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 Forbidden - Jeff Hardy 18+ Fiction

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PostSubject: Chapter 73   Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:59 pm

Amber’s POV;
Shifty and I had just gotten home a week ago, things were changing for everyone; Shannon was hiring another tattoo artist in to the shop, Matt had asked Kara to move in with him and she had said yes. Jeff and Cameron had finally managed to move in to their own house.

Shifty parked our car outside Jeff and Cam’s new house to find that Jeff’s car was gone, and there was no sign of anyone in or around the property as we moved to the front living room window and peered inside.

Shadow was lying on the brand new corner sofa; I just hoped that he had the sense to get off before Cam and Jeff got back.

“Hey where are you?” Shifty’s voice flooded me causing me to turn and see that he had his phone placed to his ear. “Oh really…? Yeah ok; we’re on the way now,” He replied to the person on the other end.

“What’s going on?” I asked as he placed his phone in to his pocket and reached for my hand and led me back to my jeep.

“Jeff, Cam, CT and Shannon are up at Matt’s place out in the woods training,” My husband informed me as we climbed in to my car and he turned the key in the engine.

By the time we got to the clearing in the wood where the OMEGA members had used to meet to train, I had been surprised when Jeff said that he and Cam were training up here. I had been sure that the weather would have damaged a lot of the ring that the guys had purchased for $150; years ago now.

But it seemed that the ring indeed was still in really good shape as Shifty and I climbed out of the car to see Shannon Amber in her walker; wrapped up in layers and layers of cloths and she seemed to be having fun as she giggled from where she could see her Mom & Dad in the ring while CT watched and provided the count out should either of my friends got a pin on the other.

Shifty and I stopped moving when Jeff pushed Cam towards the turnbuckle, after she had caught him in a headlock. Before I could stop it my hands were over my mouth as I realized that she was going for whisper in the wind.

My new sister had told me that she and Jeff had worked and worked on one of her husbands finishing moves but couldn’t seem to get it right; how she took spill after spill on to her back on the canvas as she crashed and burned every time they tried to pull it off.

I watched as she seemed to sail through the air twisting her body in ways that would put Jeff to shame and as she started to come down I wanted desperately to scrunch my eyes closed but I watched as her calf connected across Jeff’s face and they both tumbled to the ground.

Cameron’s POV;
A couple of days ago; I had managed to deliver the perfect whisper in the wind; but we agreed not to talk about it or tell anyone until we had managed to perfect the move because we…or I should say I was worried that it had been a fluke.

But here we were a couple of days later and I had executed the move perfectly time and time again. Rolling on to my man’s chest I looked in to his eyes as they sparkled at me.

“Cam! Oh God honey that was awesome!” The sound of my best friend’s voice pierced through the moment that Jeff and I were having on the canvas.

I hadn’t even heard her and my brother arriving, tearing my eyes out of Jeff’s; I was surprised at how quickly they had gotten here; normally when Shifty said that he would be right here it meant that he would be with me in anything between half an hour to an hour.

Amber and Shifty rolled in to the ring along with CT who moved over and held his hand out for me to take. Standing back up to my full height I dusted myself off and held my hand out for my man before Amber pulled me in to a hug.

“You really did it honey,” She gushed happily at me.

”Mmhmm; I have been doing it for the past couple of days,” I replied as Jeff dusted himself down and moved to where we were stood talking.

“What’s going on Amber?” He asked softly.

“Well we know that you are mega busy trying to get Cam back in to fighting shape for her return in a month so Shifty and I were talking and we thought that we could take the kids to a movie then on for something to eat that way you can train some more?” My sister in law suggested.

Jeff and I both bombarded her at the same time until we had her trapped in a death defying hug.

“You’re the best!” Jeff informed her. “There is still so much that Ron and I need to get through and I leave in a couple of days,”

Why did he have to keep reminding me of that?

Jeff’s paternity leave ended in a couple of days when he had to go back on the road with the show, where I would follow on in a month.

And he was right there was still so much to do, I had to train, I had to find a nanny who could come on the road with us and Shannon Amber, I had to get CT’s new school uniform and I had to ensure that someone could come over and check on the house every day.

After loosing Jeff’s home we wanted to just remain cautious with our new home and to do that we had to ensure that there was always going to be someone around to follow out our wishes.

Jeff’s POV;
I knew that Ron felt bad about handing the kids over to everyone else while we trained to get her back in to shape but if it meant that she was correctly equipped for getting back in the ring then that was all that mattered because once she had the training then there would be no need for us to spend this amount of time in the ring while at home, which in essence meant that our time at home could be spent with the kids.

I had explained to her a few days ago what Vince had suggested to me for her return story and everything had slowly been set up; Melina had, ended up having a beef with the women’s champion; Beth Phoenix which had resulted in the two women fighting and Melina winning the belt.

Ron had been overwhelmed when I told her, she didn’t know what to say or do; all that she had managed to say was that she was flattered that Vince would give her this chance but in all honesty I think that Ron would make an awesome champion.

“All right back to it,” I said as we watched Shifty and Amber pull away from the area where the ring was, with our kids.

“You’re a slave driver,” Ron leaned over the side of the ring and picked up a bottle of water.

“No I just want you to be prepared sugar,” I said.

”Can I at least have a drink before we get going again?” She asked running her hand through her hair before uncorking the lid on the bottle of water.

Holding my hands up in submission, I leaned over and grabbed my own bottle; pouring some over my head and screwing the lid back in to place, I threw it out of the ring and looked at her.

“My God; what is the rush?” She asked me as she screwed the lid back on the bottle and threw it out of the ring after my own bottle.

“We need to be prepared Ron; I am not going to be happy if I put you in the ring with Melina and know that you’re not prepared,” I informed her determinedly.

“Ok, ok! Let’s do this,” She smiled titling her head to the side and the strands of hair that had come loose from fighting tumbled to the side of her head causing me to be momentarily distracted.

Rushing me she grabbed my neck and gave me the sweeping cloths line and I was on my back staring up in to her eyes before I even knew where I was.

“Keep up Mr. Hardy,” She smiled jumping up to her feet.

“No fare you distracted me,” I grumped as I jumped to my feet and began prowling around the ring; in the opposite direction that she was prowling. “Ok you can do the sweeping cloths line…” I said rubbing over my neck where she had grabbed me and literally threw me to the ground. “You can do twist of fate, you can do the swanton bomb, and you can now do whisper in the wind…”

”Yeah so what’s left?” She asked as we both moved in to the lock and each of us struggled to get the upper hand.

There was no need for me to worry about her strength because no matter how much strength I showed her she just seemed to match it.

“The rope leg drop,” I said working hard to get the upper hand and finally managed to get her in a loose headlock.

But instantly she recognized that I wasn’t using all of my strength and she easily and quickly managed to maneuver her way around my body until she had me in a body hug.

“So teach me big man?” She whispered in to my ear.

Hooking my arm behind me and around her and pulled her towards me before flipping her until she was lying flat on her back.

“Don’t get too cocky,” I said looking down at her. “You can’t afford to be overly confident when in the ring with Melina,” I reached my hand out to her, which she took and stood up.

“I can…”

”I have no doubt in my head princess; but since they have portrayed Melina and Randy getting together; they have shown her as underhanded and as sneaky as Randy is,”

“Ok; teach me,” She said her eyes burning in to mine.

I didn’t like demonstrating on her, so I always made sure that I was the dummy for the moves that I was teaching her and I had to admit that other than the whisper in the wind; she had been fairly easy to teach.

It was as if she could instinctively pick up on things that took most guys months to learn and I couldn’t be more proud of the woman that she was and the fighter that I knew she was becoming.

“Ok take my hand,” I started to instruct her. Nodding she followed my instructions. “Now throw me in to the turnbuckle,” Again she followed my instructions to the t until I was slumped on the ground in the corner turnbuckle.

I watched her as she stood in the centre of the ring; hands on her hips, biting on her bottom lip as she awaited directions from me.

“Ok now you need to run to the turnbuckle; grab the top ropes lift your body high in the air and let your legs swing back in on my chest ok?”

“Baby that is gonna hurt you,” She objected shaking her head.

”Yeah it will but I am taking great comfort in knowing that it will hurt you too,” I chuckled softly as I stuck my tongue out at her.

“It’s gonna hurt me?” She complained refusing to move from where she was stood watching me intently.

”Yeah right on the hip baby; but you’ll do good…now come on stop being a strong vein of pussy juice and suck it up!” I goaded her in to looking at me with her eyes blazing with fire.

“Pussy juice? Pussy juice?” Without warning she rushed towards me; sailed high in to the air and swung her legs down and in to my chest hard as she fell on to her hip and quickly followed it through in to a backward roll and jumped to her feet. “You were saying?” She asked smiling as my hands gripped my chest where her feet had connected perfectly as her own hands went back to her hips and cocked her head to the side.

“Impressive; can you do it a second time?” I asked hardly able to believe my own stupidity as she looked at me and smiled.

“Suck it up then,” She nodded as once again she rushed at me; executing the move perfectly and once again followed the move in to a backward roll and jumped to her feet. “Happy now?”

“I wouldn’t exactly say that I was happy sugar,” I painfully got to my feet and moved to her wrapping my arms around her body and pulled her close.

“This is a wrestling class Mr. Hardy,” She gently pushed me away but I moved towards her with my arms open to envelope her.

”I can show some other moves,” I winked at her stepping up close to her again.

“Oh I bet you could…but you are invading my personal space,” She whispered weakly as I moved closer once again and without her being aware of it I had her backed hard against the turnbuckle with no chance of escape.

“Invading your personal space huh…?” I whispered moving my mouth to her ear. “You don’t normally have a problem with me invading your space,”

“You don’t normally try to get in my pants when we are working out,” She grinned as her arms ran up and down my arms telling me that she wasn’t as put out as she was trying to make me believe.

“But something about seeing you doing that rope leg drop got me all kinds of horny,”

We hadn’t been with one another since Shannon had been born; because when our daughter had been born the Doctor had to stitch Ron up and up until now we had both been a little apprehensive about having sex again.

More because we were unsure if the stitches had dissolved but when Ron and I had gone to see her Gynaecologist we had asked him about the stitches and upon giving Ron an examination he had informed us that the stitches had indeed dissolved and that there was nothing to stop us from having sex. That had been a couple of days ago now.

“Oh it did huh?” She smiled as her arms snaked around my neck and her fingers instantly became entwined in my hair pulling the tie out and letting it fall down around my face.

“Like you don’t get all hot and horny when I let you over power me…” I growled copying her movements and pulling out her hair tie.

”Let me? You let me over power you do you?” She asked pulling back to look at me; I could see the wicked playful tint in her eyes.

“Well you are a girl…” I whispered willing to play along as she slammed her lips hard against mine; dragging me in to a rough and powerful kiss that literally had me ready to drop to my knees in submission.

Pushing her body hard against mine until she had pushed me hard in to the opposite turnbuckle and quickly pulled out of the kiss.

“So you still think that you let me win?” She asked me her eyes burning in to mine.

“How about we show each other how strong we are?” I growled pulling her shirt over her head and throwing it across the ring; it didn’t matter that it was the middle of winter because we both knew that the heat was about to kick up a notch.

“What did you have in mind handsome?” She purred copying my movements until my shirt was lying on the opposite side of the ring over the top of where hers had landed.

“Let me show you,” I growled pushing away from the turnbuckle until we were in the middle of the ring; lips locked in a hungry desperate kiss that did little to cool the air around us as it suddenly felt like we were in the middle of summer not winter.

Both of our bodies pushed hard against each other; trying to get the upper hand until she swiped her leg around the back of my own and we both fell to the ground; her body falling down on top of mine as her eyes burned in to mine almost helplessly.

“Now this kind of pin I like,” I growled as my hands roamed over every dip and curve of her amazing toned frame; her own hands following my lead and sliding down my body until she was tugging on the material of my trousers; and that was all it took.

We were rolling around the canvas as we stripped each other out of our cloths and somehow I managed to back her in to a turnbuckle corner where her head lay at the foot of the metal post.

Grabbing on to the ropes above her head; I slammed my cock so deeply in to her she was moaning and gasping all in one motion that I hadn’t been sure was possible.

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PostSubject: Chapter 74   Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:00 pm

Cameron’s POV;
Tonight was my return and I was supposed to run in to the ring and save Jeff from Mr. Kennedy who I had talked to earlier in the day about how we were going to do this.

Jeff was accompanying Brian Kendrick and Paul London in to the ring in a 6 way tag team fight against Cade and Murdoch who were being accompanied by the controversial superstar Mr. Kennedy.

Then later on I was to be fighting Melina after I tell her that I am challenging her on Night of Champions for her women’s championship belt.

Shannon Amber was with the nanny that Jeff and I had picked, CT was back in Cameron staying with his Uncle Shifty and Auntie Amber while Jeff and I worked hard to ensure that our Family had everything that we had never really had growing up.

Shannon had been bombarded with wrestlers wanting to come and see the new addition to the Hardy Family; she had been happily basking in the male attention. My Mom had once told me that I had been a shameless flirt as a little baby and just looking at my daughter it was obvious that she had inherited that from me.

I was stood in the canteen waiting to pay for my coffee when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“The original diva is back,”

”Mr Money in the Bank!” I exclaimed turning round and all but throwing myself in to the arms of Phil Brookes aka CM Punk who hugged me back.

“It’s good to see you too angel,” He chuckled as we pulled apart and slipped in to conversation as we waited for someone to come out so that we could pay for our drinks. “So you happy to be back?”

“Are you kidding? I have been ready from the minute Shannon was born,” I smiled at my friend as eventually someone came out and we paid then moved to a table to sit down.

“I have yet to meet this gorgeous little kid…but I swear everyone around here is smitten with her,” He chuckled softly.

“She is gorgeous Phil, she’s just…amazing,” I gushed as I talked about my little girl while picking at the cup in front of me.

“What’s up sweetie?”

”Nothing I am just nervous about tonight,” I admitted looking up at him and smiled.

“What’s going on tonight?” He asked leaning forward causing his elbows to rest on the table in between us.

“Jeff is going to be in the ring with Mr. Kennedy and I have to go out there and save him,”

”Wow Mr. Kennedy huh?” He asked scratching his hand across his unshaven face and gave me a raise of his eye browse. “That is gonna be a tough one,”

”Tell me about it,” I sighed pushing my chair back slightly and leaning my body down on to the table. “What about you…? Who you fighting here tonight?”

“No one, I just kind of bounce from one brand to the other right now,” He admitted smiling.

“Well I hate to cut this short dude, but I gotta motor if I want to be ready for this fight,” I slowly stood to my feet and smiled down at my friend.

I had always gotten along with Phil, we had clicked when we realized that we liked the same kind of music; from that moment on we talked all the time; on the phone, by email or text message. I had invited him out to Cameron to meet Shannon but he hadn’t wanted to intrude on the family as we had begun to build our lives together.

I hadn’t pushed him, Phil was as stubborn as I was and it was one of the reasons that we got along so well I figured; we both knew each others limits and the signs of finality in our voices.

“Ok kitten; I will see ya later ok?” He said watching me as I began to move towards the exit of the canteen.

“You will big man,” I smiled back at him before heading in the direction of the locker room where I knew Shannon Amber was with the nanny.

Just as I had taken my daughter in to my arms, the locker room door burst open and Jeff came crashing inside looking flustered and out of breath.

“Hey what’s going on handsome?” I asked instantly concerned.

“I went outside to sign some autographs and totally lost track of time, I need to motor if I am gonna make it to the ring in time,” He leaned down and placed his lips to Shannon’s head before brushing those same full soft lips over my own.

“Ok babe, well I will see you about ten minutes in to the fight,” I said sitting down on the sofa with Shannon in my arms; gurgling and smiling up at me happily.

“You’re not freaking out?” He commented as he pulled his cloths from his duffel bag.

“No point in freaking out babe,” I smiled as Shannon’s tiny little hand gripped on to my finger tightly and continued to smile and gurgle up at me.

I watched my man race out of the locker room as the nanny came back with her mug of coffee and gently took Shannon in to her arms. Getting up I stretched my body out and kissed my daughter goodbye then headed off in the direction that Jeff had disappeared.

Standing in the area just behind the entrance in to the arena, I watched the fight on the large screen. There had been no publication of me returning tonight, so no one knew that I was here. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel pressurized by the fact that I had a lot lying on my shoulders.

But Vince wouldn’t have put me in this position had he not thought that I would be able to deal with it. I had talked most of the afternoon with Melina on the fight we had tonight, Vince wanted me to win the fight; to set up for Night of Champions.

Seeing Mr. Kennedy throwing Jeff in to the turnbuckle where his back was to the entrance of the ring; which was what we had talked about. The butterflies began to flutter inside me as I literally tore a path down to the ring; seeing London and Kendrick occupied with Cade and Murdoch; I baseball slid inside as the crowd went crazy chanting Hardy over and over.

Jeff’s POV;
I was slumped down to the ground as Mr. Kennedy pounded in to my head; my eyes fell on Ron as she slid in to the ring looking more beautiful than ever. Racing up behind my opponent, she grabbed his neck and pulled him away from me.

Trying to fight out of the hold, but Ron had him caught firmly in her hands; I knew that she was afraid of this move because it wasn’t one that we had rehearsed. But it had been put in the script that this was the move that she had to use.

When we asked Vince about it; he had advised us that the writers were building up the fact that when Ron used the move; Randy Orton would be watching backstage and it just fuels his obsession with her. The three of us weren’t overly happy about the story line but we figured that they would hopefully let it run out soon.

Delivering the perfect inverted back breaker that was one of Randy’s favorite moves, Mr. Kennedy fell down to the ground and Ron rushed to me and slowly began to help me to my feet.

Seeing Mr. Kennedy getting up to his feet; I tried to push her out of the way but she moved us both out of reach, sensing that I was still a little out of it, she raced at him; grabbed him in a sweeping cloths line and slammed him hard down on to the canvas of the ring; all the while I had managed to climb up on to the top rope of the turnbuckle.

Ron stepped aside as I sailed through the air and perfected my swanton bomb on top of the controversial superstar; the ref slammed himself down on the ring and powered his hand on to the canvas.

“1…2…3!” He counted it.

“And here are your winners; Jeff Hardy, Brian Kendrick and Paul London,” Gillian Garcia announced in to the microphone as I pulled Ron in to my arms and brushed my lips over hers.

It had been written in the script that they wanted us to kiss so that it let the crowd know that we were still very much a couple. It wasn’t something that bothered Ron and I; we were very much a loving couple, we were always holding hands or standing close to one another. Unwilling to apologize for the fact that we were in love.

We had about ten minutes before Ron made her debut in the ring and I knew from her posture as we crashed backstage that she was nervous. I watched as she talked to my tag team partners; I knew that there was nothing for her to be nervous about; she was trained as well as I could ensure her to be, she was brilliant in the ring and instinctive; knowing how far to push her body, she knew instinctively what would work and what wouldn’t.

Melina walked towards my girl and the two women talked quietly amongst themselves obviously talking strategy and how they were going to do this then the sound of Melina’s music started and she hugged Ron then walked past me; said hi and stepped out in to the arena where the sound of boo’s reached backstage where Ron was stretching and trying to remain calm.

The minute her eyes met mine I could see her relax somewhat and it filled me with a feeling of strength that I had never felt before. This woman without effort instilled me with the kind of strength that I had never experienced with anyone and I wouldn’t trade what we had for anything in the world.

The sound of Melina talking in to the microphone about there was no one on the woman’s roster that could take the belt from her received her boo’s and chants of ‘You Suck’ reached through the speakers where we were stood.

JR and Jerry Lawler were commenting on how Melina may be right, that there didn’t seem to be anyone who could take the belt from the woman in the ring and then the sound of Ron’s entrance music started;

I'm not a victim,
Till I let you take me down.
I'm not a target at the sites of your mercy,
I never asked for anything,
I'm not asking now.
I will not be afraid,
I will not be afraid.

“Who is this JR?” Jerry asked as I slipped my hand in to Ron’s and we stepped out in to the arena to the sound of cheering and chanting of Cameron’s name. “Wow is Cameron Reid here to challenge Melina?”

“It would appear so,” JR replied. “Jeff Hardy’s Valet has just entered the arena with Jeff Hardy accompanying her,” JR announced as the song continued to play;

I've done this on my own
And I don't care what you do to me,
I wouldn't hand over what is mine
I've done this for too long,
To let you take it away from me,
It's to late to stop me
'cause I refuse to die.

Ron slid in to the ring as I stood on the area surrounding the ring watching her as she moved towards Melina who was staring at her shocked, as scripted.

“Don’t tell me that you think you can take this belt off me?” Melina asked instantly recovering from her shock.

“You know; you talk a big game there Melina but all I have seen so far is talk…” Ron started as planned.

“You…don’t know…what you’re talking…you don’t know it is like to be a champion,” Melina spat back at her acting flustered.

“Well how about this; you fight me here and now…if I win; I get the shot at the title on Night of Champions…” Ron suggested as scripted and the crowd went crazy with more chanting of her name.

”And if I win?” Melina asked as the crowd booed instantly.

“I will leave the WWE; you and Randy can live happily ever after without me being around and you won’t have to worry about anyone challenging you for the belt ever again,” Ron pushed hard against the women’s champion and that was all it took.

The two women were locked in a fierce headlock; Melina using her usual screaming tactics as she struggled to get the upper hand on my girl. I moved towards the ring and began slamming my hand down on the canvas and encouraging the crowd to cheer and urge Ron on; it didn’t take much as the whole arena erupted in to one loud chorus of Ron’s name over and over again.

Ron easily got the upper hand as she pushed Melina backwards in to the turnbuckle; as I watched her I knew what she was planning as she got that little twinkle in her eye and rushed towards the other woman.

Jumping up on to the top ropes; she elbowed Melina a few times until the woman started to slip down the turnbuckle; taking the chance; Ron jumped up wrapped her legs around Melina’s neck, threw her body backwards and flung the woman down on to the canvas.

Going straight for the pin; the ref threw himself down and counted the 1, 2, 3 and Ron won her first match. The two women had been informed that it wasn’t to be a long fight so they had done the best they could with what they could and from the way the crowd were cheering it had worked perfectly fine; as Gillian announced the winner and the fact that Ron was now the number one contender for the women’s championship belt.

We left Melina in the ring and made our way back up the ramp with Ron’s music playing loudly through the arena as we slapped and shook hands with fans until we stumbled backstage happy in the knowledge that everything had worked out for the best.

“Cam?” A male voice caught her attention and as she turned the smile spread across her face.

”Corey!” She moved towards him and was instantly wrapped up in to his embrace where she kissed his cheek.

“You did great out there short stack,” Corey chuckled as he looked at me and greeted me before turning back to my girl who was happy to stay in his embrace for the time being.

“Short stack?” She nudged him in the ribs. “I think that is the pot calling the kettle black shorty!” She giggled causing me to smirk softly.

“Hey,” He chuckled softly. “So are you still happy with the song?”

“I really am dude; I think it works perfectly you know?” She smiled brightly and turned to flash it at me happily as the three of us moved towards the locker room where our daughter was being looked after by our nanny.

I knew that she had been worried about hiring a nanny especially after all that Steven’s Parent’s had done but the minute we had stepped in to court the judge had taken one look at the evidence our lawyer presented and threw the case out saying it was petty and there was no way that he was going to grant the Grandparent’s sole custody and after hearing all that their son had done to Ron; he had even refused them visitation.

Ron had been over the moon; she had fought hard to be the independent woman that she was now and the thought of those people taking everything that she had worked so hard for away she had been petrified but now that we were completely free she was slowly bringing back the woman that I had been attracted too in the first place.

Knowing that we were both going to hold the championship belts in a few short weeks just seemed to be the icing on the cake because we had fought hard to get here.

The obstacles that we had faced and overcome had only made us stronger than either of us was aware. We had done exactly what we had said we would; we had beaten the odds.

As our song stated; it had been all or nothing and here we were with everything that we had both ever wanted. And we were happy, which was something that neither of us had ever truly had before.


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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden - Jeff Hardy 18+ Fiction   Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:01 pm

*whistles and applauds* Bravo!
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Forbidden - Jeff Hardy 18+ Fiction
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