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 The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17

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the mice endure


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PostSubject: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:29 am

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. I do not own any members of Avenged Sevenfold or any other band mentioned in this story. I also do not own any of the partners/friends/family members of the band members. All OC [Original characters] characters are property of me. The plot is mine, so please, no stealing...I will ask Fic Matt to chase you down if you do Razz.

This tale is written for purely entertainment and not for monetary gain. No offence is meant toward the people in this story, and last but not least this story is meant for mature people due to the mature themes presented within. There may also be violence and sex, so be warned.

Title: The Aviators
Author: themiceendure [Marlz]
Genre: AU - slavery is accepted practise
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Valary [Narrator], M Shadows, A7X
Summary: Valary belongs to Matt Sanders, but always wonders about his aviators
Warning: Explicit language, sexual, slavery
Author's notes: I do not own A7X or Valary, also I believe Matt and Val are the cutest couple alive. I think they are lucky to have each other. I also do not condone slavery etc
Also: If you read, could you please comment, I would love to know what you think. If there're any improvements I could make etc etc...
In Progress

Part One

You can never tell what he is thinking. That one thing always gets to me. He wears those goddamned aviators all the time. Not that I have any right to complain. He does what he wants. He owns me. And my dog. Well, okay...the dog belongs to him. It’s so…grating. But, that’s my life really. No. Really. He owns me. I’ll show you the papers.

Who am I even talking about? Yeah, I hear you, my friend…and really, I’d love to tell you the whole story, but you would never believe me. Because, who would? I mean if someone came up to you and started blabbing about how the M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold fame owned them, would you believe them? I know I wouldn’t. Except…that is exactly the position I’m in.

And, y’know what? Maybe I will tell you the story. I have plenty of time. Plenty of time…

It’s a good tale, a real humdinger. And…those aviators…well. I’ll tell you about it. Starting with the man himself.

M Shadows. Well, okay. Matthew Sanders. Matt to his friends, or Shads, or Shadows, or M. Master to me. Yeah…Master. He insists upon the title. I mean…I don’t mind really. If I were going to call anyone ‘Master’ it’d have to be him, right? He looks the part. Those aviators… Anywho…

The first time I saw him was at a concert. Yeah…I know, how the hell does someone like me even end up at a concert? Remember, to the world, I’m just a piece of meat to be bought, or sold, to the highest bidder. Not that Matt would ever sell me. He’s taken a shine to me apparently. Lucky me.

I’m not even all that attractive, really…it must be the Italian blood, or something.

Anyway, the concert. My handler at the time, this pudgy fat guy with bad breath, decided to drag me along…maybe he thought he could fob me off on some unsuspecting guy…trade me for some drugs or something, who knows. Anyway, there we were watching from somewhere in the ‘pit’ and the headlining band come on.

These five inked up men, ranging from really short to built like a tank, prowl onto the stage and basically give the world a big ‘fuck you’ and begin to scream the house down. M Shadows sure has some lungs on him, I can tell you that now. He uses them to great effect…always…even if it’s not a pleasant experience for me. Anyway, I digress.

The one built like a tank. He’s the lead singer…and the first thing I notice about him, apart from his tattooed arms [they’re massive...or at least compared to my twig-like limbs] are those damned shades. I couldn’t get over the fact that the man was wearing aviators indoors at nighttime. I really couldn’t figure it out.

Of course, I know now it’s so no one can read him. He’s an extremely private person. What the public see isn’t what he’s really like…I can tell you that for a fact. Not that it’s a total lie. On stage, he acts like the biggest motherfucker alive…but he’s really very sweet. Even to me.

Yeah, sure. So, you think he should be mean to me because I’m his slave? Come on. Only the biggest asshole would want to be mean to me. And he’s not one of them. Okay, so I piss him off a lot and he makes me regret it. He’s still sweeter than sugar.

The fans who are lucky enough to meet him after a show or at a meet and greet…they catch glimpses of the real Matt Sanders. But, I see the complete package. If he feels like showing me. Which isn’t as often as I would like. But, hey, I can’t pick and choose…he’s the one wearing the pants.

There I go again, waffling. Must be the Italian blood. So, there we were, or at least I was. I think fat slob disappeared to find some drugs, who knows? And damned if Mister Frontman stared straight at me through those aviators. He was pointing in my direction, singing, screaming some line about ravaging somebody’s body.

Yeah, that really shouldn’t be a turn on, should it? Any self-respecting woman should wilt in disgust from hearing such words. But, coming from M Shadows’ mouth? Totally swoon worthy. Not that I was swooning. No, the man half scared me to death. What with those muscular tattooed arms and hidden glare, I definitely didn’t want to tangle with the likes of him.

I actually shrank back into the mosh pit, yeah…I was scared then and I have to say I’m not sorry to admit it. He still scares me shitless now. Why? Because he’s so damned closed. It’s not just the shades, though they do help to conceal his emotions from the world around him.

Fatty reappeared at that moment, luckily for me, and dragged me away into some secluded corner, away from the stage. Away from the penetrating stare of those otherwise emotionless aviators. I don’t know, but that first sighting of M Shadows really bugged me.

I stood by fatso as he rambled to some guy…looked about the same age as the band members. Extremely short but built with muscle upon muscle. Not really that attractive if you ask me. Not that anyone would ever ask my opinion on anything. I’m a slave…remember?

This story is going to take longer than I thought. Right. So, what happened next, you ask? Well, turns out this chunky monkey, his name’s Dan by the way, is a close friend of the band. Says they’re called Avenged Sevenfold…and he reckoned he could get us backstage to meet the guys after the gig. Mister Fatman decides that it could be a good thing. Probably thought he could buy or sell drugs to the band.

Too bad for him the Avenged guys are as straight as they come. The worse I’ve ever seen them do is smoke tobacco and get drunk on Absinthe. Matt doesn’t smoke anymore; at least I can’t taste it on his breath when he kisses me. So, either he uses truckloads of mouthwash or he quit smoking. I’d go with the latter, because he never tastes of peppermint.

Where was I? Oh, yes, Dan was telling us he could get us to meet the band, but not that first night. He gave fatso some passes and told us to come back to the final show in Long Beach, two nights from then. My handler was all sleazy grins and sanctimonious comments. Disgusting.

Dan just left us with a genial smile and my handler hustled me out of the venue and back to our hotel. Then two days later, we were back at the venue. This time though that chunky fellow, Dan met us in the foyer and lead us to the backstage rooms.

That afternoon I met the man who was to become my master, face-to-face. And wouldn’t you know it, he still had those aviators glued to his face. I still shudder at the memory of that meeting. Fatso walked me into the dressing room behind Dan and well…this is what happened…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hey, Dan, who’re your friends?”

A deep raspy voice filled my ears and Fatso and I turned our heads toward the man who had spoken. M Shadows, or Matt Sanders as he was actually known, leaned against the wall curious expression masked by the dark shades he wore over his eyes. His tattooed arms were folded across a broad chest, sweat soaked wife-beater clinging to his muscled torso.

I swallowed hard at the sight of the band’s frontman. He oozed supreme confidence, dominance and charisma as he pushed away from the wall and approached us, one eyebrow arching above his shades. The small buff dude smirked nodding to Fatso.

“This is Giovanni. He’s a tradesman. But, he’s also a fan.”

Matt’s gaze narrowed behind those dark aviators. I could tell only because of the tightening of the skin on either side of his face.

“What do you trade?”

Fatso snorted.


Matt chuckled low his covered stare turning to take in my presence.

“And, who are you?”

That husky voice directed toward me, sent chills running through my body, and made the hairs on the back of my neck begin to prickle. Before I could respond, Fatso spoke up.

“She is what I would trade.”

Matt’s head swiveled away from me to stare hard at my handler.

“You trade in humans?”

Fatso smirked coldly.

“The slave trade is alive and well in the America’s, Mister Sanders.”

I shivered at his words and tucked my chin into my chest, linking my hands behind me. Matt looked back at me a small frown creasing his brow and drawing the corners of his lips down.

“You want to sell her?”

“Yes. At some stage. She is…damaged goods.”

The singer’s frown deepened and he walked toward me. I stood my ground keeping my chin tucked into my chest, eyes fixed on a point between his shoes. My heart was hammering in my chest so loud I wondered why no one else could hear it. Next thing I knew, he had my chin in one large hand and was tilting my face up to his. I gazed nervously at my reflection in his aviators. He stared back at me, appraising me carefully.

Then he released me and I stumbled back from him, feeling stifled by his closeness. He let me back away and looked back at Fatso.

“How much?”

I was stunned. Everything happened so fast after that. It felt like mere minutes before details were exchanged and then Matt’s large hand latched firmly around my left elbow. He led me over to the other side of the dressing room and pushed me down on the sofa there. I craned my neck to see Fatso being ushered out the door by chunky monkey Dan and then my view was blocked by Matt’s solid frame.

He stared down at me for a long moment no apparent emotion on his face, and then…he cracked the hugest grin, the cutest dimples I’ve ever seen appearing on either side of his mouth, tilting his head back and letting out a laugh.

“God damn…I’m sure ya glad to see the back of him, hey? Giovanni…what kind of a stupid name is that? Sounds like some kind of wannabe Italian artist.”

I couldn’t respond, just continued to gaze dumbly into his shades. He chuckled, the sound sending shivers down my spine, as he stood there shaking his head at me.

“Damn…count yourself lucky, girl. That man…he seems like all kinds of trouble. You just sit tight there and I’ll be getting ya home real quick.”

I caught the little wink he gave me, a slight flutter of his eyelashes then he swung away and went to join the rest of his band practically ignoring me.

Count myself lucky? Hah.

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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:25 pm

Home; what a crazy word to hear when you're being sold as a slave.
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Auluna Raie

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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:12 pm

Weee! The story is back!
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:33 pm

So this is where you will post this story from now on? If so I'm happy!
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the mice endure


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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:40 pm

Yes sirree as long as there are no other moves this is where it will be Very Happy

@Kricket - odd situation to be in, eh?

Part Two - "Big boy's toys, eh?"

Damn that man. The things he does to me. The way he makes my heart race. Sometimes I hate the fact that he owns me. Because, if he didn’t then I’d have the right to chase and woo him like any other woman. Not that he makes himself available, if you know what I mean. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, I’m M Shadows’ wife and we love each other to pieces.

Hah. Okay, so I love Matt to pieces, but I’d never dare admit it. He’d probably level me with a hard look then walk away. He’s like that, y’know? By no means is he arrogant or egotistical. He cares about me. It isn’t love. But, he does care about me.

I hear you asking ‘if he cares about you so much, why doesn’t he just let you go?’ Well, friends…I don’t really want that. I want to stay with him until my time expires. He’s better than any other man I’ve ever known. Better than any other master.

I know it sounds so contrived, so…clichéd…but he completes me in ways no other man ever has. I have to tell you: That first night was surreal to me. I spent about an hour just observing him with his friends, the other band members. A real crazy bunch of men but every one of them as sweet as the next. Matt seriously loves on all of them, for real.

I would too, if I was allowed. And NO! I don’t mean sexually…just you know as friends. They like me, apparently. So Matt tells me. But then in the same breath he tells me to be careful around them and watches me a like a damned hawk through those shades of his.

That first night though. I still remember it clear as a bell. Matt was so…I’m not sure how to describe it really…unless I put it in context…unless I really delve back into my memory bank and show you…

Unless…Well. If you could take a digital video cam and film my memories, this is what you would capture…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Matt came back for me after eating food from the band’s rider and mucking around with the bassist, the short guy, Johnny. The whole band seemed to beat up on the little guy but he appeared to take it with aplomb. I watched on in bemusement but then Matt came over to where I was sitting and looked down at me through those anonymous shades.

“Come on. We’re heading back to the hotel.” That voice, it was rough but smooth all at once.

If I were going to be honest and admit to one thing in my life, it would be the fact that his voice damn near scared me to death. It was a contradiction in and of itself. Deep and sensual yet harsh and abrasive as gravel rubbing against skin, his voice did all sorts of uncomfortable things to me.

Nevertheless, it was a voice I would learn to obey, and love, at all cost. I peered up at him then stood hesitantly. He grasped my left arm at the crook of my elbow and made to steer me to the exit. Snakebites got in our way though. Zachary Baker to be more precise. The rhythm guitarist, whom I hadn’t been introduced to, raised his eyebrows at us, curiosity blazing from the most startling green eyes I’d ever seen.

“Who’s this, Shads?” Zachary cocked a black eyebrow at us. He must be half-Italian, was the thought that raced randomly through my mind.

Matt’s rough response sent my heart pounding into double time. “This is my new toy, V.”

I blinked, remembering that the guitarist’s stage name was Zacky Vengeance. The slightly pudgy male flashed a wide grin, the piercings on his lower lip glinting beneath the lights. “Big boy’s toy, eh?”

Matt’s grip tightened like a vice on my elbow causing me to wince. I tugged faintly at his hold; his gaze shot to me. Freezing, I went still and averted my eyes to the floor. I caught movement from the corner of my eye as he gave a little nod as if in approval, and then returned his focus to his friend.

“Indeed. But, she has a name…uh…” He paused; I chanced a look at him. Matt pursed his lips and I saw an eyebrow lift slightly behind his shades. “What’s your name, girl?”

Swallowing passed a lump that had formed in my throat and darting my eyes between the two men, I hesitated before answering. “Val…uh…Valary Dibenedetto…”

Matt seemed to be processing what I just said because his lips tightened into a hard line and he said nothing.

However, Zacky’s eyes widened and he laughed, shaking his head from side to side. “Damn…you’re Michelle’s twin sister.”

The tightness of Matt’s expression softened slightly as he flicked his head back toward the guitarist. I took that moment to take in Zachary’s appearance. He was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a comfortable looking flannel shirt, in blue and black. His jet black hair was spiked and he seemed to always be absently sucking on his snakebites.

I returned my focus to the man holding onto my arm though as he scowled at his friend. “Michelle? As in Brian’s girlfriend?”

Zacky nodded a deep chuckle escaping his lips. “Damn, Shadows…you really are out of the loop.” He paused and looked to me. “Now I know what Mish meant when she said she didn’t wanna talk about her sister.”

I flinched at his words and bowed my head. Knowing that my own sister probably wanted nothing to do with me, hurt more than I wanted to admit. The fact that I’d barely had a chance to know any of my family, hurt even more.

Matt frowned even more, his brow was wrinkling above his shades. I looked at him.

He sucked at his bottom lip. “I didn’t even
knowMichelle had a sister.”

Zacky rolled his eyes and waved his hand toward me. “Well, fuck Matt. Look at her. I mean apart from the hair….they look almost identical.”

My hair was dyed blonde at the time and fell loosely around my face. I kept my eyes lowered as I felt Matt’s stare focus on me. I trembled as he reached with his free hand to grasp my chin. He tilted my face up and studied me in silence.

Then, with a grunt, he released my chin and shook his head at his friend. “Well, Michelle’s sister or not, it makes no difference to what she is.”

“No. Of course not.” I saw Zacky shrug then reach over to slap Matt on the shoulder. “See ya later, buddy. I’m sure you have things you wanna do.”

A shudder ran down my spine as he placed heavy emphasis on the last part of his sentence. Matt smirked faintly in reply. Then pulling lightly on my arm, he led me from the dressing room and out of the venue to a line of parked cars.

I wondered which was his, as he walked me passed several expensive looking vehicles. When he came to a stop though my eyes bulged slightly, well they felt like it. Matt had halted by a large custom-built Harley Davidson motorcycle. There was no way in the world he was going to make me get on that monster. Still, somehow, it seemed appropriate that he would have a bike and not a car; it suited the tough image he had going on.


I blinked as he thrust a black helmet at me. “Huh?”

He sighed spinning me around and putting it on me, making sure it fit snugly. “Helmet. For safety, don’t want you falling off and cracking your skull open.”

I shivered and glanced at the massive bike chewing nervously at the inside of my cheek.

Matt tilted his head at me. “Never been on a bike?”

Shaking my head, I looked down at the ground and mumbled under my breath.

He gripped my chin and made me look up at him. “What did you say?”

I stared into his impassive face, noting the bandanna wrapped around his shorn scalp. He’d been wearing a cap over it earlier, but I guess it wouldn’t fit under a helmet.

Breathing out roughly, I glanced toward the bike. “Friend of mine…killed on one of those…speeding…”

Matt scowled at that. “I’m always careful.”

I shook my head and took several steps back. I really did not want to get on that bike.

He glowered at me through his shades. “Get on, Valary. I’m not letting you walk.”

I think it was the fact that he used my name that clued me into realizing that he was dead serious. And so, with extreme reluctance I straddled the passenger rider. He pulled on his own helmet and climbed on in front of me.

Swinging his head around to look at me a tiny smirk flickered across his face. “Hold on to me, ‘kay? Don’t want to lose you.”

I gave a small nod and hesitantly wrapped my arms around his waist. He snorted and shook his head facing the front and placing his hands on the handlebars. For a moment, I wondered what he was shaking his head at but when he started the bike and I felt the roar of the engine beneath me, I figured it out pretty quick.

Matt didn’t ease the bike out of the lot, no, the beast almost had a mind of its own and literally screamed out of there. I had to tighten my hold around his waist and that brought my breasts flush against his muscled back. He wasn’t complaining, and truth be told I was so petrified of being on that bike, having my breasts squashed against his back was the least of my problems.

Luckily, the ride from the venue to the hotel was only about ten minutes long, ten minutes too long in my opinion. I just wanted the ride to end. I kept my eyes closed the whole way, clutching for dear life around Matt’s waist and silently cursing Giovanni for getting me into this predicament.

When we arrived, I was a little unsteady getting off the bike. Matt noticed and, ever the gentleman, he gripped my arm to steady me. I blushed and stammered my thanks.

He just laughed, those dimples showing once more. “No need to fall over me, hun. I’m not that good lookin’.”

I didn’t have any response to that comment so just remained silent as he steered me into the hotel. He nodded to the clerk as he hurried me to the elevator and then we were on our way up to the floor where the band was staying.

Pushing me ahead of him, Matt marched me out of the elevator along the hallway to a heavy wooden door right at the end. When we reached the door, he dug in his back pocket for a moment before revealing a white, plastic key card. He slid it into the slot and, when we both heard the soft click and the red light went green, he twisted the handle, pushing the door open.

Pulling me in by the elbow and hitting the light switch, Matt motioned with a jerk of his chin as he slid the key card back into his pocket. “Here we are. Home sweet home.”

I raised my eyebrows at him. He chuckled smearing a hand over his head, removing the bandanna in the process and tossing it onto a bench.

“Well, home sweet home away from home.” He shrugged his broad shoulders and strode further into the large room.

Remaining by the door, which had closed behind me, I glanced warily around me. My immediate impression was of a well-lit living area, several chaise lounges sprawled out in front of a huge widescreen television.

A long window filled the expanse behind the television. Heavy black drapes hung drawn back from the window revealing the townscape of Long Beach. Matt stood by the window gazing out at the view, hands braced on the frame.

I glanced to my right to the bench where he’d thrown his cap. There was a small kitchenette with a stove, fridge, microwave and shiny metal sink. Blinking, I looked to my left where I could see two doors leading out of the main living area: Bedroom and bathroom.

“C’mere.” Matt’s raspy voice tore my attention away from my passive tour of the room.

I looked over at him. He was leaning against the back of one of the lounges now, hands braced on either side of his body. I could see the muscles in his forearms bunching slightly as they supported his weight.

Taking a deep breath I nervously made my way to stand in front of him, head tucked down, eyes fixed on a point between his feet.

I heard him sigh softly. “Valary…”

I dared to meet his eyes. Those shades were still covering them so there was no way for me to read his expression.

“Yes, sir?”

Matt took his bottom lip between his teeth appraising me for a long while before sighing once more and lifting a hand to remove the shades and hooking them on the neck of his top. I swallowed hard as he brought his eyes to mine and for the first time I was able to gaze into them.

I shivered; his eyes were bright, filled with many different emotions. Yet, that was not what I noticed; instead, the colours were what caught my attention. They were myriad shades of green, hazel and brown mixed together in shifting hues.

He blinked once then stared at me eyes darkening imperceptibly, the colour shifting to a flat hazel-brown. Trembling, I lowered my gaze once more.

He moved, I felt him move a little closer to me, and then he cupped my chin in one large, warm hand and gently raised my gaze to his. “Look at me, Val.”

I obeyed, quivering at his touch. I was so nervous of the situation I’d been flung into; I didn’t know what else to do. He tilted his head to the side a thoughtful expression flickering in his eyes.

“So,” he spoke softly, “tell me, what is it you do for me?”

Staring at him, I wondered why he would be asking me that. He had purchased me, did he have no idea what that meant. His fingers tightened a little on my chin.

“Well?” His tone remained soft, almost curious.

I grasped at his wrist; it was surprisingly small around compared to the thickness of his arm. His eyes narrowed a caution in their depths.

Licking my lips, I whispered hoarsely in reply. “Anything, sir.”


“Anything.” My voice shook slightly and my stomach clenched as a burst of heat flared through my body.

He slid his hand from my chin to wrap lightly around my neck. The heat followed his touch. I began trembling as he squeezed his hand softly against my throat.

“Such as?” The tone in his voice changed, it became deeper more commanding.

A soft whimper escaped my lips. Fear slid like a snake into my mind. I hated this part of my life. Being a slave to a man’s needs and wants was the worst part of my bondage. It always scared me, because no man was ever gentle with my body, all they cared about was their own pleasure.

“Valary.” Matt became more insistent, his other hand moving to grasp my hip.

I squeezed my eyes shut then opened them again looking into his stern gaze. “I’ you, sir.”

“Show me?”

Nodding, I cast a sideways glance toward the door I assumed led to the bedroom. Matt followed my gaze and I saw realisation dawn in his eyes. “Ah. I see.”

He released me and pushed away from the lounge, causing me to back up several feet.

“Well then.” He looked at me for a long moment.

I waited on bated breath, expecting him to order me to the bedroom or something. However, the command never came. And that was when I realised that this was going to be very different from any other time. Matthew Sanders was not like any of my other owners and here was my first glimpse of the person he was revealing himself to be.

Hugging myself, I watched dumbly as he walked around the lounge, flopped down on it and without even looking at me, picked up the remote and turned the television on. I stood there uncertain of what to do.

He turned his head slightly to look at me, and then he smiled a hint of those dimples appearing. “Here, sit down. Relax.”

I blinked uncomprehendingly at him.

He gave a low chuckle. “C’mon, Val. I’m not gonna bite.”

Biting at the inside of my cheek, I came around and perched hesitantly on the edge of the seat.

Matt rolled his eyes at me and without further preamble wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me fully onto the lounge close to his side. “Relax.”

He returned his gaze to the television where a late baseball game was playing on the screen. I shifted in his grip a little attempting to get comfortable. Matt felt my movement allowing his body to shift as well until he was laying back and I was resting against his chest.

Before I knew it my eyes were drifting closed and I ended up falling asleep on top of him. I hadn’t realised how exhausted I was, obviously everything that had happened in the past few hours was finally catching up with me.

The last thing I heard before I drifted away was a soft chuckle and Matt’s raspy voice murmuring almost gently to me. “Poor must be beat...sleep’ll do you good.”
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:06 am

I am so looking forward to this fic - I LOVE what I have read so far, and I am always left wanting more and more. I can't wait for you to post more Very Happy xoxo

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the mice endure


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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:55 pm

Thank you for reading Very Happy

Part Three - “I think you need to be reminded of your place.”

“Val, what’re you doing?”

Huh? Well, duh...what does it look like?

Matt’s just appeared behind my comfortable position in the window seat of his California bungalow. We’re at home in Huntington Beach. Avenged Sevenfold is taking a well earned break from touring. The guys are priming for their new album.

I glance up at him. He lifts an eyebrow a curious expression in his eyes. He’s not wearing his aviators. Yeah, I always notice when he’s not wearing them.


He really hates having to repeat himself; sometimes I wonder why I push him so much. Shrugging I look out the window absently fiddling with the mp3/voice recorder clasped in my right hand. He makes some kind of exasperated snort and next I know he’s spun me around and has my recorder in his hand.

“What is this?” His tone is harsh, but not really angry. More curious than anything.

I blink at him, lick my lips. “Just...nothing, Master.”

He frowns looking at it then back at me. “I heard you talking.” He waits for an explanation.

Sliding my hands to my arms and rubbing slowly I answer, because what else am I supposed to do? He has every right to ask me questions and I have no choice but to answer.

You’re probably thinking that I shouldn’t bother. That I should be allowed some privacy. But, it doesn’t work like that. You have to understand...if Matt tells me to jump...well, you know how it goes.


“Dictating what?”

I shrug and tilt my face up to his staring into his face. He’s so tall, compared to my puny height. People used to call me ‘dwarf’ as a joke. Not that I found it particularly hilarious or anything.

“Val, dictating what?” There’s an edge to his voice.

Dammit. He’s getting pissed. I hate when he gets angry at me. Yeah, yeah...I hear you...don’t make him angry then. Do as he says. That’s easy for you to say. You don’t belong to him.

I close my eyes then open them again. He’s still waiting, but this time his eyes are darker and the look he’s giving me is one I know that I have to heed otherwise he’s going to let loose with something real unpleasant.

“Just telling my story...”

Matt blinks at me. “Your story?”

Yeah, I know...pretty dumb, right. Who wants to hear my story? I know that’s what he’s thinking. I look down and nod. “Yes, Master.”

He clicks the player on and tilts his head as my voice issues from the little speaker.

“ boring, doing washing and cleaning...and making sure the dog, Bella, doesn’t run into the walls...”

I shiver and peek up at him to try and gauge his reaction. He doesn’t look particularly pleased.

Shaking his head, he clicks it off and tosses it onto a table nearby then glowers at me. “You shouldn’t be wasting your time. Nobody wants to hear it.”

Of course not. Nobody’s meant to hear it, really. I just want to record my story. For my own memories, my own benefit. Of course I don’t say any of this to him. Don’t want him to think I’m dissing him or anything like that. After all he’s the big recording star. Well with the band and all.

Like I already mentioned, they’re about to go back into the studio. The little makeshift one in Matt’s parents garage. That’s where they go to write. I’m sure Matt’ll drag me along. Get me to make cups of coffee etcetera, etcetera for his friends. Not that that really bothers me.

“Val, are you listening to me?”

Oops. Matt’s still talking to me and my mind has to wander.

I force my attention back to him. “No...sorry...what did you say?”

Matt sighs, shaking his head at me again. His expression takes on a grim cast. “I think you need to be reminded of your place.”

Well, how’s that for a damned heart stopper. Hearing those words makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Why, you ask? Well, because when Matt tells me he thinks I need reminding of my place, he means serious business. It means that I am in deep shit.

He’s warned me of this so many times. In fact it was the number one rule he gave me the day after he bought me. I should tell you about that next morning, but...I can’t afford to be distracted right now. Matt is really quite angry with me.

Bowing my head, I let my arms fall loose by sides and just wait for whatever he decides to do. Right now, I am scared out of my mind. I will admit that honestly to you. Very rarely does Matt do anything to me in anger, but this is one of those rare moments. And, it is safe to say that his anger terrifies me. Like, really, really scares me shitless.

I mean, he’s not scary per se...apart from when he’s up on stage telling some ‘little faggot’ he’s gonna beat their ‘fucking little pussy ass’. You should go find the YouTube of that. Damned funny. Still, like I’ve been saying, he’s really a sweet guy. But, right now, he’s ticked off, and I’m not helping matters much, by not paying attention.

Valary.” There’s a hard tone to his voice now.

I shiver and murmur. “Sorry...paying attention.”

He growls. “You’d better hope you are.”

I clasp my hands in my lap. He steps closer. He’s always so overwhelming...just the presence of him in a room causes me to unravel; all my little sane thoughts go flying out the window.

“Look at me.”

I raise my eyes to his. I see...disappointment. That’s what I see, and that damn near breaks my heart. The one thing that frightens me more than Matt’s anger is the thought of disappointing him. I’m forever disappointing people...and it never usually bothers me.

Y’know, I’m the kinda girl who doesn’t care what people think. But, Matt...I care what he thinks. Crazy, hey? Well, okay. Maybe not that crazy. Everybody probably cares what M Shadows thinks.

“Jesus, Val. Pay attention.”

I jump at his tone; it’s gone so cold now.

He grabs me by the left arm; always the left...don’t know why that is. But, I really shouldn’t be wondering such random things, right.

He tugs me to my feet. “Get up.”

I obey. No other choice unless I want him to pull my arm out of its socket.

Once I’m standing he just glares at me then flings my arm back to my side. “The guys are coming ‘round in half an hour. You are going to make sure they have everything they want. Got it.”

“Yes, Master.” I sound like a robot.

I hear you...where’s my personality gone? I still have it. But it’s not wise to use it when Matt’s in a mood. He gives me a long look then turns on his heel and walks away, but not before picking up the mp3 player and sticking it in his back pocket.

Well, there goes my Matt’s back least I still have my journal. Yeah, I write things down too. Especially if I’m up at night and he’s asleep. But, I guess I shouldn’t risk pissing Matt off any more than he already is.


Not that I can really complain. His friends aren’t really all that demanding. Now, just as long as Brian doesn’t suddenly decide to bring Michelle with him, I think everything will be fine. Oh, well. I will just have to wait and see.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Fri Mar 25, 2011 4:51 pm

I had a nice comment all planned out...and it left me. More than one way to tell a story.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:07 pm

You're welcome Smile I'm not a A7X fold, but you write this so beautifully that the story just speaks for itself, I can't wait to see where you are taking this, and I love that I want to read it over and over again too Very Happy xoxox

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Lol Kricket Smile

Part Four - "Trying to reach the crackers."

Family. It’s an interesting idea. What? Yes, to me a family is an idea. An ideal. I never really knew my family. The Dibenedetto clan is a closed door to me. I was a member for the first five years of my life. And then, except for keeping the family name, I was turfed out. So, I know you’re probably all wondering, what the hell happened?

Well, I’m still not sure what really happened, I was only five, okay? But, what I think it was about was that my parents had like, a hundred kids, and I was the youngest. Okay. They didn’t have a hundred kids, more like seven.

Anyway, they, being a good Catholic family, didn’t stop at two or three kids [all boys so far] because they don’t believe in contraceptives. Their sixth child they thought would be their last [Michelle my twin] but then I popped out after Michelle did. They got a huge shock as you can imagine.

I guess when I got to five they thought they couldn’t raise seven kids anymore so they handed me over to the state. Or to be more precise they took me out one day, and left me at the doorstep of the Huntington Beach Orphanage. Yeah, I know...seems like they didn’t care about me. But, I’m sure that’s not the case at all.

Of course, being five years old and extremely trusting, I know I believed they would come back for me. Of course that all changed when some stranger took me from the orphanage and sent me to the slave markets. That, I can tell you now, was the beginning of the worst period of my young life.

Don’t feel sorry for me though. I’m still here. I’m alive. I’m not even depressed about all of it really. There are people in much worse situations than me. I mean, hell...I have somewhere to live, clothes, food...everything a person needs to live.

Anywho, why am I even telling you all this? Well, there is a point. I’m really trying to segway into talking about my twin, Michelle. Because, as luck...or bad luck, would have it, Brian decided that bringing his girlfriend to Matt’s place this afternoon was a bright idea.

She’s sitting with the guys, Brian’s little white fluffy dog, Pinkly, curled on her lap. I wish I could join them, but no, I’m in the kitchen trying to figure out what kind of snacks and drinks they might want. Matt came in a moment ago to remind me to pay attention.

He’s still mad at me, and he still has my player in his back pocket. I can see the outline of it there against his ass. He’s out in the dining room with the guys discussing the songs they have so far. I can hear snippets of their conversation, but I’m not supposed to be listening in.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be telling you about Michelle right? Well, the thing is, there’s not much to say, because I don’t really know her. I remember being a little girl and playing dolls with her...and vying for our Mom’s attention...but that’s about it. And, oh...wearing matching outfits...and playing with our older brother’s...but it’s all a big blur really.

She avoids me whenever the guys come over to Matt’s...and Brian drags her along. She just sits with them and laughs at their jokes and plays with Bella [Matt’s Labrador, crazy, beautiful bitch] and Pinkly, her and Brian’s WFD [White Fluffy Dog...].

That’s where she is right now...doing exactly that, and I should be attending them... sigh...

Anyway. Ugh...what to feed them.

I know there’s cheese and crackers in the pantry. I guess that’ll have to do. Matt did buy some Jack the other day as well. He doesn’t drink, much. But the other guys do. Especially short stuff [Johnny]. He’s almost as short as me, I kid you not.

Anyway, cheese crackers...where are you?

I poke my head into the pantry and find the box but it’s right on the top shelf. Damn. I come back out and grab the step-stool just as Matt comes wandering back in.

He raises his eyebrows at me. “What’re you doing?”

Again with the questions. Better answer. “Trying to reach the crackers.” I actually feel my cheeks go a little pink.

He rolls his eyes at me and walks into the pantry and grabs them from the top shelf. “Here. You’re worse than Short shit.”

He passes me the crackers; I crack a tiny smile. “That’s ‘cause I’m shorter than him.”

Matt chuckles as he braces his forearms against the kitchen bench, watching me. “True.”

I blush more and duck my head down as I go to the fridge and grab the large block of cheddar cheese. I can feel his penetrating stare boring into the top of my head. I try to concentrate on laying out the cheese and crackers, but the view of his arms I’m getting is screwing with my head.

The ink that covers them is mesmerising; my favourite out of all of the pieces of art is the red horse on his left forearm. It is so muscular and appears to leap out at you every time you look at it. Reminds me a little of his attitude on stage at least some of the time.


“Huh?” I look up at him; he’s sporting a crooked grin.

“The crackers...” He gives a little nod.

I look down again and blink. Shit. I really hate that. I was cutting the crackers, not the cheese. “Dammit...”

Matt laughs and reaches over to pat me on the head. Like I’m the dog or something.

Speaking of which... “Where’s Bella?”

“In the living room trying to lie all over Jimmy.”

I giggle at that image and shake my head. “Silly dog.”

Matt returns to leaning against the bench.

There’s a long silence for a moment, except for the sound of me slicing cheese and placing them on the unbroken crackers. Then I hear a grunt and this sound as Matt’s obviously preparing to say something. I tilt my head slightly to let him know I’m listening.

“So, what exactly do you say?”

“Huh?” Now he’s lost me.

I glance at him.

He tilts his head to the side, dips his hand in his back pocket and holds up my player. “On this, what do you even say?”

Biting my bottom lip, I shake my head. There’s no way I’m answering that question.

He sighs and places it down in front of me. His action is slow and deliberate. That scares me. Weird, huh? Why the hell would that scare me? I know...I know. But, usually Matt’s a quick man. He kind of rushes in and out of places with this kind of ‘let’s go’ attitude and ‘I don’t care what’s going on’ look to life.

“Val, I asked you a question.”

I sigh and meet his sharp look. “It’s nothing. Just rambling...”

He nods as if that explains something to him. Then he casts a glance toward the living room. “Your sister...” He lets his voice trail off.

I bite at my cheek, a habit I have if you hadn’t already noticed. “Not really...”

He looks at me askance.

I shake my head slowly. “Separated...I was five. So was she.”

Matt’s brow scrunches down in consternation. The expression makes him look surprisingly anxious.

I try a smile. “It doesn’t bother me.”

He doesn’t respond to that.

I shift the plate with the cheese and crackers and half mumble to it. “Long time ago...”

Matt leans over the bench and gently tucks a strand of hair behind my left ear. “Don’t lie, Val. It bothers the fuck outta you.”

I flinch a little, chewing almost savagely at the inside of my cheek.

He gives me that dimpled smile then nods to the plate. “Get those to the guys. We’ll talk more about this.”

Yeah, right. Like I want to talk about my past. Like he wants to hear about my past... Yeah. How riveting would that be? I’m sure the big M Shadows wants to talk about my insignificant past. Much more interesting than writing songs for the band’s new album.

I hope you note the sarcasm...

I grab the plate and head for the dining room, just catching Matt pick up my player again and park his ass on the stool by the bench. I have to force myself to keep walking into the dining room, even though a part of me is telling me to race back into the kitchen and plead with him not to listen to whatever I’ve recorded.

I mean, there’s really no point. If Matt wants to look through my private stuff, that’s his choice. He owns me. And,’s not like I’ve said anything bad about him in I’ll just suck it up and do my job. Let him hear what I have to’s no skin off my nose.

In fact...I’m kinda curious to know what he might think about it. Well, maybe when he talks to me later...

I shake my head and keep walking toward the dining room just as I hear Matt hit the play button and my voice fills the kitchen space...dammit...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Um. Hi...hello. Testing. Wait, does this work? Right. Okay. So, name is Valary Dibenedetto. Wow...this is weird. I feel like I’m talking to myself. Just as long as I don’t answer myself right? Anyway, I’m 27 and I belong to Matt Sanders. Yeah, you heard me right. Not going to repeat it.

We live in Huntington Beach...ugh, you know what? Stop right there. This sounds so damned cliché. I’ll start again.

Deep breath, goes...

You can never tell what he is thinking. That one thing always gets to me. He wears those goddamned aviators
all the time. Not that I have any right to complain. He does what he wants. Heowns me...
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:24 pm

I LOVE this fic so much, I can't wait to get to the chapters that I haven't read Very Happy hurry lol xooxx

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Wonder what he'll think about it?
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Part Five - "You're too damn cute."

Matt was silent as we sat at the small dining table both facing the long window. Midmorning sunlight streamed through the thick glass bathing us in its warm glow. I’d woken earlier than him and gone into automatic mode. By the time he’d gotten out of bed and came into the main room, I had a steaming mug of coffee and a plate stacked with hot toast set in place for him.

He’d flashed me that dimpled smile once more and sat without a word. I observed him as quietly as I could, not wanting to disturb him as he ate. Once he’d finished and I cleared the dirty dishes away, he motioned for me to join him at the table once more.

Now we sat together waiting for something to happen. Pressing the tip of my finger against the tabletop I began to trace random designs on the smooth surface. Then Matt cleared his throat and I felt him move slightly next to me. I peered up at him. A serious look passed across his eyes.

I waited.

He rubbed at his neck then allowed his palm to rest against the table. “Right. This is how it’s gonna be. This tour is almost over, so I just want you to enjoy yourself.” I blinked at him. He looked hard at me. “That’s not too hard for you is it?”

Licking my lips, I shook my head. “No, sir.”

Matt’s eyes narrowed on mine and he shifted to lean both forearms against the table. “Another thing. You’ll call me ‘Master’ when you address me.” He sucked on his bottom lip. “Any other rules, I’ll explain when we go home.”

“Home?” I was curious to know where home was for him.

He smiled a faraway look clouding his eyes as if he were thinking of some wonderful memory. “Huntington Beach, Orange County. There’s no place like it anywhere else in the world, Val.”

My mouth went dry, and I trembled slightly. “Huntington...?”

Matt glanced at me, a slight frown on his face. “Yes. Is that a problem?”

I laughed dryly. “Only if you count the fact that I was born there.”

He looked astonished. “You were born in Huntington?”

I nodded, looking down at my hands unable to meet his incredulous gaze.

“How come I never met you then?”

I didn’t know the full answer to that question but I hazarded a guess anyway. “Guess our circles never mixed...” Glancing up at him, I added, “And, I was only there until I was five...”

Matt nodded, accepting that answer, smiling a little. “That makes sense.” He paused for a long while then looked at me again. “One other thing.” He moved his hand and curled it around mine, stilling it. “When we get home. You will sleep with me.”

I opened my mouth, but he pressed the tips of the fingers on his other hand to my lips. “Don’t worry. I won’t make you
sleep with me, just yet. We’ll go slow. I don’t even know you well enough for that. But, no separate beds. I want you close to me.”

My bottom lip trembled. I hated sleeping with other people. I always felt like I was going to be smothered. All my other owners had forced me to sleep with them, and they had never been considerate of my feelings.

Even though Matt was assuring me that he wouldn’t make me do anything, for now...I didn’t trust what he was saying. I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that he would keep his word. No man ever did. It was always about what they wanted. It had never been about me.

Matt’s brow creased as he obviously noticed my discomfort. “Valary...”

His voice was surprisingly tender. But, I couldn’t bring myself to lift my head to him. He sighed and I felt as he shifted back from me. I peeked out at him from beneath my lowered lashes. He had turned away and was looking out the window, face calm and expressionless.

I observed as he took a deep, slow breath, his nostrils flaring slightly. Then he turned his eyes back to meet mine. Before I could look down again, he reached out and stroked the back of his index finger against my cheek.

“It’s okay. You can stay in the single bed for the next couple of nights. We don’t go home until Friday.”

It was Tuesday. I nodded slightly, my skin tingling a little where he had made contact. He smiled again, hazel eyes sparkling. My cheeks felt flushed and I ducked my head down. His smile made my whole body quiver, and not entirely in a bad way.

I heard him chuckle softly, and then the light scrape of chair legs on the floor as he pushed away from the table and stood. “Right. Well, it’s almost eleven, and I have to catch the rest of the band. Stay here, ‘kay? I won’t be long.”

With that he grabbed the room key, his cap and bandana and walked out of the hotel room, leaving me alone to ponder everything he had just told me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“You’re a good chick, y’know that?”

I look sideways at Jimmy as he lounges languidly on his chair. Bella, Matt’s dog, is half lying over his lap, half trying to reach the cheese and cracker that I just put in front of the drummer. Pushing her away, he grins laconically at me. I blush and lower my eyes.

Brian, who is in the middle of whispering into my twin’s ear, turns from her and flashes me a sweet smile. “Yeah, Matt’s lucky he got you. You do good by him.”

“Yeah,” Jimmy nods in obvious agreement, “you don’t give him shit. Do as you’re told. Give us amazing food.”

“Yeah, especially the amazing food.” Brian keeps smiling at me.

I keep blushing and quickly pass around the rest of the cheese and crackers to the other guys, noticing absently that Zachary and Johnny grab the most. Michelle takes one piece and a hint of a smile flickers over her lips as she nods to me. That’s all the acknowledgement she gives me, and that’s fine by me, really.

Once the plate is empty, I return to the kitchen smiling at the compliments Matt’s friends have just given me. I’m a big sucker for compliments, though I don’t let them give me a big head. Thoughts of what they said to me disappear though as soon as I see that Matt is still sitting at the bench with my player.

I carefully set the empty plate down on the bench and look at him. He does not acknowledge me just continues to listen to the recording. Shivering a little, I move to lean against the bench and tuck my chin into my chest waiting for him to notice me, and say something.

After several minutes which to me seem to drag on for hours, Matt finally clicks the player off.

He doesn’t turn to look at me, but he does speak. “Tell me, Val. Have you ever thought to write any of this down?”

His voice is emotionless so there is no way for me to gauge what he’s actually thinking. The question surprises me somewhat though and all I can do is mumble in answer.

“No. Not really.”

He looks at me then. I avert my eyes afraid of what I will see in his.

“Aside from the fact that you shouldn’t even be doing this; you do have a way with words.”

I flush slightly; I hear him snort faintly. “You sound like you’re reading from a fricking book half the time. With fucking dialogue and everything. Planning on writing a novel, hey?” There’s a note of amusement threading through his voice now.

I shake my head. “No, Master.”

Matt sighs and stands, approaching me. I quiver slightly from fear, slightly from the closeness of his overwhelming masculinity. He chuckles obviously realising the effect he has on me and leans forward.

I actually flinch as he gets closer. He rolls his eyes and without a word tucks the player into the front pocket of my jeans. Then he catches hold of my chin and lifts my eyes to his.

A stern light appears in his hazel eyes. “Don’t let me catch you fucking around with this again, understand?”

“Understood, Master,” I whisper the words not trusting myself to speak any louder.

Matt releases my chin. “Good.” He looks toward the dining room. “Did they like the food?”

I nod glad that I can still do something right. “Yes. They were pleased. And, Jimmy and Brian even complimented me on how obedient I was to you.”

Matt mutters dryly, “Most of the time.”

I tremble at his comment and murmur in a low voice, “I try...”

He smiles, his tone softening as he reaches out to stroke the backs of his fingers against my cheek. “I know you do.”

I tilt my head slightly looking up into his face.

He lifts an eyebrow. “Yeah, Val?”

“What you just heard...” I hesitate, clutching at the player in my pocket.

Matt keeps caressing my cheek. “Mhm?”

“ you even remember that?” I hate the fact that my voice is beginning to shake.

Matt notices it, and that bothers me. His expression becomes more serious and he moves so he’s pressing me back slightly against the bench.

He softly places his hands on my hips and stares down into my eyes. “Are you asking me if I remember you being nervous of sleeping with me?”

I nod ever so little. “Yes, Master...”

Matt chuckles the sound vibrating through my body as he leans closer, shifting his big body so he can rest his forehead against mine. His lips are mere inches from my face as he murmurs his response.

“Yeah, I remember. You were so damned scared...and all I wanted to do was make it go away.” He shakes his head at me. “But, you were so fucking sure I was going to hurt you.”

I flush at the memory of that conviction.

He smiles gently. “Took you fricking weeks to realise I’m not like that.”

My cheeks feel like their flaming now.

Matt chuckles, not unkindly, and presses his lips gently to my forehead. “You’re too damn cute, Val...y’know that?”

I tuck my chin against my chest.

Matt makes a gruff sound in the back of his throat then pushes away from me. “C’mon. Let’s go sit with the others. Give ‘em a bit of shit.”

I laugh at that and let him take my hand and lead me back to the dining room. God knows, I must say...I am in need of a little fun right now.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:09 pm

Adorable, too friggin adorable. Wait that almost sounds something like Matt would say. Smile
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Another beautiful update - everything is coming together in such a unique and beautiful way that I need more misses haha - please hurry Very Happy xoxo

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Very Happy

Part Six - “What’s it like being the woman in Matt’s life?”

Michelle is watching me. I can feel her eyes boring into me. I am trying to ignore her from where I’m sitting next to Matt on the chaise lounge. He has one heavy arm resting around my shoulders the other hanging over the armrest. He’s talking to Brian about some random baseball stuff. I’m relaxing against him leaning into his side.

And Michelle just keeps on staring at me. It’s slightly irritating. I look over at her and frown. She blinks looking a little surprised, perhaps? I turn away and snuggle closer to Matt’s body; his arm tightens around my shoulders and I absently press my lips against his shirt-covered chest.

Michelle sees this. She purses her lips, takes a deep breath then says out loud so everyone can hear. “God, you’re such a whore.”

I freeze, but Matt responds quicker than I can. His head snaps around and he pegs my twin with a cold glare. “Back the fuck off, Michelle. You’re not any better.”

I see her eyes widen and wonder what she thinks of Matt’s comment. Guess I’ll find out in a second.

She stands and points a finger at my master, seething. “You have some nerve saying that, Sanders. I’m one of your best friends’ girls and you say that to me?”

Matt snorts, voice dripping in disgust. “You’re being a bitch, Michelle. There’s no excuse for it. Particularly when you’re being one to Val. She’s done nothing to you.”

Michelle is shaking a little. I hide a smirk as she swings around to Brian who has just been sitting there observing the scene. “Hey...are you just going to sit there and let him talk to me like that?”

Brian gives her a weird look. “Well, normally I’d tell him to fuck off. But, don’t you think it’s odd? She’s your fucking sister.”

Michelle shakes her head in vehemence. “Hardly. Our parents put her in that orphanage when we were five.”

Matt blinks and looks down at me, surprise in his eyes. “You never told me that.”


“Why not?” There is genuine interest in his tone.

Shaking my head I peer up at him. “Didn’t think it was relevant.”

Michelle laughs, as she’s giving me this scathing look. “Not relevant. You must be stupid.”

Matt snaps at her, “Shut up, Michelle.” Then he looks at me, expression grave. “You should’ve told me. Everything about you is important to me. You do know that, right?”

I nod slightly not meeting his gaze.

He grimaces, and then shoots a cool look toward my twin. “And, you... You shouldn’t judge her.”

Michelle sneers, “You’re one to talk. She belongs to you. She’s a fucking slave. You probably judge her all the time.”

I stiffen at her words, my throat seizing. Trembling, I lever Matt’s arm off my shoulder, lurch to my feet and rush out of the dining room. I hear the uproar that results, but block it out as I dash through the kitchen into the hallway and into Matt’s bedroom.

I shut the door and slide down to the floor leaning my back against the solid wood. I can feel tears forming at the corner of my eyes. Resting my face against my knees and wrapping my arms around them, I rock myself slowly.

Eventually, I hear the voices wind down and then the heavy footsteps of my master leaving the dining room and approaching the room. They halt outside the bedroom door.

There’s silence for a long moment and then Matt’s husky voice whispers through the crack beneath the door. “Val...let me in...”

I shiver. I want to be alone. I really wish I could tell him to go away, but...that’s never going to be an option.

I close my eyes then shuffle away from the door. “It’s not locked...”

The door creaks open and then Matt is looking down at me, worry evident in his hazel eyes. I avert my gaze from his.

“Val.” His voice is low, firm.

I peek up at him.

He sighs as he moves to crouch in front of me, resting his forearms against his thighs. “You gonna come back out?”

I shake my head.

Matt sucks on his bottom lip. “You can’t stay in here.”

I shake my head again.

He sighs and reaches out to lift my chin up. “I know what she said upset you. But...”

I cut him off abruptly feeling my emotions swell inside me. “Dammit, she has no idea what I’ve been through! She can’t just say things like that. I hate her...I wish Brian wouldn’t keep bringing her over here.”

Matt’s eyes narrow and I realise that I’ve done the one thing he really detests. What’s that? Well, I will tell you, just not now. I cringe back against the door and shake a little.

He rocks a little on his heels and stares hard at me. “Valary, it isn’t even about you, really.”

I blink at him. “What do you mean?”

Matt strokes his thumb lightly against my cheek. “We’ve never really gotten on. I don’t give her shit because she makes Brian happy.” He takes a deep breath and adds with a wry smirk, “She puts up with me because Brian and me are in the band.”

I nod slightly.

Matt keeps stroking my cheek. “I’m not asking you to be her best friend. But, you need to be nice. Not just ‘cause she’s your sister. But ‘cause that’s what I want.”

Yeah, he’s being nice about it, but you have to realise that even so, he is actually giving me an order. And, if you were in my position you would know that disobeying him is not an option.

I nod to let him know I understand; he stares hard at me then his expression softens and he shifts to sit by me. “Right. So, before we go back out there, you want to tell me what’s going on in your mind.”

I look down at the floor and shake my head slightly.

Matt clears his throat next to me. “Hun, that wasn’t a question.”

I shiver.

He slides his arm around my shoulders pulling my small frame into his bigger one. “C’mon, Val. Tell me.”

I shake my head and pull out of his grip. His eyes narrow, but I hold my hand up in a placating gesture. Then I walk over to the night stand on my side of the bed and grab the slim notebook that I like to write in. I hold it for a moment close to my breasts then I go back over to Matt and hold it out to him.

Matt tilts his head. “What’s this?”

I tremble and murmur low. “That’s what I think...that’s what’s in my head...”

Matt looks down at the cover. “You’ll let me read this?”

I bite my lip and watch his lowered lids. “Yes, Master...everything I’s yours...y’know?”

He looks up at me, his expression gentle. “Valary...”

I shake my head again. “Read it, please...I mean...not now...maybe we should go join the others...but...y’know...later...”

Matt leans his head back against the door staring at me unblinkingly for a long moment. I wonder what he’s thinking. I mean, even without his aviators he’s still able to hide his true thoughts and emotions from me.

I wait.

He sighs softly rubbing at his jaw. “You have the player?”

I flush and mumble half under my breath, “Like to hear my voice...”

Matt chuckles low, and pushes up from the floor holding my journal in his left hand. “I see. Well.” He walks up close to me, towering over my height. He smiles down on me. “I’ll have a look at this later. You’re right. We should get back to the others. They’ll think we’ve fallen down a hole.”

I giggle at his words. He smiles sliding an arm around my neck, pulling me close and pressing a soft kiss to my hair. Then he grasps my hand with his free one, tossing the notebook onto his night stand before leading me from the room.

We walk back into the dining room. The guys are once more going over plans for the new album. Michelle is sitting with Pinkly on her lap. Bella has abandoned Jimmy and is sitting watching my twin and the little white fluffy dog.

Matt squeezes my shoulders and murmurs in my ear. “Go. Make nice with her.”

I look up into his face. There is sternness to his features. I nod once then turn to walk to the empty seat next to hers. Yeah, there just happens to be a spare seat right next to her...wonder how that happened?

I sit down feeling a flutter of nervousness in my gut. She looks up as I sit. A small frown creases her brow. I clear my throat, but she speaks first, voice soft.

“Valary.” She hesitates and looks over to Matt.

I look over too. He’s sat by Brian elbow resting against the table, nodding slowly at something the guitarist is saying.

We watch him for a moment. He lifts his other hand to scratch at his head. He’s grown his hair; you might have noticed, it’s all shaggy and this weird kind of brown, black, blond colour. And he’s not wearing a bandana or ball cap right now. He’s just in his home, lazy kind of state.

Michelle looks back at me after a few minutes. I meet her gaze and lift an eyebrow.

She twists her lips slightly. “I’m sorry...”

I blink at the apology. “For what?”

Yeah, I know for what, but I want her to say it.

Michelle shifts her weight on the seat. “For what I said before. It was...uncalled for. I guess I’m just ignorant of the whole situation. Right?”

I lift my shoulders.

She sighs then looks down before looking at me again expression thoughtful. “Y’know, the first time I met Matt was in high school. And we hated each other.”

I blink cocking my head to the side, just listening not worrying that she’s just changed the topic. She’s given me an apology, no point in labouring over it.

She gives me a weak smile. “He was such a jerk to me...and me to him.”

I nod.

She laughs faintly. “Then his best friend, Brian...” Her eyes go a little bleary as she casts an eye towards the guitarist. “Brian fell for me...real hard. Matt hated that.”

I smirk faintly. Michelle frowns at me. I make my face expressionless. She scratches Pinkly around the ears; the little dog has fallen asleep on her lap.

Then she sighs and looks at me. “Can I ask you something?”

I roll my eyes remembering something Matt said to me once. Yeah, sure. You can physically ask me something, but whether I’ll let you is another thing altogether.


I incline my head to her. “Yeah.”

She purses her lips. “Don’t answer if you don’t want to...but, what’s...” Michelle pauses and looks down obviously unable to meet my eyes, perhaps she’s nervous of my reaction to whatever she’s about to ask me. “What’s it like being the woman in Matt’s life?”

I quirk an eyebrow at her. She doesn’t see because she’s not looking at me. I sigh deciding to answer. What harm can it do, I ask you? “It’s not what you think, Michelle. I’m not his wife or his girlfriend or whatever the fans of the band think I am.”

I suck at my tongue before going on. “He bought me...paid for me with cold hard cash.”

Michelle squints at me as if not quite believing me. “But, he cares for you. I see that.”

Shrugging I look away from her. “Sure. He cares. But, I’m his property, Michelle. It’s not love or anything. But you wouldn’t know about that. You grew up with a family who loved and cared for you.”

Yeah, I sound bitter, so what? I’m not asking for sympathy, it’s just a human emotion, a human response to a situation that’s not so good.

Michelle grimaces; I see it from the corner of my eyes. “Do you hate our parents for taking you to the orphanage?”

That question sounds like it just came out of nowhere, right? But, I am sort of expecting it. I turn my face to her.

“No.” That’s my honest answer.

I have nothing to add to that. I look away again. And at that moment, Matt looks over to us and gives me a questioning look. I force a smile on my lips and turn my body back toward my twin. His gaze narrows and I know he’ll quiz me about the conversation later when everyone leaves.

Better step it up so I have something good to tell him. “What’s it like being with Brian?”

Wow, great question...way to change the subject...

Michelle suddenly smiles, a genuine one too. Not the fake crap she was giving me a moment ago. “He’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever known.”

I can say the same for Matt...

“He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body...I mean he acts the pompous prick on stage...”

So does Matt...

“...but he’s a sweetie to me. He...makes me feel special.”

I wish Matt’d do that for me...but who am I to complain? He’s better than any other man I’ve known.

“He...well. This is going to sound corny, but he’s like an angel.”

A giggle slips pass my lips. “He’s not like any angel I’ve ever heard of.”

Michelle giggles as well. She sounds exactly like me... “Yeah, well I said it’d sound corny.”

I smile feeling this sudden overwhelming sense of normality falling over me. What? That makes no sense? Well, I mean that I’m actually just sitting here talking about normal girly things. Y’know, guys, relationships. It’s oddly satisfying.

I could totally get used to this. Yep, I really think I could.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:25 pm

ok so I read this the other night but forgot to come back and comment - you have such a vivid way of setting the scene and I am completely hooked by this already. I can't wait to read more and more and more - I never want it to end lol. Excellent work honey xoxo

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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:11 pm

it will be nice for Val to have her sister in her life.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:13 pm

Part Seven: "You obey those rules and we’ll be hunky dory.”

The Rules. They were pretty simple; there were five of them. Matt listed them in pure and simple terms. I’ll write them below so you can see them in all their simple, straightforward glory.

1. You will obey me
2. You have to ask before I let you do anything. Don’t ask, don’t get.
3. You will pay attention
4. You will tolerate my friends

And, last but not least:

5. You must never try to escape.

We were sitting outside in the small front garden of his Californian Bungalow the day after the tour had ended. I was curled up on a small cane chair dressed simply in a pair of beige slacks and a pink v-neck t-shirt. Matt was slouched on the long cane settee wearing a pair of cargo pants and his favourite Guns ‘n’ Roses muscle shirt.

He sat gazing absently out toward the ocean, chewing at his bottom lip. He told me he used to have a labret; however, he’d gotten tired of it so had just stopped wearing it. There was slight discolouration at the point where the piercing used to be. Apparently it took ages for the ‘scar’ to disappear.

I watched the waves as they moved up and down the beach, light white caps dotting the horizon. Matt turned his head toward me a contemplative expression on his face. Glancing up at him, I waited, sensing he had something to say.

“We need to talk.” He folded his arms across his chest; I tried not to stare as the muscles in his arms flexed, biceps thickening.

Shifting so I was facing him, I looked at him questioningly. “About what, Master?”

I’d gotten used to addressing him as such, found it relatively easy in fact, compared to my previous owners.

Matt smiled faintly, but then his face became serious. “Rules.”

My heart began to race at that single word. Every time one of my masters’ mentioned the word rules I always knew that none of them would be fair, and that I would get the short end of the stick. I was the slave after all, and I had no rights.

Somehow though, Matt must have sensed my anxiety because he gave a low throaty laugh and shook his head at me. “Don’t worry, Val. I’ve only got five. And they’re pretty fucking simple.”

Simple didn’t always mean fair, but I had to accept anything that was given to me, because that was my lot in life. I had no choice, never had and probably never would. And so I just nodded and remained silent as Matt proceeded to lay them out before me.

Matt leaned forward on his chair and caught my eyes with his. The look in his eyes warned me not to look away.

I swallowed hard chewing at the inside of my cheek as he began to speak quietly. “First rule. If I tell you to do something, you will do it. No questions asked. If I tell you to stop doing something, then it’s pretty obvious what you got to do, right?”

I shivered and murmured an answer. “I stop, Master.”

“Right. You will obey me. I’ll get to the consequences once I’ve finished with the rules.” Matt leaned back against his seat crossing his ankles in front of him. “Rule two. If you want anything, or want to do anything you have to ask me first. Don’t ask. Don’t get.” He smirked wryly. “Obviously, if you need to go to the toilet or do any of that girly don’t need to ask. Just tell me, okay?”

I shook my head in acknowledgement. Matt unfolded his arms and stretched them above his head before leaning forward again clasping his hands in front of him, still staring me directly in the eyes.

“Number three. You need to pay attention to everything that’s going on around you. Everything. Especially to me. If you can’t pay attention...then rules number one and two won’t work.”

Nodding, I thought that these were pretty stock standard rules that most masters gave their slaves, for that matter all my masters so far had given me similar rules.

Matt bit at his bottom lip before continuing. “Rule number four. You’ve met some of the band members and the guys who tour with us, the crew...Dan, the Berry brothers. So, this one probably won’t be too difficult for you.” He took a deep breath. “You need to be nice to my friends.”

I tried a smile bobbing my head. “That won’t be hard, Master...they’re pretty cool.”

Matt nodded raking his fingers through his hair. His shoulders tensed slightly though and I wondered what he was about to say next. He cleared his throat roughly rubbing his hands against his thighs.

“Mhm. I didn’t think that would be a problem. Last rule.” Something in his voice changed at that instant. It got harder and his eyes darkened as he looked into mine. A tremor overtook my body and I curled more into the chair watching him warily.

“Last rule,” he repeated, his voice rasping more than ever. “You belong to me, right?”

I trembled, but nodded in affirmation.

Matt’s gaze narrowed. “The last rule is this: You must never try to leave me.”

I blinked at him rubbing absently at my arms; a chill ran down my spine and gooseflesh appeared on my arms. He waited, obviously waiting for a response, or a question. I didn’t disappoint him.

“Escape, you mean?”

“Yeah. Don’t try that shit, ‘kay?”

I nodded vigorously, but then I glanced at him and just had to ask that burning question I always asked my masters after they’d given me that particular rule. Because they had all said the same thing, don’t try and escape.

Of course they had all given various reasons as to why I shouldn’t attempt to escape, ranging from if I were caught I would be beaten to the more drastic consequence of catching and killing me. The funny thing was that even after they had threatened me in that way, it didn’t make me any less likely to think of trying to escape.

Anyhow, I wanted to find out how Matt would respond to the question, whether he would resort to threatening me, or whether it would be more subtle, or reasonable.

“What happens if I do, Master?”

Matt gave me a long hard look. I held my breath.

He seemed to be holding his as well because he let it out in a rough breath before responding, calmly and coldly. “You’ll be punished.”

His answer was so flat, final that I knew straight away that Matthew Sanders was not one for bullshit. Not one for idle threats or warnings. What he said went, and that was the end of it. And, it didn’t even matter that he hadn’t stated a specific form of punishment. It was enough to know that I would be punished if I tried to escape.

Obviously the severity of the circumstances would determine the nature of the penalty. But, it made me wonder what his stance on the other rules was. I was soon to discover the answer to that thought.

Matt continued to stare at me unblinkingly then he rubbed at his biceps kneading the tips of his fingers into the ink there.

“As to the other rules, if you break any of’ll get a warning the first few times, and then if you keep breaking them, you’ll be punished.” He paused for a minute or two then looked at me his expression softening somewhat. “I’ve heard stories.”

I frowned curiously. “Stories?”

Matt cleared his throat looking almost self conscious. “Yeah, y’know, about how other people treat their slaves.”

I nodded carefully, wondering where he was headed with this line of thought. He unfolded his arms and braced his hands against his knees.

“It’s all pretty shit. A lot of...fucking...” he trailed off an absent expression entering his eyes.

I remained silent just waiting. After what felt like an eternity, he shook his head as if clearing his mind of uncomfortable images and focused on me again.

“Look. I’m not like them.” He laughed a little before adding, “Well, I fucking hope I’m not.” He pursed his lips then smiled. However, the genial expression did not belie the seriousness of his words. “I have a temper. A bad one. My friends...say that I can explode sometimes. But, I’d like to think I won’t lose it over anything you do.”

Nodding, I kept my eyes fixed on his face, wanting him to know that he had my full attention.

He inhaled roughly, and then let it out before speaking in a firm tone. “If you ever give me a reason to punish you...fuck this is gonna sound so fucking cliché...but, the punishment will fit the crime. I’m not gonna just beat on you...or whatever. Because, that’s just...immature.”

He paused for a moment looking at me to see that I understood. I tucked my chin down and bobbed my head slightly.

He rubbed at his knees then leaned back again. “Anyway, that’s the way it’s going to be. You obey those rules and we’ll be hunky dory.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Hunky dory?”

I glance up from the magazine I’m reading. Matt and I are lounging on his bed; the rest of the guys left half an hour ago, Michelle with Brian. I had a good time with her in the end. Random chatter about random shit.

Matt rolls his eyes at me and holds up my journal. He was as good as his word; and for some reason I’m not that nervous about him peeking into my thoughts.

I wrinkle my nose up. “Huh?”

He chuckles, “You wrote that I said ‘hunky dory’. I never say shit like that.”

I smile faintly. “I can’t remember everything you say. It was the attitude you had...”

His eyes narrow. “My attitude?”

I try not to laugh. “I’m not having a go at you, Master.”

“You better not be,” he growls and grabs me around the waist, my journal lying forgotten for the moment.

I shriek; he smirks and proceeds to tickle me, digging his fingers lightly into my ribcage. Tingles race through my body, but I don’t focus on those.

Instead, I try to pry his hands away as I burst into a fit of giggles, writhing around on the bed and gasping out in mock protest. “Stop,’re killing me...”

Tears of laughter prickle at my eyes as he continues tickling mercilessly, practically ignoring my pleas. His hazel eyes twinkle with mirth as he finally manoeuvres his much larger body over mine, pinning me firmly. Then suddenly, he stops and just stares down into my eyes.

A shiver runs down my spine, like a cold finger has just traced the sensitive nerves. He’s not smiling anymore. I avert my gaze unable to bear the intensity of his appraisal.

“Valary,” he murmurs my name.

I swallow hard, conscious of the vulnerability of my position. He doesn’t make any other move to speak, or try to get my attention; he just remains still over my body.

I tremble bringing my gaze back to his. “Master?”

He shifts then, so his hips come flush against mine. Tremors rush through my body. I can feel him pressing against my lower belly.

Yeah, you know exactly what I mean by that. I am not elaborating further.

He stares into my eyes, but then as abruptly as he moved to pin me down, he rolls off and lies on his side, studying my face with an almost tender expression. “Tell me, you have fun chatting with Chelle?”

Yeah, I know...I saw this coming from a mile away. He made me talk to her, so...yes he’s going to want to know how I feel about it. Well, here goes...

“Yeah, I did. I was kinda weird...but...uh...yeah, she’s something...”

Matt nods and reaches out to toy with a strand of my hair. I let him [I mean aside from the fact that he owns me so he can do what he wants, I like when he does that].

“What you talk about?”

I shrug slightly. “Stuff.”

Matt cocks an eyebrow, the corner of his lip quirks. “Stuff? Like?”

I suck on my tongue. “Stuff, like...things.”

He rolls his eyes. “Val,” he sighs, “did she apologise for before?”

I scrunch up my face. He gives me this look, like, well?

I shake my head yes. “Yeah, she said she was sorry.”

“Good,” he smiles and drops his hand to the blanket under us.

It’s quiet for a moment, just our breaths filling the room.

Then Matt lets out this rough sigh rolling onto his back and stretching his arms above his head. “Fuck damn...I’m whacked...”

I blink at him. He casts a sideways glance at me and smirks faintly. I look away. Late afternoon sunlight is streaming through the bedroom window.

He follows my gaze. “Wanna go outside, sit in the garden?”

I shake my head and hesitate.

He reaches over to cup my cheek. “Whatcha thinking, Valary?”

Biting my lip I feel suddenly shy. He smiles encouragingly at me.

Oh, what the heck... “Can we just lie here and cuddle, Master?”

That rare smile that touches the secret depths of his eyes appears on Matt’s face and he shifts closer sliding an arm around my waist. “Of course...c’mere...”

I turn my body to snuggle into his warm, solid frame. He wraps me completely in his arms tucking my head beneath his chin. He nuzzles against my hair inhaling deeply. I smile closing my eyes and after several minutes of just laying there together, I hear his breaths evening out like he’s drifting off.

He must’ve been tired. He works hard, I don’t think fans realise that. Being in a band isn’t all fun and games. I see the side of the band that fans don’t...they work so hard to get where they’re at and they’re almost ready to go through it all again. I admire them for that.

Matt’s arms slacken slightly around my waist and, after several heartbeats, I finally allow myself to succumb to the warmth and tenderness of sleep.

Just an afternoon siesta...will wake and organise dinner...later...
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:31 pm

Nice to have someone to take a nap with.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:40 pm

I'd love to snuggle with that man Very Happy Brilliant update as always honey, I can't wait for more xoxox

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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:27 am

oh my goodness, i've been away for so long but i'm all caught up
this last chapter is my fav so far,and i'm likin how you move from the past to present so seamlessly
can't wait for the next chapter
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed Apr 06, 2011 5:55 pm

Thanks you guys Smile I'm really glad you're enjoying the story Smile.

Part Eight - "I have something to show you."


Someone is shaking me. I roll over and grab at the sheets trying to tug them back over me. They get pulled away. I groan in protest. Next thing I know strong arms are picking me up, holding me against a hard body and carrying me out of the bedroom into the bathroom.

I open my eyes and peer blearily up into the amused expression on Matt’s face.

“You need a bath,” he smirks faintly, wrinkling up his nose.

I blink at him and twist my head slightly catching sight of the glowing numbers of the clock radio. “’s-”

Matt cuts me off gently, “Don’t worry about it. I made us Tacos. But, you wash first.”

I pout at him. “What do you mean I stink? Didn’t even do anything to get smelly...”

He gives me a look; I lower my eyes. He stands me by the bathtub and leans in to test the water. He’s already filled the tub.

I bite my lip nervously. “Master?”

He glances sideways at me. “Yeah?”

“How long’ve you been up?”

You see I’m the one who should be up first, organising food and stuff. He looks at me for a long moment, straightening and folding his arms over his chest. I wait hoping he’s not mad with me.

He’s trying to frown, but then the corners of his lips quirk and he shakes his head. “Half an hour. But don’t worry, ‘kay? I’ll let it go this time.”

I nod clasping my hands behind my back.

Matt chuckles lightly. “C’mon off with that shirt.”

All I’m wearing is one of Matt’s old Guns ‘n’ Roses shirts; it’s far too large for me. I hesitate and he cocks an eyebrow at me. I pull it off in one fluid motion and drop it to the floor.

Matt turns back to the tub, and checks the water once more. “Good. You can get in.”

I step in; Matt grips my arm lightly to support me. I send a grateful smile his way, as I slide down into the warm water.

He stands looking down at me.

I tilt my head at him. “What’re you thinking, Master?”

Matt licks his lips his eyes travelling over my body. I shiver and wrap my arms around myself.

He clucks his tongue at me. “Don’t do that. I like looking at you.”

I flush and drop my arms into the water exposing my breasts to his appraisal. He smiles at me then he grips the hem of his top and pulls it up. I stiffen realising that he’s going to join me.

He catches my eye. “Problem?”

Shaking my head I avert my gaze. I hear him sigh then the jingle of his buckle and the soft shish sound of his pants falling to the floor. Then the water sploshes and moves as he steps into the tub. It’s lucky the bath is so big otherwise we’d never fit in together.

He slides down so his legs are beneath mine, slipping his hands under and lifting them to rest over his knees. A tremor runs down my body as I keep my eyes to the side, not wanting to see him. When I say that, I don’t mean I don’t want to see him in general...I’m talking about...well you know what I’m referring to.

I’s just an awkward place, time to see all that. I know, it’s silly, I’ve seen him naked and he’s seen me naked and we have...slept together. Still, I get a little self-conscious.

“Valary?” My name on his lips, it draws my attention and I can’t help but look to him. Matt’s eyes are bright, questioning.

“Yes, Master?” I ask tentatively, curious as to what he wants.

Matt moves his right hand and slowly drags the tips of his fingers down my left leg. Shivers run down my limb, the skin tingling at his touch. He rubs his fingers up and down slowly obviously watching for my reaction. I tremble but fight not to pull away.

I really want to trust him; you see...I know deep down that he won’t do anything that will make me feel uncomfortable. Matt’s good like that. I remember the first time he got me to undress for him...well, this is one memory I have not written down or recorded...but I still remember that night clearly.

It was a week after we had arrived in Huntington after the tour. No, he didn’t make me sleep with him...but that was the first night we started to really know each other...I still remember was a beautiful balmy night...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The TV was on; Matt was watching a baseball game. I can’t remember who was playing, probably the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees...or something like that. I wasn’t paying attention to the game. No, I was sitting behind him on a stool giving him a massage, concentrating on easing the tension from his muscles.

Matt told me that the first few days after a tour finished always seemed a little tense because he was winding down and having to switch gears from all-out intense work to suddenly having little to do. That really didn’t make much sense to me, but if that’s what he said, then I wasn’t going to argue with him.

Of course, once the band started writing full-time the intensity would be back, but for now he just needed to get his relaxation muscles back in-tune.

Matt shifted slightly and glanced back at me whilst I pressed my fingers into his shoulders. I met his glance.

He smiled faintly and caught hold of my left hand with one of his own. “That’s enough.”

I sat back on the stool; he didn’t release my hand, his eyes slowly taking me in my appearance. I could feel a flush rising up my cheeks and I tucked my chin against my chest fixing my gaze on a tear on the sofa Matt was seated on.

Matt cleared his throat rubbing his thumb against the back of my hand. “Has anyone ever told you how hot you are?”

I blinked, surprised at his question. Honestly, no one had ever said anything of the sort about me and I personally found nothing attractive about myself. So, with that thought in my mind I shook my head in the negative.

“No, Master,” I answered tentatively, “I’m not hot.”

Matt’s eyebrows shot up in what could only be a look of total incredulity. “What? That’s fucking insane.”

He stood abruptly, towering over me, even though I was sitting on quite a tall stool. Involuntarily, I cringed back from him. He noticed and gave me a strange look before rolling his eyes and jerking his head toward the door leading out to the rest of the house.

“Let me show you something.”

“Show me something?” I sounded confused.

Matt nodded and motioned for me to follow him. “Come. My room.”

I slipped off the stool and went the way he directed. I hadn’t been to the Master bedroom yet, Matt had me sleeping in the smaller guest room. He was definitely taking his promise not to rush me, seriously. I was grateful for that; however, I had an odd feeling that the situation was going to change very soon.

Matt led me to the master bedroom, pushing the double doors open, to reveal a spacious and brightly lit suite. Halting in the doorway I looked around the space quickly taking in the Queen bed, a large full body mirror and assorted chests of drawers.

Matt smiled at my quick survey as he entered the room and flopped down on the bed.

He crooked a finger at me. “C’mere.”

Remaining where I was, I cleared my throat. “You wanted to show me something, Master?”

Matt’s lips tightened and he sat up, eyes narrowing. “Come here, Valary.”

Hearing the warning in his voice I hastened to walk over and climbed onto the bed next to him.

He continued to glare at me. “When I tell you to do something...”

“I have to do it, I know...I’m sorry, Master.” I lowered my eyes, my heart rate increasing, as I clasped my hands in front of me.

Matt sighed getting up on his knees in front of me. “Look at me, Val.”

Lifting my gaze slightly, I met his stare curiously.

He flashed that dimpled smile. “You want to know what I’m gonna show you?”

I answered in a small voice, “Yes sir.”

“Keep your eyes on me.” Matt wet his lips before sitting back on his heels and placing his hands at the hem of his top and pulling it up. I blinked, pupils dilating as he slowly revealed his inked torso. I couldn’t help but stare as he removed his top and tossed it aside. Swallowing hard as I watched the play of muscle beneath the art etched into his skin.

“Master...” I breathed the word almost in reverence.

Matt smirked faintly. “Like what you see?”

Glancing into his eyes, I reached out hesitantly. I paused, hand frozen in mid motion before I could come into contact with his skin. I didn’t think it would be right to touch him. However, he made no motion to stop me, his eyes fixed on my face.

Placing my hand against his stomach, I carefully traced the outline of the skeletal bat wings inked onto his body. The smoothness of his skin was a marvel. It wasn’t perfect; I didn’t expect that, wouldn’t anyway after all no human was perfect. Yet, compared to the bodies of other men I had experienced, Matt was pretty close to it.

He tensed his abs, they were rock hard. I shivered at the contrast between the smoothness of his skin and the solid strength of the muscle beneath.

“Val...” I withdrew my hand and sat back. He leaned back on his haunches and looked pointedly at me. “Take your top off.”


“Val. Take. Your. Top. Off.” His tone was clipped.

I trembled, heat rising to my cheeks realising what he wanted me to do. I mean it’s not like I’ve never stripped for a man before; I’m a slave, that’s what I was trained to do. But for some reason, Matt made me feel self conscious about myself, made me feel that maybe I didn’t deserve to have him see me.

He was waiting though, so I quickly tugged at my shirt lifting it over my head and dropping it next to me on the bed. Then I unhooked my bra and pushed the straps down allowing the material to fall away from my skin.

I heard a sharp intake of breath; chancing a look at my master I saw an expression of tender wonderment on his face. I tilted my head. He shifted closer to me and reached to cup one of my breasts. I tensed as he slowly smoothed his calloused palm over the soft curve of my breast.

“Nice...handful...” Matt murmured low before dipping his head down to nuzzle the tip of his nose against the top of my breast.

Chills swept over my entire body as he stroked my breast slowly. Matt lifted his head and met my eyes. His lips parted slightly as he pulled his thumb over the nipple, causing me to moan out loud.

“Master...” I clutched loosely at his wrist.

He stared hard at me; releasing my hold I averted my eyes in deference to him.

He removed his hand and leaned back appraising me. For several moments we remained in silence; him thinking, and me recovering from the brief contact.

After a few minutes, Matt pushed up off the bed, standing next to it and walked over to the mirror.

He beckoned to me. “Over here.”

I shuffled off the bed and went to join him in front of the polished glass gazing at my reflection. Matt stood behind me and slid his arms around my waist, resting his chin against my left shoulder.

“Look, Val...tell me what you see.”

Pursing my lips I glowered critically at my figure in the mirror. “I have too many freckles...”

I watched Matt’s reflection roll its eyes. “You have amazing eyes.”

I shake my head, “They’re too brown.”

Matt growled low in my ear, “I like them.”

A shiver ran down my spine and I involuntarily leaned back into his body, meeting his firm look in the mirror.

He slid a hand slowly over my stomach and up to cup a breast, squeezing it gently. “I like these too...”

I whimpered at his touch.

He murmured low as he began to stroke it. “You’re so damn realise that?”

I couldn’t find words with which I could respond and just gaped at him, my mind flying to pieces...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I blink quickly. “Huh?”

Matt laughs lightly, his hand smoothing along my thigh. “You just blanked; what’re you thinking?”

My skin tingles where the calluses on his palm press against me. I can hardly think clearly, let alone answer Matt’s question. But, I’ll try.

“I...I was just...” my voice falters as he slips his hand between my thighs and slides it up, beneath the water, to cup my mound. Grabbing the edge of the bathtub, I stiffen slightly.

Matt rolls his eyes at me. “Jeeze, Val, you act like I’ve never touched you before.”

I flush and bow my head staring into the water.

Matt sighs and withdraws his hand resting his arms on the edge of the tub whilst observing me seriously. “What were you thinking?”

I shake my head feeling self-conscious. But, I answer anyway. “That first night you got me to strip for you...”

“Ahh,” he says nothing more and lounges back in the still warm water.

I glance at his arms where they’re resting over the rim of the tub. Beads of water drops cling to the light smattering of hairs, muscles defined by the sheen of moisture coating his inked arms.

He catches my look and cocks an eyebrow. “Like what you see?”

I can’t help but giggle at the question.


I clear my throat. “You asked me that then.”

“Did I? You remember that?”

I nod.

Matt shifts a little causing the water to splosh around our bodies. “Good memory.”

I smile faintly and tuck my chin into my chest.

Matt leans forward and catches hold of my chin lifting my face to his. “Seriously. That’s pretty good.”

I have no response; I just stare into his face.

He clucks his tongue at me then releases my chin, leaning back again and letting out a deep sigh of content. “Ahh...this is nice...”

I have to agree. It is pretty damn nice just lazing here in the water.

I’m sure we’ll end up looking like prunes, but the water’s still I guess we’ll enjoy it until- Shit. “The tacos!”

Matt stares at me for a moment, and then goes slightly red. “Fuck. Stay here.”

He stands; I blink staring at his body, at the defined planes of his torso, the tattoos on his legs. His... I quickly avert my eyes. He smirks down at me, but then scowls muttering to himself as he steps out of the tub, grabbing a towel and hurrying out of the bathroom whilst trying to dry himself off.

I can’t help but laugh out loud before deciding that I should get out and help him. I’m sure there’s only so much he’ll allow me to get away with not doing.

Time to make myself useful.
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PostSubject: Re: The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17   Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:30 pm

Yum, burnt Tacos. >.<
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>.> love how you don't comment on the sexual

Part Nine - "Stop thinking..."

“What’d you get dressed for?”

Huh? I look at Matt who’s standing with a plate of tacos in one hand.

He rolls his eyes at me. “Why are you dressed?”

I blink at him. What kind of question is that? I answer it anyway, “I’m not eating naked...Master.”

His eyes narrow as he presses his lips together.

“Why not?” his voice drops to a low growl.

A shiver courses down my spine. I really don’t know what he wants me to say to that. He sets the plate down and approaches me across the kitchen floor. I notice then that he’s only wearing his towel wrapped around his waist. And his bare chest isn’t quite dry. Tiny beads of fluid cling precariously to the trail of hair disappearing into the towel. Dampness causes his tattoos to stand out against his otherwise pale skin.

“Why not?”

Remember I told you he hates having to repeat himself? Yeah, he’s definitely not happy about it. I mean it’s not like he suddenly snaps or anything; just this whole sense of disapproval emanates from his aura, or whatever you call it. His eyes...obviously he’s not wearing his aviators, because I can see the sharp question in his eyes.

I clear my throat and come up with a pretty lame answer, because I can’t think of anything more appropriate, “Don’t want to get cold, Master.”

Matt stares at me, no expression in his eyes now. I lower my own to the floor. He rumbles in his throat.

“Cold? Damn you’re too cute. It’s not even cold out,” he smirks as he motions to the plate of tacos. “And these are pretty hot...”

I peek over to the bench. Then back to his face. There’s a hint of a smile on his firm lips, and I realise that he’s teasing me. I flush a deep pink. I know this because my cheeks always go pink when I’m embarrassed.

He chuckles and shakes his head, “Never mind. I’ll just have to tear them off you later. Let’s eat.”

The statement sets me to wondering. It almost sounds throwaway like he doesn’t realise what he’s saying. So casual and blasé. But of course, I know extremely well that Matt never says anything he doesn’t mean. Still, I guess I’ll have to wait until after dinner to find out what he’s planning for later.

He grabs the plate and heads for the small kitchen table. No point in eating in the dining room. Too big. Not intimate enough. He sits and glances up at me.

“C’mon. Food’ll get cold.”

I walk over and take the seat opposite him. He smiles at me before grabbing a taco and sinking his teeth into it. No finesse whatsoever, but hey he’s a man...not a mouse.

We eat. I’m not going to tell you any more than that. I mean how interesting is listening to me yammer about eating? Suffice to say we both got kind of flushed by the heat of the sauce...damn straight they were hot. I swear Matt was trying to make me sweat. Must think it’s attractive for a chick to ooze sweat from all her pores and then some.

Anyway, I’m now standing at the kitchen sink washing the dishes. Matt’s leaning against the bench watching me. Not saying anything just standing there with his arms folded a thoughtful look on his face. I see this because I look over at him for a moment before turning back to the soapy water in front of me, my hands immersed in the wet warmth.


I glance over at him again, gripping the sponge in my hand.

“Yes, Master?”

He sucks at his bottom lip, at the spot where his lip ring used to be. I tilt my head at him.

“What is it, Master?”

He seems hesitant about something, which is a little unusual. It’s also passing odd that even though he’s only wearing a towel, I’m not particularly aroused by the sight. Perhaps it’s because of the serious expression on his face. Or maybe it’s because I’m standing with my arms up to the elbows in suds.

Matt blinks at me then pushes away from the bench and moves toward the door. He glances at me considering something then he smiles faintly.

“When you’re done, come to the bedroom.”

The expression in his eyes tells me it’s not a request. I nod slightly in response then turn my attention back to the dishes. I’m almost done at any rate, but for some reason I am extremely apprehensive. The only time he ever orders me to the bedroom is if he wants, no needs, something from me.

If it’s just time to go to sleep, we just go to bed. No asking, no telling, just get ready, brush our teeth, whatever. But, if he needs something he always instructs me to the bedroom. I guess it’s his way of showing me that he respects my space, my right to just be like any other human, and not just a receptacle for his sexual desires.

Of course, he is entirely within his rights just to make me do whatever the hell he wants. He doesn’t have to even be considerate towards my feelings. But, he is, and that makes him very different to any other man who has had me. Still, I am nervous.

Stacking the last dish into the drainer and drying my hands, I pause for a moment staring out the window above the sink out into the front garden. Then I turn and head for the bedroom. Hesitating at the door, I squeeze my eyes shut then peer around the doorframe. The view I receive is that of Matt’s back.

He is bent over the bed, palms leaning against the mattress, his muscles flexed, standing out in stark relief. The long lines of muscle down his back are taut, but then they ripple slightly as he shifts and turns his body toward me.

“Valary,” his voice is low, husky.

He lifts a hand to beckon to me. I step into the room, not sure of what he wants. He smiles slightly, a strange glint in his eyes. I notice that he’s still just wearing the towel. It has slipped a little, the ‘v’ line that frames his groin has become visible. I swallow hard; a lump has formed in my throat. At the same time, something stirs deep within my body, and I feel moistness between my legs.

Damn him and his ability to turn me on just by his appearance. It’s really not fair at all. He smirks obviously sensing my arousal. He hooks a thumb into the towel then tugs lightly allowing it to fall to the floor.

I tense at the sight. That ‘v’ and the trail of hair that snakes down from his navel meet at his groin where his erection rests, thick and ready. He waits. I stare for a moment then lift my eyes to meet his.

“Does Master want something?” The question seems a little odd, because I know he wants something, otherwise he wouldn’t be standing like that by the bed.

He looks at me as if I just asked the stupidest question ever. Yeah, I know, like I said...odd question. I bite my lip; he cocks an eyebrow at me. I walk over then hesitate. He frowns.

“Valary. Take your clothes off.”

I automatically wind my arms around my torso, protecting myself I guess. Matt’s eyes narrow. He hates when I do that; he once said he can’t get why I’m so anxious about revealing my body to him. He says that I’m ‘fucking beautiful’. His words. And that I should go around naked all day because he thinks I’m one woman who could pull it off.

“Val,” his tone sounds almost cajoling now, like he doesn’t want to bully me into stripping, even though it is within his rights just to demand it.

He won’t say please though. That is one thing he won’t do, and I don’t expect it either. I’m the slave. He’s the master. No pleases from him, thanks very much.

Looking down at the floor I unwind my arms and slowly, hesitantly lift my top off. I hear Matt’s low murmur of approval, and I flush slightly. I dare a look toward him. He’s still standing in the same spot. I drop my eyes and concentrate on the buttons on my little shorts; one seems to be stuck. I grumble to myself.

Matt’s voice... “C’mere...”

I shuffle toward him; he moves forward to meet me and gently nudges my hands aside with his and deftly slips the button out of its hole. He finishes the process, sliding my shorts down my legs.

“Step...” his voice is raspier than ever.

I obey, stepping out; he kicks my shorts aside then lets out a low whistle.

“Damn, Val...look at you...” he places a hand on my shoulder and turns me toward the mirror.

He steps up behind me and rests his chin on my shoulder, like he did that very first remember me telling you about that?

I blush but stare into the mirror at myself. I’m way too thin...not unhealthy...but I just think I’m too fragile looking. I see Matt’s lips quirk into a slow smile, and then he leans his head down and presses them to my collarbone. A tingle shoots up my spine, and scrambles my mind. I moan leaning back slightly into his solid frame.

He chuckles low and kisses lightly along the curve of my shoulder to my neck, pushing my hair aside, his own hair brushing at my skin. I shiver as he trails his lips up to the spot just behind my ear and nuzzles into it. I whimper and reach back to clutch at his arm.

He growls, “Let go.”

I drop my hand and brace my body as he returns to nuzzling against my neck. I can see everything he’s doing in the reflection of the glass before us and it is extremely erotic. Yeah, he isn’t even really doing anything too explicit...but damn...anything he does...any time he touches’s just so...

“Stop thinking...” Matt whispers against my neck and then he sinks his teeth into the fleshy lobe of my ear.

I squeal in shock and twist slightly to get away from him. He wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me in tight to his chest. I tremble, breathing fast. I can feel his erection pressing against the small of my back, insistent with a mind of its own.

Yet, he doesn’t move to relieve junior of its tension. Instead, he releases my ear and licks tenderly at the spot that he bit. I quiver in his grasp. He nuzzles gently against the back of my neck then turns me around so I’m facing him.

“Look at me, Valary.”

I raise my eyes to his; there is a hint of amusement and arousal in his gaze. He clearly wants me. It’s all there in his eyes, in the straining tension of his cock, which is nudging at my belly. But, we keep our eyes together. Sometimes I wonder at his control over his body. I’m sure other men would just let their cocks do all the thinking, but it’s like he’s trying to prove that he has the power.

I wait for him to say something else. Matt just smirks, sliding one hand up to cup my chin tilting it slightly before sealing his lips over mine in a firm kiss. I tremble and clutch at his arms. This time he makes no sound to correct me and just concentrates on parting my lips with his tongue and exploring what I have to offer.

After several moments he lifts his head for a breath and just stares at me with an indecipherable expression. I tilt my head at him. He smiles and takes my hand leading me over to the bed. I tremble in anticipation as he sits me down and kneels in front of me. I blink at him. He gives a lazy smile and then he grips my knees, spreading my legs apart.

I shiver and involuntarily attempt to pull away. He lets me go and just sits back on his heels watching me. That’s something else I don’t get. He never gets angry if I resist, or pull away, or whatever. He’s just so damned patient with me. I glance down at his groin, he’s still hard, and then into his eyes. He smiles and shifts so he’s sitting on the floor.

“Master?” I look at him curiously.

Matt rubs his cheek and says quietly, “No rush. I can wait. But, we will sleep together tonight.”

I nod slightly grateful to him. We sit there in silence, I calming my nerves and steeling my resolve, Matt waiting for me, waiting for what we both know will come.

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The Aviators - M Shadows/Val Fic - NC-17
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