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 Hawaiian love ( DTBH fic)

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PostSubject: Hawaiian love ( DTBH fic)   Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:38 am

Hawaiian love ( Leland fic)
Rating: R to M to be on the safe side
Disclaimer; this is the same as others , I don’t own any of these people . there is no money being made for this . this is strictly for fun. If there is violence it is only for the story. No way any of this is true..this covers everyone’s asses.
Notes; for all the Dog the bounty hunter fans out there.

Leland’s pov

My girlfriend of a year called me again asking if I will pick up our daughter from the babysitters . I was starting to wonder what she was up too. She did not work at a regular job she had a part time one so she could keep Leiah. I saw Beth giving me a look so I held up my finger , I told Lynette that I would then hung up.

Beth spoke from behind me “ she dropped Leiah off at Gracie’s again?? Leland I am not telling you how to live your life but something is not right . she broke into your house that is how you two got together …but now I think you need to step back and look at what is going on before it gets worse”

Just then a very pretty woman walked in with Leiah and another little girl .. I walked over to her as she turned” are you Leland?” I smiled as I spoke “ yes I am what can I do for you?”
she smiled” I am Gracie’s daughter Kayla . mymom had to go to the Doctors , she asked me to keep Leiah for her . I am just letting you know so you did not worry. Lynette called and said you would be picking her up tonight….”
I bent down to the little girl behind her mother” hi who are you?”
Kayla laughed” this is my little girl …Angel . say hi to the man buttercup”

Angel just waved behind her mother as I got up from the floor . I looked at mom “ that is fine where do I need to pick her up at?”
Kayla pulled out a piece of paper” here …. It is my business well the start of it”
I nodded “ I will see you around 6??”
Kayla turned” that is fine just call if you are late. I will be there”

Beth came out of her office as Kayla was leaving” who was that? She is a cutie!!”
I laughed” which one ? the mother or the little girl?? The mom is Kayla , she is keeping Leiah. Gracie had a Doctor’s appointment so Kayla who is her daughter is keeping Leiah and the little girl is her baby Angel, she is starting her own business “ looking at the paper.
Lyssa took it” she is starting Little angels daycare. Wonder what her prices are?”
Dakota walked in from the Bus stop since he got into trouble at school they all thought he should work at the office after school. “ dad, Mom is working for her. If she has Leiah then she is in great hands. Here is the price list” handing me a piece of paper.
Lyssa looked over the list” she is cheap! I might have to use her no offence Mom but Mandy has her hands full with yours. “
Beth looked at the flyer” I wonder if she has a opening for someone that hopes to be in the field .. Cecily is taking those child development classes”


I ran by the place that was listed on the paper . all I saw was a 2 story house .. I wonder ‘ is this where she is going to keep the children .. a house by the ocean ??” I parked my Hummer and got out then walked to door, knocking on it my youngest answered it” Kayla my dad is here!”
I heard from the other room” wake up Leiah and I am going to beat your butt!” listening to Cobie laugh…

Kayla came in the room with the baby” here she is daddy bright eyed and bushy tails thanks to her older brother waking her up!”
I looked behind her seeing Angel dragging the diaper bag. I smiled when she looked up “ I help too”
Kayla looked around “ yes you do and did a very good job of it”
She turned to look at me “ mom is in the hospital having some test ran .. so for the rest of the week bring her here I can watch her”

I nodded as I left . driving home to where I thought Lynette was going to be but she wasn’t
She was found 3 days later in her car … dead with Drugs all around her. I could not turn a blind eye like I did when she was bar hopping and the beer .
Everyone tried to tell me but I thought she was different.
It took me months to get over the hurt but Kayla was a life saver … she kept my daughter for me …while I took care of Lynette.

(about 3 months after the accident )

we drove by a park when I noticed Kayla’s car . I radioed to my dad” since we have to stop and discuss a plan lets see the girls and discuss”
Beth saw Angel so she wanted to get out.
As she walked up we all heard Kayla say” eat that sandwich or no dessert”
Beth giggled “ what is this ? a picnic and we were not invited!”

Angel turned with peanut butter all over her face” mom is painting and it is smelly!”
I laughed at Kayla’s expression “ Uncle Kylan is painting and the fumes are bad for you two”
Beth sat down ,watching Angel “ who are you cutie??”
Angel looked up” I Angel but Mommy said I a demon too”
We all laughed . Beth looked over at my dad” can I stay here!”
My dad smiled” I know Bethy … but Leland can invite them over tonight??’
I looked over at him …. Already my father is trying to set me up again… but Leiah needed a mother in her life….
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Hawaiian love ( DTBH fic)
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