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 gate way to love

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PostSubject: gate way to love    Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:40 am

Gateway to love
Rating: R for now
Disclaimer: this is a work of my crazy imagination . I do not own nor am I making anything off of this story.
This Disclaimer is to cover my and everyone else’s asses .
All O.C. are my own, if your name appears in this or any other of my stories you have been asked first .
Notes: takes place the beginning of the 5th month.

Jeff and Tj had been dating for about 4 months now .
She was still shy around his friends and family.
She worked for Shannon at the tattoo shop , she was the manager who corralled all the customers .
Shannon nicknamed her Sassy ass for she would mouth off to the guys about their messes.
Jeff really liked her…. After a month he not only got her stay in North Carolina but he got her to move in with him .

Jeff and Shannon walked into Shannon’s house . Jeff looked around “where is Tj?”
Julie looked up from her magazine” she had a Doctor appointment at 1 something about a yearly thing”
Kimo looked up at Jeff” that was 3 hours ago”
Julie slapped him” I am sure she is fine stop worrying him!”
2 more hours passed everyone got worried. Jeff tried calling her but it went straight to voicemail.

Everyone was standing around playing the PS3 when Julie noticed the door opening then she saw who it was as she went back to the door .
Julie followed her , running to the door “ what is wrong? Did not get Jeff voicemails?”
Tj turned “ yes I turned my phone off while I was in the Doctors office … I needed to think”

Julie leaned against the car” what? What is so bad that has you in tears?”
Tj sat down on the front of the car” it is not my time! It is yours or Kim’s just not mine … we just got together , just moved in with each other”
Julie put the 2 and 2 together “ you are pregnant? Oh sweetie be happy! “ she watched as Tj broke down in tears again , she turns and sees everyone was on the porch.
She took a deep breath and walked back to the porch, up to Jeff “ patience Jeff she has a good reason , she is running scared right now”

Jeff walked down toward Tj , he could hear her crying . he took a couple of deep breath” talk to me T you are scaring me … we can work whatever it is out. just tell me “
He heard “ it is not my time what if you don’t want it?”
Jeff put his hand underneath her chin lifting it” I would not want what?!”

Tj looked into Jeff’s eyes , the same eyes she loved. “ I’m ……pregnant …. If you don’t want us I will move back to my uncle’s place in KY”
Jeff looked back at everyone still standing there waiting but out of hearing range. Then he looked back at the woman who stole his heart” if you leave me I will hunt you just remember that ! this is unexpected but we can and will deal with this I thought you had some disease that was going to kill you … now can we go in before we turn into Human pop cycles ??”

Gateway to love 2

( what happens is for the story only)

Jeff lifted Tj off the car , they walked up to the porch .
Shannon stopped him “ is everything o.k.?”
Jeff nodded then quietly said” yea I think so”
Matt went back to the PS# “anything you need help with?”
Jeff looked back at Tj then shook his head” no the damage has been done “

Matt stopped the game and turned around” what did you do now?”
Jeff looked back at Tj and whispered” can I tell them?!”
Matt looked at both of them”what!?”
Tj nodded” might as well next they will think I am dying”
Jeff took a deep breath” I am going to be a father”

Everything went suddenly quiet .Kimo jumped up” aww damn you sure it is not mine?” laughing .
Tj giggled” no I am sure”
Kim scooted closer” they could not do the test?’
Tj sat down softly “ they did the test that is how they found out then the blood work came back that I was”
Shannon looked over from the couch” why in the hell did you not answer the phone . you had us all worried”
Julie mumbled” she had it turned off and she was in shock”

Tj pointed to the kitchen” what she said”
The phone started ringing on the tattoo line so Tj reached over , she knew she was taking a chance “ Gas Chambers tattoo this is Tj speaking?”
Everyone heard Tj say” what I am wearing? That is none of your damn business but if you must know Clothes! Sucks to be you” hanging up” little boys looking for a cheap thrill”

Shannon looked at the clock”Oz and Stacy was suppose to have the phones let me call Oz and see why no one answered it”
Tj spoke up “ I have them at nights , I go there instead of staying at the house most nights while you two are gone”
Shannon gave Tj a look” this time I will let you but don’t make it a habit I know you want to make your own money but ask for help and Oz need to stand on his own two feet while I am gone”

Tj hid her expression , she knew that Oz was not doing his job. He was giving out free tattoos and calling her in to do the deposits so he could leave with some chick .. she had been covering his ass for awhile .
Shannon watched her “ do you know something I don’t ?”
Tj mumbled “ yes and no please don’t ask me to tell on them I am not a tattle tale”

Shannon took a deep breath” please you will not get into trouble now many times have you covered for him?”
Tj started counting on her fingers ..this was her boss” in the last two weeks I have been working doubles . I know he fired Kay , she was stealing but he leaves after the shop closes and I get stuck with the deposit then I leave alone .. if I don’t go in he calls me and hounds me “
Shannon stood up “ not tonight he won’t you can not work all day and all night “
Tj looked at him” I don’t mind doing the deposits but it is unsafe for me to leave with that kind of money by myself”

Shannon walked away , he was pissed!
Julie stopped him” Tj is doing a great job why don’t we give her the codes of her own and keys let her do the manager’s job . he is apparently not doing it “
Shannon looked at Tj “ you two share it but someone will be there to walk you out .and Teresa Jewell you will not overdo it ! this baby means the world to all of us and tonight I will be in there !”

Tj looked at him” I don’t want anyone to loose their jobs over this it is hard to get a job now days”
Matt jumped up from his game “ if they do it is their own faults you are too kind hearted to be mean”
Jeff laughed” she can be mean when she wants too!” causing Tj’s face to get bright red!!!
Gateway to love 3

Jeff and Tj stayed for a few more hours . Julie watched Tj , who was still in shock .
Julie hoped her thoughts was not of getting rid of the baby it would kill Jeff.
Everyone felt the uneasiness that Tj was having.

Julie and Kim cornered Tj “ come on lets go talk you need some female options”
Tj walked out back with t hem , Kim looked at her” you are thinking of abortion aren’t you?”
Tj replied softly “ no…. not really I am just thinking is that a crime?”
Julie blew out a breath” no but every time you look at Jeff you tear up that is why we think you are thinking of aborting it”
Tj turned around” I don’t know what I am thinking I just don’t want him to hate me later on”

Kim looked at Julie then back at Tj” hate you? for what?”
Julie spoke up” entrapment you are afraid he would feel like you have trapped him don’t you realize that Jeff worships the ground you walk on? Stop worrying about tomorrow just live for today”

The girls turned when they heard Shannon cussing . Tj walked back in to hear him say” he closed the fucking shop down “
Shannon turned “ he has been doing this often???”
Tj walked off” he is the boss he can do that if business is not there ..that is what he told me “
Shannon spoke to whoever “ I will be there in 5 minutes come on T I am going to need you to keep my cool!”

At the shop

Shannon unlocks the door to 3 customers that was getting some pricy tattoos.
Stacy came back to help it was not his fault that Shannon’s partner was trying to screw him.
More customers came in Shannon was furious but kept quiet it was not Tj’s fault.

Stacy looked at Tj and mouthed “ he needs to know all of it” no one but Jeff caught it .
He looked at Tj” what is he talking about Baby?”
Tj just shook her head then replied” not now we have customers”
3 ½ hours later after the last customer left Stacy turned to her” Now T let the big boss know “
Tj looked up “ you know what he told me if he is found out!!”

Stacy walked away then back to her” he can not touch you ! I will not let him .but Shannon need to know this shop is his dream!!”
Tj walked over to Oz’s area opening letting Shannon see the mess “ this is the reason we got a low health department score they threaten to shut us down .. he is given out free tattoos , drinking on the job that is all I know”

Stacy smiled’ good girl”
Shannon looked over the area then back at her” what did he tell you? and don’t shut up yet”
Stacy mumbled” he said if you found out he would know she told and he would silence her forever he knew you two was close he said you are probably fucking her too”
Shannon smiled “ want to give him a taste of his own medicine ? if Julie and Jeff are cool with it and plays along? If requires us kissing and looking like we are a couple like a open relationship?”
Julie looked at Jeff” I am cool with it if you are can you see Tj and Shannon making out ?”
Matt sat down “ if it was me I could not but if you can protect her and the baby from Oz so be it”

Jeff looked at Tj “ yea I think I could I am not lying it will be very hard to watch “
Tj lowered herself to a chair “ he could see right thru it . I appreciate what you are trying to do but let it be”
Stacy shook his head’ no we will not let it be ! Oz has threaten you Shannon and I know Jeff will not let it be!”
Tj mumbled to herself” why in the hell did I not just stay in KY?”
Jeff bent down in front of her” because you wanted to be with your dad you just did not know he was already gone by the time you got here”

Gateway to love 4

The next morning

After a lot of talking Shannon and Tj put their plan into motion after seeing Tj warm up to Shannon Jeff was getting cool with it. He knew Shannon and Julie was having problems and they had shared a female before.
Julie found out TJ never received flowers so she ordered 2 dozen one from Shannon the other from Jeff.

Shannon went to work early waiting to begin the show he knew Tj was on the way in.
Oz came in looking out of place his boss was there no more leaving early until he left again.
Shannon gave him a look then went back to tattooing a dudes arm.
Tj chose that moment to walk in .
Just as Shannon yelled” there is my baby and with my coffee”
Tj looked at Shannon “ boy someone is sure cheerful this morning!”
Shannon looked up” sorry baby I kept you up all night last night “

Stacy bused out laughing when he heard” and you took all the hot water too!”
Oz looked at the both of them “ you two are cheating on Jeff and Julie!”
Julie walked in “ we know it is fun when you can have your own orgies”
Julie leaned over giving Shannon a kiss then Kissing Tj on the face beside her lisp trying to make it look like they were lovers too.

A hour later
Shannon walked up to the table where Tj was on the computer trying to form the website , he leaned over giving her a kiss on the neck.
Tj looked up and smiled as he walked back off.
Everyone watched Oz and how he was acting.
Shannon was making it look real .
Shannon placed his hand on her stomach and smiled before tattooing another customer.
Stacy stopped “ T you have a little one? Who is the daddy?”

Tj looked back” who cares they are both are. The baby can have 2 daddies. If they got Julie pregnant it would be the same way. I know my baby would not want for nothing “
Oz sneered at them “ you are just a slut!”
Shannon started to get up but Tj shook her head , she got up and walked over to him” what you jealous ? you have to find a bimbo who you gave a free tattoo to screw while I have 2 men in my bed taking care of my needs?”

Shannon came over looking at Tj “ I think he is ….you have a delivery on your table”
Tj walked back to the front seeing the roses.
She reached up grabbing the cards , she turned and walked back to Shannon .
Shannon looked up”yes?”

Tj bent and whispered” thanks for the flowers” giving him a kiss (pop)
Jeff walked in “ hey? Where is mine?”
Tj ran up to him “ I got roses! From my 2 men”
Jeff smiled down at her” damn they must be feeling lucky right now”

Shannon grinned” I know I am Lunch is going to be later I have to finish up Doug’s arm maybe T would like to take a small nap since we kept her up last night”
Jeff nodded “ little miss Stubborn won’t Julie is at home asleep I just left there”
Doug turned” 2 women to please damn you have it made! I wish I had just 1 to please”
Shannon leaned back and smiled’ yes I do have it made and I love both of them just like Jeff does”

Jeff pointed to Shannon’s office” take a few minutes off while we wait”
Tj looked at him” I am not getting paid to sleep”
Shannon mumbled ”When you are having our baby you are !”
Tj glanced over” I am fine! I will sleep while the 2 of you fight over dinner!”
Shannon looked up and then back at Doug’s arm” o.k. then I am holding you to that !!”

* Is Shannon falling for his friend’s woman and will Jeff Share her?”

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PostSubject: Re: gate way to love    Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:41 am

Gateway to love 5

Later on Shannon came home early from the shop . Julie had not been in awhile she had not even called.
She was not answering her phone when he called.
So Shannon decided he would check on her.
He was envy of Jeff and Tj , their free loving thru Jeff she opened up , she had been in a open relationship that turned Sexual but then it turned bad.

Jeff then shocked her by saying” this ‘play’ was for real and that they had shared a woman before back in high school”
Tj looked own at her own hands” let me get use to this …the last time I was in this kind of relationship it was the boyfriend that went nuts”

Shannon heard mumbling then groaning when he walked in . he walked to his bedroom .
Oz had left a hour early …Shannon was hoping that she was a sleep and not cheating… he opened his door and there on his bed was his wife and Oz having sex.

Shannon yelled “ get the fuck out of my house now!!! or I swear you will not like the results of what I do”
Julie jumped up” Shannon this is not what it looks like “
Shannon looked into her eyes” I am not stupid ! get out … I don’t care if I ever see your face again!!”

Shannon ran down the stairs grabbing Ozzie and drove to Jeff’s house.
Jeff was bringing in some bags.
He took one look at Shannon “ what happen?”
Shannon mumbled’ my wife was cheating on me with Oz”
Jeff picked up the bags” go in Tj is inside “
Shannon walked inside , looks at Tj and starts to cry … he never cried.

Tj’s eyes got wide as Jeff told her that Shannon caught Julie cheating. Tj walked over pulling him in her arms “ I know it hurts right now it will lessen in time”
Shannon put his arms around her, whispering” thanks”
Tj giggled “ anytime … now I have to cook so I need to get out of these arms”

Jeff who had hugged her at her back” no you are going to change and we are going to Olive Garden and yes Kim told on you”

At Olive Garden

Shannon was able to smile he was watching Tj eat.
She was under so much stress at the shop she would not eat.
Shannon took ‘note’ of what she liked so he could make sure there was food for her there.
He knew pregnant women needed more .

Shannon had a great time that night . he told them he applied for a loan to buy out Oz.
Tj looked up” how much are we talking about?”
Shannon blew out a breath” 10 grand”
Tj held up her hand” don’t apply for that loan let me … Jeff can I use your phone my has died.. I mean really died”

Jeff hands over his phone “ we will be getting you a new one”
Tj calls her uncle asking him to send a check for 15 grand.
Shannon swore “ how you come into this kind of money?”

Tj smiled” won a lawsuit with Waffle house the server spilt hot coffee down my leg .. I won 50,000.00 for that plus my mother had me in any beauty pagets ( spelt wrong I know) since I was born I still have all of that money my mother would squeeze a penny to make 9 cents”

Shannon went home later that night .. they had gotten Tj a new phone so new she did not know how to use it.
He saw the mess Julie made . he sat down on his couch when his phone rang.
He smiled when he saw the name” you finally learn how to make a call baby girl?”

Gate way to love 6

Tj laughed “ yeah… are you o.k.? if you can not stand to be in that house come back over here”
Shannon started to say No but Tj spoke up “ she left a mess .. what the hell, we are on our way there don’t do anything ! ”
Shannon mumbled’ you need rest baby you are pregnant “

Tj mumbled “ you need help baby one thing you better know about me friends or more I am faithful so Pregnant women is suppose to not do anything for nine months?? Tough I am working and do what I want to I care even though you are my boss ”
Shannon hung up the phone as he saw headlights pulling into his driveway.
Ozzie was barking up a storm and wagging his tail as they walked up to the door. He could see it had started to snow.

Tj looked around” I have the kitchen you two get the upstairs god what a wreck!!!”
They all started working about a hour later when the power goes out due to a huge snow storm Jeff grabs a flashlight and ran down the stairs” T is scared of the dark!!”as he passed Shannon .
Shannon grabbed the other flashlight and ran down the back stairs they found her sitting on the floor crying with Ozzie standing guard.

Shannon bent down “ why did you not tell me you were scared of the dark?”
tj looked up” I knew you would not hurt me .. Chris used my fear to punish me I did not always do what he wanted “
Shannon looked up at Jeff who he could tell was mad. He would ask who the hell Chris was was not a good time to ask about the jerk.

Shannon sat back “ you two might have to stay here since the storm probably knocked out your power too. The living room is the only warm room because of the fire place .
Jeff mumbled” let me get to the couch so we can go upstairs and look for some blankets I know they were up there “
Shannon nodded then turned to wait by the stairs he looked at Ozzie “ keep her in there “
Jeff laughed as he walked up” that was a lost cause he follows you around lets go find these blankets do you have any idea where the hell they could be at?”

Shannon looked down the hallways ”Julie might have put them in the spare room “
Walking toward the room with Jeff following.
Shannon turned after he saw all of his belongings in there “ I see she put everything she did not like away..they are over there in that pile” climbing thru the mess.

Tj sat on the couch where the fire was keeping that one room warms. She reached over petting Ozzie” you did not like her did you ? it is o.k. you have a good judge of character …I usually trusted my dog’s judge of people I just wish now I would have listen more carefully….what do you say they got lost?”
Jeff laughed behind her” we did not get lost ! we have a lot of stuff to bring down. Julie piled the spare room up with everything . “
Tj jumped then looked behind her” need any help?”

Shannon dropped the load he was carrying, his hair was a mess” not from you … now did you get that order from the shop done yet?”
Tj jumped up and picked up the phone “ no I have them written down now I have to call it in….damn it the phones are down” hanging up the phone.
Shannon turned and ran upstairs only to come down with his cell phone” here use this I can charge it up at work tomorrow”

Tj tried to dial the number but got a recording “ the towers are down can not make the call “
Shannon put his hand thru his hair messing it up even more” o.k. we need to get it in by 9 in the morning to still receive it by Saturday …ummm how can we?”
Jeff looked on the table” can you send it thru the web or text it in ???”

Tj got up and walked to the table grabbing the laptop” let me try to web it is our only shot”
10 minutes later” o.k. it is in I think … lets hope for your sake they get it”
Jeff and Shannon began laying down the blankets as Tj looked back” god how many blankets are we going to need?!”

Shannon looked up from the pile” a lot! Now we men need to get more firewood so we don’t freeze our asses off” holding his . listening as Tj starts laughing before he walked out the door.
Jeff just shook his head he loved to hear her laugh ….

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gate way to love
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