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 Finding my soul

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PostSubject: Finding my soul   Fri Apr 01, 2011 6:42 am

Finding my soul
Rating:R for cussing for now
Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER
This is piece of writing is a work of FICTION. I am making no monery gain from this piece of fiction. It was written purely for entertainment purposes. All celebrity figures within this story belong to themselves. All o/c's belong to me and are a work of my imagination. All lyrics used belong to the artists who write and perform them.

I am in no way claiming that I know any of the celebrities within this piece of fiction. The storyline has been written from my mind, and in no way does it feature any real events.

There is violence, and anger and sexual situations mentioned in this fiction - so if you are offended by such material, or are under the years of 18 please press your back button right now. Otherwise, I hope that you will enjoy.
Notes; takes place a year later. Deals with rape and how Gaby ( a OC) deals with it. ..thanks Harley for the disclaimer

Julies pov

Jeff was one lost puppy! He was in love with our friend Gaby but for some reason would not tell her but you could feel those sparks! You could not be around them and not feel them . I tried talking to both of them but I had no such luck .
Shannon would laugh at them , Gaby felt like she was not good enough for anyone but she did have temper. God did she ! she would tear you a new asshole and did not think twice about it.

We all were the best of friends when the guys left to go on the road they would hand Gaby the keys to their house and she would clean them , get the mail or whatever it needed to be done .
We all thought it was fun to watch Jeff when she had a deadline for one of her books . she would forget to eat, shower and here he went bulldozing his way into her place making her do the stuff she said she did not have time to do I could not count how many times I saw him put her in a cold shower with her clothes on.
She would get so mad at him there would be at least 2 days she would not say anything to him .

We all were sitting around Jeff’s table telling him he needed to snatch her up before someone else did . 5 minutes before she came down in a dress telling us she had a date she did not believe us when we told her that Jeff was in love with her. Jeff took one look at her then went outside . she did not realize she broke his heart. Jeff came back in and spoke softly “ if you get into any trouble please call one of us”
Gaby looked up at him then nodded but replied” I should be o.k. this is for business for show and tell “ I knew what she meant her editor was making her look like she had a life

She was suppose to take a cab to where she was meeting him I did not like that ! I guess I was protective of her.
I believe a hour had past when Jeff’s phone rang then it went quiet.
I saw all of the blood rush out of his face. …it had to be Gaby so I listen to what he was saying …he kept asking her where she was.
Shannon slid a note pad over to him so he could write something down.

I read what he wrote the bastard took her to a motel room trying to get into her pants .I jumped up out of my chair” Jeff I am going with you!”
Matt was running to the door” we are all going !”
Shannon jumped into the driver seat he was the most calmest of us all.
I began to pray that she was o.k. if not Jeff was not going to rest until he found the bastard and took care of him.

Jeff’s pov

The phone call scared me Gaby was crying then I heard a slap I was going to kill the Mother Fucker no one hits Gabrielle and lived.
Shannon pulled into the parking lot I jumped out running ignoring them as they yelled at me for not waiting until the truck stopped.

I saw the bed before I saw her . It was bloody did he ?! he better not have! We all knew she was a virgin she was saving it for someone special I had just hoped it would be me.
I heard Julie gasp as she saw the room , Shannon came in bring a blanket …then I found her .
I ran over , turning her over seeing she was one bloody mess.
What happen?
Shannon gave me the blanket so I could wrap her up Julie took her purse.
I picked her up as she was coming too I looked down at her “ it is o.k. I have you .you are safe now”

She started to cry kept saying she was so stupid but I knew she wasn’t she just misjudged the man.
She did not know what I thought about it . I smiled she was trying to fight she argued with Shannon about going to the hospital she wanted to go home.
I agreed with everyone she needed to be seen .

At the hospital she was so quiet ,I saw the tears had not stopped.
When they called her name I went with her . she would not let me go!
I saw them give her a rape kit , I had to go out of the room she finally let me go only because I promised I would be outside the door.
I got very angry outside of the room that Lisa one of the nurses I went to high school with came over “ it is o.k. to be upset but seeing her like this does not help her . now you need to be there for her .and do not think about going after him let the cops deal with that please”

The doctors cleaned up … I waited with her , she looked like a lost child I whistle to get her attention when she looked over I held my arms out seeing her jump down and fly into them . I held her as the cops came in asking questions ..they looked like they did not believe her story until the doctors said the kit came back positive .

We drove home Gaby held on to me like I was her lifeline.
When we pulled up to my place everyone shocked me …they were all staying.
We got her to drink something to calm her down and make her sleep .
But sleep she did not get …. She relived every fucking moment in her dreams. It was like she was getting raped again.
I could not go out of the room before she started screaming again.

About 3:30 am we all decided to find the bastard and do what he did to Gaby to him .
I went up to my bedroom where Gaby was . she had gotten up to take another shower. She was going to scrub all of her skin off. I could only imagine what she was seeing …
I laid down beside her “ come on Gaby sleep for awhile I will not leave you “ seeing the bruises getting darker … had me thinking why did I not tell her ? she would have never left if I just opened my mouth …. But I made a vow when I heard her whimper I would save her and find my soul in the meantime ….
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PostSubject: Re: Finding my soul   Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:18 am

Finding my soul 2

Matt’s pov

I walked by Jeff’s door seeing him watch Gaby sleep. He looked up at me , I motion for him to come to the door he jumped up running to the door whispering” what?”
I whispered back” I need her keys we are going to go get her some clothes and get Bows.”
He swore “ damn it I forgot about Bows .. here take my key bring him here”

I shook my head and snickered” what kind of person are you that you forgot about her English bulldog puppy you gave her?
Jeff laughed and shot me a bird’ fuck you man! And hide all of those Christmas bows I do not need to be picking them up for the next 3 years!”
I heard Julie downstairs laughing , she knew that darn puppy was a holy terror on some bows he would not rest until they were all torn to zillion of pieces then he would lay in the middle of them .

I walked downstairs “ come on lets go do this “
Julie and Shannon jumped in the SUV , Julie turned to me “ how is she?”
I looked in to her eyes” bad. Her skin is so raw looking you can tell she scrubbed herself that way. She will not sleep unless Jeff is there”
Shannon mumbled” my cousin Kelly said she would … she can still feel his hands … it is going to take patience and lots of support and whole hell a lot of Jack for Jeff she told me when she finally talks about it Jeff will loose it 1 she is offering to come here and talk to her where she is safe “
I laughed” I am sorry to say this with what happen but maybe this is what is going to take Jeff to wake up and tell her”
Shannon smiled” but not yet. She will run if he told her right now”

At Gaby’s apartment.
Her old manager Linda was there . Julie hated the bitch but Linda thought her shit did not stink …. Gaby fired her but Linda still thought she could do whatever.
I knew there would a explosion.
Linda walked over looking at me” where is Gaby? I wanted to know find out how her date went?”
Julie got out of the SUV and walked around to Linda” did you set it up?”
“ yes I did Charles Morgan is a gentleman and she needed to meet someone “ Linda looked at her with a sneer.
Shannon pulled Julie away” let me tell you how it went … Charles took her to a motel room and raped her then beat the holy shit out of her. And by the way thanks for his name he will be picked up soon”

Linda looked at us with disgust” he would not do that! “
I pulled out the pictures” he did .. want to see what he did!”forcing her to see the pictures and then I pulled out the trump card” and by the way you have been replaced… she signed on with Pocket books and there for you are fired ..the people at Pocket found loops holes in her contract with you and where you have been stealing from her and you are being sued by Pocket for the money you took”

Julie smiled as she walked up the steps to Gaby’s apartment. Not saying a word.
Linda turned away and ran to her car she knew that she could and probably would be arrested in rape of Gaby. She knew what kind of man Charles was.
She turned as Linda drove off “ are you coming or what?!”
I ran up the steps putting the key in as I turned to door knob I leaned down to catch Bows.

Bows ran in to my arms as Julie walked in getting Gaby some clothes , her work and all of Bows stuff which was not much.
Shannon started looking for the dog food when Julie could not find it n but I just spoke up “ we will get him some more… “
When we finally drove back to Jeff’s house we had 3 bags for Gaby and Bows had a new bed, dog bowls and a huge bag of puppy food.
When we got to Jeff’s what we saw SHOCKED us… Gaby was up and Jeff had cooked!

Gaby looked around and then we all saw what had Jeff so pissed her face was black and blue.
Her manager Shelby was there telling her to take some time off to heal.
Gaby was writing down what she wanted to say since she had no voice … she screamed when it happen so much she damage her vocal cords temporally she did not want to loose her readers but she did not want them to know what happen either.

Jeff sat down “ Gaby why don’t you heal thru your writing … bring what happen into the story “
Shelby agreed but told her only if she was ready.
Shannon’s cousin was there and she agreed if it could work… but she was here if Gaby wanted to talk.
Shelby left shortly after that and my brother was still trying to get her to eat.
But I laughed when I read what she wrote.
“Jeff she is letting them cool down a bit eggs are normally hot when they just come out of a pan. “
she mouthed when she saw her dog.

We all had to smile when that little English bulldog pup gave her so much joy , made her forget what happen for the time being.
But we all saw her ‘hell’ was just beginning. And Jeff did not have a clue how to shelter her.
I picked up the phone dialing the cops and telling them Charles’s name.
Shannon grabbed Gaby when she tried to escape. She kept trying to talk but I could read lips she kept asking how I found out.

I pulled her to me “ Linda your old manager set the date up. She told us his name and Jeff you will let the cops deal with it … you have precious cargo to take care of “ pointing to Gaby.
Gaby crumbled on the floor Bows came up and licked her face, he was licking the tears.
Jeff looked at me “ want to make a run for me ? the Doctors called her in something to help her sleep”
I nodded as I got my butt off the couch “ sure “ I knew tonight she would sleep , I started to wonder if she would move in here if we asked her too. We all hated her apartment and she hated that Bows did not have a yard to play in …..
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Finding my soul
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