired effect; she placed her hand over mine and pushed it harder against her tit.

“Ok so that couldn’t have waited until the morning?” she demanded of her Father as I used my other hand to nudge her legs apart and slide my fingers up the inside of her thigh. “Well what is it.......? Will you just hurry up; I want to go back to bed.........”

Rubbing against her pussy; she hissed a moan down into the back of her throat and recovered well by telling her Dad that she was tired and needed to go back to bed. Stroking her softly before slipping through her slick walls and her hips began rocking towards my touch; my lips moving to the back of her neck and tenderly kissing the flesh.

“That’s fine.........just tell him to call me,” she was talking with her clipped voice, and it was turning me on to the point where I was about ready to hang the phone up for her, “ok goodnight........Dad I’m knackered........he’s fine, yeah a few friends oh come on, I told you that I am tired, I’m hanging up now!” and with that she ended the call; threw her phone to the floor and turned around pushing me onto my back, “you’re an evil, evil, evil man...........”

“You love it,” I chuckled rubbing my hands up and down her legs as she straddled me while reaching for the pack of condoms that I had pulled out earlier. “Everything ok with your dad?”

“Yeah.......the date had to cancel something to do with a case – but he wanted to reschedule for next Saturday,” she explained to me as she ripped the condom packet with her teeth. “No more talk about him........”

“You’ll get no complaint from me!” I growled pulling her down so that she was pressed hard against my body. “God I want you so bad,”

“Mmmmmmm tell me again,”

“I want you so bad,” I groaned holding her head next to me to kiss her; her hair fisted in my clutch and was turned on by the fact that she moaned in to my mouth. “I want to feel your cunt all around my cock............”

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned out pushing out of my hold and sliding down my legs until she was slowly running her fingers up and down my cock before sliding the condom over me slowly.

Positioning herself; she sunk backwards slowly; drawing me into her wet chamber until I was completely buried and feel the strength of her muscles clutching me deep inside her.

“Mmmmmmmm!” I growled as she began to make the slow movement of her hips that were enough to drive me crazy.

The movements that she made were obviously designed to drive me to the very brink of sanity. From moving up and down; she’d rotate to rolling her hips around in a circle. The movements were intense; her hands running up and down my chest and squeezing her tits together and making me groan desperately.

“Does that feel good?” I grunted as she pushed back hard and made me thrust up to meet her.

“Mmmmmm like you wouldn’t believe,” she purred rocking back and forth until I could feel her insides contracting a little quicker and with every thrust they contracted a little bit quicker until she was cuming in a torrent of violent tremors and crying out my name.

“Keep cuming for me Ayd,” holding her hips so that she wouldn’t fall over; because her release was making her move fast and hard.

“Oh Godddd, Oh Godddd, Oh Godddd, Oh Godddd!” she was panting and now slamming down onto my cock. The sweat was building between us, “what the Hell is happening to meeeee?”

“Orgasm beautiful,”

“My Godddd I’ve never had one of those before............” upon hearing that I came in a ferocious manner until I flipped her; gripped her shoulders to stop her moving and slammed into her time and time again until I was shuddering to my eventual paralysis.

Panting we rested against one another completely breathless and taking comfort from one another before I broached the subject of her having never had an orgasm. It was hard to believe that she had never felt such a thing while having sex. Obviously Vince had absolutely no idea of what he had been doing when it came to satisfying a woman.

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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:20 am

‘Walls crumbling like a bad contractor had erected them’ – I really liked that use of words hun, sums up to me just how Ayden feels about this gorgeous, lovely new boyfriend of hers  he’s not like your ex honey, let him in totally. You know you want to! It’ll make a nice change in her life having a man who is just there for her, not relying on her like her brother has (because the poor lad had no one else) and not constantly breathing down her neck like her damn father! He is just for her, and that must feel so lovely for her. And I just LOVED that little bit between them when Christian is literally reading her thoughts! Wow, talk about in tune with one another.

I like the fact that Ayden does in fact recognise that she is the closest thing Elias has to a mother, and take credit for it too. Even though his musical tastes might ah, differ somewhat to hers :p Indeed, her poor speakers! I could just imagine her despair at that, really picture her hiding her head in her hands. Oh who am I kidding? This is so well written I have a mental picture of it all the way through, like a film playing in my head. And it continues to play out so beautifully, until OH MY CHRIST the phone call!!! I hate that man even bloody more now, he’s such a meddler! She should say no on principal of the fact he’s meddling in her life!

Swiftly onto the beginning of the next chapter, and no Ayden I think you’re wrong. It isn’t charity, it’s the fact your father wants what HE wants you to have, not what YOU want to have. He wants you to find a nice, rich Italian husband, would rather you didn’t become anything better than a wife and mother, and pigeon hole you into this little fantasy he has created. She needs to stand up to him once and for all I think, and stop tiptoeing around him. He’s the one with the problem, not her. AND OH MY GOD THEY FINALLY GOT IT ON!!! Jesus dude, that was hot! If that’s frazzled the wires to my laptop screen I’ll send the direct debit payments onto you for a new laptop okay? Very Happy Jesus, I think I need a cold shower, or a jug of water over the head, one of the two! + I’d consider it a physical impossibility NOT to have an orgasm if it’s Christian Kane you’re having sex with. The man is an orgasm in human form Wink hehehe!
Brilliant updates hun, loved every last second of them! xxxx
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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:03 pm

AWE thank you honey - I am so glad that I managed to convey what I had seen in my head for all of those scenes Very Happy thank you for reading and commenting Very Happy more to follow on Wednesday Very Happy xoxox

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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:05 pm

Wicked! + You signing into chat tonight? I'm on now hun xx
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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:08 pm

Now that I'm more awake to reply to everything I read last night, I'm going to. Haha. As you know, I read these all last night before I fell asleep and let me just say what a thing to fall asleep to right after reading! Lol. I LOVED it, as per usual Sweetie. It's absolutely wonderful and I agree with Nola, the way you use your words conveys perfectly and amazingly just what you're TRYING to convey. It creates a perfect picture in my head of all the surroundings and I feel like I'm actually there. Very Happy I definitely can't wait until Wednesday!


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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:12 pm

Awe thank you sweetie Very Happy I am glad that it is coming across in the right way - that was what I was looking for. It is so hard to keep Ayden as the character that she started out as - but I am actually really proud of how it is all coming together. Thank you for reading and commenting honey Very Happy xoxox

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PostSubject: Chapter 23 - Closer than Ever.   Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:52 pm

4 Hours Later;
Ayden's POV;

My body was wrecked – for hours we had made love and made love; stopping only long enough to rehydrate our bodies before the need over took us again. For the first time in my life – I not only felt pleasure from sex but I seemed to be pleasing Christian as much as he was pleasing me. That was something that I had most definitely not expected to feel.

My release was as strong and as powerful as the past 2 that I had experienced. It took over every inch of my body – contorting me into positions that I swore were unnatural. I couldn't believe that it felt this good – that Vince had been holding out on me with his selfishness and inexperience. By now, I had realized that Vince was a boy compared the man that Christian was when it came to fucking. With Christian, as sappy as it sounds, it was more like making love. Every caress was designed to drive me to the very brink of oblivion and every word whispered the catalyst to send me over the edge.

The God's honest truth was – I had never been made to feel this beautiful, this desirable or this amazing pleasure. Vince had robbed me of that, and now that I knew what real sex was about; I was eager to partake in more of the activity. Something that had of course pleased my boyfriend.

My Dad had pissed me off with his assumption that I needed to be some kind of charity case when it came to dates and such. He had left me feeling completely out of control but this – giving myself to Christian; that had given me the control back. This was a decision that I could make that didn't involve my Father's opinion nor his acceptance. I swear the man was enough to drive the healthy to a heart attack. As my 4th orgasm began to swell inside me – my back began to arch from the bed once more; effectively pushing my pussy further onto his tongue.

With every lapping motion that he made inside me – I could feel my inner core gripping him like a God damn vice. Nothing had ever felt as amazing as his tongue did when he went down on me. It had been a surprise at first – since Vince had refused to entertain the idea, saying that it wasn't healthy for men to go down on women. What a fucking douche I know. Christian clearly had a healthy appetite when it came to sex; there seemed to be no stopping him in his eagerness to please.

Falling into bed with someone was a big deal for me, and I knew that he had understood that. For me it was the ultimate declaration of intimacy and shouldn't be entered into lightly. I wasn't into one night stands and I didn't have time for guys who were only after sex. It wasn't a hard thing to do to trust this man, but I knew that he got me and he knew what my values were. We had talked about this many times in the short time that we had known one another and he had completely understood where my head was after being with Vince and he had waited; he had been patient with me while I decided if this was something that I was ready to entertain or not.

“Mmmmmm Christiannnnnn,” I purred out in pleasure as it spread in debilitating waves of tingles that made my breath hitch in the back of my throat, my heart to stop beating for a split-second and made my stomach somersault wildly in the pit of my being.

An inaudible growl ripped through me as I felt his tongue slide back through my walls until he was licking up my slit and under the small hood that covered my clit; his tongue massaging the small bundle of nerves in a steady pace, which of course made my thighs tremble in anticipation of the full effect of orgasmic bliss.

Thankfully I didn't have to change my plans with Christian after all – the guy (I can't even remember his name) that my Father had set me up with; had just developed leads or something on a case that he had been working on. Either way; I didn't much care, right now in this moment – I just wanted to spend as much time as possible with my man.

Using his hands; he began to guide my legs until they were draped over his shoulders and he pulled my hips down the bed so that I was even closer to his talented mouth. Then as if he were intent on throwing me off the cliff into paralysing pleasure; his fingers grazed over my ass and within moments; I felt the now familiar explosion in my groin. Flooding my pussy, Christian continued to drum his tongue against my clit before sliding his fingers in to my pussy and dragged back and forth with only one thing on his mind – TORTURE! I was sure of it.

“MY GODDDDDD CHRISTIAN DON'T STOP! MMMMMMMMM! AHHHHHH!” I screamed out lost in the bliss that was causing my body to sink down onto the bed with a thud and then just melting into the softness of the mattress. All the while; Christian was working my insides like he was finely tuning one of his guitars.

With an inaudible growl from him; my orgasm peaked and slowly I began to come down to earth again. I had never experienced relaxation like it before and I could tell that I would become extremely addicted to it. It was all his fault. He shouldn't have been so amazing the first time we fucked – he had definitely spoiled me for anyone else and right in this moment; as his eyes met mine while he licked his lips, I didn't care and didn't want to be with anyone but him.

“You're an evil man,” I panted as he began to drag his tongue back up over my body until he was pressed hard against my panting frame.

“Is that a complaint?” he grinned.

“Not even close to a complaint,” I smiled back at him.

“Good – cause I think if I had to do that again so soon; I'd end up with lock jaw,”

“Ha, ha, ha – funny!”

“I'm serious,” he replied pressing his lips to my forehead before rolling from my body so that he was stretched out along side me. “You taste so fucking good that all I want to do is sink my tongue into you over and over again,”

“Mmmmmm I wouldn't complain,” I admitted happily. Being this vulnerable with him – allowing him to see how much he pleased me was another major step for me and one that I found I didn't mind taking.

“I know you wouldn't,” he smiled at me, “its still shocking to me that you had never experienced oral before me,”

“Yeah well believe it – fucking Vince was no where near as talented as you are even though he liked to believe that he was!”

Turning on to my side so that I was facing him; I wrapped my arms around his thick neck and pressed my lips to his softly – tasting the last trace of my cum on his tongue as he reciprocated the kiss passionately. Being in his arms had never felt so safe – I cuddled into him and he just held me close to him, as if he were scared that I might just magically disappear.

“Are you still OK with doing this so soon?” he asked resting his chin on top of my head.

“More than ever,” I admitted.

After all that had happened with Vince; I had promised myself that I would never be a doormat ever again. It had meant that I wanted to build something sustainable before bringing the complication of sex into the mix. Sex had the habit of making you feel something that wasn't truly there. So when Christian and I had gotten together – I had been determined to build our relationship first; out of everyone that I could have become involved with; Christian was a surprise.......a good surprise and I didn't want to mess that up.

“You?” I asked him.

“I'm more than OK sweetheart,” pressing his lips to my head made me tremble against his frame while I clung to him as if I were now the one scared that he would suddenly disappear. “And I am glad that your Dad's plans ended up being cancelled,”

“Me too,” I admitted thankful that once again; this man was feeling the exact same way that I was. “Although now I have to wait a full week to get it over and done with!”

“Yeah that isn't gonna be a easy week,” he admitted holding me tighter against him, “but just so you know that I will be waiting for you the minute that you get back,”

“Thank you,” pulling back slightly and kissing his lips softly, he growled out once again, into my mouth.

There was no doubt in my mind that he would be there for me. And I knew that he understood why I had said yes to my Father. If I hadn't; I would have been hounded and hounded by him about why I didn't want to go on a date with a nice Italian man. And since it didn't take much to make my Dad suspicious; it was just easier to do as he wanted and while doing it I would insist to the man that I wasn't on the market and only going ahead with the date because my Dad is a persistent man. If he was working with him then he would know that without having to verify.

I was just glad that Christian understood and was supporting me on it. I just had to hope that the guy didn't turn out to be an asshole. It was a trait that my Father seemed unable to see or he thought it was a good thing when men had the asshole gene. I didn't agree, not surprisingly.

There were a lot of things that my Dad did that I didn't believe in. However, I would never turn against him to the Feds or cops or whoever tried to make me flip. I'd rather die than betray my Family honour. My Italian roots were important to me – just because I didn't agree with the way my Father lived his life, that didn't mean that I was ashamed of my heritage. In fact I was the exact opposite. I just hated that the 'Mafia' had changed so much through the decades. Starting off as a group of like minded people who would take money from the rich and give to the poor – they were a more modern day type of Robin Hood than villain. That was a part of my heritage that I was proud of.

“What are you thanking me for?”

“Just being you and being there for me,” I explained, “you get me so well and that is something that I always thought was a huge part of a successful relationship,”

“I couldn't agree with you more honey,”

I knew that he would get it – it didn't seem to matter what I said; he would always understand what I was trying to say. It had been part of that connection that we had shared from day one. A connection that had only grown stronger over the course of the few weeks that we had known one another.

Already I knew that it was something that was worth fighting for – my Dad may not like the fact that I am dating outside of the Italian race but that was just something that he would have to get used too because I wasn't giving Christian up any time soon.

“So tomorrow we're gonna go to the race track and then at night we're gonna chill out with your friends right?” he enquired.

When I had agreed to go with him to the race track; I think he had been completely taken aback by me. Obviously he wasn't used to hanging out with a girl who didn't mind doing guy stuff with him. I knew absolutely nothing about cars other than what I liked and I liked it fast. Which of course meant that the race track was definitely the place for me.

“Of course, I can't wait,”

“Me either,” he replied, “you are for real right?”

“What do you mean?” I asked looking up at him; his eyes finding mine instantly – they were that soft comforting blue that always made me feel like I was important to him. I swear to you that he had many different looks to those eyes but this look, the one that he was treating me too, was my favourite by far.

“I don't know many women who would hang with me at a race track........”

“Uhm babe; I think that you are underestimating just how hot you are and how much women would do anything to spend time with you,”

I had done some research on my new boyfriend – he was a cult favourite. He had done very few popular movies – preferring to stick to the low budget movies that had a good storyline, to the high paid and million dollar budgeted movies with all the same actors and the same storyline rehashed over and over. Of course there was also the fact that he was an amazing singer/song writer. Whenever he sang – he demanded the attention of the room. Strong and country drawl to his voice when he sang was what made my legs shake.

“You'll give me a big head!” he chuckled as the red tainted his features. It was a rare occasion that I could make him blush.

“Well that is certainly the idea,” I winked reaching my hand down to his cock, “just not the head that you are thinking of,”

“You're not tired out?”

“Trust me handsome – with you in this bed with me; I can go all night!”

“Tease!” he grunted as my finger lightly trailed around the top of his cock – an action that elicited a long guttural growl and the throb of his cock against my touch. “Don't stop!”

Smiling, I used the palm of my hand to barely touch the length of his cock – just giving him enough contact that it made him shiver from deep within the core of his body. Another long growl sounded through the air. My own stomach flipped at the thought of causing such an animalistic sound in him.

“You like that?” I asked allowing my finger to trickle little movements over his hardening balls.

“Like you have no idea......mmmmmmm it feels so amazing,” he groaned his eyes partly closing but remaining slightly open to watch me.

Just knowing that he was enjoying what I was doing to him made me feel powerful – it wasn't the kind of feeling that I had ever felt before; but it was definitely something that could become addictive. To be perfectly honest – I was already addicted to this man. It was like he consumed my thoughts when I was awake and my dreams when I was asleep.

When it came to sex; there was one thing that I knew I could do to perfection and that was sucking cock. Vince had taught me how to deliver the perfect blow job. At first the main goal was to ensure that he was as hard as he possibly could be. To do that; I had to pay a lot of attention to the entire area of his genitals. Pushing him gently until he was resting back on his pillow – his arms happily folded behind his head as he watched me position myself between his legs.

Sliding my fingers up and down the length of his cock a few times until she was making those low growls that definitely turned me on and I could feel myself turning wet once again. Trailing over his sac and to the small ridge of flesh just under his balls – that was my ace card. Vince had told me that most women have no idea that; that little bit of flesh is almost like a clit – touched in the right manner and at the right moments; it could invoke amazing pleasure. This was definitely the decider on that matter – for all I knew; it could have just been something specific for Vince and might not work on Christian at all.

My fingers touched every available space of his sac and I could feel his body beginning to tense as I crept slowly down towards the underside of his sac and stroked 'very' lightly on that little pleasure spot until I could definitely see his eyes rolling back in his head and his breath turned laboured within a second. OK, so maybe Vince had done something right after all. Sending out a silent thank you; I turned my attention back to his cock and performing the perfect blow job on him. Tracing around his inner thighs with my fingers, I watched the way he writhed under my touch and once again it was like an aphrodisiac to have such power over him. Long primal growls were now constantly filling the air around us and as I stroked the entire length of his cock; he shuddered and I noticed the glistening of pre-cum on the tip of his cock.

Unfortunately for him – I was in a payback mood, which meant that he had to be begging for it before I even approached his shaft with my mouth. Just as he had made me beg for it earlier in the evening. I watched him closely – getting off in the way he was coming undone on the bed before my very eyes. Yes – I was definitely going to become addicted to this man and his breed of sexual intimacy. Neither of us aware of what was about to happen to us.

Christian's POV;

If there was one thing that Ayden excelled at it was giving a blow job. Even though this was the first time that we were having sex; it wasn't the first time that we had performed oral on one another. The way she was enthusiastic and looked like she loved having my cock in her mouth was a huge turn on.

With her eyes locked on to mine; she ran her tongue from the base of my shaft all the way up to the tip, like an ice cream cone, and then stroked back and forth over the tip. There was a fountain of tingles spreading to every area of my body – as she circled the tip with her tongue. All the while her fingers were trickling little patterns over my sac and all the way down until she was grazing against my ass – making me almost jump from the shock at the pleasure coursing through me.

“Mmmmm – you like that?” she purred still keeping her eyes trained on mine.

“Yesssss.....” my breath hitched in the back of my throat as she began placing soft open mouthed kisses from the tip of my dick down to the base and then further over my sac and right down to the under ridge, which sparked another shower of tingles to spark behind my eyes.

Slowly she worked her way back up to the very tip; parting her lips ever so slightly so that just the head passed through into her hot mouth. Using her tongue as if she were an expert; she swirled around the small area that was encased in her mouth. Unable to fight it – my eyes closed in pleasure and my entire body caved into the mattress in complete submission.

With a firmness that surprised me; she pushed my legs a little further open as she allowed my cock to inch more into her mouth. Every area of my body was now trembling desperately in need of release but as always just as I began tensing once again she slid her lips back up until she had freed my cock entirely.

Soft feather touches from her hand kept me ram rod hard; my breath was erratic at best and I couldn't stop trembling. Moving her lips up over my stomach; her breasts cushioning my cock between them.

“Pleaseeeee Ayden......” I begged desperately.

“Pleaseeeee what?” she teased stopping and looking up into my eyes.

“Stop teasing meeeeee......pleaseeeee just suck my cockkkkk!”

“Mmmmm I don't think that you're ready yet!” she purred running her tongue up the centre of my upper body.

Was the fucking joking? My cock and sac were painful from how ready I was. And she was telling me that I wasn't ready yet. As if to make me more insane with hunger; she used her tongue to circle my nipples lightly before sucking them into her mouth. I fought back the wail that was building inside me from the intense rapture that I was experiencing.

Using her body to tease me further – she brushed her swollen pussy against my iron hard cock making me growl hungrily. All I could think about was flipping her and sinking my dick into her tight warmth. And if I didn't know just how amazing that release would be, I would have done just that.

Pressing her lips to my neck; she softly kissed all around my neck and shoulders. Goose bumps followed the path that she made with her mouth – yet I wasn't cold; I was so turned on that I could barely see straight let alone conduct any such activity as sex.

“Just give into me baby,” she whispered into my ear before licking the lobe and making her way back down over my body.

My body sunk into the bed once again – the urgency in my dick calming and the bubbling cum simmered pleasantly in my balls. I swear it was like that warm fuzzy feeling from your first experience with illegal drugs. I don't know how she did it or what she did that made it feel so amazing but I didn't care – I got that high feeling every time she went down on me. I had began to feel somewhat addicted to her brand of pleasure.

“Mmmmmm that's better handsome,” she purred slowly moving back down my body; her lips brushing my nipples a couple of times before she continued south; circling my navel – she moaned as my cock throbbed between her tits that were once again cushioning my hard shaft.

“Mmmmmmm Aydddddd that feels sooooooo good....” I grunted as she brushed her head from side to side over my pelvis. Those lips planting well placed kisses over the flesh.

I could feel her chin rubbing against the tip of my cock; seemingly she felt it too because she continued to tease me for a few minutes longer than she had before. I swear she took pleasure from teasing me this much. I couldn't fight it much longer but I knew that I was completely at her mercy and she knew it too. Sweat had started to bead over my flesh and she used her hands to rub it into my body and moaning low in her throat. It was more than obvious that she loved a man's body; the way she took tender care in her movements and touches of it, to the way she sucked my cock with such vigour and enthusiasm.

Once again her fingers danced light patterns over the length of my cock until she was cupping my sac into her hand and massaging gently making me shake even more than I already was.

It took her barely moments to have my cum boiling inside me again; I could feel my entire area swelling in preparation of that sweet and delicious explosion that I was anticipating more than I could even verbally confirm to her. As she massaged; I could feel her fingers stroke against that spot where I had never been touched before; sparking the explosion to push in on me a little more. I knew that it was imminent and if I wanted to cum now instead of whenever she wanted me too; I had to try and remain relaxed. Unfortunately; my body betrayed me and I felt my ass clenching as my entire body followed suit.

And as I knew she would; she moved back up my body – still moving against me in such a way that I remained in a state of arousal so strong that I was scared that I'd pass out and miss all that was happening with us. She continued to do this to me 4 more times until I was literally roaring with my need to cum; she watched me for a few moments as I writhed around under her and then she smiled before lowering her head to my angry desperate cock.

Kissing all over my cock lightly; she watched me writhe around some more before granting the head of my cock entrance to that wonderfully talented mouth. Swirling her tongue caused the first few sparks of release and as she slid that mouth down over the length of my cock I burst in a fountain of glorious hot liquid that painted the back of her throat and slid out of view.

Stroking the parts of my cock that weren't in her mouth with her fingers seemed to make it last longer and longer until I was sure she was draining me dry.

“Ayden mmmmmm, oh fuckkkkkkk yessssssss don't stop ahhhhh more......suck harder.......oh my fuckingggggg Goddddd!” I grunted in appreciation as she indeed began to suck harder as I knew that she would. I had memorized her method of blow job down to the very last detail and knew what was coming and when.

Bracing myself for the eruption; I watched her closely – there truly was no sign on her face other than enjoying what she was doing thoroughly. I believed that was the reason it felt so good – to know that she was enjoying doing it as much as I was enjoying receiving it.

Finally I slumped back on to the mattress panting and heaving desperately as she used her tongue to lick up the remaining droplets that were beading around the head of my cock. Small, appreciative moans washed over my cock and left me shivering in their wake. There was absolutely no way that she could improve on her technique. Everything that she did, the way she did it and the order in which she did it – worked so well that I swear; she must have had more men than the one that she had told me she had.

“Are you OK?” she asked me.

The first time that she had gone down on me; I had exploded in a fashion that was normal but it had been after – the feeling of sensitivity hit me like a sledge hammer and I had doubled over with the pleasure of it. Looking back on it – I could see why she had become fearful that she had either hurt me or that she had done a bad job. Of course it was neither of those things and it had taken a good half hour to convince her that there was no way that she had hurt me and definitely not done a bad job. I had just never experienced that kind of pleasure 'after' a blow job before.

“Of course,” I admitted as the, now familiar, sensitivity began to push against my free cock. Even the cool air coming in from the balcony was making the pleasure more intense against it. “You?”

“Absolutely,” she moved back up the bed until she was laid out flat against my body; being careful not to touch any area near my cock. Once I had explained what happened to her; she had become completely careful in her handling of me afterwards.

“You really look like you enjoy doing that,”

“I really do babe,” she admitted draping her arm over my stomach, “its one thing that I definitely know that I am good at,”

“Trust me – you're better at other things than you could imagine!”

As confident as she was in the woman that she was – the way she lived her life, her looks and the fact that she could take compliments instead of trying to dismiss them and the way she was her own person – I couldn't even imagine her being a sheep and following the trends. But for her – she was conscious about her skills in bed. From what she had explained to me – it was down to that scum-bag Vince and how he had treated her in bed.

Not only had she been used by him for his own needs; he had refused to allow her to get off when they were having sex. The man had never even gone down on his girlfriend for fucksake – I mean seriously what the Hell was wrong with him. It severely pissed me off to think about that guy so for the majority of the time I didn't think about him; but sometimes, especially when me and Ayden were like this, I couldn't stop myself for thinking about him and all the things that he had put her through.

“Thanks,” she smiled lowering her head down until she was buried in the crook of my arm.

“You're more than welcome gorgeous,” kissing the top of her head, I could feel the heat that was staining her face as she kissed the spot just underneath my arm pit. “So we're on for tonight I take it?”

“Yes – the guy had to cancel.......something to do with leads on a case he is working,”

“Well his loss will be my gain!” my fingers trailed lightly over her bear back.


I knew that she was upset with her Dad for doing this to her but since we weren't going public with our relationship just yet; it was important for her to play along with what he was trying to do. I agreed whole heartedly with her plan to inform the guy from the beginning that she was already taken and really going on the date to satisfy her Father. Most people would think that at her age – doing things for fear of making her Father unhappy – was pathetic but she was entitled to do what she pleased and shouldn't have to answer to Carlo but in her defence not many people would be courageous enough to stand up to her Dad anyway.

Of course it bothered me to know that she was going on a date with another man but the point was I trusted her and I knew that she was doing it to keep the peace between her and her old man. I couldn't stand in the way of that; no matter how much I wanted to pull her back to me and tell her Dad that this was the way it was going to be from now on.

No I respected her way too much for that and I did trust her. I had to show her just how much. Besides I'd be here the minute she got back anyway – not because I wanted to hear about it but because I needed to be around her. She had crept into my life with a silent crawl that now, I didn't ever want her to leave.

“What's on your mind?” she asked turning so that her naked body was lying flat against the bed and her face resting on her arm, facing me.

“Just thinking about you babe,” I smiled at her, “about what your Father would think if he found out about us,”

“He'd blow a casket!”

“You're still sure that you want to do this?”

“Its gone so far beyond wanting to do this – it's now more about having to do this. All my life I have done as he asked; I have never disobeyed him when he has literally demanded things of me; now I am at the point where I can't stop thinking – where is it going to end? I mean seriously; is he gonna forever try and control everything in my life? If I let him carry on dictating to me what I should and shouldn't do that he'd probably end up controlling when I get pregnant – I don't want that. This is my life and I want to live it,”

“I can definitely understand that but with your Dad; I get the feeling that there isn't going to be an easy way to deliver this news to him,”

“You're right there isn't.......and that is why I agreed with you that we should wait to see where this goes. I still stand by that, even though you were making it so difficult when I was on the phone with him earlier,” she playfully poked me in the side and made me try to slither away from her.

“I know I'm sorry.......” I replied giving her an innocent look, “you just looked so gorgeous sat there naked talking to him; I couldn't help myself!”

Giggling she shook her head at me. The connection that we had shared from the moment that we had met only seemed to have gotten stronger in the time that we had been spending together. I had never felt so content with a woman; I couldn't tell her this but I had the feeling that I was falling for this girl.

“You are spoiling me you know that right?” she giggled.

“That was my plan!”

“Well thank you,” she confessed, “no one has ever done so much to let me know they care about me,”

“You're worth it,” gently my fingers brushed one loose strand of hair away from her eyes where the fine hairs had become caught in her lashes.

I watched her closely; she truly was an incredible woman and I figured that the reason she was so sexy to me was because she was so confident – she wasn't like the majority of women that I met.

Even just hanging out with her on a one to one basis was fun. We always seemed to find something to talk about, or something that we enjoyed to do. Just look at tomorrow – most girls weren't into the whole racing cars deal but Ayden was prepared to give it a try; she wanted to come with me and get behind the wheel. That was unusual for women in Hollywood.

My friends had really liked her the other night when she joined us on the beach – they had been surprised at how easy she was to get along with considering they had heard the horror stories about Caitlyn and how tough it had been with her. I assumed that they figured all my girlfriends would be like that. They had been extremely vocal the following day in how much they enjoyed hanging out with her that night; when I told Ayden she had actually teared up and told me that she had, had fun with them too and that she really liked them, especially Beth whom she had talked to the most. It was good for me to have a girl who didn't hate my friends. It made Ayden a keeper in my eyes.

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I LOVE this chapter Sweetie; just as the rest of them. Yet again the imagery is amazing and the interaction between the characters is perfect. I cannot put into words just how happy I really am that you finally managed to work this fic out. Very Happy


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PostSubject: Chapter 24 - Calm Before the Storm.   Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:07 pm

The following Friday;
Ayden's POV;

Falling backwards on to the bed in a heap – I tried in vain to regulate my breathing. Ever since Christian and I had sex last week – we had been literally feeding off one another since. We just couldn't seem to get enough of one another – not that I was complaining. The man was tremendously talented between the sheets and I was aware of just how lucky I was. He was so amazing that – he never let our sex to end until I had orgasmed at least twice. What other man would do that? I seriously don't know of many.

Sweat was covering my body; goose bumps had formed and I was trembling from just how amazing my release had been. Christian was just kneeling on his knees at the end of the bed watching me; his fingers dancing up and down my shins while he was panting also.

“Christian.....that was amazing!” I managed to get out finally.

“Mmmmmm yessssssss it was,” he replied winking at me before allowing his body to rest against the post at the corner of my bed.

Dad had been around about 2 hours ago to give me details about this guy I was meeting tomorrow night – Antonio was his name (really original) I couldn't help but feel slightly put out by having to go on this date with this guy that I didn't know but Chris and I still weren't ready to go public with our relationship. I would be damned if I let my Father ruin this for me. I was actually happy.

For the past week I had been walking around with a permanent grin on my face – it didn't matter what I was doing. Even when I went for my routine pap-test at the Gynae's office I had been sickeningly happy and cheerful. No one said anything to me; but I could hear myself and I just thought that I sounded like one of those girls that you want to just elbow in the face. I couldn't help it though. I had never known that happiness like this could happen.

I actually believed that I was falling in love with this man – it was different to what I had felt with Vince but it was different in a good way. Much more intense and much more relaxing at the same time. I knew that Christian hated the thought of cheating so I knew that I didn't have to worry about that and of course; he knew that there was no way that I would cheat on anyone after what Vince had done to me.

“Are you hungry?” I asked him.


“Do you fancy ordering a Pizza from my God papa's place?” I enquired.

“Sounds good to me,” he nodded as I clambered from the bed and strolled into the en-suite to wash up before making the call, “do you want me to call it in?”

“Would you? That would be great babe,” I replied as I waited for the sink to fill.

“What do you want on yours?”

“Onions, onions, more onions,” I laughed in reply, “and ham, some pepperoni and sweetcorn please,”

“Ok,” he replied and I heard him moving out of the bedroom. Elias was out at a concert; at least that is what I thought he said earlier when he had yelled it through the bedroom door but to be fair – Christian had, had his tongue embedded firmly in me which of course meant that I had been writhing around the bed like a fish out of water so was a little occupied at the time.

Deciding on just getting in the shower – I pulled the plug from the glass basin and moved over to the separate shower cubicle and turned it on. Hoping that Christian would join me when he got back and I was treated to just that.

I was standing under the jet of water; letting my hair get wet; my back to the sliding doors, when I felt hands slipping around from my back until they were resting on my tits and squeezing with a touch of pressure – just how I liked it.

“Don't you ever get tired out?” I giggled resting back against his frame.

“Not when it comes to you,”

“There goes that charm again,”

I loved the fact that he liked to pay me compliments – they weren't just used to get something from me either. I could be standing in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil and he'd look over at me from the living room and he'd say something as simple as – you're hair looks so beautiful in this light and it wasn't because he wanted something from me.

“I really do love your hair you know?” he whispered into my ear telling me for the 10th time since I had, had it done that he liked it.

I had been unable to decide what colour highlights I had wanted so I had decided on blond and blood red alternately, which had come out beautifully over the top of the jet black. Britt had really done a wonderful job with it and I had paid for her to enjoy a nice long message towards the end of her pregnancy too, which she would really benefit from since she was getting bigger and bigger by the day it seemed.

“I know babe,” I giggled, “you've told me more than a dozen times......”

“That’s an exaggeration!” he chuckled taking the loafer from my hand and soaping it up with my strawberry shower gel.

“Ok so you're only like 2 away from a dozen,”

“True but still,” he softly began to circulate the loafer over my back, “it just feels good to give you compliments,”


“You don't try to dismiss them – you don't fish for them and you just accept them with grace,”

I didn't actually know what to say to that, so instead I turned to face him and wrapped my arms around his neck; my lips brushed his a few times until he took the hint and deepened it and pushed me back against the wall; his body pinning me there as his hands raised my own above my head.

I had been raised to believe in who I was, my Dad had always ensured that he made me feel beautiful, when he referred to me as looking like Mom – that was when I had trouble believing because to me; my Mom had been a vision; she was gorgeous, like model gorgeous and where I knew that I was pretty I couldn't see the resemblance to her in me at all. In fact it had felt like he was dishonouring her memory when he told me I looked like her. There was no way that she should have been compared to me, or me be compared to her. Then Elias had started saying that I reminded him of what he could remember about Mom and Papa had done it too – I slowly started to believe it and now I was completely comfortable with the way I looked and who I was.

Using his hands to keep mine pinned above my head; the other began to slide down the inside of my arm until he was grazing against the outline of my tits and down further over my hips; making me shiver in anticipation. Hooking his hand behind my knee; he hoisted my leg until it was wrapped around his waist.

“Mmmmmm” I purred my head falling back as his hand slowly made see saw actions over my pussy.

Just a light touch from him and I was overcome with the intensity of our attraction. My entire body would come to life and I had never felt that way before; not with anyone. It was addictive and I knew that I had become completely dependent on this man and his brand of love making and I didn't care who knew it.

“I love listening to you moaning like that,” he growled reaching his hand to his cock and began guiding it to rub along the length of my slit over and over again until I could literally feel my juices dripping over the top of his cock.

“Mmmmm!” my moaning was now involuntary as he slid the tip of his cock up to my clit and let it press against the small swollen bundle of sensitive nerves.

“Keep moaning for me baby,”

“Mmmmmmmm, that feels soooooo goodddddd,” I moaned out my head falling to the side and watching his handsome features as he got off on the fact that he was able to turn me on so quickly and thoroughly.

Still using his hand to guide his cock; he brushed my clit between soft and hard – it was making me immensely weak. I could barely support my own weight as he drove me crazy with just soft touches and when it got to the point where I was begging he'd give me a couple rougher strokes then go straight back to soft.

“You're killing me here,”

“Mmmmm now you know how I feel when you won't let me cum,” he grunted pressing harder against me; ensuring that I remained upright rather than falling over like I had been so close to doing.

“Evillllll......mmmmmm ohhhhhh yessssssssss,” I was desperately in need of release – my entire being felt like it was burning with his torture. And still he wouldn't let me cum.

I was at his mercy and he knew it – he was getting off on it, I could feel it on his cock as he rubbed it against me. And the way his heart was thundering wildly against his chest the way it did when he was getting ready to erupt. My own body was reacting in much the same manner as his – I was breathing with difficulty and my pussy was secreting my juices in what felt like a constant stream.

“Tell me how good it feels?” he ordered.

“Fuckkkkk you want me to form an......mmmmmmmmmmm actuallllll sentence?” I managed to choke out.

“Tell me?” he demanded more firmly making my insides do a violent flop. Whenever he became forceful with me; I would get excited and I had never felt like that before – maybe it was because I had so much trust in him to never do anything to hurt me, or it could be that I was suddenly forming a liking towards being can, or should, fully understand why I didn't assume it to be the latter reason.

“It feelssssss alwayssssss feel so fuckinggggggg gooddddd; I cannnnn never gettttt enoughhhhhh,” I panted through my mouth desperately dragging the air into my lungs which were now feeling completely deprived.

Then just as I felt my pussy beginning to quiver towards release; he slammed his cock so far into me that I was left screaming out his name at the amazing feel of the most explosive orgasm of my life as it took me higher and higher into oblivion. With the condensation on the cubicle my back slid up the wall easily as he positioned himself at the angle he needed to batter the rest of my orgasm out of me.

“Will you be thinking about this tomorrow night when you're on your date?” he growled as his hips literally smashed against my own and I was coming undone so violently that I was sure the world was becoming fuzzy at the edges.

“Yesssss ohhhhh goddddd I can't stopppp thinkinggggg about your cockkkk,” I purred and that was when he thundered into me one last time and his eyes rolled back in his head – most guys cum faces were hysterical but Christian's wasn't.

I know I sound cheesy as Hell but seriously – his face at moment of orgasm was calm, the only thing that happened was his eyes rolled back in his head and remained there until it had passed for him.

Using my own strength, I slid up and down on his dick drawing his release to the heights that he had taken me moments previously and as I thrust down hard; my receeding movements sparked another more gentle orgasm out of me and I was moaning into his ear as my arm fought out of his restraints and around his neck to give myself the leverage (excuse the pun) that I needed.

As it slowly passed for both of us; we remained glued together panting and sweating more than ever. After a few moments; he slid his hands under my ass and carefully slid me up and off his deflating cock. Pressing his lips to my forehead; we both moved until we were stood under the jet of water. Arms entwined around one another and our bodies resting against each others.

“When is the pizza coming?” I asked looking up to his handsome face as I grabbed my loafer from the floor of the cubicle where it had been discarded in our moment of passion.

“Your Papa told me about an hour; apparently he is backed up with orders at the moment,”

“Ok,” I nodded happily going back to resting against his chest; listening to the soothing sounds of his heart beat.

“Do you think your Dad will set you up with any other men after tomorrow night?”

“I honestly, don't know!” this wasn't something that we had discussed with one another.

I hoped of course that my Father wouldn't do it again but that wasn't to say that he wouldn't. My Dad was like a tenacious dog with a bone when it came to things that he thought he was right about and there was no denying that he thought that he was in the right when it came to me and Christian.

By forming his opinion on Christian from his nationality he hadn't sat down and talked to him – so he had no idea what an amazing man that Christian was and how crazy about me he was. I don't normally like to blow my own horn, so to speak, but I would have to be blind to not recognize how much Christian felt for me. I just wish that my Father wasn't such a racist bigot. Not only all of that he was a good man – he treated women with the respect that most Italian men did to their wives at least, he was extremely Family orientated like Italian's and he had a strong work ethic just like Italians; in many ways he was pretty much an Italian already.

Then of course there was the fact that my friends liked him, and my brother actually gave us his seal of approval after spending a night hanging with Christian and finding that he liked him – much more than douchebag that was Vince, which had been his exact words.

“But you have a feeling that he will right?”

“Yeah,” I nodded my head in agreement, “the truth is – it will take a Hell of a lot time before that man gives up trying to run my life!”

“Well we will handle it together ok princess?”

“Thank you,” I tilted my head as I looked into those beautiful eyes, “I don't know what I did to get this lucky but you really have seeped into my life,”

“Good cos you have seeped into mine too,”

We just stood there lost in one another's eyes; the shower turning cold and making us shiver; we quickly washed up and then climbed out of the cubicle shivering and I finally felt wide awake; I hadn't been sleeping all that well this past week – something was bothering me but I had no idea what it was.

Every now and again I would get these weird feelings; usually it was when something bad happened – like when I found out about Vince – it was like I had a feeling that I knew already but I just couldn't figure it out until it was right in front of me. Closing my eyes I pushed all of the thoughts to the back of my mind; and now looking back on it – I desperately wish that I hadn't.

Christian's POV;

Spending time with Ayden was like nothing that I had ever experienced with a woman before. Even with Caitlyn, before they started going sour, we would have little awkward moments where there really wasn't anything to say. With Ayden; if we ever found ourselves silent around one another then it wasn't a big deal – we'd remain silent just enjoying the moment.

I would definitely be lying if I said that I was happy about this date she was going on tomorrow night. There was something in my gut screaming to not let her go but Ayden was her own person and to try and get her to do what you want; would be like trying to tame a shark.

We were just lying here; wrapped up together in silence; lost in our own thoughts. My own thoughts turning towards Carlo and wondering what the hell he was up to. The man clearly wasn't stupid so the critical question was; did he know that we were seeing one another secretly? And was he trying to put a spanner in the works of it? I wouldn't put it past him, the man was a crafty snake and I knew that he had, had to be considering the position that he was in.

The doorbell interrupted the silence, and I slid from the bed pulling on my jeans as she got up and pulled on her silk robe then following me out of the bedroom and down the stairs. While I answered the door and accepted the free pizza, Ayden went into the kitchen and got some napkins and a beer for me and wine for herself. She was a huge fan of red wine – there were always at least 6 bottles of the stuff in the house but only one white wine. She would actually only drink white wine if she were eating white meat like chicken, turkey or fish.

Ayden wasn't a lover of fish; and when she did eat it – she insisted on going down to the market at the docks where the handlers would gut it and remove all the bones for her. The minute she tasted a bone that was it – she wouldn't eat anymore.

I closed and looked the door thankful that Elias had headed out for the night. Moving into the kitchen to see her knocking back a glass of water. “You ok baby?”

“Yeah just taking my pill is all,” she turned and smiled at me before placing the empty glass in the sink and reaching for my bottle of beer and handed it to me. “God I am famished,”

“Me too,”

We sat down at the dining table; opened the pizza box – have with my favourite topping of meat feast – pepperoni, pastrami, Cajun chicken, spiced beef and ham. And the other half of her favourite topping – bacon and red onion and topped with garlic oil. She really was an Italian through and through – she put garlic into almost everything that she cooked. And always made it taste amazing.

“Fuck me if that isn't the best pizza in the world,”

“Well I did just fuck you 3 times to be exact so lets just eat the pizza first?”

“Smart ass,” she laughed looking up at me as I winked at her.

We munched in silence, both of us in need of the nourishment considering the workout that we had just partaken in. Ayden had, had a gym installed in the basement – we'd workout together in the morning, which was when she liked to workout. She told me that it set her day off right and she always felt better after her work out.

“I have to go down to the building tomorrow morning, you want to come?”

“Yeah sure, but why? Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No – they just want to show me the layout that we discussed and stuff before the decorators come in on Wednesday,” she admitted smiling at me happily.

I was proud of her and how she was conducting the site managerial job that she had taken on her shoulders. It was a huge job and one that wasn't easy by any means, she had to be there often to ensure that the work was being carried out to her standards and she wasn't afraid to tell them that she wasn't happy if they did do something that she didn't want them too. I don't know why that surprised me because of course she was going to be assertive.

“I can't believe that its almost ready,” she admitted dropping her slice of pizza back onto the box and wiping her hands on the napkin that she had provided.

“I can honey, you're an amazing woman and I have a feeling that the guys just want to make you happy for being so nice to them,”

“You give me way too much credit!” she giggled picking her slice of pizza back up again.

“And you don't give yourself enough credit,” I insisted.

Where she was completely confident in the person that she was – when it came to other people seeing things, she didn't find it so easy to take the compliment but instead of being fakely modest she would just accept the compliment for what it was. She truly was an amazing woman and nothing or no one was going to keep us apart, we both knew that and took comfort from it.

“I'm actually quite nervous about the opening,” she admitted munching on another piece of pizza.

“How come?”

“I don't know – I think it's just because I have so much riding on this business you know?”

I completely understood – the other night when we had been lying in bed; she had told me that her Father fully expected her to fail because he didn't believe that women could run successful businesses. Being Italian; he was all about the old ways – women were to remain at home and take care of the house, they were for making babies and nourishing them into adult hood with a good set of moral values. It was old world opinions and it really hadn't surprised me to hear that her Dad had that opinion. In all honesty, being brought up by him, I didn't know how she had the values that she did.

“Well you worry and I will try and keep you calm because I know that things will be perfect,”

“You're amazing,”

“Ohhhh say more things like that,”

“Dork!” she giggled.

“Not what I had in mind!” I pouted and made her laugh even more.

She shook her head and tried not to choke on the pizza that had been in her mouth when she started laugh. The thing that I liked most about this girl was the fact that she didn't stand on ceremony. It was like – she just didn't give a fuck what people thought about her and that was hugely sexy to me. She was so strong and in control of herself and the things around her.

Even when her Father had hit her – she had taken the control back instantly by making him beg for forgiveness and I had instantly known then that she was different – she was strong and a fighter; that was more than obvious. Everything was on her terms when someone wronged her and I liked that. It just made her appear more strong than ever.

“Are you ok babe?” she asked suddenly turning serious.

“Of course why?”

“I just mean about tomorrow night,”

“What can I say Ayd? I don't want you to go – I don't. That I want you to stay here at home with me – I do. It won't change anything because I know that you know what we agreed is for the best right now – and the minute that you decide to back out – your Daddy will become more suspicious than he already is,”

“You think he's suspicious too?”

“Absolutely,” I nodded, “he's not a stupid man; he can't afford to be. I am pretty sure that he knows we're lying to him and I am just wondering if this is some kind of test,”

“A test that I can't possibly back out on, I am glad that you understand that and why I can't back out,”

“How could I not Ayden? You are doing this thing for our right to be together, you're showing me that you are prepared to stand up to him in the end and that tells me that you are as serious about me as I am about you,”

“I absolutely am,” she reached across the table with her free hand and took mine into hers; her thumb tenderly, in a way that only a woman could achieve, over the top of my palm.

There was a caring glint in her eyes, the way they were sparkling in the dim light made them more black than the deep dark chocolate colour that they were naturally. It truly was amazing how she could make me feel with one look. I hadn't ever had that with a girl before – and honestly, it still scared me to feel so completely connected to someone on what appeared to be every single level.

“Does it scare you?” she asked as if reading my mind.

“Does what scare me?”

“The fact that we seem to be connected so strongly to one another and that the minute we fucked for the first time; it just seemed to increase that connection,”

I swear this girl had to be psychic – there was no way that she couldn't be. To know that, that had been in my head seconds before she asked – that seemed way more than a coincidence. At least in my head it did anyway.

“Yeah it scares me,” I admitted, “you?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, “more than I am comfortable with feeling to be honest!”

Something made her uncomfortable – that was a nice thing to know because she always seemed so in control of herself and the situation that she was in. It was nice to see her human side – it was sexy. She had the perfect balance.

“I thought that I was the only one feeling that,”

“Not at all,” she shook her head. “I was scared to mention it because I didn't want you to think that I was turning into Caitlyn,”

“Ayden there are many things that you are but being like Caitlyn isn't one of all!” I explained giving her hand an extra squeeze.

“Thank you,” she smiled softly, “I have to admit that I sometimes hear myself saying something to you and I think – fuck I must sound like some crazy stage 5 clinger or something,”

“Stage 5 clinger.....that's priceless,” I was trying desperately not to make my food go down the wrong tube as I couldn't stop laughing and I started choking.

Jumping from her seat; she moved behind me and started slapping my back in an attempt to dislodge the food where it had become stuck. I think I managed to mumble harder because she whacked me really hard and it passed easily.

“Better?” she asked leaning over my shoulder.

“Thank you,” turning and wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her down onto my lap, “you're pretty awesome you know that right?”

“I've heard it before but it's always nice to hear it again,” she smiled.

“You're the coolest girl I have ever met,”

She laughed heartily at that and I looked up at her questioningly she shrugged and stated, “You're only saying that cos you've just got laid,”

“No.......I'm not. Trust me; I have never thought anything more than that.”

Nodding her head she loosely draped her arm around my shoulder and kissed my head as she leaned in closer to me and rested her head on top of mine. Reaching for her slice of pizza, I held it up to her. I worried about the fact that she ate so little – 3 small square meals a day and usually nothing in between except maybe a piece of fruit. It was obvious that she wasn't malnourished or under weight because she had the perfect curves to her body but I just worried knowing how much she ate.

This moment, right now – with her on my lap her arms wrapped around me and mine around her – was perfect. It really couldn't get any better than this. I was falling in love and it was perfect with the most amazing girl in the world. I wanted to tell her, I wanted her to know how much she meant to me but in the back of my mind I was screaming that it was too soon. I didn't have anywhere in the world that I would rather be.

If we had known what was coming over the next 24 hours then we'd have ran – we'd have packed up and just left town.

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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:08 pm

I know that i sound like a broken record here but as always, this chapter was abso-fucking-lutely amazing. I loved it to bits. The connection between Christian and Ayden is growing with each passing minute and I love how well you're communicating this. The imagery you're using makes it almost like I'm watching this play out rather than reading it. I definitely can't wait to read more. Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:12 pm

Awe thank you honey Very Happy I am glad that it is coming across the way it is playing in my head lol. Thank you for reading and commenting as always Very Happy xoxox

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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:14 am

Review for Chapter 23.

The way you write them together, and I mean ‘together’ together, is just wonderful. Their connection only deepens through sexual union, and I’m glad of the way it’s obviously made Ayden feel. He’s the first man to enter her life who truly makes her feel like a woman. Like a valued one, who is shown as well as told she’s beautiful, and given the kind of pleasure she could only dream of receiving up until now! Talk about mind blowing! Wow! I want a turn with him damnit!!!! Since most of this update was pure sex all I have to say is that you wrote it with the kind of heat that really does lift off the page, you expressed every little detail well and the end result was an awesome read. All the little additions, the time between them enjoying each other just added to it too.

I love the way they take each other completely for who they are, and I think it’s cute that you write them still expressing surprise over that too. Like Christian being surprised that Ayd would want to go with him to a race, or that so many other women would gladly follow him there too! He’s so modest in real life, he really does not see the power of his own attraction and you capture that PERFECTLY in this! All in all this seems to me to be a first for them both. Okay not a first relationship or first sexual partner, but first relationship where they have just fitted so well with the other person.

An awesome update hun, very much looking forward to more! Oh and would you look at that, chapter 24 is there! YAY! Shall R&R as soon as I have another free moment my love! xxx
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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:49 am

Review for chapter 24.

Oh man! Poor Ayden, she just cannot enjoy her life for five damn minutes without her father and his meddling can she? The poor girl! Even her bedroom trysts with Christian have to be somewhat ruined by the memory that she has to trot off like a good girl on a date with a ‘nice Italian boy’, rather than devote all her thoughts and time to her ‘nice part Cherokee man’, the one her father is too blind to see is the best person for her! God Carlo! Open your damn eyes! See how happy this man makes your daughter! All the little details in this made it come to life, even the casual dialogue of them ordering a pizza was so bright and vivid to me. You really set the scene well! And MORE SEX? God, does that man ever deflate? HAHAHAHAHA!!! No, let’s say he doesn’t, makes him more perfect hehehe! But ohhhh, I do not like that part at the end of Ayden’s POV! The bad feeling she has which ties in to the tiny little things you’ve eluded to in the chapters that have passed, that everything is suddenly going to go horribly wrong. I’m dying with suspense to know what that is but at the same time I cannot bear to finally know what it is too! I don’t want anything to go wrong for them!

The way they talk so easily, but can share the silence well shows how well suited they are to each other, I like that you had Christian seeing that clearly at the beginning of his POV. I like all the things he notices about her too, how he truly sees how amazing she is and compliments her for it. I think her father took that for granted to be brutally fair, or rather just ‘expected’ her to be nothing shy of perfect since she’s the daughter of the ‘great’ (hah!) Carlo Santiago. You can tell her nerves over the business she is setting up are partly because of what he’s said. I’ll never forget that line he used a good few chapters back, saying ‘when’ Ayden’s business fails, not ‘if’. Although she’s had the confidence and the sheer determination to press ahead and go for it, she still isn’t 100% confident it’ll be a success. Carlo, you have so much to answer for in the way you’ve made your kids view things.

Also I’m glad that she and Christian voiced how much their sexual connection finally being ignited bound them together more, and how Ayden was glad that she wasn’t alone in feeling it intensify after the first time they had sex with each other. No love, you’re NOTHING like Caitlyn!!!!!!!!! I’ll agree with your boyfriend there, you are no way in hell a stage 5 clinger, hahaha that made me laugh! BUT THEN OH MY GOD MISS SUSAN!!! CLIFFHANGER! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh what’s going to happen? I NEED TO KNOW! But at the same time I don’t want to, I want to do the fingers in the ears ‘lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala’ Hahahaha! Perfect update honey, loved it and NEED MORE NOW!! Have to have MORE!xxxx
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PostSubject: Chapter 25 - Victim   Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:38 pm

Date Night;
Ayden's POV;

Sitting here with Anthony in a little bistro in downtown LA; I was surprised to find that I was having a good time. I had been surprised at how easily he had taken the news that I was indeed already involved with someone; but since my Father didn't approve; I had been somewhat pushed into going on this date. Anthony had told me that he understood why I had lied to my Father because he knew that Carlo wasn't the easiest person in the world to please and he had seen it first hand.

It actually felt good having someone, who wasn't direct Family, to talk to about my Dad. My friends were always concsious of what they said about him; because they knew the relationship that me and Carlo shared; I could remain mad as Hell at him, but that didn't mean that I would tolerate anyone else slagging him off. And my friends respected that.

Picking up my glass of wine; I sipped it for a moment before laying it back down on the table in front of me.

"Would you excuse me Anthony?" I smiled pushing my chair back and stood to my feet as Anthony also stood, like a proper gentleman, and nodded his head.

I weaved my way through the tables towards the bathroom; I could feel Anthony watching me as I retreated from where we had been seated an hour earlier. Stepping into the bathroom, I closed the door and ensured that there was no one in here before I pulled my phone from my bag and dialled Christian's number.

"You ok?" he answered almost immediately. I knew that he had deliberately not made any plans for tonight so that he would be home when I got home and we could salvage some of the evening together as a couple.

"I am actually," I replied placing my hand held purse onto the counter near the pristinely clean sinks and faucets. "Anthony seems nice........."

"Nice enough to replace me?"

"Not a chance babe," I smiled as I pulled my concealer powder from inside my clutch purse and screwed the lid off with my free hand, "you are the only man I want in my life Chris, I really hope that you know that,"

"I do baby, I was just teasing!"

"Evil," I giggled as I freshened up my appearance and continued to talk to him. "I should be home before 11,"

"Good – I'll have everything all set; just come on over,"

"Ok babe," I just couldn't seem to stop smiling, in fact I don't think I had stopped smiling since I had met Christian. The effect that he had on me was definitely profound; I hadn't experienced anything even remotely close to this feeling inside me right now.

By the time I had finished freshening myself up; Christian and I were saying our goodbyes to one another.

With Christian; I felt like I didn't have to dress up like this – in fact he had expressed that he totally preferred me in every day clothes like jeans and a t-shirt as opposed to the black floor length dress that I had on for this date.

This dress wasn't overly dressy; it could be used for everyday use or casual dinner parties etc. In my opinion it had said a lot about what Christian saw in me; he was such an amazing man and he never expected anything more from me than my time. Almost everything was up to me – and while I liked that, I liked having that control – sometimes I wished that he would take the lead; but we could talk about that more later tonight. Our relationship was still young enough that it was easy to bring up little things like that. I had just never felt like I was unable to talk to him about anything.

Moving through the restaurant again; making my way back to the table – I watched Anthony closely. I don't know what made my Father think I would even date this guy if I were single. If you were to compare Vince to Anthony; there was absolutely nothing about them that looked remotely similar.

Vince was your typical bad boy looking Italian; ripped jeans, white tight fitting shirts, leather jacket, biker boots and gelled black hair.

Anthony was more respectable; dress trousers, a casual shirt that hid a small portly stomach and he was respectful towards me. When he talked; he talked with a monotone; there was no passion, there was no fire to him. But he was a nice guy, at least from what I had seen of him so far; he was a nice guy.

"They are just coming with the meal," Anthony told me when I approached the table and pulled my chair out to sit down, "they had it ready when you were at the bathroom, but I didn't know how long you'd be,"

"Thank you," I smiled placing my napkin back over my lap and sliding my legs under the table until I was comfortable, which was when the waitress arrived with our meals. I smiled and thanked her while I waited for Anthony's plate to be placed in front of him and the waitress disappeared to deal with her other customers.

"This looks amazing," Anthony started.

"It really does," I had ordered the creamy mushroom carbonara; and the minute it entered my mouth, I knew that it wasn't up to my normal standards but it was definitely good. I watched as Anthony took a bite of his rare cooked steak, "good?"

"Mmmmm yes," he nodded and from there we sat in silence while we ate.

I was here with Anthony but my mind was already at home with Christian; in his presense where I always felt so safe and protected; and I could be myself without worrying about disappointing him.

My thoughts quickly turned to how much longer me and Christian could remain silent about our relationship. I was already head over heels for him, I didn't want to hide what I felt for him. I knew that Christian was good for me – he brought out my good side, he supported me and the decisions that I wanted to make; not once had he tried to make me chose between him and my family and that had meant more to me than anything else in the world. Because it had shown me that he wanted to be with me; but not at the cost of my family. Yes we were having a secret romance, yes we were hiding our relationship from my Father but how could we see if anything could actually come from us being together without being given the chance?

The restaurant was quite busy – it seemed that as soon as one party left another would be brought in and it seemed the bar area was packed out with waiting customers. I liked the atmosphere in here – everyone was talking amongst themselves and doing their own things. There was no sign of waitresses hanging around with nothing to do, which I always found disheartening when eating out.

"Do you want me to drive you home?" Anthony enquired once he had paid the cheque and we were standing outside on the sidewalk.

"If you wouldn't mind that would be great thanks," I nodded.

"Not a problem," the feel of his hand at the small of my back didn't concern me as we headed in the direction of where he had left his car.

The clean scent of a new car hit me when we eased into the vehicle; I loved that smell, I found it comforting. Switching the dial a few times; a romantic music station were playing the top 10 love songs of all time. I shifted uncomfortably to face away from Anthony; holding my purse close to my body – I was suddenly feeling completely off. Staring at the road; it was easy to notice that Anthony turned the car in the wrong direction.

"I thought we could take a drive down the coast on the way back to yours?"

"I'd rather just go straight home if you don't mind?"

Nodding his head; I felt calmer for a second before he made it obvious that he wasn't willing to do as I wished. Staring out the car; I gaged the road trying to find a place where I could safely jump from the car – I just knew that something wasn't right. My stomach was churning violently and I was beginning to panic.

"Don't go getting any ideas," Anthony growled pressing the lock doors button; and because the button was on his side of the car – I had absolutely no where to go.

"What are you doing?" I asked keeping my voice firm and in control.

"We're going to have some fun," he stated as if I should know what was coming, "you don't seriously think that I would have paid for your meal tonight without expecting a little something in return did you?"

"Well yeah – I thought you were a nice guy; being a cop and all!" I spat at him.

I was stuck here; I couldn't get out of the car and he was trying to scare me – there was no way in Hell that I would show him fear. If he thought that I would then he didn't know my father as well as he thought he did.

"Yeah I get that a lot!" he chuckled.

How could I have ever thought that this man was nice, funny and charming?

All I felt now was sickness – bubbling away in my stomach. My Father would have a shit fit if this asshole went ahead with what he obviously had planned. And his days would be severely diminished. Now my eyes were turning a little hazey. I was struggling to remain focused.

"What did you do to me?" I demanded.

"I just gave you a little something to relax you," he glanced at me.

Blinking over and over only suceeded in making my eyes and sight worse – it was like when you get so tired that your focus becomes all jittery and you just want to lay your head down and take some rest. My mind however, kept screaming danger over and over. Gripping my bag tightly in my hands; I tried hard to find some way out of this and I noticed that we were now speeding up Malholland Drive and I just knew what was coming when he stopped the car.

With every fibre of my being; I was fighting the pill or whatever it had been that he had put in my drink (obviously he had done it when I had been in the bathroom) – I wouldn't go down easy – I was a fighter, and if he thought that he was going to have an easy time doing this to me; then he was sorely fucking mistaken.

"You know when your Dad asked me to take you out; I thought for sure that you would be a horror; but seeing you come out of your house earlier – I had been pleasantly surprised by how fucking sexy you are," he was rattling on but I was having a problem hearing him as I gripped to the edges of reality with everything that I had.

"You're fucking psychotic!" I spat at him and he pulled into the dirt track just to the right at the top of Mullholland Drive and I just knew that it wouldn't be easy for me to get away from him.

The car slid to a rushed stop and he was already unclipping his seatbelt; his beady little eyes watching me as he reached his hand across to pull my skirt up – instinctively my hand shot out and slapped his away. Like I said – not without a fight.

My feet began kicking at his hands as he reached under my chair to push the seat back; stomping on his fingers had him howling out in pain and calling me a fucking bitch. I groped for the lock on my side of the door but I soon realized that the locking system was controlled at his side – fucking asshole bastard. I should have insisted on driving my own car – ah the ever popular hindsight.

Once he had pushed my chair back; he crawled over to my side; all the time I was trying to kick out; turning my body to an angle to kick him but it only seemed to make him more eager – the sneer on his lips made me want to vomit as he finally manouvered himself in between my legs and began pulling my skirt up. I writhed and wriggled in desperation to make him stop but it only made him more determined. Licking his fingers – he ripped them right into my dry pussy – how the Hell was a woman supposed to get turned on by such force and pain that it had caused inside me when his fingers had pushed into my pussy. I swear his whole hand must have pushed deep inside me.

With his other hand – he ripped my top down and literally ripping the material to get to my tits. Pinching the nipples hard and painfully had me screaming and spitting in his face as I muttered words of insult and disgust at him. Nothing seemed to phase him though – if he thought that his little drugging episode would quieten me; he was getting a healthy dose of how much a woman will fight when they don't want this.

"Stay fucking still cunt!" he snarled at me.

"Go fuck yourself dick!" I spat back and was instantly punished by the back of his hand connecting to my face and for a few moments; I was disorientated which stopped me from fighting and that was all he needed.

The noise of his zip sliding down alerted me back to the danger of the situation – trying to fight once again was fruitless as he thrust his cock so far into me that I was seeing stars. I couldn't let him see that he was hurting me.

"Is it in yet?" I spat at him as he started rocking back and forth, which was literally banging me against the passenger door.

I listened to him grunting and moaning, and it made my stomach churn. I scratched at his face; I punched at his face making sure that he had to spend the time fighting to control me rather than enjoying the fact that he was fucking me. Gripping a handful of his hair – I yanked on it hard until he was once again howling out in pain. Good.

"Shut the fuck up cunt!" once again he threw his fist right at the side of my face.

The world began to tremble at the edges of my vision – I knew that I was still fighting him; but he was so much stronger than me. All of my years of martial arts training meant nothing – he had gotten me off guard and taken full advantage of it. Now I was becoming a statistic – a rape victim and I couldn't stop it.

For years I had prided myself on the fact that I could take care of myself – but this man was huge and he was strong; well he was a cop so of course he would be strong. I just didn't have the strength to fight him and of course there was the fact that he had drugged me; the bastard. My reflexes were sluggish, I was almost passed out making it much easier for him to get the upper hand and from the beginning he had the upper hand.

The pain of his cock ripping into me was almost unbearable – I wasn't turned on, so of course I was dry and it didn't help that he wasn't exactly a small man. Thrust after thrust was inflicted on me and I was fighting everything inside me not to vomit all over and then I thought why not and I just let go – vomit spewed from my mouth and hit him square on the face. He halted and I took advantage of it – he pulled back slightly, and I slid back up the chair; bringing my foot up and kicking him, as hard as the position would allow me, in the balls making him fly back into his chair – reaching over while he was incapsitated I pressed the lever for the locks and quickly pushed the door open.

Falling head first out of the car; I kicked the door shut, stumbled to my feet and seeing everything swimming before my eyes – I moved as fast as my drugged body would enable me too. Finding the edge of the forest that was at the top of Mullholland Drive; I moved quietly through the trees when I heard the car door slam shut – obviously he was coming looking for me. I hid behind a pile of brush and prayed that he wouldn't find me. Digging my phone from my bag; I turned it onto silent and quickly typed a message to Christian.

Christian's POV;

Ayden had seemed to be having a good time on her 'date' – which was good but I still had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was churning wildly and violently – I had been feeling it pretty much from the moment that she had confided in me that she was going to have to take the date. Grabbing a bottle of water from my fridge; I moved to the front room with Bud who was happily shadowing my every movement today.

Turning the TV on; I had planned to watch the hockey game that was on tonight while I waited for Ayden to get back from being out. I had just settled down when my phone beeped with a text message.

'Help me! Mullholland Drive – not jking. HURRY! He's going 2 find me. A xoxo'.

Dread sparked in me; I was out of my seat in the matter of seconds and out the front door with Bud at my side before anyone could have said what. I put the car into gear and punched the pedal and tore out of my driveway. Mullholland Drive was a 10 minute drive away but as my foot hit the floor; I hoped that I could get there in half the time.

What had she meant?

What kind of danger was she in?

What ever it was – I needed to get to her as fast as possible; I weaved in and out of the traffic; Bud whining in the seat next to me. "I know Bud – I'm scared too," another long whine left his mouth and he turned to stare out the window – his mouth hanging open and panting. Finally I reached the area and began to the twisting ascent into the drive.

Parking in the wooded area near the top; I killed the engine leaned over and opened Bud's door and he was out and gone into the wood before I had even scooted over and climbed down and instantly I knew why – Ayden was screaming. Somewhere in that wooded area; she was being subjected to something cruel and painful – there was that hint of terror in her voice as she screamed and screamed.

Racing into the wood after Bud; I searched in vain in the darkness until I thought to turn my phone light on and allowed it to help me search. My heart was thundering with fear for her and anger for whoever had taken it upon themselves to hurt her. They were going to pay. I didn't just do stage fighting; I was an accomplished fighter in my own right and whoever it was – was about to find out first hand what I was capable of. Movement to my right caught my eye and I whirled in that direction; judging my instincts and the sound of Ayden crying and screaming. Moving past a low hanging branch; my feet were definitely making my presence known; at least I figured they would be because when I came to a flat bedded area; all I could see was Ayden struggling under the weight of a man who had his bear ass pointed in the air. Apparently he hadn't heard me or Bud who had gone off in the wrong direction.

Ayden was fighting with all that she had – slapping his face, scratching his cheek, her body wriggling in a desperate attempt to get away from him and I could see the tears in her eyes and on her cheeks from where they had spilled over.

My body moved at a speed that wasn't entirely in my control; I eased up behind him and that was when Ayden's eyes met mine and it was like a flash of relief shadowed them as I leant down; grabbed the guy by the neck and intending to pulling him off her but I had misjudged just how far this man had gotten; there was a sickening snapping sound and the man slumped down on top of Ayden who once again started screaming and pushing him off her.

The sight of her beautiful face disturbed me – she had bruises around her eyes and her lips were swollen; bruises were forming around her neck and throat – the front of her dress had been ripping exposing her breasts which looked red and swollen in a painful manner.

"Christian get him off me. Get him off me – I can't stand it get him off me!" she was becoming incoherent as she continued to pushing at the dead weight on top of her and I don't think she realized that I had just killed him.

My heart beat increased – I had just killed someone. Granted the man had been a rapist but still – I had killed someone. Another living being. I had ended a life. Taken it in my hands, yes it had been an accident – but still I had taken his life so easily and if I were to be honest, I didn't care – all that really mattered to me right now was Ayden and ensuring her safety.

Carefully; I grabbed the guy under his arms and began to slowly pull him back since he was obviously still embedded in Ayden's pussy. I noticed the blood as I pulled him free – the bastard had been so rough with her that he had ripped her skin. Another wave of anger pulsed through my veins as she scrambled out from under him as soon as she felt his cock pulled free from her and she curled her knees towards her chest, rocking back and forth.

"Come on baby girl," dumping the asshole on the ground; I raced to her side and gently tucked my arms underneath her and lifted her into my embrace and began moving back through the woods to my truck where I gently laid her down on the back seat and pulled my hooded sweatshirt and draped it over her shivering body. Closing the door, I moved back to the edge of the wood and called for Bud while dialling Elias' number.

"Hey Chris man, what's up?" he asked cheerfully.

"Listen to me carefully Elias; Ayden is.....she's been attacked, I need you to call your Father and tell him to meet me at the top of Mullholland Drive ok?"

"Attacked? What do you mean? Is she ok?" he instantly became panicked and I knew that it was down to the fact that Ayden was the only real Mother figure that he had ever known.

"She's ok.....well she's safe. Please just call your Dad yeah?"

"Ok we'll be there as soon as possible," and with that he hung up.

I hadn't meant for him to come – I knew Ayden; she had always remained strong in front of him and she wouldn't want him to see her like this but now I had no option because there was no way that he would come up here to check on her.

Checking the back seat as I lit a cigarette – Ayden was out cold. My heart was still racing at what she had just been subjected to. The image of that fucker on top of her, flashed before my eyes and as I looked to the other empty car, I figured that it must have been the car that got them up here; it definitely looked like there had been a struggle inside. If I knew Ayden half as well as I thought I did – she'd have fought, there was no way that she would have just given into what was happening to her. That guy had been huge though – there was no way that she could have fought him off.

Bud cleared the woods and headed straight for the truck where he plonked himself down and began whining. Opening the back door, he jumped in and moved to the stairwell where Ayden's feet would have been had she been sitting up; resting his head on the part of seat that wasn't covered with the blanket, he remained stock still just watching her.

Satisfied that Bud would look after her and keep her safe, I shut the door gently and then moved towards the road to check and see if there was any sign of Carlo and Elias but I figured it would be too soon. So I began pacing in circles – I didn't know whether to go back into the wooded area or whether I should just wait here until they arrived. A few moments later, a car pulled into the small parking space and I saw instantly that it was Carlo and Elias.

"Where is she? What happened?" Elias was out of the car before Carlo had even removed his key from the ignition.

"In my truck man,"

"Elias said that Ayden called you?" Carlo stated as he stalked towards me, like a lion stalking prey but I knew that I had to hold my own.

"She did,"


"Excuse me?"

"Why would she call you?" he demanded, not even bothering to check that his daughter was ok.

"Because we are dating,"

"Nonscence; Ayden is single,"

"That's what she.......we wanted you to believe," squaring up my shoulders, I stared at him defiantly. "She agreed to the date because it was what you wanted – not what she wanted,"

"What happened?" Elias asked injecting himself into the conversation.

"Ayden was raped," I kept my gaze focused on Carlo and saw the grimace that came to his face. "By the man you set her up with!"

"Where is he?" the threatening and lethal tone in Carlo's voice was in no mistakable.

"We should get Ayden to the hospital," I said turning towards Elias.

"I asked you a question boy.........." Carlo boomed, "where is the fucking bastard who raped my little girl?"

"I killed him!" I roared back at him unable to hold it in any longer – my girlfriend had been raped, she had been violated in the worst possible way and I hadn't been able to stop it from happening to her. "She text me saying that she needed help and that she was up here – from what I understood from the text she had been hiding but she knew that he was going to find her. I raced up here in half the time it normally takes to get here but I was too late........he was already on top of her – ripping her cloths, and forcing himself....." I couldn't carry on as Elias moved to stand beside me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"You really did that for my daughter?" Carlo asked taking a step towards me and I nodded because I knew if I actually spoke then I wouldn't be in control of my emotions, "show me where he is?"

I began walking – everything was surreal; like inanimate objects were living, breathing and watching me and what I had done. I was sweating, I was having heart palpatations and fear was swirling in the pit of my stomach. I had actually taken someone's life. I had killed a man – not that he was much of a man, but I had still killed him.

Carlo saw him first and moved over to him where I had left him with his trousers down around his ankles and his head angled in a strange position due to the break in his neck. Leaning down, the older Italian man touched the neck of the corpse – just to check I reckoned as Elias turned and looked away.

"He's dead alright!" Carlo stood back to his feet and then kicked the body before turning back to face me and Elias. "You did that for my daughter?"

"Yes sir," I stood back up to my full height again.

"You love her?"

"Yes, absolutely," I replied without hesitation because if I had learnt anything from tonight it was that I did love Ayden – I think possibly from the moment that I had laid eyes on her.

The man nodded and pulled his cell phone from his pocket and began searching through what I assumed to be his phone book for whatever number he needed. I was shaking without even realizing it – maybe I was going into shock. Maybe I was.......and I didn't get the chance to finish that thought because I bent double and spewed everything in my system out of my mouth.

"Yeah Mrs Collins, it's Carlo – I need you to see my daughter," Carlo was talking in what could only be described as a taking charge tone, "she was raped earlier this evening.......I understand but this needs to be kept off the books.......yes one of those........fatally!"

Snapping my head up to look at him and he held his finger to his lips and I nodded but unsure of why he was suddenly taking the blame for this. After all it would be the perfect way for him to get rid of me. Why wasn't he taking it?

Elias and I exchanged looks and I just knew that he was thinking the exact same thing as I was – this was completely unexpected. When I had called him up here – I was more concerned that he be here for Ayden, not for me to try and score points with him or get in his good graces. I just wanted him here for Ayden; I didn't know if she'd want him instead of me or Elias.

"Right Christian; Elias will drive your truck to this place,"

"He doesn't have to do that........."

"You're in no fit shape to be driving son," he firmly stated and I amost fell over at being called son by him, "my friend is a doctor; she does things for me on the side, so you'll be safe there,"

"What are you doing Dad?"

"I'm staying with the of the guys will come up!"

"We'll wait......."

"No!" He was instantaneous on that, "I want Ayden checked out as soon as possible,"

I nodded, I completely agreed with him that was for sure. Ayden was the top priority and right now; everyone else came second to getting her fixed and right again. Although I had a feeling that – that might take a little longer than anyone could estimate. Elias took my keys and I was moving to the back of the truck to sit with Ayden when Carlo put his hand on my shoulder and steered me away from the truck.

"Thank you," he said not once looking away from me, it was easy to see that he was a proud man and the type of man who was willing to admit that he had been wrong, "you saved my little girl, that means I am in debt to you........"

"No!" I shook my head – I truly didn't want that.

"It's just the way it is Christian," he told me, "but I wanted to ask you something,"

"Go ahead,"

"Is there any place that you could take my little girl that is out of LA?"

"Yeah I could take her home to Norman,"

"I would appreciate that – I don't want her around when all of this blows up," he explained and I had to admit that he was right. Ayden wouldn't be able to handle it – I was still hoping that for her sake and mine; she hadn't seen what I had done – or she had blocked it out as too traumatic.

Carlo dismissed me shortly after that and I finally climbed into the back seat – Ayden groggily lifted her head and moved towards me until she was in my embrace and then closed her eyes again. This wasn't how I had planned on spending the night and that bastard had ruined everything – he deserved what he had gotten from me. Men like that – they don't deserve to live in my opinion.

I just hoped that the guilt I felt wouldn't over come me and ruin my whole life. I wouldn't change what I did, not for a second – the man was a rapist hiding behind a fucking police sheild and that made him worse than other rapist scumbags. The world was now a safer place to be.

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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:17 pm

GOOD for Christian. I love this chapter, as always. The details were great and I really hope that Christian doesn't feel bad about what he's done. The man deserved it and I'm definitely glad that he gave that bastard what was coming to him. Very Happy I definitely can't wait to read more, Sweetie. Without a doubt!


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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:33 am

YES YES YES YES another update!!!! Okay then, first off I was very surprised Ayden told her date that she was already involved with someone. He could go tell his father and then his father could go tell Carlo and oh the disaster! Anthony seems like he knows what her father is like though, so I really hope he keeps it under his hat. Nice to see him acting like a proper gentleman too and standing up when Ayden left the table, nice touch there. But I don’t know, he seems a little bit ‘too’ nice, there’s something creepy about him!

Just to go back a few paragraphs, I love how she details the way Christian makes her feel too, like he likes her for exactly who and what she is, and how she feels no subject of conversation is off limits with him. How he likes her in her jeans and a t shirt more than anything, it just shows how he truly likes her for who she is. Okay then and back onto the end of the meal, or lord, here it is, that bad feeling I had earlier when I thought Anthony was just too nice. The bastard, the fucking evil raping BASTARD!!!! Hides behind his good guy cop badge and then does that to women? A man who is paid by the state to keep its citizens safe and he’s drugging and raping women? Oh yeah Carlo, what a ‘nice Italian boy’ he really is! THIS IS YOUR FAULT FOR MEDDLING IN HER LIFE YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH!!!! It broke my heart to read that, the horror of what she went through having something she did not want inflicted on her so terribly, thank god she managed to escape from the car and text Christian! My heart was literally in my mouth over what he might have done to her next!

She could have ended up dead and OH MY GOD how shocking that Anthony was the one who ended up losing his life, I just did not see that coming but then again it was kind of an accident. One thing though, it wasn’t quite clear just how Christian broke his neck, was it just the way he pulled him back off of Ayden? The rest of the chapter was so brilliantly written I just couldn’t stop reading, even left the phone ringing hahahhaha! Finally, FINALLY, Carlo does something honourable and sees that no matter what blood Christian has running though his veins, he loves his daughter enough to kill someone over her. It’s just a shame it had to come to something as rash as that for Carlo to finally see that fact! He moved very swiftly and efficiently though in getting everything sorted and covered, I guess that’s a perk with being a Mafia boss, you can click your fingers just one time and everything gets done. I’m glad he and Christian both share the same opinions that men like that do not deserve to live, because they DO NOT!

Brilliant chapter honey, so emotionally charged I could barely tear my eyes away to write your review as I went along. I really cannot wait to read the aftermath. I just hope Ayden isn’t hurt too badly or even worse, that he hasn’t infected her with an STI or got her pregnant. That’d just be too tragic for words. Amazing work xxxx
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PostSubject: Chapter 26 - Hold Me   Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:52 pm

Ayden's POV;

Staring out of the car window; I watched the countryside whizzing by; lights in houses shone in the dark night; people going about their business unaware that my life had taken a drastic detour and I had become a victim; I had never wanted to be a victim. The interior of the car was completely silent around me.

Christian's presence was strong by my side, strong and supportive. I knew that he was holding back; unsure of how comfortable I would be with his loving contact. Right in this moment, I needed it – I needed him to hold me up and help me get through this. But I couldn't bring myself to talk to him or to move closer to him. I didn't want to associate his touch with that of the man who had raped me tonight. So I remained pressed up against the passenger door. My arms wrapped tightly around myself; keeping the travel rug wrapped tightly around me to hide the fact that my dress had been completely ruined.

I had fought as hard as I could but it hadn't been enough – he had managed to overpower me completely. The entire lower half of my body felt raw and as if it had been ripped open. My mind zoned out with the thoughts of what had happened earlier. I couldn't stop wondering if I had sent out some kind of vibe to him; had I done or said something that had made him think that I was up for sex? I shivered at the thought.

I can remember having him on top of me; thrusting his cock inside me and I can remember screaming and fighting him as hard as I could; I scratched his face, I had pulled chunks of hair from his head but still he refused to stop – my tears had been more of frustration than of fear of him. No man who would do such a thing to a woman; would ever scare me. I was frustrated in the knowledge that I had willingly gotten in the car with him, I was frustrated that I hadn't picked up on that vibe from him and I was frustrated that for years I had assumed that knowing martial arts meant that I could defend myself – what a pile of shit.

My mind snapped back to the moment when I felt the car slowing and then eventually coming to a stop – in front of a unimpressive little house; Elias – (when had he arrived?) turned in the front drivers seat to look at me.

“Come on Ayd; we're here,” he said sympathy lacing his words and shining in his eyes.


“Dad told me to take you here – there's a doctor that will look over you........”

“; I don't want a doctor, no doctors,” I rambled feeling the fear in the pit of my stomach.

“She isn't just any doctor Ayd, she's a friend of dad's; he said she will help and it won't be on the books so to speak,” my brother explained.

“Ayden,” Christian slowly reached his hand out towards me; there was a reluctance on his part; the kind of reluctance that stated he wasn't sure of what I was going to be comfortable with, “you really need to see a doctor – just let her check you over, and I will be right there by your side if you want me to be,”

Once his hand was houvering above my hand he stopped moving and I lifted my hand so that it was touching his and I nodded. I wasn't afraid of Christian – he wasn't the one who had done this to me; but my judgment had been completely off with Anthony, what if I was completely off about Christian. Looking into his eyes; there was something there, some kind of look that screamed I could trust him and that he would never hurt me. I just knew that he wasn't capable of something as violent and cruel as rape.

Nodding, I allowed myself to be led out of the truck and the 3 of us moved to the front door and just as we were about to knock; it opened and a beautiful middle aged woman greeted us by tell us her name was Rhonda Collins. There was a kindness in her eyes – but my judgment seemed to be off; I had thought that Anthony was a nice guy after all and he had turned out to be a damn rapist.

“You must be Ayden Santiago,” Rhonda smiled at me.

“Yes,” I nodded and allowed her to usher us inside.

I stood in the doorway; hunched at Christian's side – the adrenaline was streaming through my veins making me shake uncontrolably. The scent of lavendar enveloped me – it was calming; but I knew that considering I had taken after my mother in the sense that I was as gypsy styled as she had been. The walls were decorated in warm spring style colours; greens, browns, oranges, and blues; I knew that it sounded disgusting but she had made it work. There was a sense of safety in just this little hallway.

“How are you feeling Ayden?” she asked once she had locked the door behind Elias who seemed to be keeping his distance from me.

“Sore, ashamed, dirty, weak........”

“Those are pretty common feelings after an attack such as what you were subjected to,” she said giving me a soft caring smile, “your Dad wanted me to check you over, I'm an ER doctor, so I know what I am doing having seen plenty of these types of injuries, I can check you out and even help you clean up a little bit,”

“Is it ok if my boyfriend comes with me?”

“Of course, whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable,” she nodded before turning to my brother, “Elias, would you like to wait in the front room?”

“Are you sure that's ok?” my brother enquired.

Christian remained by my side, gently running his hand up and down my back – it was a soothing gesture and it meant more to me than I could express in this moment. I felt myself ease against his frame, feeling comfortable and safe with him – that hadn't changed since the moment that I had met him.

Once she had Elias settled, she came back and led Christian and I up the stairs of her home and down a long hallway to a room at the far end where there was a hospital examination bed and other medical utensils.

“I appreciate you doing this Mrs Collins; but I don't want to get you in to trouble,” I began as she closed the door behind us and moved to the sink area where she began to wash her hands.

“Please call me Rhonda dear, and you are not going to get me into trouble, I am licensed to practise medicine and all this equipment is up to health rules and regulations,” she explained smiling sympathetically at me, “if you want to just remove your skirt and hop up on the bed, I'll get this done as quickly as I can,”

Nodding my head, I swallowed hard and felt my heart thundering in my chest – what if that asshole had a disease? Could he have infected me? Christian gently unzipped the skirt and gently began to trail it down my legs. I leant on his shoulders as I stepped out of the material and then clambered up onto the examining table.

The sound of latex snapping in place made me jump and grab for Christian, who was already at my side – leaning into the bed; his arm wrapped around my shoulder as I watched Rhonda move over to one of those silver wheeled trolleys and wheel it over to the chair at the end of the examining table.

“If you just slip your feet into the stirups for me Ayden; just like when you have your pap smear done ok – shuffle your bum right down to the edge of the seat,”

Doing as she requested, I gripped Christian hard and waited for the feel of that implament that opened the cervix to start stretching my pussy. “Could you explain what you are seeing?”

“You really want to know?” she pulled her eyes away from her task at hand to look at me over the rim of her glasses. I nodded and she turned her head back to checking me out, “I am going to have to stitch you up – he has ripped you relatively badly. I can't stitch until I have checked you out thoroughly,”

I could feel Christian tense next to me – his entire body became rigid. Even his hand in mine began to squeeze back at my own hand. It was comforting to be honest – it made me more thankful for his presense than before. I know that by having him at my side, I could get through this. I wouldn't feel scared and out of control with him – that came from the man that he truly was.

“You're going to be very sore for the next few days maybe up to a couple of weeks. There is bruising and tears all the way inside; the bruising will be the most painful when you are moving around, the tears shouldn't be so troublesome; until you urinate,”

My body automatically tensed when she placed her hand inside to ensure that everything else was intact. I wasn't in control of it, but it definitely made me tense tightly and subsequently she had to remind me to breathe in and then out slowly; which helped her remove her hand when I let the breath out.

It felt like literally moments had passed and she was removing the gloves from her hands and encouraged me to remove my legs from the stirups but to remain on the table. My nose was burning from the alcohol smell – that same smell you get in the hospital, the clean and sterile smell. Christian tenderly brushed his fingers through my hair while Rhonda placed another pair of latex gloves on and moved over to my opposite side.

“You have some extensive bruising Ayden,” she commented as she gently placed her hand on my chin and slowly moved my head from side to side, up and down, then she looked more closely at the hand marks that were around my neck, and finally ending with the bruises that were around both my wrists where Anthony had gripped me so hard that I thought he was going to break bone. “I'm going to give you some pain pills to take and they will also help you sleep tonight,”

“I don't like taking tablets,” I objected honestly.

Ever since I was a little girl, I had hated taking pills – the reason being that I had tonsilitis and had been given antibiotics because the infection had began to work into my chest; anyway the tablets were huge and I had practically choked on one that got stuck in the back of my throat due to the swelling at the back of my mouth.

“I know you don't, your Dad talks about you a lot Ayden, he is very, very proud of you,” she informed me, “but I have worked with rape victims before......”

“Please don't call me a victim, I don't intend to be a victim, I am going to be a survivor,”

“I can see why your Dad is so proud of you,” she smiled nodding her head, “but please take my advice here – you won't be able to sleep without a little help,”

I looked to Christian who nodded his head, I didn't know what to do. I did want to sleep – I just wanted to put the night behind me and sleep into the new day. But it would mean going against my own personal belief of never taking any type of tablet other than herbal remedies that I fought to take into my system. I had found that crushing them down and putting them into my smoothies every morning was the easiest way.

“Would I be able to crush them down and put them in to a drink?”

“That would definitely work,” she nodded gently tilting my head back to look at my neck where I knew there were hand marks from where Anthony had tried to choke me to death. I nodded my compliance to take the tablets that she wanted to give me.

While she headed out of the room for a few moments, and my mind turned to Anthony – what had he actually thought would happen after he raped me? Did he honestly not know that my Father would hunt him down and take him out? I just hoped that he had ran as fast as he could to somewhere that he was safe.

Much like my opinion of Vince; he didn't deserve to be murdered for what he had done – I wanted him punished obviously, and when I felt that I was ready I would go to the police and report the incident and his future would be determined by a jury in the correct way.

“Are you ok baby?” Christian questioned as his fingers stroked through my hair in a soothing manner.

“I will be once I get home,” I nodded glancing up into his warm and loving gaze.

“Now I want you to go home and take 2 of these tablets, they will help with the pain and will make you sleepy,” Rhonda informed me as she came back into the room carrying a little bottle of tablets, “then tomorrow take 2 every 6 hours until the pain subsides, which should be a couple of days. And I grabbed a pair of these for you, we'll put your soiled clothes into the evidence bag that I have – just be sure not to open it until you take it to the police if you are going to go to the police that is,”

Once I had changed into the blue scrubs that she had given me with a pair of paper style underwear – everything else was placed in the plastic bag. I thanked her profusely for her help and the care she had taken in examining me. She hugged me tightly and told me not to be a stranger and if I needed anything to just call me. Christian handed Elias the plastic bag with my clothes while Christian supported my unsteady frame.

I had no reason to fault him – he had arrived as quickly as he could; he had secured my safety in a matter of seconds; I can't say I remember seeing Anthony running off but he had called my Father and had stayed by my side, or left Bud by my side while he talked to my Father.

“Christian what happened with my Dad?” I asked once we were settled back into the truck.

“Don't worry about that now honey,” he soothed me as he once again held me close to him.

Snuggling into his side, my head rested down onto his chest and I my eyes slowly closed for the rest of the journey back to the beach where we lived. I refused to accept that I had been turned into a victim. Yes I had been raped, yes I had been violated but there was no way in hell that I was going to crumble under this – yes I might need a few days but I was in no way going to fall under the weight of being a rape victim.

I had never been the type of woman who allowed herself to be weighed down by the actions of other people. I hadn't been all boo hoo give me sympathy when I had found out about Vince. I had taken care of business and then walked away; yes it had tainted my view on men, but I had never allowed myself to cry over him.

Once we got back to my house; Christian scooped me into his arms and carried me into the house and gently placed me on the sofa while he went to make me a smoothie and put the pills into ensure that I took them.

Lying there my mind went over the actions of the evening, how I did feel more than a little stupid for thinking that he had been a nice guy. I should have known better – he was involved with my Father after all. One thing that I could say about my Father – he would never rape a woman; he had a certain amount of respect when it came to women and he always said that he would never take sex against someones will and he would never pay for it. Anthony obviously didn't have the same principals as my Dad and I just hoped that my Dad really didn't catch up to him soon. I couldn't live with the death of another man, no matter what he had done to me. That most definitely wasn't the type of woman I was.

“Honey we need to talk,” Christian interrupted my troubled train of thought.

“What's that?” I asked accepting the tall glass of smoothie that he had made me.

“Well your Dad wants me to take you home to Norman with me tomorrow,”

“Why?” I asked gulping the tasty drink. Christian had made it just the way I liked it too – loaded with fruit so that it was nice and thick.

“After what happened; he just wants you to go away for a little while to recover,”

“But I want to be here – we need to talk to the police and get Anthony arrested,” I replied watching the way he turned to me and looked at me, “what?”

“Honey Anthony is dead,” he stated.

Christian's POV;

I was so proud of how Ayden had handled all of this – she was graceful even in the face of something as horrid as what had happened to her tonight. My own actions however, were now praying heavy on my mind – I had killed a man. I didn't actually regret what I had done – I would do it again if I had too, what bothered me was the fact that I wasn't going to be taking responsibility for what I had done. I should be punished, I shouldn't have let Carlo to take the blame, which was what he had done when he had called Rhonda.

“Wh-what do you me-mean?” she asked me.

“When I arrived, I saw you on the ground and him on top of you – I promise you that I grabbed him to just pull him off you; but he was......I don't know stuck because you weren't turned on or something and when I pulled; his neck made a sickening crack sound and he was.........he was dead!”

“You-you kill-killed him for me?”

“Inadvertantly.....yes,” I admitted nodding waiting for the anger to spew forth but when nothing came, my eyes rose to meet hers again and I could see instantly that she was crying; large pools of tears lingered in her eyes, “what's wrong? Are you ok?”

Nodding her head, she threw her tiny arms around my neck and hugged herself to me tightly. This was definitely not the reaction that I had expected from her. Ayden liked to be honest and open about things, because she had seen the way her father's lies and business had destroyed his personal relationships and she just didn't want to end up being like him.

“You're not mad?”

“How could I be mad? You came for me.......”

“Was there ever any doubt?”

“I didn't know if you would get the message in time,” she pulled back; her eyes searching mine, and her hands cupping my face, “I never doubted you – I know that I can trust you,”

“Good,” I replied, “'cos if I had to – I'd do it again,”

Bringing my own hands up; my thumbs tenderly brushed the tears from her cheeks. The fear and the anger at seeing her being attacked like that had faded the minute I had pulled her in my arms and held her close. I would never let anyone hurt her ever again – if that meant being glued to her side, then so be it.

“Where's my Dad?”

“Ayd honey, your Dad has taken the blame for it.......”

“WHAT!?!” she almost leapt from her seat, “how can he......? why did he.....? I don't under.......”

“I don't know either.....he thanked me for helping you,”

“Wow he never thanks anyone for anything,” she told me. “I need to talk to him,”

“He said he will call when he has finished up with whatever he was going to do,”

Slowly her eyes were drying up, and I could see the concern shining in their normal calmness. After all that she had been subjected to tonight; she still found the power within herself to worry about someone else. It was that beauty that I had drawn me to her in the first place.

“Ayd there is something that I have to tell you,”

“What?” she asked gently brushing the hair back from my face.

“I was sitting here tonight wondering how your date was going and thinking how ridiculous it was that we have to play these games. You are my girlfriend – and I want people to know that. So, I took liberties up there on Mullholland drive and told your dad that we were together,”

“What? Why?”

“Ayden........I realized this more than ever tonight.......I have fallen in love with you,”

The way her eyes widened and the sound of her gulping did nothing to dispel the smile from my face. I knew that it was quick, I knew that most people would be screaming to be cautious but the truth was – I didn't care, I knew that it was right and I knew that I loved her more than anything or anyone else in the world. I had to tell her, I had, had no option.

“Say something please,” I pressed after she had just remained staring at me.

“I-I.......I love you too,” she nodded moving so that she was sat astride my lap; I caught the little grimace on her beautiful features; she must be extremely sore with the stitches and such, “much, much more than I ever intended to,”

Wrapping my arms around her waist, I held her close and we just remained like that for the longest time. Just taking and giving comfort to one another – it had hit me hard tonight at just how close I had come to losing her. That was never going to happen again.

My arms tightened around her at the thought of the desperation of her message to me that she was in trouble. I can't even begin to imagine the fear and helplessness she had felt at the hands of that monster.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“No,” she shook her head.

“You're sure?”

“Honestly Christian, what good will it do? It happened, and it was terrifying, but its over and I am alive; that's something to be thankful for.......everthing else is insignificant!”

“As always you amaze me,” my lips pouted and kissed her nose affectionately.

The doorbell began to ring and then the sound of the door opening reached us where we were – gently I lifted her from my lap and eased her back down onto the sofa, where she still clung to me tightly. I had no problem with that as her Father walked into the room with all the authority of what you expect a mafia boss to have.

“Daddy,” getting to her feet she rushed to his side and hugged him tightly.

There are just some things that a little girl always needs her daddy for. The act seemed to surprise Carlo as he slowly wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him – it didn't take a genuis to realize that the man had fully expected to be blamed for what had happened tonight considering the fact that he was the one who had set her up with that rapist asshole.

“Did Rhonda take good care of you sweetheart?”

“Yes daddy, she was amazing,” Ayden replied burying her head in her father's chest, “I'm sorry I lied to you............”

“Don't say that honey,” he interrupted her. “You followed your heart and I just wish that I had trusted you enough to make your own decisions. Tonight Christian proved to me that he is more than worthy of standing by your side as your partner,”

“Does that mean............?”

“Yes I am giving you my blessing,”

“Thank you daddy,” hugging him even tighter, the smile came to his face, “and he told me that have stated that it was you know killed that bastard!”

“Well Christian is a man in the media; something like this will only do harm to his reputation and we can't have that; if you're going to continue dating him can we?” he explained to her, “at least I know that once I hand myself over to the police; you have someone who is prepared to kill for you, so looking after you and treating you right; should be a walk in the park,” his eyes met mine and I nodded my head in agreement.

“Daddy I don't want you to go to the police,”

“I have to pumpkin – everyone knows that he was investigating me, they didn't however, know that we were working together but the fact that he is linked to me – its only a matter of time before they come sniffing around here wanting to know where he is and I will be damned if I let a man who did what he did for love go down for that, no way!”

“But I need you,” she sobbed looking up into his eyes.

“No honey,” he replied brushing his fingers through his hair, “you haven't needed me in a very long are more efficent and more in control than anyone of your age, I know that you can do anything that you set your mind too,”

I felt somewhat redundant and as if I were imposing on a private moment between father and daughter. However, if I tried to move now; it would interrupt what obviously needed to be said between the two. Ayden pulled back from him and stared up to her.

“I know that I put you through so much and pushed you harder than I should have – but its made you into an amazing and compitant young woman, who has just started out in her life and there is no way I am letting that be taken from you in any shape or form, you made your decision about being with Christian, and you stuck to your guns, even if it meant lying to me. It's time for me to stand up and actually be a Father to you, not someone who made your life hell and tried to tell you what to do all the time,”

Ayden stood her ground for a few moments, hands on her hips, her bottom lip quivering as she fought back the tears. My heart ached for her – she had been raped tonight, she had been scared and abused and now she was having to say goodbye to her Father.

“I forgive you for all of that,” she pleaded, “please Daddy I need you to be around,”

“No you don't,” he replied firmly.

“Yes I do. I don't know how to live without you – whenever something goes bad you're always there; who am I going to lean on?” she begged, her eyes following the nod that he placed in my direction, “ I can't expect Christian to put up with my narotic......”

“Hey don't I get a say in this?” I asked injecting myself into the conversation.

“Christian – we're a new couple; I can't expect you to.......”

“Kill someone for you?” I asked, “I'd say that we've definitely taken this relationship further than we had planned but I am not in anyway angry or upset about that,”

“Listen to him Ayd,” Carlo boomed in an unthreatening tone, which surprised me a little bit. “After all that you have gone through to ensure that you are together......the fact that this man killed someone who was hurting you; I'd say that means you will be bonded forever,”

“I-know-that,” she slurred and her body swaying for a moment, “I-just-don't-know-if-I-can-do-this.........”

Moving quickly, I caught her as she began to topple backwards scooping her into my arms and gently resting her down onto the sofa where she promptly fell into sleep.

“What's wrong with her?” Carlo asked concerned.

“Your doctor friend gave her some painkillers that also act as a sedative,”

“She hates taking tablets.....”

“I know,” I chuckled, “she made me crush them and put into her smoothie,”

“Sounds like her,” he chuckled, “I trust that you will look after her?”

“Of course,” I answered, “Mr Santiago.......”

“Carlo please,”

“Alright, Carlo – I am in love with your daughter, I will protect her, care for her, love her, support her and anything else that she may need,”

“After tonight's performance, I am completely comfortable with believing that you will do all of those things and more,” he replied, “I'm not too proud to admit that I have been wrong........I am sorry son, for being prejudice and stuck in my ways,”

Surprised wasn't the word that I would use maybe; flabbergasted, shocked and stunned all rolled into one. After hearing stories from Ayden about how much of a proud man her Father was – this speech......this apology, as it were, seemed completely out of character for the man whom I had assumed he was.

“Its ok.......”

“No it's not. You know sometimes – I think that Ayden is older than I am; she is so accepting of everything she sees, or people who are different to the way our life has been,”

“She does have the tendancy to think that she is always right,” I chuckled.

“I see you know her very well,” he chuckled picking up his long camel coat and placed it over his arm; waiter style. “I am going to leave her in your trusted hands,”

“Uhm....Mr Santiago.......?” I began and stopped when he fixed me with that look, “Sorry Carlo – I want you to know that........that I am more than thankful for what you are doing for me, I am in your debt,”

“Don't be silly son, I am in your debt – that – that man......he hurt my daughter, one of my 2 most prized people in my life. You saved her and I can't thank you enough for that,”

And once that was said, he turned and moved to the front door and out into the beginning of the sunrise. The room suddenly seemed smaller now that he was gone – his presense alone was larger than life. And it was now easy to see where Ayden got her confidence and her larger than life aura. Looking down at her sleeping form; she looked at peace, small and fragile but at least she was sleeping and not fretting about her Father or what had happened tonight.

This was something that she needed – she needed to rest, it would make it all the more easy for her to deal with what had been done to her and what she would have to face when her Father would most probably put on trial for.

Kneeling down at the top end of her sofa, my fingers gently brushed through her hair – I set in for a long night. Bud was occupying the puppies, who were now growing bigger and becoming more boisterous. The noise didn't even seem to be stirring Ayden from her sleep. Resting my head on the arm of the sofa where she was resting, my eyes closed but I didn't intend on sleeping; I wanted to be alert for her should she need me. My eyes opened and moved to watching her – she was beautiful, so beautiful that there was no words that could describe her perfectly. The calm look on her face was something that I wished I could keep on her face through the next few weeks, but I knew that she had to deal with it, but she was in no way dealing with it here – first thing tomorrow, we were going to pack up our things and head out to Norman where she was away from all of this.

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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:04 pm

Suzie, I really cannot express through words just how much that chapter blew me I'm speechless honey, it was absolutely terrific and I'd wager one of the finest, if not the finest scene you've ever written between Carlo, Ayden and Christian at the end. I'm absolutely gobsmacked. A million bravo's!!!! xxxx
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PostSubject: Chapter 27 - Out of Town   Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:18 am

1 month Later, Norman, Oklahoma;
Ayden's POV;

Sitting out here on the edge of the lake that was within Christian's ranch in Oklahoma – we had come here the day after the attack and we hadn't left. It was peaceful here, there was no stress of worrying about anything other than what we were going to do with our days. Scooping some more stones into my hands I skimmed them over the surface of the calm water.

Falling back so that I was staring up into the sky – the white fluffy clouds that made the sky look a vibrant shade of baby blue. The sound of Christian working on his old vintage muscle car revved out on the drive way; mostly tuning out the sounds of the crows that flew high above. I wished that I could get up there – be as free as they were.

Had I changed after the attack?

Yes I think that I had. My thought process wasn't what it used to be; my clothes were purposely loose and hung from my frame; hiding the true frame that was underneath. I refused to drink alcohol, I always had my phone on my person rather than in my bag and I had started noting exit points in any place that we went. The nightmares were finally beginning to seize and I was back to having proper restful nights sleeps. Rhonda had arrived on my doorstep just before Christian and I were due to leave – she had given me a months supply of the pain pill/sedatives that she had given me the night she had checked me over. I hated taking pills, I always had – but I had to admit that they helped. Not only with the pain, but with the fact of giving me sleep; yes I had nightmares, but if I didn't have those pills then I wouldn't allow myself to sleep.

Every day since we had left I had talked to my Father. His bail had been set at a ridiculously high amount, but thankfully everyone bunched together and managed to pay it. There was no way that he would run – my Father would do his time for the crime that he had committed. Or the crime that he stated that he had committed – I wasn't sure if he had been telling the truth.

Today was the day that he would be going up in court to face the charges and sentencing after having been convicted of murder in the first degree. When he had come clean to the police; he had fed them a cock and bull story about how he had been doing business with Anthony who was a bent cop by his estimations, and Anthony had double crossed him (from what I understood; money had been planted in Anthony's home) so my Dad had, had to take action of course and had told him to meet up on the cliff and he snapped his neck for the betrayal. I could just imagine that the cops had thought all their Christmas' had all come at once. After the length of time that they had been surveying him and trying to get him for one charge or another. He willingly handed himself in. That was the reason that I wasn't completely convinced by his story of what he had done to Anthony – he had fought hard to remain out of prison and now – now he was willing to just hand himself over without a fight?

"Good morning Ayden dear," June; Christian's Mother greeted as she came out to join me.

From the moment that Christian had introduced me to the Family; I had been welcomed without question. June was an amazing woman; she reminded me so much of the Golden Girl Betty White. She was warm and she was caring, she was kind and always willing to talk if you needed it.

From that first night of arriving, I hadn't been able to sleep and had wondered down to the kitchen to get a drink of water. June had heard me and come down to check that everything was ok. We ended up having a long conversation about what had happened in LA and how much I felt frozen with fear of what was going to happen. Not one word of judgment came from her mouth – all she wanted to do was support me. I was included as a part of her family from the get go and when I had questioned why she was so accepting of me; she had explained in much more detail than Christian had about Caitlyn and all that she had done.

Phone calls at all hours of the night and day, someone would ring the bell at the gates only for when someone got to the monitors (that covered the outside of the property) there was no one there, she had managed to work out the code for the gates and broke on to the property countless times; she had even opened the stables and spooked the horses to bolt and one had gotten out on to the main road where he was instantly hit by a moving big rig. Being on the outskirts of Oklahoma; they had a main road right outside their property – there was a constant stream of vehicles coming in and out of the town. Clothes went missing from the garden, mail was always disturbed and there wasn't a day that went by without there being some sort of gift on the doorstep. The girl sounded like she was completely insane.

"Good morning Mrs Kane," I replied sitting up and smiling at her ever smiling face.

"Please Ayden; call me June," she corrected me as she always did.

"Thank you," I nodded, "how are you this morning?"

"I'm very well," she answered passing me the smoothie that she had insisted on making me every morning when she had learnt that was what I always had, "did you sleep any better?"

"I did thank you," I nodded as she took the space next to me and sat down. "I hear that he's still working on the car,"

"Just like his Father when it comes to the cars they own," she shook her head, an affectionate smile brightening her pretty face.

Thoughts of my Father going into court seemed intent on consuming me – the thought of him going to jail for a long time just because he was protecting me impacted on me by way of pain. Pain that made me feel like I was lying on a bed of nails. I was on edge, I was jumpy – but that was more to do with the actual rape than anything else. I had never been jumpy before – I was always so in control of myself but now that had been taken from me and I felt like I was just stumbling around in the dark.

"You must be feeling a little jittery today," she commented moving her head so that she was in my direct line of view.

"Yeah I guess I am," I nodded while trying to smile but it came out weak at best. Raking through my pocket my fingers finally curled around the pack of smokes, "you don't mind do you?"

"Not at all dear," she smiled, "we have had to get used to it since Christian smokes too. And I think that today you will be needing them more than ever before,"

"You're not wrong," I sighed.

"I know that we have talked about it a lot over the past month, but do you want to talk about it some more?" she enquired as I lit up and inhaled so deeply that my lungs felt ready to explode.

"I'm so sick of talking about it.........."

"I'm sorry......." she started.

"No, no don't be. I'm sick of talking about it but I know that it helps," I eased her worry and reached for her hand; giving it a squeeze. "Just the thought of his sweaty hands touching me makes me want to came out of no where. When I was growing up my Father insisted on me taking martial arts classes and because I did it all, reached all of the top marks; I was arrogant in my thought that I could look out for myself; but when it came down to it; he took me by surprise and I wasn't strong enough to fight him off.

"The attack itself had been hinted at from the minute we got into his car; and then when we were driving up Mullholland I started to feel out of it, it turned out that he had drugged my drink. I had gone to the bathroom to phone Christian and he placed a pill in my glass.

"So by the time we reached the cliff – it was like my reactions were sluggish and it was happening before I had the chance to even gather myself. Even through the haze; I knew that I wasn't going down without a the small confined foothold of my side of the car; I managed to kick and struggle with him – I saw an opening and I just kicked him hard until he fell back into his own seat and I fled the car.

"Once I was in the woods; I hid behind some large bushes and I text Christian begging him to find me. Even from where I was hidden, I could see him, I could hear him shouting out at me that I wasn't going to be able to hide forever and once again he rounded on me grabbing me in a choke hold and squeezed tighter and tighter then when he felt my body going limp he whirled me around onto my back and then he raped me all over again, there was no gentle touch, it was rough and it was more painful than anything that I have ever felt. I still wouldn't go down without fighting, so I scratched his face, I bit his neck, I squirmed underneath him making it almost impossible for it to be a pleasure for him and then the next thing I remember is being in the car heading to the doctors house,"

"You are very brave Ayden,"

"I don't see it that way.........I think that I just barely survived because I had the knowledge that your son was coming for me," I admitted.

The minute that I had text Christian, I had just known that he would come for me. I knew that there was nothing to get in the way of him getting to me and saving me. It was that thought that kept me fighting for my life. Unsure of whether or not I would have fought as hard as I did if I didn't have Christian had plagued my mind since the attack – I like to think that I would have fought just as hard but I just don't know for sure.

"Christian cares for you deeply," she informed me taking my hand into both of hers, "it isn't something that he ever thought he would feel again but I can see it when he looks at you; it's so good to see that he has managed to find someone who makes him this happy,"

"We're both pretty much the same when it comes to relationships, I didn't have the best start to the dating world – for as shy and withdrawn as he was – I was the same way,"

"Anything that you want to talk about?"

"Not really Mrs K......June," I corrected myself, "it's in the past now and that is sort of where I would like to leave it, no point in worrying over spilt milk as my gran used to tell me,"

"Your grandmother sounds very wise,"

"She really was wise, I miss her terribly,"

"She passed away?"

"No she's still alive but her life is in Italy now," I explain, "my grandfather has become housebound with his arthritis so she stays there to look after him. I was hoping to get out to Italy to see them at the beginning of the year but I don't know if that will be an option now,"

"I think that it would do you great to visit them and truly put some distance between you and what happened,"

I had to admit that she had a point. Getting out of the states was definitely an idea that needed more thought. Being at home was going to be difficult for me, just being in the same city of where I had been raped was terrifying me with just the thought of it. I didn't know how to vocalise that to Christian unfortunately.

"I think that I might enquire to see whether or not Christian would like to come, I really would love to introduce him to my family,"

"I think that he would like that too," she smiled at me.

I was overwhelmed at just how accepting and welcoming she had been towards me from the moment that we had arrived here. Granted it was a little quicker than either me or Christian wanted to introduce the other to parents, but that decision truly had been taken out of our hands. We were being thrust together and we both knew that this was for keeps now, it had become evident to us that we were meant to be together and had even started talking about our future and what we were going to do with the homes that we both owned. Nothing had been set in stone as of yet but we had time.

"What are you 2 concocting?" the man himself asked as he wondered over towards us wiping his hands on an old white dirt rag.

"I'm going to head back inside to see to your father," June announced getting to her feet and kissing my cheek before repeating the action to her son and promptly headed back inside.

"Mmhmm," Christian mumbled as she walked away before he took the space where she had just been sitting talking to me, "so what's really going on?"

"Nothing," I smiled, "God you're paranoid,"

"After seeing how much my Mother loves you – I think that I have every right to be paranoid,"

"Well I love her too – she's amazing and so warm, it feels good to have someone like that in my life after having gone so long without it,"

It was nice, for years I had lived in a male dominated atmosphere and it had shaped me to be who I was and for the most part I was happy about that; I wouldn't want to change who I am for all the money in the world. If I hadn't grown up the way I had then I would have probably crumbled after what had happened. But during the years I had wondered what I would have turned out to be had my Mother not been ripped from my life at such an early age.

As it had happened, she had been taken before she had, had any sort of impact to shape my life in a certain direction. I had stories from my Father, which had been few and far between. But it wasn't the same as having her here with me, guiding me, caring for me or even just sit and talk to me; that was one thing that I had missed more than anything else in the world. I am not the jealous kind but I did feel somewhat envious of my friends who all had good relationships with their Mothers.

"We were actually talking about the plans I had for the new year........"

"Which were?" he asked moving so that his legs were spread either side of my body and his arms were embracing me and pulling me close to him. Resting his chin on my shoulder, I felt safe and protected.

"I was going to head to Italy to see my grandparents – my papa is really bad with his arthritis so it's impossible for him to travel over here and they are both getting too old to be travelling so far,"


"Your Mom suggested that it might be a good idea to head out there sooner.......and I would like you to come with me?"


"Of course," I nodded, "you are a huge part of my life Christian, and I want my family to know that and meet you so they can see what an amazing man you are," I informed him.

"Then I am in," he replied, "I have January and Febuary off in the new year, I can shuffle some live shows around and we can leave early in Jan if you want too?"


"Absolutely," he nodded hugging me tighter.

Every time he pulled me into his arms, I could feel my body relax from the tension that seemed to now be a huge part of my life. After the attack; I was always tense and stressed wondering if it was going to happen again by someone that I least suspected. I hadn't thought for a second that I was in danger when I had been with Anthony.

Thinking back on it, I had been so naive when it came to men – I had hid behind the mask of being a 'gangsters' daughter, in fact the mob boss' daughter that I thought I was untouchable. Until I met Anthony who taught me that I couldn't always rely on that reputation. Knowing that now, I had to build my life again, build it into something different than what it used to be. I couldn't be hiding behind daddy's shoulder for the rest of my life. I had to find who I was and in this moment, I knew that I had a long road ahead of me.

"What's on your mind babe?" Christian asked brushing his fingers through my hair.

"I can't stop thinking about dad and what is going to happen to him today," I admitted.

"It's going to be a long day, do you want to go out and just do something?"

"Like what?"

"We could take the horses out?" he suggested.

"I'm......uhm a little scared of being on a horse alone," I admitted.

"Well you can ride with me," he soothed softly.

"Alright, lets do that, I will have to take my phone though, Draven and the girls are going to call as soon as they hear anything, and of course Dad will call if he gets the chance,"

For the rest of the afternoon we rode out through the expanse that was Christian's ranch and just beyond; we stopped to take in the beauty of the country side. The rolling green fields, and the abandoned buildings that ran along the perimetre of his land. When I asked him about it – he explained that there were a lot of business' going down because of the lack of work in the surrounding area.

It was something that he felt passionately about – I could hear it in the tone of his voice, the way he looked angry about what was happening to the people who had been his neighbours while growing up. This man was amazing, he gave me so much and expected so little in return. I could hardly believe that he was a part of my life.

And even if it was just for a few hours, he helped me forget about all the stuff that was going on at home. For that I would be eternally grateful. I loved being around him – he was so much fun to be with, he could always bring me out of myself and my thoughts. It had been a huge help since the attack; had it not been for him, I would have pondered for far too long on what had happened. My mind would have replayed the ordeal over and over again; I would have stewed over it and I would have ended up a complete basket case. With him by my side; I had other things to think about it, I had other things to do, there was always someone around to talk too and when I did want to talk about it – I had a never ending queue of people who would step up and do the job.

Now more than ever; I was sure of the way I felt about this man in my life – Christian was my saving grace, he was the man who I knew that I could depend on him, I knew that he would suppport me no matter what and I knew that he was going to be the love of my life for the rest of my life. Had he asked me right now, I would marry him in a second.

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PostSubject: Chapter 28 - Never Tell   Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:19 am

A few hours later;
Christian's POV;

The afternoon had been spent just talking and spending time together. It was what we both needed to occupy our time while we waited to hear the outcome of the court case with Carlo. Since Ayden had been raped, I had done everything in my power to ensure that she knew we could talk about it whenever she was ready to talk about it and that if she didn't want to talk then it was ok, I would keep her completely occupied so that she wouldn't close in on herself with thoughts of what she had been through.

Thankfully the bruises that she had were beginning to fade, without her make up they were still evident but she always ensured that she never left the house without the makeup that she wore. I could understand her need to do that; she wasn't the most talkative person especially when it came to the night she had been attacked, even less so with people that she didn't know, which was understandable and what she had grown up with.

All her life; she had been encouraged to remain tight lipped about her life and the life that she was apart of.

Mafia, Mob, Organised Crimes were only some of the names that they had been linked to her Father and his associates. Some of the nastier ones weren't worth even mentioning. I knew that it bothered Ayden to hear nasty things about her Father. They may have a volatile relationship with one another but anyone attacked her Dad Ayden would come out fighting. It was who she was. It was the Italian inside her. That fighting spirit that made me so proud not only to know her but to love her too.

I had told Carlo that I loved Ayden, I knew that it was something that had come quick, and it probably wouldn't have come out had she not had that attack. I would have played our relationship as calmly and coolly as it had been going before the attack. Coming close to losing her – seeing the way she had been fighting that bastard and losing; had definitely clicked my resolution into my heart. I loved her – seeing her so scared and so lost when she was usually so strong and determined, had scared me – I didn't want to lose her, not the person that she was.

"Thank you for today baby," Ayden wrapped her arms around my mid section and gently let her head rest against my back.

"You don't need to thank me," resting back into her warm embrace I couldn't stop thinking about the lie that me and her Father were feeding her.

I really hated the thought of building this relationship on a lie – but I knew that her Dad had needed to do this. It was his chance to give her, her life back – let her make her own decisions and her own path in her life. I could give him that – he had handed one of his most prized possessions over to me; I wouldn't disappointment him. I just couldn't allow that to happen so if it meant hiding who truly killed Anthony then I could do that. I would carry this on my own; Ayden had enough to contend with.

"I think I am going to give you some relaxing pleasure when we get upstairs," she whispered in to my ear.

Sex had been an issue immediately after all that she had been through and that was something that I most definitely expected but after a week, she was ready to try getting back into the saddle so to speak. At first she had freaked completely out; then once we got past the hurdle of her not wanting me to touch her, she had been lying there with her eyes screwed shut – I couldn't push her into sex if she was just waiting for it to hurt or for her to freak out, so I had stepped back, and told her to come to me when she was ready for us to get back to that.


"Absolutely," she nodded softly. "Last night was amazing, you were amazing........and because you were so patient with me; I think that you need a reward,"

Turning in her hold, my arms wrapped around her waist – holding her close to me I pressed my lips to the top of her head. I was just glad that she was definitely getting back to normal. Even though she was obviously worrying about her Father; she was doing what she always did – she was occupying herself with other things while she waited for the news that we were in desperate need to hear.

It was ridiculous for us to have even thought that Carlo could have gotten away with it – a cop had been murdered, for raping the mobster's daughter, but that wouldn't have mattered, it was a cop and that meant the crime had to be vindicated and that meant someone being put in jail for it. Carlo had stepped up and taken the blame, and told me to look after his little girl while he was gone.

My mind was still having those moments when I was in the middle of doing something and the image in my head would flash the moment when I had realized that I had snapped that rapists neck. My heart rate would increase, my stomach would gurgle with vomit and I had to fight myself not to lose control completely. Being raised to always tell the truth, I had been so sure of handing myself in but then Carlo asked what I thought that would do to Ayden – and because she had become to mean so much to me, I was easily manipulated into allowing Carlo to step up and take the blame. The man knew my weakness and he had definitely used it to his advantage.

"Oh you do huh?"

"Absolutely," she nodded eagerly. Grabbing my hand, she began walking backwards; her lips curling into that seductive smile that she had that made her more sexy than she was without it.

I allowed her to take the lead, I was powerless against her – whatever she wanted, I would give her without question. Swinging her hips she was smiling sweetly and licking her lips suggestively. Just as we reached the side door that would lead into the kitchen, her cell phone started ringing. I watched her stop; her face falling somewhat as she let go of my hands and started trying to drag her phone from the skin tight jogging pants that she was wearing.

"Hello," she answered. "'s it going..............? I'm so sorry Dad......but maybe if I hadn't been so it's not your thought he was a good guy.....I thought that he was a good guy,"

I didn't need to hear the other side of the conversation to know that Ayden was blaming herself for what had happened – it was her nature. Yes, she was absolutely sure and she had self assurance in abundance and now she was timid, she wasn't as sure as she had been, but it hadn't knocked her off the pedastel that I had placed her on. There was no sign of her not accepting what I said to her, there was no sign of her breaking, she was just this amazing woman who had faced stuff in her past that would have broken most people and now she was fighting back after being violated in the most horrendous way but to hear her questioning that she might have been to blame about what had happened to her, made my heart sink.

I was trying my hardest but maybe I just wasn't enough for her – maybe she needed her friends around her right now. I knew how close the girls were and I knew that she would love for them to be here.

After a few moments, she carried on talking to her Father and then hung up the phone, tears pooling in the normally calm caring eyes, "they sentenced him to 25 – life with the possibility of parole after 15 years," she sobbed breaking down completely.

I had her in my arms in seconds; holding her, rocking her gently as she sobbed into my chest; both hands still covering her face. My heart dropped at the sound of sentencing – that could have been me. Carlo had done me a huge favour – he had taken the blame for killing the man that I had killed. I had done it by accident, but I had still taken a life and I didn't know if I could live with myself for that. But I had to now; Carlo had taken the blame and he had been sentenced for it – there would be no good accomplished if I were to tell Ayden what had really happened. It was in her best interest that she never found out what had really happened that night.

I promised myself in that moment, that I would care for her with all that I had inside me – her Father had sacrificed himself for her and for me, I owed it to him to treat her like a princess; the princess that I knew he saw her as but had, had no way to show it to her.

"Come on sweetheart," scooping her into my arms, I moved towards the house and then headed straight up to the top floor, which I had renivated into my own space – the downstairs of the ranch was my parent's; it felt good to help them out and to know that there was someone in the place when I was gone for long periods of time. Gently easing her onto the bed; I then moved into the en-suite where I began running her a nice warm bath with lots of bath foam, which she loved and then went back to the bedroom where she was practically in a catatonic state.

The tears were falling, but her eyes were focused far away and there was no sign of noise coming from her mouth or from the fact that she was clearly crying. I felt worried that she was going to end up having a breakdown but I needed to get her undressed for now. So I took her hands into mine and gently eased her into a sitting position; raising her arms I gently removed the top that she had been wearing. For the following few minutes, I had to treat her with kid gloves to get her undressed because she was gone – there was nothing inside her right now. Nothing that was ready to process the fact that her Dad was going to jail and not be in her life for a long long time. In all likelyhood – they might never see him outside of a jail cell again.

Leaving her sat on the edge of the bed in just her underwear for a few moments, I moved out into the hallway with her phone in hand and pressed the speed dial for Draven and waited for a reply. "Ayd are you ok?"

"Hey Draven it's Christian," I stated, "you've heard the news I take it?"

"Yeah we just heard about 2 minutes ago," the woman replied, "how is she doing?"

"Not good's almost like she is catatonic and I think that it might help if you guys came out here to be with her, if you could swing it that is,"

"I think that is a great idea Chris, I'll round the girls up – do you have enough room or is there a hotel to recommend?"

"I have plenty room here Dray, you are more than welcome to stay – besides the closer you are right now is the best for her I think,"

"Ok well I will call you back in a couple of hours to let you know when we will be there,"

"Thank you Draven,"

Once I had hung up the phone – I moved back into the bedroom to find her exactly where I had left her just staring at something way beyond her line of vision. Scooping her up again, I carried her into the bathroom and gently eased off her underwear and placing her slowly into the warm scented water where she suddenly seemed to come out of it for a few moments – gave me a weak smile and slowly retreated from me again.

For the next 20 minutes, I washed her and then scooped her back out of the bath and into the warm fluffy bath towel which covered her completely as she started shivering but still she wasn't really there.

Looking into her eyes, it was like looking into the abyss – there was no spark, no life and no emotion in there. It was like she was gone, completely and I didn't even know if she would ever come back from where the news had taken her. I knew that it would have hit her bad but this was not exactly what I had imagined. I was now more than sure that her Father had known her better and that telling her the real truth just wasn't an option.

I knew her well now and I knew that if she really knew what had happened that night; she'd want to go to the police and explain that her father had been fighting for her after Anthony had raped her and I wasn't clueless enough to believe that accusations towards members of the police force weren't always treated in the right way.

I truly hated what I had done – it had been a complete accident but I knew that no one else would see it that way. I had been trying to get him off her and because of how rough he was being with her; he had been stuck inside her until my hands literally snapped his neck in a sickening crack. I could still hear that noise, it was like the loudest thing I had ever heard in my life and I worked in a business where bombs and explosions were constant. There had been nothing that could have prepared me for the sound that his neck had made and I couldn't take it back; once it was done that was it. But if I were to be honest – I'd do it again if I saw her with that fear in her eyes as she fought with everything inside her while he did whatever the Hell he had thought was acceptable.

I had always had a problem with men who assumed that they could treat women in a way that was less than respectable. Nothing had filled me with more fear than the text that she had sent me that night. I had been so far away and trying to get to her had felt like it had taken a year and then of course I was running around trying to find her until my instinct had just guided me.

Honestly, I couldn't even remember all that had happened because I had been so blind with rage at the thought of her being hurt and in pain. My eyes landing on him – I had flown into a blind white hot rage that had ended in another man's life being taken by my hands.

"Chris?" her trembling voice pulled me back to the moment.

"Yes baby?"

"I need my friends,"

"They are coming honey, they will be here as soon as they can," I promised lying down ont the bed behind her; curling her body around mine she relaxed.

"I need you too,"

"I know princess, I'm right here and I ain't going anywhere," I promised holding her tight and kissing the top of her head.

I wished that I had been able to talk to Carlo, but right now my attention was on my girlfriend and what she was feeling right now. I would do whatever it took to help her overcome this and come back fighting strong and if that meant taking time off from work then they would have to find a way to carry on without me, because this woman, this force of light and fire was in desperate need of support.

I knew that her friends were arriving soon, that gave me much needed relief and belief that Ayden would come back to me as her full self again in no time. I just hoped that I could hold out – I needed to hold out and be strong for her.

Carlo was depending on me and since it had taken such a long time to get him to accept me, I wasn't prepared to give him a reason to think that he had made the wrong choice.

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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:20 am

Ahhhh, what a beautiful chapter opener with your description of such a tranquil place  no wonder Ayden feels so much better for getting away, what a beautiful landscape her man took her away to. But, the day we just so happened to stumble upon her living as the story goes is one that must be a tremendous concern for her. I finally feel sympathy for Carlo, he’s about to do time for something he did not do, but he did it so his daughter could be happy and that takes one hell of a lot of courage. She really can see now just how much he honestly does care. He’s redeemed himself very well. But still, I wouldn’t like to be in her shoes at that moment, waiting for the call to find out how long it’s going to be before you see your father as a free man again.

I like the way you show an already developed relationship between Ayd and June. Of course, they would have become close in the month that she’s been there, and you display with wonderfully with all the usual gestures and beautiful use of language. And I bet it bloody feels good for her too, to have some female company in the form of a motherly figure after all this time! And as for the rest, well the bond she shares with Christian is just as beautiful as always, impeccably detailed and an absolute joy to read. I’m often fooled into thinking they’ve been together for longer than they actually have. I hope to read about their trip to Italy to visit Ayden’s grandparents in the sequel!

The news from her father was what I expected really. Well, I’d expected a higher sentence because the murder one punishment in America always seems much harsher than our sentences. The poor thing, no wonder she just fell into a state like that. I absolutely agree that her friends are what she needs around her right now as well as that lovely man of hers. So was this the end then? There was no ‘The End’ at the bottom but you did say you were posting the final two chapters…so….is it the end? If it was, then I feel it was perhaps a little abrupt (even though there is a sequel in the works) but none the less I enjoyed every last word. Awesome job honey, write the sequel quickly because I’m going to miss these two!!! xxxx
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PostSubject: Re: The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction   

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The Code of Silence - Christian Kane 18+ Fiction
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