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PostSubject: RULES FOR ALL MEMBERS!   Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:57 am

I don't have many rules on my sites - and as always; the ones that I do have - are to be upheld at all times not just when you feel like it.

Rule 1 - Everyone has the right to air an opinion without being badgered about it. Freedom of speech is a tool in which I believe in without doubt but I will NOT tolerate any form of bullying on this site.

Rule 2 - DO NOT racially insult anyone on this board or in general. Where my own personal opinions are that racial jokes are funny (especially the Scottish ones; which is where I am from); I know that not everyone has the same sense of humour as I do and to stop arguements or misunderstandings to occur - there will be none of it on this board.

Rule 3 - If you are reading a piece of work and you have found something incorrect or something that you think is wrong; please do NOT insult the author; be critical but supportive in your approach. There will be no insulting - if you have nothing good to say about a piece of work; please DO NOT READ it; which I would rather than offending someone and putting them off the enjoyment of writing.

Rule 4 - This board is for adults only but I still insist on clear and understandable disclaimers at the beginning of every piece of work. Just to cover our own backs and not get into trouble with anyone or anything. The fact that we are now an adult board it means that you are free to post your adult scenes in your writing.

Rule 5 - DO NOT steal anyone's work - it takes a lot of time to get these pieces of work the way we want them and where you might not appreciate that; don't be a dick and steal things that are not your's to steal.

Rule 6 - If you do not adhere to these rules - your account will be terminated.

Thank you.
Harley Mac & Admin
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