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 Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.

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PostSubject: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Thu Mar 31, 2011 2:56 pm

DISCLAIMER - I'll be brief. I obviously do not know any real persons mentioned in this story, it is a complete work of my imagination and all OC characters + the plot are mine. Story is suitable for an audience of 18+ because of its adult content. Enjoy Smile

Chapter one – The new girl.

‘See now he’s good and won’t cost me the earth to keep on staff, but that’s all he is; good. Look at his stuff. And then there’s her, she’s fucking unreal but she’ll cost me. But the other upside is that she’ll bring a hell of a lot of work to the shop, so technically I could afford her in the long run’ said Shannon as he and Kerry, one of the guys employed by him at Gas Chamber Ink looked over resumes, trying to decide on who should get the last position to fill.

‘You know what I’m gonna say, sorry man but I’m biased! Get Chloe, believe me she’s worth her weight in gold, she’s down to earth, she’d fit right in here’ said Kerry, who had worked with the uber talented Chloe Daniels over at her current location Mad Ink three year ago. Since then she’d done a tour of guest spotting at studios across the US and two in England for some big names such as Kat Von D (even featuring on a few episodes of LA Ink) and Mr Cartoon in the states and Jason Butcher and Jo Harrison in the UK. She specialised in Japanese, biomechanical and portrait work, and after her recent tour other studios had decided to come home and work for Mad Ink so she could be close to her family and friends.

‘Fuck it, she’s hired’ said Shannon after looking at a few more photographs of her work, and then at a picture of the lady herself.

‘You ain’t even gunna interview her?’ asked Kerry, looking over his shoulder at the picture he held, a giant back piece of skulls and bones with such detail it looked like a photograph.

‘Her work speaks for itself, and by the way you sing her praises she sounds like she’s got the right attitude too. And she ain’t hard on the eye either’ he replied.

‘Shame she’s married huh?’ chuckled Kerry as he watched Shannon eyeing her photograph.

‘Not like I’d do anything about it even if she wasn’t’ he replied, in reference to his eight month relationship with his girlfriend Lauren.

‘Yeah, okay boss’ said Kerry in a tone of disbelief.

‘I’m hiring her because she does work like this, even if she does so happen to look like that’ said Shannon, holding up a picture of her work and then one of her. She looked kind of how Jessica Simpson would look if you mixed her with a biker girl. She had the top half of her hair blonde with the underside dyed dark red and then bright purple beneath that, and was covered in a canvass of tattoos. Hands, fingers, arms, chest, neck and a fair few more under her clothes too he wagered. And also she had gorgeous deep brown eyes, making her a lethal combination to him. Blonde, brown eyes, tattooed. He’d always considered heavily tattooed women to be very beautiful, but never encountered many in his home of Cameron.

‘So can I call her and tell her she’s in or do you wanna do it?’ asked Kerry, hand hovering by the phone.

‘Go for it bro, tell her she can start as soon as’ replied Shannon, still looking at the picture. And so Kerry flipped out his phone and looked through for Chloe’s number, feeling pleased his boss had chosen the right person for the job; even if he was biased.

‘Honey I got it!! ARRRRRGH I’M SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED!’ shouted Chloe as she ran in from the kitchen where she’d been on the phone to Kerry. Her husband looked over the top of his book, smile fleetingly and then returned to it.

‘Great, I’m pleased for you’ he said meekly.

‘Well gee, don’t give yourself a stroke or anything’ she muttered, feeling her heckles start to rise at what was no doubt about to come.

‘Does it surprise you that much that I’m not exactly overjoyed at who you’ll be spending every day with? I’m honestly pleased you got the job, but you know that while you’re around him I’m not going to be ecstatic’ replied Mike.

‘You won’t burn if you say his name you know’ she said, sitting in the armchair opposite her husband.

‘Okay, so I’m not going to be happy about you and Kerry spending so much time together. You know I’ve never liked him’ he said, his voice sounding strained when he said Kerry’s name.

‘And in turn you aren’t his favourite person either Michael, but a least he manages to be civil on the rare occasions you two are in the same room’ replied Chloe. Her friend and husband had never got on, with Mike being extremely intimidated by the bald, heavily inked tattoo artist. Kerry just didn’t like his attitude full stop. He thought he looked down his nose at Chloe, something which pissed him off no end.

‘I don’t want to discuss this any longer. You got the job, well done, there we go’ he said, holding his hand up. She went to speak again and thought better of it, deciding silence would be the best thing she could bring to the conversation. And as she sat there, wishing her husband could get over himself for long enough to be genuinely pleased for her, she didn’t know that her start at Gas Chamber Ink would spark a change of events to change her life drastically.

It started as soon as she met and got to know her new boss. Now she couldn’t deny that occasionally she’d see a man who turned her head, but her new boss was something else. And with the current state of her home life, that wasn’t hard right then.
Chloe didn’t look away once from the tattoo she was doing as he sat and spoke to her, not even when she paused to wipe ink away and re load her needle. It made her feel slightly nervous; she hated it when a man had that effect on her.

‘Why’d I have to get a boss who’s pure eye candy? Oh well, good money and something nice to look at, a girl can’t complain’ she thought, finally tearing her eyes away from the Samoan mask she was etching onto the man in front of her and looking at her boss to answer the question he’d just asked her.

‘Sixty hours, and yes the armpit was the worst! I’ll take elbow bone any day over armpit!’ She said, holding her arm up and showing him the underside of her sleeve.

‘Ain’t many women out there brave enough to go in for the painful places, so where was your worst then?’ he then asked.

‘Inside of my lip, that was a bitch’ she said, going back to face and shading the eye sockets.

‘Yeah I hear that’ he said, pulling down his lip to show her the ‘Extinct’ tattoo there.

‘I’ll show you mine when I ain’t all gloved up’ she said, and once she had finished tattooing she did, along with a few more of her large collection.

‘You a Pantera fan then?’ he asked as he read ‘Far Beyond Driven’ tattooed across her inner lip.

‘Yeah, and I like what it means to me. That’s how I’d describe the way I am in everything I do, far beyond driven’ she replied, opening the bottle of juice in her hand and taking a sip.

You gotta lot of words and statements tattooed here and there haven’t you?’ he said, noticing the ‘I’ve seen my fate’ tattoo on her neck, ‘Baby Doll’ across her fingers, ‘Elizabeth’ on the back of her hand surrounding a scared heart, and ‘SUCCEED’ in big letters across her stomach, similar to his but all in black and shaded grey tones.

‘I like to put words on myself that mean something to me, I dunno, it’s like they enforce what I believe, like if I have them tattooed on me no one can take them from me’ she said.

'I understand that, it’s like making something you have inside a part of you on the outside huh’ he said, watching Chloe nod.

‘Oh yeah totally, and if you’ll excuse me boss but a certain someone I ain’t seen in ages just walked in and I gotta say hi!’ she said, running down the shop and jumping on Kerry as soon as he arrived.

‘I missed you asshole’ she said affectionately, scratching his beard as he carried her back along the shop.

‘I missed you too skank’ he said, kissing her cheek and putting her down again.

‘Very affectionate little pet names you got for each other there’ laughed Shannon, just before Kerry started to quiz his old buddy on what she’d been up to since they last saw each other properly.

‘So how did your little travel around work out for you then?’ he asked, sitting down next to her as Shannon sat cross legged on the table in front of them.

‘It was a good learning curve, good to get my name out there a little bit too. The UK was a trip; I swear I love it out there. No one gives a shit, they just get on with what they gotta do and that’s it, real straight up people, damn good artists too. The girl I worked with in Birmingham, shit she was amazing! And I lived in this little village called Moseley with a houseful of punks, I almost didn’t come home!’ she said, eyes lighting up as she remembered her time there.

‘I’m sure Mike would have had something to say about that’ said Kerry, raising his eyebrows and laughing.

‘Ahhhhh I’d have to take him with me I suppose, with the little thing of being married to the dude and all’ she said, moving out of the way for Shannon to climb down from the table to answer his cell.

‘So then young lady, did anyone finish off the geisha I started on your side?’ he then asked.

‘And sign my own death warrant? Hardly big dude, she’s all yours’ Chloe replied, pulling up her top and showing him the unfinished Japanese girl done in horror style. She knew Kerry would have killed her for getting someone else to finish the job he’d started. She then looked over to where Shannon was standing momentarily and watched his head snap back in the other direction. ‘Was he just checking me out?’ she wondered, lowering her top again and listening to what her old friend had to say.

‘Well now you’re working here I can get round to finishing it. If you can handle the pain of course’ he said, beginning to laugh as she hit him.

‘Shut the fuck up, as I was saying to the big boss man, I got armpit tattoos. You know that makes me hardcore’ she said, flexing her arm muscles and laughing back.

‘You know, if I didn’t know him better I’d say the big boss man was wishing you weren’t a taken lady about now’ said Kerry, nodding towards where Shannon was standing, still on the phone but staring at Chloe.

‘Okay so you really need to shut the fuck up about now, okay?’ She said, pointing her finger into his cheek as she got up.

‘I’m only doing it to make his life hell sweetie’ he laughed, getting up and heading to the back of the shop to throw his jacket down. And little did Chloe know or could ever guess at that moment, in just six weeks time because of her new boss she would wish she wasn’t taken.

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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:37 pm

As always, I am soooooooo glad that I get to re-read this honey Very Happy Chloe was one of my fave creations by you Very Happy you bring out the details with the way you write the dialogue between the characters and the detail in the descriptive script. I am so in love with this so far and I can't wait to read more xoxox

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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Fri Apr 01, 2011 6:52 am

yea new wrestling fic! o.k. I will go to my corner now. please can we see more ???
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PostSubject: Chapter Two - Chloe Daniels.   Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:08 am

‘Chloe Daniels, 33, was originally born and raised in Austin, Texas, but moved with her family to Cameron, North Carolina when she was ten. Showing a keen interest in art and tattoo culture from an early age she studied art and textiles at college before beginning her first apprenticeship at the now closed down Black Mass Tattoo just outside of her home town. She worked there for five years before moving to New York at 26 years old to work with Steve Schneider and Jimmy Koo at their coveted Arcadian studio for two years before heading home again to take up a position at old school friend Eddie Hamilton’s ‘Mad Ink’ studio in Cameron. In 2007 she took a six month tour of the US and United Kingdom to work freelance with artists such as Kat Von D, Jason Butcher and Mr Cartoon but to name a few. The Beginning of 2008 sees her beginning a new chapter in her career working for WWE wrestler Shannon Moore at his Gas Chamber Ink studio. For all booking information please click the Gas Chamber Ink link in the contact section of the side.’

For the last two weeks Shannon hadn’t been able to shake Chloe from his thoughts. All he could keep thinking over and over again is ‘she’s my perfect woman, and I can’t have her. ARRRRRRRRRGGGGH!’ and it was beginning to distract him. He’d find himself making up excuses to go into the shop just because she was there, spending a lot more time there than the usual of two full days and a mixture of afternoons and mornings the rest of the time, or sometimes not at all depending on his schedule. And when he wasn’t there he’d still find himself immersing himself in all things Chloe; he’d become a frequent visitor to her website for one thing.

Clicking the back arrow on the browser the page re loaded to show a page full of images of her he couldn’t resist viewing again. Pictures of her tattooing the likes of Bam Margera, Sid Wilson from Slipknot, Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy, Method Man and The Undertaker aka Mark Callaway to name a few. She had done the ‘Sara’ tattoo across his throat and work on his arms too, and there was a picture on her sit showing her working on him, and one of him hugging her afterward, making her look tiny in his huge embrace.
He clicked the side of another picture to enlarge it, a professional shot of her and Kat Von D both standing in leather trousers and their bras showing off their ink, both about as covered in tattoos as the other.

‘Fucking gorgeous, damn your husband’s a lucky man’ he muttered, hearing the sound of high heels on the floor coming towards where he was sat in the small room he kept his computer, musical equipment and anything associated with work in large files. He closed the page and called up the shop site just as Lauren walked in and slid her arms around his neck.

‘Heya handsome’ she said, kissing his cheek.

‘Hey babe’ he said, turning and pulling her face closer to his and kissing her lips, and then pulling her down across his lap and stroking her legs.

‘Hmmmmm calm down tiger’ she said, stroking his cheek and kissing his head.

‘Calm down? It’s been four days, how calm do you expect me to be?’ he said, trying to undo her top.

‘Sorry baby. I’ve just been tired’ she said, pushing his hands away from where they tried to get into her top.

‘Are you tired now?’ he asked, feeling his dick starting to harden, hands slipping down to push up her skirt but being stopped again.

‘No. But let’s not do this now. Later, when we go to bed’ she said, getting up and kissing his cheek before leaving.

‘That’s seven fucking hours’ he muttered, looking down to where his erection was tenting his jeans and swearing to himself. He had no idea why since pretty much the second month into their relationship Lauren’s sex drive had diminished to twice a week if he was lucky, but it was starting to frustrate him greatly. Noticing his new employee in the ways he did wasn’t exactly helping matters either.

He’d find himself sitting and staring at her when she tattooed, watching the way she paid so much attention to what she did, the way her forehead seemed to crease in what he could only describe as a cute way when she concentrated, the way her brown eyes moved intently across the lines she was inking under skin, the way she ran her arm across her brow and stretched to reveal her stomach tattoo when she took a break. The way he was sure she had started to look at him. And without thinking, he found himself thinking up another reason to head back to work that evening.

Also, he felt like she was becoming a friend to him too. They’d find themselves talking at length on a regular basis, already she had presented herself as the kind of woman who was very easy to get along with, and also just wonderful company. She had a way of making you feel very special when she spoke to you, something he’d witnessed with people she was giving a tattoo to for the first time. They’d be shitting themselves and she’d be able keep them calm and easy throughout the whole sitting. She was just that kind of person.

‘Sup dude’ Chloe said as she watched Shannon enter the shop, taking the money from her last client and thanking her, handing her a card with the date and time of her next appointment on the back and saying goodbye.

‘Hey mofo how’s it goin’?’ he asked, walking around the counter to where she had just sat down and taking a seat next to her.

‘Good, I got an hour to twiddle my thumbs before the next client comes in but other than that all’s good. So what brings you back down here then? I thought you were heading off to get Lauren?’ she asked, checking her phone for messages.

‘I was, but..............ahhh never mind, I just thought I’d come chill for a bit’ he replied.

‘Trouble in paradise?’ she asked, putting her phone back in her bag.

‘I wouldn’t exactly refer to it as paradise to start with’ he replied, scratching his stubbly chin.

‘Ouch, that bad huh?’ said Chloe.

‘Well...............................yes and no’ he said, looking thoughtful and chewing his cheek.

‘Wanna talk to me about it?’ she offered.

‘Nah, ain’t for you to worry about dude’ he said, patting her knee and smiling.

‘Sure?’ she asked, pulling her cigarettes from her bag.

‘Positive, you go top up your nicotine and ill keep watch out here’ he said, jerking his thumb towards the back of the shop.

‘Cool, okay’ she said, getting up and walking out towards the back, circling around the corner past the bathroom and toward the end of the hall and pushing the bar down to open the fire door and let herself out. She’d been out there for less than twenty seconds before she felt a presence behind her and turned to see Shannon.

‘Gimmie’ he said, holding his hand out.

‘You don’t smoke’ she said, raising an eyebrow at him.

‘I used to, now don’t hold out’ he said, slowly smiling at her as she rolled her eyes and passed her cigarettes.

‘Thanks’ he said after lighting one and blowing the smoke down his nose, his blue eyes shining at her through the cloud. He looked even sexier when he smoked for some reason.

‘I feel like a bad influence’ she then said.

‘You are’ he shot back with a sly smile, not necessarily referring to the smoking.

‘So who’s looking after the shop if we’re both out here?’ she asked, watching him sit down in the doorway.

‘No one, I locked up. You said your next appointment wasn’t for an hour so fuck it’ he shrugged, looking up at her and noticing he could see her bra through the side of her t shirt. He mentally scolded himself for it at once.

‘Well you’re the boss’ she said, flicking the flint wheel on her lighter in her fingers nervously. The way she had started to look at him, she felt nervous being alone with him. His eyes completely mesmerized her, blue with a hint of green, and when he wore eyeliner it made her stomach flip with how gorgeous he looked, and he had the kind of body that should have carried some sort of warning it was so perfect, so huge and muscular. He was the kind of guy she really would have made a play for had she not been married.
But remarkably enough her husband was nothing like Shannon. He was tall with dark spiky hair and not anything even close to what could be considered a muscle, Mike had been her high school sweetheart she’d ended up marrying four years ago after meeting up with again when she’d arrived home from New York. She loved him, but if she was honest she’d married him thinking there was no one else out there for her. And now she was dealing with the repercussions of that decision; their love wasn’t enough to carry a marriage between two people so mismatched. And one so paranoid over his wife’s choice of friends.

She supposed it was habit that kept them together, but there were moments of genuine affection still in existence between the couple, though few and far between. Also it sometimes felt as if he resented the fact she had chased her dream and become all she’d ever wanted to be, whereas he’d pursued the family trade and become an accountant, with only one tattoo on his wrist and one body modification; a 10mm flesh tunnel in his ear Chloe had talked him into. They looked very much the odd couple, she was a little rock and roll girl and he was very plain.
But that aside, the differences she was starting to feel were based at the very core of their marriage. So thus it made it hard for her to spend time in the company of men like Shannon, i.e. men she was becoming quite attracted to. Ones she felt she was perhaps more suited to.

Also just as Lauren thought sex on twice weekly occasions was enough to sustain a healthy relationship, so did Mike. Or not at all as was often the case. And after many attempts of trying to inject some kind of spark into it, she was now left wondering why she was bothering at all, especially when she had to put up with comments like ‘I find you less attractive the more tattoos you get. Stop while I can still see your face, please’. She did love him, he was a wonderful man in all other respects, but sex seemed to somehow make him shrink from her rather than get closer, like he was almost scared of it somehow.

And so she stood out there just casually chatting with her new boss, and had to stop the images flashing through her mind. She kept imagining him all over her, his mouth and tongue travelling across her flesh, his hands pawing at her body, the way he would feel pressed to her. She needed someone like him, needed reminding what a real man was. For she wasn’t sure anymore with the model she had for reference back home.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:40 am

Yay this is one of my Favs, I love when older fics get posted again i get to re read without having to remember where they are posted lol
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PostSubject: Chapter Three - Trouble.   Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:30 am

‘I think I’m in trouble’ confessed Chloe as she sat opposite the table from her best friend Alice, who dealt the cards and poured more Jack into their glasses. She knew whenever she had a problem, Alice would be there. She was her oracle. The duo had become friends after Chloe began frequenting the bar Alice worked in when she was a teenager.
She knew Chloe was two years under the legal age but let her in anyway and gave her the sly beer here and there when the manager was out. They’d been firm friends ever since, and the weathered but still attractive Alice was like a best friend and a big sister rolled into one for Chloe, even though at fifty she was just about old enough to be her mother.

‘Spill sista, what’s on your mind?’ said Alice in her gravelly voice, taking the unlit cigarette from the corner of her mouth and lighting it off a candle.

‘My boss, my boss’s arms, his face, his mouth, his chest. My boss naked mostly though’ said Chloe, picking up her cards and throwing three out.

‘You haven’t!’ Alice exclaimed.

‘NO! But man, if I was single, fuck the job I would have!’ she laughed, throwing down another card and then picking two up after Alice’s turn.

‘Hell, if I was ten year’s younger darlin’ she said, whistling and sucking a long breath in through her teeth. ‘He sure is handsome, how the hell you get any work done with that walking around all day I’ll never know’ she continued.

‘It’s getting more difficult, believe me’ she said, once again having his face pop into her head. She couldn’t believe after only two weeks she was becoming so attracted to him she could hardly concentrate, but he was the kind of man who made a girl want to forget her marriage vows.

‘So, does this fancy have anything to do with your current situation with Mike?’ asked Alice, throwing down two cards and closely studying the rest, raking a hand through her short red hair.

‘You mean am I looking at other men because I’m sexually frustrated? Yeah I guess that’s fair enough to say, but with him, damn I’d look anyway’ she confessed with a small laugh.

‘So what are you gunna do? I mean you wouldn’t be telling any of this to me unless you’d considered sleeping with him’ said Alice, watching her younger friend pick up her drink and pull a thoughtful face, then look at her as much to say ‘yeah, you got me’.

‘Okay so yes, I have. Then I see him with his girlfriend or Mike comes to pick me up and I remember why we’re just friends’ replied Chloe, taking another swig of her drink.

‘Sounds like the lyrics from a song by that band My Ruin I like. It goes ‘Close your eyes, and let’s pretend, remember why, we’re just friends’. It’s off a good album actually, I’ll find it for you before you go’ she said, balancing her cigarette on her lip as she viewed her cards. Close your eyes and let’s pretend, it sounded like something she had started to do whenever the opportunity to daydream had presented itself. Her thoughts about her boss had gone from the occasional noting of his attractiveness, to all out fantasies of sexual exploits she craved to do with him, to him, the things she wanted him to do to her also.

‘Sometimes I do wonder though’ said Alice suddenly, shaking Chloe from her thoughts.

‘Wonder what?’ she said, pouring another drink after putting her cards down.

‘Wonder why you married someone like Mike and not Shannon. He’s so much more your type, and last week when he ran you to see me at the bar to fetch your stuff someone assumed you two were together. You look like you should be with someone like him, he’s He’s funny too, and just a real upbeat guy in general’ said Alice. She never failed to shock her with her frankness on situations.

‘Yeah but I love Mike, we might be like chalk and cheese but I do really love him. Even for all his faults’ she replied, lighting a cigarette.

‘Love him enough to deal with the fact he’s the sexual equivalent of a sloth?’ said Alice, looking over her cards comically at Chloe, who could only shake her head and laugh.

‘He’ll get there, he just needs to loosen up a bit’ she said after she’d composed herself, tucking a blonde curl behind her ear and playing her cards.

‘You need to stick that vibrator you brought the other day up his ass for that to happen’ she said, making Chloe reach out and slap her arm.

‘Enough! I wish I hadn’t of said anything now’ she exclaimed, holding her hands at the side of her head and exhaling deeply. Meanwhile the target of her deepest and darkest desires was also wishing he hadn’t of said anything on the same subject.

‘So that’s why you hired her then’ said Jeff, laughing and dodging a slap as he sat outside his home with Shannon, fussing his wife’s huge black, grey and white Husky Odin whilst listening to her whistling in the kitchen.

‘No! I might have known you’d say some shit like that Hardy. Seriously it’s fucking killing me dude, she’s like.............................perfect. And married, and I got Lauren and it’s all just.........................oh god why me?’ he said, making his friend laugh even harder.

‘Because it always happens to you reject, it’s been like that since you were a kid man, always in at the sticky end’ said Jeff, laughing through his nose.

‘Yup. This isn’t good’ he said, removing his cap and scratching his head, replacing it backwards once he was done.

‘Ain’t looking good for Lauren, that’s for sure’ he said, watching Shannon pull a thoughtful face.

‘Mmmm’ he murmured.

‘Well from what you’ve told me about your woman, and mine and everyone else’s general opinion on her it sounds like you’re onto nothing but a dead horse there anyway. If I were you I wouldn’t stay around and try to flog some life into it, but also don’t go running after someone’s wife. Bad idea, especially when she’s someone who just so happens to work for you’ said Jeff, pushing Odin down and making him sit when he tried to jump on his lap, something he’d been too big for since a growth spurt taking him from puppy well and truly into dog three months ago.

‘Do you all really hate her that much?’ he asked, in reference to Lauren.

‘No we don’t hate her, she’s just got nothing going for her and to be honest I can’t think of a single way she makes you happy. Maybe if she was actually letting you tap her that’d be different, but how many days has it been now?’ Jeff asked.

‘A week tomorrow’ said Shannon, wincing.

‘Ouch, dude sort it out for fuck sake!’ said Jeff, laughing. ‘I mean apart from that are you really that thrilled to be with her?’ he then asked.

‘Well............................’ he replied before shrugging.

‘See, you shrugged. If she made you that happy that shrug wouldn’t have happened’ he said, pointing a finger in the side of his friends’ head, who dodged it, and leant forward to steal one of his cigarettes.

‘And you’re smoking again, must be bad’ Jeff then noted.

‘This ain’t got shit to do with Lauren, this is Chloe specific. She’s getting into my head, what the fuck do I do about it? C’mon man you’re like my oracle, help a dude out here’ he said, gesturing at himself with his hands. Since he was a kid he’s always looked up to Jeff, and valued his opinion above most peoples. Just like Chloe had her oracle, he had his.

‘Honestly, stop it. Keep your eyes off her and keep your dick in your pants man. Otherwise you’ll find shit going horribly wrong that I can guarantee.

‘What’s going to go horribly wrong?’ came the voice of his wife Claire coming out onto the high decking at the back of their house.

‘Shannon’s life if he messes with married ladies’ he replied, welcoming his lady onto his lap and curling his arms around her body, hand stroking her long red hair.

‘Still got your beady eye on Chloe then huh bud?’ she asked, reaching forward and fluffing his hair.

‘However did you guess?’ he said sarcastically, sighing.

‘Dangerous ground my friend, very dangerous ground’ she said, taking a cigarette and shifting in Jeff’s lap.

‘Stop wiggling or we’re gunna end up with a situation I don’t wanna have to explain to him, not in his state the poor guy’ said Jeff, holding her still.

‘It’s not my fault you’re over sensitive’ she replied, lighting up.

‘You’re bouncing around all over my dick woman what the hell do you expect?’ he said, exasperated as Shannon laughed and Claire just turned and kissed his cheek.

‘Shut up’ she whispered, giving his cheek a little nibble before turning her attention back to Shannon.

‘So whatcha gunna do then?’ she asked, straight up as ever.

‘Well I can’t fire her’ he began, laughing softly. ‘Try not to notice how much of a total fox she is I guess’ he continued, flicking his cigarette off somewhere into the long grass. Jeff and Claire just exchanged looks as if to say ‘yeah, like that’s gunna happen’. And of course they were right, especially when Shannon stayed back the following night to watch Kerry working on Chloe’s geisha, which was just a few sittings away from being completed.

Just sitting there watching her looking so calm while having such a sensitive part of her body stencilled with a tattoo needle was a turn on in itself to Shannon, something about the way she could take pain just made her that much more attractive, just like casting his eyes over her ornately decorated flesh did.
He couldn’t stop thinking about peeling her clothes off and counting each tattoo he found underneath it, couldn’t stop imagining how the tattoos on his body would look merged with the ones on hers in a naked embrace, couldn’t stop thinking about how she might look when he was fucking her. And he imagined doing just that so many times a day it was driving him to distraction, and when Lauren had finally decided to let him have his way with her he’d been so fuelled full of pent up sexual frustration she could hardly move after he’d let it all out on her. But the one person he really wanted to let it all out on was the one sat in the chair next to him, and the one through his daydreaming was trying to attract his attention.

‘YO! Ground control to Major Tom! Come back Shannon, come back!’ She shouted, clicking two fingers in his ear.

‘Sorry, what you say Clo?’ he said, shaking himself from his daze.

‘Kerry’s gotta run, his wife’s got a spider emergency apparently’ laughed Chloe.

‘Not all women are brave enough to pick up the little fuckers like you are’ said Kerry, sticking down a sheet of cling film to her freshly inked side and taping the sides down. ‘Anyway that’s you all signed and sealed, see you in the morning folks’ said Kerry, picking up his jacket and heading for the door.

‘Nite man’ said Shannon, standing up and stretching as Chloe began to clear away the inks back into the cupboard. Once she was done she turned and headed back into the staff room to collect her back, and walked back out front with it and two glasses.

‘After that, and the frightfully busy day we’ve had I think whisky is in order. Care to join me?’ she said, holding the open neck of a bottle of Jim Beam black over the other glass not filled.

‘Yeah alright then, fuck it I’ll leave my car here. I ain’t got a whole lot to do tonight anyway’ he replied, knocking out the main light and just switching on a couple of lamps around the studio, sitting down behind the counter next to her and taking the glass she offered. It was about to become one of those nights where both would learn a few interesting revelations about the other.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:45 pm

Ok sorry I haven't replied to this yet - bad weekend Sad

Chloe is absolutely one of my favourite characters that you have created - she is so strong and confident that it lifts off the page as I am reading. There is a nice chemistry coming from her that would definitely make her the kind of friend that I would like to have. With a strong sense of morals; it is more than clear that she is fighting with everything inside her not to give in to that temptation she is feeling around Mr Moore (although I admire her restraint - HELLO???? It's Shannon lol). It is also clear that Shannon is trying his damndest to remain in control of his feelings for her - which shows that he respects her. Something that I think she returns too. They do bounce off one another so well, that it's like you can hardly believe that they haven't been friends for years. The frustrations that Chloe is feeling is definitely leaping from the page too - she comes across as being so used to having her feelings under control that damnnnnnnnnnnnn she truly is a saint lol managing to remain in control around that man wow; like I said I admire her restraint.

However I think that Alice (whom I also LOVE) might be right in the fact that Mike could be the reason that Chloe is feeling suddenly attracted to Shannon - he just comes across as so loving and attentive that it could turn the happiest of heads. It truly is amazing how frustrated someone can get without sex and to be fair, Mike needs to pull his head out of his ass and just show his wife how much he loves her before Chloe loses all self control and allows Shannon to turn her head far enough into something that they will undoubtedly be unable to stop. Mike deserves it though - how can he have someone as amazing as Chloe and not even realize that by ignoring her and not touching her; he is pushing her away from him???? The man is an idiot.

Chloe would be much better off with Shannon to be honest; I am more than sure he would be in no way unable to display his feelings Wink this is pure drama and romance all intermingling with the characters and the storyline; you just make it perfect and I can't wait to read more - please hurry Very Happy xoxox

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PostSubject: Chapter Four - The whisky made me say it.   Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:00 pm

‘So it’s a Friday night and you’re sat here with me, what’s up with that? No out partying with your girl tonight?’ Chloe asked, sipping a glass of the whisky she’d ran out on her break to go and buy, knowing she’d need one after her date with the needle.

‘She’s out with her girly friends, I only end up getting in the way’ he said with a little half smile. ‘How about you then? Not out with your husband?’ he then asked.

‘He’s working late, seems to be the only thing he does these days so I’m used to it. Fridays are usually my Ben and Alice days anyway, except for tonight since he’s being tortured into decorating his new apartment with his woman’ she said, remembering the pain in Ben’s voice as he’d told her over the phone ‘I can’t come out to play tonight, she’s got me painting the damn hallway’.

‘So who are Ben and Alice?’ he asked. ‘They must be pretty damn special, I think I can just about make out there names somewhere in there, awwww and the big dude’s too’ he then said, leaning forward to look at her arm where there was a scroll with ‘Ben, Alice, Kerry’ tattooed onto it. ‘I had no idea you and Kerry were that close’ he added, then shut up realizing he wasn’t leaving her any room to answer.

‘Ben and Alice are two of my three best friends. And yeah I’m close with the number one asshole, about as close as I can be given his and Mike’s feelings towards each other’ she said, raising her eyebrows.

‘Not good I take it then?’ he asked, noting the way her face had changed.

‘Mike’s easily intimidated, and let’s just say that my friendship with Kerry has always made him feel uneasy. Knowing he’d snap his neck in a heartbeat if he ever did me wrong is the thing that annoys him the most though. Oh and he’s paranoid that I’m gunna run off with him, so for the last couple of years I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I’d wanna with him’ Chloe replied, taking another sip of her drink.

‘So I bet he’s pleased as punch you’re working with him every day now huh?’ said Shannon sarcastically.

‘He was less than thrilled with the idea’ she replied. ‘I’m going out for a smoke, back in a flash’ she followed with, picking up her cigarettes.

‘Nah fuck it smoke in here, we’re closed so it’s cool. I'll put the central air on to blow out the smoke’ he said, throwing over a lid off a large tin containing piercing jewellery to use as an ashtray.

‘Sure?’ she asked, and then smiled when she watched him steal one for himself.

‘Positive’ he replied, lighting up and handing her lighter back to her. She lit up and topped up both glasses of Jim Beam, and just spent a few moments looking at him silently while she pretended to read something on the side of the whisky bottle.

‘I didn’t know manufacturers notes where so fascinating’ he said, watching her reading the label and then laughing a little when she jumped at the sound of his voice, cutting through the usual thoughts of him that had begun to rattle through her head once more. She didn’t really know how to answer that, there was definite amusement in his voice, was he just being sarcastic again or had he noticed her looking at him?

‘And now she’s on mute’ he said, eyes fixing on hers and pulling a funny face to make her laugh. Still she didn’t say anything.

‘TAXI FOR SHANNON MOORE!’ he shouted, holding his hand in the air and making her really laugh hard.

‘You’re funny’ she said eventually.

‘So are people who read the information on whisky bottles’ he said, rolling his eyes playfully.

‘Okay then boss man I gotta ask, are you happy with my first three weeks here?’ she decided to ask him next, still shaking gently from her laughing fit.

‘Absolutely, you’re a damn good artist. It’s why I hired you in the first place’ he said, taking a drag on his cigarette and still managing to look impossibly sexy as he did it. ‘Although with what you just told me about your old man I’m kinda worried I might end up losing you if he can’t deal with the fact Kerry is around you most days’ he then added.

‘It isn’t Kerry he has to worry about’ she thought, rolling her tongue around in her mouth while her mind formulated the words she would say out loud instead. ‘You have nothing to worry about, he knows he can’t tell me where I can and cannot work’ she finally said.

‘You’re forceful, I like that’ he said, flicking his ash into the makeshift ashtray.

‘Sometimes’ she said, wishing she could be forceful enough to somehow overpower her husband into having a decent sex life right at that moment in their marriage. Three weeks was way too long for a married couple to go without conjugal rights in her opinion. Not really wanting to talk about Mike anymore she swiftly changed the subject, asking him about the shop and how he coped with it as well as travelling to pursue his number one career of choice; professional wrestling.

She didn’t know much about it, or pretend to other than what they did in the ring got them hurt, but it wasn’t real. And by the time he’d finished answering questions about his wrestling Chloe felt like she knew as much as she could ever absorb, before the subject changed once again and got back onto their shared passion, tattoos.

‘So c’mon then, explain some of these to me’ he said, leaning forward and pressing his finger into the side of her neck where the ornately tattooed words
‘I’ve seen my fate’ were. The contact made her skin tingle, a pleasant feeling run down her neck into her chest.

‘That one is a reminder to me every day that I have to keep on going, keep doing what I love and getting better at it because it’s my fate to be a tattoo artist. Okay onto another, Elizabeth was my grandmother and she always called me baby doll, she died four years ago so I did those myself on the day we buried her. Okay moving on, I have Succeed on my stomach for obvious reasons, I wanna succeed in life. And then down my spine I have the seven deadly sins, because I’m guilty of just about all of them!’ she said, standing up and pulling her vest up to show him her back.

‘Man that’s some detailed shit. Pardon me for sounding so fucking rude but take your top off, I wanna look at the rest’ he said. Chloe blushed for a moment and slid her grey vest up over her shoulders and head, leaving it resting on her arms as he began to study her back, which was totally covered.

‘Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit the Ouija board is sick as fuck girl! Wow!’ he said, looking at the impossibly lifelike looking tattoo that stretched across her shoulders. ‘I’m surprised Kerry goes anywhere near you with that tattooed all over you’ he continued.

‘Kat did that one for me, it’s one of my favourites’ she said, looking over her shoulder and down to where his eyes were travelling her flesh.

‘And if it was mine to say, I wouldn’t say it. And if it was mine to say, I wouldn’t speak’ he said, reading the text going across the bottom of her back underneath a collection of roses, shooting stars, two crossed pistols and a hell of a lot of shading.

‘Lyrics to ‘Rickets’ by Deftones. It reminds me that sometimes I should just shut the fuck up, that sometimes not saying something is the better option than letting my mouth run away with me!’ she laughed, a laugh that was cut short as she felt his fingertips on her side, making her breath catch in her throat.

‘I think Jeff’s wife should consider that as her next one!’ he laughed, pulling away from looking at the amazing work on her back and letting her adjust her top before she sat down again, playfully slapping his arm when he stole one of her cigarettes again.

‘Why? Is she about as opinionated as me?’ asked Chloe, taking a sip of her drink.

‘Ooooooh yeah, if she’s got something on her mind she just goes right ahead and says it. Claire don’t give a shit if you don’t like what she’s got to hear, she’s the most straight up person I’ve ever met. She certainly keeps old Nero on his toes!’ said Shannon, laughing as he thought of who he lovingly referred to as ‘that crazy Londoner’.

‘She sounds like the kinda girl I’d get on with’ she replied, deciding to have a cigarette herself and noticing she only had five left.

‘Well, from what I know of you, and that ain’t much yet, I’d say yeah. You both have about three tons of excess attitude and seem to let your husbands’ know who wears the trousers, even if Jeff is too pussy to admit she scares the shit outta him!’ he laughed, thanking her when she re filed his drink.

‘I don’t have excess attitude!’ she said in her defence.

‘It’s a good thing! I can’t stand women who just sink into the background and don’t say shit, don’t have an opinion, annoys me. And makes me wonder what I’m doing with Lauren sometimes’ he said, not really meaning the last part to come out loud. As usual, alcohol had begun to loosen his words slightly.

‘I refer back to my trouble in paradise comment a few days ago here’ she said, raising her eyebrows and giving him a kind smile.

‘I refer back to my original answer’ he said simply.

‘What? That it wasn’t paradise to begin with or that you don’t wanna talk about it?’ she asked.

‘You got a damn good memory girl. And as for not wanting to talk about it, well.................................It isn’t the kind of thing a boss should have to bother his employee about’ he said, looking a little pained.

‘I’d like to think I might be your friend as well as just someone who works for you’ she answered, another pretty smile across her face. It was all he could do at that moment not to reach out and stroke her cheek. It had been a while since a woman had smiled at him like that, and he missed it.

‘So you’d be cool to hear about the fact that I’m going crazy because she only let’s me have sex with her twice a week, three times if I’m lucky? That ain’t too much?’ he asked.

‘Nope, I’d wanna know what the fuck her problem is though’ she said. It was then her turn to internally whack her hand straight to her head for saying something out loud she perhaps shouldn’t have. Shannon just laughed modestly, scratching the back of his neck and looking a little uncomfortable for a few moments.

‘She thinks I’m the one with a problem, says I want sex too much. Damn, is it really my fault that I happen to find her attractive and wanna show her that on a daily basis?’ he exclaimed, raising his hands and then dropping them into his lap with a thump. ‘I mean what would you do if you were in that situation with Mike?’ he then asked.

‘Truth?’ she asked.

‘Shoot’ he replied, sinking the rest of his drink and helping himself to another, noticing they were just over half way down the bottle. No wonder his tongue had loosened.

‘I am’ she replied, blowing a cloud of smoke down through her nose.

‘Seriously? Now that is hard to believe’ he said, rubbing a hand across his chin.

‘Sad but true. Doesn’t do your hormones any good does it?’ she then said.

‘Hell fucking no! I had to wait a week until two days ago, a fucking week! Damn I could have died!’ he exclaimed.

‘Try three’ she shot back.

‘THREE FUCKING WEEKS! DUDE!’ He shouted, really hardly able to believe her husband could sleep in the same bed as her and not completely devour her body every single night. He sure as hell would have if she was his, and then came the thoughts about doing just that, thoughts he knew he shouldn’t be having.

‘Yeah I know, but what do you do? He doesn’t give me any explanations other than he’s tired, or the classic of he finds me less attractive now I have more tattoos, which kills me since I was covered in them when I married him!’ she replied, running a hand through her tri-coloured hair.

‘He said that? Is the moron fucking blind or something? Sorry, that didn’t mean to come out as nastily as it sounded. I shouldn’t judge your guy without even meeting him, but hell, what the fuck is his problem?’ he said, shaking his head.

‘Judge all you like, whatever you might say would probably be a fair assumption’ she confessed.

‘Okay the dudes crazy, blind and, crazy! There’s no other explanation for it! Has it always been like that?’ he said, holding her gaze.

‘Not always, just since we got married and I got more tattoos it would seem. How about Lauren?’ she asked, having to look away. Sometimes she just couldn't look him in the eye for too long, it made things seem dangerous with everything she had going on in her head.

‘Oh she couldn’t get enough of me for about eight weeks, and then it just kinda stopped. I ain’t even gunna embarrass myself by telling you the last time she gave me head’ he said, laughing through his nose.

‘I could embarrass myself so much more here. Mike refuses to go down on me, he hates it’ replied Chloe, watching Shannon nearly choke on his drink.

‘HE WHAT? HE...........................WHAT?’ he roared, eyebrows rising so high they virtually threatened to jump off the top of his head. ‘He don’t go down on you? What the fuck? Now that, THAT I do not get at fucking all! Damn girl if you were my wife I’d be down there so much you’d fucking forget what I looked like!’ he said, then once again mentally slapped himself.

‘Oh really?’ she said, leaning forward in her chair closer to him, pulling a comical face and feeling the alcohol getting the better of her

‘Really’ he said, completely seriously as he also leaned close to her. And right there and then the energy between them seemed to crackle so fiercely she was sure she could actually hear the sparks of high voltage firing off the air between them. And if she didn’t pull away quickly, she was going to be dragged under. She knew the look he was giving her, it was saying ‘I’ll fucking do it to you, and you know how much I wanna’ so loud and clear she could feel herself blush, and realized she’d stopped breathing. But trying to back away from him, from the intense stare he held her in, the smell of him intoxicating her senses to the point of being blind to anything but him, she just couldn’t do it. Until her phone began to ring and snapped them both out of it and firmly back to reality.

‘Speak of the devil’ she said quietly before answering her phone to Mike. Shannon just nodded while he tried to take stock of what had just happened there, that he’d been a nanosecond from literally launching himself at her and pulling her to the floor to show her what she’d been missing for the last three years of her marriage.

‘Okay, yeah yeah just working late is all...........................umhm yeah okay hon meet me out front in about twenty you too bye’ she said, hanging up her phone and stashing it away in her bag again.

‘Mike, he’s coming to get me in....’ was all Chloe could manage before she was cut up.

‘Yeah twenty minutes, I heard. I’ll wait with you until he gets here’ he said, pulling his cell from his pocket to retrieve the text message he’d just got.

‘Do you wanna ride home?’ she asked, standing on slightly shaky whisky legs and throwing her bag over her shoulder.

‘Nah, seems someone wants me in the way after all. Lauren just text me, I’ve been summoned’ he said, raising his eyebrows and flipping his phone shut again. And so they locked up and stood outside waiting for Mike to fetch Chloe, the atmosphere definitely different between them after what had happened back in the shop. And it would continue to grow as the two contemplated that moment between them, no matter how brief it was. Something was there.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:46 pm

This was one of those pivital moments in a fic - where you can see the central characters coming togehter and I enjoyed reading that. They are clearly very alike - from the love of tattoos to the their non existant sex lives; it's a pity that they are both playing the cat and mouse game with one another. I think that from the way that you have written them; everyone can see that they are gonna get it on lol.

From the way that she described her tattoos and what they mean; it's clear that she is one deep and complex woman; much more than I think even Shannon managed to see in her before. I loved that she had reasons behind them all too and not just getting something that looks good and that is popular at the time. It definitely shows such a strong sense of character in her and I love that. Then of course, I was laughing my ass off at Shannon's reaction upon hearing that Mike didn't like to go down on his woman - I have to agree, WTF Mike; tip number 1 - the majority of women that I know; love that. Just reading this update felt so vivid even for the 2nd time around; I can picture it all so easily that it makes me feel like I am watching a movie and seeing the results of your beautiful use of words coming to life.

However, WTF is Mike's problem - he doesn't want to touch Chloe and he doesn't want anyone else to touch her either? Come on dude; you want to keep your wife - you gotta fight for her end of story. If he doesn't - some hot little wrestler is gonna jump right on in and take her from you. I know that he wouldn't want that.

It's nice to see them getting along with one another; it makes for an extremely interesting and addictive read - I am just desperately awaiting another update now Very Happy xoxox

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PostSubject: Chapter Five - Stress.   Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:44 pm

‘BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!’ Shouted Chloe as she hurtled through his front door the next morning, somehow managing to kiss his other half Gemma on the cheek on her way past.

‘Honey there’s a Chloe in full flow shout apparently’ said Gemma as she walked into the lounge where Chloe was hugging her other half.

‘Okay, so we got a stress fit measuring about 7.5 on the Chloe scale. What gives?’ he asked, sitting down and prising his friend and her strong grip off and down onto the couch next to him.

‘And would coffee help? I have a pot on I can get you a cup right now before I leave for work’ said Gemma lightly, trying to look serious through her amusement at her friends state. She could convey her mood perfectly in one word sometimes, and Chloe had summed it up perfectly by her high pitched and elongated entrance scream of ‘Ben’.

‘I know it’s bad, really bad, but can you put a shot of Jack in it?’ said Chloe, lighting a cigarette and inhaling deeply.

‘I only have Hennessey’ replied Gemma.

‘That’ll do girl’ Chloe shot back. Gemma nodded and got up to prepare the flustered looking lady on the couch a drink, leaving her other half to offer his ear on whatever predicament had spurred the 9am, and quite frankly high pitched visit.

‘So c’mon, you were talking way too fast on the phone for me to even try and figure out what the hell you were on about’ said Ben.

‘Last night, I.........................I....................I.................I don’t know what it was, but something almost happened with Shannon. It was one of those ‘you look at each other for way too long and not a word’s said between you’ moments. You know what I mean? If Mike hadn’t had called me when he did.......................well let’s just say it was intense’ she said, running her hands through her hair and resting her hands on the back of her neck. She looked tired.

‘Okay so where the hell has this all come from? You erm, you didn’t mention, and.....................okay I think Ben needs to be filled in on a few of the finer details wouldn’t you say?’ he said, holding his hands out in expression.

‘I think, no, I know. I’m attracted to him, Shannon that is. So much so it’s actually really starting to bother me. Coupled with the fact Mike and I, well, you know the score there. Just when I thought I could keep a lid on it he goes and makes it look like he might just think the same’ she replied quickly but clearly, hands waving around in her usual fashion, touching her face every so often.

‘So what you’re saying to me is that you’re tempted? That old deadly sin of lust etched on your back playing you up huh? Not surprising given the state of things at home I have to say’ said Ben, tapping the region on her back where the tattoo was.

‘Yes and yes. Really fucking tempted. Because lord knows I’ve tried and tried with Mike to forge some kind of a decent sex life but hell, it just goes one in ear and out the other. If I didn’t know him better I’d say he was playing away, but with a libido as nonexistent as his I can hardly see the gain in having two women to nag him into sex when he only has to put up with one’ said Chloe, taking the coffee Gemma had just walked in with.

‘I heard a little of it from the kitchen. Three words babe, frying pan and fire. Call me later at work okay?’ she said, bending to kiss Chloe’s head before bidding Ben goodbye and leaving to battle her way through the traffic to work.

‘I will, love you sweetie’ Chloe replied.

‘Love you too, both of you’ Gemma called out from the front door before closing it behind her

‘You know something honey, everyone’s waiting for the day you turn around and tell us it’s all over with Mike you know. But you shouldn’t do it just because you wanna sleep with someone else. You don’t need me to tell you that do you? I take it that’s all it is, purely a physical attraction?’ Ben then asked, watching her take a few careful sips of her drink before answering.

‘Oh god yeah, I mean he seems a nice guy but I don’t know him well enough to fall for him. He’s just an outlet for daydreaming, well he was until last night’ she replied, resting her hand against her cheek and looking out of the window at the rain.

‘So tell me what happened last night then’ he urged, leaning around to attract her eye contact and smiling when she looked at him. Ben had the kind of smile that could set the jitteriest of people at ease, and just for looking at him she felt much calmer than the slight frenzy she’d arrived in.

‘We both stayed late at the shop drinking whisky, and well, revelations were made on both sides’ she began, before launching into a near word perfect rendition of the conversation that had taken place at work at around 9.50pm the previous night.

‘Well one thing can be established here. The man wants to go down on you’ said Ben, suddenly bursting into laughter and having to endure a slap from his friend. ‘Ouch that stung!’ he exclaimed as her hand made contact with his thigh.

‘It’s not funny dude! I’m in a situation here!’ she said, pointing herself with wide eyes.

‘You’re only in a situation if you put yourself into one. Admire your boss from afar and sort things with Mike, or decide to cut your losses and leave if that’s what you wanna do. I know you’ve mentioned it a couple of times, but really, don’t mess around. You ain’t a stupid girl so don’t start thinking, or worse, acting like one’ he said, giving her shoulder a squeeze.

‘Yeah, you’re right. If my marriage isn’t working, sleeping with someone else ain’t gunna make it magically fix itself again. Don’t worry, as you men say I’m sure I’ll be able to keep it in my pants’ she said, laughing. She wondered what she’d been worrying about. After all he was just a guy, he happened to be very hot this was true, but he was only a man after all. With Ben’s words in her head for the rest of the day after she left, she decided to go and pay a visit to Mike at work. When they’d first married it was something she did on a daily basis until his sex drive took a nose dive never to turn back to the sky again it would seem.

‘Hey Billy’ she said to the doorman at the building Mike’s office resided in.

‘Afternoon Mrs Daniels’ he said, holding the door open for her and smiling warmly.

‘Thank you’ she said, entering the building and trying not to slip on the polished floor as she walked down the hallway towards office 4D. She knocked the door and heard a muffled ‘yeah?’ from the other side.

‘Hey you’ she said, sliding around the door and shutting it with her back, reaching around to lock it.

‘Are you not at work today?’ he asked, looking up from his desk and smiling.

‘I’m doing 3 till 9, so I thought I’d come and give my man a visit. I missed him’ she said, moving between him and the desk to sit on his lap.

‘You only saw me five hours ago’ he said, shifting in his seat slightly and putting his arms around her.

‘I meant I missed you in other ways’ she said, starting to slide her hands over his chest through the light blue shirt he wore.

‘Chloe, not here’ he protested, pushing her hands away and giving her a pained smile.

‘Well when then Mike? And where?’ she said, suddenly losing her cool a little.

‘Not here that’s for sure. We’ll talk about this later’ he said dismissively but not harshly.

‘Babe, all we ever do is talk’ she said, still a little irate.

‘That’s not true and you know it isn’t. That’s an unfair assumption to make’ he replied, running a hand down his face.

‘How? It’s true all we ever do is talk, talk, talk! The fucking talking has replaced the fucking in our fucking relationship! So sit and think on that, maybe even talk to yourself about it Mike, I’m outta here’ she said angrily, going to wrench the door open and realizing she’d locked it, huffing and turning the latch and letting herself out without even closing the door behind her; she knew it pissed him off. She decided to go into work early rather than go home and stew about it. But that in itself presented another problem to her, it would be the first time she’d seen Shannon since their slightly awkward moment the previous night and there was a part of her not looking forward to it.

As predicted, her heart began to hammer in her chest with nerves and excitement as she neared the shop. Looking through the glass she couldn’t see him there, and so walked in and said a quick ‘Hey’ to everyone on her way through to the back to dump her bag. Just as she turned to leave the room, there he was.

‘Man you look pissed! Parking ticket?’ he asked.




‘Fuck off Shannon it’s none of your business?’ he then ventured. She just looked at the floor. The very thing she wanted to feel from her husband was what she was feeling right now standing about a foot away from her boss. But the difference was Shannon wasn’t even touching her and he made her heart beat so quickly she could hear the blood pumping in her ears and feel her mouth go a little dry.

‘Is there anything I can do to at least make you break that face?’ he then asked after a long silence. Still nothing.

‘Fuck it; do you want me to go down on you? I’m prepared to do that shit if it cheers you up!’ he said, really hoping it would make her laugh, and possibly cut out any tension from last night when they’d both had a little bit too much to drink. It worked; she had begun to snicker into her hand, and then laughed really loudly.

‘You animal’ she said finally.

‘I made you laugh though’ he said. She just looked up at him and shrugged, glad he’d been able to say something about it and make it funny rather than uncomfortable. And so Chloe thought it was done with, and no matter what had just evolved in her husband’s office just tried to get on with her job without intrusive sexual thoughts about a man who wasn’t the one she shared surnames with. But he wasn’t about to make it easy for her, because after that initial interaction he just couldn’t help himself but find very subtle, but at the same time strong ways to flirt with her.
Like when she was leaning over the counter later that day talking to a girl who was considering her first tattoo and she had suddenly felt someone literally underneath her.

‘Hello down there’ she said, looking down under her folded arms to see Shannon opening the case to pull out a tray of piercing jewellery.

‘From that row on is the 4-5mm stuff’ he said, pointing at the tray as he spoke to the guy who had asked for it. He then began to stand up through the gap between her body and folded arms, sliding out to the side and letting her rest back down again as he stood next to her, with one leg behind hers, like he was pinning her there. The feeling of a muscular leg pressing against hers was making her heartbeat soar again; mixed with that and the fact she could smell him too. She wasn’t sure what it was he wore, but it smelt good. But yet could these little things really be portrayed as flirting? In the coming fourteen days she would get her answer, and a whole lot more.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:12 pm

WOW another roller coaster of emotion in this update. It's not in a bad way either Very Happy I love the fact that Chloe's friends know her well enough to joke around with her and then be completely serious about what she is facing. Seeing the connection between Chloe and Gemma is genuinely a nice girly friendship and I enjoyed that you put it in there - it definitely shows the character in another area as opposed to just being alone and with no one to talk too. Excellent work honey.

Then of course there was the scene with Mike and Chloe - WTF is his uptight assed problem exactly? A gorgeous woman offering it to him and he is so uptight that he brushes her off - it is easy to see that Chloe would be frustrated with that - Hell any sane woman would be frustrated.

Shannon's response was funny as Hell and maybe just a little bit of truth to it too - 'I'll go down on you,' I think there is a strain of wishful thinking in that one little comment and Hell who wouldn't Shannon Moore to go down on them????Hopefully it won't take Shannon long to help Chloe get her frustrations out but make her see that Mike isn't the guy for her. xoxoxox

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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:36 pm

Well one thing is clear: Mike is an asshole. Tell you one thing, I laughed out loud when read the line: "Damn girl if you were my wife I’d be down there so much you’d fucking forget what I looked like!". Dunno why, just struck a funny bone. Can't wait to read more!
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PostSubject: Chapter Six - He wants me.   Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:15 am

‘No matter how used to this I may be, shit it still stings like a bitch!’ Claire grimaced as she sat back in the chair while Chloe worked on her leg.

‘Wimp’ teased Jeff, who was sat right next to her.

‘Fuck you’ she replied, raising her middle finger at her husband.

‘You will be later, that you can count on my darlin’ he replied, making her shake her head and just chuckle, reaching out to stroke his face. He grabbed her hand and kissed her palm, mouthing
‘I love you so much’ at her through a huge smile. And as Chloe sat and worked on the tattoo of a pin up girl riding a monkey wrench onto Claire’s leg she sighed, wishing that her marriage was in the same league as theirs. They were so happy together it just couldn’t be hidden, the joy they shared at sharing each and every day with one another since their whirlwind marriage four years go. Claire had met Jeff when she was just twenty three in a club in London when he had been on tour with the WWE, and earlier in the day before he arrived she had explained how she had wound up becoming Mrs Hardy within six months of meeting him.

‘I know it’s the biggest cliché in the book, but I just knew from that first night I was destined to be with him. The connection we both had was just too strong to deny or fight, and after he left the UK we stayed in touch and were just friends at first, until two months later when I came out here first to visit him. We definitely weren’t just friends after that! I don’t actually think I left Jeff’s bedroom at all for the first three days I was here, and then after I went home again a week later I was just so fucking miserable without him my best friend sat me down and just said ‘go to him! You’re in love with the man, don’t let a big stretch of ocean come between you’, and I didn’t. We got married exactly six months after we first met and I just wouldn’t be without him now. He’s like my best friend and my husband rolled into one’ she had said, eyes sparkling as she looked down at her wedding ring with pride.

It was the same way Chloe used to look at her own wedding band, but now viewing the thin piece of gold around her finger only made her feel hopelessness at the state of her marriage, with a husband who seemingly believed there was nothing wrong, and that she was the one with ‘self control issues’ as he had worded it. She thought it was his self control issues that were causing the problem and yelled it at him at high volume, the problem being he had way too much damn self control. It was now a month, and she was still ‘sleeping on dry sheets’ as Alice had so wonderfully worded it. And the frustration Chloe felt towards this was made no easier by the fact her boss still found ways to flirt with her on a daily basis.

It was enough to make her want to dive on him at times, just standing next to him and breathing in his scent did intoxicating things to her head, the allure of him acting like a vice like grip around her, making the temptation just to give in and drag him away to tear all his clothes off extremely hard to fight. But she did fight it somehow, bombarding herself with thoughts of love for Mike, or finding other ways to become distracted from him. Right at that moment Claire was her distraction, even though the person of the receiving end of her sharp tongue was something to do with Shannon as Lauren had just walked in.

‘Look Jeff, it’s escaped!’ she whispered, pointing over to the door Lauren was letting herself through.

‘Don’t start’ he said, laughing into his hand.

‘Why? It’s fun! She hates me and I hate her’ replied Claire with a shrug, looking over at Shannon’s girlfriend again and muttering ‘toxy’ under her breath, making Jeff roar.

‘Okay so what does toxy mean?’ asked Chloe as she taped down cling film wrap to Claire’s finished leg.

‘Poison midget’ she replied, making Chloe snort loudly and begin laughing along with Jeff. It was a name she had heard from a friend when she was at college, and had never forgot to use it against anyone she didn’t like of diminutive stature.

‘Is she really that bad?’ she then enquired.

‘She’s worse. Always on his case about something, yet when you ask the woman for an opinion of anything real, say current affairs or the like she just sits and looks at you like someone’s removed her brain. Sorry, single cell that should be, thick bitch. And she’s over emotional! It’s like she’s in a constant state of PMT with how she flies off the handle at the smallest things!’ said Claire, rearranging her jeans carefully over her freshly tattooed leg and moving herself out of the chair to sit on Jeff’s lap. ‘He knows no one likes her, I think he’s only with her because he doesn’t wanna be on his own’ she then added, leaning back with her head rested against her husband’s.

‘Up to him isn’t it?’ Chloe said, cleaning up her booth and preparing for her next client in twenty minutes time.

‘Yeah, poor things already met the woman he wants, he just can’t have her though’ said Claire, feeling Jeff dig his thumb into her ribs and give her a ‘shut the fuck up!’ look.

‘Ahhh right, shame that’ said Chloe briskly, letting herself out of the booth and walking across to where G was standing to get the design she had to put on her next subject.

‘You and your fucking mouth woman’ Jeff muttered, shaking his head.

‘What? It wasn’t like I turned around and said ‘oh Chloe it’s your bones he wants to jump’ now is it?’ she said, shrugging.

‘Yeah but she ain’t stupid is she? Look at the way she practically dived out of the booth just then. So don’t stir shit up!’ he hissed.

‘I’m NOT!’ she hissed back, kissing his cheek and giving it the usual nibble of affection, feeling his head turn and kissing his lips when they were within her reach, trying to pull away but being continually kissed instead, Jeff figuring it was about one of the only things he could do to keep her quiet. He loved the fact that she always spoke her mind, but hated that she never listened to him when he observed that a lot of the time it could be to her own detriment.
Once Chloe had got the design off G she headed back to the room where the light box was to add a few alterations the customer wanting doing to it, but did a three sixty spin upon arrival when she saw Shannon and Lauren in there kissing, his hands gripping her ass under her short skirt as he moaned into her mouth.

‘Sorry boss I’ll come back’ she said, spinning on her boot heel and going to walk away.

‘No need, just saying goodbye is all’ said Shannon, giving Lauren one more kiss before letting her go, not seeing her view Chloe with distaste as she walked past and back around to the front.

‘So your sex life’s back on track from the look of things?’ she said casually, hoping the tinge of jealously she’d just heard in her own voice wouldn’t be picked up on by Shannon.

‘Pffffffft hardly, that’s the most I’ve got for the last four days’ he muttered, scratching the back of his neck and feeling guilty. His guilt was once again due to the fact Lauren had come on the receiving end of a feeling Chloe had built up inside of him. After sitting and watching her tattooing Claire that morning he had felt his libido rage, just sitting and noticing how devastatingly sexy she was, that whenever she laughed it made his chest pull tightly, that watching her run a hand over the back of her neck was an action that almost rendered him to his knees, just by something like that. A simple lifting of her long hair and running of her hand across her neck. The kiss he’d planted on his girlfriend not ten minutes after she’d arrived had been meant for Chloe, it was all he could think of.

‘You still ain’t beating me hombre, it’s only then that you have to worry’ she said, switching the light box on and picking up a pencil, positioning the design of a chubby swallow with its beak pierced through a heart and beginning to doodle.

‘How many weeks?’ he asked.

‘Four’ she replied glumly.

‘Ouch’ he said, hoisting himself up onto the counter next to her.

‘Yeah, but that’s my problem isn’t it?’ she said, not looking up from the small stars she was drawing around the design.

‘Nope, it’s his’ he said simply. She could feel his eyes burning into her as she sat there, so intense she had no choice but to look up at him, and feel her heart leaping in her chest.

‘Don’t believe me do you?’ he asked, she just shrugged and looked back at her work.

‘A wife wanting to feel desired by her husband isn’t wrong you know, no matter how much he tells you it is. And I know he does, I can read it all over your face. As I’ve said before, he’s a fucking moron’ he said, leaning down and patting her shoulder before sliding off the counter and leaving the room. He had to leave, he didn’t trust himself being around her when they were alone so went out to the back of the shop and lit up, drawing fiercely on the cigarette positioned between his thumb and forefinger and sighing. He wanted her so badly it made him ache inside.
Apart from the fleeting moment of affection Chloe had witnessed that morning things between him and Lauren were no better, and just like Mike she was seemingly oblivious to anything being wrong. But, just like with Chloe and Mike something kept him there. As Claire had stressed to him at great length a couple of nights ago when he had once more given her the mother of all ear bendings about it, he was scared of being alone. He hated being single with a passion, so naturally gregarious he couldn’t deal with being on his own for long periods of time. And even though she fairly admitted she detested his girlfriend, Claire had summed it up perfectly for him-

‘It isn’t fair just to keep her around just because you don’t wanna be alone dude. You should be with her because she’s all you want, not because she’s filling a gap’. Of course she was right; he could always count on her to inject both reality and sense into a situation. She was just like Jeff in that respect, who also echoed his wife’s words. And Shannon knew it only too well, and knew that his continual flirting with Chloe only spelled it out to him loud and clear that Lauren wasn’t the one he wanted.

And he knew it was wrong, knew he shouldn’t be giving so much attention to a woman so out of his reach, but as the days grew out and on to another week, the fifth she’d been in his life, he couldn’t help but feel like it wasn’t all so one sided any more. Because what with her situation at home just worsening by the day, she began to really welcome the attention Shannon gave her, actually welcoming it, to have someone make her feel attractive again. They both knew it was escalating, and to their credit hid it well by still being playful when they were blatantly flirting with each other, but it didn’t take one person long to cotton on, especially after watching the way his boss and friend behaved with the lady he affectionately named ‘my little skank’.

‘SEE YOU’RE DAMN FUCKED NOW BOY! HUMAN OUIJA BOARD COMING ATCHA!’ Shouted Shannon as he chased Kerry across the shop, his chest pressed to a giggling Chloe’s as he walked her backwards at speed towards Kerry holding the back of her top up in both of his hands.

‘Fuck off the pair of you!’ he said, really not a fan of anything to do with Ouija or ‘evil spirits’ as he called them.

‘OOOOOH GETTING CLOSER, OOOOOOOOOOH KERRY ALL SHE HAS TO DO NOW IS BURP, SNEEZE OR FART AND THE SPIRITS ARE LOOSE! OOOOOH’ He continued to taunt as he pushed Chloe right into Kelly who was pinned into the corner of his booth, the other employees of GCI Chad, Shane and G all hysterical.

‘And now I’m in between two men with my top hoisted up! Oh happy day!’ she announced, falling into Shannon’s arms in hysterics as he pulled her back and took his hands off her top, but still hugged her. He slid both hands down her bare back before folding them around her waist into a hug, noticing that his touch had made thousands of goose pimples break out on her back.

‘Okay dude let go’ she said tensely through her laughing.

‘Alright, but just so you know, I don’t wanna’ he whispered into her ear, giving her hips a squeeze as he removed his hands. It was enough to make her need to put severe distance between herself and him, so bolted to the back of the shop shouting ‘going for a smoke’ as she tore a path out of there as fast as she could. There is was, definite proof he wanted her. All she had to do know was decide whether or not she could fight against the fact she wanted him too. But before she could quietly stress herself out any more she felt a presence behind her and turned to see Kerry, eyeing her curiously.

‘Come on, out with it’ he said, smiling wryly. She paused for a few seconds and saw his smile widening. He knew.

‘Stop it. You know already!’ she said.

‘Entertain me then’ he said, leaning against the wall she faced and still smiling.

‘I have a crush on Shannon’ she said. ‘There, I said it, let the abuse begin!’ she followed with, watching her old friend just laugh more.

‘Not my style, and you know that kid. And I’d say the word crush would be more suited to some little teenager making eyes at the captain of the football team. Wanting to pin the man on his back and fuck him within an inch of his life is about how I’d describe it’ he said, laughing and pulling her into a hug as she hid her face in her hands.

‘Is it that obvious?’ she said, cringing.

‘Only to me, because I know the pair of you so damn well’ he replied, scratching her hair affectionately.

‘Am I a bad person for really wanting to act on it?’ she then asked.

‘I think you have to ask yourself how much of a bad person you’d be if you didn’t’ he said rather cryptically. Having to run back in to cover his next appointment he left her out there pondering what the hell he meant by what he had just said, and boy had it given her food for thought.

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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:18 am

Loving this story girl!
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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Thu Apr 07, 2011 6:23 am

o.k. I am finally caught up now.. come back and give us more... we are so loving this story
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PostSubject: Chapter Seven - Let the games begin.   Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:37 am

‘JD MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ Chloe shouted as she ran into the bar on her lunch break, Alice already standing with a treble outstretched in her hand towards her friend.
‘Thanks bud’ she then said, jumping up on a high stool and throwing the drink down her neck.

‘That bad?’ Alice asked, pulling a questioning face. She’d received a text message from Chloe just half an hour ago saying ‘have me a drink ready in 30mins, I need it!!!!!!!!!!’, and guessed the reason she needed it must have something to do with Shannon. Of course she was right.

‘Okay so it’s just escalating so badly now, I can hardly concentrate on anything else other than having sex with him! Oh god I’m such a bad person!’ she said, giving her glass back to Alice who filled it with coke, knowing Chloe wouldn’t want another since she never tattooed when tipsy.

‘He still giving you the come on then?’ she asked as Chloe lit up.

‘Yeah, in that sly fucking way he has where he makes me unsure if he is actually doing it or not, and then he’ll do or say something that just fucking screams ‘I want you’ and.....’ was all she managed to say at lightning speed before Alice held her hand up.

‘BREATHE!’ she said, laughing. ‘Honey, I know this isn’t the kind of answer you’d expect when a situation like this is presented, but honestly? Just fuck him. Get it out of your system and get on with it afterwards. Who knows? It might just be that one time and that’s all you need, might even help you decide if your relationship with Mike is worth saving. I don’t advocate cheating, but hell I can’t think of any other way for you to work it out of your system and put you at ease a little more. It might just be one of those wham bam thank you ma’am situations you both need, to either make you realize how good or bad you have it with your respective other halves’ said Alice. She knew it was a far cry from the advice she had originally doled out to Chloe, but she honestly couldn’t think of many other options.

‘Actually, that’s one of the things that’s run through my head. Get it out of the way and get on with things so to speak. But I just couldn’t do it to Mike, no matter how much the problems at home revolve around his attitude towards me, he doesn’t deserve that. For me to do something so selfish’ she replied, taking a sip of her coke.

‘And what he’s doing isn’t being selfish?’ asked Alice.

‘But he isn’t cheating on me though is he?’ she replied.

‘He’s cheating you out of a sex life’ she was quick to fire back. Chloe was stumped on that one, but still couldn’t work any logic from Alice’s reasoning. The same way she still hadn’t been able to work out what Kerry had told her two days ago. She just felt more stuck and more helpless in her situation, which really had reached boiling point.

‘But then again, I am biased since I don’t like Mike and make no secret of it!’ Alice continued, before adding to it. ‘Oh I dunno darlin’ , I think this one’s really for you to decide’ she then said, doubting her words already. She knew it probably wasn’t the best piece of advice to give her best friend, to tell her to run into the arms of another man the minute her marriage hit the skids. But to be fair, it had begun to do that a long time before Shannon came into Chloe’ life; she knew her friend had been miserable for a long time. It made her own head hurt, so she really couldn’t imagine what it was doing to Chloe.

‘Tell you what partner, how about I call up Ben and get him to leave Gemma in peace tonight, and you blow off Mike and come round to mine for dinner. Eight sharp as usual, just the family’ she said, referring to their little family of three firm friends who stuck together no matter what.

‘That sounds good to me, anything to get my mind off all of this’ Chloe replied before draining the last dregs of her drink and looking at her watch.

‘Right, I have exactly seventeen minutes to get back to work before I get my ass whooped’ she said, making Alice raise an eyebrow.

‘Yes, he slaps me when I’m late. And yes it’s on the ass too’ confessed Chloe, revealing another little snippet of their ongoing flirtation.

‘So you’ll be taking a slow walk back then?’ she replied with a grin. Chloe just rolled her eyes and gave her the middle finger salute, her old friend throwing her head back and laughing that raspy laugh she was famed for as she watched her trouble little friend walk out.

‘Later bitch’ she called after her.

‘Love you too’ shouted Chloe from the door, smiling and thinking how lost she’d be without her Alice there for her as always. It took her approximately nineteen and a half minutes to walk back up to the shop and receive what she expected, just in a much more humorous way.

‘LATE! Okay dude let her have it!’ shouted G from the centre of the shop, Shannon running out from his hidden crouched position by the door and slapping Chloe hard across the ass.

‘You’re both assholes, complete deplorable assholes! I only get smacked because I’m a girl’ she said, poking out her bottom lip as they laughed at her and Shannon pulled her into a hug.

‘We do it because we love ya Clo’ he said. ‘And because it too much of a fine little ass not to smack’ he then whispered in her ear, letting her go and walking away. He winked at her before turning, making a shiver run down her spine. She was determined not to be the one left hot and bothered by his games this time, and without even thinking just let her naughty side run free. She could almost feel the word ‘lust’ tattooed on her back beginning to burn. She but her bag out back and came back into the front of the shop, eyeing him all over.

Walking over to where he was stood in front of the counter talking on the phone she softly touched his shoulder before ducking under his arm that was leant against counter and brushing her body back against his for the briefest of moments as she bent at the waist to read the appointment book in front of him. Pretending to scan the list for her work that afternoon she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, knowing it was making her ass wiggle and then slid back under his arm, moving her body away from him again with a slight serpentine movement of her hips before slinking away to her booth.

Shannon turned away from view and mouthed ‘DAAAAAAAAAMN’ silently whilst pulling an extremely pained face, sat in the nearest seat and lent forward with his elbows on his knees as he tried to remain normal sounding on the phone to Lauren, when Chloe had given him the kind of erection that took his voice away. Walking back over to her booth she noticed Kerry giving her the eye, arms folded across his chest before pulling one out and waggling his finger at her in a ‘come here’ motion.

‘Now if you’re gunna do things like that, other people will start to notice missy’ he said, raising an eyebrow while tipping his head toward her.

‘He shouldn’t think he can get the upper hand in whatever little game he’s playing with me’ she said, looking back over to where Shannon was sitting, still hunched over on the phone.

‘Well from where I’m standing, there’s two of you playing’ he said, blinking slowly in that comical way he did when he was thinking ‘I’m right and you damn well know it!’

‘So who’s winning ref?’ she asked, twirling a strand of blonde and red hair around her finger.

‘I think its gunna go to sudden death personally’ he said, biting back a smile.

‘And by that you mean?’ said Chloe, resting a hand on her hip.

‘Oh you know what I mean’ he said quietly, this time not being able to hold back the smile.

‘Mmmmm?’ she murmured.

‘Mmmmm’ he replied, answering her loud and clear with just the tone he used in the noise. They had a way of communicating with each other through a series of noises rather than words; it had always been their thing. Ben likened it to sitting with two human versions of Marge Simpson; so much could be conveyed in just a few grunts. And he was right, because for Chloe all she could feel for the rest of the day was a sense of heaviness in the air, like the moment just before a storm. You know it’s coming, and when you see that first flash of lightening you wait for the thunder, and your heart jumps in your chest when you finally hear it.

‘Whatcha doin’ back there buster?’ Asked Chloe three hours later as she worked on the chest piece of a young girl with bright pink hair, feeling Shannon’s hand on her back.

‘Your strap was hanging, can’t have my staff looking messy now can I?’ he replied, leaning over the side of the booth and swallowing back a groan at how gorgeous she looked, heavily lined and shadowed black eyes with long eyelashes casting the softest of shadows across her eyelids as she looked down at her piece, the way the lamp made her eyes look more of a very deep amber than brown, the way her multi coloured hair had come loose from the black chopsticks pinning it all up off her face, small pieces framing her face and neck.

‘Thanks chief’ she replied, looking up and smiling, her heart quickening when she saw the way he was looking at her, that look that was so bad and so sexy it was all she could do not to put the tattoo gun down and vault over the barrier at him. Of course, she’d return it later after she had approximately half an hour later once she’d finished tattooing.

‘Your hair needs shaving’ she said, running her fingers across the back of his stubbly head, feeling his soft ponytailed hair brush the back of her hand. His pulse began to race dangerously at feeling her hand on him, stroking him in a place that just so happened to render him senseless with the slightest caress.

‘I know’ he said, reaching back and running his hand over hers, a gesture that made her knees weak and sent her heart up into her chest. No man had ever made her feel that through just the touch of a hand. She pulled it away slowly and felt his fingers brush the insides of hers, a tingling sensation running through her whole hand. It made the blood rush to her head and her mouth feel dry, once again having to flee for fear of jumping on him. She grabbed her cigarettes off the table behind him and her can of soda before turning and leaving.
As she stood and smoked she could hear a tinkling sound, and looked down to see it was her fingernails tapping off the can she held with a shaky hand. She could hear music beginning to play loudly back inside and guessed the shop had closed a little early, which was confirmed when the guys shouted to her from inside the shop.

‘See ya tomorrow’ she called back, waving and looking at her watch. 6.30pm. She had time to get home, showered and changed before she was expected at Alice’s for the ‘family meal’ as it was known. She couldn’t wait, but it seemed she would be delayed somewhat, because as soon as she walked back into the shop it would seem the real games were about to begin.

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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Fri Apr 08, 2011 3:34 am

Woohoo, can't wait for more!
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PostSubject: Chapter Eight - Playing with fire.   Fri Apr 08, 2011 5:46 am

She walked back into the front of the shop and saw Shannon sat in the seat her long black and red skull print scarf was hanging across the back of, his eyes locking onto hers as soon as she came back in and making her feel like a furnace deep in her stomach had been stoked.

‘You’re leaning on my scarf’ she said as she stood over him, her heart racing so quickly she felt sick. Just the way he looked at her, it was so powerful she felt uncomfortable.

‘Sorry’ he said, leaning forward so she could retrieve it, shifting right to the edge of his seat and reaching out to stroke a hand up her bare leg, making her gasp softly.

‘I guessed they’d feel as good as they look’ he said, hand sliding up the inside of her thigh slowly and around to the outside as he pulled her closer, making her pussy brush against his forearm as she placed her hands on the back of the chair. He leaned forward and moved her skirt up to kiss her thigh while his hand slid around to her ass and pulled even closer, fingers slowly sliding her top up her body while his mouth made her stomach the focus of attention with kisses and soft flicks of his tongue. She’d never wanted anyone as much as she wanted him right there and then in her whole life; she couldn’t fight it any more, the sexual attraction was just too strong to try and sever herself from.

His other arm came up and pulled her down astride him, mouth moving to kiss the tops of her breasts as his hands reached around to undo the two knots that held the cut up t shirt she wore to her body, the one at the waist first, and then at the neck, pulling the cloth away and kissing the bare flesh it had concealed, teeth biting down on her nipple as she gasped loudly. It was what she’d dreamed of for six weeks, his hands and mouth all over her body, and as their mouths came together for the first time she was hooked.

The sound of him breathing hard through his nose and the low groans that seemed to be coming from somewhere deep inside his chest only fuelled Chloe further, her own hands beginning to tug at the white vest he wore until it was over his head, her mouth crashing back against his and sucking his tongue as her hand worked down over his torso and across the bulge forming in his dark green camouflage pants, his hand pushing between her legs to rub at her pussy through the thin fabric of the black thong she wore. Feeling the underwear slide against her he moved it aside and pushed two fingers into her pussy, the wetness already formed there drenching them as he dug them in hard inside her, mouth kissing her neck.

Her hands undid the belt, button and zip as she gasped and panted at the relief she felt of finally being with him like this, like a raw energy that had been locked away tight had been unleashed and surging through her whole body. She’d never felt a craving like this for anything or anyone in her whole life, it was enough to knock the wind out of her. She reached inside his boxers and pulled his dick out, hand sliding up and down the shaft as she heard him groan loudly and then felt his teeth at her neck. He had the kind of girth she’d only ever imagined being parted by, and loved every last second of the feeling of him filling her as she guided him in and rolled her hips firmly against his body, making the last remaining inches of him disappear into a pussy that held him there tightly.

‘Oh, oh my god I need this so badly’ she hissed, her breath catching in her throat as her body bounced on top of him, hips slamming against him hard as he ran his hands up her back and sucked her nipples, his heart hammering in his chest so strongly he could hear the blood pumping in his ears.

‘I’ve just needed you badly since you first walked into my fucking shop’ he said, releasing her nipple from between his teeth and pulling her face to his to kiss her fiercely, his hands pressing into her back and sliding across her sweaty flesh as their bodies slammed against each other in heated unison, both groaning and panting so loudly it was like they were making enough noise for six people. But neither could help it, finally what had been building between them was playing out at last, every last moment so intense and raw both knew they’d never forget it. And Chloe knew she’d never be able to listen to the Marilyn Manson cover of ‘Personal Jesus’ ever again without a flood of lust filled memories pounding through her head, just like the song pounded through the speakers right then.

And as he kissed and licked her tits again, hands grabbing her ass firmly and pulling her against him harder Shannon couldn’t believe any man would abstain from something so amazing, from a woman who felt like she did, smelled like she did, looked like she did as her face contorted in ecstasy and she gripped his shoulders, throwing her head back and crying out as his dick hit her g spot over and over again.

The pent up frustration she was working out wasn’t just since the last time she’d been with Mike, it was from her whole time with him. She’d never had sex like this with him, ever. Nothing could measure up to the almost savage intensity they moved against each other with, Shannon suddenly moving from the seat and carrying her until she felt her back press into the wall so hard it almost winded her, and if that didn’t the way he began to pound into her with near primal aggression sure as hell did.

‘I swear you have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever felt, damn baby you’re so fucking sexy’ he breathed in her ear, fingers clenching into her ass cheeks as he drove into her harder with every thrust. It was everything she needed and more, she finally felt desired, wanted, attended to. All from a man who wasn’t her husband, and as that moment as a euphoric rush of heat began to swell deep inside her she didn’t care either, since this was the first time she’d ever felt herself cum from penetration alone.

‘AHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHH, OH FUCK YES! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH’ she screamed, body crashing against his as the pleasure that shot through her like a lightning bolt, triggering his own release and making him grunt deeply with effort as his hips battered hard against her body and he closed his eyes tightly, biting her neck and letting out a long sigh as he came so hard he thought he was going to fall over for a few seconds and then did, taking her down to the floor with him. And just when she thought she was going to lie there and endure an uncomfortable silence in his arms she felt him move and roll her off him and onto her back, sliding the remaining items of clothing from his body, doing the same for her until they were both completely naked.

‘What? You didn’t honestly think I was done did you?’ he said, lying between her legs and stroking his thumb across her cheek while the other hand ran down the back of her thigh. He didn’t give her chance to reply, covering her mouth with his once again and clasping her body close.

‘I’m glad you aren’t’ she replied, breaking their kiss and running her hands over his tied back hair.

‘You really will be in about ten seconds’ he said, before disappearing down her body, licking her flesh as his mouth travelled lower, making her rest her head back on the floor and smile in anticipation of what she was about to feel after going for over four years without. And when she felt his tongue part her lips for the first time and run from her pussy slowly up to her clit Chloe could have cried, her whole body tensing up as intense tingles built up at the tip of her clit from the stimulation of his tongue rolling around it in a circle, a long croaky ‘ahhhhhhhh’ escaping her mouth as her hands stroked his head, legs wriggling around in pure heaven as she felt his tongue sliding down to her pussy to drag pools of wetness back up to her clit.

‘FUCK! Ooooooooh you’re amazing I swear, oh that’s too good!’ she panted, gritting her teeth and digging her nails into his arms as her legs brushed the sides of his head. He moved his hands down her body and used them to part her pussy lips, granting him better access for his tongue as he pushed his forearms down against her legs to keep them forced open.

‘You missed this didn’t you?’ he said, looking up at her with a smile and watching her body writhe.

‘Hell yeah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh’ she breathed, feeling his lips suck on her clit.

‘Well you don’t have to miss it anymore baby girl’ he replied, before going back to sucking her clit, his fingertips stroking her labia before she felt him pushing his fingers slowly inside her. He just couldn’t believe her husband wouldn’t do this for her, that he didn’t like it. What the fuck was wrong with the man? Feeling her smooth shaven flesh against his face, his tongue burying itself in wet warmth that felt so erotic he couldn’t help but groan as he did it, tasting her outside and in. And in turn Chloe just couldn’t get enough of him licking at her, she hadn’t realized just how much she had missed it until it had begun, and her moans echoed off the walls of the shop so loudly she was sure people walking past would have been able to hear.

‘Does that feel good?’ he asked her, fingers pushing as far as he could stretch them inside her, tongue beating from side to side across her clit.

‘It feels amazing, don’t you dare fucking stop’ she panted, her head thudding back on the floor again as she let out a high pitched cry and hissed at how utterly consuming the pleasure he gave her was. It felt so good sometimes she pushed him away, and he’d just look up at her and grin with a small throaty laugh, knowing he was driving her so utterly crazy with his touch she could hardly bear it, grabbing her wrists and pushing them to the floor as his mouth pressed against her harder, continuing until he’d been down there for half an hour and very happy to stay there for as long as it took to make her cum, which wasn’t much longer at all.

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck I’m gunna cum, oh god Shannon don’t stop, don’t stop, mmmmm yeah lick me harder, FUCK!’ she cried out, feeling his tongue lick her with such speed it drove her hard over the edge, an orgasm of such force surging through her body she felt faint for a few moments, her body shuddering uncontrollably as the last few blissful waves continued to pulse, his mouth coming back up to hers and kissing her.

‘You’re way too good at that’ she panted, watching him smile at her.

‘I try’ he replied modestly, kissing the tip of her nose as she felt his dick begin to seek entrance to her again. She opened her legs wider and wrapped them around his body, feeling him sink back in with a satisfied groan and grind into her slow and hard, every muscle in his back and arms flexing with effort as he held his weight off her on his elbows. Her legs opened up to him as much as possible, feeling his pelvis hitting hers with each deep stroke of his dick inside her, body moving with hers in perfect unison as one hand reached back to stroke her heavily tattooed leg while his tongue danced on air with hers, his mouth then covering hers completely as his tongue slid in and stifled the deep gasps emanating from her mouth. And it didn’t take long for either of them to be brought to that climatic state once more, moving in total frenzy against each other on the floor as he came just before she did, and then lay on top of her completely out of breath but more sexually satisfied than he’d been in a long time.

‘SHIT!’ she suddenly shouted, realizing it was 7.45pm, giving her just fifteen minutes to get to Alice’s.

‘Where’s the fire?’ he asked as she slid out underneath him and began to pull clothes back onto her body.

‘I’m meant to be at Alice’s in fifteen minutes, and she’s gonna freak if I’m late’ said Chloe, pulling her thong and skirt back on and then looking around for her top.

‘It’s over here’ he said, standing up and picking it top up off the counter and then bending to retrieve his boxers and jeans. He slid back into them and then helped her with her top, tying the knots for her and then turning her in his arms.

‘At least tell me you have time to kiss me goodbye’ he said huskily, hands rubbing her lower back across the pistol tattoo.

‘I think after that it’s the least I can do’ she said, kissing him so hotly it told him in no uncertain terms how much she’d enjoyed herself. ‘And now I really have to run, or I’m dead and.......’ she continued before she was cut up.

‘Go, its fine. See ya in the morning’ he said, smacking her ass as she picked up her bag and scarf and hurtled out of there shouting ‘bye’ over her shoulder. Two seconds after she had unlocked the front door and let herself out again she came back.

‘Oh and Shannon?’ she called.

‘Yes Clo?’ he replied.

‘Thanks’ she said, winking and disappearing again.

‘You’re more than welcome young lady’ he muttered to himself, shaking his head and laughing. He didn’t feel bad right at that moment, but ten minutes later when he was locking up the shop and Lauren called him he felt a cold wave of guilt run through him.

‘Hey baby’ he said upon answering.

‘Hey gorgeous, you gunna be long at work?’ she asked, happy to hear the sound of his voice.

‘Nope, just on my way home now, want me to pick you up on my way?’ he asked, clipping his keys back on his wallet chain and turning to walk to his car.

‘No need, I’m already at yours, in your bed, waiting for you’ she replied, turning her naked body over so she was lying on her back.

‘Okay, I guess I’ll be seeing you soon then’ he said, feeling his insides ache. After what he had just inflicted upon Chloe, he just prayed his dick would want to perform again for the woman it should be. Turns out it did, but all the way through all Shannon could do was hate himself for not enjoying the sex he was having with Lauren half as much as he’d enjoyed it with Chloe. So much so that he just couldn’t get there, and for the first time in his life faked an orgasm because his body was just too tired to carry on.

‘Are you okay baby?’ she said afterwards, lying against his chest and feeling his hand stroking her back, the arm around her holding her close.

‘Yeah I’m fine gorgeous, I’m just tired. It’s been a long day, and what you gave me just now’s made me even more exhausted’ he said, stroking her hair.

‘I won’t surprise you next time if you’re just gunna complain about it’ she muttered, pulling herself out of his embrace and getting out of bed.

‘Lauren I didn’t mean it like............. oh for fuck sake’ he said, watching her pull on a pair of his sweat pants and her bra and stomp out of the bedroom. Touchy didn’t even come close to the way she could be sometimes, and as he lay there he began to really think on whether he wanted to be with her anymore, because one thing was for sure; if she let him all he wanted to do was keep on having illicit sex with Chloe, the bad boy side of him really not caring that she was a married woman.
And he wasn’t the type of man to cheat on a girlfriend, hell this was the first time he’d cheated on anyone and the guilt alone made him think that perhaps it would be best if he did finish it. Even though she was heavily disliked by many, she didn’t deserve to be kept hanging around when he was pretty certain she wasn’t what he wanted anymore.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:13 pm

This was much more erotic of a run up to their first time than I remembered it being - what a joy it is to see the little flirtations building into something more,

I LOVE the fact that Chloe can talk to her best friend about it all, there is nothing worse than having something and being unable to talk to anyone about it. Having someone like Alice beside you to help you through and support you is just more than anyone can ask for. I adored Alice; merely for the fact that she doesn't worry about what she says, if she thinks you need to hear it then she will just put it out there - for example - ‘He’s cheating you out of a sex life’ she was quick to fire back.

It's great to see that Alice has Chloe's best interests at heart, and to be honest, I agreed with her statement - fuck him and get it over with lol. Then you pull out the big guns and have them get it on - OH HOLY HELL of SMUT! that was hot as sin; I really hope that they will get it on again Very Happy it was too good for them not too and I think that Mike needs to just 'POOF' - disappear lol. I can't wait for more as usual Very Happy xoxox

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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:36 pm

I WISH I could write a XXX scene as well as you! My own damned shyness stops me though Embarassed
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PostSubject: Chapter Nine - Telling the family.   Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:05 pm

Thank you so much for the reviews girls! Glad you are enjoying this Smile

‘So do we get to smack your ass for being twenty minutes late too?’ said Alice as she opened the front door, hearing Ben shout ‘finally! The eagle has landed!’ from the kitchen.

‘Just this once’ said Chloe, entering the house and bending over with a cheeky grin on her face.

‘Get in!’ shouted Alice, smacking her ass playfully and shaking her head as she shut the door.

‘So why the hell are you so late?’ asked Ben, welcoming her with a hug as he stopped stirring the pan on the stove. Chloe couldn’t answer for a few seconds, for a montage of images graphically depicting the reason of her lateness began to flash through her mind’s eye. Shannon’s teeth locking around her nipple, his hands running over her legs and ass, the way he sounded when he came, the way his eyes burned that touch brighter blue as she’d rode him in the chair. And all of a sudden, she felt the guilt of what she’d done hit her completely as she looked over Ben’s shoulder at the refrigerator and saw a picture of herself and Mike with Alice and Ben at a bar on her birthday. Feeling her let out a huge sigh as he let her go he only had to look at her once to know exactly what had happened, and when he studied her neck closer the teeth marks left there sealed the deal for him.

‘Oh shit, you slept with him didn’t you?’ he said, hand covering his mouth as Alice approached.

‘Yes’ she said quietly, dropping her head from his gaze.

‘Out you come Jack, I’m gunna need a good few sips of you, and I think someone else does to’ said Alice, pressing her hand into Chloe’s shoulder as she reached to open the fridge and pull the bottle of whisky out. She steered her friend into a seat, Ben joining her and fetched three glasses, pouring out a very generous measure in each and handing them out as she sat down opposite and reached for Chloe’s hand, stroking the back of it and making her look up at her.

‘So, how was it?’ she asked, taking the first sip of her drink and feeling its warmth burn her throat in that same old comforting way. Once again Chloe took a while to reply, consumed again by flashes of their tryst on the shop floor burning in her head.

‘It was the best sex I’ve ever fucking had, it was just..............................wild. Exactly what I needed and a hell of a lot more’ she replied, untwisting her hair from the chopsticks and re combing it back with her fingers to pull up into a neater twist. She let out a heavy breath through her nose and rested her head on Ben’s shoulder, taking a sip of her drink and rubbing a hand across her chin. ‘I feel like I have the word whore burned across my head. I’m such a bad person, how the hell could I put Mike through this?’ she then said, a tear prickling her eye.

‘He doesn’t know, so you’re not putting him through anything. What you did was a result of what he’s put you through, it was a moment of madness Chloe, one which I see you regret now’ said Alice comfortingly.

‘That’s the thing though sweetie, it wasn’t a moment of madness. We’ve been winding each other up all fucking day; we both knew exactly what we were doing. No moment of madness, no losing my mind for a second, I just couldn’t and didn’t want to resist him any longer. I wanted him and I made a conscious decision to have him. End of. I’m a selfish bastard and then some’ she said, still leaning against Ben who had wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

‘This is my fault, I shouldn’t have said what I said at the bar earlier!’ Moaned Alice, running a hand through her short hair and looking up to see a pan boiling over on the stove. She shot up and switched off the gas, covering the pans of food with their lids to keep it all warm and sat back down again just as Ben spoke.

‘What did you say earlier then?’ he asked.

‘I said she should just go fuck him and get it out of her system’ she groaned, hearing her words from nine hours ago crystal clear in her head.

‘YOU TOLD HER TO DO WHAT?’ he shouted.

‘I KNOW! ME AND MY STUPID BIG MOUTH!’ she replied, holding her hands high.

‘Alice of all the advice you could have given, you ha....’ was as far as he got before Chloe interrupted.

‘ENOUGH! Both of you please! This isn’t anyone’s fault other than mine, I made the decision, regardless of what Alice might or might not have said, it was totally my call’ she said, addressing Ben at the end of her sentence and knocking back the rest of her Jack.

‘So..................................what happens now? Referring back to my stupid comments earlier today, did it get him out of your system?’ Alice asked.

'I guess I’ll know that when I see him in the morning. And as for what happens now, well, let’s eat. The more I talk about this right now the more the guilt just stings me, and I think I’ll have enough of that to deal with when I get home and look at Mike for the first time’ she said, this time breaking down into tears. Even though in her mind her marriage was hanging by just a few threads, she felt wretched she had betrayed the man that above all she still loved with all her heart.
Meanwhile Shannon was at home having his eardrums blasted out by a hysterical Lauren. The guilt of what he’d done was too much for him to stand, and in lying alone and thinking in bed after she’d stormed out he’d realized that in sleeping with someone else he’d sealed the fate of his relationship. He just wouldn’t have done it if Lauren was really the girl he wanted to be with, so had just ended it.

‘WHAT DID I DO? WHY DO YOU WANNA LEAVE ME? I DON’T UNDERSTAND!’ she cried, hanging onto his arm as they sat on the couch.

‘Lauren, you know it isn’t working. And so do I. You didn’t do anything wrong per say, I just don’t think we’re suited anymore, it just doesn’t feel right for me and I’m sorry. I really am’ he said, resting his hand on her arm.

‘Is it because I haven’t wanted as much sex as you do? Is that it? It is isn’t it? OF ALL THE SHALLOW REASONS TO FINISH WITH SOMEONE, YOU PICK THAT! FUCK YOU SHANNON!’ she screamed, throwing herself up off the couch and leaving, slamming both the living room and the front door behind her, half hoping he’d get up and follow her but bursting into tears again when she realized he wasn’t going to. It really was over.

Shannon sat back on the couch and felt awful, but in a sense very relived too. He didn’t have to pretend to be happy anymore, and Lauren was now free to go and find someone who actually wanted to be with her, rather than someone only hanging on because he didn’t want to be alone. And on that thought he realized that at that moment he didn’t want to be alone, so decided to pay a visit to his friends, who were just finishing enjoying some alone time when he rang their front doorbell.

‘That was pretty good timing’ said Jeff, his hands pressed against his wife’s bare chest as she sat astride him on the couch, out of breath with her inner muscles clenching around his dick still from the explosive orgasm he’d just pummelled into her body.

‘I’ll say’ replied Claire, leaning forward and licking one of his nipples before kissing him and throwing herself up off him and into her clothes to go and answer the door.

‘Sorry did I disturb you two? I’ll go’ said Shannon, turning at the front door when he noticed Claire still doing up her belt.

‘Don’t be daft mate! Get your ass inside. Jeff! Get dressed Shannon’s here!’ she called as she walked up the long hallway to the kitchen, Odin jumping all over Shannon as he followed behind her.

‘Hey bro’ said Jeff, shirtless with a big smile on his face and a claw mark from his wife’s nails across his chest.

‘You fucking beast woman!’ Shannon laughed as he saw the four deep red scratches on his friend’s skin. Claire could only poke her tongue out comically and laugh.

‘He likes it’ she said cheekily, looking at Jeff who just continued to beam brightly before pulling his baseball vest back on and grabbing himself a can of beer from the fridge, and throw one to Shannon too.

‘So what do we owe the pleasure of your company then?’ asked Jeff, reaching to the back of the fridge and pulling out a bottle of Stella Artois for his wife, who detested beer.

‘I have news. I finished it with Lauren, I’m a single man. Oh for fuck sake go on I can see it’s killing you!’ he said, watching Claire look like she was holding onto some kind of eruption.

‘YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! GOOD BOY SHANNON! WOO! SHE’S GONE AND SHE’S NEVER COMING BACK! OH I’M SO HAPPY!’ She shouted, punching the air in triumph and running around the table in the centre of the kitchen and bear hugging Shannon, kissing his cheek before running off again on her lap of honour.

‘Well at least you’re happy’ he said, watching her finish her lap and sit down adjacent to him with Jeff and open her bottle.

‘Aren’t you?’ she said suddenly, hoping her little display hadn’t upset him. She did have a habit of doing things on impulse without properly thinking them through.

‘Yeah, I’m relieved. But you know, it’s never a good feeling to watch the person you did care about once upon a time that upset’ he said, with Claire nodding.

‘So what made you finish it then?’ asked Jeff, reaching down to feed Odin a grape from the fruit bowl in front of him. He was the only dog he’d ever met who would prefer a grape or cherry tomato to a slice of ham or dog treats.

‘In a word; guilt’ replied Shannon, knocking back a mouthful of beer as Claire threw him her cigarettes. ‘Just help yourself, you always do’ she said, then laughed as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a carton of Marlboro reds and raised two fingers at her.

‘About the thoughts you’re having regarding Chloe huh?’ she asked, lighting up and handing it to Jeff as well as a kiss on the cheek.

‘Erm...................................well.................................they ain’t just thoughts anymore. We........................................yeah’ he said, his facial expression giving it away as he drummed his fingers on the table and rested his head on his hand, a very small smile starting to curl his lips as the memory of Chloe’s nakedness pressed to his flickered through his mind.

‘Oh you bad motherfucker’ said Claire almost in a monotone, eyes widening as she started to laugh into her hand.

‘Say something Nero’ said Shannon, blowing smoke from his nose and watching Jeff just looking right at him and shake his head.

‘What she said’ he said, head still shaking. ‘You’re playing with fire dude, but you don’t need me to tell you that do you?’ he said, a smile finally spreading across his face.

‘Nope, but so far I really like being burned’ he said, raising his eyebrows as he took a swig of beer.

‘So I take it you don’t want it to be a onetime thing then?’ he asked.

‘I dunno, it might be it might not be. Regardless of what I want, she is still married, even though at the time I really didn’t give two shits about that fact’ Shannon replied.

‘If you want my advice, stay away dude. Really, because I swear to god if another man ever laid his hands on her I’d fucking decapitate him and use his head as a bowling ball. The last thing you want is a pissed off husband coming and tearing shreds off you for fucking his old lady’ said Jeff as he pointed at his wife.

‘Not that I want anyone else’s hands on me but yours my love’ she replied, making him smile. Shannon took on board what his friends had said, but once he had arrived home and gone to bed he just couldn’t get Chloe out of his mind. He was finding it hard to feel bad about something that had felt so damn good if he was honest. He supposed he’d feel worse if he actually knew her husband, but right at that moment the only thing he felt bad about was that he’d cheated on his now ex girlfriend as she didn’t deserve it. Meanwhile, someone else’s guilt was beginning to manifest so strongly she could hardly hold back the tears or self hatred.

‘God, considering this is all you’ve been on at me about I expected you to look a little happier’ said Mike, looking down at his wife as they made love.

‘I am happy honey, I’m just tired. I love you’ she said, curling her arms around his neck and pulling him down into a kiss, her hands running down his back as she tried to pretend she was enjoying the sex they were having, when all the time she could only think of one man. And needless to say it wasn’t the man who was inside her at that moment, it was the one currently lying in his bed alone dreaming about her and what they had shared on the floor of the shop earlier that night.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   Sat Apr 09, 2011 2:03 pm

I still think Mike is/was hiding something. He knew exactly what kind of woman he married, so for him to cut her off for a month...something's up.
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PostSubject: Chapter Ten - The second round.   Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:49 am

‘You just can’t help yourself can you girl?’ said Shane as he sat and inked a design onto the other side of Chloe’s neck between appointments the following afternoon at the shop. It was a comment that meant a lot more to her at that moment than he knew.

‘Nope, it was too good not to get it done!’ she said, referring to the picture on a new flash sheet she’d seen Shane draw and shouted ‘WANT!’ at as soon as she’d laid her pretty brown eyes on it. Her new tattoo was a portrait of James Dean with ‘Girls Ruin’ underneath it on the side of her neck, and it was so perfectly detailed, depicting a man she admired so much so perfectly she just couldn’t resist having him done, and also thinking up ideas to add to it.

Whenever she had a weight on her mind she often got a tattoo, there was something about the pain she found oddly soothing, and at that point the pain in her neck was taking away the pain in her head over her discretion the previous evening with Shannon less than seven feet from where she was sat in Shane’s booth. And it was taking her mind off things just nicely until the man himself showed up just after 3pm, after spending the morning training for an upcoming match and also filming various escapades for ‘The Hardy Show’ with Matt and Jeff.

Once she was done she went to the bathroom to clear up the remaining traces of ink and cover the tattoo herself so Shane could get on with his next appointment. Just as she was removing the last trace of a mix of blood and ink Shannon came in, shutting and locking the door behind him.

‘Nice’ he said, looking at the new ink. ‘Mmmmmm, even nicer’ he added, running his hands down her sides and kissing the other side of her neck.

‘Shannon’ she said, starting to protest.

‘Uh huh’ he said, taking a trail of kisses up her neck to her cheek, reducing her to a shuddering mess.

‘Stop’ she said, her head knowing that was the very thing she had to do, but her body betraying that notion as she leant into his chest.

‘But you don’t want me to, and neither do I’ he replied, his nose touching hers as he stared into her eyes. And before she could even possibly make sense of it she melted to him again, hands running down his chest as they kissed. He lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the wash basin, hands resting either side of her waist while she curled her legs around him, tongue circling with his as she moaned softly.

‘Chloe you gunna be long in there dude? I gotta piss’ shouted G on the other side of the door.

‘Gimmie five minutes bud’ she called back.

‘I might need a little longer than that’ said Shannon, before softly biting her earlobe and then sucking it.

‘No, not here. Too many people out there’ she said, turning his head to look at him properly.

‘Are you doing anything later?’ he said, raising an eyebrow at her.

‘No’ she confessed.

‘Then come back to mine after work’ he replied, hands running softly up and down her arms.

‘And what about Mike? And Lauren?’ she sighed, a shred of guilt cutting in.

‘What about him? Tell him we’re open late or something. And as for Lauren, she’s history. I couldn’t carry on with her after last night, wasn’t fair on her. She’s not what I want’ he replied. ‘C’mon, you know it’s gonna be worth it’ he followed with, hands now running over her stomach underneath the black shirt she wore.

‘Okay’ she agreed before she was kissed again, the kind of kiss that made her pulse quicken and lungs feel deprived of air. She eventually managed to pull herself away, kissing his neck then his chest through the black t shirt he was wearing when she slid back down to the floor.

‘Wait there’ she said, opening the door a little to see the hallway empty. She ran out quick to the front of the shop while Shannon did the same a few seconds after, heading in the opposite direction. And later that evening as she drove back to his, following along behind him Chloe asked herself over and over ‘what the hell are you doing?’ and thought about turning off the route and heading home, but just couldn’t manage to do it. Her self control was too weak, even though in the back of her mind she could hear own voice chanting ‘you know what you’re doing is wrong’ she still couldn’t help herself. The lust she had for Shannon burned her blind to any rationality.

And as she was dragged through his front door and up the stairs to the bedroom, managing to kiss him and walk backwards at the same time any guilt she may have harboured also deserted her thoughts. Once again she had made the conscious decision to let selfishness prevail. He lay her down on the bed, positioning his body next to her and pulling her onto her side, one of his legs covering hers as they resumed kissing again, both relaxing into it easily, the need for it to be an event of speed diminishing into just a simple need for each other. It was almost like invisible wires had been sewn between them after the first experience, their bodies longed for the feel of each other even after just one time. One time was often all it took.

Running his hand down her back while the other used its hand to tickle the side of her neck lightly Shannon could feel the lust contained within him for the amazing woman next to him burn throughout his body, the epicentre of that mounting desire starting to tent the front of his jeans. He slid his hands up her body, hooking his thumbs under her top and pulling it over her head, a feeling of satisfaction as he witnessed her unbutton and pull off her jeans, body moving away for only the briefest of moments to remove the denim from her legs, kicking them free of her feet and turning back to him, this time hooking her leg over the top of his.

Feeling his hands roam her body, making tiny contractions from deep within ripple the flesh with a pleasant vibration, Chloe felt a sigh release from her throat without any conscious annunciation of it, the effect he had on her rendering her seemingly powerless of her own voice. His hands slid around her back to unclip her bra and drag it slowly from her body downwards, hands then coming back up to run down from her wrists right to her shoulders as he forced his leg further between hers and pushed her onto her back, his knee moving to press against her thigh to hold her there. As if she’d want to be anywhere else but under his incredible body which had just been reintroduced to her eyes as he pulled his t shirt off and pushed the cap and bandana he was wearing off his head.

He came back down to her, leaning his weight on one elbow while he used his other hand to stroke her thigh, and softly flicked his tongue against her lips until her mouth opened to him and she reached up to hold his head in her hands, stroking his face before sliding them down his tattooed neck and onto his chest. He had the kind of build she’d only ever witnessed in alabaster rock chiselled within an inch of its life, and to run her hands over a real life version practically made her fingertips feel orgasmic.

She ran her thumbs over his already stiffened nipples and heard him grumble happily deep in his throat, his hand working down her body to stroke her toned stomach and grasp her underwear, pulling it from her body with an urgent yank and snapping the thin stringy material that barely covered her in the first place.

‘Bastard’ she scolded, thumping him in the chest.

‘Sorry’ he said, giving her the kind of look that she could forgive murder to and kissing the end of her nose. ‘I just love you naked is all’ he followed with, sitting up and moving further down the bed slightly to reposition himself over her stomach, tongue tracing across the tattoo there and the ones on her side, sketching the details with a feather light touch while he slid his hands down the insides of her thighs. She lay back and let herself be completely taken away by him, her body registering all the new sensations his touch gave her, mind processing each caress and her voice responding to it.

‘One, two, three, four..........five.......six, seven’ he counted, his attention now solely devoted to her long legs.

‘What are you doing?’ she asked, reaching out to stroke his hair.

‘Counting how many tattoos I find on these gorgeous legs’ he said. ‘Eight, nine, ten........eleven, twelve’. For each tattoo he came across he rubbed his hand over it, and then pressed a kiss into the etching too followed by a swirl of his tongue, wanting to taste her all over. He turned her onto her front and continued to attend to her body with his mouth and hands, hearing her breathing quicken and then stop, somewhat amused but at the same time pleased with himself that his touch made her forget to breathe.

‘Mmmmmm, perfect ass’ he whispered, trailing his fingertips over it and gently biting the side of the left cheek, hard enough for her to feel and respond with a content ‘ahhhh’ but soft enough not to leave a mark. He’d give her exactly what she needed without ever leaving a trace of being there, except of course what he planned to inflict upon her that would stick fast in her memory. But her husband couldn’t see inside there.

Pulling her hips up until she was on her knees, top half of her body still pressed down into the bed Shannon forced her legs open and spread her ass cheeks with his hands, delving his tongue straight into her slit and working it back and forth all the way up to her anus and back again. He could have teased her, made her practically growl with frustration, but the want inside of him for her to really enjoy herself with him overrode any desire to be an evil tease right then. He pressed his tongue flat against her parted lips and worked it up and down, stimulating her glistening opening at the same time as the tip rubbed against her clit, swollen and hard from arousal already.

Chloe pressed her forehead into the bed and moaned, feeling her hips jerk involuntarily against his face, his hands holding her steady while his tongue dipped into her core, her muscles softly squeezing it and coating it in her juices. She felt his hand slide around and press into her stomach before his thumb came back to rub a circle around the edge of her clit, and then directly over the tip while he stretched his tongue as far as he could inside her, mouth completely buried into the hot wet flesh. Her pussy practically had a current running from it onto his tongue which he swallowed back hungrily, a deep moan vibrating against her while hot sharp breaths provided further stimulation.

Just as she was starting to get lost in the heavenly rhythm he had established Chloe felt him move, lying on his back between her legs and pulling her hips down until her clit was in reach of his tongue and beginning to circle and rub it with increased pressure than before, two fingers parting her velvety soft lips and pushing into her slick tightness, feeling her muscles clamping on him, a surge of pleasure running from his fingers, through his hand and down his arm from the contractions he felt.

He didn’t waste time to change the movement of his fingers from slow penetration to pushing forward hard and massaging her, so hard it felt to her like he was trying to push them back through the front of her body, her g spot tingling so strongly she could barely stand it, each movement of his fingers inciting more pleasure than the last. Her clit began to burn and ache as the ecstasy mounted up strongly, her pulse quickening dangerously as her mind felt like it was caught between going blank and into overdrive, barely able to think clearly at all with all the sensations coursing through her shaking body, damp with a sheen of perspiration.

‘Mmmmmmmmm that felt so good’ she purred when he had moved back up the bed underneath her again, kissing her throat and clasping her body tightly to his. She could taste herself all over his mouth when they kissed, and it made the pit of her stomach grow tighter with heated arousal, raking her nails down his arms and back up again across his thick neck, her mouth leaving his to run over every last crease and dip of his chest and stomach, fingers undoing his belt as she felt the eagerness of his erection pressing into her palm. She freed him of the material confides and pulled his jeans and boxers off him, positioning herself between his legs and running her tongue in a line up his washboard stomach while her hand grasped his cock.

She moved her mouth to her hand and discreetly deposited a trail of saliva into her palm before wrapping it lightly around the head and rubbing it up and down, then alternating to a gentle twist, an almost guttural moan rattling up from his throat as his chest began to rise and fall at a faster pace. She used her other hand to cup his balls and gently roll them around, tongue circling his navel and slowly working lower. When he felt her mouth enclose around him at last Shannon let out a shuddering breath and ran his hands through her hair, looking down to watch his length being swallowed back into her throat, her lips crushing around the base hard before dragging slowly back up to the tip, her lips tightening again to push back down over him and slide his foreskin back in one downward motion.

He had one the nicest looking dicks could remember seeing, more girth than length and currently rippled with engorged veins that her lips emptied of blood as they pressed against them, tightening and releasing her grip as her mouth travelled up and down his shaft, tongue pressing and circling. The two small studs she had pierced through her tongue added the kind of friction that made him squeeze his eyes tightly shut and groan so deeply he didn’t sound human, more animal as he started to pant, hands pulling her hair as her mouth moved faster, sucking him into hot wetness again and again.

‘Fuck this woman’s unreal at giving head’ he thought, something he would have said out loud if he thought he could actually speak. But after a few more upward passes of her mouth over his dick he had to find a voice.

‘Clo, come here. I love this but I really need you badly babe’ he said, pulling her up by the top of her arms and letting out the most aroused growl of pure lust Chloe had ever heard from a man as she reached back and guided him inside her, the heat of slick walls gripping and encasing him totally as he felt her nails run along the sides of his head, her tongue pressing against his in an open mouthed kiss. The friction created from their bodies moving against each other in such hot, blind passion brought about such overwhelming sensations both felt lost in a sea of ecstasy, the whole world could have fallen away and neither would have noticed.

But one thing that sparked through Chloe’s mind was fear, she was scared of how she felt when she was with Shannon, because it was just too perfect to be just sex, being with him was the most intense experience of her life. It seemed she wasn’t alone.

‘You do things to me I can’t even fucking describe’ he panted, running his fingers down her cheeks to her neck, trailing in circles to her chest and pushing her over as he turned to lie on top of her, pulling her legs up around him to grant deeper access for his dick, burying himself into her ball deep as the pace sped up, his pelvis crashing against hers over and over as he drove in with complete abandon, fuelled by the loud cries flowing from her mouth, hanging open in exertion as she felt her nipples licked and bitten.

His mouth finally came back to hers for the briefest of moment before retracting into the crevice between her neck and shoulder, tongue swirling across the over sensitive goose pimple riddled skin as he moaned deeply, moving faster against her until he completely lost control of his own body and drove into her like a jackhammer, feeling her legs wrap around him tightly and nails run down his back, an orgasm propelling through her body so violently it all but took her to another planet she was so consumed by the pleasure. Just as Shannon must have been when he came with a deafening primal noise right in her ear, arms gripping her upper body tightly as they fought to regain their breath.

‘Chloe?’ he said finally, raising himself up off her body and leaning his weight on his forearms either side of her.

‘Hmmm?’ she replied, fingers stroking his chest idly.

‘Don’t go’ he said, nearing his face to hers, kissing her just as their noises pressed together.
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PostSubject: Re: Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.   

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Playing with Fire - Shannon Moore/OC fic.
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