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 Ritual * TUOMAS * VILLE *

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Mistress Angie


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PostSubject: Ritual * TUOMAS * VILLE *   Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:51 pm

DISCLAIMER: This is SLASH. That means boy-on-boy action. It also contains some BD/SM play. If you don't like m/m action, BD/SM, whips, adult toys then I suggest you don't read this. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! For every one else, enjoy:

I walked into my house after being out with the guys when we were finally able to return home from the tour. It was very unusual that he didn't want to join us. He opted to stay at home, probably hiding out the whole night in my basement where he is currently residing. I was kinda hungry so I went to grab myself something to eat. I was digging through the fridge when I felt arms wrap themselves around me. I smiled, enjoying the feeling of my lover's arms around me.

His lips were pressing themselves into my neck and his hands were finding their way up the hem of my shirt. I leaned back into him instinctively. This was a usual ritual several months in the making. I turned around and was staring into his vibrant, emerald green eyes. I saw love, lust, and complete submission. I felt myself growing hard just looking at him.

"Tuomas?" He whispered

"Mmm, yes my pet?" I whispered into his before nibbling on it

"Please??" He quietly begged

I looked down to see his raging erection through the cotton fabric of his shorts. I looked back into his eyes and saw longing and a yearning that needed to be filled. I ran my hand briefly up the length of his hard cock and received a quiet moan from him. I took him by his hand and led him upstairs to my bedroom. He stood in my doorway as I "prepared" the room.

I began by lighting the candles that were scattered throughout. Afterwards, I took my normal sheets off the bed and replaced them with my favorite black silk sheets. I entered my huge walk-in closet to find our "toy box". Inside I found what I was looking for: 2 pairs of police-issue handcuffs, a couple of silk scarves, a ball-gag, a small wooden paddle, and a nice sized vibrator in the shape of a penis. I just loved the games we played. I emerged from the closet and noticed he was still standing in my doorway, waiting patiently.

"Come in." I commanded him

He obliged willilngly. I circled him, looking him up and down. He was shirtless and wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and no shoes. He knows I love skin and his tattoos so around the house he wears as little as possible. I could see him shaking slightly. I wonder what his family and band mates would say if they saw him like this? Shaking, almost violently, waiting for someone to grant him release? Waiting for someone to give him permission to masturbate? Waiting for someone to violate him, with his permission? I tugged at his jeans and he immediately slipped them down his slender but muscular legs.

"Tuomas?" He whispered again

"You know what to call me. If you're a good boy, I might reward you." I sternly told him

I smiled, not believing just how good Ville looks in the candle light, with his piercings shining and some of his tattoos being shadowed. His slender body was pretty built. He had good muscle tone. I could tell he was trying to keep standing, his need for release very great. His knees look like they're about to buckle.

"What do you want?" I asked, voice loud and demanding

"Master, you." Was all he quietly replied

I pointed to his boxers and he quickly stripped them off. His erection was at my disposal. he was still shaking, more visibly now. I sat at my computer desk and asked him how long it had been since our last "game".

"Master, 3 weeks, 4 days, and 9 hours." He replied

I was pleasantly suprised that he had it down to hours! I walked to the foot of my 4 poster bed, where I had set all my items. A pair of ankle cuffs were permanently attached to my bed. I took my handcuffs and led Ville to my bed. I instructed him to lay back with both arms out. He quickly did as he was told, anticipating my next moves.

Once he was all strapped up, I strapped the ball-gag in his mouth. I proceeded to pour hot wax onto his chest. He squirmed a bit, then relaxed once more. After he relaxed, I inserted the vibrator into his opening. He's used to this, but he still resisted for a brief moment before I smacked his ass with the paddle. He quickly settle down again. A few minutes of watching him squirm with the vibrator in his ass, I decided to give him a treat and turn it on. The moan that escaped his lips was almost enough to get me to stroke myself. I've always enjoyed listening to Ville moan. It's such an erotic sound!!

He squirmed, trying to get all the pleasure he could out of the vibrator. After several minutes, I turned it off and pulled it out of him. He watched with great interest as I slowly and seductively stripped myself of all articles of clothing. Ville always liked watching me strip for him. Once all my clothes had been shed, I tied one of the scarves around his eyes so he couldn't see what I was gonna do next. That's something we both love, having to wait to feel what the other is doing. I wanted to jerk myself off just watching Ville lay in my bed naked, cock throbbing, almost demanding attention. I quietly walked over to the mini fridge I have in the far corner of my room and popped an icecube in my mouth.

I bent down after the cube had almost completely melted and deep throated my tall, thin, countryman. He immediately bucked his hips up, trying to get his dick as far down my throat as humanly possible. The moan I elicited from him then was maddening. How I wanted him to suck my cock, to feel his tongue swirling around my tip. I reached down with my left hand to wipe the pre-cum off my tip. I wiped it on Ville's bottom lip, which he promptly licked. I smiled watching him try to lick every last bit of my pre-cum off his lip. Damn what he could do with his tongue!!

I took a peppermint and sucked it until it was gone. I then blew air on Ville's achingly hard dick. He shuddered at the feeling. I took his entire length into my mouth once again. Humming every now and then, I began to suck Ville. My tongue ring clashing with the heat of his cock. He bucked his hips trying to bury himself into every inch of my mouth. I could hear sharp intakes of breath when I would hollow my cheeks and then hum. I was driving him over the edge. Before long, I felt his body tense up. His orgasm was nearing. I sucked harder, bobbing my head up and down. Sucking every last drop of his seed after he released. I licked my lips and untied his blindfold. I took out the ball-gag and straddled his face. My own needy cock was next on our priority list tonight. It's been far too long since I've had a good blow job.

He sucked my cock into his mouth eagerly. He tried to wrap his legs around me, but could only move them about 3 inches in either direction. He knew he couldn't move his arms to pull me to him. I pulled my aching dick out of his mouth and rammed it in again. Each time going harder, faster, deeper. He swirled his tongue around my tip, licking the underside of my head. Words were no longer coherent with me. Just moans, groans and breaths. He licked my dick from the bottom of the shaft to the very tip of the head before shallowing his own cheeks. I started seeing stars as my orgasm hit my body full force. Ville swallowed my seed and licked me clean. I fell on top of him, trying to bring my breathing back to normal. Once my legs no longer felt like jell-o and my breathing returned to normal, I undid his ankle and wrist cuffs. I slid back up the bed and nuzzled my face his sweaty neck.

"Tuomas, that was fucking amazing." Ville whispered in my ear

"It always is, Lempia." I replied, kissing his forehead

"I love you." He whispered, kissing my cheek affectionately

"Mmmm love you too." I said, before drifting off into a very contented sleep
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Auluna Raie

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PostSubject: Re: Ritual * TUOMAS * VILLE *   Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:39 am

*drags on cigarette* Usually not my cup of tea, but DAYUM!!! Embarassed
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Ritual * TUOMAS * VILLE *
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