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 The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17

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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:56 am

Part Thirty-Four - "Matt..."

“Well done. You succeeded in destroying the afternoon with your fucking stupidity, Michelle. Val won’t talk to me now.”

Matt was livid.

The Dibenedettos had come and gone in a whirlwind of shock and chaos. To say that confusion had dominated their short-lived visit was a massive understatement. They barely got done congratulating Brian and Michelle for their engagement when Mrs Dibenedetto had laid eyes on Valary. Her shocked exclamation at the presence of the younger of the twins left little to the imagination.

What the Hell is she doing here? I didn’t think I’d see her again…

Her mother hadn’t even deigned to call her by name. Mr Dibenedetto had been no less accommodating in his reaction toward his youngest daughter. The elder siblings had no real idea how to respond so had completely ignored the fact that she was even there, conversing solely with Michelle.

Val was left feeling awful, heartbroken, and shut herself into the guest bedroom, locking the door so Matt couldn’t get in. In turn, he had threatened and cajoled her to open the door, but she was refusing to budge. And now he was back in the dining room, speaking angrily with her sister.

“What the fuck were you thinking, Michelle? Tell me, if you can.”

Michelle sighed, watching the big man, a wary look on her face. “I didn’t think Mom would react that way, you have to believe me, Matt.” She shook her head, pain ghosting across her features. “I really thought it’d go okay…”

Matt snorted, his tone scathing, “Yeah, well you got that wrong.” He crossed his arms, and glared at her. “They acted like they didn’t want anything to do with her.”

“I know.” Michelle ran a hand through her hair, a nervous gesture. “And I feel like crap. I didn’t think they had any bad feelings toward Val…I mean…I always thought they…well that it was ‘cause we weren’t well off that they left Val at the institution the way they did.” She lifted her gaze to meet Matt’s furious one. “I never meant for any of this to happen.”

He groaned, smoothing a palm over his shorn scalp, but said nothing more, just turned away to look at the others. Brian, surprisingly, was quiet and not interrupting their discussion. He was obviously just as stunned and upset about the way his fiancée’s parents had acted toward Val. The sour expression on his face told that story clearly.

Jimmy was more sombre than he’d ever been. He was seated at the dining table, smoking still, and frowning at the food spread before him as if it could explain to him what had just happened. Johnny, Zacky and the Berrys were talking softly amongst themselves, not willing to allow their voices to rise above a murmur.

Matt blinked slightly, noticing for the first time that JD was there as well. He was slumped in a chair, next to Johnny. He was subdued, though, his big body held still, his mouth sealed tight.

Matt knew he shouldn’t have been surprised to see the tech there. Brian had become quite close to him in the time they’d spent in the studio. But, at the same time, Matt was leery of his presence. Especially after what had happened with the big man’s friend. Still, it wasn’t as if Robert was there, and Matt was beginning to warm to JD, anyway. He hadn’t done anything to cause him any real alarm. Most importantly, though, he hadn’t done anything to make Val uncomfortable. Then again, her parents had done enough of that to last a life time.

Matt grimaced, swinging his gaze toward the dining room door. He needed to go try getting her to leave the guest bedroom. It pained him to see her so devastated. He could see the hurt in her eyes when her parents had distanced themselves from her, right there, in front of her. It was as if they hadn’t wanted to deal with the reality of her existence. That really pissed off Matt. He couldn’t understand their attitude toward Val. In his eyes, there was no need for it. She hadn’t done any wrong.

“Matt?” Michelle spoke up again, drawing his attention back to her.

He lifted an eyebrow at her, but didn’t answer. He didn’t trust himself to be civil if he did.

She cleared her throat several times before she said, “I’m sorry.”

He frowned. “I’m not the one you need to apologise to.”

Michelle sighed, looking down and nodding slowly in agreement.

Grabbing a couple of crackers, chewing on them, Matt then went for the door, not speaking to anyone else as he made his way across the room. As he reached the door though, he caught JD glancing his way, a dark look crossing the other man’s face. Matt wondered at his expression, but then shook his head to himself, figuring it wasn’t worth worrying about. He had Val to think of; if JD was having issues then it wasn’t his problem.

* * * * *

Pausing at the threshold of the guest bedroom, Matt gathered his thoughts, still unsure of how he was going to coax Val out. The door was firmly locked and Matt knew the first thing he had to do was convince her to let him in. No easy task, considering she hadn’t responded to him earlier. He pressed his left ear against the door to hear whether she was moving around or anything. There was no obvious sound coming from inside the room, though.

Matt rubbed at his face, before knocking softly. “Val?”

For a pause there was no response, and then the sound of shuffled footsteps reached his ears. They halted just in front of the door. A moment later, he heard the soft click of the lock then creaking as the door slowly opened. He cocked his head to the side as Val appeared in his view.

“Hey?” he said in a gentle tone.

Val blinked at him. There were dark circles beneath her eyes, tear tracks still evident on her face. It looked to Matt as if she’d been pulling at her top because it was skewwhiff, one shoulder pulled down.

She just stood there, looking at him.

He stepped toward her, gauging her reaction since he didn’t want to make her feel any more uncomfortable than she probably already was. Val made no move, though. Just followed his movement with tired eyes.

Matt, not knowing what else to do, opened his arms to her. She looked at him, blinking still then she shuffled into his embrace, leaning her weight into his solid body. He wrapped his arms around her, one about her waist the other up and around her back. She clung to him, hands gripping the soft cotton of his shirt.

He said nothing to her, just eased both of them into the guest room and over to the bed. Val shifted in his arms so as he fell back on the bed she ended on her side, next to him. Matt rolled onto his side managing to keep one arm around her, while he propped his head up with the other one. They just stared at each other for several long minutes, not moving, or saying anything.

As silence settled over them like a comforting blanket, Val moved closer, cuddling into Matt’s big body. He ran his fingers through her hair, lifting strands up, and rubbing them between his thumb and fingers.

Finally, as they lay there, Val found her voice; it was scratchy though, as she murmured into Matt’s chest, “They hate me…”

Matt grimaced, tracing his fingers lightly over her cheek. “I don’t know about that, Val.”

“They do…did you see the way they looked at me?” Val met his gaze, more unshed tears shimmering in her eyes.

He had and couldn’t argue with her assumption. Her parents hadn’t looked upon her favourably. Yet, a part of him wanted to believe it wasn’t because they felt any animosity toward her. However, Matt wasn’t going to defend their behaviour. He just thanked whatever powers-that-were that he hadn’t mentioned anything about Val being his slave. That would not have gone down well. Sure, Matt was all for being honest, but they hadn’t even bothered to ask how she’d come to be in his company, so there was no need for him to elaborate on something they obviously cared little about.

Matt sighed. “Yeah…I’m sorry you had to go through that.” He rolled his eyes. “Your sister…” He didn’t bother finishing the sentence, just hugged her close.

Val leaned into him, and said quietly, “She means well.”

Matt snorted, not responding to that statement. Instead, he occupied himself by running his left hand along her arm, palm pressed lightly against her skin. Val tilted her head a little brow creasing into a tiny frown.

“What’re you doing?”

He paused, meeting her eyes as a soft smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. “You feel so soft…” His voice was husky. And as he observed her reaction to his comment, he felt his cock harden in his pants.

Matt allowed a low growl to escape as he continued to stroke her arm.

Val shivered, lips parting as her eyes widened at the sound. It had been almost two weeks since Matt had even attempted to touch her in any way other than in comfort. But the contact now definitely had sexual undertones. They could both feel the tension increase.

She swallowed hard, grabbing hold of his hand.


“Matt,” he gently corrected, as he kept moving his palm up and down her arm.

Val chewed at the inside of her cheek, before she said, “Matt, please…”


“I…I don’t want…” her voice quavered on the words. Matt stopped his motion, just leaving his hand on her arm. She pressed close and he sighed, wrapping his arms about her smaller body.

He whispered into her hair, “I’m sorry.”

Even though he was now as hard as a steel rod, he wouldn’t pressure Val into doing something she didn’t want. And in all honesty, it probably wasn’t really a good idea to get into anything when they were both still upset. Better that he waited. Still, it was hard to ignore his needs.

Groaning, he withdrew his arms from around Val, sitting up. “I’ll be right back…”

She lifted her head, squinting at him as he swung his feet down to the floor and stood up. Matt smeared his hands over his face before walking to the en suite, closing the door behind him, to shut out the view of Val lying on the bed.

Matt stood for a moment in the middle of the bathroom absently studying the white tile that lined the walls. Then he walked over to the tub, unbuckling his belt and pulling himself free from the confines of his pants. As he braced his right foot against the edge of the bath, Matt took himself in hand, grunting softly.

He was burning, so intense was his need. His skin was hot to the touch. Closing his eyes, and gritting his teeth, he began moving his hand in long hard strokes.

It didn’t take long for him to reach release. He was so on edge that it could only have been a matter of minutes. Breathing out roughly, he wiped himself with the face cloth that was hanging on the tap, and then tossed it in the clothes basket.

Putting himself away, he then turned to lean against the vanity, and frowned at his reflection in the mirror. Brow furrowed, eyes heavy-lidded and dark, he knew he didn’t look particularly happy. He quickly wiped the expression away though. He’d been wearing that look far too much, in his opinion, and he was sick of being grumpy. Of course, it wasn’t his fault, but by the same taken it was a choice he could make. To remain in a black mood, or to lighten up, was ultimately in his power.

Matt glanced toward the closed door, picturing Val on the other side. She needed him to be there for her and he knew the best way to do that was probably not while he was in a bad mood. From previous experiences that had scared her and he had vowed to himself he wouldn’t be like that toward her. He did not plan on breaking that unspoken promise, either.

Squeezing the edge of the vanity, Matt could feel the hard surface dig into his palms. He closed his eyes for a moment thoughts turning over in his head. Though there were many only one of them took up most of the space in his head. Matt clenched his jaw overwhelmed by the truth that filled his mind. None of what had happened truly mattered, because it paled in comparison to what he felt. He loved Val. And no matter how trite or cliché that sounded his feelings for her were all that were of any real consequence.

With a sigh, he forced his body away from the sink and made for the door. It was time to make good on his promises. And he would start by going to Val and just being there for her. Nothing and no one would prevent him from doing that. Not now, not ever. He smiled at that thought, as he walked back into the bedroom.

Val looked up as he approached the bed. Myriad emotions passed across her face; he could read the question in her eyes. Climbing back on the bed, mattress protesting beneath his weight, Matt settled next to her and reached over to stroke her cheek.

“I’m okay, Val…” an answer to her unasked question.

She nodded as she snuggled into his side again.

Matt smiled more, nuzzling into her hair as he held her close. And, they stayed like that, together, letting stillness settle over them once more.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:31 pm

Doesn't surpise me about thier reaction, wouldn't expect anything less out of them. Wonder if they'll be thinking about their reactions later and feel guilty about the way they acted towards her.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:50 am

Who knows?

Got bigger fish to fry


Part Thirty-Five - "I'd rather stay here..."

I wish Matt had pushed me a just a little harder earlier. I know that’s a crazy thing to say, but because my emotions were all over the place, I needed some sort of stronghold to clutch onto. I know some would say that sex isn’t the answer, but having been in my position for so long, it’s something I’m familiar with. Much more familiar than say my family. Meeting them was not what I expected. Neither did it end up the way I wanted it to.

I thought it would be easy, that they would accept me. But, it obviously wasn’t to be. I don’t really know how much it hurt me to go through all that. All I know is that I don’t want to have a repeat of what happened. It killed me to be so out and out rejected by my parents. I don’t understand how they could be that way. I know they must have had a reason for why they did what they did, but I was always of the mind that they had done so out of necessity and not for any other reason.

The day they left me at the orphanage is still as vivid as if it were yesterday. It had been an unusually chilly October evening; Mom handed me over to the wards, bundled in a bright pink jacket and she had promised that if the situation got better, she’d come back for me. She had promised…

* * * * *


I blink, realising that tears are dripping from my eyes onto the page of my journal. Matt’s hand is resting gently on my shoulder. I peek up at him. His anxious gaze is fixed on the words I’ve just been writing.

“You want to talk about it?” It’s actually a question. There’s no demand in his voice at all. I look down at the pages of my journal and blink slowly, wondering whether that’s what I really want to do.

He doesn’t press, just sits by me, his hand moving in circles over my back. I lean into his touch, breathing slowly. I’m not sure how long we’ve been sitting here for. We’re at home, by the way. It took a while, but I guess I calmed down enough for Matt to bring me home. We didn’t speak to anyone, I couldn’t look at Michelle… still too hurt, I guess. Me that is. I’m not sure how she feels about all this.

By no means do I blame her for what happened. It’s not like she knew how our parents would react to me being there. But, she knew they were going to be there, and part of me feels almost as if she was being disloyal to me in some form. I know she didn’t do it to cause me any problems, but it turned out that way and it hurts. It really hurts.

I close my eyes, relaxing as Matt continues to rub my back. His presence is comforting. Enough so that I feel calm, safe. Peeking at him with one eye, I gauge his mood. His face is smooth, quiet, his eyes the only part of him that reveals any of his emotions. He’s still anxious, and seems to be waiting for something. Me, I guess.

I lick my lips a little, before saying, “Mom promised to come back for me…”

Dropping my chin against my chest, my breath hitches in the back of my throat. The heartache that comes over me scares me a bit. I can still hear my mom’s voice in my head, echoing through the years. Can still hear what she said to me. The knowledge that perhaps she hadn’t really meant it hurts more than I want it to.

Matt sighs, wrapping his arms around me, and pulling me into him. I turn to snuggle into his chest, pressing my face against his shirt. He rocks me gently, nuzzling into my hair. We stay like that for a while, quiet, still. He murmurs sweet nothings into my ear; I relax at his words, smiling a little as he tells me how much he loves me and that he’ll always be here for me. The last I hang onto because it’s exactly what I need to hear. Having a constant in my life is something I’ve been missing, and it’s been a huge surprise, finding it in my master.

Squeezing me gently, Matt sits back just as his cell phone buzzes from the night stand. He grabs it off the stand, holding it up to his ear after pressing the answer button.

“’Lo? Oh, hey…sure, I can come round…just give me a few.”

I tilt my head at him. “Who’s that?”

Matt glances at me, mouthing, “Brian.” He nods and speaks into his phone. “Yep…okay. See you soon.”

Hanging up, he looks at me a tiny frown marring his features. His lips twitch a little as if he doesn’t really want to say what he is about to.

“I have to go back over to Syn’s. Something’s come up.”

I blink a little then nod, looking down to hide my disappointment. I was kind of looking forward to just settling down to spend time with him. Relaxing, and not having to think about anything. But, I guess whatever it is Brian wants is more important than anything I want or would like. Not that I’m going to complain. Can’t forget who wears the pants in this relationship. Hah.

Matt sighs, running his fingers through my hair. “You can come…or stay…whatever…”

I shake my head and murmur, “I’d rather stay here, if that’s okay with you?”

He smiles a little and brushes his thumb against my cheek as he replies, “Of course. I probably won’t be too long, anyway.”

I nod slightly. Matt squeezes my shoulder before getting up off the bed. He wanders over to the dresser to grab his keys then with a smile toward me, he leaves the room. I sit there and listen as he heads out, the familiar growl of his bike echoing through the house as he takes off.

Sighing, I flop back on the mattress and close my eyes for a few minutes. But, I can’t relax, so rolling over, and sliding off the bed, I get up and head out to find something to do with my time.

* * * * *

It’s been a few hours since Matt left and Bella is following me around the house as I do a little bit of dusting. Matt let her in, to keep me company he said. I’m sort of grateful for that, because it can get lonely here. Especially when it’s as quiet as it is now. I mean the building creaks and groans sometimes and I find that somewhat comforting. But, it’s weirdly silent right now. Apart from the ‘swish’ of the feather duster on the wall, which I’m just trailing along, not really doing anything with it, the house seems almost dead. Like the calm before a big storm.

That’s actually kind of a creepy thought.

I pause at one of the large windows that look out into the garden. Bella stands right next to me, her wet nose leaving condensation on the glass, as she breathes and pants in contentment. But then as I begin to move away, I notice her hackles go up slightly, and she gives a low rumbling growl in the back of her throat.

“What is it, Bella?”

I crouch down next to her, and run my fingers along the scruff of fur at the back of her neck. She responds with a soft whine, and lifts a paw to scratch at the window frame. Then she barks loudly. That scares me. She hardly ever barks. Matt reckons she’s the best guard dog ever, because she only ever makes a warning sound if there’s actually something worth barking at.

Right now that causes me to worry. I’m basically alone here, and I’m not really well-versed in self-defence. I can only hope that it’s just someone who’s accidentally come into the yard, or even just some random who Bella’s detected from a long distance.

Taking a deep breath, I force myself away from the window and head for the living room. Just as I set foot inside the room, I hear the chime of the doorbell. That sets Bella off, and my nerves just about feel ready to fray and collapse.

Grabbing the doorframe, I ponder the merit of ignoring it. But, the chiming is insistent as if someone has their finger jammed against the buzzer. I glance down at Bella; she’s crouching now, that deep rumble still going. She’s not happy. I swallow hard, gripping the duster tightly, the plastic moulding to my palm, which is becoming moist with sweat. I can’t stay here, though. I was brought up to be polite; I at least have to go look and see who is at the door.

Reaching down, I shake Bella by the scruff of her neck, more to calm myself than anything else. Then I head for the front door, barely shuffling along the corridor. The yellow lab stays right by my side, fur bristling, body tense.

When I get to the door, I peer through the peephole. Blinking, I recognise the person on the other side. It’s Robert…and he seems to be alone. He must catch me peeking, because he flashes a grin at me. I don’t know why, but his smile makes me even more wary than I was a second ago. But, that small part of me that has stuck with me ever since I was little wins out, as it usually does. Of course, I am really not sure what he’s doing here, outside Matt’s house, without Matt being around. And Matt has said for me not to answer the door…but, I just can’t help but feel that he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t important.

And so, I go for the deadlock, twist it and swing the door open…

* * * * *

It’s dark. That’s the first thing I notice. Yes, I know, that’s an extremely cliché statement to make in this kind of situation, but screw that, it is dark. I shift in my spot to find I can’t move far; there’s something blocking my way. For a moment I wonder what it is, but then an insistent ache behind my eyes and the parched feeling in my throat draws my attention from that back to my body.

I wriggle about realising that my hands are tied behind my back. Moving too much pulls at my muscles. I go still for a moment, breathing out roughly. My mind is too fuzzy with whatever I was knocked out with to remember how I even got wherever the Hell I am. I take several deep breaths and swallow hard to try and get the saliva working, but all I manage to do is gag a little, and start coughing.

There’s a sudden banging and a voice, “Shut up in there!”

Robert…shit. That’s not good. Not that it’s good at all, anyway…but…whatever’s going on must have to do with the Guild. Oh, God…what if they found out about what Matt said on the radio… My breath hitches at that thought, and finally a spark of clarity hits me. Everything just comes back to me in a rush and a sob escapes me.

Robert grabbed me, that’s what happened…and there was someone else…stuck me with a needle…some kind of tranquiliser. And then everything went black. I definitely don’t remember what went on between then and now.

Rolling over a little, I figure out the thing blocking my way is a partition in a vehicle. The engine noise is obvious now as my mind clears. I twist around and press my ear against the barrier trying to hear what’s on the other side. There are voices speaking in a low rumble. I can’t understand what’s being said but I do recognise Robert’s stern tones.

I close my eyes tight as a shudder runs through my body.

This can’t be happening…after everything else…

Tears threaten as I lay there; a feeling of dread washing over me as I start wondering what’s going to happen. If it is the Guild all manner of things could happen, and if they’ve found out about how Matt feels about me, or worse how I feel about Matt…there’s only one thing that could possibly happen. And that’s just shitty all round.

Sniffing softly, I mentally kick myself. I should’ve gone with Matt to Brian’s…of all the times to turn him down and ask to be left at home… The tears fall then, wetting the carpeted floor beneath me, and I curl up as much as my bound wrists will allow without hurting too much.

I know I can’t blame myself for this…how was I to know this would happen? But a part of me wishes I was with Matt. Squeezing my eyes shut I try to feel his presence, imagining that he’s there with his arms around me, holding me, protecting me, telling me he loves me. My heart breaks at that last thought. The way things are going, and knowing the Guild, if it is a Guild thing…I may never get to hear that again.

My eyes snap open, and I force my mind to quit that line of thinking. Instead I start hoping that maybe someone saw what was going on, or maybe heard Bella barking. I mean, that dog has some lungs on her…when she really gets worked up she can drown out anything else with her bark. Yes, that’s some hope…someone had to have heard her… I vaguely remember her still barking as I was dragged away from the house…

Then again, Matt lives on a large block and sound doesn’t carry too far unless there’s a breeze blowing in the right direction.

Ugh, way to put a dampener on my hopes. I need to try and think positively, no matter what happens. Think of the best case scenario and hope for the best.

That’s all I can do now. That and pray that Matt will come looking for me.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:16 pm

Oh shit, what the hell?!
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:41 pm

Sorry for lack of updates!

Part Thirty-Six – “Help me get her back.”

“Where’re you going?”

Michelle paused at the front door and looked back as Matt appeared in the kitchen doorway. He and Brian had been sitting in there discussing some lyrics while she was rushing around cleaning. She’d had enough though and decided she needed to get out of the house.

She frowned slightly. “I’m going out, why?”

“No reason.” Matt rubbed at the side of his head, before he said, “Could you do me a favour?”

Michelle’s brows drew together. “Depends.”

“It’s not a big deal…”

“What is it?”

“Check up on Val for me?” Matt kept rubbing at his head.

Michelle noted the anxious expression in the big man’s eyes. It wasn’t obvious, but she’d known him long enough to be able to read his face. It surprised her a little that he would ask her, considering their past. Still he was probably thinking more of Val than what he thought of her. He definitely cared more about her twin than he had ever done anyone else.

She nodded. “Sure, I can do that. Was thinking I’d maybe drop in to see her anyway, since you’re here.”

“Thanks.” The worried look subsided from Matt’s features. “I just don’t like that she’s there by herself.”

Michelle snorted, unable to help herself, “Why didn’t you make her come then?”

“Because I’m not an asshole, Michelle,” he snapped before he turned and stalked back into the kitchen. She followed him and stopped as he leaned against the kitchen bench, glaring at her.

Michelle sighed, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that, Matt.”

He folded his arms, his brow furrowed. “I know,” he conceded in a low tone. “I’m just worried about her. After what happened this morning, with your parents, and everything.”

Brian, who was seated at the kitchen table, looked over and added, as he had heard the conversation through the doorway, “If you’re going over there, you should apologise to her, Chelle.”

Michelle gave her fiancée a look. “I know, Bri.” She turned to grab her purse where it was lying next to the coffee pot. She went through it, looking for her keys. “Is there anything else you wanted me to check while I’m there, Matt?” She didn’t look at him while she asked; knowing if she did it would throw her off.

Matt shrugged, “Val’s pretty good with Bella and shit, so no…just make sure your sister’s okay.”

Michelle nodded. “Okay, well, I’ll be back soon.”

Brian got up and walked over to her; she leaned into him as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Take as long as you need,” he murmured into her hair. She nodded, squeezing his bicep. Then she moved away from him, giving Matt a nod before heading out.

* * * * *

Matt yawned, his jaw cracking a little as he settled back against his chair. Brian looked up at him from the notebook that was opened in front of him.

“Time to call it a night?” he asked, his own voice hoarse.

Matt stretched his arms above his head then crossed them on the table, resting his chin against them. He nodded, his eyelids drooping a little.

“What time is it?”

“Just past nine,” Brian mumbled as he shut the book and rocked back on his chair.

Matt closed his eyes for a moment, breathing deeply, and then said, “Wonder what’s keeping Chelle?”

His friend lifted his shoulders in a nonchalant gesture. He wasn’t worried about the fact that his girlfriend hadn’t returned. Even though she had told them she wouldn’t be all that long. He trusted Michelle to do whatever she needed to then come back when she was ready. Then again it wasn’t as if he owned her.

“They probably got to chatting about whatever girls chat about.”

Matt frowned at Brian’s statement. “Val doesn’t really know all that shit, though. She’s a slave, remember?”

“Of course, but who better to learn that stuff from, than Chelle?”

“True,” Matt said with a quiet smirk. “She’s the ultimate chick, right?”

“Exactly, she’s the best there is.” Brian had a proud smile on his face. It was obvious he was pleased he’d managed to snag quite a catch.

Matt shook his head at his friend, amused by his comments. He sat up and stretched his arms above his head again, his jaw cracking as he yawned.

“Well, good thing you met her, then.”

Brian cocked an eyebrow at the bigger man. “You think?”

Matt sighed; he recognised the disbelief in his friend’s voice. They both knew how he’d been about the two of them getting together years back. Their friendship was tested to the limits, and they hadn’t talked to each other for a bit. That had relaxed after Matt figured Brian wasn’t going to change his feelings just because it annoyed him.

“Yes,” he finally answered. “I do. Forget what I feel here, Bri.”

“True, I don’t give a shit what you feel about her, anyway.”

“You’re such a good friend,” Matt sneered.

“Always, Shads. Always.”

“Fuck you,” Matt was laughing though, he couldn’t be mad at his friend. Brian rolled his eyes, then frowned, glancing toward the door. “What, Syn?”

“Chelle’s back…” The sound of footsteps had obviously signalled the guitarist and Matt wondered why he hadn’t heard them. Before he could question him though, Brian went on, “But, there’s someone with her.”

Matt leaned back on his chair to see if he could confirm his friend’s statement for himself. The front door opened with a creak and the sound of two sets of shoes echoed on the tiled entrance. Hushed voices filtered toward the kitchen, though he couldn’t discern what was being said. His brow furrowed and then his expression darkened as Michelle entered the room with a person Matt had not expected to see.

“Denmore,” he growled in a questioning tone, as his eyes narrowed at the big man.

JD removed his cap, tossing it on the kitchen table as he parked his ass on the chair opposite the singer. “Sanders. I have some bad news.”

Matt cocked his head to the left. “Bad news?”

“Yeah, Michelle went over to your place and called me straight after.”

“Why the fuck would she be calling you?” Matt asked in a hard voice.

Brian added, sharply, “And how is that bad news?”

JD glanced at the guitarist and said, “That’s not the bad news. What she told me wasn’t too good, though.”

Michelle had gone over to the pantry and was going through the shelves trying not to get drawn into the conversation, but Matt turned toward her and asked, “What’s going on, Michelle?”

She looked over at him and shook her head. “Better he tell you.”

Matt turned his gaze back to the guitar tech. “Talk.” A sense of foreboding had snuck into his mind, but he didn’t want to succumb to it, hoping that whatever he was thinking was not actually the case. If something had happened to Valary…

“Val’s gone,” JD said, his tone was dark. The colour drained from Matthew’s face and his pupils dilated as he tried to get his head around what he’d heard. Though a tiny part of him had thought it were a possibility, he still wasn’t prepared to have that notion confirmed. The guitar tech continued before he could speak. “They left a note.” JD shifted his weight, pulling the item from his pocket and pushing it over the table toward Matt.

Matt just stared uncomprehendingly at him, jaw fallen slack. The only sign that he had taken anything in was the fact that his left hand was balled into a fist so tight that his knuckles were white.

“Shads?” Brian, leaning over, brought his hand in front of his friend’s face and waved it up and down. Matt blinked several times before glowering down at the note. He scanned it several times, taking his time to read the words.

“Who the fuck left this?” Matt bit out, his jaw clenched hard.

JD kneaded at the back of his neck, a nervous gesture. “The Guild…”

Matt’s gaze shot to the other male. “Who, though?”

“Read the signature, Matt.”

Matt did so, and his expression changed even more as his lips drew together in a thin line. “Robert…” his tone was dangerous on the name. JD nodded. Matt relaxed the fist he’d made and slammed the palm of his hand against the table; the wood protested at the rough treatment. “Fuck. I’ll kill him.” He glanced at Brian and Michelle then glared at JD. “I’ll really kill him.”

“Matt, you’re forgetting something.”

Matt growled, “I forget nothing.” He clenched his hand again, banging it against the table top, before he stabbed his finger toward the other man. “Robert’s an asshole, he admitted it himself. I’ll fucking kill him for this.”

JD shook his head. “There’s more to this than you realise, Matt. You just have to trust me on that.”

“Hah, trust you?” Matt rolled his eyes as he rocked back on his chair, giving a disdainful snort. “I don’t fucking think so.”

“Jesus, Sanders, I told you what Robert and I were doing.”

“You didn’t tell me shit, Denmore. Just a lot of crap that I don’t know if I can trust.” Matt rose out of his seat and leaned across the table, his hands planted firmly against the surface. The wood protested beneath his weight as he pressed his palms into it, as he fought not to reach over the table and lash out at the other man. He continued his voice filled with contempt, “You said he worked for The Guild. And he made me hurt Val.”

“It’s a front, Matt,” JD groaned. “We’re on your side. How many times do I need to tell you that?”

Matt’s lip curled as he responded harshly, “You’ll have to keep reminding me, considering I don’t trust you enough.” There was a moment of silence after his statement where JD looked away from the singer only to meet the sharp gaze of the guitarist and then Michelle’s worried face.

“You could try convincing him, y’know,” Brian commented. JD lifted his shoulders in a nonchalant gesture.

Then said, “If he doesn’t want to believe me…”

Matt grunted shaking his head hard. “It’s not that I don’t want to, JD…I just…” He sank back down into his chair and closed his eyes before he finished, “I’m fucking worried about Val. She doesn’t need this shit.” He tilted his head back and looked up at the ceiling as if the white-washed surface held the answers to the current situation. Then he lowered his gaze, rubbing a knuckle in the corner of his eye. “She doesn’t need this…” he repeated in a low voice.

JD scowled, “Did I say she did? I’m just saying you don’t need to get all worked up.”

“Don’t you fucking say that,” Matt snarled back at him.

JD held his hands up to placate the singer. “Look, I understand that you’re worried, and pissed at Rob…but this isn’t all bad. She’s been taken to the Guild which means I can find out what’s going on and do something about it.”

Matt scoffed, “Like what? What the fuck can you do? You said if the Guild found out about how things were with us it would mean disaster for Val.”

JD had no answer to the singer’s angry statement. He knew, and Matt knew, what the rules were. And after the outburst on the radio there was no way the Guild didn’t know about the relationship that was blooming. He shifted his feet on the floor and the soles of his shoes squeaked on the lino. Matt glowered at the sound.

“You can’t do shit, can you?” The accusation in Matt’s voice was evident and again JD had no response, he could only shake his head.

“There’s no legal out. Not yet, at least.”

Matt snorted, but made no other comment. Instead he looked over to Michelle again.

“Why didn’t you call me when you first got there?”

She sighed turning to lean against the kitchen bench. “I had to chase after Bella. She was out the front running around like a mad thing.”

“They left the door open?”

“Obviously. She was really upset. Barking and wouldn’t let me grab her.”

Matt grimaced. “She’s gotten attached to Val.” He propped an elbow against the table, as he thought about that for a moment. Dogs were funny creatures. They showered love on everyone, but they picked up on everything and somehow had the intuition to know when something was wrong, at least within their world. And the fact that someone who was not in Bella’s sphere of influence had removed Val from that same sphere that was not right.

He blinked at his thoughts before laughing at himself. “She’s stupid, though.”

“And not a very good guard dog, either,” Brian pointed out.

Matt nodded absently, smearing his hands over his face. “Fuck.” He lifted his head to look at his friend. “So what do I do about this?”

Brian shook his head, uncertainty in his eyes. Michelle folded her arms but didn’t answer.

JD shifted on his seat and muttered in a low voice, “Just sit tight….”

Matt groaned and placed his head in his hands. “JD…fuck…” He peered at the other man through his fingers; his mind was working overtime, processing the entire conversation. Latching onto what JD had said about being able to find out what was going on, he whispered, voice barely audible, “Help me get her back.”

He hated that he sounded so weak, but having no clue what to do he knew it would be stupid just to flounder in his inadequacy. Didn’t mean he had to like the feeling, but he would accept help if it would bring Val back to him.

JD was apparently sensitive of how the singer felt, because all he said in reply was, “I’m onto it.” Standing, he pulled his cell phone from his back pocket, punched in some numbers then walked out of the room as he spoke to whoever answered his call. “Yeah, Denmore here. I need details on Valary Dibenedetto.”

Matt dropped his head in his hands and exhaled on a rough note. Until JD found out what the deal was, he didn’t want to think about how Val was feeling, but it was hard not to. After the little she had told him of the Guild and his own experience he was anxious as to her state of mind. He could imagine that she’d be terribly afraid, and it angered and saddened him that he couldn’t be there for her.

What Matt really wanted was to find where the Guild was and go down there and kick some asses, particularly that of Robert’s. Actually, Matt wanted to do a whole lot more than that to Robert. Images of the man in pain, caused by him, flashed through the singer’s mind. He felt justified in feeling that way, after being made to put Val in her place, after all the shit that Robert had said about the guidelines… Matt groaned and laid his arms out on the table, and just stared down at his hands, imagining them around the other man’s neck…

Meanwhile, Brian settled his weight back in his chair, observing his friend in anxious silence. Michelle joined him, leaning behind him with her arms around his shoulders. They could only wait now. And hope that everything would be alright.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:42 pm

It's okay just happy to have a new chapter.

Wonder what's going to happen?
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Thanks Kricket Very Happy

Part Thirty-Seven - "You really love him, don't you?"

Confusion. That’s the state of my mind right now. Of course the stark white walls of the room I’m trapped in, doesn’t help matters. It’s like a blank canvas allowing my thoughts to run rampant across it. I’ve no idea where I am – save that I’m at The Guild – what’s going to happen to me, and when or if I’ll see anyone else, other than Robert and that other man who was with him when he grabbed me.

Robert gave no indication, either, which scares me. He just shoved me in this room and left, without saying a word. My mind is running wild with possible scenarios. I know that isn’t helpful and will most likely just end up depressing me, but I can’t do anything else right now. Short of praying, and I’m not a prayerful person, all I can do is just sit tight and…

Wait… I shift on the bed and slip my hand in the back pocket of my jeans. My fingers touch the plastic casing of my small voice recorder. Blinking, I pull it out and stare at it. I can’t even remember sticking that in my pocket. After Matt so thoroughly reprimanded me for wasting my time with it, I barely touched it.

Closing my fingers around the solid object, I grip it firmly for a moment then I flick absently at the buttons. Glancing down at the screen I notice that the battery is full and smile a little at the random thought that pops into my mind. At least this isn’t some cliché movie scene where the hero or heroine realises there’s only moments left to record a message…

I shake my head as I lay back on the bed and hit the play button, expecting to just hear my own voice as I’m the only person to actually use it. For a couple of minutes, though there’s a bit of static and then the gruff sound of a throat being cleared, before a husky, familiar voice issues from the tiny speaker.

“This is weird…it’s just like talking to yourself…wonder why you bother with this…anyway…hi…thought I’d leave a message here for you. Just found this on the bedside table with your journal.”

Blinking, I look at the recorder.

“No way,” I murmur.

Matt must’ve picked my recorder up again at some later stage. Maybe he put it back in my jeans pocket for some reason. First my journal, now this… I wonder what he had to say. I turn down the volume, shifting into a comfortable position while bringing the speaker to my ear so I can listen to his voice.

Tears prickle at the corners of my eyes, and my breath catches in the back of my throat as his voice washes over me, speaking words of encouragement, tenderness and all those things that I love about him. Shit, I don’t want to seem so dependent on him, but he’s my master and the only one who’s ever given a shit about me. I mean, he loves me…I love him, that’s got to be the ultimate level of emotion anyone can reach. Forget all the Master slave stuff, everything that’s been going on the past few…days is what really matters.

Moaning, I rub at my face and set the player down next to me, leaving it on loop so I can hear his voice. My mind drifts as his rough tones alight on my ears and I think about what he might be doing right now. Routine things, because I can’t cope with the truth of what’s happening to me…


I jump, torn rudely from my reverie, eyes slewing across to the door. Robert is leaning against the frame a frown marring his features. Swallowing nervously, I quickly shut the player off and slip it back into my pocket.

“Um…hi…” My voice is cracking a little. Can you blame me, though? I’m anxious as all heck, and everything seems to be falling apart around me. I mean, this wasn’t meant to happen. And we were so careful…then again that radio show…

Robert folds his arms, eyes narrowing on me. “JD called. Says he was at,” he pauses, glancing back over his shoulder before returning his gaze to mine, continuing, “Brian’s place.”

I blink a twinge of hope causing my heart rate to increase. I don’t dare respond, though, not wanting to jinx the situation. Robert continues to glare at me as he pushes away from the doorway and approaches me. Tracking him warily, I hold still on the bed, waiting.

He sighs, sitting on the end of the bed the mattress creaking as he does so. Tilting my head I observe as many different expressions pass across his face.


Robert rakes tense fingers through his hair, shaking his head. “I can’t tell you much, Valary…but you won’t be here long.” He looks at me the corners of his mouth twitching into a tight smile.

There’s not much I can say to that statement, so I just continue to look at him.

He rubs at his face before going on. “You’ll just have to sit tight for a bit. The Guild still has no idea what’s really going on here.”


Robert rolled his eyes, “They don’t know about me and JD…”

I’m not sure what he means by that, but can’t find the nerve to ask him so I nod before looking down at my hands. Clasping them in my lap, I continue to wait trying not to think too much about what might or might not occur in the near future. Or on my feelings. I especially don’t want to start crying in front of Robert… I’m stronger than that. At least, I like to think I am.

Robert, sighing again, says in a low voice, “I’m sorry I knocked you out…you were going to hurt yourself.”

I peer up at him, sucking at the inside of my cheek. But, I give a slight shake of my head; I don’t blame him for doing that. I did thrash around quite a bit when he and his colleague grabbed me. Lowering my eyes again and pressing my hands between my thighs I just sit there in silence. Really want him to leave me alone again. But, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon.

Robert shifts on the large bed, sprawling out along the left side. It’s a full-size Queen bed so even with his big body spread out I am able to avoid any contact with him. He turns his head to look at me a small frown creasing his brow.

“Tell me something, Valary.”

I nod hesitantly, “Yes, sir?”

“You really love him, don’t you?” Robert’s voice is low, no hint of any emotion there. I pause, wondering whether it’s safe to respond. He smiles faintly and says, as if reading my mind, “I’m not gonna tell anyone. Just colour me curious.”

My cheeks flush and I tuck my chin down against my chest. Admitting my feelings for Matt isn’t something I really want to do in front of this man. I can’t trust him. The short history between us suggests that it’s not a good idea. Even so, he can probably tell by my reaction how I feel. It’s not like I’m going to deny it.

Robert chuckles softly. “Stupid question, hey? Well, don’t worry. I’m not gonna blab.” He yawns; I hear his jaw crack. “I’d better go. JD might contact me.” I glance at him; his lips curve into a smile that’s almost sincere. “Better yet, maybe Matt will call.”

Closing my eyes, unable to meet his gaze, I give a slight nod, mumbling, “Maybe…”

Robert pats the mattress then gets off, the bed bouncing slightly as he does. I keep my eyes shut, trembling a little. There’s silence for a moment then Robert speaks again.

“I’ll be back, ‘kay? Just…” he pauses, then finishes in a firm tone, “Trust me, ‘kay?”

I don’t respond; there’s nothing I can say to that, and I know I don’t know him well enough to believe what he says. I hear him sigh and then the sound of his footsteps as he leaves the room. The door click shuts behind him and I’m alone again. Alone and no less confused than I was earlier. Guess all I can do is sit here and wait.

And maybe listen to Matt’s voice some more. Lying back on the bed again, I retrieve my audio recorder and switch it onto playback once more. Then, closing my eyes, I listen, allowing a tiny smile to play over my lips as I settle into a light doze.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:32 pm

O.o wonder what Robert is going to do to help her?
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Who knows Wink


Part Thirty-Eight – “He won’t sleep.”

Matt closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. He was having a hard time trying to get his head around what he had just been told. Valary was now at the Guild. JD had no idea what was going to happen, and Robert was not willing to let anything slip while in the presence of the other Guild officials. This left only one option open to them. And it was not one that either he, JD or Brian relished. Matt had to go to the Guild, with JD and confront them himself.

That fact in and of itself wasn’t an issue. No, the problem was that it was now midnight and there was no way they could get into the Guild until at least eight in the morning. And Matthew did not want to have to wait that long. There was no knowing what state of mind Valary would be in and he didn’t want to leave her there any longer that she could cope.

The not knowing was killing Matt. He hated it. And his frustration was wearing the others down as well. Michelle had gone to bed earlier, not that she needed to sleep, but because of Matt’s increasing agitation. JD was seated at the kitchen table, Brian next to him half asleep in his chair. Matt paced the room, a caged animal ready to explode.

“Matt, honestly. Go to bed,” JD finally said in a weary tone. The singer shot a hard glare at the bigger male. JD frowned back at him. “There’s nothing any of us can do, right now. You might as well sleep.”

Matthew groaned as he finally quit his stalking and slumped on the chair opposite Brian. “I can’t sleep, man. Can’t stop thinking about Val…” He pressed the heel of his palm against his forehead. “Dammit…”

Squeezing his eyes shut tight, he slid his hand down to rub against his eyelids. He was tired. But, he couldn’t even think about sleep without worrying about where Valary was. Images of her curled up in a cell somewhere, scared shitless, filled his mind and he couldn’t stop the pained moan that escaped him.

“You really love her,” JD observed quietly as if the notion had only just dawned on him.

Matt lifted his eyes to the other man, and scowled. “No shit.”

“You know he does,” Brian mumbled, being roused from his semi-asleep state by their voices. “You tore him a new one for saying as much on the radio.”

JD sighed, “True that.”

Matt rubbed at his eyes some more then braced his elbows against the table-top. Brian looked at him. He met his friend’s worried gaze. Then he dragged his fingers over his head, shaking it slowly.

“I never thought I’d fall in love with her.” He gave a soft laugh. “Y’know, she was always asking me why I bought her.”

“Yeah?” Brian tilted his head to the side. “Why did you?”

JD was also interested to hear what Matt had to say regarding that. It wasn’t often he learned why a man would buy a slave. So, it was a new thing for him to hear. Matt glanced at the two men before looking down at the table top. He traced a finger along the surface gathering his thoughts before he responded.

Matt licked his lips as he started slowly, “The slave trade has been on my mind for a long time. It’s been common place for almost the whole history of our country, yeah?” He raised his eyebrows in question at the two men.

Brian nodded slowly, wondering where his friend was leading with this. JD indicated in the affirmative with a soft grunt.

“Right, so…yeah…it’s been on my mind. Long before I even…met Val.” Matt frowned, as he avoided the words. He scratched at his cheek feeling the beginnings of some stubble before he continued. “I’d always thought something had to be done about it. Y’know? Because people shouldn’t own people.” He laughed roughly. “I didn’t really think I could do anything about it, though…not until that Giovanni character showed up at our gig.”

Giovanni?” JD asked, surprise in his voice.

Matt looked at him. “You know him?”

“He’s a disgusting fat cunt. ‘Scuse my French,” JD snapped, venom dripping from his voice. “Worst there is. The Guild employs him.”

Brian shivered. Matt scowled. “That’s interesting. He said Val was damaged goods.”

“He would,” JD sneered. “Never has anything nice to say about anyone.” He shook his head angrily. “Especially not slaves.”

Matt rolled his eyes, “That was pretty obvious.” He sat back on his chair, crossing one knee over the other. “Anyway, I have no clue why he was at the gig. No clue why he had Val with him, but as soon as I set eyes on her I knew I had to get her away from him. No matter what it took.”

JD coughed a little before he said, “So, you bought her off him.”

Matt nodded and muttered sharply, “She looked so sad. Beaten down.” He cleared his throat. “It was in her eyes.” He smirked faintly. “Though there was a spark of life there, too.”

“I bet,” JD smiled. “It’s only the slaves who are practically dead that don’t share that same thirst for a real life.”

“Not something I want to think on,” Matt pointed out. “Anyway, I guess I just wanted to save her.” He allowed his chin to drop against his chest as he pressed his hands over his eyes again. His breaths were heavy as he paused and just thought for a moment. Brian and JD remained silent, giving him some mental space.

He pinched at the bridge of his nose as he remembered everything that had gone on in their lives in the last few months. The rules he had made, the way he had treated her. Granted it had still been a Master-slave relationship, early on, but his intent had never been anything more than to make her comfortable with him. He had saved her from someone, something, he thought she needed to be free from. Though it hadn’t ended the way he’d wanted it to.

Matt snorted in derision, breaking the quiet. “Guess I gotta go save her again, now.” He slapped his palm on the table. The sharp sound made the other two men jump a little. “I’m going to call Jimmy.” Matt stood abruptly and walked over to the bench where his cell phone was laying on top of the closed guidelines. He paused glowering at the cover before picking up his phone and hitting up the drummer’s number.

While he waited for Jimmy to pick up, JD leaned over to Brian and murmured, “Jimmy obviously isn’t bothered about being woken at this time of night?”

Brian shook his head with an amused chuckle, “Rev hardly sleeps. He can run on two hours a night.”

“Why would he call him?” was JD’s next question.

“He’s our best friend. He’ll probably be over at Zack’s which will mean they’ll both come over…if that’s why he’s calling him.” Brian frowned then added, “But, Jimmy’s been pretty close to Val in his way. We all have. He’ll most definitely want to be in on this.” He fell silent as Matt’s voice rose, strained and filled with anger.

“I know, Jimmy! It’s not my fucking fault. I didn’t want to be an ass to her.” He was leaning against the bench, phone clutched hard in his left hand. “Listen. I didn’t call to have you accuse me of not watching her.” He groaned and slid down to the floor and began to speak rapidly, his words tumbling over one another. They were barely intelligible and then all present, in the room and on the other end of the line, heard the hitching of his breath. Matt dropped his hand, the phone falling to the floor next to him as he finally allowed his guard to fall. “Shit…”

Jimmy’s voice could be heard, yelling from the speaker, but Matt didn’t move to pick it up, just stared down at it as his vision blurred. “Shit,” he repeated harshly. “I fucking love her, man…”

Brian got up and retrieved the phone pressing a couple of buttons to put it on speaker. The end of Jimmy’s sentence filled the otherwise quiet space, loud and unusually angry.

“-an idiot! For once maybe you should’ve made her go with you, what the fuck’s up with that?”

Matt just shook his head without responding.

Brian answered for him voice sharp, “He wasn’t to know something like this would happen.”

“Hah, maybe he should’ve. Seriously, I oughta hit him for that,” Jimmy snorted. “In fact, I might just do that. Give me a few.” He hung up before anyone could respond. Brian blinked then looked over at Matt.

Matt sighed, rubbing his eyes tiredly. “He can come with…” He looked over at JD, who shrugged in response.

“Sure, but I’d suggest only him, ‘kay? Can’t have too many hangers-on. No offence to you or your girl,” JD nodded to Brian. The guitarist just smiled tiredly and waved a dismissive hand.

Quiet settled over the three men, broken only by the sound of their breathing. The heaviness in the air hadn’t dissipated, though. They each knew it was unlikely to get better as the night drew on. Especially due to Matt’s growing anxiety.

He leaned his head back against the front of the kitchen counter, eyes closed. He breathed out roughly. Brian slumped back on his chair, smearing a hand through his hair. JD slouched opposite him, sinking into thought.

This was how Jimmy found them when he arrived. In a grim silence, none of them moved to acknowledge him as he let himself in. The front door was unlocked because Brian never bothered to secure it if he was at home. It wasn’t like anyone would risk tangling with him or his friends.

Jimmy raised his eyebrows at them then cleared his throat loudly.

Brian slowly turned his head to him. “Hey…”

Jimmy cocked his head to the side at him then allowed his gaze to travel across the room to where Matt was sitting. “Shads?”

Matt lifted his head but said nothing, just looked wearily at his friend. Jimmy frowned, all the harsh words he’d wanted to say to the singer draining away at the pain in his eyes. He walked over to join him, crouching down beside him.

“So, we gonna go get Val back?” he asked softly.

Matt nodded a tight motion that was barely perceptible. It was almost as if he dared not respond for fear that it would make matters worse. Jimmy could tell his friend was not confident, which was a surprise. The singer was one of the most fearless people he knew and for him to be all edgy like he was, was not normal. Which only highlighted the seriousness of the situation.

Matt looked up at his friend and answered his voice a growl, “I’m not going home until I have her with me.” He curled the fingers of his right hand into a hard fist and pounded it into the palm of his left. “Even if it takes all night…uh…all day.”

Jimmy snorted. “Gonna be a beat down, yeah?”

Matt shook his head. “I want to hit someone. Preferably Robert.” He blinked at his friend. “Fuck it, I’ll kill him.”

“Understand the sentiment,” Jimmy sighed. He looked at JD. “We really gotta wait?”

The big male nodded. “Yeah, been trying to tell your friend to get some shut eye.”

“He won’t sleep,” Jimmy countered softly, as he cast his eyes back to his friend. Matt had his eyes closed again one hand pressed over his face. “If something’s bothering him. He doesn’t sleep.” He smirked faintly, as he included Brian in the discussion. “Remember when we were starting out? Before we released Sounding?”

Brian chuckled, a sad sound. “Yeah, he refused to rest until we knew how it had been received.” His brow darkened. “Can’t imagine how much worse this is for him.”

“I’m right here, y’know,” Matt said, without opening his eyes. Jimmy placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. Matt brushed at his hand and groaned. “Don’t…” The drummer grimaced, recognising the exhaustion written all over his friend’s features. Maybe he wouldn’t sleep, but he figured he had to try and get Matt to relax at least.

“Come on, dude.” Jimmy nudged him. “I’ll get you to bed. Guest room’s tidy, Bri?” This last he said to the guitarist who appeared to be close to nodding off. Brian inclined his head in acknowledgement. Jimmy hooked a hand under Matt’s arm and tugged at it. “C’mon, Shads. Just to lie down, ‘kay?” Matt groaned but allowed his friend to pull him up and lead him from the kitchen.

Jimmy poked his head into several rooms while Matt followed, dragging his feet. He finally got to the guest room and shoved the door open and went in moving aside to give his friend room to enter as well. Matt shuffled in and sat on the edge of the bed.

He glowered up at his friend. “I’m not sleeping.”

Jimmy leaned in the doorway arms crossed over his chest. “Don’t sleep then.”

Matt let out a moan and lay back, sprawled out over the mattress. “Fuck. What time is it?”

“Not even one yet.”

“Ugh. I can’t…” Matt pressed his forearm over his eyes as his breath hitched again, and he shivered a little. His thoughts were crowded in his mind and he didn’t know whether he could handle them. “Val…” he muttered. “God, I hope she’s okay…” His words were turned inward. Jimmy knew he wasn’t talking to him.

He shifted against the door frame, brow creased. As Brian had stated, he couldn’t imagine how hard this really was for his friend. He’d never seen him so hung up over a woman before. Matt could have any pick of the women in Huntington Beach, or LA, or wherever; however, he obviously had fallen hard for the slave that had come into his life. For that matter, Valary held a special place in all their lives. Jimmy definitely felt some sense of closeness to her. He cared that was for sure, and he would definitely do whatever he could to assist his friend.

“Jimmy,” Matt’s voice rumbled, tiredly. Jimmy blinked and brought his attention to his friend.

“Yeah, Matt?”

“She’ll be okay, right?” There was a weary undertone laced through his question. “Val will be okay…” He wanted reassurance; Jimmy couldn’t answer his friend’s query and he shook his head.

“Matt, I can’t tell you that.”

Matt closed his eyes and turned his head away as he mumbled, “I know. I’m sorry, Rev.” His chest rose and fell steadily, as he went still, and Jimmy realised that his friend, regardless that he said he wouldn’t, was just about falling asleep.

He leaned more against the frame and didn’t respond as he observed his friend. He could see the shift from alertness to slumber come over Matt as his breaths slowed and his bottom lip went slack. A tiny trickle of drool pooled at the corner of his mouth and he gave a soft snort. Jimmy smiled sadly at the sight before he moved away from the door and backed out, carefully closing the door over.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:22 pm

Poor Matt
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:20 am

Part Thirty-Nine – “Please…”

There’s a commotion outside my room. I can’t really hear what’s going on, but I can sense it. The tension is absolute. Robert was here moments ago, telling me that things were looking up and for me to just sit tight – I’ve heard that before – I’ll be out of here soon. I don’t know whether to believe that, or not. My luck, it won’t happen. I’m a slave after all; at the end of it all nothing much good ever happens to me. And, that’s not being down on myself or anything, it’s just a fact of life.

Sure, Matt happened, but even that seems to have gone ass over heels. I know pinning my hopes on something as fleeting as a single master is probably the silliest thing I’ve ever done. I guess I got complacent, living with him…and the fact that… damn it, I love him….

Pressing the heel of my left palm over my eyes I rub furiously as the familiar sting of tears begins to overwhelm me. My breath catches as I fight not to succumb.

“Please,” whispering out loud, wishing someone will come, hoping someone is listening. “Please…”

And then it’s as if there is really someone up there who hears me because my door seems to just swing open – Robert mustn’t have locked it when he left. There’s no one there, but I can hear what’s going on now. Loud, angry voices are echoing along the corridors and the sound of what might be fighting reach my door. I don’t dare to get up to investigate. The whole self-preservation part of me at work. Instead, tucking my hands beneath my thighs, sitting frozen on the edge of the bed, I just listen.

Running feet approach and then Robert reappears, red in the face, shock in his eyes. He grips the edge of the door frame and looks in at me. I blink at him, wondering at the confusion in his expression.

“Val.” He frowns faintly, glancing back over his shoulder then back at me. “Come with me.” He disappears again without waiting for me to react.

I shake my head and gingerly get to my feet going to the door and leaning out into the corridor. Robert is at the end peering up and down an adjoining hallway. Stepping out of the room, I wrap my arms around myself as I head to where he’s standing.

Robert casts his gaze down at me as I come up next to him. “They’re here.”

It’s all he says, but it’s all I need to hear. Swallowing hard all I can do is nod in response. My stomach drops to somewhere in the vicinity of my nether region and my heart rate increases. It’s almost too much to hope for. That Matt, and the others, whoever they may be, are here…at the Guild. To… rescue me?

“You fucking son of a bitch!”

I gasp at the voice, as there’s this sudden blur of motion.

Next I know I’m on the floor on my ass and Robert is being swung away from me and against the wall. The heavy thud as his body hits the solid plasterboard reverberates under me and I shudder. Warm hands grasp me by the shoulders and urge me to my feet. I look up into the anxious blue eyes of Jimmy. Biting my lip, I can’t find words so just nod to him and let him pull me back out of the way of the other figures that are filling the corridor.

JD is standing to one side a dark scowl on his face. Then there’s Robert against the wall, arms up covering his face. Blinking hard I recognise the man that Robert is attempting to shield his head from.


Matt has a fistful of his shirt in his hand and is pounding him, fury evident in each blow he manages to connect. No one is moving to stop him, not JD, not any of the officials who have appeared at the end of the hallway. Even Robert isn’t really trying to fight him off, just wanting to minimise the damage. He grunts as a particularly hard punch gets through his ineffective defence and glances across his left cheek.

I can’t stand to watch anymore, and turn away hiding my face against Jimmy’s chest. He obviously senses my discomfort and leads me away from the scene into one of the offices at the end of the corridor. He closes the door over and steers me over to the large desk that dominates the space. I plop myself down on the swivel chair behind it and look up at him, still unable to voice the thoughts speeding through my mind.

Jimmy leans against the edge of the desk and tilts his head at me, lifting his eyebrows, the corners of his mouth curving into a soft smile. I flush and look down, fiddling with my hands in my lap.

“Val, you okay?” his question sends a jolt through me, and I peek up at him. There’s real concern in his eyes. And that breaks my heart. Matt’s friends really do care about me. I swallow hard wiping the back of my hand across my eyes and nodding.

He raises his eyebrows, but before he can ask anything further the door swings open and an extremely dishevelled, angry looking Matt stalks in.

“Fuckin, ay. That bastard,” he growls, but then cuts his words short when his gaze settles on me. “Val.” My name comes from him in a strangled tone.

I peer up at him, unable to speak, feeling too much. Matt blinks then strides over and before I know it he has his arms around me, pulling me into a bone-crushing embrace. I gasp softly then just lean into him wrapping my own arms around his waist. He’s muttering unintelligible words into my hair, his breaths harsh and filled with an emotion I can’t fathom. Clinging to him, I inhale his unmistakeable scent, a mix of masculine odour and that spicy cologne he always uses. It brings more tears to my eyes.

Matt shivers then steps back a little, holding me at arm’s length a deep frown creasing his brow. “Are you hurt?” His voice is hard, promising pain to anyone if I have been. I shake my head and look down. “Are you sure?”

I nod slightly, “I’m sure. Nothing hurts…” Peeking up at him I try a smile. “Just glad you’re here.”

Matt’s lips twitch as he pulls me close again and exhales roughly. “Me too, Val.”

Jimmy speaks up then, drawing both our eyes toward him, “What happened with Robert?”

Matt grumbles and shakes his head, but then he obviously decides he has to say something because he grits out, anger still clear in his voice, “I hope I cracked a rib or two…bastard deserved it.”

“Yeah, well you might have got your wish there, Sanders,” the gruff voice that comes from the doorway causes me to jump a little. Matt’s arms tighten around me, but I’m still able to peer around him to see JD leaning against the doorframe.

“He’s a bit worse for wear, but it’s nothing he didn’t deserve,” the big man is surprisingly amused by the fact that his friend got beaten on by Matt. Matt blinks at JD then looks down at me in his arms.

He murmurs, “Guess there’ll be trouble?”

“None that we can’t handle,” JD promises with a grin. Matt seems about to protest, but he goes on in a firm voice, “Rob and I have had to deal with everything in our line of work. You and Val are not the first.” He grimaces. “And you sure as shit won’t be the last.”

Matt snorts, “Has he been beaten to a pulp before?”

JD laughs as he answers, “We’ve both gotten shot at a few times. Rob’s had one bullet miss a lung. So, a broken nose and a couple of cracked ribs are nothing.”

“Just a couple?” Jimmy interrupts scathingly, “He deserves more than that.”

The atmosphere becomes heavy once more after his statement. JD looks at the drummer and tilts his head in acknowledgement, expression grave. I can see he actually agrees with Jimmy’s sentiment. I know I do. Or at least, I think I do. Being a slave, I can’t really have an opinion on that. Or, I shouldn’t. Matt can, though. And judging by the darkness in his eyes, he probably is thinking along those lines.

He scowls then sighs, as he absently runs his fingers through my hair. “So, what happens now then?” His eyes are trained on JD again.

“Take her home. I’ll clean up the mess here.”

Matt’s brow furrows, “But won’t the Guild insist she stay here? Technically what I’m doing now is illegal.”

JD grunts, barely disguised disgust in his voice as he answers, “No, technically what the Guild did, by taking Val from your place, is illegal.”

What?” I can’t stop the word from flying out of my mouth. The three men look at me, all of them with expressions of surprise. Obviously, they think I’m too out of it to say anything. And I guess I still am, JD’s revelation just shocks me. Trembling, I repeat my question, but in a lower voice, “What do you mean, sir?”

JD crosses his arms as his eyes narrow at me, probably gauging how much he can say without confusing me. “Well, for them to lawfully remove you from your Master, the Guild is actually meant to produce paperwork stating their intention and for him to sign you over to them. They can’t just snatch and run. Everything is meant to be documented.” He glances at Matt as he adds, “Just in case the Courts need to be involved at any stage.”

There’s quiet for a moment before Matt growls, “So, you mean, I could sue the Guild for not following protocol?” I feel the tension in his body increase; his arms tighten around me. I wriggle a little and he relaxes his hold, muttering, “Sorry, Val…” I just turn and nuzzle into his chest. He strokes my hair as he asks again, “You’re saying they could be in the shit for this?”

I turn my head back around curious to hear the other male’s answer and catching JD’s lips twist in a cold smirk as he nods slowly.

“Very much so.” He chuckles the sound holding no mirth whatsoever. “Rob and I have actually been waiting for them to make a slip-up like this. Gives us some ammunition against them.”

Matt nods, but then frowns more, “But, they know about the whole love issue, right?”

“There is that,” JD murmurs, “but, the Guild still has to do things by the letter of the law, even in that regard.” He pushes away from the doorframe, entering the room to lean against the edge of the desk. Jimmy shifts to give him room. He flashes a smile at him before he sighs and continues, “Of course, we’ll still have to sort things out concerning…that. But, you don’t need to worry about it for now. Just take her home, Shads.”

“Alright…” Matt’s not happy but I can tell that he knows there isn’t really anything he can do about it. The tightness of his muscles is still very evident to me though, and I have a feeling he’ll want to relieve himself once we get home.

Home. That word has never meant much to me before, but right now… it means everything. I mean, of course I’ve always wanted to have a home, but it has never rung so true as it does now. Peeking up at Matt, I watch as several different emotions struggle for domination, his eyes are dark as he works his jaw furiously. Then he groans as he squeezes me, meeting my gaze.

“Come on, Val. Let’s get out of here.” He takes my hand, stroking his thumb along the back of it as he says over his shoulder to Jimmy, “You can drive.”

The drummer rolls his eyes as he moves away from the desk, nodding to JD as he follows us out of the room.

* * * * *

Matt is silent the whole way back to the house; I can’t help but think he is being unusually quiet. Of course, it’s probably partially due to exhaustion. I can tell you I’m absolutely beat. Leaning into his side, I’m fighting to keep my eyes open. I don’t want to sleep until we get back. Matt’s obviously battling the same thing because he keeps blinking hard as his arm tightens around my shoulders.

Jimmy, who’s driving, is also quieter than normal. He’s only said about five words since we left the Guild. All of them to do with how much he thinks the Guild are dicks and need to be castrated…or something like that. I’m not really listening…

Before too long we’re home and Matt is bundling me out of the car and inside. I can vaguely hear Jimmy talking, saying something about going back to Brian’s to tell them I’m back, but it all fades in the back of my mind as I’m just about falling asleep on my feet.

Next I know, Matt is setting me down on the bed and pulling the cover over me. He must’ve carried me in at some stage, I can’t even remember. He collapses next to me not bothering to undress; just wraps himself around me and mutters something about sleep and dealing with shit tomorrow and stuff...

Tomorrow… the fact that we even have a tomorrow together to think about… my mind can’t wrap itself around that thought…and I’m too out of it to really think on it… tomorrow… tomorrow we can deal with it all. My mind flickers as I drift off, snuggling in closer to Matt’s big body, warm and safe.
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The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17
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