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 The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17

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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Mon May 16, 2011 7:55 pm

I'd hate to see what would have happened to Val if he didn't do that.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed May 18, 2011 6:23 pm

That's very true, Kricket.

And you're right about that too, Rocky


Part Twenty-Five – “But, it’s the main thing.”

“Can I ask you something?”

Leash off, Bella is racing along the water’s edge, tail flagging nineteen to the dozen, as we walk along the beach front. Matt is holding my hand, his thumb tracing circles against my palm. The end of Bella’s leash is hanging out of the back pocket of his shorts. I peer up at him, thinking on his earlier interactions with my sister. He looks down at me, lowering the shades that are covering his gaze.

“What is it?”

Meeting his eyes, I mull over my thoughts. “Well, you and my sister...I don’t get why she’s like...that, with you.”

Matt gives me a long look then sighs. “It’s not just her. It’s me too.”

I flush, lowering my eyes. I wasn’t going to mention that, after all it’s not my place to comment on his conduct. My sister is one thing, but Matt’s a no go zone, as far as I’m concerned.

Matt squeezes my hand. “Val, it’s a long story.” He gives a short laugh, no trace of amusement evident. I wonder at that, and peer up at him again. His brow is furrowing and he pinches at the bridge of his nose, this time pushing his shades up his face.

I shuffle my toes in the sand; I took my sandals off earlier, hiding them under a bush back up the beach. You’d think that people might steal them, but Matt says he used to always hide things there and no one has ever found them. The sand is cool on my feet and I give us both time to consider Matt’s statement. Then I glance at his face again.

“We don’t have to be anywhere right could tell me.”

Matt cocks an eyebrow at me, the dark arch rising above the top of his Aviators. “Are you asking me?”

I blush, realising he’s gently correcting me. Lowering my eyes, I murmur, “Sorry, you don’t have to, if you don’t want to...” There’s silence then and I shiver, wondering if he’s mad at me. He says nothing more, for now.

We keep walking; Bella bounces back toward us, shaking her body, spraying water and sand over us. Matt laughs, releasing my hand and lunging at her. She dodges him then stands still several feet away, tongue lolling from her mouth. Matt growls at her. Bella barks back at him, tail wagging so hard I’m surprised it doesn’t fall off the end of her body. Matt pauses, as she runs back toward him, and allows her to jump up on him. He dances around with her, and then begins chasing her along the stretch of sand.

I hang back, watching them. Bella seems to be laughing at Matt in that familiar irrepressible way that all dogs have. I think dogs always look perpetually amused with humans. He’s laughing too, yelling at her as she twists and turns, avoiding him.

“C’mere, you crazy bitch!” Matt’s laughing so hard he can’t keep up with her and eventually collapses on the sand, several feet from where I’m standing. Bella rushes up to him, standing all over him, and licking him all over the face.

“Stop, stop...Bella...quit it...” He’s pushing at her, chuckling deep in his chest, finally managing to get her to move aside so he can sit up. Wiping his sleeve against his face, then bracing his palms against his shins, he looks over to me. “Whew...crazy dog...Val, come over here.... Bella, sit.” The last he shoots at the still wiggling Lab who’s trying to pounce on him again.

Bella whines, he glares, pointing at the sand. “Sit.”

If a dog could pout, I’m sure she would be, but she obeys him, laying her head between her paws and gazing at him with that look of adulation I think only dogs can pull off. He smirks at her then swings his head back to me.

“Val.” Matt pats the spot beside him.

I blink at him, adjusting my pants, before joining him. He rubs gently at my arm then wraps both his around his knees, clasping his hands in front of them. Shuffling into a comfortable position, I lean my cheek against his shoulder. He smiles at me before gazing out at the small waves that are breaking on the sand.

We sit in silence for a long while watching as other people pass by. A group of teens race pass kicking a ball between each other; a young woman jogs along the water’s edge; an older couple walk by heads together, hands linked together in a sign of their love. A family: mom, dad couple of kids and a dog appear near us. Bella takes an interest and springs up, dashing over to the other dog.

Matt calls out to her, a stern note in his voice, “Bella! Get back here!”

She barks once at the other dog, who whimpers and races back to its owners. But after a moment, Bella obeys, dashing back and sprawling out on the sand beside him. He smirks, reaching over to ruffle her ears. She wriggles her body, bumping her head up against his hand. He chuckles low and begins to stroke her fur. I smile a little, observing the way he treats her. He’s firm, yet gentle. Kind of like how he is with me.

Matt catches my look. “What’re you thinking, Val?” He removes his shades, hooking them on his shirt. The whole time he keeps his level gaze on my face.

I flush a little. “Oh...just that some people would probably be surprised how gentle a man you really are...”

He tilts his head, bemusement in his eyes. “Oh?”

Lowering my eyes, I strain some sand through my fingers. I really have no idea what made me answer him that way; the words just came out of my mouth. Matt shifts his weight so he’s looking at me. I peer at him. He continues to give me that quizzical stare.

I bite my lip. “Well, y’know your whole stage persona...”

Matt’s dimples come on show then, lips curving in a broad smile. “Yeah. I’m a right motherfucker.” He shakes his head, expression becoming sombre. “Most people don’t get to see the real me. I reserve that person for those closest to me.”

He brushes a finger against my cheek, smiling softly. My cheeks glow from the attention; I duck my head down in embarrassment. The thought that he’s including me in that statement makes my throat tighten a little. I mean, he’s said the words, but it’s still so fresh. And after what happened...before. I can’t handle the intimacy of the situation right now. I know that makes no sense. But, it’s one thing to hold his hand, or walk next to him, but the close, tender touches which are so much more intimate, that’s not as easy to cope with.

Matt tilts my chin up so he can meet my gaze. There’s a look in his eyes that I can’t decipher, but it sends tingles down my spine.

He leans in closer and nuzzles against my cheek, murmuring, “I’m nice to fans...and...y’know, they deserve that, ‘cause they’re what keep the band out there.” He sighs, sitting back a little, looking at me. “But, they’re not family.”

Matt looks away again, but leaves his hand resting against my cheek for a long while. I lean into his touch, wanting to maintain the contact between us. What he’s saying makes perfect sense to me. I know that bands like to connect with their fans, but that the truly successful ones are the bands who manage to keep their private lives from encroaching on their professional ones. And the fans respect that.

I know there are a small minority who go out of their way to slag off the partners of the guys. I’ve even seen, recently, a couple of things about me. Not the truth mind, because no one other than the guys and management know that I’m a slave, that Matt bought me. But, still it’s a little sad how much time some people, especially teenage girls, spend on pissing all over the guys’ private, personal lives. Though, part of me is curious as to the reaction that would occur if the fans found out about our relationship.

Matt clears his throat, drawing my focus back to him. I open my mouth to speak. “Ma-”

“Shhh.” He presses fingertips to my lips. “Don’t talk.” He runs his thumb along my bottom lip. “I wanna tell you some, just listen. ‘Kay?” I nod.

He sighs, withdrawing his hand, raking his fingers through his hair. Whatever he wants to say isn’t coming easy, which becomes obvious when he mumbles in an absent tone, “Gotta get rid of this shit...” The corners of his lips quirk a little. “Might get Jason to shave it off for me.”

I tilt my head. He looks at me. “Berry.” His brow furrows. “You didn’t think I meant Denmore?”

Shaking my head, I look down at the ground. Matt huffs. “Anyway.” He leans back in the sand, folding his arms. “Did I mention I have a sister?”

Moving onto my side, I shake my head in the negative. I can’t remember if he has or not. He might have, but I probably wasn’t paying attention. Bad Valary.

He glances at me sideways a proud smile gracing his lips. “Amy. She’s a pro basketball player. You’ll have to meet her sometime.” He rubs at his cheek. He’s leading to something important; I can tell by the way his eyes are focussing on a spot in the distance.

I wait, curled on my side, watching, listening to him. He heaves a sigh.

“She and Chelle were best friends, back in elementary school.” Matt lays a forearm over his face, breathing deeply before continuing. “They were in the same year, a couple below me and Syn.”

He tenses up at some memory that must come to mind. I reach out to lay a hand on his bicep; it’s tight. Kneading gently, I ease the tension. He shifts his arm and smiles at me. My stomach does back flips at the warmth in the expression. It makes me wonder at what he’s actually doing. No other master I’ve had has ever told me anything of their personal lives. They’ve never opened up to me. But then, I wasn’t there for that, was I? I was nothing but a sex slave to them. Once again, Matt is proving the difference between him, and them, to me.

He goes on. “Michelle tolerated me back then whenever she came over to hang with my sis. She just thought of me as Amy’s annoying big brother.” He gives a harsh laugh. “Then she started going out with this punkass. Can’t remember what year that was.”

Matt turns his eyes to mine; there’s darkness in their depths. Whoever this guy was he obviously didn’t like him. I’m curious to know what happened, but I keep quiet, knowing that he will tell me.

“Amy thought the guy was bad news. She told me that she was worried for Chelle. And, anyway, I’d heard rumours about him.” Matt clenches his jaw. “Syn and I both tried to talk some sense into her...but she wouldn’t listen.” He grinds his teeth together. Scratch that, I think he must’ve hated the guy.

Matt groans. “She forgave Syn for interfering. I don’t really know why...”

“Maybe because Amy hadn’t told him about the guy?” I hazard a suggestion.

He snorts, but nods in agreement. “That’s probably it.”

He stops for a moment; Bella is shuffling forward then flops her belly over his feet. He smirks at her. Then he looks at me again.

“She stopped talking to my sister...and well, she couldn’t wait for me to drop out of school.” He laughs sardonically. “Which I did. Dropped out at Grade Ten. Couldn’t hack it anymore...” He chortles. “Not that you can really learn how to be in a famous band at high school.”

He becomes serious again. “Anyhow. That punk...ended up dumping Chelle. And just a few years ago he was arrested in Long Beach, for killing someone in a drive by shooting.”

I shudder at that. He wraps an arm around my waist, drawing me closer to him. We fall quiet after he finishes talking. The mood is darker than before, and I notice Matt withdraw into his mind, mulling over things. Bella is dozing at his feet, tail twitching every now and again. I snuggle into his side, relaxing and watching as the waves break against the shoreline.

Time passes, as do a lot more people; most of them I recognise from other forays out on the town. Several I’m sure I must’ve have seen when I went shopping with my sister. Huntington Beach is small enough for everyone to know just about everyone else. So, the fact that Matt and the band have managed to keep my identity under wraps is nothing short of a miracle.

Matt shakes his head, squeezing me gently.

“Anyway,” he says, continuing as if there was no break between his earlier words, “Chelle and I haven’t seen eye-to-eye ever since. I mean all that shit that went’s not the only reason she didn’t like me...but, it’s the main thing.” He rolls his eyes. “Only reason she doesn’t talk shit to me now, or vice-versa, is ‘cause she and Brian are together.”

He looks down at me. “She’s been a great support for him with the band and everything. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he popped the question, any time soon.”

I smile at the thought of my sister marrying the guitarist. Yes, Matt and Michelle aren’t really friends, but she’s my sister and I can see how content she is with Brian. So, if...when it happens I will be very happy for both of them. Part of me wishes I could have something like what she has with Brian, with Matt. But, I’m a slave, so that’s a no go. Which really sucks.

If only...

Matt removes his arm from my waist, stretching both above his head. “We should head back.”

He tilts his head up to the sky. I follow his gaze. Clouds scuttle across the wide blue expanse. The sun is inching its way across the stretch of sky, signalling the passing of time. I nod a little.

He smiles at me, sliding his Aviators back on. “We can have an early dinner...’cause I think we missed lunch, somehow...” He gives an amused snort. “Ever had Japanese?”

“No.” I’ve never had anything much, really. Only since being with Matt have I ever had anything other than really plain sandwiches or broth...or whatever shit my former masters bothered to give me.

“Well, you’re in for a treat.” He strokes my cheek. “We can pick some up on the way home.”

I nod some more. My mind is too full with everything he’s just told me to really concentrate on the idea of food. But, my stomach is rumbling, so my body obviously is taking note.

Matt pushes up off the sand, dusting sticky grains from the backs of his shorts and legs. Then he holds his hand out to me. I grasp it tightly, and he pulls me to my feet. He dusts the back of my pants; a tingle runs up my spine, but I lean into his touch. A small smirk touches the corners of his mouth. He then nudges Bella with his foot.

“Wake up, crazy dog.”

Bella jumps up in an instant, tail flagging furiously tongue hanging between her canines. I can’t help but laugh at how comical she looks. Matt joins in, shaking his head.

“Silly mutt. C’mon, let’s go.” He squeezes my hand; a tender gesture. Then he turns and heads back along the sand.

I stay close by his side, smiling as Bella races ahead of us, impatient to get home.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed May 18, 2011 10:26 pm

That was a really nice chapter, I love that they are slowly getting more comfortable with each other and sharing more about themselves
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Thu May 19, 2011 6:00 pm

Love the part with Matt and Bella, almost makes eveything seem right again.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Thu May 19, 2011 7:13 pm

Very Happy Yeah...almost...


Part Twenty-Six – “Get our mind off things for a while.”

I can still remember the first real meal I’d ever had in my life. It was when I was two years old. Mom stood at the kitchen stove stirring a huge pot of Carbonara sauce. I sat in my highchair, next to my twin, waiting for it to be ready. While I sat quietly, Michelle was banging her spoon against the side of her chair; she was always much more impatient than me. The youngest of our older brothers, he was three, was trying to tell her to stop, in that typical three-year-old manner. Yelling, basically.

Mom looked over and just smiled. Our other siblings were milling around her trying to put their fingers in the sauce while she wasn’t looking. At two, I didn’t really understand what was going on, all I understood was that I could smell something really tasty and I wanted it in my mouth. That sensation of having something fulfilling, and nourishing inside me was something I always held onto. At that age though, I had no real idea how important it was to me. It wasn’t until I was torn from my comfortable family life that I realised how much I’d taken it for granted.

Becoming a slave, set me on a whole different course, and other things became much more important to me. Self-preservation, surviving became foremost in my mind. Nothing else ever really mattered. Not the food I ate, or the clothes I wore. Not that I wore anything much with any of my previous owners.

Being here with Matt, though, is different again. And that brings me to the point I want to make now. I’m eating properly again. I’m still really slimmed down. But, I like to think I’m a lot more healthy with it. When I say I’m eating properly, I don’t mean I’m on some fandangled diet or anything like that. Unless of course you call it a ‘see-food’ diet.

I don’t think I’ve eaten such a variety of meals since I started to eat solid foods. Mexican, Chinese, BBQ, Italian, French, you name it. And then Matt went and added Japanese to the mix. I’m not so sure about the raw fish, sashimi, but everything else he ordered was, well to put it the way he did, ‘divine’. Now, that’s a ringing endorsement if there ever was one, and I know for a fact that if he offered to order Japanese again, I’d be the first to say yes. Oh, and my favourite was that dish with the battered vegetables and seafood...tempura? That’s what it was called, I think.

I was so full after the meal, last night, that I felt bloated. Matt had obviously felt the same way because once we were done, he’d collapsed on the sofa and stayed there until he decided it was time for bed. Surfing the sports’ channels he’d just held me next to him and murmured random comments about nothing much at all. We both just relaxed in each other’s company. I’m sure the guy from the Guild, Robert, would probably bust a nut if he had seen the way we were cuddled up like lovers.

Of course, I doubt Matt gives a shit anymore, not after what he was forced to do to me. After that, I don’t think the Guild could possibly do anything worse, short of taking me away from him. But, I’m confident Matt would fight tooth and nail to keep me with him if that ever occurred. They’d probably have to throw him in jail before he willingly relinquished me from his care. Actually, they’d have the right to do that...but, I’m hoping things never get that far.

Maybe we’ll be able to fool them into thinking that we’re following rules. After all, this whole him loving me thing... he didn’t say he was
in love with me, just that he loved me. It’s not like he’s going to marry me or anything. That would be a huge fuck you to the establishment, but we couldn’t afford to go there. That would definitely be grounds for them to separate us and then...shit, I can’t believe I’m saying this... then terminating my life...

Yeah, that’s not a happy thought. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything of the sort out loud, or written it down as the case is, right now. I guess the words were just too final for me to ever think on, but the way things are going, if we get caught out that could be the outcome. And that terrifies me. It scares me if he leaves me alone for any length of time, actually. Those times when he went over to Zacky’s or Syn’s without me, I holed myself in our room because I feel safer in a confined space when I’m alone....

Right now, I’m not alone. We’re sitting in the kitchen, I’m at the bench with my journal, and Matt is at the table going through the bills. Jason Berry is here as well, fussing about in the kitchen. I think I’ve only ever mentioned him once or twice. But, he’s one of two brothers. The Berry’s have known the guys in the band for as long as Matt can remember. They all kind of grew up together at school and stuff.

Anyway, Jason is a friendly guy and if I ever encounter him he always has an open face and ready smile for me. Right now, he’s in the process of trying to find a power point; he’s holding an electric razor in his hands. Matt did decide to call him about his hair. First thing this morning, after breakfast, he rang him and told him to get his ass over here.

Shaking his head, Jason looks toward me. “Hey, Val? Are there any free points?”

I crane my neck over the bench, looking. “I think there’s one next to the kettle. Otherwise, you might have to use the one in the bathroom.”

Jason nods, poking his head behind the kettle. “Hah! You’re amazing!”

I flush red. Matt glances up from the bills. “Who’s amazing?” He catches my eye. “What’s he going on about?”

Ducking my face down, I don’t answer. Jason grins, holding up the razor. “Ready to lose your Goldilocks do?”

Matt’s eyes narrow, and he growls, “I do not look like Goldilocks.”

Jason gives my master a bored look. “I didn’t say you looked like Goldilocks, just your hair.”

“Whatever.” He pushes up off his chair and walks over to join his friend in the kitchen. Grabbing a stool on the way he gives me a look as he passes the bench. “Put that away and grab the dust pan.” He nods to my journal absently as he parks his ass on the stool, in front of his friend.

Shutting the pages of my journal, I do as he says, going to the pantry to see where the pan and brush are. Finding them, I come out just in time to hear the whir of the razor, and see Jason leaning over Matt’s bowed head. I stand there, watching as he quickly detaches the long locks of hair from Matt’s scalp, shearing it close to the skin. Once he’s done, Matt runs his palm over his skull a small smile pulling at his lips. It’s not quite as short as when I first met him, but it’s pretty close.

He glances at me; I go over, dropping to my knees next to him. Jason steps out of my way so I can brush up all the bits of hair. He leans against the bench, folding his arms. I keep brushing as the two men talk to each other. Their voices rumble above me; I listen as I clean up.

“So, Zacky told me about JD.”

Matt snorts. “What’d he tell you?”

“That he’s some kind of trouble.” Jason coughs. He smokes, not as much as some people I’ve met, but more than Matt. Which really isn’t saying anything because I’ve never seen Matt smoke. Jason goes on. “I had a look at that card he gave Val, and tried to search something for you.”

Matt shifts on the stool; I peek up at him. His brow is drawn tight. “Did you find anything?”

Jason shakes his head. “Not on either name. It’s like he doesn’t exist. At least in cyberspace.”

My master scowls. “What? You mean Denmore might not be his real name, either?” I tremble at that thought. But, it makes sense, if he does have anything to do with the Guild, giving out his real name could be counterproductive to what he does for them.

“It’s possible.” Jason shrugs. “Anyway, Zack says he’s gonna be at your dad’s place today...and he’s bringing a buddy, apparently.”

Matt nods. “Yeah, Brian mentioned that to me.”

I look down again, finishing with the brush and pan. Getting up, I go and dump the hair in the trash, and then, after putting the pan and brush away, I go to stand next to Matt. He smiles faintly at me, wrapping an arm around my waist, and drawing me close to him.

Jason smiles at the both of us then gets serious again. “Zacky seemed a little off about that. But, I said Matt and I would keep an eye on things. We can come and kick them out if anything goes wrong.”

Matt Berry is Jason’s twin brother. Lots of twins in the life of Avenged...well okay, only me and Chelle, and the Berry’s. But that’s more twins than lots of other people know in a lifetime.

My master chuckles. “I don’t doubt that.” He glances at the clock on the wall. “Well, thanks for the shave, dude. I think we gotta go soon.”

Jason also looks, nodding in agreement. “Yep, half an hour. See you down at your dad’s?”

“Yeah, definitely.” Matt gently eases me away, murmuring, “Go get ready.”

I bite my lip; I’m in no position to argue with him, but I really don’t want to go anywhere near that JD guy if I can help it. He must pick up on my apprehension, though, because he says in a low voice, “Michelle will be there. You two can hang out.”

Flushing, I try to hide my relief as I hurry out of the kitchen.

* * * * *

On the way over, I can sense this storm brewing. The tension in Matt’s body is increasing, the closer we get to his parents’ place. I can see it in the set of his shoulders, in the way his fingers are tight on the steering wheel. We’re taking his SUV, by the way, not the bike. Which I’m grateful for, because considering his mood, he’d be like to get into an accident on it. Much safer to be inside a vehicle than on top of one. Not by much, though. Usually, Matt’s really laidback when he’s driving, but with this added tension, his attitude toward the other drivers on the road is a lot coarser than normal.

“Fuckin’ Sunday drivers...” Matt growls, cursing at the vehicle he’s practically riding. I must point out, it’s not Sunday, by the way...

I can almost see the individual hairs of the driver in front of us. Who just so happens to notice us in his rear-view mirror. The guy rolls down his window and yells back obscenities at us.

Matt slides his own window down and flips the guy the bird. I hunch down in my seat, feeling a little embarrassed by his actions. Matt glances sideways at me, brow creasing a little. I look away, gazing out my window.

He sighs. “Sorry, I’m a little pissed.”

He squeezes the steering wheel. I feel kinda sorry for it; yes, I know it’s an inanimate object...but he’s practically strangling it. I shake my head softly. He doesn’t need to explain himself to me. I can’t control his moods. And, at any rate, I can probably figure out what’s got him so worked up. He’s obviously as happy about seeing JD as I am. Personally, I’d rather have my teeth pulled out than have to be anywhere near the guy.

Matt returns his gaze out the windscreen; the line of his jaw set hard. I settle back in my seat just allowing the hum of the tyres to lull me into a sense of comfort.

* * * * *

“Val! You’re here! Yay!”

I blink, just as Jimmy tugs my door open and literally drags me by the arm out of the car. He gives me no time to protest before he’s pulling me toward a small group of women who are standing outside the house. I recognise Michelle but the others are only vaguely familiar. I think I must’ve seen photos of them somewhere...maybe?

Before Jimmy can introduce them, though, Matt walks over and shakes his head.

“Jimmy, you shit. You’ll freak her out.”

Jimmy rolls his eyes. “She doesn’t seem freaked.”

She has a name,” Michelle snaps, defensively.

I blurt out, “I have a voice.”

Jimmy cracks it, laughing so hard it sounds like he might burst. I just stare at him, not really sure how to react.

Michelle groans, but then glares at Matt. “You have some nerve suggesting Val will freak after what you did to her.”

Matt glares at my twin, but remains tight-lipped, not wanting to air our issues in front of the other women. Thankfully, none of them ask what my twin is going on about. Instead the one standing to her left, a short woman with bronze tinted skin and a huge grin that rivals Jimmy’s, steps toward me and introduces herself.

“Hey, I’m Leana.” She points at Jimmy who’s wandered off to wait for the other guys. “I’m attached to him.”

I smile softly, nodding. Then Leana points at the other two women. “This is Gena, Zacky’s girl.” A woman with platinum blonde hair and a soft smile, waves to me, a friendly spark in her eyes. I can tell why Zacky would like her; she seems classy, just perfect for someone as sophisticated as he is.

“And, this is Lacey, she’s with Johnny.” Leana indicates the final woman of the group.

Warm eyes take me in as Lacey smiles at me. “Nice to meet you, Val.”

I nod, feeling strangely shy. Matt who is still standing there, squeezes me around the waist. “Now that’s can stay with the girls. I gotta get to work.”

Peeking up at him, I nod. He smiles at the others, the expression faltering a little as his eyes flicker over Michelle then he walks away to the garage. I watch him for a moment but then Leana speaks up again.

“Right. Jimmy says we need to get you out for a girly day.” She flashes her pearly whites at me. I drag my eyes away from Matt’s retreating figure and look at the smaller woman.

“Girly day?” Michelle snorts.

Leana rolls her eyes. “Jimmy’s words. Not mine.”

I smile. Jimmy is kind of crazy like that. “So, uh...what’re we going to do?”

Lacey answers my question with a grin. “We’re going to a day spa. Get pampered and basically treated like queens for a few hours while the boys work.”

That sounds really good to me. But then anything sounds good to me, considering what my life has been. I just nod, happy to go along with any suggestion they make.

Michelle smiles stepping close and hooking an arm through mine. “It’ll be fun. Get our mind off things for awhile...”

Translation: Get my mind off the shit that I’ve just been through, with Matt and the Guild etcetera, etcetera. Sounds like a very good plan.

I nod at my twin, still feeling too shy to respond to the other girls. But, I’m sure they’ll cure me of that by the end of the day. I’m not sure how I feel about that, though.

I guess we’ll just have to see.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Thu May 19, 2011 7:58 pm

Its nice that Val got to meet the girls so they can have their girly day lol, but in the meantime I'll be ducking for cover because once the storm hits it won't be pretty.
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No it probably won't be...

Part Twenty-Seven – “Yeah, I said he was an asshole.”

“Jimmy, you’re a fucking genius. How do you come up with this shit? For real?” Matt leaned forward, elbows pressed against his knees. Jimmy sat on a stool, swinging absently as the demo he’d laid down at home blasted through the speakers. Brian sat opposite with an appreciative grin to match the singer’s.

The drummer smirked. “Easy. I sit down and attack everything. Comes up pure beast.”

“You’re a fucking beast,” Matt, whose smile didn’t last as long as Brian’s, muttered as he settled back on his chair, crossing his arms.

Jimmy glanced across at his friend, lifting an eyebrow. The drummer was very perceptive and always seemed to know when any of the guys was feeling a little out of it. Right now, he could sense the tension in the singer, could almost see the big man’s brain churning over.

“What’s with you, Shads?”

Matt frowned. “Nothing. Just trying to figure out why I like this so much.” He nodded toward the speakers.

“Bull. Shit. Something’s got up your nose.”

Brian grinned. “His nostrils are big enough to fit something up there.”

“What the fuck? No.” Matt made a face. “Nothing’s up.”

The guitarist laughed. “I see you didn’t deny my comment.”

“Just...fuck you, Syn.” Matt shot a hard look at his friend. “I’m really not in the mood for your shit right now. And you should know why.” The expression on his face was dark, lips drawn tight together. His mood since arriving hadn’t improved by much.

Brian held both hands up to the singer in a placating gesture. “Dude, sorry.”

Jimmy, who was now on his back on the stool, spinning around, glanced up at his two friends and scowled.

“What’s with the love fest?”

“Huh?” Matt cocked an eyebrow at the drummer.

“You two are bickering like a married couple.”

There was silence after that statement. Brian stood and went for the fridge. Matt shifted so he was facing the speakers more, shoulders tensed up. Jimmy sighed but didn’t press, returning to swinging on the stool tapping the floor with his sticks. In time to the music filling the space.

After a moment or two of uncomfortable quiet from his friends, Jimmy decided to break it. He could never stand silences. He liked noise and the atmosphere was way too tense for his liking. Springing up from his stool he turned and without further ado lobbed one of his drumsticks at Matt. The singer didn’t see it coming and the end of the stick caught him a glancing blow across the side of his head.

“What the hell?” Matt turned daggers on the drummer, but couldn’t hold the look as his gaze fell upon the madly grinning countenance of his friend. “You fuck!” he exclaimed, bursting into a guffaw while rubbing the side of his head.

Jimmy slapped at his thigh as he fell onto the floor, cacking himself. Brian, who now had a bottle of Jack in his hand, walked back over and stood staring down at his friend with an amused expression on his face.

“What are you doing?”

The drummer quit his laughter, long limbs splayed out on the floor as he looked up at his friend.

“Laughing at Shads. I got him a good one on the noggin.”

“With his fucking stick,” Matt added, gruffly. There was a glimmer of mirth in his eyes, though. He could never really be mad at Jimmy. No one could. A hint of a smirk hovered at the corners of his mouth. Jimmy grinned at him. Brian shook his head at his friend’s antics. Then he cocked his head to the side just as the sound of a car pulling up into the drive drifted through the door.

“Must be JD.”

Matt’s expression hardened, the smile disappearing from his face. Brian didn’t notice, but the drummer did and he raised his eyebrows at the singer, mouthing what’s up? Matt shook his head, leaning back in his chair, folding his arms tight over his chest.

Brian went out of the garage, and they could hear his voice as he greeted JD, and what sounded like another person. Matt tuned out their voices, by jacking up the speakers and replaying the demo track they’d been listening to. Jimmy sighed, slumping down next to him, twirling his other drum stick in an absent manner, humming along.

After a moment, Matt turned the song down and looked at the drummer. “Where’re Zacky and Christ?”

Jimmy glanced up at him. “They’re getting food from your Mom.”

“Oh, right...why didn’t I think of that...?” Matt snorted, rolling his eyes. The drummer just shrugged, flopping back on the floor, his eyes drifting toward the doorway. Matt followed his gaze. Brian was just about to walk back in; JD was behind him.

Jimmy jumped up, grinning madly again. Brian walked in and propped his ass against a stool, JD following suit. Matt ignored him, though, his eyes still fixed on the doorway.

“Where’s your buddy?” The question almost came out as a growl.

JD gave the singer a weird look, and then looked toward the doorway. “Oi, Rob! Getcha ass in here.” He looked at Brian. “I thought he was right behind me.”

Matt stiffened at the name. But, said nothing. He didn’t want to come across as a suspicious ogre, just over some guy’s name. Plenty of people called Rob lived in Huntington. Still, he couldn’t get passed the thoughts of what he’d done to Val and the why of it.

His focus intensified as footsteps approached the doorway. Part of his mind, the rational side, was berating his irrational side, telling him that it couldn’t be the same person, he was being stupid, and that just because he was suspicious of JD didn’t mean he had to be crazy nervous over his buddy.

All those thoughts were wiped out of existence as the guy appeared in the doorway. Before Brian or Jimmy, or even JD could say anything, Matt’s voice filled the room in a burst. Unexpected and very loud.

“No. Fucking. Way. You goddamn, sonofabitch.” One second, he was sitting on his stool big body tensed up, the next he was at the door with his hands latched onto the front of Robert’s shirt. Jerking him into the room and slamming him up against the wall, Matt felt a pained satisfaction at the way the plasterboard shook at the contact.

Robert blinked, but made no real protest, save grabbing hold of Matt’s wrists, squeezing them hard. Matt responded by shoving him harder into the wall.

“Matt, what the fuck?” Brian’s voice barely registered on his radar, his focus all on the man in front of him.

Matt’s breathing deepened as he leaned into Robert’s face. The other man’s pupils had dilated, and he still had his hands lightly grasping Matt’s wrists. But, there was no real fight in him. Partly because Matt had the advantage, even though Robert was a big man, packing about as much muscle as the singer, possibly more, though Matt was taller. The other reason being he knew there was no point in objecting; he knew what Matt was pissed for, and he wasn’t willing to dispute it.

The guitarist was trying to get Matt’s attention; Jimmy was unusually quiet. And then, JD was right next to them. Not making any contact, just trying to intervene as calmly as possible.

“Sanders...let go...he hasn’t done anything wrong.” JD’s voice was low as if he were talking to a wild animal. An animal that might lash out at any given moment, without warning and with devastating consequences. Matt clenched his jaw, muscle bulging along the hard line.

“Fuck. That. You have any idea what this asshole made me do to Val?” At the word ‘asshole’ his grip tightened into angry fists on Robert’s shirt. Robert swallowed hard, his gaze fixed on Matt’s furious one, watching a wash of red, flash across the bigger man’s face.

“Matt,” Brian got into the mix as well, stepping close to his friend’s other side, his voice soft, cajoling. “Let him go...and let’s talk this out...” He was obviously confused by what was going on; his tone was questioning, but at the same time keeping as steady as possible.

Matt gritted out, harshly, “No. Fuck you. I wanna beat his fucking face in...” He punctuated each word with a thud to the wall. He didn’t feel like being reasonable. He just wanted to smash the guy into a pulp. He wanted to make him feel the way he made Val feel when he’d forced himself onto her. He wanted him to hurt all over.

Brian sighed, heavily. Matt didn’t see the look that passed between the guitarist and the tech, but the next thing he knew two sets of hands hooked onto his biceps, dragging him away from Robert. He ended up on the floor with Brian parked on his chest, holding him down.

He didn’t bother trying to throw his friend off, just lay fuming in silence. Which in itself was unusual. Considering Matt’s red hot temper, he would normally still be raging, and fighting to get a hold of whoever was in his sights. But, the close quarters of the garage were not the best possible space to lose control of his big body in, and he didn’t want to damage any of the equipment. It took a conscious effort for his mind to explain this to him as he remained still beneath his friend’s ass.

Meanwhile, JD remained by his friend making sure he was alright. Robert waved the bigger man away though, turning grave eyes toward Matt, who was still glowering dangerously up at him.

“Look. Getting pissed at me isn’t going to change the situation. And,” he paused looking at the bemused looks that Jimmy and Brian were giving him. “Your buddies have no clue what you’re losing your head over. So, I think we should just sit down and talk this out like mature adults...okay?”

Robert was so reasonable that Matt felt like banging his head against a wall, but he settled for cursing the other man instead. He didn’t want to hear anything he had to say, even if it would help clear things. He just wasn’t in the mood. This, obviously, wasn’t the sentiment his friends shared, because Jimmy started throwing questions at Robert as if they were missiles. And Brian directed his gaze down at him, one eyebrow cocked in a ‘what the fuck is going on?’ pose.

Matt sighed, swivelling his neck so he could keep his eyes on Robert, and JD who was hovering behind him. He scowled at the two men, angry thoughts swirling through his mind. He couldn’t get rid of the images of Val beneath him on their bed, crying while he....

“Fine,” he managed to grit out, forcing the thoughts back, so he could focus. “Talk.” Then he flicked his eyes at his friend. “And get your ass off me, Syn...I’m not gonna do shit...”

Brian grimaced, not convinced that it was safe to let his friend go, because judging by the glint in his eyes he was likely to lose his cool any moment now. Matt actually growled in response at his reluctance to move. Sighing, the guitarist got up, but ready to latch onto the singer at any sign he was going to lunge at someone. Matt made no move to do so, though. He just sat up, resting his elbows on his knees, and gave their guests hard looks.


Robert sighed, rubbing hands over his face. “Shit. This wasn’t something we factored into our...plans.” The hesitation on the final word was evident.

Jimmy caught on and asked, “Plans? Whaddya mean? Plans?” He was frowning, an unusual occurrence for the usually ebullient drummer.

“Jase and I have a business, I s’pose you’d call it. Or maybe...more a public service?” Robert cast a glance over at JD. The dark expression on the other man’s face was giving nothing away. “Bud?”

JD shook his head. “Public service? More like a private service. No one’s meant to know any of this.”

Robert snapped, “Yeah, but no one’s ever caught us out before.”

“So? That doesn’t mean crap. No one is s’posed to know. We can’t afford the-”

“You’re not explaining this shit,” Matt interrupted gruffly.

They turned to look at him again, twin expressions of irritation on their features. They were both reining in their own tempers, minds churning over how they could respond best. It was there written all over their faces.

“We’re part of the Government Anti-Corruption Unit. It’s highly classified.” Robert began pacing, chin tucked into his chest as he talked, voice strained. “Jase and I run a shadow business under the ACU called Hearts Rebels.” He shot a look toward the others; Jimmy and Brian both letting out disbelieving grunts. “Yeah, I know it’s a corny name, but we needed to come up with something that sounded innocent, so no one would suspect us of anything.”

JD added, “Officially we don’t exist, so if you’ve been trying to find anything...”

Matt scowled. “I found zip. Zacky and JB had no luck either.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. Being under government auspices does that for one.” JD crossed his legs at the ankles, leaning back against the wall where moments earlier Matt had pinned his friend. He continued, in a rough voice. “HR is responsible, specifically, for keeping tabs on the Guild.”

The singer’s stomach clenched and he felt the muscles all over his body, tightening. “Keeping tabs, how?” He didn’t know if he really wanted to know the answer to that question. He had an awful feeling it had to do with why Robert had shown up on his doorstep and made him hurt Valary. So, he was understandably apprehensive as to the response he would get.

Before JD could answer, though, Jimmy interrupted, “What’s the Guild? And what the fuck does it have to do with Matt?”

JD looked the drummer dead in the eyes as he answered. “The Guild is the governing body that rules over every slave that lives in the US. I think you can figure out what that has to do with Matt.”

“Oh...right...Val...” Jimmy trailed off and sank into his own little world, tapping his sticks absently against his knees. When it looked like he had no more questions, JD turned his attention back to Matt.

Brian was sitting in silence near his friends, listening intently, taking it all in. Matt raised his eyebrows at JD’s black stare.

“You were saying?”

All this waiting for an answer was doing nothing for his temper. He was getting more and more wound up as the moments passed. Both JD and Robert picked up on this, and so they went on, alternating between who spoke.

“Like I said before, it’s classified, so we can’t tell you. Short of killing you, after the fact. Or wiping your identities from existence and giving you new names and shit.”

“But, what we can tell you is that what we do is s’posed to make things a lot better for society.”

“Exactly.” Robert nodded, firmly. “People shouldn’t be bought or sold like cattle. And even if it doesn’t end, people should still be treated as people, with equal rights.”

“Yes. I mean, where the hell is Abe Lincoln when we need him?” JD snorted. “He called it. Too bad The Guild ignored him.”

Matt’s eyes were darting between them attempting to process their speech. His brain sifted through the information that they were firing at him.

“Wait.” He held up a hand to stop the flow of words. They both paused for breath, meeting his evident confusion. “Let me get’re...against the Guild?”

Robert rolled his eyes, chuckling. JD smirked, eyes darker than ever. But his verbal response was guarded.

“We’re not for it. I’ll admit that much.”

Matt tasted bile in his mouth. “Right. Classified shit.”

“It’s safer for all concerned,” JD murmured.

“Just answer me one thing. Jason Denmore isn’t your real name, is it?” The singer’s heart was pounding in his forehead, the bile rising and making him want to evacuate everything he’d put inside him since breakfast.

“You called it. But, Robert is Robert’s real name.”

Matt shot a cold look toward the other man. “Right. So...tell me, Robert. If you’re not for the Guild why did you make me hurt Val?”

His question resounded in the small studio. Jimmy snapped out of his stupor, his eyes fixing on Robert like lasers. Brian tensed on his perch; he knew what Matt had done, so he was interested to hear what excuse...or reason Robert could come up with.

Sighing, Robert shook his head. “I’m sure JD’s mentioned I can be a jerk sometimes.”

“So, what’re you saying?” Matt asked, eyes narrowing into dangerous slits.

“That I’m a jerk...and sometimes I just do things because I can.” He excused himself then, knowing if he didn’t he was liable to get attacked.

Matt was right on the edge of his seat, just about ready to launch himself at anyone who set a foot wrong. But, instead of actually lashing out, he turned his livid stare to JD.

“You wanna explain that?”

“Yeah,” JD drawled. “I said he was an asshole.”

Matt began grinding his teeth. “You’d be right, there. Can you give me any other reason, for what happened? I’d be most-”

“Grateful? Look. We gotta keep covered. The Guild can’t know what we’re doing. That means sometimes we gotta force people into situations we’d rather not. What happened with Val is not something I agree with.” JD shifted against the wall, shaking his head hard. Then he stopped and pegged Matt with a level glare. “But, like I’ve said, this is dirty work, and Robert works directly inside Guild HQ. So, he can’t front. They can’t know what we’re about. So...he gets to do the shit work. And, being the compulsive bastard that he is...that often means being the bad guy.” JD grimaced as if he had a bad taste in his mouth. He didn’t need to say the words though. It was quite obvious to all concerned that Robert didn’t really care about that.

Matt groaned. “Fuck...I don’t think I can get around this...”

JD nodded slowly. “I can understand that. Look, I only have to really have a quick chat with Zack and Brian about some things, then I can get Robert and leave. If that’ll make you more comfortable?”

The singer shrugged, it wouldn’t matter in the long run. Short of finding someone else to do the tech job, he was stuck with JD. And to be honest, JD wasn’t a big problem, he was more irate at Robert than anything. He looked up at JD, though and decided he had to say something. Jimmy and Brian were looking at him expectantly.

“No. It’s fine. Just...keep him away from me.”

JD nodded again. “Okay. Well...” he leaned his head out the door, then relaxed against the wall. “Looks like he’s gone for a smoke, which means he’ll be awhile.” He glanced at Brian. “We should get to work.”

As the others got to work, Brian popped into the main house to find Zacky and Johnny. And Matt slumped onto his stool praying silently to whatever God there was that as long as the girls didn’t get back until after JD and Robert had left, everything else would be fine.
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Oh My Goodness! So many things happened and so many things explained. Its great that JD and Rob are against the Guild but still what a dick move from Rob, I mean really? How insensitive can you be? P.S. I really wanted Matt to kick his ass! lol
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Even though they're against the Guild, doesn't make me like them anymore. Wonder if Matt will explain all this to Val or keep it to himself? If Chelle is pissed at Matt, wonder what her reaction to Robert would be? CSI might have a new crime scene.
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@Rocky Haha yes, Robert is a dick

@Kricket - Hmmmm CSI...Smile


Part Twenty-Eight – “Thanks for the support.”

The girls are so nice. I don’t think I’ve ever met a nicer group of females in my whole life. Then again, I’ve never had the chance to meet anyone, really, so that’s not really all that surprising. But, if I’m going to set any benchmark, they are definitely what I’m basing my criteria on. They don’t know everything about me, only what Michelle has told them, which judging by the things they have asked me, is not a lot.

Right now, I feel like I’m floating away from my body. We’re sitting in a large marble spa, the warm water soothing against our freshly cleansed bodies. I’ve never had a bath where it’s not about cleaning yourself. Usually, a bath to me is where I get the soap and lather myself up to wash away the dirt of my life. But, this is different. It’s relaxing, and the bath salts that the staff here at the spa, soaked in the water are refreshing.

We’ve had about everything imaginable done to us, massage, pedicure, manicure, whatever-cure. Some of the things I have no idea what their names are, but whatever they were it was refreshing and I feel like a totally new woman. I guess that’s kind of a cliché statement, but...whatever.

The girls are chatting to each other, laughter spilling around me. I listen in, smiling at all the right places. After awhile the focus of the conversation drifts toward the guys. I perk up, listening more closely as the girls’ tones change from just mere laughter to a different quality that I just can’t quite grasp. If I was to pin something down, it might possibly be that these women have known their men for so long that for them there are no secrets and they know exactly where they stand.

“Jimmy dotes on you Le,” Lacey was saying.

Leana giggles, shifting her back against the edge of the bath. “He does. And vice versa...seriously, that man is my world. I mean...he’s a crazy shit most of the time, and you girls know that. But, people who don’t know him...they think he’s just plain insane.”

“They don’t have to live with him, though,” Michelle points out.

A ripple of laughter passes through the girls, and I can’t help but join in.

Leana brushes at her eyes then goes on. “When he proposed to me...I gotta tell you, it was odd how un-crazy that was. Which, I guess was madness in itself.”

“What do you mean?” I realise after a moment that I’m the one who asks the question. However, the girls don’t stare at me as if I’ve intruded or anything; Leana and the others just smile at me.

And she answers, just as if I were any of the others. “We went out for dinner and he did the whole getting down on one knee and showing the ring thing. Simple and sweet. And, to be honest, exactly how he’d do it.” Leana shakes her head, looking at all of us. “He’s crazy mad...but, his heart always knows where it’s at.”

The girls all nod and I find myself joining in agreement with them. The short time I’ve known Jimmy, I can totally see where his heart is. That man wears his heart on his sleeve.

Lacey speaks up again; she seems to be the one unofficially mediating this conversation. “Gena, is Zacky a romantic?”

Gena rolls her eyes. “There’re two things Zacky is. Romantic, and a big eater. Because, y’know, the way to a man’s heart is his stomach.”

“Wouldn’t have anything to do with his, uh...Italian blood?” Michelle asks, lips curling.

“Says the chick with Italian blood in her,” Leana comments.

I giggle at that. DiBenedetto is definitely an Italian name. There’s no denying that. But, Zacky does look like he’s at least part Italian.

“Well, yeah...” Michelle smirks. “Still, with a name like Baker.”

“Which is more English, than Italian.” Gena crosses her arms over her breasts. Just to make a note, we are all naked, by the way. Being in a spa and all.

“Yeah, but...Baker.” My sister sounds almost agitated, in a mocking kind of way.

“Bakers make bread, Chelle. They don’t eat it.” Again, I shut my mouth tight, blinking at my own audacity. Michelle looks at me, warmth showing in her eyes. Then she giggles, rolling them.

“True, Val...true.”

“Anyway!” Gena speaks above us. “Quit with your twinfest...I’m talking about Zack.”

Michelle snorts; I smile, leaning back more, enjoying the way the water laps around my shoulders. Twinfest? Nice to know they give the connection a name of sorts. Makes me feel wanted. Strange because I’ve never had anyone I could really associate with. Having my sister, though, it’s like a gift. An unasked for blessing.

“Go on then,” my twin murmurs.

Gena sniffs at the pretence of permission granted. “He’s got a heart of gold.”

“All our boys do,” Lacey interjects voice soft. She is the youngest of us all, but then Johnny is also the youngest of the guys. But, that doesn’t stop her from including herself in everything that is going on. Like I already said, she’s the one who seems to be steering the conversation.

“Not going to argue there,” Gena smiles.

“Chelle?” Leana cuts in. “What about Brian?”

Michelle smiles. “I think he’s gonna propose soon.”

The girls don’t even seem too surprised by that. Honestly, I don’t think that’s surprising at all. It’s obvious how much in love they are. I know it’s silly, but I envy what my twin has with Brian. Because I know I’ll probably never have anything like that with Matt...even though he says he loves me...even though I love him. I’m a slave, so I can’t ever hope that I’ll be anything more than that.

“Yeah, we totally didn’t see that one coming,” Leana snorts, shaking her head. “Jimmy and I were betting how long it’d take, y’know?”

“Johnny was too,” Lacey giggles.

Gena sighs, “Yeah, he likes gambling. So does Zack, he reckons Brian might pop the question in less than a month.”

“What about, Matt?” Lacey looks over at me.

I feel my stomach clench a little. What he said down on the beach several days ago comes back to mind. But, somehow I can’t bring myself to repeat it. So, I just shrug and murmur, “I don’t think Matt’s a betting man.”

Michelle coughs as if she’s trying to hide something. I look at her; she gives me a serious look. I frown, tilting my head. But she doesn’t explain, just shakes her head. But, she’s got me curious now and I feel confident enough to interrogate her, a little.

“Chelle, what do you know about Matt that I don’t?”

My twin gives an exasperated noise. “He likes going to the casino. Well, he went quite a bit when the guys were writing their last album.”

“Zack got inspiration for Scream from when they went to one, remember,” Lacey comments to my twin.

Michelle nods then looks at me again. “All I’m saying is that Matt would definitely be thinking about when his best friend’s gonna pop the question to me. He didn’t like that I got between them in high school.”

I frown, my mind churning over what Matt’s already told me about their past and the whole thing with his sister and that other guy Chelle went with for a while. However, I decide now is not the time to bring that up. Instead, I just nod in response. I just want this conversation to shift.

Obviously, the others think the same thing, because Gena pipes up.

“Val, tell us about Matt.”

“Yeah, it’s your turn.” Lacey runs her hands through her damp hair.

My mind goes blank for a frightening second or two. What the hell am I supposed to say? I don’t even know if they know what my relationship with Matt really is. I have no clue what Michelle has told them. I dare a look at my twin. But, to my surprise, it’s Leana who comes to my rescue.

“Jimmy told me about how you’re Matt’s...sub.”

Thank God for Jimmy. He’s obviously a lot more perceptive than I realised. And. Thank God that the Guild created that softer term. It’s the one most people use in mixed company. A lot of today’s society would baulk at the thought that there were slaves in the Western world. So, the Guild came up with the concept of the submissive. Of course, submissive is also a specific kind of slave, but in the general population the word is interchangeable with slave.

Shaking my head, I lower my eyes, muttering, “Yeah. It kind of sucks...” Those words leave my mouth before I can stop them, before I even realise I’ve spoken them. I shake my head, feeling like I have to justify my statement. “I mean, being with Matt is great...he’s...great. But...” I pause and look up at them.

Michelle is regarding me with a sad expression. The other girls are looking at me with a mixture of curiosity and sympathy. The former I can understand, the latter...saddens me. I don’t want, or need anyone’s sympathetic thoughts. No matter how well-meaning they are.

Crossing my arms and leaning my head back, I speak to the ceiling. Not having to meet their eyes makes it a little easier to talk about what I’m feeling.

“You’re all lucky, y’know? You can have real relationships with the guys...get married...make decisions together...have kids, even. If you want.” I bite my lip, but go on. “I can’t do any of that. I can warm his bed...and maybe his heart...but all I’ll ever be is maybe just a little higher on the ladder than his dog.”

“But, he loves you,” Michelle interjects. I glance over at her; she’s frowning deeply, her eyes sharp. “Shouldn’t that count for something?”

I sigh. “It’s against the rules...”

“Rules?” Leana scowls. “There are rules? Jimmy never mentioned that.”

I shake my head again. “That’s ‘cause only Chelle and Brian know about that.”

Michelle scoffs, “Only ‘cause we came barging in after Matt hurt you.”

“True, I don’t think either of us was really ready to talk about it. To anyone.” I look down at the surface of the water.

“Matt hurt you? What’s that got to do with rules? I’m confused.” Leana seems to be the only one capable of asking questions now. Gena and Lacey remain silent just taking it all in. Maybe it’s better that way. Le is the eldest of the girls and she has the qualities that I believe will make her a good mother. A random thought, I know...but, it’s just what I think.

I smile sourly her way. “Long story short. As a slave,” I’m not worrying about calling myself what I am, “I’m not allowed to love Matt...and he’s not allowed to love me. The Guild made that rule. And some guy came around to our place the other day and forced Matt to prove his mastership over me.”

“The Guild is shit,” Michelle mutters. “Or at least that’s what I think of them.” What she knows of them, at least.

I send a grateful smile her way. “Thanks for the support.” My twin nods slightly.

Leana rubs at her arms and murmurs, “Christ...that’s awful.”

“Speaking of Christ,” I say, ready to turn the topic away from me, because I’m not willing to open any further about my situation, for now. “Lacey?” I look over at the younger woman. “Tell us about Johnny?”

My twin gives me a knowing look. I knew Michelle could figure out why I was so hasty to steer the chat away from me. Thankfully, she just nods to me and picks up from where I asked my question, smirking toward Lacey as she does.

“Yeah? How can you tolerate being with a guy who’s shorter than you?”

Lacey laughs, shaking her head. “I just never wear heels. Simple.”

“Oh, come on.” Michelle laughs. “That can’t be the solution.”

“Yeah, we’ve seen you in heels,” Leana says, with a grin.

Lacey just shrugs, taking the jibes in good humour. Pretty admirable, I must say. The girls evidently rib her as much as the guys fool with Johnny. Goes with the territory, I guess. Michelle sighs next to me, shaking her head. I glance sideways at her.

She lifts an eyebrow then looks at her hands, holding them out in front of her. “I’m getting wrinkly.”

Gena smirks. “Time to head back, hey?”

An uneasy sinking feeling settles in my stomach. I try to quash it by telling myself that they guys will probably be close to finishing and that JD and his friend, whoever that is, won’t be there anymore. I know it’s stupid, but I don’t want to go home. I really don’t have anything to look forward to. Especially after the whole fiasco with that Guild guy, Robert, I just don’t feel comfortable. I know that Matt feels remorse for what he did, but I am a little afraid of being alone with him.

Yeah, I know that’s kind of a turnaround from just after it happened. But, looking back, I think that’s because part of me was numb to it all. It happens, people swing from one extreme to the next. Wanting closeness to being afraid of it. Then again, maybe that’s just because of what I am. As a slave I always tend to swing through the whole gamut of emotions.

Anyway, what I’m really saying is that I don’t want to go back just yet. But the other girls are already starting to get out of the spa, grabbing towels that have been left folded on chairs nearby.

Michelle notices me sitting still, the last one in the tub.

“Val? You okay?”

I glance up at her, all ready to nod and tell her yes, I’m fine thank you absolutely dandy. But I can’t, something prevents me from doing so. And then out of nowhere, it seems, I just start to cry. Tears well and roll unbidden down my face. I lift my hands, pressing them over my eyes.

“Chelle...” I choke out, my voice cracking. “I don’t...” A sob, escapes. Michelle kneels down next to me, resting a hand on my shoulder.

“Sis? You don’t what?”

Trembling, I shake my head. I can’t formulate my thoughts into coherent words. I know what I mean to say, but I can’t say what I mean. It’s too hard. I can’t even think properly. I mean, I don’t want to go back, but at the same time I really can’t stand being away from Matt. Though, at the same time I’m anxious about being near him. Yes, it’s crazy...I can’t figure it out...but there it is.

A shiver runs through my body, but I force myself to get up out of the spa. Michelle, thankfully, doesn’t press. Instead she grabs a towel and wraps it around my shoulders, giving them a supportive squeeze. I smile softly at her as the others mill around us. They also don’t try and pressure me into explaining my sudden mood change and that somehow warms me on the inside.

I have never been in a situation where there are people around me who are not demanding something of me, and it’s refreshing. It gives me hope that things might slowly get better. Hah. I’m sure nothing worse can possibly happen, not after what I’ve already been through. But who can tell, really?

“Val? Your clothes.”

I blink as Michelle holds my jeans and blouse out to me.

“Oh, right. Thanks.”

Pulling them on, I try not to think too much. This day is meant to be a day of not worrying about all the stuff going on. But, it’s difficult to not have real life encroaching on even the smallest moments of peace. Though, I guess it’s okay, considering we’re going back. I’ll need to have my wits about me. It’s just that, I really want to just hold onto the serenity that I felt while sitting in the spa.

I know I will cherish today for the rest of my life, until I have another like it. Which, judging by the way the girls are already discussing another day out, might not be that far away into the future. But, for now, life is going to go on, and new challenges will probably crop up.

After today, though, I think I can face them with a little more courage than before. And, that means everything, doesn’t it?
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Tue May 24, 2011 11:59 pm

Even though Val has the other girls around it must still be frustrating because at the end of the day they still won't understand what it's like to be in her shoes.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed May 25, 2011 2:55 pm

Hopefully Robert will have left before the time they get back there.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed May 25, 2011 6:44 pm

@Rocky - that's very true

@Kricket - Hopefully Smile


Part Twenty-Nine – “I think I should tell you.”

It’s been a week since I went out with the girls. Life with Matt seems to keep getting better each day; he’s not at home much, though. He spends a lot of time down at his parents’ with the other guys working on the album.

He leaves me here alone. For two main reasons. One, Denmore. Matt doesn’t want me anywhere near him; even though I get the impression he doesn’t appear so worried about him. Two, he thinks I distract him too much. Hah. I guess that’s a two way street, though. Matt distracts me, as well. Especially when I’m trying to do something he’s instructed me to do. Then again, maybe he’s just testing my resolve.

Speaking of that, my twin seems resolute in her belief that Brian is going to propose to her, any day now. She’s called a few times, gushing about how amazing he is. How much he loves her, dotes on her. Like I’ve already said, I envy their relationship a little. Not just for the little romantic things, but ‘cause of the bigger picture. Matt will never propose to me. I will never have any hope of being asked to marry someone. I’m a slave...and no slave has ever...

Anyway, I think she might just be right. Matt’s been saying similar things, except he hasn’t been as nice about it. Then again that seems to be the story of his relationship with my twin. Tolerant is the word I think I should use to describe the way they are toward each other. Nothing more, nothing less. I wish I could do something to change it, but it’s not really my place. Besides, they’re both grown adults, so they should be able to sort themselves out.

And I have my own issues to deal with.

Nightmares. I never remember my dreams. Or at least I didn’t prior to the day where Matt...hurt me. I mean, that’s not entirely true, I do remember my dreams, but usually only vague afterthoughts and impressions. No, the one I’ve experienced several times, now; this one I remember vividly. It’s not something I wish to repeat, though. Suffice to say that it involves me being forced to... Ugh, I can’t even say it. But, I think it’s obvious what it’s about.

Right now I’m sitting outside by the pool, dangling my feet in the water. Bella’s sitting next to me her muzzle resting on my shoulder. It’s quiet, peaceful. Matt’s been gone a few hours now; he didn’t give me any instructions, just hinted that Michelle or one of the other girls might pop around sometime. Don’t know who it will be.

Before he left I got the feeling he wanted to say something to me, but didn’t. He’s been treating me with kid gloves the past few days. It’s a little awkward between us. I mean, he’s no less firm with me, no less tender either. It’s just a different atmosphere. Tense, anxious. I’m sure we’ll get through it, though. I mean sure, what we feel for each other is illegal, and if anyone, i.e. the Guild, finds out well we’ll be in a lot of shit.

Part of me is believing for good things, though. Being positive is the only way I’ll let myself be. I know Matt is trying to stay optimistic, as well. There is one thing we haven’t done since then. He hasn’t asked for anything sexual of me. I have a feeling he’s been spending a lot of time with his right hand, at least he’s been using the bathroom in private a lot more. Oh and he avoids brushing up against me...and he wears his boxers to bed...

I don’t know how to feel about all that. That’s never been something that’s come to mind when I was with my other masters. Then again maybe it did and I never noticed. Who knows whether it’s true, or not, that men think about sex all the time. From experience, I’m sure that’s not the case. Well, with Matt I’m sure that’s not true. At least fifty percent of the time he’s thinking about music. Hah. Yeah, that wasn’t funny.

It’s comforting on one level, that he’s taking great pains to not pressure me too much, but at the same time we both have needs. Sexual needs; it’s a biological imperative and I know, sooner or later he won’t be able to ignore them. And just doing it with Mr Hand won’t be enough for him. I know this for a fact, considering the number of men I’ve serviced in my life.

No man can last for too long without a woman to fuck. It’s the truth. Unless they’re gay, then they can’t go out with sleeping with another guy. Oh, and just a random point, there are male slaves. Not many...but y’know the Guild caters to all sorts of people. And, yes, some of them have male owners. Oh and some female slaves have mistresses....and I really have no idea why I’m saying all this. It’s not even relevant to my situation.

Bella interrupts my contemplation, bumping the tip of her very wet nose against my left cheek. I giggle, grabbing at her collar and trying to push her away from me, telling her to leave off. She doesn’t obey me, but that’s no surprise. She has one master. Only listens to him. The same man who happens to be mine.

I guess I’m like a play buddy for her, or something. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s great. I believe all the hype about how pets are good for one’s health. Aside from getting you out for a walk once or twice a day, every day of the week, having a pet boosts energy levels and oddly enough, happiness levels.

Which, I’ll take a bucket load of, right now, thanks very much. She seems to agree with my sentiment, because she lets out a soft yip, and then bumps up against me again, licking me all over my face. I giggle, grabbing at her muzzle and wiping at my face.

“She giving you a bath, Val?”

I jump at the voice, and turn my head; Bella peels away from me and dashes toward the person who’s just walking out of the house. It’s Michelle. She laughs and lifts a knee slightly as the blonde dog jumps at her.

“Down, Bella.” Surprisingly she obeys my sister, flopping down at her feet. Michelle reaches down to scratch behind her ears then she straightens and looks over at me. I smile at her. She joins me at the edge of the pool, kicking off her sandals, dipping her toes into the water.

“This is nice.” She wiggles her toes. “Whatcha doing out here on your lonesome?”

I shrug. “Just thinking...Matt’s with the guys...”

“I know, I just came from his parent’s place, dropped Bri off.” Michelle leans back on her hands, tilting her gaze up to the sky. She goes on, while I admire her profile. “They’re getting on well with the new material... they reckon it’s going to be the best they’ve ever done.”

I nod.

She glances at me. “I guess you wouldn’t know about that, though?”

Shaking my head, I look away from her.

There’s a pause then Michelle sighs. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to make it sound like-”

“It’s okay,” I interrupt her apology. “You’re right. But, y’know, it’s exciting, even though I don’t really understand what’s going on.” I look at her. “I think they’re amazing as a band. I saw them live...just before Matt...bought me.” Yes. I just went there. I mean, it’s no revelation to my twin. She knows. I just don’t like to mention the ‘b’ word too much.

Michelle’s lips twitch. “I still wonder how that guy...what was his name?”

“Giovanni.” The thought of that fat man still nauseates me. Ick.

“Yeah, him. I still wonder what he was even doing at that gig with you.” My twin looks at me the expression on her face making me laugh a little. A mixture of confusion and gratitude flicker across her eyes.

I shift my weight, kicking my feet against the surface of the water, watching it ripple in the sunlight. “No idea. Maybe it was fate.”

“Well, whatever it was, I’m glad.”

We share a smile with each other. She’s glad. I’m glad. We’re both glad. It’s an emotion I’m not accustomed to, but I like the feeling.

We let quiet settle on us, just enjoying the warmth of the sun’s rays streaming down on us. There’s a light breeze that sets the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck to tingling. After awhile, Michelle changes position so she’s on her side observing me. I can feel her eyes on me.

I tilt my head. “What is it?”

Michelle tugs at her bottom lip. Then says, “You know Matt has a sister?”

I blink, wondering at the randomness of her comment. She gets a little pink and lowers her eyes. I tilt my head more.

“Chelle?” When she doesn’t answer, I say, “Matt told me she was your best friend...a long time ago.”

Michelle lifts her chin, her mouth getting a set look to it. “So, I guess he told you about our falling out.” It’s not a question.

I bite my lip not really sure how to answer that. Matt telling me about it, he was extremely raw over it and I know it’s not my place to comment on it.

My twin saves me the trouble, groaning softly, shaking her hair out of the tie that’s holding it back. She slides the tie over her hand leaving it to hang around her slim wrist.

“I miss her. Being friends with her. Amy and I were so close.” Michelle glances at me, to check my reaction, I guess. I just nod, she continues. “We talked about everything. I guess she was the sister I was missing...”

I can understand that sentiment. I always felt that way even when I was around lots of people. Just a missing part inside of me that I didn’t think I would ever fulfil.

Michelle crosses her arms under her breasts. “But, I didn’t get along with Matt.”

I give a little smirk. “Yeah, I couldn’t tell.”

She rolls her eyes. “I know. It’s hardly a secret. Amy never knew, though. I mean short of the whole ‘your big brother is annoying’ thing.” She huffs. “Guess it’s better than the ‘oh my God your brother is so hot’ deal.”

I grimace.

Michelle smiles as she says, “Social mores. A girl can’t lust over her best girlfriend’s brother, and a guy can’t lust over his best guy friend’s’s just etiquette.”

See, that’s something else I don’t have any knowledge of. Being a slave sort of secludes you from what’s the norm of society. For me, what’s normal is being owned by men and used for sex. That’s normal to me. And being lusted over is the norm too.

I shake my head. “So, you pretended for her sake?”

“Exactly. And then I fell for some crack-head and basically alienated her and Matt.” Michelle lifts her shoulders. “Didn’t give a shit about him, killed me when she blabbed behind my back to him and his friend.”

“Brian...” I murmur.

“Yeah. My Bri...” Michelle gets a wistful look then shakes it off. “I think I secretly liked him, even way back then...but my head was up in the clouds. Y’know? That guy...the one I went with. He was rich. Had everything you could ever imagine. I wanted that, y’know? I mean we were doing okay. Mom and Dad raised us kids the best they could.” She frowns, chancing a look at me.

I wave at her to go on. I’ve long since forgiven our parents for giving me up. It’s not their fault how my life turned out.

“Yeah, but...this guy. Damn, he wanted for nothing.” Michelle laughs bitterly. “Little did I know what kind of person he really was...” She rubs at her face. “Matt and Brian both saw it...Amy did too. I mean...he was older than us...” She sighs. “Anyway, I’m sure Matt’s told you what happened...”

I pull my feet from the water, wiggling my toes to dry them. “Yeah...but...” I hesitate.

“But?” She quirks an eyebrow.

I note how neat she manages to keep them, and absently run a finger over mine. “Matt says that’s not all...”

“Not all?” Michelle purses her lips. “Oh.” It dawns on her. “You mean us not getting along?”

“Yeah. You don’t have to say, though...”

“Nah. I think I should tell you.” Michelle sits up, lifting her feet out of the water as well. She brushes at her legs, water drops catching the light and shimmering. Getting comfortable, she takes a couple of moments before meeting my eyes again.

I wrap my arms around my knees, propping my chin against them, ready to hear whatever she has to say.

Michelle exhales a rough sound. “Well.” She clears her throat. “It was when we first moved into their street, actually. It wasn’t even anything that had to do with school.” She looks toward me. “Mom and dad said we had to downsize...couldn’t afford the place we were living in. So we upped and moved to the same street where Matt’s parents still live now.”

I nod, wondering how that was. Then I’ve moved so many times...I know how it is to be torn from one place and shunted to another.

“Anyway, I met Matt in the street one day and, uh, I think it was mutual hatred at first sight.” She gives a sharp laugh. “I don’t know what he saw...maybe he thought I was some stuck up bitch. I know I thought he was just some lame ass loser kid.” Michelle smiles sadly, shaking her head. “Every chance he got he’d rib me about everything he could think of...the way I dressed, the way I talked...the fact that we were a large family crammed into this tiny house.”

She pauses, a faraway look coming to her eyes. I don’t press, just continue listening, waiting.

“And then I met Amy at school.” A smile passes across her lips, softening the sharp edges of her face. “I couldn’t believe she and Matt were even related. She was too sweet to me.”

“And Matt wasn’t,” I say. Stating the obvious, but I just want to clarify.

Michelle inclines her head a little. “Yeah. He was an asshole to put it kindly.” She rubs a finger along her left arm then sucks at her bottom lip. A habit we seem to share. “I don’t really know why. I never did anything to him. At least not back then.” Which obviously means since then she’s given back as much as he gave.

Michelle smirks as she goes on again. “He wasn’t too bad if I was hanging out with Amy...guess he didn’t want to upset her, or something.” She chews on the inside of her left fingernail then looks at me. “When I went out with that guy...he was even nice enough to his sister to try and convince me the guy was bad news. I mean...Brian was part of it too...I’d met him through school...and aside from him being Matt’s friend...I thought he was okay.”

I rub my cheek and point out, “They both tried to get you away from that guy. ‘cause Amy told them about him.”

“True. I was so pissed at her. I kind of lost my way there. And then, well you already know what happened, right?”

I nod, “Yeah, Matt told me.”

Michelle sighs. “Yeah...after that, I quit having anything to do with any of them...and Matt quit bothering me.” She stops speaking for a moment, frowning at her hands, rubbing them together. Then she says, “But then I...” She pauses again, dragging her fingers through her hair. It’s obvious she’s trying to figure out how to continue.

“You got with Brian...” I prompt, figuring that’s the most likely cause of any other contention between them.

“Yeah, Matt hated that.” Michelle exhales a soft sigh. “It was all very well that we weren’t acknowledging each other, anymore. But when I fell for Brian... Matt claimed I stole his best friend from him.” She rolls her eyes again. “I have to say, I could never get between the guys and their friendship. They have the band. If I’d actually done any lasting damage to their relationship, the band could never have happened. But...your man...he likes to hold a grudge.”

I flush. “He’s not my man.”

My twin gives me this disbelieving look, which tells me exactly what she thinks of my statement.

“Chelle...he’s my master,” I protest.

She continues to glare at me. I sigh, lying back on the concrete. I don’t want to argue with her. Takes way too much energy.

Bella bounces over and starts licking me again. I can’t help but giggle, breaking the tension. Michelle laughs too, grabbing at her collar and pulling her away from me. Bella settles down as my twin begins to stroke her between the ears.

Then she looks at me, face serious. “Say what you like, sis. But he is your man. I mean, if he didn’t own you, you’d totally go for him, right?”

I sigh. “Can’t lie there...” Pressing my hands over my face for a moment, I mumble, “But we were talking about you and Brian.”

Michelle moves so she’s sitting closer to me. Reaching over, she rests a hand against my shoulder. I gaze into her sincere face.

“Look,” she says, “Honestly, whatever happened in the past doesn’t matter. I’m willing to put all my shit to bed if it means you get to be happy.”

I cock my head at her. She’s just spent the last half an hour spilling her guts about all that and she tells me it doesn’t matter. I don’t know if I can believe that. But, at the same time, I can’t really argue with her.

She doesn’t give me a chance to, as she states, “You love Matt...I can tell.”

I flush a little, ducking my head down. Hearing it from her makes me realise how true it is, and that even though he’s said it to me, I have yet to say it out loud, like really say it, to his face, up front.

I bite my lip, keeping my eyes on the ground. “You can?”

Michelle purses her lips, nodding slowly. “Yeah.” She pauses for a moment then adds, voice low, “Y’know? I think you fell in love with him very early...before either of you even knew it.” She smiles warmly at me. “You two are good together.”

A tingle runs down my spine at her words, as if she has just said something extremely prophetic. It’s like what she’s saying is that this is meant to happen. I’m meant to be where I am, right now. That this is right. And everything is going to be okay.

I close my eyes for a moment, nodding in agreement at her declaration. “Yeah...we are, aren’t we?”

Michelle smiles, pulling me into her arms for a hug. I embrace her, tight.

Then she murmurs as we rock a little. “I’m so glad you’re home, sis...”

I choke up at her words, thinking, almost feels like that...almost...

But all I say in response, as we remain holding onto each other, is, “Me too, too...”
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed May 25, 2011 8:19 pm

I'm secretly hoping that Michelle and Matt will get along... eventually lol
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I'm sure they'll learn to get along with each other. Something I didn't comment about a few chapters back. It's good that Val is hanging out with all the A7X Ladies, but something tells me there might be something wrong with that. Nothing can be perfect.
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@Rocky - lol Smile

@Kricket - No nothing can be perfect...


Part Thirty – “I look like a monkey’s uncle.”

When I was really little, we – the family – went to a party. It was for somebody’s wedding, a cousin, or an uncle. I can’t really remember. However, I do remember the colours. There were so many different shades of the rainbow that it was extremely overwhelming to my young eyes. I knew my colours, you know the old acronym? ROY-G-BIV? That was one we learned really early, I think one of my brothers taught me that.

The one dress that I have a vivid impression of was this stunning pink summer gown that my mother was wearing. It had these lace frills around the neck, which I can remember wanting to play with whenever she held me. Which incidentally, wasn’t as often as I would’ve liked. She doted more on my brothers, and Michelle than me.

But, I was talking about the colours, wasn’t I?

That uncle, or cousin, whose party it was, he was wearing a pale blue dinner suit. Yeah, it was kind of the fashion, apparently. The colour of the sky. Honestly, I don’t think men should wear pale blue suits. It looks too much like someone stole the sky and made it into thread to make clothes out of. And he was wearing a fuchsia cummerbund which really did not match the rest of his suit...

Okay, what the hell; where did THAT come from? I don’t even know. And, even though I told Michelle and Matt and everyone else that I didn’t remember much about my life with my family...I remembered something like this? I have no idea of the significance of this memory. But, I guess the human mind is weird like that.

Maybe it’s supposed to remind me that life isn’t always about the significant drama-filled moments. That life is just as much about the other experiences that we have, that we should savour every part of it and try to remember it all.

Or maybe I’m just reading too much into my own thoughts. Maybe...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I am not going to wear that. You can’t make me wear that, are you fucking serious?”

Jimmy is raging in the background somewhere. Gena and I can hear him lamenting Leana’s choice of clothing for an appearance the band’s going to do for the local radio station. Zacky’s girl and I are sitting in the living room. She’s reading a novel, the sound of turning pages somewhat soothing.

I have my journal in my lap, pen in hand, scribbling away. After a moment, I pause from my writing, and glance at over at her.

“Why is he complaining? It’s not like people will be able to see him.”

Gena just laughs, shaking her head. “No idea. I think he just enjoys whining at her.”

“Who enjoys whining?” Matt’s deep voice enters the room, moments before the man himself does. I peek up at him and smile faintly. He joins me on the sofa, sinking down into the leather as he drapes an arm along the back of the seat. A small smirk tugs at the corners of his lips as he looks expectantly at me.

I lean back and he shifts his hand to rub at my skin, his thumb moving in slow circles against the nape of my neck.

“Val? Who’re you talking about?”

I give him a weird look and dart my eyes toward the kitchen just as Jimmy’s voice floats out through the door.

“No. I’ll look like a fucking peacock. Zacky’s the peacock. I can’t be the fucking peacock!”

Then Zacky’s voice joins the fray. “Hey! Get off my dick.”

Then the two men alternate, their voices getting louder as they rail at each other, punctuated by raucous laughter.

“I’m not on your dick, V. What the hell?”

“I thought you were talking about my-”

No. I said I’m going to look like a peacock. You’re supposed to look like a peacock.”

“I don’t have a pea-cock.”

“Go take a piss with your cock.”

“Ha ha ha...” Zacky mocks, “that was funny?”

Matt snorts, shaking his head, amusement glimmering in his eyes. But he says nothing about his friends’ antics. Instead he looks across at Gena then returns his gaze to my face. I bite the inside of my cheek, sensing he’s about to say something. His expression is a little more serious than a moment ago. Brow furrowing, he’s obviously thinking hard on something.

But before he can say anything, Jimmy flounces into the room his hair flying everywhere a look of exasperation all over his face.

“Fu-uck! I look like a monkey’s uncle!”

I blink rapidly at the tall man. Leana and Zacky appear behind him, the former looking as flustered as any woman possibly can; the latter appearing highly amused.

Matt shifts so he can look over toward his friend, and then he lets out a loud bark of laughter at the other man’s appearance.

“What the hell are you wearing, man?”

I stare at Jimmy. He’s wearing a bright red smoking jacket over a pale blue shirt. On his head, perching precariously is a black and red top hat. Hanging over the brim is an explosion of colour. A rainbow-coloured feather boa is draped around the hat the end dangling down over his shoulder. He looks like a ringmaster from a circus. He my uncle did...that one time. I blink slowly taking it in.

Jimmy notices me staring and beams at me, the annoyance that was there a moment ago, disappearing in characteristic Jimmy speed.

“Whaddaya reckon, Val? Do I look crazy as shit, or what?” He spreads his arms up and out, as if modelling himself.

Unable to form words, I hold a hand in front of my mouth as I giggle softly.

Matt scoffs, “You look fucking ridiculous.”

“Blame Le,” Jimmy jerks a thumb at his fiancée, who is slowly shaking her head at us from behind him and mouthing that it isn’t her fault.

Matt, of course, is right on top of that and just gives his friend a disbelieving look. Jimmy sighs and flops down on the other couch splaying his long legs out in front of him, while adjusting the hat on his head. Leana shakes her head and disappears back into the kitchen. Zacky comes out and leans against the back of the sofa Matt and I are on.

“So, when do we have to leave?”

Matt glances at the clock on the wall, his thumb still kneading lightly at the back of my neck. I lean into his touch, eyes half open. He smiles at me, hazel eyes warm. Then he looks up at his friend.

“Half an hour. Where’re Syn and Johnny?”

Zacky crosses his arms, rocking against the back of the sofa as he answers, “Meeting us there.”

Jimmy pipes up, “I thought Syn wasn’t even coming? He said something about surprising Chelle at work...or something?”

“Oh?” Matt cocks an eyebrow, eyes narrowing. “What the hell for?”

I tilt my head giving Jimmy an equally quizzical look. The drummer chortles, clapping his hands together.

“What do you think, Shads? He’s gonna pop the question, duh.”

Matt just stares at him. Then scowls, pulling his hand away from the back of my neck, lurching up off the couch and stalking out of the room. Jimmy’s smile falters for a second but then settles as he rolls his eyes.

“Asshat,” he mumbles a hint of amusement in his voice. He obviously doesn’t think much of Matt’s attitude toward my twin.

Gena puts a finger in place in her book and looks at me. “Go after him, Val...”

I bite my lip, feeling uncertain. I don’t really want to go check on him. Guess I’m a little anxious how he’ll react. Jimmy catches my wary look and points toward the door.

“Go, Val. Talk to your man.”

I scrunch my face up his statement. That’s the second time someone’s called Matt my man...but this time I don’t bother trying to correct him. Jimmy doesn’t listen to anyone.

Hesitating, I tug at the hem of the skirt I’m wearing, and brush at a lock of hair that’s dangling in front of my face. Then I stand, slowly, rubbing at my arms.

Zacky, who’s still leaning against the back of the couch, smiles kindly. “He’s just pissy about Michelle...”

I shake my head at him and murmur cautiously, “That’s no news...”

“True.” The guitarist grimaces, sucking on his piercings.

I force a smile to my lips then head out of the living room, peeking down the hall to see if he’s down there. He’s not. I inhale deep, before making my way down it, looking in each room I pass. The laundry, couple of spare rooms, Matt’s gaming room, the office... I’m about to walk past the office, not thinking he’d be in there; he never goes in there during the day...

“Valary. In here.”

Scratch that thought. I back track and pop my head around the door. Matt’s sitting on his large leather swivel chair, arms hanging loose over the armrests. One foot is resting against what looks like a rolling stool that looks out of place in the room. It probably should be behind a drum kit. His other shoe is planted firmly on the floor.

Before going in, I pause for a moment just taking in his appearance. His expression is stern; the dark clothes he’s wearing giving him an almost inapproachable aura. He’s in M Shadows mode. Guess it goes with the territory, since this interview today is the first one for awhile. The guys are going to be talking up the writing process so far for their new album. He crosses his arms, flexing them absently. I swallow hard, stepping into the room.


He frowns, pushing the stool away from him, causing it to roll toward me. “Sit.”

I do so, perching on the top of the stool and bracing myself for whatever he might say. Matt continues to frown, jogging his left knee up and down in an irritated motion. I press my hands together between my knees gazing at the floor, counting the small diamond patterns on the carpet. Silence settles heavily in the room, and I wonder whether this is all we’re going to do, considering we’ll have to go to the radio soon.

But then Matt clears his throat and asks, “What’d you and Chelle talk about, yesterday?”

I lift my eyes to his. His face hasn’t changed. His eyes are still dark. For a second I contemplate not answering his question. But his expression is so severe that I decide not to push it.

“Um...about you and her, Master...” I bite my lip then add, “And your sister...and Brian...”

Matt gets this look like he’s just tasted something really bad. “Is that all?”

Blinking at him, I feel a soft flush spread across my face. I duck my head down unable to meet his questioning gaze.


“ was something else.”

“And that was?” Matt’s voice is low, but I know by his tone that not telling him is not an option. But I feel a bit embarrassed telling him.

His voice softens as he prompts me, “Val, I’m just curious...”

I blink hard, realising my eyes are a little wet. I give a little laugh, while wiping at the corners of my eyes.

“Me...and you, Master...”

Matt smiles then, his features losing their hard edge; rolling forward so he can place his hands on my knees. He gently pries them apart and takes my hands in his. His hands are so warm around mine, his touch so tender. I feel my breath catch in my throat. And, not for the first time, I wonder on how lucky I am to have ended up with him.

I lower my head an upwelling of emotion catching me and causing tears to start prickling at my eyes.

“’s okay...” Matt lifts a hand and gently brushes a tear away from my cheek with his thumb. “I’m here, hun...”

That just about undoes me. A sob escapes.

“Aww, Val...” Matt shifts even closer and pulls me into his arms, sweeping his hand up and down my back. I cling to him, tucking my head into his chest.

Sniffling, I try to speak into the solid warmth of his body, but words won’t come. Matt ‘shushes’ me gently, rocking me. I take several deep breaths letting myself relax into him. He nuzzles into my hair, stroking at my back before shifting us so we both end up on the floor. I wriggle into a more comfortable position, leaning into his body.

He smiles at me, caressing the back of a finger along my cheekbone. I bite at the inside of my cheek. He tilts his head at me.

“Whatcha thinking?”

I keep chewing nervously. He raises his eyebrows at me. I blush. There are far too many things going on in my head right now.

Obviously, sensing that, he chuckles. “Val?”

I shake my head, not sure I want to go there. “You asked a question.”

Matt smirks. “You answered.”

I mumble, “Not really...”

“Really? Well then, what’s the answer?” He tilts my chin up so he can look me in the eye.

There are so many ways I can answer that, but I can’t really formulate words. At least, not enough to articulate my thoughts. Instead, trembling, I murmur, “I love you...” And then I promptly burst into tears. That took all of me to say that, and something in me breaks.

Matt’s arms tighten around me, but he says nothing, which I’m grateful for. I don’t think I can handle all that typical ‘shush it’s gonna be okay’ spiel. Not after announcing my feelings to him. Talking is not something that helps in a situation like this, I think. Better to sit in quiet and let everything wash over us.

I snuggle into him; Matt begins to rock me, stroking a hand down my back, rubbing softly. You know, it’s those small touches of his that do much more for me than any words can. I know it’s his way of showing me how much he cares for me. How much he... loves me. He’s very tactile, so am I. I can’t go without being near him so if I reach out to him I come into contact with some part of him. He grounds me, gives me something to support myself. And that’s something I’ve always needed in my life.

We remain close like that for several long minutes, until we hear footsteps approaching down the hall.

Zacky pokes his head around the doorframe and raises his eyebrows at us. “Oi, lovebirds.”

Matt frowns at his friend. “What, V?”

Zacky leans in the doorway, folding his arms in front of him. “We gotta head out. What’re you two doing in here?”

I flush and look down, feeling a little nervous at being caught out in such an intimate moment.

Matt growls, obviously not happy about the interruption either, “Talking.”

The guitarist smiles faintly, nodding. “Right. Well, we have to go.”

Matt sighs, “’Kay, give us a sec...”

Zacky smirks, “I’ll give you two secs...enough time to steal a kiss or two.”

I blink at that.

Matt snorts, “Fuck off, Zacky.”

His friend winks at me and leaves. I bite my lip, peeking up at my master. He has an odd expression on his face. He catches my eye, cocking an eyebrow at me. My cheeks flush, and I lower my eyes again.

The corners of Matt’s lips twitch upwards in a small smile as he cups my chin in his hand, tilting my face back up. I shiver as he brushes a thumb over my bottom lip. Then he leans down to press a kiss to my forehead.

“C’mon, we should get going.”

He helps me up, pushing up after me. I can’t help but stare at his arms as he gets up. Looks like he’s been working out again. He smirks, catching my eye again. This time I don’t look away, just continue admiring him. Matt chuckles low in the back of his throat, wrapping an arm around my waist, and squeezing. I lean into his side, letting him walk me out of the office.

The others are waiting at the front door. Jimmy is fiddling with his hat, staring off into space. The girls are chatting with each other and Zacky is leaning against the wall, keys jingling from his hand. They all look over as we join them.

“’Bout fucking time,” Jimmy says with a grin.

“He was getting bored,” Leana comments, shaking her head.

Matt rolls his eyes. “Well, we can’t have that.” He looks over at Zacky. “I’m driving.”

The guitarist tosses the keys to him. Matt catches them then looks down at me. I peer up at him. He smiles, eyes warm. Then, without another word, he leads me out to the SUV, the others coming out behind us.

Time for the band to put on their public hats. A couple of interviews, and I think even a meet and greet with fans...

First time since the tour when Matt bought me and I’m sure it’s going to be an interesting day.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Thu May 26, 2011 7:11 pm

Wonder what's gonna happen?
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Mon May 30, 2011 6:56 pm

Part Thirty-One – “We’re all into honesty here, right?”

“So, Matt. I’ve heard some rumours about you.”


“Yeah, I mean asides from the ones about how you can bench press a thousand pounds...and are ten feet tall.”

Matt snorts, shaking his head. “Those are real old...I can bench double that.”

The radio host chuckles then continues. “Anyway, what I hear is that you have some chick chained up in your basement...”

Zacky laughs, chiming in, “What? Shads has a basement? That’s news to me.”

“Yeah, it’s for if we get hurricanes, should get one.” Matt rolls his eyes then turns his gaze to the host. “As to that rumour...” He pauses, glancing over to the corner of the studio where I’m sitting quietly, watching and listening.

We’ve been in the studio for over half an hour already and Matt insisted I come into the booth with them, because he didn’t want to leave me waiting outside. The host doesn’t seem too put off my presence, though he hasn’t actually acknowledged me or anything. But, I didn’t think Matt was expecting to deal with any questions about the whole slave thing...or even just having it alluded too.

I tilt my head at him, curious as to how he’ll answer it. Part of me is wondering how that rumour even eventuated, but another is just wondering how Matt will field it. The question, that is.

The host catches Matt’s quick look towards me and raises his eyebrows. “Is that..?”

Matt frowns, and I see thoughts passing across his eyes. “We’re all into honesty here, right?” he finally speaks up.

The host nods. “Of course. I detest liars.” He smirks to soften the statement.

“Me too,” Matt says. Shifting his weight, he leans in to the microphone. “That’s Val...sitting behind us. And she is my...” he hesitates on the word, darting a look at me again. I bite my lip, but try a smile, wanting to support him in any way I can.

“She’s your...?” the host prompts.

Matt grimaces but manages to get out, “She belongs to me.”

“Belongs to you?” the host blinks, an expression of incredulity appearing on his face. “Is that some kind of macho controlling ‘she’s my girl and no one else is allowed to look or touch’ thing...or...?”

My master clears his throat, roughly. “I don’t wanna say the word...”

It dawns on the host, though. I can even imagine the tiny light bulb flashing above his head.

He keeps blinking as he says, “You mean she’s literally your...your slave?”

I look down at the host’s shocked question, only just catching Matt’s scowl toward the other man.

“Yeah, but I don’t ‘chain her up in the basement’...where’d you hear that?”

The host seems a little taken aback by Matt’s initial response, but manages to gather himself to answer the follow-up question. I lift my eyes again as he speaks. “It was probably just a joke...I’m sure the person who told me, meant nothing by it.”

Matt props his elbows against the table the guys are sitting at across from the host. Johnny, Brian and Jimmy are all there as well, but it seems to be more the Matt and Zacky show, because they’re doing most of the talking. Jimmy is actually spending more time with his back to the table, facing me and pulling faces. I try to ignore him, keeping my focus on Matt.

“Who said that?” There’s a hint of steel to his tone. He’s upset. Not that surprising, really. The whole thing of him owning me is extremely private, and usually personal questions of this nature aren’t asked by interviewers. Guess this one is a little more ballsy...

The host holds up a hand as if to placate Matt. “The caller gave no name. Just said he’d heard it on the grape vine...” He leans forward against the table, looking at him. “Anyway, I don’t know much about this whole...slave thing. Got any comments you want to make on it? I’m sure the listeners would be interested.”

“Abraham Lincoln should’ve outlawed it,” Zacky mutters, fiddling with his piercings.

Matt nods to him. “True. But no one listened to him, obviously.”

The guitarist scoffs, “That’s because they’re fucking idiots.”

“Yeah, there is that,” Matt sighs, looking back at the host. “I think it’s fucking crazy, really. The only reason I even considered getting Val was because her previous...owner,” the word catches at the back his throat; he coughs, shaking his head then continues, “brought her to a gig...and he was...y’know trying to sell her off.” He glances over toward me; I look down at the floor.

He goes on. “She looked so...I don’t know...lost.”

The host smirks slightly, “You decided to be her knight in shining armour?”

“That’s so fucking cliché.” Matt shrugs. “But, yeah. Guess so.”

“That’s admirable. Y’know? That’s what I like about you guys.” The host grins. “You’re all for the good in the world. I mean, your music is a bit twisted...sometimes, but you’re all genuinely great guys. There’s not enough people like you in the world.”

Zacky chuckles, rolling his eyes. “We try.”

“Yeah, we do. And we don’t do bullshit, either,” Matt points out, rather needlessly from my point of view.

I know from experience that Matt absolutely detests people who bullshit all the time. If it’s meant in fun, it’s okay...but those who do it and mean it...Matt can’t, or maybe won’t, hack that. I know I’m always as honest as I possibly can be around him. Perhaps not entirely open, but I try not to ever lie to him. Withholding information is one thing, outright lying is another.

The host settles back in his chair, nodding sagely at Matt’s statement. “Yeah, I hate bullshit as well.”

Jimmy, at that moment, decides to chime in. He’s still facing me, so I can see the mad twinkle in his eyes as he says, “How do you know you hate bullshit? You ever tasted it?” He says all this while waggling his eyebrows at me. I have to look away.

There’s this split second of maddening ‘what the hell’ silence, and then Matt cracks up laughing. Zacky, too, gives a snort before breaking into his characteristic giggle. He doesn’t sound like a girl, mind. It’s a masculine chuckle, but not a full deep-chested belly laugh. Johnny and Brian follow suit until they’re all attempting to hold themselves together, wiping at their eyes, shaking their heads. Meanwhile, I’m still attempting to stifle mine...

“What the fuck, dude...” Matt slaps a hand against his thigh. “Jesus, Rev...”

As the others quieten down, Jimmy swings around and glowers at them. “You two were being too serious.” He points a mock accusing finger at the singer. “You’re all, fucking like... ‘this is such a serious topic I gotta act all sombre and shit...’” He turns the digit to the guitarist. “And you... you’re all ‘yeah...I gotta be serious like Shads... frown, frown, frown...’”

With my hand over my mouth, I fight not to burst into even more fits of giggles. The drummer does this to me every time. Luckily the others are focusing their attention on Jimmy as well, so I’m safe from any questioning looks they might give me.

“Well, it’s a serious subject, Rev,” Matt murmurs. “It’s not something to joke about.”

Jimmy snorts, shaking his head, the top hat falling off his head onto the floor. “Never said that it was. Just...” he throws his hands in the air and yells, “let’s change the subject!

I jump a little at his outburst; the others groan rolling their eyes at the drummer. I hear Brian mutter under his breath, ‘fuckin’ A...’. Johnny slumps in his seat, smirking at the taller male. Matt and Zacky just sigh. Jimmy pouts at them all. There’s a brief pause where all the guys are just looking at each other.

Then Matt laughs, breaking the tension, as he reaches down and grabs the drummer’s hat, jamming it back on his head.

“Here. Quit losing shit and calm down. We’ll change the topic...’kay?”

Jimmy gets this big grin on his face. I giggle again; he catches my eye and winks at me. Matt notices and smirks faintly. I flush and lower my gaze.

The host chuckles deciding that it’s time to move the segment along. “Well, we’re actually almost done here guys...but, as you may know, we ran a comp a little while ago for fans to come in for a meet and greet.”

“Yay! Let’s meet the people!” The drummer springs up from his seat and dashes, all long legs, to the door.

Matt laughs some more, shaking his head. “Dude, you’ll scare them all away.”

“Oh, but...” Jimmy pouts then his eyes light up as a thought comes to him. “No they won’t! They love me best! You’ll scare them away, you big meanie!”

The others groan. Zacky lifts his eyebrows, leaning forward. “You didn’t just call Shads a ‘meanie’?”

“He did,” Matt says. “He definitely did.”

Jimmy turns to look at me directly, once again, an imploring expression on his face. I glance at him, seeing the look and sensing what he might be just about to ask me, and wondering exactly how I will respond, when he does.

“You agree, don’t you, Val? Matt’s a big meanie. Right?”

I knew it. Why does he have to ask me that? I mean, I know he’s kidding around, but Matt’s my master. Jimmy waggles his eyebrows at me like he was doing before. I can’t help but giggle again, but I don’t dare look over at Matt. Instead I shake my head hard.

“No...he’s not.”

Matt chuckles softly. “She’s got you there, big guy.”

Jimmy glowers back at him. “She’s only saying that ‘cause you own her.”

I catch the tensing of Matt’s shoulders, the narrowing of his eyes. That infamous temper of his is simmering right at the surface. I have a feeling that even though the drummer is half-joking, Matt is right on the verge of losing his cool. Then, I guess me being a slave isn’t a laughing matter as he has already mentioned.

The host picks up on the growing tension and I notice that he’s standing now, making his way to the door, and joining the drummer. Jimmy, though, won’t let it alone.

He moves back toward us and waves a hand at me while looking at Matt. “Fuck, Shads. If you didn’t own her, I’m sure she’d be agreeing with me.”

Matt grits out, “That doesn’t even fucking matter.”

“Of course it does.” Jimmy folds his arms and pouts at him.

“No it doesn’t,” Matt groans. “You want to know why?”

“Why, Shads?”

“Because it’s different with us.”

Jimmy snorts. The others are now glancing between the three of us: me, Jimmy and Matt. I shift forward on my chair, looking toward Matt now. He’s actually glaring at the drummer now; his eyes are intense.

Jimmy’s reaction is to keep laughing. “Different? How? You’re her master. I don’t see what’s different about that.”

There’s a split seconds pause then Matt practically growls, “Because I love her, you douche.”

The look on Jimmy’s face after that is absolutely priceless. His jaw literally drops and he just stares at Matt like he’s grown a second head, or something. I mean, it’s not really a news flash, or anything. I think everyone realises that there are feelings between us. I think he’s more shocked by the fact that Matt is openly admitting it. Because we all know Matt’s usually a closed book when it comes to his emotions. Unless of course something’s made him angry. And then, well, watch out...

“Wow. Just. Fucking, wow.” Jimmy closes his mouth and shakes his head at Matt. Then says, “That’s...weird.”

“Weird?” Matt asks, standing up. “How is that weird?”

Jimmy just shakes his head some more, looking over at me, catching my eye. I look away, biting the inside of my cheek. There’s another pause then I hear footsteps and I recognise Matt’s shoes appearing in my line of vision. He crouches down in front of me and rests his hands lightly against my knees. He says nothing, though, just stays there, close to me.

I peek up at Matt; he smiles then looks over his shoulder at Jimmy who’s staring at us. “You gonna tell me, Rev?”

“No.” Jimmy smirks then dashes for the door. “Lemme out, I want to meet the fans!” The host laughs, opening the door and letting him pass.

Matt rolls his eyes, moving his thumbs in lazy circles against my knees. The others get up to follow Jimmy out the door.

Zacky, pausing in the doorway, looks back at us, and raises his eyebrows. “You two coming?”

Matt shakes his head. “Give us a minute.”

“Right.” He turns and follows the others. The host goes out behind him, meaning that Matt and I are the only ones left in the room.

We’re quiet for a moment, just letting the silence settle us; then Matt speaks. “Val,” his voice is low, “you don’t have to go out there, if you don’t want.”

I shiver a little, looking down at his hands. He keeps stroking his thumbs against my skin. Hunching slightly, I lean into his touch. He lifts his left hand to stroke the back of his finger against my cheek. I turn my face into his hand, craving the tenderness he’s giving me.

Then I murmur, “No...I’ll come with.”

“You sure?” Matt slides his hand to the nape of my neck, playing with the short hairs, causing my skin to tingle; I breathe in deeply then exhale softly. He adds, “You can just stay in here, mind our shit?”

I shake my head. “I’m sure, master...”

The corners of his mouth twitch in a smile, his dimples not quite showing. “Alright then. But if you get uncomfortable, tell me. And we’ll just leave.” He squeezes the back of my neck, gently. “’Kay?”

I give a small nod. He smiles more as he stands, holding his hand out to me. I grip it tightly; he pretends to wince. Giggling, I lean into his side. He wraps his arm around my shoulders, hugging me close. We walk out of the radio studio like that, and somehow I feel that this is just right; nothing bad can happen if we just stick together.

Nothing. Bad. Ever.

But, this isn’t fantasy. Though, it’s nice to hope.

Guess we’ll just have to see.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Tue May 31, 2011 7:25 pm

Wonder if there will be any repercussions from Matt discussing him owning Val on the radio?
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Tue May 31, 2011 8:27 pm

Yeah I'm with Kricket
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:38 pm

Part Thirty-Two – “It’s not a request, Val.”

“You didn’t seriously fucking just announce to the whole of the US that you love Valary?”

I don’t know what’s going on right now, but JD is standing in the middle of our living room, practically yelling at Matt. We’ve been back five minutes and he was waiting outside with a face as dark and threatening as storm clouds. I’m kind of hoping Matt will tell him to leave, or kick him out, but that doesn’t happen. Which confuses me, no end. Instead he lets him in and then he proceeds to start berating Matt, his voice getting louder with every passing moment. And with me just getting more and more confused.

Matt doesn’t seem to be having the same problem as me, though. He’s just taking it, head down, fingers dragging over his short hair. Probably struggling internally over whether it was the wisest thing he’s done, or the stupidest.

I sit, staring at the bigger man who is pacing tight figures of eights around us, speaking in a low, angry tone.

“What the hell were you thinking? Do you realise what could happen? Fuck! If they find out, you know what will happen. Do you want that to happen?” This last JD says as he comes directly to a stop in front of Matt. He glares at the top of his head.

It takes me all of a second to realise what he’s talking about, but at the same time I don’t want to believe it. And, at any rate, why would he even be talking about it, unless I was right in my suspicions all along?

Matt slowly lifts his gaze to the other man, a deep furrow in his brow, his eyes darker than I’ve ever seen them. I swallow hard, wondering how he’ll react. He works his jaw for a long minute just glowering darkly at JD.

Then he grits out, “There is no way I am going to let anything happen to Val. I’ll fucking kill anyone who touches her.”

I blink at that. Even JD looks taken aback by Matt’s declaration.

“Murder’s illegal, Matthew.”

Matt clenches a fist then jabs a finger in the air in JD’s direction. “No one is doing anything to Val. The Guild can bite my ass.” That famous temper of his is simmering beneath the surface; obviously he’s confident in his ability to keep me safe, and doesn’t like that JD is insinuating otherwise.

JD sighs shaking his head and finally sinks down on the sofa opposite us. “They might just do that...”

I shiver knowing that he’s absolutely right about that. The Guild is powerful, and they can do anything to the slaves that come out of the system. And if there is any chance at all that they heard what was broadcast earlier today...then the proverbial shit will most definitely hit the proverbial fan.

Matt rolls his eyes, scoffing, “They can try.”

“This is serious, Matt.” JD’s voice is hard. “You don’t want to take this lightly.”

“No shit,” Matt says, quietly. I sense he knows how serious a situation we’re facing. He’s just annoyed that JD’s the one telling him all this. And I can’t blame him. I still don’t get what’s going on with the supposed guitar tech.


“I get it, alright?” Matt growls at him.

JD holds his hands up in defence. But, he’s succeeded in pissing him off.

Matt works his jaw, before saying in a dangerous tone, “I’m not stupid, Denmore. Give me a little credit here.”

The other man nods, evidently deciding he’s said enough. “Right.”

“Is that all you wanted?” Matt slides an arm around me, nudging me to lean against him. I snuggle down next to him, tucking my head against his shoulder.

JD observes us for a moment, before standing again, shoving his hands into his pockets. “Yeah, I’m off to see Brian, now.”

Matt looks pointedly at him, while absently rubbing small circles on my shoulder. “You know where the door is, then.”

JD sighs and walks out. I watch him go then peek up into Matt’s face. His brow is tight, his jaw tense. I reach up and run a finger along the hard line. He tilts his head down, his eyes finding mine. The expression in his eyes is difficult to decipher. They’re murky, filled with myriad emotions.

He exhales roughly. “Val...” He pauses, taking hold of my hand. Then he removes it from his face, placing it gently in my lap. I blink at him in confusion. He shakes his head at me. Then gets up and just walks out of the room.

I sit there, unsure of what to do now. Should I follow him, or leave him alone? I need to figure out the best course of action. One, because I’m supposed to know whether Matt needs something or not, and two because I don’t want to make him mad.

Taking a moment to think, I cast my gaze around the living room; something catches my eye as I do. It’s my journal. On the coffee table. Wonder what it’s doing there. I reach over to grab it, flipping through the pages, skimming the entries. I don’t know why, but it feels like forever since I’ve written in this. My pencil happens to be stuck in the ring-binding, though so I take it out, and sit back, opening to a clean page.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I can’t remember ever being so conflicted. Maybe the last time was when I realised my parents were never coming back for me. I knew I bore no grudge, or ill-will toward them, but I was lonely and confused. I was in an unknown situation, the youngest of many other children who were all a little more knowledgeable of where they were and what was going on.

Huntington Beach orphanage was alright. I had no gripes with the place. They treated me okay, fed me, clothed me. It was just the one person in the institution that I did not trust. And it was that one person who made my life what it became today. I can’t to this day remember who that person was. It was a man, I know that much. And I always had a feeling that he probably was paid by the Guild. But, he never stayed on my radar long enough for me to memorise his name or his face.

I guess it never really mattered. Even though he forced me into the slave industry, he never played a major role in my life. Unlike some of my former masters. And never more so than Giovanni. If it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t have ended up with Matt. And I would never have been reunited with my sister. I guess in some weird, twisted way I was grateful to him. If one could ever be grateful to someone who owned them. Then again, I’m extremely grateful to Matt as well, so that’s not too hard to imagine.

Perhaps, in the long run all this would mean being reunited with the rest of my family. I have no idea if they’re even still in Huntington, or whether they would want anything to do with me. I always thought when I was younger, for better or for worse it would be best if I just forgot about them.

Having Michelle back in my life is like a gift. A gift that I never want to take for granted. And, I know that I won’t. But, meeting my family again, seeing the rest of them? I’m not sure how I would feel about it. I guess time will tell whether that will happen or not. Maybe I should talk to Michelle about that.

I think having Matt as my master was a gift too. Someone up above must have been watching out for me. Or at least had a little bit of a soft spot for me. Part of me wonders what would have happened if Giovanni had never taken me to that gig. Where would I be now? Maybe back at the Guild, waiting to be bought by someone else. Because as it stood, he wanted rid of me, either way.

None of this is even making any sense, is it? It seems like I’m just pulling all this out of nowhere. I should be writing about what happened today, right? About what just happened...between him and JD, and earlier at the station... But, maybe that’s too close to my mind. And, maybe I’m just bored. And worried. And just rambling.

It’s good to write though, considering I feel like I haven’t done it in awhile.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I look up from my journal, kicking my feet against the edge of the sofa. Matt is standing in the doorway, hands digging into the pockets of his jeans. I’m not sure how long he’s been standing there, or for that matter how long he’s been gone from the room. He seems tense as he was after JD left, but is hiding it better. Or maybe I’ve lost my touch, and am not reading him as well.

“What’s up, sir?” I put my pencil down, stand up and walk over to him. He looks at me a funny expression on his face. I can’t quite explain it. His eyes are dark; his lips are twitching as if he’s trying not to smile. “Master?”

He exhales sharply. “Stop, Val.”

I blink, a little confused. “Stop what?”

“Calling me that. Just...fuck.” He shakes his head. “Call me ‘Matt’.”

I purse my lips; that’s come out of left field. “But, I’m not supposed to...”

Matt sighs, glowering at me. “It’s not a request Val.”

Well, that’s a twist isn’t it? I guess the Guild can’t come down on him for that, if he makes it a direct order.

Lowering my eyes, I murmur, “If that’s what you want, Matt.”

Matt tilts his head at me then next I know he’s slid his arms around my waist, pulling me in close to his body. I shiver, before wrapping my arms around his waist, leaning into him. I must admit, it feels so good to be held by him.

He whispers into my hair, “It’s not just what I want.”

Funny, he’s right about that. I don’t like being a slave. I’m not sure if that’s ever been evident, but I really resent it. Guess I’m just good at not letting my bitterness show; probably because in the past it wouldn’t have gotten me anywhere. I feel though, it’s a lot different with Matt. I almost reckon I could voice my thoughts on my position. Not that I’m that daring.

Matt cups my chin, lifting it up so he can meet my eyes. I stare back at him, not entirely sure what’s happening. The corners of his lips twitch in a soft smile.

“You have a good time?”

For a minute, I have to think about what he means. It feels like forever since we were at the radio station and everything. But it’s only been a few hours. I guess when other things happen to take away the good feelings you have about something it does funny things to your memory.

Gathering my thoughts, I nod slowly. “It was different.”

Matt laughs. “To you maybe. It’s all the same to us. No less enjoyable, but it’s really just what we do. Not as much as some bands, but.”

He rubs a thumb against my cheekbone. I lean into his touch; he smiles more.

“What’d you make of the fans?”

I take a moment to think about his question, before answering. “They were really nice. Pretty dedicated to the band...are they all like that?”

Matt nods a wistful expression appearing in his eyes. “Yeah. Our fans are fucking awesome, I gotta say.”

Smiling, I lean into him more; he tightens his arms around me, rocking me gently. We stay like that for awhile, neither of us speaking, just taking comfort in each other’s presence. It almost feels normal. You know as if we were just like any other couple. Because normal for me, isn’t really normal for everyone else, but I think you know what I’m trying to say.

The phone rings, snapping us out of the quiet spell.

“Crap,” Matt groans, releasing me and stalking over to the phone, which is attached to the wall.

Lifting it off the hook, he answers in a rough tone, “Yeah, what do you want?” After a second, his voice changes, eyebrows lifting in what looks like surprise. “Sorry, you what? That’s great. Yeah, sorry about that...mind’s a million fucking miles away...that’s...yeah, I figured you would. Of course we will.” He pauses then smirks. “I’ll never pass that up. Sure. See ya, Syn.”

I tilt my head as Matt hangs up.

He grins at me. “That was Brian. He says he’s having a party tonight.”

I blink, that’s a surprise, you’d think the guys would just want to relax after a day of interviews and stuff. But, then again come to think of it, they think the best way to wind down is to get drunk and go crazy. Well, at least Jimmy thinks that.

“What for?” I ask, even though part of me thinks there’s probably no real reason.

Matt shrugs in response, but I really want to know, so I just stare at him. He blinks back at me.

“What is it, Val?”

“Why is he having a party?”

The smile fades from his face, his expression darkening. “He proposed to your sister and she said ‘yes’.”

The look in his eyes is disconcerting. Even though I now know a little bit of the history between him and Michelle, it’s still kind of a mystery as to why he still holds the grudge that he does. And, I can’t for the life of me, figure out why it is such a huge issue to him that Brian and Chelle would want to be happy together. Or not. It’s just confusing. I don’t think I even know what I’m meant to think.

I don’t say anything, just nod my head. Matt frowns slightly as he walks back over to me. He pulls me close to him again.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them, I really am,” Matt says into my hair after several minutes.

I nod against his chest; he doesn’t have to explain himself to me. Right now, I’m willing to accept anything he says. Must be the submissive in me. That tiny part of me which I know isn’t really who I am... that’s deep, isn’t it?

I peek up at Matt; he catches my eye and smiles softly before pushing me away with a sigh.

“Go get changed.” He rubs his hands over his biceps. “We’ll leave in half an hour.”

I nod, getting up to head to our room. He stops me for a moment though, catching hold of my upper arm. Looking at him, I wonder what he wants. His gaze is serious, yet unreadable.


His lips twitch and then spread into a soft, dimpled smile. Then he does something that completely scrambles my brain. Sliding his hand to my chin, he tilts my face up and places a soft kiss to my mouth. After which I just blink at him incomprehendingly, jaw going a little slack.

He smiles more, and murmurs, “Love you...”

A flush spreads over my face, and I pull back from him, before hurrying away to our room.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:44 pm

Aww, now how cute is that?
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:03 am

Very Happy


Part Thirty-Three – “I really, truly, got lucky.”

Michelle looks absolutely stunning. She’s wearing this white top that accentuates her body shape perfectly and a dark jacket over the top which gives her a sophisticated air. Her hair. I am so jealous of her hair. I can’t believe I just said I’m jealous of someone’s hair, but what the hell. It’s just, beautiful. It’s long and blonde and silky...and everything mine is not. Of course, Matt would beg to differ, but this is my opinion.

On the other hand, Brian looks ridiculous. He’s wearing a multi-coloured, knitted poncho. Talk about tacky. But, then again, it kind of suits him. Not that I’m saying he’s tacky... He’s just in a goofy mood, running around and hugging everyone and going crazy. He’s even tried to plant a sloppy kiss on Matt’s mouth. He’s acting more like Jimmy than Jimmy is.

Speaking of, the drummer is surprisingly subdued. He’s sitting over in the corner of the dining room, smoking a cigar, I think. Leana is over with my twin checking the food. She keeps looking over at Jimmy, though who is just staring into space like he’s trying to figure out the answers to the big questions.

Matt is across the other side of the room, drinking a beer and talking to Brian. Johnny is with them, just nodding his head at either one of them, whoever is talking. The Berry brothers are here as well, somewhere. I haven’t seen Matt Berry, but Jason is sitting with Zacky at the dining table picking at some raw vegetables and dip. I’m sitting near to them, not really listening, just observing them all. Because, that’s something I’m good at.

Little bits of conversation drift toward me, but I just filter them out, as my gaze finally settles back on Matt. He’s talking in a low voice to Brian, a strange look in his eyes. I can’t quite catch what he’s saying, but I become even more curious as Michelle goes over to him and interrupts their conversation. The look on Matt’s face gets even darker, if that’s at all possible and he literally glares daggers at my sister.

Michelle glares back at him, snapping, loud enough for everyone to hear, “Don’t you look at me like that, Matthew. I didn’t invite them, they’re my parents. They just decided to come. And they’ll be here soon.”

I sit up, eyes widening slightly. Her parents? My parents...

“They’re her parents’ too, Michelle. What the fuck were you thinking,” Matt growls in response, anger obvious in his voice; he’s right on the edge. He’s definitely not happy with my sister. “She’s not ready for this, Michelle. You should’ve told her.”

“Told her what, Matt? Something I didn’t even know until this morning? That’s rich. I can’t tell her shit I don’t know. I’m not some kind of psychic.”

Matt leans into my twin’s face and practically spits at her, “You could’ve called us after you found out, Michelle. You have that freaking phone glued to your ear half the time.”

“I do not!”

“And anyway, what about them, Michelle?” Matt goes on, ignoring my sister’s outburst. “What the Hell are they going to say when they see Val? And don’t even start about what kind of questions they’re going to ask. Because I sure as Hell am not going to lie to them about how I met your sister.”

Michelle scowls. “Do you really think they need to hear about that?”

“Yeah, I think they do. They have the right to know.”

“I don’t think Val would appreciate you telling them that she’s a slave, do you?”

“I don’t think she’s ready to meet them right now, Michelle, let alone me telling them that.” Matt crosses his arms over his chest, glowering at her.

I bite my lip, watching them. They’re standing toe-to-toe arguing over this, while I have no idea how to feel. It seems a bit weird, considering I was just thinking about if I’d ever get to see my parents earlier today. Maybe I’m the psychic one. That’s actually kind of funny.

“Well, I can’t tell them they can’t come over, Matt. This is my engagement party, and they want to show their support.” Michelle’s voice is getting louder.

Matt’s is getting softer, but there’s a definite edge to the tone. “Well, I won’t be held responsible for anything that happens.”

“No one is expecting you to.” My twin sighs. “Look, I’ll explain everything to them, okay? It’s the least I can do.”

“You’d better. Otherwise, I will.” He stalks away from her, grabbing a beer on his way out of the room.

I watch him go then look at my sister. She’s also staring after him an irritated look on her face. Brian is by her side a hand on the back of her neck, rubbing slowly. She leans back into him and sighs loudly. Johnny, who is still standing there, looks a little shocked by the outburst and is just shaking his head slowly.

“Hey, Val...”

I turn my head to see that Jimmy has shifted his chair next to mine. Blinking, I avert my gaze to the floor, wrapping my arms around myself.

He speaks right next to my ear, but I manage not to jump in response.

“Maybe you should go after him?” Jimmy phrases it as a question as if he’s not so sure of the merit of his suggestion. I peek up at him, shaking my head. He tilts his, eyebrows wiggling in a ‘why not’ sort of gesture.

Lowering my eyes again, I murmur, “Not a good idea.”

“Why not, Val? You seem to be the only person who can get him to calm down.”

I blink at his statement, looking up into his anxious stare. “You really think so?”

Jimmy’s lips curve in a soft smile. “Yeah. I have to say you coming into his’re a fucking godsend. Not sure what god sent you, but you’re a godsend.”

My face burns at that and I duck my head down.

“For serious,” Jimmy insists. “You make him a better person. Not that he was an ass or anything before you came along, but...” He shrugs, smiling more at me, which I only just catch from the corner of my eye.

I sigh, shaking my head. I still don’t think it’s a good idea to go after him. I don’t want him to get mad at me. I don’t say this, though. I just sit with my head down, chewing nervously on the inside of my cheek. Jimmy reaches over to squeeze my shoulder. He says nothing else just sits back and lights up another smoke.

Matt reappears moments later, looking a little more composed, but still tense. I can tell by the tightness around his eyes. He searches the room, his gaze falling on me. He lifts his right hand and crooks his finger at me – come here. I swallow hard, before obeying the summons. He’s obviously still upset about the whole thing about Michelle’s parents.

Shit. They’re going to be here. Anytime soon. And I haven’t seen them since I was four...five. Matt’s right. I really am not ready for this. Then again, if I’m not ready now, will I ever be? Perhaps it’s better this way. A big shock, yes. But then we can get past it, right?

Who knows?

I look up at Matt as I get closer. He’s frowning now, but he’s focussing inward, not really seeing me.

“Matt?” It still feels a little strange, calling him by name that is. I’ve been so used to calling him ‘master’ that it almost feels awkward saying anything else. But, it seems to do something, because he snaps out of his mental cloud, gaze fixing on mine.

“Val,” he murmurs as he wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me close. I blink at this obvious sign of affection, wondering vaguely what everyone else thinks of this. Incidentally, the others have moved away, gathering around the dining table, picking at the food. Leaving Matt and I basically to ourselves.

Leaning into his body, I let my breath out slowly, only just realising that I was holding it.

He runs his palm up and down my spine in a slow sweeping motion before murmuring low, “You know I’m gonna be here for you.”

I nod against his chest.

He tilts my chin up, his expression grave as he adds, “If you want to leave, just let me know, ‘kay?”

I feel like one of those bobble toys, still moving my head up and down in response. Having no words, I feel this is the only way I can let him know I’m listening. Matt sighs brushing his fingers against my cheek, before stepping away and walking back toward the table.

Watching him go, I wonder what’s going through his mind. Aside from any and all promises he’s just made to me, I know there are other thoughts that are worrying him. To do with my sister, to do with his friends. But, as ever, he’s a closed book to me.

Turning away, I find my gaze locking with Jimmy’s again. His bright blue stare flashes at me, and he grins around a mouthful of smoke. I blush a little, and lower my eyes. The effect he has on me is kind of surprising. He makes me feel special. Like I matter. Not that Matt doesn’t do that. It’s just, since he’s my master it makes sense on one level that he will ease my fears and what not, through trying to keep me comfortable, or feeling good about myself. I mean that in a general sense, because even my previous masters did that to some extent. Though most of them were just assholes to me.

With Jimmy it’s different. Heck with all the guys, Matt’s friends, it’s different. They treat me just like I’m one of the other girls. As if I’m just Matt’s girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I love that fact about them. It’s odd, but it makes me feel warm on the inside. But, I can’t lose sight of what I really am, so it always makes me a little nervous as well.

But a part of me takes note, and it gives me some hope that they’ll be there for me, whatever happens. Not just Matt who’s explicitly promised, but them as well. I guess I count them my friends. And I can tell you the number of people I give that honour too. Can count them on two hands.

Jimmy keeps smiling at me; I feel colour creeping up into my face, so look away again.

There’s only so much of him I can handle. Then again, there’s only so much of anyone I can handle. Even Matt becomes too much for me sometimes, but with him I don’t have any choice but to put up with it. Of course, as luck would have it, he seems to know and gives me space. None of my other masters ever did that for me. Ever cared enough to give me that.

And now, in this new situation, this…waiting to see whether my parents show phase, I’m grateful for him, for his friends… and just the fact that I got lucky. I really, truly, got lucky.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:29 am

Wonder what Val's parents will say to her? If and when the recognize her.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:05 pm

I'm hoping that Val and her parents can actually have a good conversation without anyone else there.
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The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17
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