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 Forbidden - Jeff Hardy 18+ Fiction

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PostSubject: Chapter 50    Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:44 pm

Amber’s POV;
I truly hadn’t expected this news. Both Cam and Jeff had voiced their opinions on marriage and it hadn’t been favorable; they both didn’t feel the need to have a piece of paper to tell each other how they felt.

They both knew that they loved each other and wanted to be with one another for the rest of their lives but seeing the way they were looking at each other; it was obvious that they were happy with their decision.

Glancing across at Matt who seemed to crumble at the news; his posture showing defeat; he was with out a doubt out of the running to win Cameron’s heart. Looking at Randy to see his posture was much the same way as Matt’s.

Both men lost in the knowledge that now Cam and Jeff were engaged it put them both firmly in the friend category with my friend and I could see that Matt and Randy were more alike than either of them would be prepared to admit to anyone let alone themselves.

Cameron moved to Jeff’s side as everyone turned silent and I caught Shannon looking to Matt; was it possible that he knew?

If he knew would he have said something to Jeff?

Had I been right in thinking that Cam knew how Matt felt about her?

Jeff wrapped Cam up in to his arms as everyone just stared at the couple; in complete shock at the out of the blue announcement that they had just made.

Shifty was the first to move; straight for his little sister and wrapped her up in to a tight hug and out of Jeff’s arms; relaxing slightly she went with the embrace and melted in to him.

“Congratulations,” He said softly kissing her head and reaching his hand to Jeff. “You had better…!” He started to say.

“Goes without saying man,” Jeff replied instantly getting his soon to be brother in law’s meaning.

“You’re sure shorty?” Shifty asked as Cam pulled back and looked at her brother nodding her head firmly to indicate that this was really what she wanted.

I really was shocked. The announcement had seemed to come out of no where, it wasn’t something that Jeff had talked to anyone about that much was obvious from the looks on everyone’s faces.

But I was happy for her; after all that she had been through with Steven she deserved some stability and safety and it was more than obvious that she and Jeff were madly in love, deeply devoted to one another; their connection was so strong that nothing seemed to be able to tear them apart.

If truth be told they had more obstacles put in front of them over the past few months than most couples have thrust in front of them in one lifetime. I just hoped that it would get better for them now that Steven was out of the picture.

Matt’s POV;
They were getting married; they were prepared to let the world know that they were in love and that no matter what it threw at them it would just make them stronger.

I watched as my friends all moved to congratulate them; I wanted to go and say congratulations but I didn’t want everyone to see the way that she was blanking me.

Jeff excused himself from the others and moved to me where he looked at me closely.

“You’re not happy for us?” He asked and I could see Cam watching out of the corner of my eye as I tried to remain focused on my little brother but it was harder than I had expected when all I wanted was to scream at her that she was meant to be with me.

“I am brother, I really am,” I said resigning myself to the fact that I couldn’t tell anyone how I felt. This was something that I had to carry on my own.

I was just glad that they were leaving tonight; it would mean that I could get some space and distance put between the things that I was feeling for Cameron. I didn’t want to feel this way when she and my little brother were planning on spending the rest of their lives together; they were so happy that I couldn’t and wouldn’t let what I was feeling come in between that.

Hugging Jeff tightly, I looked at Cameron as she quickly looked away and was enticed in to conversation with her brother and Shane.

“Just look after her Jeff,” I said quietly.

Instantly he pulled back and looked in to my eyes; his expression told me all that I needed to know. He knew how I felt!

“Is there anything about me; anything about the way that I have supported her that tells you that I wouldn’t look after her?” He asked me angrily.

“No I just…”

”Just what? Want me to know that you could look after her better?” He glared at me as the others turned to look at us.

Grabbing his arm, I tore a path out of the kitchen and in to the living room and finally out on to the front porch.

“I didn’t say that…”

”You didn’t fucking have to Matt! Don’t think that I don’t see the way that you look at her, don’t think for a second that I can’t see the way that you feel about her…” He spat at me his fists balling up tightly.

“And how do I feel? ‘Cos I sure as hell would love someone to tell me…”

”You love her?” He asked watching me closely for my reaction.

He did know. Had I really been that obvious?

Was I really so lost in the things that I was feeling for his girl that I was being obvious to everyone around us?

Shame built inside me as his words sank in; he was right, I was in love with Cameron and there didn’t seem to be anything that could stop me from feeling that way. She seemed to just be everywhere; invading every part of my life until I was drowning in her.

Jeff’s POV;
I stood watching him closely; his posture as coiled as my own and his eyes betraying everything that he was trying to hide. The anger welled up inside me until I could hardly see straight.

”I don’t fucking hear you denying it brother,”

“What do you want me to say Jeff; that no I don’t love her when you obviously know the truth…”

”You-You love her?” I hadn’t expected him to be so forthcoming with his feelings, I hadn’t actually expected him to admit it. “You God damn son of a bitch! I want you to stay the hell away from her,”

“Hold on a damn second…” He spat at me angrily. “Do you think this is easy for me? Do you honestly think that I want to feel this way about her? You’re fucking crazy if you honestly believe that I enjoy the misery of being in love with my little brother’s girl,”

“I don’t understand how you could have let this happen…” I said feeling my body relaxing somewhat.

“LET THIS HAPPEN!? DO YOU SERIOUSLY FUCKING THINK THAT I AM IN FUCKING CONTROL OF WHAT I FEEL?” He roared at me. “Tell me that you are in control of what you feel for her? ‘Cos it seems to me from this little talk that you are about as in control of what you feel as I am; so don’t fucking stand there and accuse me of doing this on fucking purpose; you selfish little shit!”

Walking away from me and prowling around in a circle his fists balled up as his entire body seemed to shake with anger.

“I’m selfish? Me? You have to be fucking kidding me right?” I laughed out loud.

“Yes you! You stand there like you’re the victim; like you are the one being wronged…what the hell do you think this has been like for me…? Seeing you with her; seeing how happy you are…does it seem like it has been a walk in the park?”



“YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH HER!” I roared madly moving closer to him.

“What did you think? That I just wanted…” His voice trailed off as he looked in to my eyes as we both pressed hard against each other; fists balled ready to take a swing if need be.

“She’s my fucking girlfriend…” I started.

“JEFFREY NERO HARDY!” Ron’s voice screamed out from the front door that I had forgotten to close behind me as Matt had dragged me out here. “MATTHEW MOORE HARDY!”

Both of us turned round to look at her stood with a look of thunder in her normally calm, hypnotic eyes. Slamming the door behind her, she stormed down the steps that led on to the grass lawn and stalked towards where me and my brother were still stood pressed hard against each other.

Cameron’s POV;
I was completely mortified; the entire house had heard the 2 of them bickering between each other over me. I had wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole as I listened to them yelling at one another about what they felt.

Squeezing in between their large bodies until it felt like I had 2 giants towering over me; looking up at Jeff I gently pushed him back then turned to Matt and repeated the action.

“This stops now!” I spat at them both alternating looks between the 2 of them.

“But we need to get this…” Jeff started as Matt stuffed his hands in his pockets and refused to look at me.

“You 2 are unbelievable; you are ‘brothers’ and this isn’t the God damn school yard…I am not a piece of meat that can be fought over. I do not belong to either of you so I want you to both grow the hell up and sort this fucking out,” I said angrily as the sound of the others moving to their cars reached the front lawn where the 3 of us were stood looking at one another. I just hoped that it wasn’t too late to repair this. “Now I am going back to my place; and leaving you 2 the hell alone to work through this and I don’t want to see either of you until you have it sorted,”

Turning on my heel I moved to the side of the house where Amber and Shifty were climbing in to her jeep, racing forward I climbed in to the back.

“Take me home,” I sighed as my best friend nodded and backed the car out of the parking area at the side of the house.

Looking across the lawn to where Jeff and Matt were still staring after me; both refusing to talk and it was more than apparent when Matt moved away from his little brother.

“Mom why are they fighting?” CT asked looking up at me from the space next to me. I had asked Amber to take him back to our house with her before I had torn out of the kitchen to confront both brothers on the lawn.

“They are just being silly,” I said as my eyes locked on to Jeff’s but I turned away and looked at my boy who sighed and settled in for the 45 minute drive back to the place that had been our home for nearly 2 years.

Shaking my head as Shifty turned and looked at me. I didn’t want to talk about it; I didn’t want to even acknowledge what they were fighting over because I hated the thought of them fighting over me.

They were brothers and their connection had always been strong, and I would be damned if I was going to come in between that; I would walk away from Jeff before I let that happen.

Shifty’s POV;
Cam had taken CT out to the park that was across the street from the house where she had requested to be taken. I knew that she hated the thought of coming in between Jeff and his brother.

But this wasn’t her fault, she wasn’t to know that Matt had feelings for her; hell none of us had known. The man had hidden the way he felt from everyone even himself I figured because when Jeff had erupted at him he had erupted right back but from the tone in his voice it had been obvious to me that he had been trying to fight what he felt; trying to bury it.

“You ok there handsome?” Amber asked stepping up behind me as I stared out the window; watching my little sister and nephew to make sure that they were ok and no harm came to them.

“Yeah; I’m fine. I’m just worried about her,”

”Aren’t you always,” She smiled resting her head on my shoulder and wrapping her arms around me. “I know that you care and worry about her babe; but she has fought so hard against everything that you should know better than anyone that she is more than capable of looking after herself,”

“I know; I mean how could I not know that but damn it; I am her big brother…”

”Yes you are and you should realize that, that means sometimes you have to take a step back and just let her deal with certain things alone,”

“You know you are far too insightful for a tattoo artist,” I said turning and looking in to her eyes where I was instantly drowning out of all form of reality.

“What can I say…? I am a tortured artistic soul,” She smiled up at me as her long toned arms wrapped around me and held me close.

“You’re too much,” I chuckled softly letting my arms claim her beautiful body in to my embrace and pressing my lips to hers tenderly. “You know that I care about you right?” I asked as we broke apart.

“Ut-oh I don’t like the sound of this,” She said moving back from me.

Quickly reaching for her I pulled her back to me and kissed her once again.

”Ok now I am confused,”

”No need to be confused beautiful, I just wanted you to know that I care about you…a lot! Much more than I thought I would be comfortable with but it isn’t as scary as I thought it would be,” I informed her honestly.

”Well I care about you too baby,” She smiled resting her head down on to my chest and instantly I couldn’t remember a moment in my life when she hadn’t been a part of it.

Everything that she was; the woman she was, her little quirks and little mannerisms that molded her in to this gorgeous woman in my arms was all that I was going to ever need.

I didn’t need to think about what I felt for her; I knew that I was in love with her, hell I think I had been in love with her from the moment that we shared our first kiss; possibly even before that but I knew that if I told her how I felt it would just scare her away and I didn’t want that.

I didn’t want to screw up the best thing that had ever happened to me. So for now I was happy to carry the way I felt about her alone. The time would come when I could open up to her and admit how much I was in love with her and that time was going to be the best day of my life.

But until then I could just bask in the knowledge that I was with the woman that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. The things that we shared, the intimacy, the connection, the comfortable silences were all things that I had never thought could exist but here it was and I was ready to welcome the feeling and how right it felt.

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Auluna Raie

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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden - Jeff Hardy 18+ Fiction   Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:39 am

Alright, I just did a marathon session through this bad boy and loved every bit of it!
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PostSubject: Re: Forbidden - Jeff Hardy 18+ Fiction   Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:39 pm

THANK YOU honey - and here is the rest of it Wink xoxox

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PostSubject: Chapter 51   Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:39 pm

Cameron’s POV;
Spending time with CT always seemed to be able to calm me down. No matter what was going on my son had the ability to just make me forget everything that was happening until it was just me and him; like it had been for a couple of years.

I was so mad at Jeff and Matt right now that I needed this time with CT; just to ground me and bring me back down from the anger that had erupted out of me at them.

“Mom when is Jeff coming over for us?” CT asked from the huge slide that was situated in the park.

“I don’t know big man,” I replied lighting a cigarette as I took a seat on the swings and scuffed my feet along the ground to make myself move. “Soon I hope,” I added silently.

Sliding down the chute he quickly got to his feet and moved to the monkey bars where he got lost in the moment as I inhaled deeply on my cigarette.

Still pushing my feet off the ground to give myself the movement I wanted until I felt someone gently place their hands to the bottom of my back and gently push me.

“I’m so sorry beautiful,” Jeff whispered in to my ear as I swung back towards him.

Sticking my feet down on the ground to completely stop myself from moving I twisted the chain around until I was looking at his handsome features.

“You got things fixed yes?” I asked watching his steel green eyes that reminded me of a tiger’s eyes; they were green but they held almost a hint of yellow in them at the same time, which could only be seen if you were looking deep in to his powerful soulful eyes.

“We did,” He replied stepping closer to me as I held myself still suddenly uninterested in moving with the swing. Cupping my face in to his amazing soft hands; his eyes bore down on me; leaving me feel more flustered than I thought it was possible to feel.

I couldn’t understand the power this man still managed to have over me but it was there and there was no denying the power of it or the addictive nature of it.

“Good I am glad…”

”We talked things through and he wants to talk to you,” Jeff informed me.

“To me?” I asked shocked and feeling slightly nervous and embarrassed about all that had happened.

“Mmhmm and he wants to do it before we leave…”

”All right,” I sighed heavily looking in to his eyes and trusting him; Jeff would never put me in to a situation that he didn’t think that I could handle.

“Take my car; Randy is in with Amber and Shifty; I will stay here with CT!”

“I-I’m going alone?” I asked looking at him.

“I think it’s for the best baby,” He replied pulling me in to his arms and holding me close. “Matt won’t try anything with you; and I trust you both…”

”I know you do but…”

“Listen to me Ron; I got a little crazy back at the house and I can’t say anything to excuse my behavior other than I am so deeply in love with you that it makes me crazy sometimes but I know that you won’t do anything and I know Matt won’t do anything; you trust me right?”

“Of course I do; I trust you with my life,” I admitted honestly.

“Then go talk to him; see if you can sort this out and get your friendship back on track yeah?”

“I love you,” I said brushing my lips over his softly.

”I love you too princess,” He smiled patting my ass as I moved away from him.

“Oh baby,” I giggled swirling the keys around my fingers as I headed towards his car that he had left parked on the street.

Sliding in behind the wheel I turned the key in the ignition and headed back to Matt’s house hoping that somehow this hadn’t already gotten completely out of control and beyond repair.

I loved Matt as if he really were my brother and the thought of loosing that connection with him left me feeling slightly empty but the truth was although I was flattered at how he felt; I didn’t know if I could be his friend knowing how he felt especially when there was no way that I could return the feelings that he was obviously having.

Matt’s POV;
Once Cameron had chewed me and Jeff out; we had sat down and talked about how I was feeling; that although I was desperately in love with Cameron there was no way that I would risk the relationship that I had with my brother for the girl.

I just had to find a way to bury what I was feeling, to push it aside and concentrate on just being the girl’s friend because she had never given me any other indication that she felt anything more for me.

The sound of Jeff’s corvette rolling in to the parking space at the side of my house filtered around to the back where I was sat by the hot tub enjoying a beer and the calmness that now surrounded the house now that it was just me here.

“Hey!” Cameron said softly as she rounded the side of the house to where I was sat.

“How’d you know I was here?” I asked looking up at her.

”Educated guess,” She smiled moving in to the house and grabbing herself a bottle of water from the cupboard; she hated chilled water; preferring it to be room temperature.

“I’m so sorry Cam,” I said watching as she moved out and took a chair next to where I was sat her beautiful dark eyes burning in to mine.

Stop it Matt! I scolded myself silently.

“When…? How…? Why didn’t you talk to me Matty?” She asked holding my stare as she lit a cigarette and leant back in to the lounger chair that she had occupied.

“How could I Cam? You are with my brother…”

”But I thought that we were friends?” She asked her voice hurt and confused at the same time.

“We are! What would ever make you think that we’re not?” I asked leaning forward and looking directly at her.

“How can we be when you…I had no idea…Matt I am so sorry,”

“Hey; what are you sorry for?” I asked feeling myself becoming confused at her statement.

“I must have sent you mixed signals…this is all my fault,” She said silently letting the tears fall from her eyes.

“Hey, hey no! You didn’t send any kind of signals; I always knew that you saw me as your friend and nothing more; this wasn’t in any way your fault…it wasn’t anyone’s fault; it just happened…”

”I don’t want to loose you…” She sobbed letting the tears come thick and fast leaving a streak down her beautiful features.

“You never could sugar,” I said moving so that I was knelt in front of her. Reaching for her hand she let me take it in to mine. “This is just something that I have to work through but I don’t ever want you to think that it will come in between us…you are like my best friend these days and I wouldn’t have it any other way baby girl,”

“Can I…?” She asked opening her arms and looking to me.

“Of course you can,” I slowly pulled her in to my arms and held her close; her head buried in to my chest as her own arms wrapped around me tightly.

”Next to Jeff; you give the best hugs Matty,” She whispered softly. “I wish that things could be different…I wish that I could feel…”

”But you don’t and that’s ok princess! You are happy with Jeff, and that is the most important thing,”

“You know that you are my best friend too…next to Amber…”

”Of course,” I chuckled softly placing a light kiss to her head and just holding her close as she continued to sob softly. “Is there something you want to talk about baby girl?”

”What do you mean?” She asked pulling her head back to look at me; her beautiful dark eyes swimming with tears that seemed to just keep building in her eyes.

“What is with all the crying? You’re not normally this emotional,” I said tenderly wiping the tears from her eyes as she still continued to cry.

“I-I…d-don’t know!” She stammered as she tried to regain her composure. Suddenly getting a thoughtful look on her face.

”What? What is it?” I pressed softly but she only lifted her hand to silence me.

“Oh God…”

”What?” I pressed softly wiping the hair from her face and watching as she pulled out of my arms and stood to her feet and began to walk around the back decking.

Jeff’s POV;
Matt and I had talked about what he was feeling and he had assured me that he would never act on the things that he was feeling for Cameron and I knew without a doubt that I had over reacted.

Matt was my brother and Family meant more to us than anything else; but we had never had to deal with anything like this. I had never been attracted to any of his girlfriends and vice versa so when I had realized how he felt I reacted in the same way I would have had it been any other guy looking at my woman like that.

I trusted my brother; I trusted Cameron so there really was no need for us to be fighting over this. We were all grown ups and Cameron had made her decision on who she wished to be with and I had no doubt that she was happy in her decision.

“Can we go back to the house now Dad?” CT asked stopping in front of me.

”Sure big man; we should really pack up the rest of our things to take over to Uncle Matt’s anyway…”

”Are we still staying with him?”

”Yeah why wouldn’t we be?” I asked kneeling down in front of him and smiling softly.

“You and Uncle Matt were fighting…”

”We weren’t fighting CT; we had a disagreement but there was no fighting. I promised you that I would do everything in my power to make sure that you didn’t have to see anything like what you saw with your Mom and Steven right?” I asked gently flicking his chin.

“Mmhmm,” He nodded his head.

“Then trust me; what me and your Uncle Matt were doing was just an argument is all,” I informed him.

Instantly he flung his arms around me and held on to me tightly. Holding on to him, I let go of the tension that had coiled around my body from the events of the past couple of hours.

“You are still talking to him though right?” CT asked pulling back and looking at me seriously.

”Of course; I wouldn’t be letting you stay with him when me and your Mom are away if we weren’t talking,” I assured him.

“I love hanging out with Uncle Matt!” He informed me.

“I know you do big man, and I know that your Uncle Matt enjoys spending time with you too,” I ruffled his hair as I stood back up to my full height.

Checking the road for cars, we slowly made our way back over to the house where he had lived for almost 2 years. I knew that moving away from this house was going to be a huge adjustment for both CT and Cameron but what we were going to have was going to replace all the memories that she had here.

I couldn’t wait to get my life with her started; to build our Family; maybe have another baby one day but there was plenty of time for that.

Pushing the front door open, Amber called out to us.

”It’s just us honey; we need to pack up our stuff to get over to Matt’s,” I called back.

”Do you want any help?” She asked moving out in to the hall to see CT racing off to his room.

“That would be great actually,”

”Did Cam go over to Matt’s?” She asked me closing the door quietly behind her.

“Yeah she did; Matt wanted to talk to her alone…”

”And you’re ok with that?” She asked me.

“Yeah! I trust them both Amber; I just lost it for a second,”

”It can’t be easy though,” She said leaning against the frame of the doorway in to the living room.

”It’s not but I know that neither of them would do anything; I know that with every breath I take that I can trust them,” I admitted honestly.

“Well come on then; let’s get your stuff packed up,” She said smiling as she pushed the living room door open and again and popped her head in to the room. “You 2 can help CT get his things packed up,” She ordered her man and Randy Orton.

Amber followed me in to the room that had been Cameron’s; our things still lay the way we had left them when we had gotten the call about my home.

The bed lay unmade; the sheets scrunched to the bottom of the bed after we had collapsed from making love, the images flashed before my eyes as I slowly made the bed up before moving to her sets of drawers and beginning to pack her things away.

An hour later and it seemed that things were being magically placed in front of us as we thought that we had gotten everything only to find more stuff.

Amber wondered out to the kitchen to make coffee, as I decided to strip the bed; pulling the sheet from under the mattress a piece of paper and a photo came spilling out too and landed on the floor.

Looking at the photo it was of me and CT; it had been taken at the beach long before we had even gotten together; CT was on my shoulders and we were laughing in to the camera. I remembered the day as if it were just yesterday. It had been the first time that I had met CT and I had felt the instant connection to him.

Picking up the folded piece of paper; my disheveled handwriting jumped out at me and I instantly recognized it as one of my poems; I had been writing while she had been training in the ring and I had been trying to write but everything I wrote hadn’t come out the way I wanted it too.

Looking at the words they reminded me of what I had felt for her in that moment;


You comfort me better than any chair, bed, room, or house---
You amaze me more than any facts, stories, truths, or lies---
You enhance me more than any drug, drink, pill, or powder---
You predict me better than any parent, coach, counselor, or teacher---
You season me better than any salt, pepper, winter, or summer---
You entertain me more than any movie, show, song, or competition---
You control me better than any school, job, jail, or prison---
You love me more than any person, God, business, or existence---
In my existence..............Believe............I do
In our existence.............I live...........for you.

She had kept it; she had placed it in a special place and in my heart I knew that she had maybe loved me almost as long as I had loved her.

The sound of my phone ringing tore through my thoughts and the moment of realizing that she was all that I was ever going to need.

”Hello?” I answered still looking at the creased piece of paper that I had written on all those months ago.

“Jeff you need to come…now!” Matt said frantically.

”What? What is it? Has something happened?” I asked instantly fearful of why my brother sounded so frantic.

“Just get here dude…ASAP!” He hung up on me leaving me fearful and anxious; it was a 45 minute drive to his house.

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PostSubject: Chapter 52   Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:41 pm

Cameron’s POV;
No this couldn’t be happening; not now! Not when I was just getting my life back in to some kind of order; I was free of Steven, I had the love of my life with me, I had a son who was molding in to an amazing man despite spending the majority of his life with a man who thought it was perfectly acceptable to hit his Mom, then to go from that to not having a man in his life for so long; he was really adjusting well. I had amazing friends who supported me no matter what; it wasn’t something that I had ever really been used too.

This could change all that; couldn’t it?

Falling down on to Matt’s bed as he came back in to the room with a glass of water for me and sitting down next to me.

”Jeff is on his way sugar,” He informed me in a soothing tone that did little to calm the fear that was building inside me.

Oh God; Jeff!

What if this wasn’t what he wanted?

What if he wasn’t ready?

“Hey what is it?” Matt asked his voice soft and caring and after everything that had happened I was reminded of why this man was one of my best friends.

Matt would support his friends in anyway that he could; he was calm in a crisis and always managed to keep a level head.

“I-I…oh fuck…” Racing for the ensuite in his room, I slumped in front of the toilet and emptied everything that was in my system in one violent retch. “And…so…it…starts!” I complained loudly as Matt sat down next to me and held my hair back as my body continued to break out in shock in the form of sickness.

“Just hold tight baby girl; Jeff will be here as soon as he can,” He soothed not realizing that, the thought of telling Jeff was what was making me sick.

We hadn’t even discussed this; not even in a round about kind of way.

How was he going to react?

Would he go crazy?

I didn’t want to loose him; not after all that we had been through to get to this point, not after everything that had been thrown at us hadn’t broken us.

What if this broke us?

What if this was the one thing that we couldn’t get past?

Fear settled in to the pit of my stomach like a cancer eating away at me as I thought about all the possible ways in which this news could affect the relationship that I had with the man who had saved me not only from Steven but from myself too.

Jeff’s POV;
Amber had told me that she would take the last of Cameron and CT’s things over to Matt’s house in a little bit along with Randy and CT. I had been so desperate to just get out of there; to get back to her side to see what the problem was.

Matt scared me; the anxious and frantic tone in his voice told me that something was wrong; had something happened to Cameron on her way to his house?

No I truly believed that if something had happened to her then I would have felt it; I would have known but still there was no denying the urgency in my big brother’s voice when he had called.

Slamming my hand on to the horn of Cameron’s little beetle as some asshole pulled straight out in front of me; causing me to slam on the brakes until I was screeching to a halt but the dick head continued on his way without so much as a second glance.

“Fucking, cocksmoking, cock juggling thunder cunt!” I grunted to no one in particular as I pressed my foot back down on the accelerator to get me to the one place I was needed.

Cameron really was a bad influence on me; before I had met her I had been a mellow driver but she had road rage like no ones business; the things that flew out of her mouth while driving were to be heard to be believed.

Smiling to myself I headed the car in the direction of where she was. Turning on the stereo; and was instantly drowning in my own voice, the song that I had used as my entrance music on TNA blared loudly out of the modest stereo that she had purchased for her car.

Turning it down, I skipped the tracks until I found something a little more mellow and the words jumped out at me; Ron had a wide taste in music, everything from The Rolling Stones to Slipknot, The Backstreet Boys to Tim McGraw. That was obvious from the sound of The Backstreet Boys track that had come on straight after the Slipknot song Duality and had caught my attention.

Turning the volume up; I listened to the words and felt a familiar jolt to the words that were being sang;

Don't pretend you're sorry
I know you're not
You know you got the power
To make me weak inside
Girl you leave me breathless
But it's okay 'cause
You are my survival
Now hear me say
I can't imagine life
Without your love
Even forever don't seem
Like long enough

'Cause every time I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Every time I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love

Maybe I'm a drifter
Maybe not
'Cause I have known the safety
Of floating freely
In your arms
I don't need another lifeline
It's not for me
'Cause only you can save me
Oh can't you see
I can't imagine life
Without your love
And even forever don't seem
Like long enough

'Cause every time I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Every time I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love

Go on and pull me under
Cover me with dreams, yeah
Love me mouth to mouth now
You know I can't resist
'Cause you're the air
That I breathe

'Cause every time I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Every time I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
And baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning your love

Baby I can't help it
Keep me drowning
In your love
I keep drowning
In your love
Baby I can't help it
Can't help it no, no

'Cause every time I breathe
I take you in
And my heart beats again
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love
Every time I try to rise above
I'm swept away by love
Baby I can't help it
You keep me
Drowning in your love

The song finished and was instantly replaced with a song by one of my favorite bands; Saliva and I turned the volume back to the still deafening level that she had, had it at the last time she had been in the car.

After a few more tracks had passed I finally pulled in to my brother’s driveway; killed the engine and literally tore the door off the car in my haste to get to her.

Tearing a path of determination in to my brother’s house to find everything lying still and dormant.

“RON!?” I called out.

“IN MY ROOM LITTLE BROTHER!” Matt called back as I raced towards his room and found her in the en suite, slumped on the floor, Matt holding her hair back as she retched violently in to the toilet.

Glancing at me before retching again; I could see how grey she looked and weak her body was becoming as she struggled to take her weight on her arms.

Throwing myself down next to her; taking her hair from Matt’s hand as he kissed her head softly and excused himself leaving us alone to talk when she was ready.

Cameron’s POV;
Oh God now that he is here; I have to tell him, he is going to want to know what was wrong and why he had to come racing over here.

Finally the retching stopped and I slowly and weakly got to my feet and moved to the sink where I splashed my face with cold water and took a mouthful of Matt’s breath freshener in the hope that it would get rid of the sick breath.

“Talk to me baby girl,” Jeff urged me softly as he led me in to the main area of Matt’s room and sat us down on the bed.

“Jeff I-I…I’m so sorry…”

”Sorry for what? What happened?” He asked looking down to my hand obviously ensuring that I still had his ring on my hand and I could see the relief as it washed over his face when he saw that it was indeed still firmly in the place he had left it.

“In the bathroom…on the counter top!” I said softly watching as he looked to the bathroom then to me, finally he got to his feet and moved back in to the ensuite.

Placing my head in my hands as I thought about what this could mean for us yet again. But there was no more sickness to come out of me; I had unloaded all that was in my system.

“You’re…you’re pregnant?” He asked walking in to the room with the small stick that had ruined everything in his hands and the smile wide on his handsome face.

“I’m so sorry,” I said confused by the happy look on his face.

“Why are you sorry exactly?”

“We haven’t talked about this…we haven’t even been engaged a day and already I have a bun in the oven,”

“Cameron sweetheart I wanted to do this…I am so ready for this, all I have ever wanted is sitting in front of me and I know that we could make the most amazing family; I just wasn’t sure that you were…I didn’t know if you were ready to have another…” His voice trailed off as his features creased with frustration as he thought about what he was trying to say.

“You-You’re not mad?” I asked hopefully.

When I had been pregnant with CT; Steven had been absolutely livid when he found out that I was expecting; he had told me that it was all my fault and that I had trapped him; looking back on it I should have seen the signs for what they were and maybe I could have saved myself the grieve that I had gone through.

But if I had done that I wouldn’t have CT and I wouldn’t change my son or having him when I had for anything in the world; even a life without the memories of Steven and what he had done to me.

“Baby I love you; I want to spend the rest of my life with you I thought you knew that…”

”I do but…”

”And having a baby is all part of that sweetness,” He knelt in front of me placing the pregnancy test on the bed and softly cupping my face in his large soft hands.

“Eeeewwwweeee babe…I peed on that stick…” I giggled softly.

”Shit sorry Miss clean freak,” He chuckled moving in to the ensuite and the sound of the water running reached me where I sat staring after him.

Was he really ok with this?

There was no reason for him to lie to me, so I figured that he was being honest and truthful in ways that I hadn’t expected him to be.

I had truly thought that he would have gone crazy; that he would have really lost it with me but no he was as calm as he always was around me and in my heart I knew that this could be the best thing that could have ever happened.

Matt’s POV;
Sitting in the kitchen I waited for them to come out, I had listened Cam as she muttered about how she and Jeff hadn’t discussed having a Family but in all honesty I knew that she had nothing to worry about because Jeff wanted nothing less than to have a Family with her.

My brother loved her more than he had ever allowed himself to love another woman; he was 100% devoted to her and everything that they had, he loved her son as if he were his own. If truth were told I had never seen him so hopelessly in love with anyone.

The man he was because of Cam was the man that he had always strived to be; when he had been with Bethany he had sunk so low that he had started on the self destructive mode of taking any kind of drug he could get his hands on, drinking to drown out her constant complaining, and staying out until all hours of the night so he didn’t have to deal with her bitching and moaning.

When their relationship had finally torn apart; he had crashed so badly that he had, had to take some time off work in order to get back in to the functioning and energized man that he had been before Bethany.

I had known the minute that he had gotten together with Cam that only good things could come from their relationship and I was right; I had my brother back and Cameron didn’t complain about the amount of time that we all hung out together, she was happy to go with the flow and even left Jeff to his own advices sometimes which I knew Jeff appreciated more than he could express.

After an hour the door to my room opened at the same time as the front door opened and Amber, Shifty, Randy and CT came crashing in to the room.

Cam’s eyes were blood red from crying but she was wrapped up in Jeff’s arms and they both looked relaxed and calm as they looked at the expectant faces that were looking at her and Jeff.

“What’s going on?” Shifty asked moving to her and pulling her in to his embrace, which gently pulled her from Jeff’s arms.

“Guys we have something that we want to tell you all,” Jeff said as he watched Cam and nodded his head at her to deliver the news.

“Well what is it?” Shifty asked looking from his little sister, Jeff and me.

“Guys…I am…the thing is…that in about…9 months time, I am going to be having a baby,” Cameron announced holding herself in a proud position; long gone was the fear and anticipation that had marked her before Jeff had arrived here.

Everyone rushed them both at the same time and pulled Jeff and Cameron in to a tight embrace, congratulations were chanted and I knew that everyone was excited about the couple’s news. Just like I was; I was going to be an Uncle in 9 months time; now was the right time to bury all that I was feeling for her once and for all.

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Amber’s POV;
We had just dropped Cam and Jeff off at the airport where they were heading back to work with Randy accompanying them.

Glancing across at my man who was driving us home to the peaceful and tranquil place that we called home. I loved having him in the house, it felt like we were slowly building a life together and there was nothing that I wanted to change about that.

“So you’re going to be an Uncle again,” I smiled as I handed him a cigarette and lit one for myself as I rolled down the passenger window of my jeep.

“Mmhmm and this time nothing is going to stop me from being there for everything…I ain’t gonna miss a thing this time round,”

“You missed her when she was gone huh?”

“More than I thought it was possible to miss someone; we were always close growing up; it wasn’t something that most people could understand but she was my best friend and when she disappeared; I had fought so hard to tell myself that she was ok and I believed that for the longest time but as time went by I thought that she was dead…maybe lying in a ditch somewhere…”

”It must have been difficult?” I said watching him as he tried to concentrate on driving us home but I could see that his memories were playing out in his head causing him to become slightly disorientated. “Pull over handsome,” I whispered placing my hand to his leg.

Without question he pulled over to the side of the road and killed the engine; placing his head in his hands he sighed heavily.

“Talk to me?” I pressed gently.

I knew that he was much like Cam in the sense that if he wasn’t ready to talk about something then he would completely clam up and he would become distant.

“I thought I had lost her; I thought that she and CT were gone for good, I thought that something awful had happened to her…”

”Something awful did happen to her Shifty but she corrected it the only way that she knew how too…I know that you are disappointed that she didn’t come to you but you have to know that she didn’t come to you because she didn’t want to put anyone in danger…”

”I don’t understand,” He looked up at me with those beautiful dark eyes and instantly I was drowning out of all reality and submitting to the amazing things that seemed to flow so freely between us.

“Think about it…you now know that Steven told her he would kill her if she ever left or went to the police or anyone for that matter; you know that he made her life absolute hell…do you really think that she was thinking straight when she left?” I asked but I could see that he was still confused. “I don’t know for certain because she rarely talked about; when she told me about her past it was more of like a story you know something that had happened to someone else not her you know what I mean?”

“I think so yeah,”

”The way I see it is that Steven had her so terrified of what would happen to her if she tried to find a way out of her life that maybe she feared for the other people around her too; scared that he would make them pay if they knew where she was; so rather than risk it she just took off disappeared in to the night,”

“I know you’re right; it just doesn’t make it any easier you know?”

“I know. It must be a huge weight to carry to know that she was going through something like that and not know, I can’t even imagine how hard that must be to accept but you have to know that she doesn’t blame you,”

”Doesn’t she?” He asked his powerful brown eyes looking up at me.

“Of course she doesn’t…why would you even question that?”

“I am her big brother; I am meant to be the one looking out for her…I let her down so bad and for what…? A career that ended up nearly killing me?”

“Seth this isn’t your fault; Steven was skilled; he had everything under his control, you can’t live your life by being at your sister’s beck and call and most importantly she wouldn’t want you too,” I said softly touching his handsome face.

I hated to hear him talking like this; I knew that he felt guilty about what had happened to Cam in his absence but the truth of the matter is that she was dealing with this long before he left to go on the road; she had told me that.

Shifty’s POV;
I knew that she was right, I knew that I couldn’t revolve my life around my sister and I knew more than anyone that Cam wouldn’t want me too but she was my little sister; what kind of brother would I be if I didn’t want to protect her?

“But maybe if I hadn’t left she wouldn’t have had to go through it…”

”Shifty baby; Cam told me that she had been going through it long before you left to go on the road,” Amber informed me as her hand tenderly cupped around my face and her beautiful hazel eyes held my gaze firmly.

”W-What?” I stumbled; why was this news to me?

“When Cam told me about Steven; it was way back when she had first moved in to the house…she wanted me to be aware of the fact that there was the possibility of Steven finding her and if he did she didn’t want me to get involved and she told me that the abuse had started pretty much the minute that they moved in to the house your Parent’s bought them,”

“Why wouldn’t she have told me?” I asked in disbelief.

“I don’t pretend to understand women who stay with abusive partner’s baby; but she said something about being ashamed of letting things get so out of control after all that she had said about Steven…”

“I don’t understand,”

”She said something about your Parent’s telling her that she shouldn’t put all her eggs in to one basket when she was so young but she had been so sure that Steven was the one that when he first hit her she didn’t want to run home to Mom & Dad to hear them saying I told you so,” I relayed to him what my best friend had told me. “She was scared of looking like a fool, scared that somehow she was going to end up alone with a baby…”

”But she did end up alone with a baby…”

”Yes but on her own terms; she fought hard to keep her Family together, she fought tooth and nail to keep going; to act like it wasn’t happening but things came to a head…”

”What do you mean?” I asked watching her closely.

“I don’t know; she didn’t tell me but all she said was that she had gotten a wake up call, and she took her life back in her own terms without anyone’s help and that takes an enormous amount of guts; especially after all that she had been through,”

“You know you’ve been a really good friend to her Amber,” I said placing my hand over the top of hers that was still holding on to my face gently.

“What was I going to do? Turn my back on her?” She asked looking out of my eyes and instantly I felt cold from the lack of her warm stare.

“Most people would have; they would have said you know what I don’t want to put myself in to this kind of danger…”

“Yeah well; I’m not most people,” She giggled nervously.

“No I know you’re not and that is why I’m falling in love with you,” It was out of my mouth before I could stop it but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t true.

I had told myself that I would wait, that I was going to take this slowly but damn it; she was everything to me, she had seeped in to my veins so quickly that the rush I got from the feeling was better than any high I had ever experienced.

“What?” She exclaimed lifting her head and looking at me again her eyes brimming over with tears.

“I am falling in love with you…I know that it is quick but this just feels so right that I don’t think I can hide what I am feeling anymore…I know I can’t hide it, you are everything that I have ever wanted baby and I don’t want to wait any longer to tell you how I feel,”

“Shifty we’ve only been together a few months and…”

”Tell me you don’t feel the same?” I pressed moving closer to her until my thumb was gently hooking under her chin and lifting her head to look at me.


”You can’t, can you?” I asked moving closer still until I was out of my chair and over the gear stick; resting down on her chair as she finally let her eyes meet my own.

“No,” She whispered softly.

“You are falling in love with me too?” I asked holding my breath as I waited for her answer.

“Much more than what is healthy,” She said her eyes burning in to mine as my lips moved closer to hers as I felt all the air rushing out of me as the rush of hearing her say those words tore through me at unhealthy rate.

“Do you have any idea of just how happy you have made me?” I whispered running my thumb over her lips and loosing all sense of where we were by drowning in her hypnotic eyes.

“If it has any resemblance of how happy you make me then I have a guess,” She whispered softly.

“What do you say we get home?” I growled tenderly and she nodded her head in agreement but still we didn’t move.

Something about this moment left me desperate to just remain in it; never forget a single detail of how we both just expressed the things that we were feeling for one another.

Everything about her; the way her eyes filled up with tears, the beautiful smile that spread across her lips as she listened to what I had said, the feel of her panting next to me as we both realized that we were feeling the same way about one another.

This was it; it was just me and her; just us against the world and if they didn’t like how we felt then too bad because in this moment, I knew without a doubt that I was going to marry this girl and spend the rest of my life drowning in the things that she made me feel.

Matt’s POV;
Jeff had called the previous night to tell me that they had arrived safely and Cam had wanted to talk to CT, which she had done for a good hour and a half. CT informed me that she was worrying about leaving him behind in Cameron while she headed off to work once again.

I knew it must be hard for her; considering how much she loved her son and all that they had been through together; they were closer than most Mother and son’s; especially with CT being the age he was.

But that kid loved his Mom; with a fierceness that seemed to just ignite in any male who came in to contact with her. Once she had talked to CT; she had asked to talk to me.

After taking the phone from CT; she had asked if we were ok. That was Cam’s way; she worried about everyone in her life, she worried that she had hurt people but her bluntness sometimes, but in all honesty I appreciated the fact that she had been candid with me; I would have hated to think that she had sugar coated the things that she felt for my brother; at least this way I knew that there really was no chance for me.

“Uncle Matt do you know where my gym shoes are?” CT asked walking in to the kitchen dressed for school as I ate my Cinnamon cereal and sipped at my coffee.

“Last I noticed they were on the stairs big man,”

”They’re not there now!” He complained moving to the living room and looking around the room for the item that he had been enquiring about. “It’s ok I found them,” He called in to the kitchen where I was sat.

Chuckling to myself, I knew that he was as scattered as his Mom was sometimes.

“Come have some breakfast big man!” I called in to the living room where he was stuffing his shoes in to his back pack.

“Do you have Trix?” He asked me from the other room.

”Yeah in the cupboard; is that what you want?”


“You got it! What do you want to drink; Milk?”

“No have you got OJ?”

”Yeah you’re Mom bought some before she left,” I said getting up and moving to grab him a bowl and poured the cereal of his choice in to it and poured the milk over the top then poured him up some of the OJ that Cam had purchased a day ago.

“I’ll be right there,” He said racing back up the stairs.

After a few moments he came back down and in to the kitchen as he tucked his shirt in to his pants and sat down opposite me.

“Are you and Dad ok now?” He asked placing a large spoonful of the cereal in to his mouth.

”We were always ok big man; it was just a disagreement is all,”

Jeff had explained how he had promised CT that he would never subject him to the things that his real Dad had when he and Cam had lived with him. I respected that considering how much I loved this kid; he had a bright and energetic soul; just like his Mom.

Despite obviously taking his looks from his Father; he had definitely inherited his Mother’s personality and persona which made it impossible not to love him.

“He said that too,”

”Then we can’t both be wrong can we?”

“I guess,” He sighed before loosing himself in his thoughts. After a few moments he looked up at me. “Are you in love with my Mom?”

Looking at him I could see that he was much more in tune than I had given him credit for. Taking a deep breath I let it out slowly before explaining a few things to him.

“My Mom doesn’t feel the same way then?” He asked without realizing how much it still hurt that indeed she didn’t feel the same way about me.

“No! Your Mom loves Jeff very much…nothing that anyone can say or do will ever be able to come in between that,” I admitted honestly.

“Well I know that I love you Uncle Matt,” He said not really understanding the difference between the love that I felt for his Mom and the love that he felt for me.

”Awe thank you big man and I love you too,” I smiled as he nodded and went back to eating his cereal as the sound of the doorbell ringing reached in to the kitchen where we were.

Looking at the clock; 8.15am; who the hell was at the door at this time in the morning?

“You’d better finish up there CT or we aren’t going to make it to school in time for your first class,” I said getting up and ruffling his hair causing him to chuckle softly.

Moving out to the front door as Cameron’s son moved to the sink with his bowl and glass that were both drained of their contents. The sound of him washing up his dishes reached me as I pulled the front door open to see a man in a suit stood waiting for an answer.

”Yes; can I help you?” I asked.

“Is Miss Reid here?” He asked me.

”No I’m sorry she isn’t!”

“When will she be back?”

”The end of the week; she’s working. Is there something that I can help you with?” I asked.

“No I will come back at the end of the week thank you,” With that he turned and left; climbing back in to his car and heading out of my property.

What had that been about?

What did he want with Cameron?

CT grabbed his things and looked at me expectantly. I must remember to call Jeff and Cameron when I got back from dropping CT off at school.

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Jeff’s POV;
Slipping my hand in to Ron’s as we moved in to the hotel restaurant where we were scheduled to meet Randy to talk about what Vince had wanted with us when we arrived yesterday.

“I am so hungry,” Ron said glancing at me; her face flushed from being sick since she had woken up.

“I should think so…damn girl you can’t have anything left in your system,” I chuckled as I pushed the door to the restaurant open and saw Randy sat at a table looking over the menu.

“I was like this with CT too,” She smiled up at me as we moved through the busy room; heads turned to look at us as we approached Randy. “Morning Randy,” Cameron smiled as we sat down opposite him.

“Morning guys; how’d you sleep?” Randy asked glancing up at us as a waitress came over with 2 more menus for us to look at.

“I didn’t sleep at all,” I sighed.

“I slept like a baby,” Ron admitted happily.

I didn’t know how she had managed to sleep after what Vince had asked of us but she was fresh and alert and I knew that it wasn’t something that she had, had for the longest time but it seemed that she was finally in the place to let go of the whole thing with Steven and for that I was more than grateful.

“What about you?” She asked as she waved the waitress over.

“I didn’t sleep much either…I don’t think that…” His voice trailed off as the waitress approached.

There was no need to let the whole world know our business and I was also grateful that he had realized that I didn’t want this made public knowledge yet especially when I wasn’t even sure of how it was going to go.

Once the woman had taken our orders, Randy and I both looked to Cameron as she fiddled with her plate in front of her.

”What?” She asked looking from me to Randy.

“Where are you going to put all of what you just ordered?” Randy chuckled softly.

“In my mouth,” She smiled causing me to chuckle and lean in to kiss her forehead softly. “So you were saying Randy,”

“Yeah I still don’t think it is a good idea; not after all that we have been through…”

”Come on now you are the ultimate heel; don’t tell me that you are worried about what people think?” She asked as the sound of her phone ringing tore through the moment between us and she glanced at her phone. “It’s Matty; I will be right back,” She kissed me as she got to her feet and moved away from the table towards the exit door and disappeared from view.

Why was Matt calling her?

Had something happened with CT?

Pushing all thoughts to the back of my head; I needed Ron to know that I trusted her; that I knew that she would never do anything behind my back so I stayed planted in my seat and looked at Randy.

“So you’re really not happy about this?” I asked still feeling cautious around him wasn’t something that needed explanation; even Randy knew that I wasn’t completely comfortable around him and he accepted that it had to be this way for a while until he had proved once and for all that he could be trusted.

“Are you?” He asked sipping at his coffee.

“Not overly no; but you know Vince he will do whatever he has too…”

”To earn more money!” Randy sighed heavily. “And it seems that we are big money…or at least he thinks so,”

“Mmhmm! Look Randy I really appreciate all that you have done for us lately but…”

”Yeah?” He asked watching me closely.

“I am not comfortable with having Ron at the ring; I don’t want her in any danger and now that she is pregnant then I definitely don’t want…”

”Jeff; you know that girl better than anyone and if she is ok with it then you and I both know that we will follow behind her like 2 little puppy’s…and if that is the case then I can promise you that I won’t let any kind of harm come to her,”

Looking in to his eyes; I was certain that I could see just how much he cared about Ron and I knew deep down that it was either the way with my girl; you either fell head over heels in love with her or you wanted to spend the rest of your life protecting her and making sure that she was safe.

Fortunately for me I had fallen in to both categories and I would do whatever I could to make sure that she was out of harms way; everything about her was everything that I had spent the majority of my life searching for.

Cameron’s POV;
Stepping outside in to the cool mid day air of New Jersey; I could feel the sting of the cold air as it slipped in to my lungs and took over freezing all the emotions inside of the past couple of days.

I was pregnant again; something that I hadn’t been overly sure that I wanted to be, I was working with Jeff, which I knew that I wanted and now Vince wanted us to do this; could I really add more stress to my life?

“Hey Mattitude,” I answered my ringing phone before he clicked over to my answer machine.

“Hey honey; how are you?” He asked.

“I’m good; I guess,”

”You guess…? What’s wrong? Has something happened?” He asked instantly concerned.

“Nothing’s happened Matty; I am just tired and I have been so sick this morning that it isn’t even funny,”

“Awe poor baby girl; morning sickness already?”

“It would appear so! Not that I am complaining but why you phoning me?” I asked sitting down on the wall that surrounded the exclusive hotel where we were staying.

“I just had someone had the door looking for you before I took CT to school,”

“Looking for me? Who was it?” I asked resting my head in my hands as the world started to spin out of view.

“I don’t know princess; they didn’t say…I told them that you wouldn’t be back until the end of the week and he said he would come back then,” He informed me.

The world was really spinning and I couldn’t seem to focus on anything in front of me let alone anything that Matt was saying to me.

”Cam you there sweetie?” His voice pierced through the roller coaster of emotions that were sweeping through my body but as I opened my mouth nothing came out but a long violent retch. “Hang up the phone sweetie; I am gonna call Jeff,”

Doing as he asked, I hung up the phone and leaned forward a little more as I tried to keep myself composed and together but it wasn’t happening as I retched a little more violently and felt the ground under me become shaky but I knew that it wasn’t really moving; it just felt like it was.

As I saw the ground coming up to meet my face; I was instantly aware of being pulled in to someone’s arms; looking up to see Jeff holding on to me tightly.

“Its ok baby girl I got you,” He whispered softly as he gently lifted me in to his arms and handed Randy his phone. “Can you tell Matt I will call him in a bit,” He said to the man who was looking almost as concerned as Jeff was.

“Sure,” He replied.

I half listened to him talking to Matt on the phone, as Jeff held me close as he moved back towards the hotel and pushed the door open with his shoulder and headed straight for the elevator.

“No baby; I am just hungry…my body is just running on empty; I will be fine when I get something in to my system,” I pressed softly in to his ear.

“You’re sure?”

”I have been pregnant before you know?” I smiled resting my head against his and feeling my body beginning to calm somewhat.

I knew what it was like when you were pregnant; you had to keep a healthy appetite regardless of how much you were sick otherwise your body would tell you what it thought…or more rightly the baby would let you know what they thought.

Jeff slowly moved in to the restaurant and lowered me down on to my feet but keeping a hold of me close to his body as he pushed the door open and we moved inside.

Jeff’s POV;
Ron had eaten everything that she had ordered and had informed me that she felt much better now that she had eaten. I had gotten the scare of my life when Matt had called and told me to find her that something had happened; but he didn’t know what.

Racing out of the restaurant with an unnatural amount of speed but when it came to Cameron I was beyond capable of anything that I had thought that I was. When I had found her outside and the sight of her falling forward I had felt the surge of strength grow as I raced towards her and caught her just before she had fallen on to her face.

“So we need to talk about what Vince asked us yesterday,” She said looking from me to Randy Orton who was still sitting with us.

“We have plenty of time to talk about it baby girl; you need to just relax,” I said but was silenced as she placed her finger to my lips.

“No we need to decide what we are going to do; this is about your career baby and I won’t have you just sitting around…”

”But we have plenty of time before we have to tell Vince what we have decided…”

”That may be true but the longer we wait the longer it takes for you to get this opportunity…”

”Baby this opportunity means nothing if something happens to you…”

”Nothing is going to happen to me Jeff; I am pregnant not dying,” She whispered softly as she leaned in and brushed her lips over mine.

“I know that but…”

”No buts; I won’t hear of it! Now I want to know what your thoughts are Randy,” She turned to look at the man who was looking away from us trying not to invade on the moment that we were sharing.

“I don’t think it is a good idea…” He said turning his head to look at us and his eyes met hers instantly telling her in no uncertain terms that there had to be another way.

“You don’t think it is a good idea…is that because you just don’t want to give up that title?” She asked her voice cold.

”Ron!” I said softly placing my hand to her leg.

”It’s ok Jeff; I can understand why she is skeptical,” He said glancing at me then to Ron. “No Ron it isn’t about not wanting to loose the title; it is about the fact that we have come a long way since the whole…thing in LA and I don’t want to jeopardize that over something like this,”

“Jeff?” She looked to me; her eyes burning with a desire to do this; for me; to allow me the chance at the title shot that I had always wanted.

”I don’t think that we should do it…”

”Why?” She asked still watching me closely.

“I don’t want you anywhere near that ring Ron; you’re pregnant and ring side isn’t the most safe place in the world,” I pressed hoping that she would understand my need to keep her safe.

“I know and I know that you are worried about me being safe but if we do this then; I won’t just have you at my side watching out for me but I would have Randy there too,” She argued looking across at the man in question. “Right Randy?”

”Of course; that goes without saying,” He replied. “Look I don’t agree with what Vince has asked of us but if you are really set on doing this; then I am on board,” He said looking at my girl.

Instantly she smiled knowing that she was half way there and when she turned to look at me; batting those eye lashes I knew that there was nothing I could do but give in and agree to do as Vince had asked of us.

Cameron; North Carolina;
Matt’s POV;
Sitting on the back decking with a mug of coffee in my hand, I stared up at the sky to see the sun sinking towards the horizon leaving streaks of purple and orange pierced through the already darkening sky.

I was waiting for Jeff to call me to tell me that Cam was ok but I figured he had more things on his mind than remembering to call me back.

CT was in the shower getting ready for bed and that meant that Jeff was bound to be back at the hotel by now so I picked up the phone and dialed his number.

“Hello big man,” Cam answered after a few rings; she sounded cheerful and at ease unlike earlier this morning. “How’s it goin’?”

“Damn it Cam; I have been worried all day,” I growled in to the phone as I placed my mug down on to the dining table I had placed outside.

“Worried? Why?” She asked.

”Have you forgotten about this morning?” I asked impatiently.

”Jeff didn’t call you back?” She asked as the sound of her lighting a cigarette reached down the line.

”Shouldn’t you be stopping?” I asked.

”Damn big man; what has gotten in to you? I smoked all the way through my pregnancy with CT…”

”I’ve just been worried about you all day,”

”Yeah I am sorry that we haven’t gotten back to you; it’s been mega crazy here what with the fight and what Vince talked to us about…”

”Care to share with me?” I asked resting my feet on to the chair next to me and sighing heavily.

I hated that they were both so far away; I had gotten so used to having them around the house that it seemed to be that all the life had been sucked out of my home although CT was more than making up for their absence.

“Actually here is the man of the moment now; I will let him explain ok?” She asked me softly.

”Sure thing, talk to you soon,” I said but she had already gone and Jeff came on the other end.

”Hey dude; I am so sorry that I didn’t call you back earlier; it has just been crazy busy here…”

”Yeah Cam was saying…she said something about Vince and what he had to ask you…”

”Yeah the thing is he is giving me a title shot…and not just any title shot but…the WWE championship!”

”But that would put you up against…”

”Randy! I know and…”

”There is more?” I asked unsure of where this was going but I didn’t like the thought or the tone in his voice.

When it came to Vince there would of course have to be a catch; he wouldn’t just offer Jeff a shot at the belt without there having to be something in it for him. That just wasn’t what Vince was about and if Jeff thought that it was going to be easy without a catch then something was seriously wrong with my little brother.

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Cameron’s POV;
I had forgotten about the raging emotions that erupted inside when I was pregnant; the slightest thing was setting me off and I hated the fact that Jeff was obviously so worried about me especially after we had explained the situation to Vince about me being pregnant; the huge bear of a man had hugged me and it had happened again; I was blubbering like an idiot.

“What do you want to do tonight?” Jeff asked me as I lay down on the bed and curled up in to a ball. “Come on Ron; you’re scaring me,”

”I-I’m sorry baby; I didn’t…I don’t mean to scare you; trust me this is nothing,” I lifted my head to glance over at him as he watched me; his beautiful tiger like eyes glazing over with the worry that he had just expressed.

“What does that mean…? That it’s going to get worse?” He asked moving towards the bed and sitting down facing me.

“Mmm most probably,” I admitted as his hand reached for mine and held it close to his chest, which seemed to spark the desire inside me for him. “But right now,” I started as I slowly sat up and inched my way closer to him until I was straddling his lap softly. “I’m horny,” I whispered before my lips claimed the spot just under his ear.

“Oh really?” He growled as his hands landed softly on my hips and held me close to him. “That’s how this goes is it?”

”Excuse me?” I asked pulling back and looking in to his eyes.

“You are all emotional one minute and all horny the next minute?” He growled his question to me as I let my hand slide down the front of his amazing toned body until I was sliding in to his black ‘ring’ trousers that he had been wearing since coming out of the ring earlier in the night after his match at the house show.

“Mmhmm that’s exactly how it goes; you need to learn to keep up handsome,” I purred softly as my fingers curled around his hard thick shaft and instantly he gasped from the feeling. “Do you like that?” I purred grinding my hand up and down the entire length of his erection until he was pushing his hips to meet my movements.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” He growled tenderly leaning me back until I was lying down again but still my hand pumped the hardness of his shaft as his breath raced away from him.

Loosing myself in the wild power of his beautiful eyes that always held the power to make me all but crazy with a desire that had been completely foreign to me until I had met him.

”You’re so beautiful,” He whispered in a tone that was as needy and desperate as his breathing; slowly his hips moved towards my hand as I continued to rub up and down the entire length of his dick until he was all but growling over and over again in such a animalistic tone that I could feel my own body becoming desperate.

“Touch me Jeff,” I pleaded softly with him as his own hand slipped in to his trousers and wrapping around my hand that was still pumping him closer and closer towards release.

Smiling he took his weight on his knees and kept his hand wrapped around mine; guiding me in to a faster pace until I could feel his breath becoming more labored.

“Please baby; it’s such a waste,” I panted looking down to the incredible bulge that was straining against the confines of his trousers.

Quickly with one hand he skillfully removed my clothing until I was lying out before him naked and sweating from the feverish movements of our hands over his dick as he watched me with those eyes until I was sure he was trying to drive me past crazy straight in to insanity.

Popping the button and zipper of his trousers with his free hand he freed himself from his material prison and in a second he was throbbing madly against my pussy as I felt all sense of reality slipping away from me.

With a movement so hungry he was inside me; claiming my pussy in the way that only he knew how too. Holding still inside me as his fingers moved to my nipples and tugged roughly on the swollen buds. Moving his head slowly to them he drew one deep in to his mouth; his teeth biting down on the buds so roughly that our bodies automatically began to move at the same time and the same pace.

Using my hands; I literally tore his sleeveless shirt from his body and threw it to the floor with one thing in mind and that was satisfying him in ways that he had told me that only I was capable of doing.

Jeff’s POV;
With a grace that only she possessed we were moving at an agonizingly slow rate as I slid so deep in to her that she was moaning out in a tone that was dripping with pleasure; then dragging out at an even slower pace; our love making had always been intense but this was a new form of intensity and I liked it.

I could become addicted to it in ways that I knew could be unhealthy but then again our love life had always been tilted to the addictive and unbridled sense that I knew most people couldn’t understand.

Getting lost in her huge dark eyes; I found that I was instantly reminded of that Backstreet Boys song that I had listened in her car a few days previously. Drowning didn’t seem to be the right word; more like being completely submerged in the things that we shared; completely submerged in her.

Grinding in to her slowly, she tried to buck harder against me but I quickly pinned her hips to the mattress causing her to submit to the reality of the situation; I was in control and I wanted her to feel so much pleasure that she was begging me to stop.

Dragging out a little slower and I could see the sweat beading her amazing body as my own body remained mostly covered by my clothing. My trousers were turning wet from the sweat that I knew that I was building but right in the moment I had wanted her so bad that actually undressing had meant that I couldn’t have her right there and then.

Gliding my tongue up over her chest; to her neck then to her face and captured her lips in a deep passionate lock that left her all but screaming down in to my body as I continued to drive my cock in to her at a painfully slow pace.

I knew it must be agonizing for her because it was achingly painful for me but I wanted to be careful with her now that she was pregnant and the force that we once had was sure to cause the baby danger that I wasn’t prepared to allow happen.

“I love you Ron,” I whispered as I broke the passionate lock and found that I was drowning once again in her beautiful eyes that held all the hunger, lust, passion and desire that I knew my own held.

My phone started vibrating in my pocket; rocketing through my own body and out on to hers and as if that was what she had been waiting for her entire body seemed to convulse in to a position that I was sure would be unhealthy for the baby.

“Damn it!” I growled withdrawing from her slightly as I grabbed my phone from my pocket and seeing my Dad’s number flashing before I threw it to the bed and continued on my mission to make love to her in a way that I never had before. “Princess I have to get this,” My Dad never called me when I was on the road; he didn’t like to interrupt me when I was at work.

”W-Who is it…? I swear if it is Matty I am going to have a fit,” She complained softly as I held my cock inside her but stopped moving against her as she smiled at me with a devil like glint in her eyes as she began moving up and down on my shaft as I pressed the accept call button.

”Dad what’s up?” I asked looking down in to her eyes and instantly she stopped moving as her face turned beetroot in color.

“Jeff…thank God; I am calling cause…Matt is in hospital,” My Dad informed me.

”What? What happened? Is he ok?” I began to panic. And instantly Cameron was on her elbows watching me closely.

”It’s his appendix son; they ruptured,” My Dad told me.

”What…? Are they operating?” I asked withdrawing from my girl completely and resting back on my feet, running my hands through my hair and looking down at Ron as she slowly sat up and wrapped her arms around me.

Although she didn’t know what was wrong; her ability to comfort someone was instinctive and I was sure it came from being a Mother but right now I needed it and I welcomed it readily letting my own arms wrap around her while holding the phone to my ear by way of sandwiching it in between my ear and shoulder.

“Yes they have just taken him down to the OR right now; he wanted you to know that CT is fine; he…Amber and Seth came over and picked him up so he will be staying there,” My Dad informed me.

“All right Dad; I will go and try to get a flight home right now,” I said.

”All right son, give me a call back yeah?”

”Sure will do, talk to you in a few,”

Hanging up I looked to Cameron as her eyes looked at me questioningly I just held her close to me; refusing to let her go, never wanting to let her go.

Cameron’s POV;
Gil never called the boys when they were on the road; he didn’t like the thought of bothering them when they were at work so I knew that whatever it was; it had to be bad.

Was it CT?

Had something happened to my son?

Pulling back to look at my man; my eyes questioning his as he looked from me to the phone in his hands.

”What is it? Is it CT? Has something happened to him?” I begged him for answers.

”It’s not CT princess; it’s Matt…”

”Oh God what has happened?” I felt my panic setting in.

Matt was important to me; I loved hanging out with him, even after his admission, I had found that I wasn’t as put out about it as I had thought I was. The fact that he had admitted what he was feeling to me, I knew that took guts and it made me feel more proud of him than I thought possible.

“His appendix has ruptured…they have just taken him to the OR right now; I need to get back…” Jeff said as I slid out from under him completely.

”I understand; get a flight for both of us,” I said gathering up my cloths that had been thrown across the room in desperation; all thoughts of passion escaping our heads when we realized that Matt was in hospital.

I moved around the room, packing up our cloths as Jeff talked on the phone to the airport. Once I had managed to get our cloths in to our bags, I quickly grabbed my own phone and called Vince.

“Hello?” His voice boomed down the line as the connection was made.

”Mr. McMahon it’s Cameron Reid,” I said softly my voice barely a whisper compared the thunderous voice of the man I was talking too.

”Cameron; how are you?”

”I’m ok sir, I am calling to tell you that Jeff and I have to head back to Cameron ASAP…Jeff’s brother has just been rushed to hospital,”

”What has happened?”

”He has a ruptured appendix; they have just taken him down to the theatre right now,” I informed the man.

“All right Cameron; could you keep me posted please?” He asked me.

”Yes sir,” I said. “Thank you,”

”Thank you for letting me know Cameron,” He said.

We said a quick goodbye just as Jeff was getting off the phone to his Father whom he had called back to let know what time we would be arriving home.

“How is your Dad?” I asked as he pulled his sleeveless shirt back on and moved to me doing up his trousers; his arms reaching for me and pulling me close to him.

”He’s ok; a little shook up by what has happened but he is a tough guy he will be fine,”

”And so will Matty,” I whispered softly. “I am going to quickly run and let Randy know what has happened ok?”

“Ok sugar, be quick ‘cos we need to leave ASAP our flight is in an hour,” He informed me.

”I will babe,” Racing for the door, I tore a path from our room to Randy’s which was just down the hall from us. Knocking on the door I begged that he would just answer now.

“Cam what’s wrong?” He asked finally opening the door and looking at me.

”Matt…Jeff and I have too…we’re heading back…have to get home to Cameron,” I panted from sheer panic.

I hated the thought of Matt being alone right now and then I remembered he wasn’t alone; he had Gil, he had Amber and Shifty, he had CT, he had Shannon and Shane infact he had more people than he was going to be comfortable with.

“Slow down honey; deep breaths and tell me what has happened; what about Matt?”

“He is in hospital…his appendix ruptured…they have just taken him to the OR; Jeff and I are heading home,”

”Oh God of course. Do you want me to tell Vince for you?”

”No I just called him; he just wants me to keep him informed on what is going on, but I wanted you to know where we went, we will see you next week in Chicago when I make my first appearance,”

”Ok honey! I will call you later to see how Matt is doing ok?”

”Thanks Randy,” I replied moving back along the hallway towards the room that had moments previously been full of desire that I was sure it would have taken over the entire hotel but now it was just filled with a helplessness that I knew Jeff was feeling and I had to admit that I was feeling it too.

By the time we got to the airport we had a few minutes to spare before our flight was being boarded; so I quickly grabbed a magazine for the flight.

It wasn’t a long flight but it was long enough that I would be bored and so tense from worry if I didn’t have something to occupy me.

By the time I got out of the airport shop; my eyes landed on Jeff who was being ambushed by a group of women who were obviously fans of my man but now wasn’t the time for him; I could see it in his eyes.

Once again I put myself in to the position where they would hate me and easily pulled my man away from them and I could hear the comments being muttered about me from where I came to a halt with Jeff by my side.

It was like he had just gone in to autopilot; he was going through the motions like he wasn’t even there because normally he would have a few choice words to say to people who said things like that about me.

I didn’t mind; his mind was obviously on his brother and getting there. It was just the way that Matt and Jeff were; no matter how strained things were between them; they would drop everything at the drop of a hat to be there for one another.

It was actually one of the things that I loved most about them; their strong sense of Family and how that comes first.

Finally our flight was called and we moved to the lady stood at the boarding door and handed over our last minute tickets and moved through the door and along the long corridor that led to the plane that would take us home to where Matt was in hospital.

This wasn’t how we had envisioned this trip ending but things happened and at least we were in the kind of position that we could afford to fly out at a moments notice. I just hoped that my big brother was going to be ok.

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Jeff’s POV;
The plane had landed not 20 minutes ago and already we were pulling up outside the hospital where my brother was being operated on. Cam climbed out while I paid the fee and she began pulling our luggage out of the boot of the cab.

“Hey!” I growled pushing my door open and climbing out.

”What?” She asked glancing up at me as she placed the last of the bags on the pavement in front of the building.

Ever since loosing my Mom I hated coming to the hospital; the things that I had seen when my Mom was fighting for her life had not only shocked me but it had scared me and most probably scarred me more than I was prepared to admit to anyone other than myself.

“Hello…? You’re pregnant…you shouldn’t be doing that,” I said lifting the bags on to my shoulders; thankfully Ron wasn’t like most women; when I said that we would be away for 5 days she packed for 5 days; no less and no more than that.

“My God; you’re going to have driven me insane by the time this baby makes an appearance. Jeff baby, I am pregnant not dying; you need to learn to let me live my life as much as I can; I have been here before babe, I know my limits,” She whispered as we moved towards the entrance doors and made our way to where my Dad had told me that he was waiting for news of Matt.

Finally the elevators pinged open on the right floor and we stepped out in to the cold almost lifeless corridor; why was it that all corridors in hospitals were the same no matter where you were?

The same grey color that seemed to fill you with a dread regardless of what you were here for; I remember coming here when our friend Patrick’s wife Becca had, had their baby and still I had felt the over whelming sense of desperation.

Seeing the sign that read Family Room, Cameron pointed to it and began to lead the way down the long corridor; unaware of my despair taking over until I could feel my body struggling to get in the air I needed.

Pushing all thoughts to the back of my head, I followed my girl in to the room where my Dad was pacing.

”Gil!” Cameron exclaimed as she moved towards my Dad.

“There’s the prettiest girl in North Carolina,” My Dad replied his arms claiming her in a tight Fatherly hug. “How was your flight sweetheart?” He asked focusing solely on her and nothing or no one else.

”It was good Mr Hard…”

”Hey what did I tell you?” He cupped her face tenderly and looked in to her eyes. “None of that Mr Hardy shit; makes me feel old; call me Dad,”

“All right Mr…Dad,” Ron giggled softly as she removed herself from my Father’s embrace.

”And how is my little bump doin’?” He asked; the pride in his voice was evident for everyone to hear and I knew that he didn’t care; he was finally getting the one thing that he had wanted for as long as Matt and I could remember.

Finally he turned his attention to me and smiled softly as he moved to me and hugged me so tightly that I swore he broke bone.

Cameron’s POV;
I knew the things that Jeff and Matt had with their Father was special to both men; because they had grown up without their Mother; it had just been the boys and their Father for so long that the connection they had built was stronger than anything that I had ever had with either of my Parent’s.

“Now Cameron honey; he’s looking after you right?”

”Are you kidding? He’s smothering me…” I complained earning me a blow of a kiss from Jeff who grinned from ear to ear.

”Smothering you huh?” Gil chuckled softly as he kept one arm wrapped around his son’s shoulder and they both looked to me to explain.

“He won’t let me do anything Gil; I mean I can’t even pick up the luggage now,” I complained as Gil let out another earthy rumble of laughter that always managed to leave me feeling calm and relaxed.

“I was the same with their Mother,” Gil admitted honestly earning me a smug smile from Jeff. Gil must have caught it too as he turned to look at his son. “But times have changed son; it isn’t going to hurt her too carry some luggage,”

”Ha!” I giggled feeling my own smug smile coming in to play.

“I don’t know what you’re laughing at Missy; you still need to be cautious and what was this I hear about you becoming Jeff’s Valet?” Gil asked turning to look at me.

Jeff smiled again from his position; this was crazy it could go on forever; both of us trying to earn brownie points from the older man. Looking to my feet, I knew that Gil was an old fashioned type of man; but I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t feel comfortable and completely safe with Jeff.

And I knew in my heart that I had to trust Randy somewhat to put myself in his hands like this; because by becoming Jeff’s Valet I was putting myself in to the fold of the story that was going to erupt between Jeff and Randy on the run to my man’s shot at the title belt.

“I-I…I have been…” I stumbled as Jeff saw how much I was struggling and instantly jumped to my defense.

“We know what we’re doing Dad,” He moved to me and wrapped me up in to his embrace and I knew in that moment that he was truly on my side and was prepared to give his title shot all that he had to give.

“Fine,” Gil smiled softly as if he had been leading us together all this time. His smile was knowing and smug as he sat down on a chair along the back wall of the Family room.

“Any word on Matty?” I asked resting my head against my man’s chest.

“The doc came in literally minutes before you 2 walked in here; Matt is out of the OR and he is doing as well as can be expected…”

”Can we see him?” Jeff asked resting his head down on to mine; both of us tired and almost ready to fall down.

“The doc said he is really out of it at the moment; he suggested that we head home and come back in the morning,”

“No we’ll stay,” I said.

“No honey; you need to go get some sleep; remember the little one and I know that Matt wouldn’t want you both hanging around here when he isn’t even fully awake,” Gil instructed us before getting up.

“You sure Dad?” Jeff asked rubbing his hand up and down my arm to calm me.

I had been petrified when Jeff had told me that Matt’s appendix had ruptured; I didn’t know a lot about medical terms but I did know that if your appendix burst you could die; silently I sent a thank you to God for keeping my big brother safe and for getting him through this.

Gil informed us that he was going to stay and would call if anything happened; but for the mean time we should get home and get refreshed and some sleep so that we were bright and alert when we saw Matt later on.

Nodding we stifled a couple of yawns and hugged the older man, who had been more of a Father to me than I could have ever asked for. We slowly left him alone so that we could head back to Matt’s house to recoup before coming back in a few hours.

Jeff’s POV;
The ride back from the hospital had been longer than I remembered it to be. We had talked about going to Amber’s house to check in but it was already past midnight and everyone would be in bed; there was no point in disturbing them when we could wait until the morning to see them.

Pushing the front door open; the place was a mess. Had Matt fallen over?

It certainly would look that way as his entire house seemed to lay in disarray but there was nothing that either of us could do right now; we were just too tired to try and even clean up.

Warily we climbed the stairs towards the room that we had been occupying since we had been here; pushing the door open; the warm welcome from the room seemed to wrap around us tightly and drag us inside.

“I’m going to go shower real quick,” I said kissing her cheek before she climbed on top of the bed and nodded her head.

Stripping out of my clothes I moved in to the ensuite and turned on the shower.

What would have happened had no one been here?

Would my brother have gotten the help that he had needed?

Or would he have…? I couldn’t finish that thought; Matt and I had been tight since we were little kids; the bond we had, had been strengthened as we had grown older and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I was ashamed to say that I loved my brother, I wasn’t ashamed of the close bond that we shared and there was nothing that would ever make me feel ashamed of it.

I don’t know how long I had been stood under the relentless stream of the hot water, but I felt tiny arms encircling around my waist and holding on to me tightly.

Turning until I was wrapping my own arms around Ron’s neck; holding her close to me as I thought about what we would have both lost tonight had no one been here in the house with my brother.

The water encased us both; our bodies turning warm from the heat of the water as we just stood connected; arms wrapped around each other, nothing needed to be said, nothing needed to be done other than just stand here.

The feel of her head resting against my chest, as her arms tightened around me until I was wrapped so tightly in her arms that I was sure she was erasing all the pain of the past few months.

“I was worried…” She eventually pulled her head back from my chest and looked up at me. “You’ve been in here for an hour,”

“I’m sorry baby girl; I was just thinking,” I admitted kissing the top of her head tenderly.

“Anything that you want to share?” She asked her beautiful dark eyes searching my own until I was certain that the water was turning me in to a trembling mess; despite the heat.

“It’s nothing that really matters now,” I admitted honestly as she smiled softly.

”You’re sure?” She asked.

“Completely,” Pulling her back against my body; her tiny frame fitting in to my arms as if she were literally made to fit with me, made to be with me and only me.

Steven was gone, she had made her feelings clear to Matt; I had her all to myself; she had made her choice when she had picked me and everything that was going to happen from now on was going to just get better. It had too; after all that we had been through as a couple thus far had to get better because we had more than our share of bad things happen to us.

“I love you Jeff,” She whispered from the nook in between my chest and my shoulder where her head was buried.

“I love you too baby girl,” I growled softly feeling my body becoming weak from lack of rest and sleep, as the water began to turn cold. “Why don’t we get out of here and try to get some sleep?”

”Sounds like a plan,” She pulled back and looking up at me with those beautiful dark eyes that could literally render me to my knees with just one flash of them.

Both of us climbed out of the shower, turned it off, wrapped a towel around each other and moved to the bed where we crawled on top and both quickly gave in to the exhaustion that had circled both of us since we had left that hotel in New Jersey a few hours ago.

Matt’s POV;
I was thankful that my Dad had come over last night to hang out cos if he hadn’t been there I don’t know what would have happened.

He had stayed at the house until Amber and Shifty could make it over to collect CT then he had followed in to the hospital where I had, had my surgery late in the night.

Now it was daylight outside and I was slowly coming round from the anesthetic that they had administered to me for the operation and I could feel the pain in my lower abdomen but at least it wasn’t as bad as it had been the previous night.

“Matt!?” Cameron’s voice pierced through my thoughts.

Instantly my eyes opened; was I dreaming?

Cam was supposed to be on the road with Jeff, what was she doing here?

Turning to where the sound of her voice had come from to see her moving in to the room with Jeff and our Dad.

What was Jeff and Cam doing here?

“Hey big man,” She said smiling that amazing smile that she always seemed to flash in my direction to get whatever she wanted from me and it worked every time.

“What…what are you doing here?” I managed to croak; my throat was dry from the lack of hydration.

“Come on now big bear; did you really think that we wouldn’t come rushing back when we heard the news?” She asked moving to me and leaning down to kiss my head.

“But y’all are supposed to be working…getting you ready for your first…”

”It’s nothing that we can’t do here,” Jeff said stepping up next to Cam and smiling down at me. “You are more important right now,”

“You guys are too much,” I managed to croak out as the meds continued to leave me feeling more than disorientated and seemed to drag me in to a half like dream state.

“Not at all,” Cam’s voice whispered as the bed dipped softly and an arm wrapped around my head; telling me that she had lay down on the huge bed next to me and had gently pulled me close to her.

My head seemed to rest on her stomach and I could hear the gurgling coming from inside.

”Have y’all eaten this morning?” I asked refusing to open my eyes as I listened to her stomach making noise after noise.

“Mmhmm, I had a bacon sandwich when we arrived here,” Cam informed me as Jeff agreed that he had the same thing.

“Your tummy is going crazy,” I said resting my hand on to her leg and just basked in the comforting embrace that she was giving me; her hands running through the tangle of my hair soothing me.

It was more than obvious that she was a Mother already; she had a nurturing side to her that could only come from being a Mother for the majority of her life.

“Mmhmm, I am still pretty hungry actually,” She admitted softly. “Jeffy?” She chorused in a sweet tone that left me chuckling only to be reminded of the pain of the stitches that the surgeons had placed in my lower abdomen.

“Yeah sweet cakes?” He asked chuckling softly along with me.

Obviously he knew Cam’s tricks on how to get him to do what she wanted and I knew that although he was amused; he would succumb and do exactly what she asked of him.

“You couldn’t go and grab me a bar of chocolate from the shop could ya?” She asked sweetly. “The baby is screaming that they want chocolate and they want it now,”

“You got it; I will be right back,”

“Thanks handsome,” She said softly as the sound of them kissing reached down to me where I was still wrapped up in her arms where I could quite happily stay for the foreseeable future.

The sound of the door opening and closing reached me where I was quite happy. I don’t really remember much after that because from the soothing touch of Cam’s hand running through my hair sent me straight back in to the sleep that I had been trying to fight since I had woken up.

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PostSubject: Chapter 57   Tue Apr 05, 2011 4:45 pm

Cameron’s POV;
Matt was becoming a nuisance at the hospital; always asking if he can go home, if he can get up and if he can have some take away food to eat so the nurses had finally announced after talking to his Doctor that he could indeed come home.

So Jeff parked the car in the parking lot while I ran up to collect my big brother who I found moving around his room obviously unprepared to take it easy; that was just Matt’s way.

“Hey big bear,” I said moving to his bag on the bed and beginning to pick it up.

”Hey no you don’t,” He growled moving towards me and taking the bag from my hands and hugging me tightly. “Jeff would kill me,” He informed me.

“Oh this is getting ridiculous; I am pregnant not dying…you are in a worse state than me, now give me that bag!” I ordered in a commanding tone that instantly had him relenting and handing it over.

“You can tell my little brother why I am letting you carry it then,” He smiled as we moved towards the exit of the room where he had been for the past few days.

“Awe you scared of your little brother?” I giggled softly as he stopped and looked to the nurse’s station.

”Only when it comes to you baby girl,” He smiled as he glanced back to me. “I will be right back,” He moved away from me as he moved to the station where the nurses were sat talking quietly amongst themselves.

I watched as he began talking to a pretty brunette nurse who had been working his case since he had come out of the OR. I didn’t want to impose but they looked so cute as they nervously seemed to slip in to a silent conversation.

After a few minutes he hugged her tightly and moved over to where I was stood by the elevator waiting for him; his handsome features flushed and shy looking.

“You like her huh?” I asked softly touching his arm as he pressed the button on the wall by the side of the elevator.

“She’s nice, she’s sweet, she’s funny…”

”Wow,” I smiled up at him.

”What?” He asked returning my gaze with those large brown eyes that were so full of soul that I swore he could have an effect on almost anyone that he met.

“You really like her,” I observed glancing back along the corridor to see that she was watching him closely.

“Mmm,” He nodded his head and looking away from me.

“If it is any use; I think that she likes you too,”

”How do you…? What makes you say that?” He asked.

“She is still looking at you,” I said as the elevator doors pinged open.

“She is?” He asked as we stepped inside and turned to face the way we had just come to see for himself that she was indeed still watching him. “Oh,” He smiled shyly as the doors closed; he quickly gave her a wave and she returned it happily.

“Are you seeing her again?” I asked leaning back against the wall of the elevator trying to remain calm; I hated elevators; I was highly claustrophobic; it had started when I was with Steven, I just felt like I was trapped, like the walls were closing in on me and there seemed to be nothing that could stop the feeling from returning time and time again especially when I felt like I was being backed in to a corner or when I was in confined spaces like this.

“We exchanged numbers but I don’t know…we’ll see,” He replied resting back next to me and smiling down at me happily unaware of my growing discomfort. “You know that my little brother would be happy with this news,”

“I have no doubt that he would be,” I tried to laugh back but it wasn’t happening as the elevator seemed to be taking forever to get to the ground floor.

”Hey what’s wrong?” Matt asked instantly pushing away from the wall until he was stood in front of me.

”It’s nothing…Matty,” I panted as the walls felt like they were slowly beginning to close in towards me.

My breath raced away from me, my palms turned sweaty and my heart started pulsating at twice it’s normal speed.

”It’s clearly not nothing sweetie; you’re sweating,” He whispered as he gently wiped the sweat from my forehead.

”I-I’m…I just…get-claustrophobic,” I panted out as the shaft came to a thundering stop and the doors pinged open and I literally tore a path out of the machine.

Matt was right behind me and taking the bag from my hand and slowly began to usher me to a seat until I could get my breath under control and I stopped sweating like a dog in heat.

“We could have taken the stairs baby girl,” Matt said concerned as he knelt painfully down next to me.

“You have just had an operation; it was easier for you to take the elevator,” I mumbled breathlessly as slowly I began to calm down somewhat.

“Are you crazy? This is me we’re talking about…I can handle a few stairs sugar. That just put unnecessary strain on the baby,”

Nodding my head I realized that he was talking sense, I had to start taking more care of myself, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if anything happened to my baby.

We sat there for a few more moments until my breath came back to it’s normal rhythm and I felt the sweat that had encased me begin to ease away leaving me feeling cool and calm from the breeze that was rushing through the open doors of the entrance to the hospital.

Jeff’s POV;
Parking the car in the parking area at the side of my brother’s house, I killed the engine then climbed out and moved to the back and pulled out his bag as Cameron and Matt climbed from the vehicle.

Moving around to the front of the house, we stuck the key in the door and pushed it open.

Letting Matt step inside first as everyone jumped out and welcomed him home as planned. The shock on his face was genuine and happy as our friends moved to hug him tightly.

Ron moved inside in front of me as I closed the door behind me and placed my brother’s bag by the door to his room, which was thankfully on the ground floor.

Once our friends had greeted my brother home they moved to Ron and began to hug her and talk to her stomach causing her to turn and look at me.

”I swear a girl could get a complex with this lot,” She smiled not as put out as she would have everyone believe.

We had talked about her pregnancy with CT and how Steven had treated her and she had confessed that he hadn’t been what you call overly affectionate towards her when she was carrying their son. He never showed up for the hospital appointments, he had never shown her any kind of love when she had been pregnant and he had all but made her feel like a burden to him.

I had vowed that I would ensure that she didn’t feel that way this time round. I would do anything I could to make sure that she continued to feel loved and that I was there for every appointment that we had. This was my baby too and there was nothing that could make me more happy than this moment right now, nothing could stop me from enjoying the experience.

“Awe you know you love it,” Shannon chuckled looking up at her before going back to talking to her tummy.

“This is true,” She giggled placing her hands to her stomach automatically.

“Hey…stop that; the baby can’t hear me; you’re muffling my voice,” Shan complained causing her to giggle a little harder and instantly pull her hands away.

“I’m so sorry reject,” She laughed as I stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms through her waist and clasping my hands in front of her tummy causing Shannon to glare up at me.

“What did I just say?” He asked.

“Too bad; suck it up boy,” I chuckled leading my girl away from him towards the kitchen where I could grab a drink.

“This sucks,” She complained softly as I grabbed a beer from the fridge and popped the lid.

”What does honey?” I asked smiling at her.

“I can’t drink…I would so die for a JD right about now,” She said reaching to the crate of water that Matt had stocked at the side of the fridge for her. “Damn water…it’s so tasteless…”

”Put some juice in it,” I offered as she unscrewed the lid as the sound of the front doorbell ringing reached in to the kitchen where we were stood.

“Eeewwwee no I can’t stand the taste of diluting juice,” She smiled placing the bottle to her mouth as Shannon yelled through that there was someone at the door for her. “Coming,” She yelled back placing her bottle on the counter and moving away from me as Shane came wondering in to the kitchen.

”Hey Skittles,” He smiled pulling himself up on to the counter and watching me closely.

“Hey Helms; how’s it goin’ man?” I asked sipping at my beer.

“Good man; what about you?”

”Never been better dude,” I knew that I was gushing but in all honesty I really didn’t care. Everything that I wanted was in my life; I had a career, I had my health and I had the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with; it really couldn’t get much better than this.

“I can see that you are happy man…”

”But?” I asked waiting for his classic but comment.

”No buts man; I love that girl and I think that she is the best think to ever happen to you, you guys are just so meant to be and I wanted to say that I am happy for ya,” He drawled in his southern accent that had most girls falling over themselves for him, a situation that my friend took full advantage of and why not, he was single, he was young and he had been through a lot in his life too.

“Thanks Shane that means…”

”JEFF!?” Shifty called out to me.

Instantly my thoughts were on Ron as I slammed my bottle down on the counter and raced out in to the living room and then the hall that led in to the house to see her closing the door in a slam so loud that it literally rang through the house.

Her face was ashen white, her posture coiled and angry as she stared at the brown envelope in her hands.

“What is it?” I asked skidding to a stop in front of her as she turned and looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“I-I’ve…I’ve just been served,” She stated softly as Shifty stood behind her; his hand on her shoulder with Amber wrapped up in his other arm.

“Served? I don’t understand by whom?” I asked as she tore the letter open and stared at the contents.

“By Steven’s fucking Parent’s,” She all but growled out of her angrily. “God damn ass backwards motherfucker twunt faced ball bags,” Her classic tirade of abuse came out of her mouth in a flow to steady that I was sure that there were actual sailors cringing somewhere.

Why now though?

Hadn’t their Family done enough and taken enough from her?

Steven was dead and still he seemed to manage to make waves for his ex and I could see the anger etched on her normally calm and beautiful features as I slid my hand down in to hers and excused us from the group of friends that we had over.

Leading her up to our room, I closed the door behind us and led her to the bed; sitting her down, I knelt in front of her and cupped her beautiful face in to mine.

”I need…I have to get a lawyer…” She started trying to get up from where I had placed her.

“No baby you need to calm down first and foremost,” I soothed softly.

”How can you say that Jeff; they are trying to take my son away from me,” She said finally letting the tears fall from her eyes as once again the hormonal balance in her body seemed to bounce of the mark from the surge of being pregnant.

“It’s not going to happen; Matt and I have a good lawyer and we will call him in the morning ok?” I pressed softly wiping the tears away from her cheeks with my thumb.

“I don’t…I can’t wait until…”

”Baby please; you need to trust me when I tell you that right now you need to calm down; you need to try and stay in control,”

”I can’t Jeff; they are trying to say that I am an unfit fucking Mother…how can I stay calm when they are saying things like that to me?” She panted trying with everything inside her to remain calm but it was useless as she all but crumbled in to my embrace.

Not saying another word, I just held her close to me and rocked her back and forth tenderly hoping that I could find a way to calm her down from this state because it wasn’t good for the baby.

Cameron’s POV;
I couldn’t believe the nerve of them. They were trying to say that because I had disappeared in to the night with my son that I wasn’t in my right mind. That I had made up all the things that I had said their precious son had done to me; that I had, had no reason to just up and leave and that now I was settled in Cameron that I had other people looking after my boy while I went off with my boyfriend.

Anger welled inside me to the point where I didn’t think that I could keep it in check; I wanted to scream, I wanted to hit something until I had no energy left but I knew that I had to try and remain calm considering that I was pregnant.

Removing myself from Jeff’s arms, I moved to the boxes in the corner of the room, I sat down, crossed my legs and pulled the lid from the box.

”What are you doing baby girl?” Jeff asked shuffling to the edge of the bed and watching me closely.

“I am trying to find all the evidence that I need for proving what their son did to me,” I said turning back to the box and pulling out the X-rays that I had, had when Steven had taken me to the emergency room.

Unfortunately there were no statements because his God damn cop friends had swept it all under the carpet but surely there would have been a paper trail of my call to 911 but even as I thought it I knew that I was reaching.

They would have made sure that it was erased, they would have never filed the complaint that I had made, so in reality all I had were the X-rays that had been taken. I just prayed and hoped that they would be enough.

The sound of someone knocking on the bedroom door tore through my thought process as I continued digging in the box for more evidence that could help me.

”Yeah?” Jeff said softly.

”It’s just me can I come in?” Amber asked from the other side of the door.

”Sure honey,” Jeff replied as the door opened and silence met my ears. Turning to see my best friend looking at Jeff questioningly who just shrugged his shoulders and got to his feet. Moving to me he leaned down and kissed my head softly before leaving the room, leaving me alone with my best friend.

“What you doin’ hon?” Amber asked moving to me and sitting down next to me.

“Looking for evidence,” I stated calmly.


”Of what that ass backwards fucker did to me; I know that I have more X-rays somewhere,” I mumbled getting lost in the box.

Without saying another word, Amber beginning helping me as she pulled out another box and began going through the contents; giving me her support without question and I was grateful.

For a woman who had never been abused; she had always gotten it, she had always supported my decisions without question and now was no different and it made me more than glad that I had her in my life as it seemed that she realized the desperation of the situation that I was suddenly facing.

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Jeff’s POV;
Matt had been informed that he had to take 6 weeks off to recoup after his appendectomy and it was driving him crazy. My brother was a wrestler through and through; the thought of not being able to do the thing that he had known his whole life seemed to be bringing him down.

But the nurse who had been working his case had been coming over to the house to check on him, and spend time with him, which Ron had said was good for him because she could see a spark forming between the pair.

After talking to our lawyer; my girl had calmed down significantly. James, who had been our lawyer for years, had informed her that with the X-rays from her various injuries inflicted by Steven she had absolutely nothing to worry about. There was no way that Steven’s Parent’s would get custody of CT.

Ron had been nervous when she had heard that they were citing how much she was away from home but James had continued to tell her that she was providing a home for her son and doing what she could to ensure that she could provide for him and no jury in the world would see it any other way. Infact he had gone on to suggest that we file a claim for harassment to let them know that we weren’t going to take this sitting down.

Ron had instantly agreed and he had set the wheels in motion, so all we had to do was wait for the court date to come around and thankfully it was scheduled for the court house here in Cameron, which meant we were on home turf; a simple fact that I knew helped Cameron calm down a little more.

“Come on babe; you know that you can do better than this,” Ron urged me as we stood in the Omega ring that we still had set up in the woods.

Facing each other, I was giving her a few pointers on how to handle herself in the wrestling ring, which was completely different to the boxing ring or the martial arts ring that she had gotten used to training in.

“I can’t Ron, I am…”

”Scared?” She mocked me moving towards me and pushing me on the chest. “Come on; you can’t be scared of hurting me…it’s me Jeff; you can’t hurt me…” She said watching me and instantly my eyes were drawn down to her tummy. “Oh you’re scared of hurting the baby?”

I nodded my head in agreement; what if I was a little too rough with her and I accidentally hurt the baby?

I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I caused her or the baby any type of damage.

“Come on…you know that if I feel like I am in danger or the baby is in danger I will let you know,” She pressed softly as she moved closer to me and brushed her lips against my own.

“Mmm this is much better,” I growled grabbing her in to my embrace and pulling her hard against me.

“No! No! No!” She giggled softly as she prized herself out of my arms.

”Hey; I thought you guys were training,” Matt said approaching through the woods with Kara at his side.

“I told you they looked good together,” Ron whispered in to my ear before I could reply. “We’re supposed to be but he is being a strong vein of pussy juice,”

“Hey!” I growled as Kara started giggling as Matt smiled as he approached the ring with the nurse who had been helping him, at his side happily basking in his presence.

Maybe this was what he needed to get past what he was feeling for Ron. At least I hoped that it was what he needed.

“So not fair,” I complained as Ron giggled from my embrace where I had captured her.

“You know it’s true,” She laughed as she moved away from me and leaned down to help Kara in to the ring as Matt slid inside and slowly got to his feet. “Howya doin’ Kara?”

“I’m good thanks and you?” The pretty brunette replied as she moved towards Matt where she obviously felt comfortable.

“I’m great if my man would stop treating me like I am a fucking invalid,” Ron said turning and looking at me.

”Men they think just cos your pregnant you become incapable of doing anything huh?” She asked looking from me to Ron.

“Exactly,” Ron replied. “Kara you’re a nurse; is it safe for me to be in the ring?”

“Well we wouldn’t normally advice it but Matt said that you have been fighting for a while right?”

“That’s right,”

“Then I don’t see why it should be a problem as long as you don’t take any hits to the stomach and you are careful…I mean you know your own body and you know your limits right?”

“Completely,” Ron agreed turning and looking at me. “See…! Now fight me!” She said as Matt chuckled from the corner turnbuckle where he had rested.

Looking at Kara with a look of are you sure and she just nodded her head yes and moved across to where Matt was stood.

Fine if the nurse said it was ok then I didn’t see there being a problem, so I moved towards Ron taking a deep breath to calm me down from the thought of actually laying my hands on her in a violent way.

This really made me feel uncomfortable but she had told me that although she loved our friends she didn’t trust anyone other than me to be the one to train her for her first appearance. Although there was no threat of her having to actually fight she wanted to be safe rather than sorry.

Cameron’s POV;
Hooking my legs around Jeff’s neck; I propelled myself backwards and literally pulled his body with me until his back was slamming down on to the canvas of the ring. Rolling back to him I pinned him hard to the canvas and I could feel him struggling to get up as Matt slammed his foot down on the ring; 1, 2, 3.

Letting my man go, he looked up at me and I could see the concern in his eyes as he pulled me in to his arms. Holding on to him tightly I let my head rest against his.

“You did brilliant baby girl,” He whispered softly.

”She sure did; that last move was amazing Cam,” Matt gushed from the turnbuckle where he and Kara hadn’t moved from since Jeff and I had really started fighting.

“Why thank you! So what do y’all say; am I ready for a fight?” I asked excitedly.

”More than you even realize,” Jeff chuckled from my infectious mood.

Sweat covered the entire length of my body as I slowly got to my feet and reached my hand down for my man who looked at me suspiciously.

”Not this time dude,” I giggled. A few times I had pretended to help him to his feet only for him to accept my offer and for me to let him go half way to his feet.

“Sure?” He groaned from where he was lying out on his back.

“Positive,” I smiled as his hand clasped in to mine and I slowly began to help pull him up.

”If you let me go you’re coming down with me; I can assure you,” He growled causing me to laugh loudly along with Matt and Kara.

The four of us slid out of the ring, and moved back up to the main house just as CT was getting home from school. I was thankful that he had such good friends and was more than grateful when his friend’s Mom had suggested that we share the trips back and forth to school; today had been her day to transport them both so that had given me time to train with Jeff.

”Mom! Mom!” My son came running towards me and hugged me so tightly that I saw Jeff cringe.

”What is it baby? Did something happen?” I asked wiping the hair from his face as the 4 of us were literally grounded from where my son had thrown himself at me.

”Luke asked me if I want to go to the movies tonight and his Mom said it would be ok with her to take us if you want; can I go? Can I?” He asked his voice excited.

Looking at Jeff who shrugged his shoulders; leaving the decision up to me.

“Do you have homework?” I asked smiling back down at him.

”No…we finished all our work for the week,” He informed me.

”All right if you want to go then I don’t see why not,” I smiled at him.

”Yay I love you Mom,” He said hugging me a little tighter before finally letting me go and disappearing in to the house ahead of us.

”He seems to be a handful,” Kara said as we walked behind Matt and Jeff.

”Yeah he can be but that is what makes him my son, I wouldn’t be without him,”

”Jeff isn’t his Dad though is he?” She asked me.

“No he’s not! His Dad…he looks to Jeff as his Father and I am ok with that,” I admitted as we stepped in to the house and watched CT disappear from view up the stairs to his room.

Jeff and Matt led the way in to the kitchen with Kara and I following behind them. I stopped at the island in the middle of the room and looked at the people that I shared my life with and excused myself to go and call Luke’s Mom to ensure that it was indeed ok for her to take the boys to the movies.

Matt’s POV;
I really liked Kara; she seemed to get me and she was almost as much fun to hang out with as Cam. Pushing thoughts of Cameron out of my head I looked from Kara to Jeff.

“I have an idea,” Jeff said helping himself to some OJ from the fridge.

”Ut oh; that could be fatal,” I smiled at him causing Kara to giggle softly.

“HEY!” Jeff objected loudly as he closed the fridge door and turned to look at me. “If you’re gonna be like that then I don’t think I wanna talk to you,”

“Sorry little brother; what were you thinking?” I asked leaning against the counter.

”Well since CT is going out, that will leave us the house…why don’t you come over Kara and we can have a meal and watch a movie or something?” He suggested.

”I wouldn’t want to impose…” Kara started.

“You wouldn’t be,” I interrupted her quickly. “I’d like you to come over; to save me from watching those 2 all over each other if for nothing else,”

Smooth Matt; I could have slapped myself; why couldn’t I just have left it at I would like you to come over?

No I had to be an ass and leave her thinking that I didn’t want to spend time with her other than to avoid watching my brother and his girl, who still set my heart racing, all over each other.

“You’re sure?” She giggled softly as she turned and looked in to my eyes.

”Completely, come back around 7?” I suggested as Jeff excused himself to go ‘shower’ sure if he thought we were buying that then maybe Cam had hit him harder on the head than we realized.

Kara agreed to come over at 7 so I walked her to the door and watched as she climbed in to her car and took off. Closing the door behind myself I moved to my room with my thoughts on Kara hoping against hope that this girl could help me get past what I was feeling for my brother’s girl because it was time that I moved on from something that I knew was never going to happen.

Jeff’s POV;
I closed the bedroom door when I realized that Kara was gone, I liked her she seemed to be like she could be good for my big brother and maybe just maybe it would help him get past what he felt for Ron.

My eyes landed on her as she stripped out of her cloths while talking on the phone to Luke’s Mom, unaware of me walking in to the room, I slowly and silently padded my way to her and wrapped my arms around her and placed a light string of kisses over her shoulder blades that were still glistening with the sweat that she had worked up.

“Cindy I have to go…no I am sure it is fine…ok about 6.30 that is great thank you so much and next time it will be on me…I know thanks, all right see you about 6.30…k bye,” She giggled softly as she hung up and threw her phone on to the bed.

Turning in my arms, her own found their way around my neck as I found that I became entangled in her beautiful dark eyes that never failed to make me feel this way.

“You’re an evil man Mr. Hardy,” She smiled brightly.

”And I can see that you are happy about that,” I growled running my hands up the soft smooth flesh of her back until they were caught in her smooth hair.

“Mmm like you wouldn’t believe,” She purred softly.

“So CT is going out for the night and I invited Kara over tonight…I thought we could all have a meal together and maybe watch a movie…”

”You sly little devil,”

”What? What I do?” I asked resting my forehead against hers.

”Don’t think I don’t know what you are doing,” She laughed loudly.

“What am I doing?”

”You want to check this girl out; you want to make sure that she is good enough for your brother…”

“I take offense to that…that isn’t what I am doing…”

”Isn’t it?” She asked removing herself from my arms and moving towards the ensuite with me hot on her tail.

“No it’s really not,” I objected. “I just think that she and Matt would be good together; I mean from the way that she looks at him to the way that he looks at her it is obvious that they are in to one another but for whatever reason they…”

”Are holding back from one another?”

“Exactly,” I said watching my girl lean in to the shower and turn it on. “Care for some company in there?” I growled feeling my need for her building as I watched her almost naked frame moving around the room.

“Is someone feeling horny?” She giggled stopping in front of the his and her sinks and looking in to the mirror as she grabbed her brush and began to pull out her messy ponytail and brushed the tangles; from our workout, out of her hair.

“Like you’re not!” I chuckled stripping out of my own cloths and stepping under the hot water; letting it begin to wash away the sweat that had built.

“It don’t look like I have much of a choice does it,” She smiled as she turned to make her way in to the cubicle with me.

“Nope!” I stretched out my hands for her and helped her in to the stand with me and closed the door behind her; before wrapping her up in to my arms.

As the water beat down on our naked bodies turning them wet and clean our lips met in an explosive kiss that seemed to turn the heat up in the small room quickly.

All thoughts of Matt’s love life escaped my mind as I became lost in the eyes and body of the girl I was holding close to me.

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Cameron’s POV;
I can’t believe how sick I feel; the butterflies are fluttering around the pit of my stomach and threatening to exit my body by way of long violent and painful retching. My hands were damp from sweat and my knees were knocking so loudly together that I was sure the fans that had been let in to the arena could hear them all the way out in the main area of the chosen arena.

Wave after wave of nerves rose in me as I realized that in little less than an hour I would stepping out on to the ramp that led down to the ring in the middle of the arena; just like Chris Jericho and CM Punk had done.

How was I meant to do this?

I wasn’t a superstar, I wasn’t anybody and in a small way I wanted to remain that way.

Why the hell had I agreed to this?

Just as the thought entered my mind; Jeff placed his hand on my leg gently and I was reminded of why I was doing this. To give my man the chance of a title shot.

“You ok there beautiful?” He asked the amusement evident in his voice.

”You’re finding this highly amusing ain’tchya?” I asked resting my hand over the top of his.

“A little bit,” He let out a long rumble of laughter as he leaned in and kissed my head softly. “You were the one who said they wanted to do this…”

”I know…I know I said that I wanted to do it but saying I wanted too and actually doing are 2 completely different things babe,” I said knowing that I sounded like a complete hypocrite but right in this moment I didn’t care.

“Just stay focused on me and nothing else; forget all those people out there and just remember that you are amazing for even thinking about doing this for me, ok?” He soothed as he gently took my face in to his hands.

“I-I’ll try,” I said feeling everything slipping away until it was just me and him.

“Jeff Hardy!” Todd Grisham, the backstage announcer moved over to where Jeff and I were sat quietly talking about the match that was coming up.

As my eyes lifted I could see that he had a camera with him and the sound of the crowd in the packed stadium went crazy at the sight of the rainbow haired warrior. The nerves started to build again and I was struggling to remain calm.

“Hey Todd,” Jeff smiled slowly getting to his feet and holding his hand out for me. Looking up at his handsome face he smiled down and nodded his head; so I placed my hand in to his and almost instantly the nerves seemed to melt away.

“How are you Jeff?” He asked smiling at me before placing the mike under Jeff’s face.

”I’m great thank you; how are you?” Jeff asked wrapping his arm around my shoulder and holding me close to him.

This was either genius thinking on Vince’s part or complete and utter suicide for Jeff’s career. Considering the way some of his fans reacted to hearing I was his girlfriend, it seemed to me that it could possibly mean a loss of fans for my man.

“I’m good thank you! Now I heard that Vince has given you a Valet,”

”That’s right,” Jeff replied giving my arm a supportive squeeze.

“And it just happens to be your real life girlfriend?” He asked looking at me.

“Yeah; my girl Ron! I know that I haven’t had the best success with Valet’s before but I figure that was because I hadn’t been teamed with the right woman…but this; this feels more right than ever,” Jeff replied smiling as he kissed my forehead softly.

Cheers seeped through the backstage area where we were stood talking to the announcer. Maybe this wasn’t going to be that bad; I thought to myself as the Todd continued to talk to Jeff about his up coming match with Umaga and just the mention of the huge Samoan man I felt my insides tense with sickness again.

Cameron; North Carolina;
Shifty’s POV;
Cam hadn’t wanted to know that we were going to be watching tonight although it was obvious that we were going to be watching, we wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Seeing her on the screen; I could see how nervous she was and it seemed to get worse when the announcer, Todd mentioned Umaga who Jeff would be fighting in a few short moments.

Looking to Matt to see that he was watching the TV with as much interest as I was. I knew that he was still caught up in his feelings for my little sister but he was trying really hard to get past what he felt by spending a lot of time with the woman who had been his nurse in the hospital.

From all accounts she would be here soon; when her shift finished she was heading straight over to hopefully see the match with Jeff accompanied by Cam to the ring.

I didn’t know the girl that well, I hadn’t spent as much time with her as Amber and Cam had but it seemed that Amber liked her as much as Cam did.

Wrapping my arm around my girl I pulled her against my frame; holding her close as the announcer talked to Cameron about what she felt about going out there for the first time.

I had been worried that the fans wouldn’t take to her but the more she talked; the more she relaxed and became herself, which seemed to instantly win over the fans that went crazy for her and Jeff.

“She’s going to be just fine,” Matt announced proudly almost like the dotting Father.

In a small way he was like a Father figure to my little sister; I know that she went to him for advice, she leaned on him when she was struggling with the early stages of her pregnancy and she valued his opinion almost above everyone else’s.

It was just a difficult situation for everyone; Cam didn’t realize just how easy it was to like her and that wasn’t me being biased because she was my little sister. I knew it wasn’t easy for her to see things that were obvious to everyone else because she had, had it drummed in to her head so often that she was worthless and ugly that the thought of more than one man being attracted to her was something that she didn’t understand.

The sound of the front door opening indicated that Kara was here and right enough she strolled in to the living room and sat down next to Matt who wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him as he kissed the top of her head.

“How was you shift beautiful lady?” He asked softly as the RAW programme went to commercial break.

“It was ok; we have been real quiet since you left…” She smiled up at him and I could see that she was in to him but the question was could Matt get past what he felt for my little sister enough to have something that could obviously potentially be really special.

“Oh really? You say all the right things sweetie,” He chuckled softly as the girl in his arms rested in to his embrace and he welcomed her readily without thought.

Amber looked up at me and smiled and I knew that she was hoping that they would get together and that way everything would get back to normal; for everyone.

Matt’s POV;
Straight back from commercial the sound of Jeff’s entrance music pumped through the stadium and out of the TV speakers until the house seemed to be filled with it.

Then there they were; moving out in to the arena; Cameron draped on the arm of my little brother clad in a pair of trousers that were matched with Jeff’s famous black combats with the white seaming. On Cameron however they were hanging tightly to her hips reminiscent of Lita’s ring attire. A red thong was visible on her hips as the top she was wearing left the bare soft flesh of her midsection visible to the eye.

It was clearly obvious that Jeff had gotten his hands on her hair; the same red that was in his own streaked through Cameron’s long dark brown locks that had been curled making it bounce freely as she let go of Jeff so he could do his entrance dance.

“Welcome to the ring first from Cameron; North Carolina, weighing in at 225 pounds; JEFF HARDY!” Lillian Garcia announced. “Accompanied to the ring by Cameron Reid,”

The crowd went crazy as the 2 of them moved down towards the ring; Jeff stopping and shaking hands with the fans that littered ring side.

Jeff did a baseball slide in to the ring and moved to the turnbuckle and held his hand out to Cam; who took it shakily; it was more than obvious that she was nervous as he pulled down the ropes to escort her in to the ring.

Once he was satisfied that she was safely in the ring, he moved to the turnbuckles and climbed up; waving and acknowledging fans that held up their Hardy signs.

Jumping down he moved back to Cameron and kissed her fully on the lips before he escorted her out of the ring to the far side where she looked more nervous than ever.

“And welcome from the isle in Samoa; weighing in at 350 pounds…UMAGA!” Lillian announced as the crowd went into a tirade of booing that didn’t seem to phase the huge bulldozer that the man had been dubbed.

Even before the man could get in to the ring; Jeff delivered a baseball kick to the man; taking him out in the early stages of the match. Smiling as my little brother slid all the way out of the ring and let rip on him. Cameron moved forward and chanted for Jeff, which was what, she told me, had been told what to do.

Jeff’s POV;
Cameron was doing everything that she had been told to do; cheering me on; getting the crowd riled up in to chanting HARDY! Over and over again. I knew that my attention was split as I ensured that Ron was ok and tried to remain focused on the man who was literally throwing me around the ring like a rag doll.

The crowd were going crazy with thanks to Cameron; infact I don’t think I had ever heard a crowd so united before but she was doing a great job and I allowed myself a little grin as I watched her slamming her hands down on the canvas of the ring, chanting my name over and over again.

Umaga threw me in to the far right corner turnbuckle and moved to the opposite one; raising his arms in the air to inform me that he was getting ready to do the bulldozer; I was supposed to let it happen. I just hoped that Ron and I were right in trusting him.

And there he was my supposed ‘savior’ racing down to the ring causing the crowd to let out a loud chant of boo’s as he stopped at the side of the ring and looked to Ron as scripted; instantly she began shrinking away from him as he slid in to the ring behind Umaga who had started moving towards me.

In a swift movement Randy delivered his signature RKO as I slumped to the matt as scripted; Umaga lay supposedly unconscious on the canvas as Randy moved towards me and lifted my arm until he had all but dragged me to Umaga and placed my arm over the huge man.

Standing back as the ref threw himself to the canvas and slammed his hand down once, twice and three times causing the crowd to erupt out in to cheers and chants that I swore could raise the roof of the stadium.

Following the instructions of the script, I sat up and watched him climb out of the ring and look over to Cameron and wink at her.

Slowly getting to my feet as Randy disappeared backstage as planned and scripted leaving me looking at Cameron as she turned back to look at me as was scripted. I couldn’t help the jealous streak that erupted inside me; it wasn’t a surprise because I had known that since Vince had told us his plans that I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

The ref helped me to my feet as Lillian stepped up to the side of the ring and announced in to the microphone.

“And here is your winner; JEFF HARDY!” The crowd went crazy as the ref lifted my hand in to the air as Cameron slid in to the ring and moved to in front of me.

Taking her in to my arms; I pressed my lips to hers as she melted in to my arms. Pulling apart as Umaga slowly got to his feet and made to come after Cameron.

This was the part that I had been worried about all night; there was no threat when Ron had been on the outside of the ring…well not as much as there was right in this moment.

Cameron’s POV;
So far this had gone as exactly as planned and scripted but this was the moment that had been scaring me more than anything else of the whole match.

We had sat and talked to Umaga but so many things could go wrong and I felt my entire body shaking with fear as he advanced on Jeff and me.

Umaga went to grab Jeff but I stepped in front of my man and was instantly in Umaga’s clutches and the crowd went crazy screaming for Jeff to help.

Umaga leaned down to lift me over his shoulder and on the way down he whispered softly.

“Go with me honey,” His tone was authorative and Vince had explained that who ever was going to be manhandling me had to be gentle and that they had to keep me calm because the more freaked out I became the more chance there was of me getting really hurt.

Just as he was starting to lift me from the ground Jeff delivered a drop kick to his face perfectly square on his nose and I was instantly dropped to the ground.

Rolling out of the way before Umaga fell forwards; Jeff quickly scooped me up in to his arms and slid out of the ring with me and made his way up the ramp.

“You ok?” He asked me softly as we reached the top of the ramp.

“Are you kidding? I feel amazing,” I giggled softly wrapping my arms around his neck as we disappeared behind the large wall that separated the front of the stadium from the back.

Gently letting me down he kissed me powerfully as Umaga came crashing back stage and smiled at us slapping Jeff on the back.

“Good work guys,” He said as Randy approached us from where he had been waiting.

“You ok honey?” Randy asked me as we hugged.

I hadn’t been overly sure that we could trust him to come out as scripted especially since this whole story line was going to be heading in the direction of Jeff getting a shot at the title.

But he had proved us both wrong and come out; did what he had too and delivered it perfectly.

“I’m more than ok dude,” I smiled up as Jeff claimed me back in to his arms. “That was amazing…scary as hell but amazing, I feel so pumped,” I gushed as the sound of Jeff’s phone ringing interrupted us.

“It’s Matt; I will be right back,” Jeff said moving away from where I was stood with Randy and Umaga; not exactly where I had thought I would be.

After all that Randy had done to me and Jeff and my son, I had never thought that we could ever be friends but here we were getting along perfectly well.

That didn’t mean that we were friends because I didn’t forget that easily but at least we were somewhat closer to being friends than we had been a few months ago.

“So you’re pumped huh?” Edward aka; Umaga chuckled.

“I really am,” I laughed softly as we stood chatting; my eyes were drawn to my man who was talking to his brother on the phone.

I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel; something about being at ring side with him, being in the ring with him was making me horny as hell and nothing could deter me from my goal.

Excusing myself from Randy and Umaga by hugging them and thanking them they both bid me goodnight as I moved over to where my man was still on the phone to Matt.

Taking the phone from his hands, I placed it to my ear.

“Jeff will have to call you back Matty…”

”Wait! Wait! Why?”

“We have couple things that we need to do,” I said.

“Eeewwwweeee I did not need to know that…” My big brother chuckled softly.

”You asked! We’ll talk to you later,” I said hanging up and grinning at my man as I reached for his hand and led him to his dresser room.

Without any complaint.

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Jeff’s POV;
Ron and I crashed in to the locker room; kissing long and hard, our hands roaming over each others bodies as we stumbled towards the shower cubicles. Slamming in to the first cubicle and slamming in to the concrete surrounding wall.

“Jeff,” She panted breathlessly as my lips moved from hers to her neck and biting down on the flesh.

“Ron…oh fuck I want you so bad,” I growled as my hands tore at the buttons and the zip on her trousers; neither of us really caring about being completely naked, or the fact that anyone could walk in on us.

We were too lost in the passion that had erupted between us to care if we were caught. Finally tearing the zipper open I tugged on the material that hung to her hips and they fell to the ground.

Almost as soon as she stepped out of them we were both ripping at the matching buttons and zip on my matching trousers until they easily fell from my legs.

“You are so hot,” She purred letting her talented finger tips trail over the tip of my throbbing cock until I was panting and breathless from the pleasure that she erupted out of me.

“Fuck Ron; I can’t wait…” I grunted sliding her up the cold tiled wall until she was wrapping her legs tightly around me and slamming down hard on to my cock as I thundered my way up in to her with all the power I had.

Burying my cock so deep inside her I was sure that I had to be hurting her but no words of complaint escaped her lips as my cock throbbed madly inside her, giving her the chance to mold around me until I was certain that I had gone straight to heaven from the amazing soft feeling that surrounded me.

Bringing my lips to her breasts that were pushed so tightly together that I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t falling out of the bra and the v neck of her tight midriff t-shirt. Licking my tongue over the exposed flesh had her entire body trembling and it seemed to seep down through her pussy and over the top of my cock.

“Mmmm…mmmm…mmm…mmmm,” She moaned over and over again as words seemed to be out with her vocabulary at this moment as my teeth began to slowly nibble on the flesh of her breasts; slowly moving until I was biting hard through the material of the top.

Dragging out of her quickly and steady only to drive back in to her hard and fast; filling her completely as if I had been literally made to be inside her.

“Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jjjjeeeefffffff!” She moaned out desperately as we slammed together hard and rough; my teeth biting down on her nipples hard.

I couldn’t seem to get enough of her; slamming and driving in and out of her until I could feel my need becoming squashed from the power that erupted between us.

“Tell…me…you…love…me?” She panted.

“I love you,” I grunted as she slid her arms up over her head and hooked her hands over the top of the cubicle; giving me a break from having to support her weight.

Moving my legs back a little so that I had all the power of my hips to ram deep inside her; instantly her insides were constricting violently getting ready to explode over me in a way that only she knew how to do.

Cameron’s POV;
Helping him by taking my weight on to my arms as I pumped up and down on his thick hard shaft that filled me in ways that no man had ever filled me before.

Sweat encased us tightly, as my arms flexed from the grip over the top of the tiles until I could feel an ache beginning to set in as time and time again he powered in to me with all the power that he possessed in his hips.

Pleasure began to build from the friction of his dick driving in to me so roughly that I couldn’t stop the smile from sliding over my lips.

“You like that?” He growled his eyes moving away from my breasts to meet my own and I was almost instantly drowning in his tiger like eyes and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere than right here in this moment with him; lost in the ecstasy that he was inflicting on me.

“Like…you-you…wouldn’t-believe!” I panted as my release came crashing out of me so violently that I lost my grip on the wall behind me for a split second but as his hands moved to my ass to catch me I quickly tightened my grip on the tiles.

Wave upon wave washed through every vein in my body; I had never had anything like what Jeff and I shared, with anyone before and in a small way I knew that Jeff was my drug of choice.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…yes, yes, yes, yyyyeeeeesssss!” I moaned out of me as pleasure reached a new height in side me where I couldn’t fight it; I couldn’t ignore it and I didn’t want too, I wanted to become entangled in the things that he was doing to me, I wanted to get lost in his powerful eyes that were still watching me closely.

“Tell me you love me?” He growled desperately bringing his hands to my ass despite not actually needing too, he spread me a little wider, which seemed to give him room to slam so deep inside me that I was shivering from the feel of him so deep.

“Oh fuck Jeff; I-I…love…you!” I purred breathlessly as my release seemed to tip in to the valley of non-existence; leaving a weak and trembling body in its place.

“Oh fuck…oh God Ron…you’re so soft, you’re so wet…fuck you’re so tight,” He growled desperately as he twitched his body against mine desperately as he unloaded himself inside me so violently that I could feel his cock throbbing inside me as his body slammed against me hungrily. “I-I…I-I…love-you Ron,”

“Mmm…mmmm…keep cuming for me handsome,” I purred in to his ear as his body slammed in to mine one last time and just stayed hard against me, his breath escaping through his gorgeous red lips and in to my ear leaving me panting and shivering out of control.

Slowly his cock slid out of me and gently he placed me down on to the floor of the cubicle, and wrapped his powerfully strong arms around me and held me so close that the heat between us was causing condensation to build on the tiles of the cubicle where we had succumbed to the passion between us.

Jeff’s POV;
Eventually we managed to get back in to our trousers and stumbled out of the cubicle just as Vince came crashing in to the locker room.

“There you 2 are; I have been looking for you both,” He said completely oblivious to the flushed looks on our faces as we moved towards the main area of the locker room.

“Sorry,” Ron and I both mumbled before looking at each other and smiling.

“How did it feel being out there tonight Cameron?” Vince asked ushering us to the bleachers and sitting down between me and my girl as Randy came in to the locker room with CM Punk.

“I felt actually surprisingly calm and relaxed,”

”I have to say that you did seem to relax once you got used to being there,” Vince agreed scratching his chin; a sure fire sign that he was thinking. “I was watching from backstage and I have to say that a few ideas hit me; but I want to see you, Jeff and Randy in my office in Connetticut in a week’s time,”

“Yes sir,” Ron replied as she stretched her body out causing Randy and Punk to both become slightly flustered on the spot but she didn’t notice; that was just her way; she didn’t see the effect that she had on the opposite sex and it was one of the things that I loved most about her.

“You and Jeff have a photo shoot in the morning,” Vince announced. “We need to get some stills done with the 2 of you; something sexy and intimate I think,”

”You got it,” She smiled leaning forward to look at me and winking sexily.

“Yes sir,” I smiled back at her and licked my lips as she leaned back.

“Good well you did great tonight, and I will see the 3 of you in a week,” Our manager got to his feet and nodded at Randy and Punk as he moved past them. “Your schedule for tomorrow is waiting for you at the hotel,”

“Thank you Mr. McMahon,” Ron said moving towards me and falling against my frame where I welcomed her readily.

We watched the chairman leave the locker room, and close the door behind him which seemed to leave Ron collapsing against me a little harder.

We talked to Randy and Punk for a little while before we gathered up our things and said goodnight to our friends and headed in the direction of the hotel where we were staying.

Cameron’s POV;
Standing in the offices where Jeff and I were scheduled to do the interview; which hadn’t been all that bad, a few questions had come up about the man in the ring a few months back. I had handled it ok I figured, giving the story but without a long explanation of the why’s and when’s. The interviewer had seemed happy enough with the answer then gone on to ask what the future held for Jeff and me.

Now we were waiting to do the photo shoot that I was completely dreading. I could hardly believe that this was where my life had come too. After being with Steven and running for all those years, I was worried that I had somehow slipped in to some kind of dream.

I mean I had dreamt about the day that Steven was dead for countless years but now that it had actually happened; I hadn’t pictured it happening in the way that it had. At the expense of my man and everything that he had worked so hard for.

“You ok baby girl?” He whispered as he gently ran his hand on the lower half of my back to soothe me and it was working wonders.

“Mmhmm; just a little nervous,” I admitted looking up in to his beautiful stormy eyes to find them already watching me closely.

“You’ll be fine! I am right here with you so just relax and follow my lead yeah?”

“Ok,” I nodded as a door opened and an extravagant looking man came bounding out towards us.

“Jeff and Cameron I assume?” He asked stopping just short of us and extending his hand.

I nodded as Jeff agreed that it was indeed us, we both shook his hand then let him lead us in to his studio, which was decorated in white and had loads of leather sofas spaced out with faux fur throws draped all over the place.

“Mr. McMahon has informed me that he wants sexy and elegant for this shoot, so I was thinking…” The man started to say as he showed us around.

Jeff and I exchanged looks and smiled as the man wove his hands in the air in time to his words. This was going to be entertaining if nothing else; I thought to myself as I followed the man in to the woman’s dressing room.

Jeff’s POV;
When asked what music we wanted to listen to for the shoot we had both said the same thing; Theory of a Deadman. Ever since that night in the motel when Steven had been brought back in to her life; we had been listening to the new album from the band and the song All or Nothing had become our song.

So here I was stood in front of a huge black back drop; in a pair of the same trousers that I wore in the ring, waiting for Ron to come out of the dressing room where she had disappeared 10 minutes ago after the first set of photos had been taken of her in the same kind of outfit that she had worn on the show last night.

Stuffing my hands in my pockets I moved away from the back drop and moved to the large window and looked out on to the street of the busy city where we were leaving later tonight.

“All right Jeff; what I want for this shoot is hot, I want desire and I want seduction in your eyes,” The man in charge who we had found out was named Charles instructed me as he switched the CD on to the one song that reflected the life that Cameron and I shared; our song.

Turning in time to see her moving out of the dressing room, dressed in a floor length suede black skirt that clung to her curves desperately as if it had to be sprayed in to place; a long slit slid up the right thigh. My eyes drank in her beauty as they moved to her top half; wearing nothing but a black lace bra with red stitching; her breasts pushed hard together and up giving her the type of cleavage that had me groaning inwardly at how amazing she looked and not being able to be alone with her.

This man was trying to drive me crazy, I was sure of it as I watched her hips swinging as she walked towards me; her long dark hair bouncing as she all but glided to me and stopping in front of me.

Instantly my breath was racing away from me; desperation was kicking in and I knew she felt it as my cock throbbed desperately against her hip.

We listened as he told us the position he wanted us in so she stayed in front of me as we moved back to the black back drop until we were centre.

With her back to the camera; she slid one hand up my naked chest until she was all but cupping the side of my face.

“Good Cameron; now look up at him like you want him,” Charles ordered her. “Great,” He encouraged as her eyes met mine with a look that said it all; I was going to get so lucky when we got back to the hotel. “Now Jeff; place one hand to her lower back and let the other touch on her hand that is on your face,” He instructed, doing as I was told I received my own form of encouragement. “Now tilt your head slightly towards her and return the look she is giving you,”

The sound of the clicking of the camera made this less than intimate, I was aware of assistants rushing around taking the rolls of film as he finished them.

“Now slowly begin to unclip her bra,” He ordered me. Snapping my head up to look at him.

“Not a chance…” I growled.

“There are going to be no topless shots Mr. Hardy, it is just for show,” He instructed me.

Looking down to my girl she nodded her head, so I slowly began to unclip the hooks of the material that was holding her breasts in place, snapping and encouragement met our ears as she smiled up at me.

“Now begin to slide the straps down,” He instructed as Cameron moved so that she was directly in front of me. Doing as I was told he almost screeched in delight. “Now look down at her; make love to her with those eyes Jeff,”

The strain in my trousers was getting more and more noticeable and I knew that was why she had moved in front of me. Looking down in to her eyes to see her looking up at me with a sultry and seductive glint in her own normally calm dark eyes but now all I could see was hunger and desire staring up at me innocently.

Once Charles was seemingly happy with the amount of photos he had taken from this position, he allowed me to clip Ron back up before instructing her to turn so that she was facing the camera; and to slide her arm up and around my neck, then instructing me to look down at her as she tilted her head slightly in my direction. Our lips lingering dangerously close to one another’s; the spark was almost debilitating as the feel of her breath on my face seemed intent on burning through me until all I could think about was getting her alone.

Photo after photo was taken from this angle then we were instructed to sit down on the sofa; having me lying back with her draped over my body in seductive position that had me once again straining against the material of my trousers.

Finally the last shots were taken of me lying on my back on a huge faux fur throw on the floor with her lying next to me; her head laying on my stomach; her soft smooth hair fanned out over my upper torso and my hand draped across her chest; holding on to her arm gently.

Thankfully we were done and were allowed to go change back in to our normal cloths. Thanking the photographer for all his work, we left the building wrapped up in each other.

“That was amazing…a little uncomfortable but amazing,” She giggled softly.

“It really was and now I can’t wait to get you back to that hotel,”

”Something on your mind Mr. Hardy?” She smiled up at me as the sting of the cold Chicago afternoon air bit in to my lungs sharply.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” I growled pulling her hard against my frame as we made for the car to take us back to the hotel.

With one thing on my mind and one thing only; this whole photo shoot had made me the horny one; Ron had hit the horny stage of her pregnancy and suddenly it seemed the roles had been reversed for a change.

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Jeff’s POV;
Randy, Cameron and I were stood outside Vince’s office in the WWE headquarters in Connetticut where we were scheduled to meet with him in five minutes time; then we had an uncharacteristic four days off, which of course meant that we were heading straight back to Cameron for some R&R.

Randy scuffed his feet across the vinyl floor loudly as he seemed to be more nervous than I had ever seen him look. It wasn’t a sight that you saw rarely; he was always so calm and collected that he didn’t rarely show any emotion other than an over abundance of confidence.

Ron was sat on a chair; leafing through an old magazine that had been left lying on the table, her eyes scanning the contents as she played with her ear; a sure fire sign that she was also nervous about what Vince wanted to see us for.

I was stood near the exit to the waiting area; watching my girl happily content in the things that I felt for her, happy to just stand here watching her, drowning in her, feeling all the love I felt for her simmering inside me as she bit down on her bottom lip as the door finally opened and Vince appeared.

“Come on in guys,” He smiled.

Something about the way Vince smiled always left me feeling slightly nervous. It seemed that there was always something going on up in his head and it seemed to me that the man was a millionaire, probably at least 4 times over, for a reason.

Business wise he was a genius; he had taken the WWE and built it in to the well oiled machine that it was today, he ensured that everyone was happy regardless of his on screen persona. Despite not agreeing with a lot of things that he did, I did admire the man he was.

Randy moved in to the room, as Ron slowly got to her feet and shuffled forward with me reaching her before she even stepped one foot over the threshold of the office. Placing my hand to the small of her back, I began to guide her in to the office a little more quickly until we were sitting down on the opposite side of the huge desk and looking at the man who held the outcome of our future in his hands.

“Jeff, Cameron I received this in the mail this morning,” Vince started as he handed over the recent issue of the WWE magazine. “As you can see you made the cover and I am more than happy with how that came out,”

Looking down to the cover of the publicized magazine to see a black and white photo of Ron and I taken a few days ago; the shot of me stood in front of the black back drop and of her stood to my left; back to the camera and her left hand resting on my chest; looking up at me with a sexy glint in her eyes that I could still see if I thought hard enough.

“Wow,” Ron mumbled from next to me as she looked down at the front cover with large block writing along the bottom of the page; which covered some of her tattoo that was on her lower back; ‘They fought hard to be with one another; and now they say it is All or Nothing!’

“You look good baby girl,” I said almost in a whisper as we both stared at the photo; neither of us bothering to open the magazine as Vince watched us closely.

“It will be on the stands tomorrow,” He informed us quietly seemingly sorry at invading the moment we were sharing as Randy sat quietly in his chair to the right of me. “Now down to business,” Quickly his game face came back in to play.

“Sorry,” Ron and I both mumbled as we placed the magazine back on to his desk and looked at him giving him our full attention.

“We have had a really good response to your first appearance as Jeff’s Valet, Cameron and I am more than happy to continue with this story line if you are both up to it?” Vince asked watching us both closely.

“I’m more than fine with it,” Ron admitted as her hand slipped in to mine.


“I have no option; she’s the boss,” I smiled nodding my head in her direction.

“And Randy?” Vince chuckled as Ron turned to me and stuck her tongue out at me softly.

“Jeff’s right; Cameron is the boss,” He smiled finally injecting himself in to the meeting he smiled at Vince before he glanced at Ron and smiled softly at her.

“Ok then so I really should just be having this interview with Cameron then?” Vince chuckled once again.

“It would appear so,” Ron giggled as she seemed to slowly begin to relax now that Vince had lowered his business persona somewhat.

“Well Cameron I have been thinking a lot over the past couple of days; I don’t know all the details yet but I have some ideas that I would like to run by you,” He said focusing solely on my girl for the time being.

“Sure,” Ron nodded gripping my hand a little harder than before as she looked straight at Vince and smiled softly.

I really couldn’t be more proud of her if I wanted to be; she was cool and collected even though I knew that inside she was as nervous as hell.

“What I am thinking is that for the next few matches we are going to have you and Jeff come more in to the lime light, slowly build the momentum towards his title shot; how do you feel about that Jeff?” Vince asked finally turning his attention to me.

“It works for me sir,” I admitted.

“Now since Cameron is pregnant, I don’t want her in any danger while she is at ringside, so either you or Randy will always be coming to her aid, does that make sense?” Vince asked looking from me to Randy.

It stuck in the back of my throat that Randy was going to be ‘saving’ her sometimes; it was my job to keep her safe, not his but I knew that it was just a story line.

Randy and I both nodded our heads in agreement, causing Vince to clasp his hands together loudly.

“Good now saying that I did want to run something by you and Jeff, Cameron,” Vince continued to talk keeping all three of our attention.

“Yes?” Ron and I both replied at the same time.

“I wanted to have you at ringside on Monday again, and maybe have one of the other divas come down and maybe push you…”

”No way!” I said as Ron gently tightened her hand in my to tell me that she appreciated that I was concerned for her but as her thumb began to tenderly rub over the back of my hand, I knew that she was about to agree to what Vince was suggesting.

“Vince it is fine,” Ron said softly looking at the older man across the desk. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

“Well Jeff is going to be fighting Triple H on Monday on RAW and I was thinking that you will be at ringside cheering Jeff on; how about we have one of the other diva’s in to Randy and she sees the way he looks at you?” He suggested eagerly and instantly I knew that he had Ron’s attention.

”Sounds like it would work,” She agreed happily.

”Who would the diva be?” Randy asked moving forward in his seat; his interest instantly peaked.

“I was thinking that maybe Melina…or Gillian…” Vince started.

”Gillian Hall?” Randy asked in disbelief as Vince nodded his head. “I’ll go with Melina thanks,” He said shuddering at the thought of the loud mouthed blond that went by the name Gillian Hall. I had to agree with him, Gillian could curdle milk given half the chance.

Not that Melina was much better but still if I was being put in that position I would pick Melina over Gillian every time.

“So what do you want Ron to do exactly?” I asked taking my turn to inject myself in to the conversation.

Vince smiled as he looked from Ron to me and finally to Randy. His eyes wide and he seemed to be really happy with himself with whatever he had planned.

Cameron’s POV;
Jeff, Randy and I waited for Vince to tell us his plans and I could see that the man was overly pleased with himself with whatever it was that he had come up with for the story line that would be playing out between the three of us.

“What I was thinking was that the diva in question comes down to the ring, sees the way that Randy keeps looking over at you; she becomes angry so she pushes you; maybe gets you in to a lock and as both Jeff and Randy go to come to your aid, you manage to fight out…you do know how to fight right?” Vince asked looking solely at me as I nodded my head yes.

“She knows how to fight Vince; she has been training in martial arts, wrestling and boxing,” Jeff piped up from next to me. “But she’s preg…”

”Pregnant I know, there will be no danger Jeff, I can assure you…we would have which ever diva it is come out to see you in Carolina so she and Cameron can get used to one another and come up with a plan,” Vince informed my man as he looked at him.

“I want to do it!” I said instantly.

“You’re really sure?” Vince asked as Jeff shifted uncomfortably next to me. Turning to look at him; his eyes met mine and all but begged me not to do this.

“It will be fine Jeff, I can do this…you saw me in the ring before we left last time…I can do this baby…”

”It’s not a question of if you can do this baby girl; cos I know for a fact without a shadow of a doubt that you are more than capable of whooping Melina’s ass but you are pregnant,”

“I’ve been pregnant before Jeff and what did Kara say?” I argued my point in front of the man who was now paying my paycheck and the man who was supposed to be falling for me on the show.

”I know what she said, I heard her loud and clear Ron but damn it, I haven’t experienced this before and I would like to enjoy it rather than worrying that you are doing too much,” He complained.

Completely ignoring Vince and Randy; I brought my hand to Jeff’s handsome face and looked further in to his powerful fierce eyes that seemed to shine with a determination that could only be matched by my own.

“You trust me right?” I asked moving my chair a little closer to him.

“Of course I do…”

”Then trust me when I tell you that I can do this; that I can handle myself, you have never questioned my instincts before so why start now?” I asked refusing to look out of his eyes as his own burned in to me with a need to be heard and I was hearing him loud and clear.

“I don’t like it…but ok, I know there is no talking you out of something once you set your mind to it,” He sighed heavily.

“I wonder where I get that from,” I giggled as I leaned in and kissed his cheek affectionately. “Now Vince you said that whichever diva it is, will come out to Carolina to work with me before Monday?”

“Yes, I think that since Randy wants Melina it will most probably be her, but as of yet I am not sure,” He informed me.

“I understand,” I replied feeling myself getting excited, I was going to get some action after all considering that I was just going to be a Valet until I had to leave to have the baby, I was understandably excited about it all.

“Good now back to Jeff and Randy,” He started turning to look at both men who nodded and gave their full attention.

“Now Jeff I am thinking that you will want some time off work when the baby is born is that right?” Vince asked.

“Yes sir,” Jeff nodded without thought.

We had discussed it and decided that we would indeed both want time off work, maybe 6 months to a year just so that we could get used to be Parent’s together. This time it wasn’t like it had been with Steven; I had to worry about what Jeff wanted too because with Steven he hadn’t cared worth a damn about what happened to me when I was pregnant.

“Good ok so here is my plan; we are going to have you and Randy become almost tag team mates, he is going to save your ass a few times, then you will return the favor a couple of times, which should bring us up to the next pay per view. You won’t be going for the title until Ron is due; where you will loose, maybe take a nasty tumble and we will say that you had a serious injury then after the baby is born and the time is right for you both to come back you will come back and instantly challenge Randy for a title shot, which you will win,”

Vince was giving Jeff his word that he would become WWE Champion and I could feel the shift in Jeff’s posture as the smile spread across his face and turned to me, leaning in he kissed me forcefully until I was gently pushing away from him and reminding him that we were in company.

“So what is going to happen with me?” Randy asked.

“You will keep the title until Jeff comes back; you won’t loose it I can promise you of that! I am thinking that possibly in a year’s time you will be asked to give it up to Jeff; do you think that, that is something that you can do?” Vince asked him.

Jeff and I both turned to look at Randy who leaned back in to his chair and smiled.

“Of course I can; I think that having the title for a whole year is more than long enough for one person to have it,” He agreed to Vince’s plan.

“Well it would be a year and 7 months to be exact,” I smiled across at him.

Randy had already had the belt for 7 months and another year was going to be a long time for him to try and hold on to it, especially when Jeff and I were gone because Jeff wouldn’t be the number one contender anymore. And with a boss like Vince anything was possible.

“Oh you’re right,” He chuckled as he looked back to me and smiled happily. “Oh yeah then a year and 7 months is more than long enough for me to have the belt,”

“Great! Well if you all want to head on out, I will get talking to the writers and hopefully get Melina in to talk about having her come in to the story and I will call you Cameron with the details soon yeah?”

”Sounds good to me,” I agreed as Jeff helped me to my feet and we headed out of Vince McMahon’s office. The minute the door closed I fell in to Jeff’s embrace where he wrapped me up tightly and kissed the top of my head.

“You did good in there baby girl; even though I don’t agree with your decision to do this…”

”Jeff!” I scolded. “Not here and not now!” I watched his eyes, telling him hopefully that I did not want to discuss this in front of anyone.

As if he had read my mind he nodded his head and buttoned it as the three of us moved towards the exit to the WWE buildings. Thankfully the car that had been assigned to us was still waiting in the car park for us and had all of our luggage in it.

“So we’ll see you Monday, I guess,” Jeff said glancing to Randy as we climbed out of the car at the airport.

“You will! Have a good weekend guys,” Randy smiled as he slung his bag over his shoulder. “Oh and Cam?”

”Yeah dude?” I turned back to look at him.

“Please call me and let me know if I am going to be stuck with some kind of horror?” He asked winking at me.

”You got it!” I giggled as Jeff chuckled softly next to me.

Waving goodbye, Jeff and I headed in the direction of where our flight would be called from and Randy headed in the direction of where his own flight would be leaving from.

It had been a long week, with the live taping of RAW, to the photo shoot and interview, to Jeff doing special appearances over the country to the meeting with Vince in the head quarters offices just now. I truly felt like I could crawl in to bed and sleep for the next 4 days that we had off.

“You ok beautiful?” Jeff whispered in to my ear as we sat down on the chairs provided in the large airport.

“Never been better, I am so excited; I really can’t wait to get this on the road,” I smiled back at his handsome features.

I had been shocked at one of Jeff’s signing’s that a few fans had asked for my autograph on their Hardy Show DVD’s; I had fought so hard in the beginning to not be seen on camera but since Steven had come back I had let go and allowed myself to be seen without worry of being found.

“I can see that,” He chuckled softly before pressing his lips to my head where he let his face rest against me.

I took comfort in his tender embrace, I loved the moments that we shared like this; it made a strong difference to the violence that could erupt out of us without warning. Yes this was where my life had supposed to end up; with this man!

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Cameron; North Carolina;
Jeff’s POV;
The plane landed about 20 minutes ago and here Ron and I were seemingly stuck for the time being as people rushed towards us to get our autographs on the issue of the WWE magazine that had been released as we had been high in the air on the way home from Connetticut during the night.

Amber and Shifty came in to view from the entrance to the airport in Raleigh; they had offered to drive in to the neighboring town of Cameron, to pick us up, which I was grateful for; Ron and I hadn’t gotten much sleep on the flight here.

We had rejoined the mile high club and then had set about talking about the plans that Vince had for us. Ron was slightly nervous about it but ultimately she was excited beyond belief and you could tell it from the tone in her voice.

“CAM! JEFF!” Amber raced forward; inching her way through the crowd that had surrounded me and my girl from the moment that we stepped in to the airport.

“Hey honey,” Ron smiled hugging her best friend tightly as I explained that we had to go. “How are you?”

”How am I? How am I?” Amber laughed softly as Shifty hugged his sister and Amber moved to me and hugged me tightly. “I can’t believe you are asking me that…you are the one on the front of the new WWE magazine and looking amazing by the way…the photos were so amazing,”

”You saw the magazine already huh?” Ron asked from where Shifty was whispering in to her ear.

“Saw it…? Yeah and bought like 10 copies,” He complained.

”You didn’t like the pics?” Ron asked tilting her head to look at her older sibling.

“I’m your big brother; if I liked them then something would be seriously wrong with this picture,” He chuckled kissing her head softly as the four of us grabbed up the luggage and headed out of the airport at a quicker pace than normal, as the group of autograph hunters continued to follow us. “But I must say they really were tastefully done,”

“They really were Cam,” Amber informed her friend as we moved in to the back seat of her jeep.

”We haven’t seen them yet,” I said.

”You’re kidding!?” Shifty asked turning to look at us from where he had climbed in to the passenger seat next to his girl.

I had to admit that Shifty and Amber looked much better together than Amber and Leland; I just hoped that whatever it was that had happened between Amber and Leland wouldn’t come back to bite the new couple in the ass.

Reaching to the floor in front of him, he picked up two copies of the magazine that Amber seemed to have bought in abundance and handed them back to us.

Opening the magazine to the right page, my eyes landed on a full two page spread of me lying shirtless on the leather sofa that had been in the studio and Ron lying over the top of me; resting her elbows on my chest and looking down in to my eyes.

Flipping the page until I was greeted to the start of the interview;
They fought hard to be together; she broke the terms of a contract because she believed so strongly in the love that they share; he risked it all to save the woman that he loves.

Charles Davies, said that he never saw a couple so in tune with one another before; they both requested the same music, they both talked in what seemed to be their own private language and all the while the love they felt for one another charged the air around the famous photographer.

When I talked to the couple who are being thrust in to the lime light by Vince McMahon, I could see that they were indeed very much in love and what you see on TV is exactly what you see in real life when you meet them.

When asked about the situation regarding Randy Orton; they both spoke candidly about the speculation that surrounded what happened in the ring a couple of months ago.

“People assume because it was done in the ring that it was staged but I can assure that there was nothing fake about what happened that night,” Jeff gets an angry look on his face when asked about the incident that led to Cameron being knocked out in the ring.

“Randy Orton did something that I thought that I would never forgive him for; but he has apologized, he has fought hard to prove that he is sorry and most of our friends think we are crazy for forgiving him but I couldn’t hold on to that anger forever because essentially it was affecting every aspect of my life…from the relationship that I have with my son, to my relationships with my friends and to what Jeff and I share and I couldn’t let that continue,” Cameron explains. “For us this is all or nothing,” Jeff happily nods his head in agreement to his lady’s words.

Looking calm and relaxed after Jeff’s match in the ring with the first appearance of Cameron as his Valet; it is easy to see that both are calm and relaxed in each other’s presence as Jeff clasps his hand in to Cameron’s they seem both ready for me to start this interview.
Carl Kingston.

There was no need to read the interview; I remember what had been said.

I was just blown away by how well the photos came out between us. I had always known how beautiful she was but those photos caught her in a different light; almost a 1950’s elegance that just made her more desirable in my eyes.

Cameron’s POV;
Staring at the photo on the opposite page to the introduction; it was the picture of Jeff slowly inching the bra straps down my arms; all the photos were in black and white and I had to agree with my brother they were tastefully done.

I had always know that Jeff was handsome but those photos just made him look more handsome than ever; the way his fingers were inched under the straps of the bra and he slid them down my arms.

I still remember the way my skin reacted to the way he let his fingers linger over my flesh and I was becoming flustered from the memories. For the past week or two I had become increasingly horny at anything, which I knew was something that Jeff found amusing no matter how many times I cussed him out for it. I was beginning to think that this baby was trying to turn me in to a nympho.

Closing the magazine; I could read it properly when we got home, for now I placed my hand on Jeff’s leg and instantly he got the subtle meaning in my touch; the smile came to his face as he leaned in to me.

“You feeling horny huh?” He whispered softly in to my ear, which seemed to just cause a ripple effect that did little to calm the desire that raced through me.

Nodding my head yes, he smiled and gently pulled me in to his powerful embrace until I was all but drowning his huge arms; I swear this man gave the best hugs ever.

“Just wait until we get back to Matt’s princess,” He whispered trying to not draw attention to us in the back seat.

But my God what was he trying to do to me?

Every inch of my body had broken out in to a wave of shivers and trembles that wouldn’t seem to erase from my flesh as his hand slowly and tenderly ran up and down my arm; his fingers carving lines of heat that just seemed to get hotter with every gesture.

This man was definitely going to be the death of me.

Matt’s POV;
I had dropped CT off at school and headed in to town to pay some bills and that was when it had caught my eye; the recent issue of the WWE magazine. My brother and his girl on the front page; in a pose that could easily have been placed in GQ; without thought I placed it in to my basket of the supermarket I had come in to, to grab some essentials.

Now here I was sitting on the sofa in my living room with the magazine on my lap. Wondering on whether or not I should look at it. If the photos were anything like the one on the cover I knew there was a strong possibility that it would just cause me to fall even harder for the girl that I couldn’t have.

“You like her don’t you?” The sound of Kara’s voice filtered in to my tirade of thoughts and I was instantly throwing the magazine to the side and looking up in to the amazing sharp blue eyes of the girl who I had been spending most of my free time with.

“What…? I don’t know what you…” I started but she moved so that she was sitting in front of me on the large leg rest seat that I had placed by the sofa.

“Matt I haven’t spent all this time with you and not be able see that you are attracted to your brother’s girlfriend; do you want to talk about it?” She asked her voice caring and sincere.

“I don’t…I don’t think that would be a good idea considering…”

”Considering?” She asked tilting her head to the side and watching me closely.

“What you and I have…”

”We have a friendship Matty, and that means that you can talk to me about absolutely anything,” She assured me softly as she placed her hand on my leg.

Over the course of the few days that I had been home and spent time with her, I knew that I liked her and given enough time I could probably fall hard for her but…with Cam and Jeff living in this house there was no chance of that happening anytime soon, because everywhere I turned I was reminded of the things that I felt for Cameron.

Looking at this woman in front of me, I knew that if I wanted anything with her at all, I was going to have to be completely honest with her especially when she could see what I was feeling for Cam.

“Yeah I like her…I like her a hell of a lot,” I admitted my voice barely even a whisper as she nodded her head encouragingly but remained silent. “It came to a head not long before I met you…”

”That’s what that was…” She commented softly.


”When I met you guys and saw you with Cam and Jeff; I was sure that I sensed some tension but I wasn’t completely sure,”

”Yeah it got a bit ugly for a bit but Jeff knows that I would never do anything behind his back, I would never try anything with the girl that he is going to be spending the rest of his life with…”

”And Cam?”

”Excuse me?”

”Does she know?”

”Yeah she knows,” I sighed feeling myself sinking to even lower depths as I realized that I had indeed fallen in love with Cameron over the course of getting to know her.

“And how did she react?” Kara asked her beautiful blue eyes burning in to mine with a firey passion that could render me to my knees.

Maybe not all was lost!

Maybe just maybe this girl in front of me was the woman I was supposed to be with; I sure as hell didn’t think that I was meant to be with Cameron regardless of the way I felt about her, I knew that she belonged with my brother.

“She was great…but then again she is always great! She just sat down with me and talked to me you know? She was really sweet and caring,”

”How could you not love that?” She said tearing her eyes away from me and I could see the hurt shining and I felt my heart pinch at the thought of causing this girl pain.

”And then I met you,” I whispered softly deciding that I couldn’t hide my feelings away forever; after Cam finding out that I had this crush on her, I had thought that I would never be open with another woman but here I was feeling more ready than I had ever thought possible.

“W-What do you-you mean?” She asked her eyes jumping straight back to mine.

”Kara you can surely tell how I feel about you…”

”But you’re in to…”

”Cameron yes; I am! But I know what I feel for her is never going to be returned on her part and I have to move on with my life. Then just when I thought that I was never going to get past what I felt for her, you walked in to my life, you came breezing in to that hospital room with such a grace and elegance about you that I knew without an doubt that I could really fall hard for you and slowly it is happening,”

”So where does that leave what you are feeling for Cameron?” She asked keeping her gaze focused solely on me and what I was saying to her.

“Buried I hope; washed away like it never happened,” I admitted wanting desperately not to feel the way I did about Cameron but damn it the girl was controlling me to the point where I was desperate to try anything to rid myself of these feelings.

And it wasn’t like I was lying to Kara; I did really like her and I was deeply attracted to her.

The sound of the front door crashed open causing Kara and I to both look up as Jeff and Cam came falling inside the house, wrapped in each other’s arms and kissing deeply.

“Uh-uhm!” I cleared my throat causing them to both break out of the kiss, turning their heads to look at us but still they stayed dangerously close together.

”Sorry big bear…” Cameron started to say.

“No time,” Jeff growled lifting her in to his arms where she wrapped her legs around my brother tightly as he moved to the stairs.

”Sorry big bear! It’s good to see you,” Cameron giggled softly as Jeff climbed towards the second floor where their bedroom was and the sound of him grunting reached Kara and me where we were sat. “Hi Kara!” Cam called back.

“Hey guys,” Kara replied.

”Sorry I will talk to you in about an hour…” She called down as Jeff reached the first landing in the stairs. “Ouch…!” She complained. “Ok maybe a couple of hours,” She laughed as Jeff all but threw himself to the second floor and in to their room.

The sound of the door slamming reached down the stairs to where I turned back to look at Kara who was giggling softly.

”They can be pretty full on huh?” She asked bringing her eyes back to me and it seemed that with her here, I didn’t feel as tormented as I would if I were here alone and hearing what I just had.

Maybe I was ready to move on.

Maybe I was slowly getting past what I was feeling.

“Yeah they really can,” I admitted. “But I want to talk about you and me,” I said reaching for her hand and pulling her on to the sofa next to me.

All thoughts of the magazine and Cameron slipping out of my head as I realized what I had in this girl next to me.

“And what exactly is there to talk about?” She asked softly her eyes sparkling in a way that left my heart fluttering madly out of rhythm, which shocked me a little.

“Not much really other than I want to try and give us a shot; if you want that?” I asked shyly.

“You know I never could resist that cute little voice and those large doe eyes that you got going on,” She giggled as I tenderly cupped her beautiful features in to my hands.

I could feel myself drowning in her beautiful bright eyes and I found that I liked the feeling, I liked the man I felt like I was when I was with her.

Maybe this was going to work out the right way.

Slowly bringing my lips to her, I tenderly brushed over her soft supple full flesh and she responded by brushing back until we were locked in a feverish lock that had all thoughts of the other woman in my life flying straight out of my head.

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Amber’s POV;
Rolling over in bed and expecting to be snuggled in to Shifty’s side but his side of the bed was empty and had me instantly waking up. The sun seeping through the creek in the curtains seemed to burn in to my eyes making me close them again.

“Yes I know; I heard you brat…no we will be there in about an hour and a half…God there will be plenty of time shorty,” The sound of Shifty talking on the phone told me that he was talking to his sister.

The smile came to my face as I listened to him calling her shorty, which was something I knew bugged the hell out of my friend. Cameron must have jumped in to a tirade of abuse ‘cos the sound of my man laughing caused me to dare to open my eyes again and there he was stood at the bottom of the bed; jeans covered his legs but his top half was naked.

Instantly I was drowning in the amazing frame of his handsome body; the carvings and dips of his chiseled frame seemed to tense as he chuckled heavily.

Could I possibly be more in love with this man?

I really didn’t think that I could; the things that I felt when I was with him were nothing like anything I had ever felt for anyone and I knew that I would feel this way about him for the rest of my life.

I had been scared of what I felt because I had a tendency to fall in love too quickly and give my heart away far too easily but what I felt for him wasn’t ever going to be denied and the more that I tried to actually deny it, the more that I found I was just fooling myself.

“Well the quicker you let me get off the phone; the quicker we can get there,” Shifty chuckled in to the phone that he had cradled between his ear and his shoulder.

Slowly turning his eyes fell on mine and he smiled brightly causing my heart to flutter in a desperate measure of hunger and desire.

“No I know; my God what the hell has crawled up your ass today…?” He asked moving to the bed where he crawled on next to me and wrapped his arm around me. “Well that is just nice Cam; do you kiss your son with that mouth?” He chuckled once again and pulled the phone away from his ear and I could hear the dulcet tone of her screaming down the line.

Laughing I snuggled in to his side until my head was resting on his chest and listening to the soothing and steady rhythm of his heart as he continued to talk to his sister until he eventually hung up and placed his phone on the bed.

“My God she is hard work sometimes,” He chuckled softly as he placed his lips to my forehead softly.

“You know that you love it,” I giggled as he slid down the bed until his face was level with my own and he tenderly brushed his lips over mine.

”That I do,” He agreed as he pulled back. “And as much as I want to stay here and make love to you all day; we have to motor,”

“What? Why?” I asked wrapping my arms around his strong thick neck and pulling myself hard against his frame.

“Cam and Jeff have asked us if we want to go down to Fantasy lake with them and CT; but first they have to go to the hospital,”

”What? Why? Has something happened?” I asked feeling my panic for my best friend setting in.

“What? No; Cam just has her first appointment with the OBGYN,” He informed me as he kissed me again. “I am gonna go shower; care to join me?” He growled softly.

”I didn’t think that we had time…?”

”Showering together would definitely save time,” He smiled at me and I knew there was no way that I could deny him and what was obviously about to happen between us.

“Well I do believe that you just made a very good point,” I smiled pushing the covers away from my body just as my own phone started ringing.

“Ignore it,” He growled reaching for my hand.

“I can’t! I am waiting for a call from Shan about some customer who had come in requesting me to do a full back piece on them,”

Shifty knew how long I had waited to get a full back piece; my specialty in my line of work was Japanese artwork but I hadn’t really had the chance to do much Japanese work of late and I missed it more than I could express.

“All right,” He smiled back at me. “I’ll go warm up the water; don’t be long,”

“I won’t handsome,” I smiled reaching back to the nightstand on my side of the bed and picking up my phone. “Shan?” I asked without checking the caller ID.


”Leland?” I asked shocked.

“Yeah baby, it’s me,” He replied.

Baby? Had he just called me baby?

What was I meant to say?

We hadn’t talked since he had ended things with me, I was moving forward with my life and there was nothing I wanted more than to be able to do that without the shadows of the past hanging over me.

In a small way I had been more than grateful that he had ended things because I would never have had the courage to walk away from him when he had been all that I had really known but here I was with a man who I could really see myself spending the rest of my life with and Leland was calling me.

“What do you want Leland?” I asked looking to the ensuite door where Shifty was inside; possibly stripping out of his cloths to get in to the shower; images of him naked flashed before my eyes and I was silently cursing my ex for calling me at this moment.

“I just…I have been thinking about you a lot over the past couple of days, and I thought that I would give you a call to see how you are?”

“I’m good,” I replied not going in to any more detail; he didn’t need to know the specifics of my life now; not when he wasn’t my man anymore, hell he wasn’t even a part of my life now.

He had his own life in Hawaii; he had chosen that life over what we had and when I thought that I would blame him I really didn’t; not when I knew for a fact that he had done the right thing.

“I miss you Amber,” He said his tone soft and tender.

“Don’t do this Leland,” I sighed heavily reaching for my smokes and lighting up; inhaling deeply.

“Do what? Tell you that I miss you?”

“Yes! Don’t do that!”

”Why not? I am just saying that I miss you…we were always able to communicate in the past; what has changed?”

“I have,” I replied.

“In the space of a few months?” He asked me.

“I’ve moved on Leland, I am happy, I am settled…”

”You’ve met someone?” He asked and when I didn’t answer he took that as my answer. “Who is he?” He demanded. “Is it Shifty?”


”Don’t tell me that you don’t know that he wants in your pants? I saw it when I was there last time Amber,”

”You know what? I am hanging up now, I don’t need to listen to this,” I said and hung up the phone. Throwing it on the bed, I moved in to the ensuite as it started ringing again.

Stepping in to the shower behind Shifty and wrapping my arms around his waist; where he instantly leaned back against me and I felt all the love that we shared building past any connection that we had ever experienced before.

How dare Leland call me and say those things to me; who the hell did he think he was?

Slowly Shifty turned and looked down at me; his powerful soulful eyes burning in to mine and I knew in an instant that he could see that something was wrong.

Shifty’s POV;
Looking in to her beautiful hazel eyes I could see the frustration and anger sparking in their hypnotic power. As if my body had no control over my emotions I felt the concern building past anything I had ever felt before.

“Hey what’s wrong? What happened?” I asked pulling back to look at her properly.

I loved the connection that we had; without warning she had become my new favorite drug as she seemed to seep in to my veins with a much healthier undercurrent than the drugs that I had done previously.

“Shifty I don’t want to lie to you…”

”Then don’t! Tell me what’s going on?” I asked wiping the hair from her beautiful face as the water seemed to encase both of our bodies tightly; keeping us warm despite the falling winter around the area.

“On the phone…”


”It was Leland,” She said in barely a whisper and finally letting her eyes meet mine for the first time since she had said she didn’t want to lie to me.

“What? What did he want?” I asked holding on to her a little tighter than before as her body all but caved against mine.

“He uhm…he…”

”What Amber? What did he want?” I pressed.

Who the hell did he think he was?

Why was he even phoning her anyway?

Hadn’t he been the one who broke her heart?

He had ended their relationship with her because he knew that the distance was too much between them, that there was no way that staying together was fare on either of them.

I was the one who had been here.

I was the one who had helped her pick up the pieces.

I was the one who cared about her enough to ensure that I never left her.

What could he possibly give her that could top what I had given her?

A weekend every few months?

That wasn’t enough and she deserved better than he could provide. I just had to pray that she could see that; I mean they had been together a real long time and I knew that he still had a special place in her heart.

I just hoped that it wasn’t special enough that it would come between what we had now.

Reaching to the shower head, I turned it off and climbed out of the shower cubicle and looked at her as she looked back at me her eyes calm and collected.

Well I was glad that she seemed to be in control because all I could feel was a raging anger at the nerve of Leland calling her.

“Tell me?” I pressed as she climbed out of the shower and reached for a towel and wrapped it around her.

“He said he misses me,” She replied looking in to my eyes and refusing to look away until I could think was that I was drowning in her, loosing all of the man that I was in the things that I felt for her.

“WHAT?” I roared causing her to jump slightly. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you but what the fuck is he playing at? He gave up the right to miss you when he walked away from you for good,”

”I know and I told him that; I told him that I didn’t really care if he missed me or not, that I wasn’t going to discuss my private life with him because he had no right to know what was going on in my life now,” She informed me.

Looking in to her eyes, I could see that she was deadly serious, she had indeed told him all those things, Amber didn’t do lies or fabrications of the truth, she was brutally honest at all times and I knew that, that was one of the things that I loved most about her.

No matter what was happening; I knew that I could count on her to be honest and truthful with me at all times. Moving closer to her, I pulled her in to my arms and held her painfully close as I kissed the top of her head.

“I don’t care what he wants Shifty, I don’t care if he misses me or thinks that he misses me, all I want is to be here with you and have you in my life; I made my decision the minute that I admitted to you how I felt,” She whispered from my chest where her head was buried.

“I just think that he has some nerve calling you when…”

”I know baby, I know that he has a nerve to call me, but at the end of the day, it isn’t going to change the way I feel about you, ok?” She pulled her head back to look in to my eyes.

“Doesn’t it? I mean I know how you felt about him Amber…”

Bringing her hands away from my waist she tenderly cupped my face and looked deep in to my eyes until I was drowning out of all reality and in to the promise of love and understanding that I had only ever felt with her.

“And what I felt for him pales in comparison to what I feel about you. Shifty you…what we have is like nothing I have ever had with anyone, I wouldn’t trade what we have for anything or anyone,” She said her voice calm and collected and there was no doubt in believing her.

But at the same time, I knew how much she had loved him, I had seen how excited she had become whenever he called, or when she knew that he was coming in to town.

How could she have let go of what she felt for him so quickly?

“Shifty; I promise you that I do ‘not’ want Leland, I want you and me together, I want us to share this life that we have started to build; being with you is where my heart belongs,”

“Amber I love you baby, I am falling so hard that I am scared I am…”

”You are never going to loose me; what I feel for you strongly outweighs what I ever felt for Leland. You are where my future lies and I don’t want to loose that, I am falling so deeply in love with you too that it is hard to even remember what I even felt for Leland,”

“You know that I believe you but I also know what other men think and if Leland is like any other man; he isn’t going to just give up…if he misses you as much as he seems too, then he will fight for you,”

”Then let him fight for me; he isn’t going to be successful, you know that you and I are strong right?”

“I like to think so…”

”Then there is nothing that he can do that will come in between that! I love what we have, I love the things that we share and there is nothing that is ever going to come in between what I feel for you ok?” She said still holding on to my face in a tender grip that had everything in the world fading away in to nothing.

Nodding my head she smiled softly as she slowly moved her hands around my head until she was tenderly stroking through my short cropped hair and causing me to let go of my fears and put all my faith in to the things that I felt for her, all the things that we shared right now.

Brushing my lips to hers softly, she responded with all the passion that she had inside her. Forgetting all sense of gravity we stumbled back until we were falling on the bed still kissing as our bodies gave in to the passion that sparked between us.

Slowly pulling away from her, she looked up at me and whispered that we should get moving so that we could get to Matt’s house in time to meet up with Jeff, Cameron and CT.

Groaning I nodded my head in agreement and pulled myself in to a standing position and watched as she began to remove the towel from around her body and get dressed.

My sister was killing me here, all I wanted was to stay here in this room and give in to the things that I felt for this woman.

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Cameron’s POV;
Shifty and Amber had eventually arrived just as Jeff and CT were loading our things in to Shannon’s hummer who had leant it to us when he had headed out to Texas for the Smackdown show.

Matt and Kara were intent on spending the day alone together, since she had a day off from work. It seemed that they were getting closer and closer, which I was more than happy about. I had said from day one that they were meant to be together, that they could have something really special together.

Amber sat down next to me and smiled as I looked across at Jeff who was sat with Shifty while we waited for my appointment to be called.

”Hey hon, how are you?” I asked as my hands seemed to automatically rest on my stomach that was still to show any sign of being pregnant.

“I’m good Cam, how are you doin’?” She asked.

It had felt like years since we had actually sat down and talked properly. What with where my life seemed to be headed and where she was obviously headed with my brother it was just like we were being dragged down two different paths.

“I’m great,” I smiled as CT sat with Jeff and his Uncle Shifty where he was instantly included in the conversation. “Never been better actually,” I admitted happily.

I had never thought for one minute that I could feel this happy with a man, but Jeff had restored my faith along the way and there was nothing about him that I didn’t want.

I loved his individuality, I loved his creative flow, I loved the man he was with his friends and I loved the man he was when he was with me and CT. I loved his goofy sense of humor and the way that he could make me laugh even when I was having the worst day.

“I can see,” Amber smiled following my gaze over to our men and my son.

”What about you? How are things with my pain in the ass brother?” I smiled as the man in question stuck his tongue out at me.

“Hey!” She giggled softly as I retaliated by sticking my own tongue out at him. “Things are great; I actually wanted to talk to you about something,”

”You know that you can talk to me about absolutely anything Amber, I know that we haven’t really had the chance to hang out much over the past few months but you are still my best friend and I will be here for you whenever you need a friend,”

”I know Cam and I really appreciate that…”

”So talk to me,” I smiled at her as I instantly felt the baby kick.

What the hell?

I shouldn’t be feeling the baby kick yet; I wasn’t far enough along to be able to feel kicking.

Looking over at Jeff with a worried look on my face, he was instantly up and striding over to where I was sat with my best friend.

“What’s wrong?” He asked kneeling down in front of me as Amber recognized the worried look on my face and reached for my hand and instantly she could feel the kicking.

”Woah…isn’t it a bit early for that?” She asked looking to her hand resting against my stomach and then up in to my eyes.

”Too soon for what?” Jeff asked clearly panicked.

”Cameron Reid!” The nurse called my name before I had the chance to talk to him, to tell him what was going on.

Slowly Jeff helped me to my feet and I could see that he thought that there was something wrong with the baby. But he couldn’t be further from the truth; all this meant was that I had to be further along than we realized.

Wrapping his arm around my shoulder we moved to the doctor’s office where the door closed behind us and we sat down once we had been informed that the OBGYN would be with us as soon as he could.

“What’s going on Ron?” Jeff asked as the nurse closed the door behind her.

”I-I…I felt the baby kick Jeff,” I said trying to get my head around the fact that I had clearly felt it and it was strong.

“That’s great right?” He asked me.

“It really is but…”

”What?” He turned his chair to look directly at me as the door opened once again and the doctor came strolling in to the room.

Introducing himself as Doctor Cummings he sat down and began to take some notes on me, how old I was, had I been pregnant before, had I ever suffered a miscarriage; all the normal questions.

Jeff was becoming impatient next to me and I knew that he wanted to know what was going on, but there was no point in telling him something that I wasn’t even sure of.

“All right then Cameron if you would like to take off your trousers and climb up on to that bed and I will give you a quick internal to make sure that everything is ok,” The Doctor said.

Nodding my head, I got to my feet and moved behind the curtain that surrounded the bed area where he wanted me to lie down.

Once I had my feet in the stirrups and was ready for the internal, the Doctor appeared along with Jeff who moved to my side and took my hand in to his; he remembered me saying that I hated getting these exams when I had been pregnant with CT.

I tried to remain calm and collected but it was the most uncomfortable thing that I had ever encountered but Jeff gently wiped his hands through my hair and placed light kisses to my head whispering words of encouragement in to my ear.

“Cameron if you could just wait here,” The Doctor said as he stood back up and looked at me.

”What’s wrong?” Jeff asked instantly.

“Nothing Mr. Hardy. I just believe that Miss. Reid may be a little further along than you think,” He said moving out of the room and closing the door gently behind him.

”Is this what you meant?” Jeff asked looking down at me; his eyes soft and caring.

“Yeah but I didn’t want to make a big deal of it until I had talked to the Doctor because I could have been wrong,”

“How far along do you think you might be?” Jeff asked wiping the hair from my face in a loving and tender manner that did wonders in calming me down.

”I really don’t know babe; I can’t even remember the last time I had a period,” I admitted trying to think back but with all the stress that had been in our lives over the past 6 months or so it wasn’t hard to see why I would have lost track with my cycle.

Jeff’s POV;
Just as I was about to say something the doctor came back in to the room with the scanning equipment and began to set everything up for giving Cameron a scan.

“Is there a possibility that you are further along than what you originally thought Miss. Reid?” He asked as he turned down the lights in the room and slowly pulled the blanket around Ron’s waist down to give him access to her stomach.

“We’ve had a little bit of stress…I figured that was why I wasn’t having my periods,” Cameron replied as the Doctor applied the cold gel to her stomach.

“And what made you do the pregnancy test?” He asked placing the wand to her stomach.

“I was getting overly emotional which isn’t me,” She admitted as I watched the Doctor watching the screen as he continued to move the wand over her stomach and as I looked to the screen I could see a clear picture of our baby.

The edges were slightly fuzzy but it was more than clear that it was a baby and it was large.

“Cameron from these images I would say that you are at least 5 months pregnant,” He informed her.

”WHAT?” She exclaimed sitting forward slightly. “That can’t be…how is that even possible without me knowing?” She asked looking from me to the Doctor and I had to admit that I was silently asking that question too.

“A lot of women find that they never know they are pregnant until they go in to labor,” The Doctor announced as he turned the machine off and the sound of the printer on the bottom of the cart whirled to life.

The Doctor had told her to get dressed and had informed us that she needed to come back in a couple of weeks to get her next scan.

“Doctor?” I asked holding on to her hand as we both seemed to still be reeling from the news.

“Yes?” He smiled glancing up at me as he wrote out a prescription for Ron’s vitamins.

“Cameron has just taken a job with me…”

”Doing what?” He asked.

“Wrestling…” I started.

“And you want to know if it is safe for her to continue doing that?”

“Yes,” I replied watching Ron as she looked a little closer to her Doctor.

“Well as long as she isn’t over exerting herself then I don’t see it being a problem, no heavy lifting and no knocks to the stomach and she should be perfectly fine,” He informed us causing Ron to instantly relax.

“You’re sure?” I asked not wanting to take any chances.

“Perfectly. But because you are at 5 months Cameron; I have to say that you have about a month left before you will have to take maternity leave, no flying whatsoever,”

Ron nodded her head and moved around in her seat as the Doctor handed her the prescription then moved to the printer and pulled off what he had printed.

“Here is the captures of the scan,” He said handing the 3 photos over.

Ron looked down to the photos and the smile instantly creeped across her beautiful features.

“I can tell you the sex if you would like to know?” He asked sitting back down at his desk.

Ron and I looked at each other and nodded our heads. Both of us turned to look at the man who could indeed inform us of the sex of our baby.

The butterflies turned in my stomach as we waited in bated breath for his response and I could feel the world almost coming to a grinding halt as the anticipation seemed to be ready to get the better of me.

Shifty’s POV;
Amber had told me that she had felt Cameron’s baby kick; but that couldn’t be right. Cameron was only a couple of months pregnant, how could Amber have felt the baby kick?

CT came wondering over to where I was talking to my girl; lost in her eyes and the things that I felt for her. There was no possible way that I could love this woman more, everything that she was, all that she had was all that I was ever going to need and now that I had admitted that to myself I felt like I was drowning in her completely.

“How long are my Mom and Dad going to be?” CT asked.

“I don’t know big man,” Amber replied softly as she smiled at him.

”I want to get to Fantasy Lake,” My nephew complained.

“I know tiger, I want to get there too but it shouldn’t be too much longer,” I said ruffling his hair causing him to chuckle softly as Jeff and Cameron came in to view from the Doctor’s office.

It was obvious that from just looking at them, that they were shaken and slightly disorientated as they walked close together, their voices a soft whisper that couldn’t be heard over the sound of the other people in the waiting room.

“Hey,” Amber softly expressed getting up as they came to a stop in front of us and turned silent.

“Hey,” Cam said her eyes seemed to be glazed over as Jeff gently kissed her head and excused himself to quickly call Vince.

”What’s going on?” I asked feeling a dread building in me; was there something wrong with the baby?

“Uhm…the thing is…”

”What? What is it? Is something wrong with the baby?” I asked impatiently as I moved a little closer to her and pulled her in to my embrace as she seemed to just clam up completely.

“No…there is nothing wrong with the baby Seth…what it is, is that…uhm…”

”Why don’t we go outside for some fresh air?” Amber suggested as CT stepped up next to his Mom and looked up at her with those large green eyes that he had inherited from his Father.


”I’m fine baby,” She smiled leaning down and kissing his head softly before looking at me and Amber. “Yeah I think some fresh air would do me the world of good right now,”

The four of us moved out of the waiting room and along the corridor; then out in to the fresh air of the approaching winter that was slowly wrapping around the town where we were.

It was hard to believe that I had been here almost 5 months already, but I didn’t want to be anywhere else and as I looked at Amber I knew that I had made the right decision when I had decided to get out of LA.

If I hadn’t left LA I would never have met this woman, I would never feel the connection and chemistry that we felt right now and it was something I knew that I had been missing because before I had come here, before I had met this woman I had felt like there had been a huge hole in my heart and nothing I did had seemed to fill the loneliness that I had felt but the minute I had met Amber; she had slowly began to fill my heart until all that existed in me was her.

Cam’s eyes landed on Jeff who was stood off to the side talking on the phone to their boss, as Amber and I led her to a seat in the smoking area and handed my little sister a cigarette, which she accepted readily and inhaled deeply as she watched her man talking intimately on the phone; running his hands through his hair; he seemed to be in as big a state of shock as my little sister.

“All right talk to us honey?” I pressed softly sitting down next to her as CT scuffed his sneakers on the ground where he was stood in front of his Mom watching her intently, the worry on his little features was fierce and instant.

I knew that CT and Cam were closer than most Mother and son’s but they had, had to be considering all that they had been through and I knew that it was something that Cam held dear to her.

“Just wait…until Jeff gets off the phone yeah?” She asked still watching her man as he finally hung up the phone and stared at the ground for a few moments where he was stood before he turned and began to head back in to the hospital.

But as if he sensed her he looked directly over to where we were gathered and the smile came to his face instantly as he moved over to us.

Sitting down on the other side of my sister he wrapped her up in to his embrace and kissed her head softly, before looking at the expectant faces around him. The chuckle escaped his mouth before he could stop it.

“You guys look like something is wrong,”

”Well is there?” I asked impatiently.

“No nothing is wrong; in fact things couldn’t be better,” He admitted looking at Cam who just nodded her head yes. “The thing is…Ron is a little further forward in her pregnancy than we realized,”

”How further forward?” I asked looking from Jeff to Cam who turned and looked at me.

“5 months,” She said softly.

I couldn’t seem to get any words out of my mouth, as I looked at Amber who seemed to be in the same position as I was. Looking back to my little sister with a questioning look in my eyes she just smiled and nodded her head to let me know that I had heard right.

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Jeff’s POV;
Everyone was shocked with the news that Ron and I delivered but no one could have been as shocked as Ron and I. We had thought that we would have plenty of time before she had to leave for maternity leave but it seemed that it was going to be coming sooner than either of us had been expecting.

Vince had said that he would get straight on to the writers and get some kind of story written up for her departure, which meant that I was going to be on the road without her for a few months, which was leaving me dreading going to work.

I had never really dreaded going to work since I had been back after my last suspension but here I was seemingly in the same place that I had been a couple of years ago; the only difference was that I didn’t want to do drugs just to get me out of it.

I had a Family to think about now and that meant I had to stick it out and just hope that before I realized it I would be back with my girl and the Family that we were about to start.

Melina had arrived late last night so we were out in the ring in the woods at the back of my Dad’s house talking about how we were going to do this scene. Long gone was the idea that Ron would be doing her leg drop; it was just too dangerous for her to even think about doing it.

“All right how about…” Ron started looking up at me where I was stood in the ring where I was going to be in the real ring when Melina attacked her. “Jeff you are on the top turnbuckle getting ready to do whisper in the wind…” She stopped and looked around obviously lost in thought.

I loved to just watch this woman, she was everything that I had ever wanted and although she had been to hell and back, I wouldn’t want to change anything about her. My heart had filled with a love that I couldn’t even describe when she had told me that she was finally in the place where she liked the woman that she was, she finally felt comfortable in her own skin and she didn’t care what people thought of her.

After all that she had been subjected too, I was more proud of her and the things that she had accomplished than I could ever express; all I could do was support and love her the way I had been and just hope that she knew how much she meant to me.

“Actually how about you are half way through whisper in the wind and you see Melina approaching behind me but because you are in the middle of the move you can’t do anything but watch as she pushes me in to the ring?” She looked up at me then over to Melina who was stood to the side of her.

“Princess you can’t be pushed in to the…” I started to object as Matt moved to the ropes and looked down at the two women.

My brother and Kara were getting along famously as they slowly began to build a relationship and I couldn’t be happier because it meant that he wasn’t looking at my girl the way he had been. Slowly he was trying to put that behind him and I couldn’t feel happier about that.

“I’m not done handsome,” She smiled up at me causing Melina and Matt to laugh. “What I am thinking is, if this goes the way it should…the crowd will be screaming at me that she is coming, right?”

“Yeah they should do,” Melina agreed.

I had never actually worked with Melina before so we hadn’t really had any contact but I found that while as a character at work she was hardly anything like the woman she portrayed on the WWE.

“Then how about that in the last second, I notice the screams at me and turn just as you approach,” She looked at Melina who nodded; willing to let my girl continue with what ever she had in mind. “Now obviously you are still gonna have the momentum so how about you grab my hair and push me backwards in to the ring?”

“That could work,” Matt agreed as he leant on the ropes watching the two women below.

“I don’t know…I still don’t like the thought of you being pushed in to the ring,” I voiced my concerns at what she was suggesting.

“Well what did you have in mind handsome? ‘Cos I am slowly running out of ideas,”

“How about she grabs your hair and whirls you around to face her, and you elbow her to the side of the head then go in for the twist of fate?”

“But that’s your move,” She pouted up at me.

“You just want to do that leg drop dontchya?” I chuckled as she nodded her head eagerly. “And as much as I think it really is an awesome move and know that you can do it; we…you can’t risk it baby girl,”

“I hate being pregnant,” She sulked before relenting. “Ok we will give your idea a shot; if it is ok with you Melina?”

”Yeah it is fine with me,” Melina smiled as she moved a little further back from where we were.

So Matt pretended to be Mr. Kennedy who I was scheduled to be fighting when this happened. Circling each other we quickly got wrapped up in the fight until I was moving to the turnbuckle.

Cameron’s POV;
I watched Jeff and Matt wrestling; slamming my hands down on the side of the ring encouraging my man as I would if we were actually in the ring.

Jeff had taught me how to do the twist of fate a while ago and although I loved the move when he did it, I wanted something of my own but I knew that he was right, I couldn’t risk doing my leg drop when I was 5 months pregnant; it just wasn’t safe or practical.

Jeff threw himself up on to the top rope at the turnbuckle and I watched as he twisted and sailed through the hair heading in the direction of Matt then Melina was grabbing my hair and pulling me around to face her.

I had liked Melina when she had arrived; we had talked and gotten to know one another which we both felt necessary when we were going to be working together and I had been surprised when she was hardly anything like the woman that she portrayed on the show.

Slapping me across the face, I brought my arm up and elbowed her on the side of the head then quickly executed the perfect twist of fate.

Leaning down I helped the woman to her feet.

”You ok?” I asked softly.

“I’m fine sweetie,” She smiled at me as she rubbed her neck softly as Jeff and Matt jumped down from the ring where I was instantly pulled in to a hug with the two brothers who had become even more protective over me since they had realized that I was five months pregnant.

Melina was quickly pulled in to the hug where she giggled softly then we were finally released from the two huge brothers bear like embrace. And we continued to practice for the next hour to make sure we had it down.

“Are they always like this?” She asked smiling as Jeff and Matt moved ahead of us towards their Dad’s house; once we had finished up.

”Yeah pretty much; it can be suffocating sometimes but you get used to it,” I admitted running my hands through my hair as we slowly approached the house. “So you’re really ok with this story line?”

”Are you kidding? I haven’t really had a decent story line in the longest time so this is something that I can really chew my teeth in to you know?”

”I do; I’m just sorry that it isn’t going to last all that long,”

”Don’t worry about it; I am sure that when you come back they will have more of me and you going against each other,” She smiled wrapping her arm around my shoulder as we approached the house and let ourselves in.

CT had asked if he could spend the day with his friend at his house, so he was off getting in to his normal trouble, but my son was a smart kid, he knew when he was crossing a line and he knew how far he could push his body. It wasn’t hard to see that Jeff and Matt and their friends had a profound effect on my boy as he and his own friends had started training and making their own wrestling moves and matches.

I wasn’t worried about him; I had never had to be worried about him when it came to the things that he liked to do and this wasn’t anything different. I was proud of him and I knew that he looked up to Jeff and Matt; and in all honesty I couldn’t think of anyone that I would rather have him look up too.

“I hope so Melina; cos I think that this fight coming up is going to come out awesome and I think the fans will eat it up,” I smiled at her.

“I have to agree with that,” She replied as the four of us moved to the kitchen where Matt turned on the kettle.

After all the time he had been spending with Kara I was glad that I had gotten to hang out with him today; I had missed him and hanging out with him. I just hoped that he was getting past what he had felt for me; ‘cos I still strongly believed that he and Kara could have something really special together.

Jeff’s POV;
Standing backstage with Ron wrapped up in my arms; we were talking quietly as the camera filmed us for the segment in between fights.

“I want you to be careful out there baby,” She whispered in a soft and caring tone.

“I am always careful baby,” I replied looking deep in to her eyes as instructed, which wasn’t anything that I was complaining about.

“Jeff,” Randy approached. “Cameron,”

“Hey Randy what’s going on man?” I asked shaking his hand as scripted.

“I just wanted to come over and say good luck for tonight, and if you need any help then I will be…”

”Thanks man; but I got it covered…really,” I said holding on to Ron tightly as she melted in to my embrace.

Sometimes it was hard to believe that we were in front of a camera because the love that we shared was so strong that we couldn’t switch it on and off like we were asked too.

“But I need to run and get dressed,” I said looking from Randy to Ron and hating the part that was coming next.

”Catch you later then,” Randy said watching as I moved away from them and out of view. Standing behind the camera I watched as Ron went to move and Randy gently grabbed her hand. “How are you Ron?” He asked her softly.

“I’m good Randy! I don’t believe that I thanked you for coming to Jeff’s aid last week,” She said as scripted touching his arm lightly.

“That’s all right,” He replied inching closer to her. “But I did have an ulterior motive,” He said his voice barely a whisper.

“You did?” She asked acting as if she didn’t know what was coming next. Randy nodded his head. “What was that?”

”I wanted to see you,” His lips were dangerously close to hers and I could hear the crowd bowing from out in the stadium where I was about to fight. “I can’t hide how I feel anymore Cameron,” Slamming his lips to hers hungrily she fought hard against his embrace until she was free and slapping him hard across the face.

“How dare you! I am with Jeff, I love Jeff,” She turned on her heel and stalked away leaving Randy rubbing the large red imprint of her hand on his cheek.

As she stepped up next to me the camera stayed focused firmly on Randy as I wrapped my arm around my girl, thankful that, that little piece of torture was over.

“Get that camera out of my face!” He growled his heel instincts coming out slowly as he turned and stalked off in the opposite direction.

“You did good princess,” I said as the camera turned off and Randy strolled back over to us.

“Wow Cam you been taking lessons from Matt on how to deliver a mean right hook?” He chuckled as they hugged each other.

“Nope; I am just that good,” She giggled softly as I announced that it was time for us to head out to the ring. “Catch you later Randy,” Ron called over her shoulder as we moved to the area just behind the stage and waited for our cue.

“You ok angel?” I asked lacing my fingers through hers softly.

“Mmhmm, a little nervous but I am good,” She smiled up at me softly.

Finally the start of my music began to pump through the speakers and Ron gently slipped her arm through mine and we both stepped out in to the stadium to a thunderous response.

My life really couldn’t get much better than this moment, I had an awesome job and I got to share that with the woman I planned on spending the rest of my life with. We both moved to either side of the ramp and began shaking hands with the fans littered along the sides. Looking out in to the crowd to see a sign with the photos of Ron and me from the latest WWE magazine with the heading; The New Tom & Katie.

Turning to where Ron was still shaking hands, I moved over to her and tapped her shoulder, turning the smile that she flashed me was like nothing I had ever seen on her before, this girl still managed to leave me feeling like I was seeing something new about her every time I looked at her. Reaching for her hand I turned her and pointed to the sign that had caught my attention.

Smiling a little brighter, she pointed to the woman holding the sign and smiled widely at her then we were on the move again until we reached the ring. Doing my usual baseball slide in the ring, I moved to the corner turnbuckle and reached my hand for her, and parted the ropes a little wider so she could slip in to the ring with me.

Holding her to my side as Gillian introduced Mr. Kennedy in to the ring, I gently let my hand rub along her lower back; taking some comfort from her until she had to slide outside the ring and watch me and Mr. Kennedy in the ring.

Trading blow after blow with the controversial star, until I saw my opening to get up on to the turnbuckle; as I sailed backwards I let my eyes move to Ron and see Melina racing down the ramp, trying to warn her but the crowd did a better job than I did.

Landing on Mr. Kennedy just as Melina grabbed Ron by the hair and whirled her around to face her; bringing her hand up she slapped Ron hard across the face, causing Ron to stumble slightly as I pinned Mr. Kennedy the ref threw himself to the ground as Ron quickly executed the twist of fate as planned and left Melina lying in a heap on the floor to a thunderous roar from the crowd.

Sliding in to the ring with me, she moved to my side and lifted my hand in the air. The crowd was eating it up as I dropped my arm so that it was around her and held her close to me and kissed her cheek.

“You did awesome beautiful,” I whispered softly in to her ear.

Pulling back from me she smiled and kissed me so passionately that the crowd was going crazy with cheers and screams. Wrapping my arms around her tiny body, I pulled her so close to me and the minute her body came in to contact with mine I felt the distinct feeling of the baby kicking me.

Pulling back I looked in to her eyes and she laughed, causing me to chuckle along with her. Resting my hands on her stomach as the crowd continued to go crazy.

Finally it was time to leave the ring, so I slid out and gently helped her down next to me and we walked up the ramp touching hands along the way.

“Well JR is there any doubt that Jeff Hardy and Cameron Reid are an item?” The announcer asked.

“I believe there isn’t; Cameron is certainly making a name for herself here at RAW. I have to wonder why Melina would attack her like that though,” The legendary JR pondered out loud. “And did I just see Jeff touching Cameron’s tummy?”

“I believe you did,” The other announcer replied. “Here’s hoping that if what we think is true; Melina didn’t manage to do any damage,”

Stepping backstage we collapsed against other and just stood there for a few moments while we got our breaths back and our heart rate returned to normal. I always felt this way when I came off stage but with Ron by my side it seemed to just intensify the feeling as I had to worry about keeping her safe too but she had proved tonight that there really was no need to keep her safe; she was more than capable of doing that herself.

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Cameron; North Carolina;
Amber’s POV;
I was so proud of Cam and all the things that she had overcome lately, and to see her on TV supporting Jeff; just so that he could be given his title shot, I knew that their love was going to last forever.

Parking the jeep in the car park out front of Gas Chamber Ink where I worked, I climbed out in to the cold air and pressed the lock button on my car key as I moved towards the building just as Shannon approached the front doors.

“Morning beautiful,” He smiled as he pushed the door open to the shop.

”Hey Shan, how are you? I feel like I haven’t seen you in the longest time,” I smiled at my friend as I followed him inside the shop that was already busy and pumping lively.

“I know princess; it feels like forever but I totally understand; you’re all caught up in a Mr. Binzer huh?”

“God am I that obvious?” I giggled as I moved behind the counter and pulled out the appointments book and scrolling through the book until I found my page to see that my 10am was already here.

“Only to those who know and love you sweetie,” He smiled placing his keys and his paper cup of coffee down on the counter as he moved around the desk until he was stood next to me.

“Gee thanks; that makes me feel all kinds of better Shan,” I laughed looking across the shop floor to the booth that I occupied every other day that I was here.

My eyes landed on the long brown of whom I assumed to be my customer; looking down to the book to see the name Sonny penciled in to the time slot. Shaking my head as I realized that I didn’t know anyone of the name Sonny but there had been something familiar about the long hair of my customer.

“I aim to please sugar,” He laughed back as he opened the cashier to check the mornings takings thus far.

“Yeah, yeah!” I giggled as I picked up my keys and bag then moved across the shop floor towards my booth. “You know that man is gonna be the death of me,” I smiled back to my friend just as I approached the steps that led in to the booth.

“You know you love it,” Shannon replied as he closed the cashier and began to move towards the back where his office was.

“You got me there,” I admitted before he disappeared out the back and I could hear him chuckling all the way back to his office despite the large flat screen TV, that was mounted on the back wall of the shop, playing MTV. “Hi I am sorry that I am…” I started as I placed my bag and keys on the counter of my station and turned until I was drowning in the eyes of the one man that I had never thought that I would see again.

“Hey baby,” He said standing up and handing me a bunch of red roses before pulling me in to a tight hug.

I couldn’t say anything; I couldn’t even seem to stop myself from going with the hug. I had never thought that I would see him again, I had thought that we were done for good, that I somehow had managed to move on with my life but here he was in my place of work, holding on to me so tightly that I was lost in the momentum of the moment.

Shifty’s POV;
Amber had been running late this morning because of the passion that had erupted out of both of us; it seemed that no matter what; we just couldn’t fight the passion between us.

So here I was walking in to the Gas Chamber Ink shop where I was now a firm member of the team; but I was thankful for my day off because things between Amber and I had erupted to passionately there was no way that I would be able to concentrate on working.

My eyes found her almost instantly wrapped up in the arms of her ex, Leland. A large bunch of roses in her hands, obviously given to her by the bounty hunter. Anger welled inside me as I looked down at the cup of coffee I had to offer.

What was he doing here?

What did he think that coming here would accomplish?

All I knew was that if he thought that coming here with a bunch of flowers would somehow sweet talk her in to going back to him, then he was going to have a fight on his hands because after all that Amber and I had built there was no way that I was letting her go without a fight.

“What is going on here?” I asked approaching her booth and instantly she managed to push out of the hug and move to me where she wrapped her arm around me.

Well at least this meant that she was giving him a clear signal of who she wanted, right?

“I just came to get some work done,” Leland turned and glared at me angrily as if I were the one interrupting him with his girl.

One word of advice Leland; she ain’t your girl no more. I thought to myself angrily.

“Why here?” I asked refusing to look out of his glare as I handed Amber the cup of coffee that I had purchased for her.

“Well I was in town working a case and I thought who better than my favorite girl,” He stated.

Was he fucking kidding me?

He was being blatantly obvious about what his motives were and I didn’t appreciate his lack of respect considering it was more than obvious that Amber and I were together.

“Well I am sorry Leland but I won’t be doing it,” Amber piped up from my side as she pulled the lid from the cup of coffee and sipping at the hot liquid.

”What? Why not?” He asked stepping forward; causing her to move further in to my embrace.

“I just don’t think that it is a very good idea; do you?”

“You can’t mean that…” He started cockily as he seemed shocked at the fact that she seemed to be turning him down.

“I think you heard her,” I said firmly holding on to her tightly.

”I don’t believe that I was asking you,” Leland fired at me as his face turned a deep crimson color.

“Well whether you asked me or not you are getting my fucking opinion regardless,” I spat back just as angry.

”What the hell is going on here?” Shannon asked as he appeared as if from no where. “Oh hey Leland, what you doing here man?”

”I came to get a back piece from Amber but now she is refusing to even contemplate doing it,” Leland accused as his eyes seemed to burn in to Amber’s.

I looked at the blond owner of the tattoo shop as he looked at all three of us and seemed to be at a loss as to what to do for the best; Leland was obviously a paying customer but Amber was a close friend and he was obviously stuck as to what to do.

Amber’s POV;
This was ridiculous; I didn’t want to work on Leland and I shouldn’t be made to work on him and I knew that Shannon was conflicted as to what to do because ultimately this was his business and turning away paying customers was never a good idea but surely he could see that this was purely a case of conflict of interest.

Looking from Shifty to Leland, I gently hooked my fingers around Shannon’s huge bicep and pulled him away from the two men who were glaring angrily at each other.

“Amber I know that you don’t want…” Shannon started.

“Please don’t make me Shannon; I can’t work on Leland, not when I know that I would be rushing through the piece to get it finished and he would end up hating what I did then the shop would get a bad reputation not to mention my own reputation when it comes to tattooing,” I argued my point to my friend hoping that he would see that I would indeed just want to get the job over and done with and I wasn’t prepared to put my friend’s reputation on the line not to mention my own.

“You really don’t want to do this?” He asked scratching over his chin as he looked over to where Leland and Shifty were still just glaring angrily at each other.

“I can’t Shan, I just don’t want to put my name to something that I know I wouldn’t be proud of; I think that it would be best if you maybe passed him on to Kerry…I know that he is free for most of the morning and he is just as good as I am at Japanese art work if not better,”

“Ok sweetheart I can see that you feel strongly about this, I will go talk to Kerry just hang tight ok?” He said touching my arm as he moved past me and headed towards the tall tattooed head tattooist in the shop.

I watched as they talked quietly amongst themselves, Kerry looking over to the situation and I could see the sympathy in his normally calm eyes as he smiled softly at me and nodded his head.

Finally my body seemed to relax as I realized that I was in the clear, I didn’t have to tattoo Leland and I wouldn’t have to put anyone’s reputation on the line because of that.

Shannon and I moved back to my booth at the same time, meeting in the centre and both of us looked at Leland.

Had he really thought that bringing me a bunch of roses would make everything right?

Did he really think that I hadn’t moved forward with my life?

Did he think that somehow I would have been sat at home pining after him?

Well sorry to disappoint you Leland, I ain’t the same girl that I was when we were together. Looking at Shifty I realized that he knew me far better than Leland ever had. By bringing me a cup of coffee told me that he knew me better than I had been aware that he had.

Since I had, had to rush out of the house this morning I hadn’t had time to have my normal mug of my favorite drink, which meant that I would be crumpy until I managed to get some in to my system. But I had, had no time to grab on my way over here because I had really been running way behind.

Shifty didn’t think to bring me roses because he knew that they wouldn’t make me feel human, he had brought me coffee because he knew that I couldn’t really function without any in my system first thing in the morning.

And that meant more than I could ever express to him.

“Amber why don’t you and Shifty get out of here…you won’t be needed here until later this afternoon,” Shannon announced before turning to Leland.

“Ok thanks Shan,” I said quickly gathering up my things and moving over to where Shifty was waiting for me with open arms.

Stepping in to the comfort of his embrace, I knew without a doubt that I had made the right decision. The feel of his lips touching down on my head as we headed for the door, I let myself forget about what my ex had been trying to accomplish by coming here and just let myself feel all the things that I always seemed to feel so naturally when I was with Shifty.

Things that I had never felt when I was with Leland. When Leland and I had been together, I felt like I was constantly trying to gain the acceptance of his Family, whom he held dear to him, Family was a huge part of my ex’s life and when I hadn’t been included in that it had seemed to cause a rift between us that I hadn’t even noticed until we split up.

Shifty’s POV;
Amber had made her choice, she had picked me and in the process of doing that she had firmly told Leland to get stuffed.

The love and relief that welled inside me seemed to spark intensely until I was left feeling dizzy from the sudden rush of feelings that I felt for this girl in my arms.

Climbing in to the passenger side of her jeep, she climbed in next to me and placed her key in the engine but I reached my hand out to stop her from turning the engine over and leaving the parking lot.

“What?” She asked turning and smiling at me.

“Let me just look at you for a few moments?” I requested reaching my hand to her beautiful face and turning her head to look at me.

Instantly I was drowning out of reality and in to the things that we seemed to share. I didn’t know if what I was feeling was healthy but I knew that it was there and it couldn’t be denied no matter how much I wanted to deny it. But as I watched her I knew now more than ever that I didn’t want to deny it no more, I wanted to accept it, I wanted to drown in her, I wanted to get so lost in her that she was all that mattered to me in the world.

“You’re making me nervous,” She giggled softly letting her eyes drop out of the gaze that we had been sharing, which in turn left me feeling more cold than I thought it was possible to feel.

“Look at me Amber?” I pressed gently wiping my thumb across the soft supple flesh of her gorgeous features.

Slowly her eyes looked up in to mine and she smiled nervously as she let her head rest in to the palm of my hand.

“Marry me?” I blurted out.

”What?” She giggled in another sign that she was nervous about what she was feeling and how she was meant to deal with that.

“Amber, I know that people will say it is too soon and I know that they will say that we are never going to last but I know how I feel right in this moment, I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I know that I want to build a life with you right here, all that I am ever going to need is you and the things that we share right now. I am so deeply in love with the woman that you are, I am so completely lost in the way that I feel when I am with you…I can’t stand the thought of going through this life without being your husband. You have my heart in the palm of your hand and it is yours to do with it what ever you wish,”

”Shifty…I-I…I don’t know what to say,” She stumbled slightly as her eyes stayed firmly fixed on my own as I watched her just as firmly.

“Say that you feel the same, say that you want to marry me,” I whispered as I moved closer towards her.

“I do feel the same Shifty; everything that I feel for you feels like it should be straight out of a movie or a cheesy novel, but I do love you much more than I thought it was possible to love anyone, what I feel when I am with you is like nothing that I have ever had with anyone before…it’s like you complete me and that is scaring me because I have never experienced feelings this intense before…”

“So marry me and we can learn on how to deal with it together?” I pressed softly.

There really was nothing that I wanted more than to marry this woman sitting in front of me.

“It’s too so…” She started to argue.

“Says who?” I asked watching her and instantly she was at a loss as to how to answer that question. “Since when do we care what other people think?”

“We don’t,” She admitted smiling brightly as she brought her hand up and masked over my own one. “Shifty…?”

”Yes?” I asked nervously.

“I will marry you,” She whispered softly as the smile spread across her beautiful ruby red lips.

“You will?” I asked holding my breath and waiting for her to confirm her answer.

“Yes!” She said without a moment’s hesitation.

Throwing myself at her until she was wrapped up tightly in my arms, I held her close as I placed kisses over her face and neck as she obviously didn’t realize just how happy she had made me.

This was it, Cam had been ripped from my life for a reason, so that she could walk back in to it years later bringing with her the most amazing woman that I had ever known; who would have thought that me and my little sister would find love in a town in the heart of Carolina.

Amber and I sat in the embrace for longer than either of us were aware until I suggested that we go look for an engagement ring to place on her finger so that we could let the whole world know that we were going to be spending the rest of our lives together.

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Cameron’s POV;
I had been home for two and a half weeks and there was nothing that I wanted more than to have Jeff with me. Two days every week just felt like torture but tonight was his last night on RAW for 3 months and I couldn’t wait to see him in a few short hours.

The pay per view tonight was being held in Sanford a few short hours away from where I was sat in Matty’s living room watching the event with Amber. Matt and Shifty were out at the local pub to watch it as Kara was working nightshift.

I was happy for Matt he deserved someone who made him as happy as Kara did, she had been really good for him and helped him build past his feelings for me and thankfully me and my best friend were slowly getting everything back on track. We were as close as we had ever been and with me living here with him with CT while Jeff was on the road it had helped us get back to what we had been before the whole stupid situation had blown up.

I was so happy for my brother Seth and my best female friend Amber; the minute they had gotten a ring on Amber’s finger they had called to tell me that they were getting married so here we were sitting on the sofa in front of the TV; her with a glass of wine and me with water; I hated this part of pregnancy; not being able to drink.

CT was lying out in front of the TV watching the event as me and Amber talked about the wedding plans that she was trying to tie together for a month’s time.

Flipping through magazines for dresses and bridesmaid dresses. My friend had requested whether she needed to buy a page boy outfit or a flower girl outfit but that hadn’t worked. Jeff and I had agreed that we wanted to keep the sex of the baby to ourselves and thus far I had done good in holding back but it was slowly killing me.

“Mom! Mom! Mom!” CT said excited as he turned to glance at me, while Amber and I folded down pages on the magazine that we were looking at.


”It’s Dad,” He informed me.

Placing the magazine on the floor Amber and I turned our attention to the TV to see my man stood with a determined look on his face as he talked to the Tom Grisham backstage.

“How nervous are you Jeff about tonight?” The announcer asked.

“I’m not nervous Tom; I have so much to gain tonight and most importantly this is the night that I get to let Randy Orton know under no circumstances that he is never going to come in between Cameron and I…” Jeff announced looking in to the camera and smiling as the crowd in the stadium erupted at the mention of my name. “You see Randy Orton thinks that I don’t know about the times that he came on to my woman; and if he thinks that I am going to just sit back and take it then he will be in for a rude awakening,”

“And how is Cameron doing?”

The WWE had explained my absence to the fact that I had taken a nasty fall when I had fought Melina at ringside for the third time. We had staged it to look like Melina had pushed me down on to the hard concrete floor when in actual fact I had been perfectly safe and nothing had happened but the story was that I had slipped a few discs in my back and wouldn’t be back for at least 5 months.

“Ron is doing great; she is at home recouping and driving everyone crazy because she refuses to let anyone run after her,” Jeff announced looking in to the camera and I knew that he was trying to get a point across to me that he was frustrated that I refused to let him wait on me hand and foot but that just wasn’t me. “Her back is slowly beginning to recover, and she will be going back to physical therapy in a few weeks and that means she will be getting herself back in to shape to come back…”

”You think you scare me Hardy?” Randy appeared on screen causing a chain reaction of boos and screams.

“We’ll see out in that ring won’t we Orton?” Jeff retaliated as both men pushed hard against each other until their noses were practically touching and the glare in both their eyes seemed to be more real than what they were even aware of.

I hope nothing had happened since I had talked to Jeff about an hour ago when he had told me that everything was fine; I hope that he wasn’t lying to me.

Ever since the Doctor had explained that we needed to keep my stress levels down Jeff had become almost insufferable as he smothered me with kindness and tried to keep me shielded from things that were happening.

“You really think that you can beat me?” Randy demanded as Tom Grisham held the microphone out so that both men could talk in to it.

“We’ll see Randy! You tried to be my friend and all the time you were trying it on with Cameron and if you think that I will forgive that then you are going to be sorely disappointed,” Jeff spat at him.

Before I had left; the writers had kicked up the story of Randy being nice to Jeff’s face and all the while trying it on with me behind my man’s back.

It had been tough going considering the fact that there was already a history there but we had remained professional and had done what we could with the story. Then they had brought Melina in to the story as a main character; she had become obsessed with Randy and had seen me as the one who was in the way of her getting what she wanted most.

“Don’t tell me that you are scared of a little competition Hardy!” Randy pushed with a wicked glint in his eyes.

After getting to know Randy over the past few months it still amazed me that he could be a half way decent guy and then as soon as the cameras came on he turned in to a devoted heel that was so convincing I knew that a lot of people believed that he was really like that.

“From you?” Jeff laughed as both men stayed alert and on the defensive. “No man; I ain’t scared of you…what pisses me off is that you heard Ron loud and clear when she told you that she was with me and that she loved me but yet you continued to try it on with her…what is wrong with you? Don’t you realize that no means no?”

Randy’s eyes narrowed until they were barely visible as he glared at Jeff before pushing past my man and stalking away in the opposite direction, Jeff looked at Tom then stalked off in the opposite direction to Randy.

The camera faded until the image on the screen was of the announcers at ringside talking about the challenge that Randy and Jeff were both up against tonight. Both of the announcers at the table agreed that both men were in very different ways effective and that both had very different styles, and that there was only going to be one winner from this.

I was disappointed that Jeff was going to walk away the loser but at least he would be getting another shot when he came back from Maternity leave. I just hoped that it was going to be a staged injury and not real.

Jeff’s POV;
Randy and I met up in the canteen after our cut from backstage. We both took a seat at a table as I dialed Ron’s number and put her on speaker phone.

“Hey handsome,” She answered in a soft purr that instantly had me wishing that I hadn’t asked Randy to join me when I called her.

“Hey you, Randy is here,” I warned her softly.

”Hey Randy,” Ron said as the sound of her lighting a cigarette filtered down the line. No matter how many times I told her that I didn’t want her smoking she had assured me that she had smoked all through her pregnancy with CT and he had turned out perfectly fine. “I just saw you guys in the PPV; you were great,”

”Thanks baby girl,” I said softly running my hands through my hair, wishing that I could just be home already. I missed being away from her, I hated not being with her all the time, not waking up next to her, not going to work with her every day.

Most couples I knew said they couldn’t handle being together 24/7 but with me and Ron it felt more right than I had been prepared to accept but it was and there was no way that I could fight it anymore.

“Thanks Cam,” Randy announced.

“You guys nervous?” She asked as the sound of CT saying hi in the background filtered down the line.

“Say hi to the big man for me yeah?” I asked smiling at Randy who seemed to suddenly look like he was uncomfortable. “And yeah I am a little nervous…but I know it is going to be fine,”

“Awe baby, I wish I was there…”

”I know! I wish you were here too but it is more important that you are comfortable rather than driving all the way over here just to watch me get beat,” I chuckled.

“You know you are driving me crazy!” She giggled softly.

”Me how?” I asked her.

“Jeff I am pregnant, I am not dying!” She said her favorite line of all time.

I knew that I was smothering her, I knew that I was pushing too hard but I didn’t want anything to threaten the baby we were going to have and I didn’t want to loose her either so she would just have to learn to deal with it.

“Suck it up baby girl,” I chuckled.

”Unbelievable!” She giggled. “So when are you on?”

“In about an hour,” Randy said injecting himself in to the conversation.

“Well I can’t wait to see it,” She said her voice full of sincerity as I quickly clicked her off speaker phone and placed the device to my ear. “You just took me off speaker huh?”

”Yeah I did,” I said excusing myself from Randy and getting up.

“Mmm why would that be?” She purred in a seductive tone that had Amber and CT making sick noises in the background causing me to chuckle softly as Ron spat at them. “Suck it up people!”

“I can’t wait to get home baby,” I growled softly in to the phone and was instantly rewarded to a soft moan escaping her mouth and down the line. “I really missed you,”

”I missed you too handsome,” She admitted softly.

It really had been difficult being away from her; from going from almost a year of having her with me every minute of every day to the point where I only saw her once maybe twice a week was more difficult than I had predicted it would be.

But the distance had only just reinforced that this was without any shadow of a doubt the girl that I was going to spend the rest of my life with. The power she held over me was unlike any kind of power that anyone had ever held over me. And the stronger the connection between us became the stronger that power became in turn.

Cameron’s POV;
I had watched Jeff taking the scripted fall and grab on to his shoulder quickly; holding on to it tightly the match was ended with Jeff giving in and submitting as Randy grabbed the alleged sore shoulder.

Although I knew it was scripted I felt myself cringing when he had fallen, I hated the thought of my man being hurt regardless of whether it was staged or not.

Amber moved in to the living room with my glass of water as the door pushed open and my man came crashing inside laughing with Randy, CM Punk, Jericho, Matt and Shifty.

“I have some friends who wanted to come say hi to you baby,” He said dropping his bags at the front door and all but tearing a path to me where he claimed me in to his powerful embrace and I could feel my body caving against him. “God I missed you,”

“I missed you too baby,” I replied as Randy, Jericho and CM Punk hung back with Matt making sick noises to which Jeff and I both ignored until it became a distraction. “You said they wanted to see me…? Sounds like they just came to rip the piss,”

My friends from the WWE started laughing as Shifty’s phone began ringing.

”Hey…no it’s fine…hang on two seconds,” My brother said as he answered the phone he walked out of the living room nodding Amber to follow him, so I watched as she got up and headed out to the kitchen with my brother.

“You know we luv ya sweetness,” CM Punk aka; Phil said as he and Jericho moved towards me and hugged me up in to their huge powerful embrace until I was literally drowning between the two huge men.

Phil was the first to let me go as he leant down and gently kissed my tummy before getting to his feet. I had become quite close to Phil towards the end of my rain at the WWE and he had stayed in contact over the past couple of weeks.

“How is little bump Hardy doin’?” He asked smiling as Jericho let me go and Jeff took his friend’s place and wrapped me up in to his arms where I finally felt safe and comforted.

“Driving me absolutely crazy,” I complained.

”How come?” Jeff asked instantly concerned.

I knew that with the amount of time he had been on the road lately he felt like he was missing out on a lot of the pregnancy but it wasn’t like I blamed him; he had a job to do, he was committed to his job and I wouldn’t want him to change that for anything in the world.

“Because I am still having weird cravings, but the only difference is that I can’t keep what I am eating down, I have acid like no ones business, my ankles have swollen to twice their normal size, I am bloated, I am tired constantly, I feel sick all the time, and I can’t get comfortable no matter what I do…would you like me to continue?”

“Wow!” Jericho laughed as Randy stayed firmly placed by the door.

Even after all this time there was still a little tension between us, especially after all that we had to do on the show; the kissing and the secret meetings that had been scripted; it had all taken a toll on us and mostly because I knew that Randy was still attracted to me; you didn’t really have to be a genius to figure it out.

“Is there anything that you did leave out?” Chris chuckled softly as he leaned over and flicked my chin.

“Don’t even get me started on the mood swings and the hassle of trying to get in and out of the bath,”

“Well I for one am silently thanking God that I ain’t a woman right now,” Chris laughed a little harder earning a cold glare for me. “Jesus; you could freeze hell over with that look honey,”

“See what I mean; please don’t take anything I say or do to heart…I really amn’t in control of my emotions right now,”

”But you are glowing hon,” Phil said smiling as he leant on the back of the sofa.

”Yeah you trying throwing up everything that you eat or drink and see how much you’re glowing!” I snapped and instantly felt bad for doing it.

But like I had just said I wasn’t in control of my emotions and it was driving me crazy; I couldn’t wait until my due date came and I gave birth.

“Woah say what you mean there honey,” Phil chuckled seemingly having listened to what I said as he didn’t take, what I had all but spat at him, to heart.

Matt hugged me and kissed my head before heading out to the kitchen as Shifty and Amber came crashing in to the living room looking excited and happy with themselves.

”What’s going on guys?” I asked watching them suspiciously.

“Nothing!” Amber said.

“Lie!” I said watching them closely. “You both know better than to lie to me right now; I can sniff a lie out like a fart in a car,” I stated causing Jeff to all but choke on his laugh as Phil and Chris and Randy broke apart laughing.

“Well if you must know we have to leave…we got a call about our surprise for your birthday,” My brother said moving to me and kissing my head softly.

“You’re mean!” I complained watching him as Amber hugged me tightly and thanked me for helping her with some of the wedding details. “Not a problem honey,”

Jeff and I walked them to the door and watched as they took off towards their car and headed out of the Hardy property leaving us alone with the rest of the guys. I sat around for about an hour then excused myself to go to bed, it had been a long day and now that Jeff was home I would be able to get a proper sleep.

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Cameron’s Birthday;
Jeff’s POV;
Cameron had confessed that she had barely slept with me being away, so when I had woken this morning, I had placed a tender kiss to the bump and gently kissed Ron’s head softly then climbed out of bed and padded out of the room.

Moving down to the kitchen to find Shifty, Amber, Matt and CT sitting at the breakfast bar with Corey Taylor of Stone Sour. Stopping in the doorway and looked at the faces as they looked back to me.

“Is she coming?” Amber asked excitedly.

”No…she’s still sleeping; I didn’t want to wake her,” I said finally seemingly finding my movement and walking in to the room where I moved to the kettle. “Hi,” I said extending my hand to Ron’s idol once I had turned the kettle on.

“Hey, Howya doin’?” Corey asked me shaking my hand firmly.

“I’m good thanks…you?” I asked.

Had I woken up in a dream?

Was I still lying next to Ron fast asleep?

“I’m good thanks,” He replied smiling as he seemed to pick up on my confusion and shock.

“I don’t mean to be rude; but what the hell is going on?” I asked causing CT to chuckle from his side of the breakfast bar as he placed his spoon in to his now empty bowl. “Yeah laugh it up there kiddo,” I chuckled softly.

“Jeff; I was talking to Cam the other week and she confessed that she was going to need her own entrance music when she goes back to work and I know that she would be over the moon if she had Corey do her entrance theme so I called him and asked him to come out for her birthday; thankfully he agreed and the rest is history,” Shifty informed me as the sound of Ron moving around up in the bedroom filtered through the roof.

“Well I have to warn you Corey; if she is snappy just take it in your stride man; ‘cos she is pretty miserable with this whole pregnancy thing,” I said softly as the sound of the door opening reached us where we were waiting for her.

The dining room table was littered with presents and cards; Shadow lay under the table with Lucas lying at his side; both dogs happily content to stay there for the time being but I knew the minute Ron walked in to the kitchen they would be up and at her.

Both dogs loved Ron with a passion, they would follow her around the house, they would lie with her on the sofa, they would do as she said, and they in turn smothered her with affection.

I knew that she was miserable with the whole pregnancy thing; she wanted it over and done with. I had listened as she basically said that she felt fat, ugly and completely useless because everything that she loved to do had to be put on hold because of the baby, but as I reminded her it wouldn’t be much longer now. A week and her due date would be here and hopefully our baby would make their presence known.

Everyone looked up as she sauntered in to the room with her hand on her back; the bump had really bloomed since I had last seen her and she was constantly complaining that it was killing her back.

Smiling she moved to the kettle completely oblivious to the fact that her favorite singer in the whole world was sat at the breakfast bar having coffee with us; that was until she had placed her mug on the counter and she just stopped where she was standing completely motionless.

“Am I dreaming?” She asked without turning around.

Looking to Corey to see him smiling obviously amused by her reaction. Slowly getting to his feet he moved over to where she was stood still with her back to the room; refusing to turn around.

“You’re not dreaming Cameron,” He said softly touching her shoulder.

“I have to be…” She mumbled softly.

“Why?” I asked finding the whole scene more than a little amusing. Cameron had never been star struck when she was at work and there had been a few famous people shown up to matches but here she was seemingly immobilized by what could only be described as star struck.

“’Cos I was sure that I just saw Corey Taylor sat at the breakfast bar as if it were the most natural thing in the world,” She said softly.

“Turn around baby girl,” Matt said softly to her.

Doing as was asked of her she slowly turned as Corey took a step back from her. The minute her eyes met his; the heat crept on to her face as he smiled and gently gave her a hug.

“Why didn’t someone tell me?” She demanded looking at the faces around the bar until they landed on me.

“Don’t look at me; I didn’t know anything about this until 10 minutes before you walked in to the room,” I said. “Which is a good point…why didn’t I know?”

“Like you can keep a secret from her dude,” Amber giggled softly as Corey kept her wrapped up in his embrace where she seemed more than happy to stay for the time being.

“I’m offended,” I grumped.

“Tell me that one flash of those big brown eyes…” Shifty pointed to his sister. “Wouldn’t have been able to get any piece of information from you?”

I looked to Ron who batted her eyelashes at me seductively and smiled brightly; completely arguing her brother’s case without even opening her mouth.

“Ok, ok you got me,” I smiled as everyone laughed.

Half an hour later and she had opened everyone’s presents but my present lay unopened on the table as she looked to me and smiled brightly.

I just hoped that she liked it; it was something that I had seen her checking out in LA when we had been there just before she had to leave on her maternity leave. I watched as she reached for me to come to her before she opened it.

Cameron’s POV;
Jeff stepped up next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder as my eyes landed on all the other presents that littered the dining table along with cards of well wishes and greetings.

I had been without a doubt spoiled more than I had ever expected considering that the baby was due within the next seven days.

Bottles of my favorite perfume, bottles of the lotion to go with my perfume lay on the table, jewelry from Matt and Kara lay open in it’s box, CD’s and DVD’s lay waiting to be opened properly and the best present ever was stood in the kitchen watching me with my Family.

I could have kissed my brother and Amber for what they had done; I had thought that I had been rambling when I had said that I wanted something by Corey for my entrance music when I went back to the WWE but they had been listening and had done something about it.

Slowly opening the long black velvet box to reveal the triquettra silver necklace that I had been looking at in a jewelers in LA; I had really loved the design and had really contemplated buying it until I heard how much it cost.

”Jeff!” I exclaimed.

“What? You don’t like it? I thought that when you looked at it that you really want…”

”I really did baby; but this cost a fortune…it’s too much!” I whispered as he slowly removed it from the box and began to clip it around my neck.

“No it’s not…nothing is too much for you,” He whispered quietly in to my ear as he tied it together and let it fall around my neck.

“I really, really, really, really love it baby; thank you so much!” I replied turning in his arms and hugging him so tightly that he was complaining that he couldn’t breathe.

My life had come a long way from the moment that I had first met Jeff and Matt to this one, and I wouldn’t trade one minute of it. What Jeff and I shared was more special to me than I could put in words; I just hoped that the way I was with him told him that he would or could never be replaced in my heart or in my life. And Matt was like a big brother to me, he was always there to talk to, he was always willing to hang out with me and support anything that I wanted to do. Both of these men had a special place in my heart that I wouldn’t want to trade for anything…ever.

Corey Taylor’s POV;
Standing back I watched Cameron and Jeff interacting, I had been watching her closely trying to get a feel of the woman that she was and I had to admit the girl held her cards close.

All that I had managed to pick up on was the fact that she loved her friends and Family dearly, she held what they shared close to her and it obviously meant more than she could put in to words.

Passionate seemed to be a good word to explain her from what I had seen so far. And from her look it was easy to see that she was an individual seemingly unconcerned of what people thought of her but from what Shifty had told me about her past that wasn’t really surprising.

Jeff suggested that me and her talk while he cleared up in the kitchen and put her presents up to their bedroom, she looked at me questioningly and I nodded my head in agreement so the two of us moved out to the living room and sat down while CT asked if he could go play outside with the dogs.

After permitting her son that he could go out she turned and smiled at me happily. It was easy to see why Jeff and Matt had fallen for her, she was beautiful and under other circumstances I would be more than happy to allow myself to fall for her but being married meant that I had to be a good boy.

“I just want to thank you for…” She started as she let her body rest back in the sofa.

“Not a problem! Shifty has been a friend for years so anything for a friend; that’s my motto,” I smiled as she handed me a cigarette and lit one up herself.

“Well thank you I really appreciate it,” She smiled softly as she inhaled deeply on the cigarette.

“Well you’re welcome. So Shifty said something about you wanting a song for your return to the WWE?”

“That’s right…I mean I really loved Take a Number but I wasn’t sure if we would be able to get the copyright on it,” She admitted.

“Do you still want that one?” I asked nodding my head softly.

“I really love it, I think that it fits what I want to do when I go back but I think if you have the time and it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle for you that I would really love something new and fresh you know?”

“I don’t see that being a problem at all,” I admitted finding her smile infectious. “Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself…? That way I can get a feel for the woman you are and maybe get some ideas flowing,” I suggested watching her closely.

Nodding her head she began to talk about herself and at first it was easy to see that she didn’t like talking about herself all that much, everything she told me was in the third person as if it had happened to someone else, but from what I could figure that was a common trait in abused women.

The more that she talked the more she began to relax until it was like just hanging out with a friend and sharing stories except I wasn’t the one talking.

But the strongest impression that I was getting from her was that she had fought hard to have this life and she wasn’t about to let anyone take that away from her, she would fight tooth and nail for all that she had now.

Slowly as I listened to her talk, a guitar riff began to play out in my head, slowly taking over as lyrics seemed to pop in to my head out of no where. I loved when the creative juices began to flow like this; I loved to feel the rush of working on something new and original.

Her big brown eyes met mine as she finished talking and the air turned silent around except for the song that was almost playing out in my head in entirety.

“I have to ask; is this entrance music going to be for you and Jeff…? ‘Cos if it is then I really need to talk to him too,” I said softly.

“No this is going to be for me; Vince wants to put me in singles matches when I get back,” She admitted as she took one last deep drag on her cigarette before stubbing it out in the ashtray.

“Ok that is great…!”

”It is?” She asked watching me closely.

“It really is; do you have a pen and paper?” I asked feeling the need to get the lyrics that were in my head out on to paper before I lost the flow.

“Sure,” She replied pushing herself out of the sofa and moving towards the kitchen. “I will be right back,”

”Ok,” I smiled at her as she disappeared in to the other room leaving me alone with my thoughts and the tirade of lyrics that were streaming through my head.

I hadn’t been overly sure that I would be able to do this, I didn’t know if I would like the girl but from listening to her talk it was obvious to see that she was definitely a one off, there really was no one out there like her and for that reason alone I liked her and hoped that I had made myself a friend.

Coming back in to the room she handed me the requested items and sat back down watching as I scribbled the words that were already taking shape in my head…

I’m not a victim…

I never asked for anything; I’m not asking now…

I will not be afraid…

I have done this on my own…

To let you take it away from me…

It’s too late to stop me; ‘cos I refuse to die…

And I don’t care what you do to me…

Don’t want an enemy; don’t fuck with my life…

I wouldn’t hand over what is mine…

For the time being that was all that I had but I was pretty sure that when I sat down with the guys in the band that we could come up with something for her.

“Now I have to ask; do you want heavy and fast or slow and steady?” I asked softly placing the paper and pen on to the table that lay in front of us.

“Definitely heavy and fast,” She smiled at me.

Thanking God for her answer; because those lyrics really wouldn’t suit a slow tempo song; heavy and fast was definitely the way to go.

“Good answer,” I smiled as she sipped at the glass of water she had picked up while she had been in the kitchen.

“I thought so too,” She smiled seemingly more comfortable with me now that we had talked and gotten to know each other a little better.

Jeff wondered in to the room and leaned down to give her a peck on the cheek before informing us that he was heading down to the new house they were building.

I had heard the news about his home and I offered my condolences instantly; I would hate to think what I would do if I lost everything that I had worked all these years for. I think I would be completely gutted but Jeff and Cameron seemed to have come to terms with it and what it was.

Cameron suggested that we all take a walk down; that it might do her good to stretch her legs for a little while, so we all headed out; calling CT to us at the same time.

Cameron and I continued to talk with Jeff holding on to her hand as we walked through the woods and made the mile walk down to where I assumed they were building their new home.

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Jeff’s POV;
The house was coming along perfectly; the frame had been built, the roof was on and all that was left to do was; the interior walls had to be put in to place and the fixtures and fittings were to be fitted and finally the decoration had to be done.

Ron and I had been informed that it should be ready by the time we got our new baby home from the hospital. We were both happy with that; it gave us some extra time to get everything that we needed for our new home.

I couldn’t believe just how happy and content I felt, there was nothing that could top this moment in time. Until our baby made their appearance.

Matt and I were walking ahead of Corey Taylor and Cameron who were obviously getting along famously. They had chatted all the way down here, they chatted for the majority of the tour and now as we made our way back through the woods towards Matt’s house they were chatting amongst themselves.

Shifty and Amber were taking up the rear; talking intimately amongst themselves about their upcoming wedding. They were both as excited as I had ever seen them; their relationship had been put to the test a few months back when Leland had arrived in town and had made another play for Amber but my friend had made her choice known to everyone when she had said yes to Shifty’s proposal.

“So you think that they are getting along ok?” Matt asked glancing behind us as the sound of Ron’s laugh reached us where we were leading the way.

“I think they really are; they seem to be getting in to a groove you know?” I smiled.

I was happy for Ron; Corey Taylor had been her idol for so long and now that they had met they seemed to have clicked quite easily, but that didn’t really surprise me in the slightest.

Ron was just the type of girl that you either loved her like a best friend or you loved her so devastatingly strongly that you became so lost in her that you could barely function when she wasn’t around; I was the prime example of that when I had been so depressed with being away from her.

“Uhm…Jeff?” Corey’s voice reached me and tore through my thoughts.

“Yeah?” I asked stopping and turning to see Ron stood gripping Corey’s arm; her legs spread slightly apart and her waters clearly broken as they seeped down her pants.

Rushing back to her as Shifty and Amber raced forward as my girl let out a loud scream of pain that seemed to pierce through my heart like a knife.

“Ron!” I came to a skidding stop in front of her; catching her before she sank to the ground. “Hey, hey I am here ok?” I said softly as her eyes finally met mine and I could see the pain sparking in her beautiful eyes.

”Mom!” CT came racing back with Shadow and Lucas racing at his side. “Mom!” He panted stopping next to his Uncle Matt who was stood watching as I gently scooped Ron in to my arms and began the long trek back to his house.

“I’m fine baby,” Ron whispered as she slowed her breathing down until she was back under control. “Jeff I can walk,” She said curling her fingers around my head.

”You’re sure?” I asked softly stopping.

“Mmhmm, it’s just labor…I have been here before remember?”

”I know but I haven’t…”

”I know you haven’t baby,” She replied as I gently placed her down on to the carpeted flooring of the woods. “Just stay close cos I need someone to abuse when I get contractions yeah?” She smiled devilishly.

“You got it princess,” I smiled kissing the top of her head as we slowly began to walk back along the way that we had come.

We stayed in a closer group as we moved through the woods; keeping close to Cameron’s side but not one word was spoken until we got back to the breaking that led in to the back yard surrounding my brother’s house.

I asked someone to drive Shannon’s hummer to the hospital but Ron wasn’t having it until she had changed out of her messed up clothing from when her waters had broken. And there was no talking to her, so we had to wait until she had changed and was ready to go.

Sanford; North Carolina Hospital;
Shifty’s POV;
By the time we pulled up to the front door of the hospital; Cam was cranky as hell, she was sniping at Jeff and blaming him for the pain that he was in but still Jeff held his ground, taking all the abuse that she had to give and not even complaining or arguing with her insults.

I knew that it was mainly because Cam had told him that whatever she said when she was in labor wasn’t anything that she would mean; that the hormones would be making her say things that she wasn’t in control of.

It was good to see that he had listened and remembered what she said as Matt and I laughed when Cam told him that he was never coming near her again; that from now on they were going to be sustaining from sex.

Jeff just nodded his head as he pushed the door open and helped her out of the back of the hummer leaving me to go park the hummer with the others.

By the time we had parked and moved up to the birthing unit; Jeff and Cam had been ushered in to a private room but every now and again I could hear my sister screaming out; each time getting closer and closer until it seemed that she was screaming continuously.

Jeff’s POV;
Where the hell was she getting this strength from?

Her grip on my hand was tightening around me; squeezing the circulation out of my hand. Giving her all the strength that I had in me, I didn’t complain because I knew that my pain paled in comparison to what she must be feeling right now.

Eventually the Doctor came in and gave her another internal to which she protested profusely; telling him that at this moment in time it was one way traffic to which he gave out a little chuckle but informed her that it had to be done.

Finally it was time for her to push and as the Doctor got ready to deliver the baby, a nurse came in to the room and handed me a bowl of ice cold water with a flannel placed inside. I looked to the nurse confused.

”It’s for keeping her cool hon,” She smiled at me before she moved to assist the Doctor who was taking place at the bottom of the bed and urging Ron to place her feet back in the stirrups. “Place the flannel to the back of her neck sugar, that way she will get some relief from the heat,” The nurse advised me from her position at the bottom of the bed.

Nodding my head, I did as I was instructed and rang the majority of the water out of the flannel and placed it to the base of Ron’s neck who instantly smiled up at me.

“That ok baby girl?” I whispered placing the bowl to the stand by the side of the bed.

“Like you wouldn’t believe…” She panted before letting out a loud piercing screech that had the Doctor telling her that it was time to push. “About God damn time!” She muttered under her breath and followed the Doctors instructions.

I felt suddenly helpless standing here watching the pain etching on her beautiful features, seeing the sweat forming across her body, seeing the strain as she kept pushing and pushing.

And what was I doing?

Standing with a cold flannel placed to the back of her neck while I just stood here holding on to her hand with my own free one.

3 hours later and she was still pushing as hard as she ever did, her body was blanketed in a thick web of sweat; her hair was matted to her face and she was panting as she tried to keep her breath in the pattern to which she had been shown at the birthing classes.

Matt’s POV;
The screaming of Cam had died down, until we couldn’t hear her anymore, and I found the silence to be more unnerving than the sound of her screaming out.

Amber and Shifty were sat in the corner of the room, wrapped up in each other; with Corey Taylor sitting next to them seemingly feeling a little out of place, Shannon had arrived about an hour ago and he was stood at the huge window; leaning against the frame he gazed out on to the parking lot of the hospital. Shane was sat on a chair his feet resting on another chair, my Dad was sat with his head in his hands as CT sat on a chair in the furthest corner reading a magazine that my Dad had brought him.

I was pacing back and forth the room as we all awaited news on my little brother and his girl. It felt like we had been here for hours already. There had been no news other than to be informed that they had begun the process of delivery.

”Damn Matty; you’re gonna wear a hole in the floor,” Amber said glancing over at me as I continued on the same path that I had been on for the past 20 minutes or so.

“I know…I am just no good at waiting,” I sighed as I smiled at her softly.

“You and me both dude,” Shannon announced from the window as he turned back to the room. “It feels like a day has gone past from the minute that they let us know they were beginning the process of delivery,”

Everyone turned quiet again in the realization that he was right; the time had slowly ticked past as if the tick tocking had turned down to ultra slow motion. Everyone seemed to be moving as if in David Hasselhoff slow motion replay on Baywatch.

Five hours later and it was almost 10pm when the day room door opened and Jeff walked in to the room looking exhausted, but happier than I had ever seen him and most importantly in his arms was a gurgling little baby wrapped up in a pink blanket.

”Guys I would like to introduce you to my daughter, Shannon Amber Hardy,” Jeff said softly the smile creeping to the highest corners of his face.

“Is Cam ok?” Shifty asked just as I had been about to ask, as everyone moved to Jeff to get a look at my niece who was quietly gurgling happily in her Dads arms.

“She’s more than ok Shifty; she is exhausted so they have let her close her eyes for a little while, and I have to get angel back in a few so that she can go down to the baby unit,” Jeff informed the room. “I just wanted y’all to meet her,”

CT looked at his little sister and smiled softly as he gently stroked her hair then kissed her head gently. Amber gently hooked her arms under Shannon’s head and took her from her Dad’s arms, who looked less than happy that he had to hand his little girl over already.

“Damn dude; take a chill pill it’s only for a few minutes,” Amber giggled as she looked down to the baby girl in her arms and began talking in a cute little baby voice causing Jeff, Shifty and I to smile.

“Does Uncle Matty want a hold?” She finally asked looking up at me as the baby turned silent and when I walked over to look at her I was blown away by just how beautiful this little bundle of energy was as she had fallen asleep; content in her Aunties arms.

“I don’t know I don’t want to wake her,” I whispered softly.

“Just take a hold she’ll be fine Matt,” Jeff said his voice had instantly toned down a fraction as he moved closer. Nodding my head, I held my arms out for Shannon. “Just support her head dude,”

”Got it,” I said nervously as Amber gently transported the sleeping little girl in to my arms and instantly I felt a rush of love that seemed to know no bounds.

After a few more moments, I had to give her back to her Dad and I could feel my reluctance in handing her back; she was just so beautiful, a full head of black hair and tiny little fingers that made me feel like a giant in comparison.

Jeff chuckled softly as Shannon woke up and let out a loud wail of crying before Jeff began to leave the room, closing the door gently behind him after telling us that he would be back in a few.

It was more than obvious that everyone was affected by the innocence and vulnerability of the new addition to our Family. We all slipped in to a compatible silence while we waited for Jeff to come back.

Cameron’s POV;
Waking up, I rolled over expecting to become embedded in Jeff’s powerful arms but his space in the bed was cold and empty. Sitting up in the room to see that the door was open a fraction and the room still looked like a bomb had hit it.

I had just gotten home the day before but we had received so much stuff for Shannon Amber that we didn’t have the space for all of it in this room and it was slowly spilling out in to the hallway of Matt’s home.

Sliding out of bed, I quietly moved out in to the landing, glancing out the window on the stairs as I descended down to the bottom level I could see that it was still dark outside but that didn’t mean anything; winter’s in Cameron could be darker than night sometimes.

The sound of gurgling reached me where I had come to a stop in the dormant bottom floor of my best friend’s house; moving towards the sound my eyes fell on Jeff lying out on the sofa in a pair of jeans; his upper body naked and our daughter lying on his chest happily watching her Daddy.

It was definitely a photo moment, and seeing the camera lying on the floor by the front door, I moved forward and took the photo knowing that it would make the cutest little wallet sized picture.

The minute my daughter saw me she started squirming on her Dad’s chest who instantly woke up and wrapped his arms around her.

“Hey Dad,” I smiled kneeling down at the arm rest where my man’s head was placed and kissing his head softly.

”Mmm hey; I didn’t want to wake you…she was crying, so I fed her and gassed her then must have closed my eyes for a few moments,” He said supporting Shannon’s head and slowly sitting up in the sofa.

“Its ok baby, why don’t you come on back to bed?” I suggested standing back up and reaching my hand out to him, which he took happily then followed me up to the bedroom.

Crawling back in to the bed; Jeff climbed in to his side and placed Shannon between us as we both watched her squirming and gurgling softly in the space between us.

“Can you believe how beautiful she is?” He asked me as he held his index finger out to her and she gripped on to him so tightly that his eyes widened then looked at me. “And she has her Mom’s strength,”

“She is definitely strong that’s for sure,” I admitted having felt the strength that he was talking about and experiencing for himself.

“She really is so beautiful Ron…she’s all you,” He whispered leaning over the top of her and kissed my forehead softly.

“Oh I don’t know I say there is a bit of you in there,” I smiled resting my head down on to my pillow happy to be here, with my Family, with my man and free of all the hassles of the past year.

“Are you kidding…? It’s all you angel,” He smiled watching me before going back to watching Shannon. “You know I can’t stop looking at her; she’s just so perfect,” He gushed happily.

“She really is,”

”Was this how you felt when you took CT home?” He asked looking up at me again then going back to smiling at his little girl.

“Yeah…well for me it was yeah…”

”Steven wasn’t…?”

”Steven and I didn’t live together at that point, I was at home with my Parent’s alone but I would lie awake at night just watching him and feeling this amazing rush of love that I had never thought was possible,”

”I know I feel the same way; I just need to look at her and…the first time she was placed in my arms it was the most instant thing I have ever felt…to be honest it scared me a little,”

”Scared you?”

”Yeah…it was like ok; wow I have more responsibility than I thought I would be comfortable with but after holding her for a few moments it was like she washed away all the fear that I had you know?”

“I do,”

We turned silent as I watched him interacting with his daughter, the little smiley faces that he made at her causing her to almost giggle softly, the sound of his soft baby voice until I felt the sleep dragging me away from everything.

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Amber’s POV;
It felt weird waking up without Shifty lying next to me; rolling on to my back I stared at the ceiling of the spare bedroom in Matt’s house. The roof was immacutely white; there were no stains from wear and tear; there were no streaks; the house had obviously been expertly decorated.

As I lay staring at the ceiling and lost in the thought of what today was going to hold, I heard the sound of Shannon Amber crying, so I slowly pushed the covers back and stumbled out of the room. Heading down the stairs to the bottom floor where the sound of crying got louder and the sound of Cam soothingly uttering words of peace and comfort to her daughter reached me.

“Oh hon she didn’t wake you did she?” Cam asked as I walked in to the kitchen where my best friend was gently rocking her daughter in her arms.

“No hon I was awake,” I moved forward and placed a gently kiss to my little niece’s head causing her to instantly stop crying.

”Oh take her,” Cam smiled handing her girl over and smiling softly at me as the little girl instantly started gurgling softly at me. “I swear I have been up since the crack of dawn trying to calm and soothe her,”

”What can I say…? I have the touch!” I smiled looking down at the tiny bundle who was still gurgling happily at me.

“Yes it would certainly appear that you do…want to move in?” She asked jokingly; at least I hope she was joking.

“I uhm…I don’t…”

”I’m kidding hon! God scared much?” She laughed at me.

“Hey,” I giggled softly using my free hand to take a gently hold of the little girls hand and she gripped me so tightly that I was shocked by her strength. “My God hon she has your strength,”

”Why does everyone keep saying that?” She laughed as she turned on the kettle then moved to the fridge to make up another bottle for her daughter.

“Well…’cos it’s true,” I giggled moving to the dining table and sitting down still watching this little bundle in my arms; lost in her big beautiful dark eyes as they sparkled in the early splashes of the morning winter sun.

“Do you want coffee honey?” Cam asked from near the kettle where she was watching the microwave heat the bottle and waiting for the kettle to boil with her coffee.

“If you’re making for yourself then sure,”

”You got it! So nervous?” She asked lighting a cigarette and moving out on to the balcony where the cool air began to breeze in to the room.

“Not overly…at least not yet,” I replied watching her from where I was sat shielding Shannon Amber from the cool blast of air.

I know that picking a date for our wedding so close to Christmas meant that there could be hassle but Shifty and I had both agreed that the quicker the better and we both felt that it was the best time.

We didn’t want anything big and fancy because that just wasn’t our style, so this small intimate gathering was more than perfect for both of us. And there was absolutely no doubt in my head that I wanted to do this, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Shifty; he was without any doubt the love of my life.

What I felt for him was like nothing I had ever felt for anyone before and where it had once scared me to allow myself to be so vulnerable with a man, I found that with Shifty I welcomed the feeling, I would even go as far as saying that I embraced it.

So no, there were no nerves; that most women feel on the morning of their wedding day. I was ready, more than ready to become Mrs. Binzer and I knew that it was for keeps; that nothing could come in between us and I felt more calm than I thought it was possible to feel.

Shifty’s POV;
Waking up without Amber by my side felt more strange and unnatural than I had ever thought it would feel. After being with her every day for the past 10 months; waking up next to her, sharing every day with her, doing almost everything together; being apart from her for a whole night had been nothing short of torture.

“Shift you awake?” Jeff’s voice filtered through the bedroom door as he knocked.

“Just!” I mumbled pushing the covers back and slowly getting out of the bed that Amber and I shared.

Stretching I pulled on my jeans and pulled the door open to see Jeff stood waiting for me and smiling.

“Morning dude; I just wanted to say that it is time that you started getting ready,”

”What time is it?” I asked taking the cigarette that he held out for me.

“It’s almost 8am…we need to leave here by 9 to get to Matt’s in time,” Jeff informed me.

Amber and I had scheduled the wedding for 10am; just as the morning winter sun hit high in the sky. That way it was still slightly dark around the edges, and we had only a few people coming in for our big day.

Neither of us were interested in having a huge wedding, all we cared about was that our friends and close Family were there, which was exactly what we had organized.

“There’s coffee in the kitchen and the hot water has been on for a little over an hour…”

”Jesus Jeff why were you up so early?” I mumbled rubbing the palms of my hands in my eyes trying to wipe away the sleep.

“Hello…new born baby in the house,” He chuckled softly as he moved in to the room that he had shared with my sister when she had lived here and he had slept over.

“How does it feel to be back here?” I asked moving along to the door that led in to the living room.

“At least I managed to sleep…there was still a trace of Ron’s perfume on the bed sheets,”

”That is slightly disturbing dude,” I chuckled as I pushed the living room door open and went to move inside.

“Yeah, yeah!” He chuckled before closing his bedroom door.

Laughing to myself I moved along to the kitchen to find Matt stood by the sink washing up his dishes.

“Morning dude,” I said moving to the mug that was still lying by the kettle with the water steaming high.

“Hey Shifty, nervous yet?” He asked turning and smiling at me.

“You know I really amn’t feeling anything other than excited,” I admitted sipping at the hot liquid feeling it burn my tongue so I placed it back on the counter.

“That’s cause Amber is special and what you guys have is going to last a lifetime dude,”

”Thanks Matt,” I said feeling myself fill with love and a desperation to just get this show on the road; the quicker Amber was my wife the better I would feel.

“Not a problem dude; I just call it as I see it is all,” He replied.

“Well I appreciate your support; I know how much Amber values you and everyone else’s opinions,”

”That’s just cos we have all been together longer than either of us can really remember you know?” He smiled leaning against the counter and crossing his arms across his chest.

“I know and I know that you guys mean more to her than she can express,” I said thinking of how she had said that she didn’t think that she would have gotten through a lot of the things that had happened in her life if it hadn’t been for her friends and the people who she regarded as her Family. “I really should go get ready though,”

”Sure man, we’ll see you in a bit,” Matt replied turning back to the sink and continued on with the dishes.

I moved out to the bedroom that Amber and I shared with my thoughts on my girl. We were finally here; it had felt like the past few weeks had taken forever to get us here but now that we were I didn’t want anything spoiling our day or the love that we shared for one another.

10.45am; Matt’s house;
Amber’s POV;
Finally the wedding official announced Shifty and I as man and wife. Our friends and Family cheered as we turned to face each other and kissed tenderly for the first time as a married couple.

The kiss deepened as my eyes opened to find he was watching me as he always did when we kissed; his huge brown eyes burning in to me in a way that could still render me to a trembling mess. I was slowly getting used to this feeling and I never wanted to be without it, my husband was by far my drug of choice.

Pulling apart, we both looked around the back yard at the people who we held closer than anyone else in the world; the wedding had been a small and intimate encounter that we had both wanted.

My eyes took in the scene from a fairy tale; little Christmas tree lights hung around the trees that surrounded Matt’s property, Gothic style lanterns hung from the poles that we had set up leading down the make shift aisle that I had walked down not an hour ago.

The scent of pine cones hung heavy in the air giving off a sweet aroma that seemed to just fit the occasion better than I had thought possible.

Shifty gently slipped his hand in to mine as CT, who had been his Uncles best man stepped in to line behind us with Cam who had been my bridesmaid.

We made it in to the house and Cam gently took my bow of flowers just as the others crashed in to the house; instantly descending on me and hugging me and my husband so tightly that I was fighting to catch my breath and leaving me giggling softly.

By the time the congratulations were over and done with, the music had been turned on; the house came to life as everyone slipped in to party mode. I was just glad to see that everyone was having fun and letting themselves go as Shifty and I celebrated the love that we had for each other.

Glancing at my husband as he talked to Matt and Shannon; in his black suit; his hair ruffled in a messy do that was his style I knew that I couldn’t be more attracted to him but it wasn’t just about his looks.

I loved the man he was, I loved the way he cared about the people that he loved, I loved the sense of humor that he had, I loved the way he supported me in anything that I did and I loved the fact that he knew me better than anyone and he got me, he realized my little quirks, he knew my sense of humor and he knew the woman I was and never once did he question who that was.

Excusing myself from Shane, I moved over to where he was and wrapped my arms around his waist; instantly he leaned back in to my arms as I let my head rest against his back and just took comfort in knowing that this was forever; I had the love of my life and I wanted nothing more than to just bury myself in the marriage and be sickeningly happy.

“You know you guys are sickeningly cute right?” Shannon teased.

“Mmhmm,” I admitted happily.

“Well what can I say to that?” Shannon chuckled in a thunderous tone that seemed to fill the house. “Its not fair; does that mean now you are married that you won’t be so easy to tease?”

“No it just means that you will need to think of new inventive ways to tease me,” I giggled looking over the top of my husbands shoulder and smiled at my friend.

“Ooohhh see now that sounds like a challenge to me,” Shannon replied excitedly as he seemed to jump up and down on the balls of his feet.

“Take it as you wish dude,” I giggled feeling the effects of his infectious personality.

”That I will!” He replied smiling wickedly at me. “In fact I am off to think up of some new ways right now,”

Shifty, Matt and I watched him bounce off around the room; leaving the 3 of us staring after him as he disappeared in to the main area of the house.

“We wanted to thank you Matt,” Shifty started as he gently pulled me around so that I was in front of him.

”For?” Matt asked looking and sounding confused.

“Letting us have the wedding here,” I admitted watching him closely as the heat blushed his features and he looked everywhere but at me and my husband; God did that sound good.

“You’re welcome and really there is no need to thank me ok?” He pressed his eyes landing on Kara as she walked in to the kitchen fresh from her early shift.

It had meant of course that she couldn’t be at the wedding but we had completely understood; her work was important to her and because of what she did she couldn’t just get the time off like the rest of us. Matt excused himself and headed off to greet his girl.

“So Mrs. Binzer,” Shifty said turning me around so that I was pressed hard against his chiseled frame and drowning out of the moment and in to the life that me and Shifty were about to start building.

“Yes Mr. Binzer?” I replied smiling.

“I just wanted to say how amazingly stunningly beautiful you look today…not that you don’t always look that way; but you blew me away when you walked down that aisle,” He whispered as his lips lingered dangerously close to my own.

“Well thank you husband,” I smiled brightly getting lost in his powerful eyes.

“You’re welcome wife,” He chuckled softly at me.

“I have to say that seeing you in this suit…kind of makes me wish that we were alone already,” I smiled seductively at him causing him to chuckle softly.

“Oh really and what did you have in mind?” He growled pulling me a little harder against his hard body.

“Well we could go outside…”

”Mmhmm,” He growled eagerly.

“And you could slam me against the wall; slowly letting your hands pull this dress up over my hips,” I whispered leaning up on to my tiptoes to talk in to his ear to ensure only he was hearing this.

“I like the sound of that,” He growled his appreciation softly as his hands gripped on my hips tightly; telling me all I needed to know and that was I had him right where I want him.

“I can tell you do,” I whispered still in a soft tone that had his entire body trembling manically. “Then I would rub my hand over your cock so softly that you would be throbbing desperately and begging me for more…”

”I’m begging princess,” He growled softly as his lips turned to my neck and began nibbling tenderly over the exposed flesh causing me to loose my momentum for a mere second.

“Then I would…undo those trousers…and take your dick in to my…hand,” I panted as his hands slid around to my ass and gripped on to me tightly; pulling me harder against him to allow me to feel what I was doing to him.

“Would you let me take you hard?” He growled softly in to my ear before biting down on the flesh of my neck.

“Yes,” I panted breathlessly as the images began to play out in my head.

“Would you let me take you rough?” He growled again as he alternated between licking and biting the flesh of my neck until I was the one who was ready to beg; on my hands and knees if need be.

“Yes,” I panted a little louder as I fought everything inside me to throw my head back and tell me to take me right here and now in the kitchen in front of everyone.

“So if that is the case; what are we standing in here talking about it for when we could be out there doing it?” He growled pulling away from me and grabbing my hands.

Looking back in to the house to see that everyone was having too much fun to notice that we were disappearing for a little while. Almost tearing a path of desire out of the kitchen on to the porch at the back of Matt’s house, down the steps and we raced around the corner and sure enough he slammed me hard against the wall before his lips caught mine in a passionate and desperate lock.

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Jeff’s POV;
Amber and Shifty had left yesterday for their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic for 3 weeks. Ron and I had promised that we would swing by the house every couple of days just to check that everything is ok.

The sound of the shower broke through my thoughts from where I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. Ron had taken Shannon Amber in to the shower while I just lay here but now that I could hear them in the shower; Ron talking to Shannon Amber as our daughter giggled and gurgled, I suddenly wanted to be with them.

So stripping out of my cloths, I slipped in to the en suite and pulled the door back to see Ron holding Shannon just out of the stream of water but under enough so that she could get wet.

Stepping in to the cubicle, I stepped up behind Ron and wrapped my arms around her; kissing her cheek softly as she turned her head to the side to look at me.

“Look Shannon Amber; Daddy decided to join us,” She said looking back to our little girl who giggled sweetly causing the smile to creep on to my face before I could stop it.

“Well what can I say…? I couldn’t leave my two favorite girls in here alone,” I replied as Ron nodded her head for me to come round in front of her.

Doing as was requested I moved in front of my woman so that I was stood behind my daughter who was still relatively new to holding her head up and because she couldn’t see me she started crying.

“I think you had better take the little princess…I swear she was fine until you showed up,” Ron giggled handing the baby to me who instantly stopped crying the minute her large brown eyes landed on me.

“Well she loves her Daddy,” I chuckled feeling the water spraying down Shannon Amber’s back as I held us out of the water stream to ensure that she didn’t get too much water in her mouth.

Ron turned and looked at me and nodded her head then kissed the top of her daughter’s head as she poured some of the baby shampoo in to her hands.

“I was kind of hoping that you would come in here,” She told me as she began to gently rub the shampoo in to our daughter’s head who just continued to gurgle and giggle softly; her huge dark eyes on me the whole time.

“You were huh?” I smiled looking away from Shannon’s eyes and in to Ron’s to find that they were literally the same eyes; both huge and sparkling brightly.

“Mmhmm, I really had no idea of how I was going to do this…and I have to admit that there really is something really hot about seeing how sweet you are with her; how caring and loving…”

”Mmm I think that we need to find a way to do something about that,” I nodded my head at her as she pulled the shower head from the clip on the wall and began to carefully wash the shampoo from Shannon’s head.

Once she had finished that task she placed it back on the wall ensuring that it didn’t hit Shannon full force and just as she turned back towards us the sound of the doorbell ringing reached up in to the ensuite where we were.

Cameron’s POV;
Hearing the sound of the doorbell, I quickly rung my hair out and stepped out of the shower cubicle.

“I’ll get it,” I said to Jeff who started to climb out too.

“Like that?” He asked as I wrapped a towel around my body tightly.

“Well Matt can’t get it cos he stayed at Kara’s last night remember,” I giggled reaching for my robe that hung on the back of the ensuite door.

”That’s better; leave the bedroom door open in case you need me,” He growled as he gently placed Shannon on the counter where I had laid out a towel for her and wrapped her up tightly before quickly grabbing a towel for himself.

Nodding my head I left him alone to take care of Shannon as I all but skipped down to the front door; my life was finally in the right place and there was nothing that could spoil that for me.

Pulling the front door open to see the delivery guy from FedEx stood on the front door step.

“Hi,” I smiled brightly.

“Hi I have a package for Cameron Reid?” He asked seemingly blushing as his eyes moved down to my outfit as Jeff came down the steps with Shannon in his arms; still wrapped up in her towel as he wore his jeans.

“Everything ok baby girl?” He asked stopping behind me as the delivery guy instantly looked away.

“Yeah baby everything is fine; why don’t you go feed Shannon and I will deal with this?” I suggested touching my man’s arm and feeling his muscles ripple under my touch.

Damn it you’re killing me here! I thought to myself as I looked back to the delivery guy who was holding out a board and a pen for me to sign.

Signing the paper as Jeff disappeared in to the kitchen leaving me alone to deal with the FedEx guy who handed me a large brown padded envelope, which was indeed addressed to me with a LA post mark.

Thanking the man who had just delivered it, I closed the door and ripped the seal open as I moved in to the kitchen.

”For you huh?” Jeff asked from the dining room table where he had Shannon cradled in his large arms and a bottle placed to her mouth, which she was eating happily.

“Mmhmm,” I nodded my head looking down in to the envelope and instantly the smile was on my face as I realized what it was.

“What is it?” He asked placing his feet on one of the other chairs around the table.

“I can’t believe it…damn he was quick,” I said turning and walking out of the kitchen completely ignoring Jeff’s question as I grabbed my bag from the sofa and rooted inside for my phone then quickly dialed the right number.

“Hello?” His voice answered almost immediately.

”I can’t believe it is ready already,” I said instantly not bothering to even say hi or ask how he was.

“Hey Cam; you ok honey?” He chuckled softly.

”I’ll be much better once I have listened to this…I can’t believe how quick that was dude,” I said moving in to the kitchen where I lit up a cigarette and moved out on to the back porch.

“You haven’t listened already?” He asked me his chuckle getting harder.

“No I literally just got it in my hands…I would have to be dead before they could get it out of my hands,” I giggled softly.

”Well it is just a rough draft…we wanted to see if we were going in the right direction for you,” He advised me softly as the sound of him lighting a cigarette seeped down the connection.

”And what if I fall in love with this version?”

”Then that will be the version we use,” He chuckled softly. “I tell you what why don’t you go and listen to it and call me straight back?”

”You’re sure?”

”I wouldn’t have suggested it otherwise honey,”

”Ok I will call back in a few then,”

”You got it sugar, I will be here,” He chuckled as I said a quick goodbye and threw away my half smoked cigarette.

Since we had brought Shannon Amber home we had agreed that we would be smoking outside rather than subject her to the smoke.

Moving to Jeff I kissed him powerfully before placing a gentle kiss to my daughters head, which resulted in me getting a little gurgle as she refused to give up the bottle she was sucking down on. My daughter sure as hell had a healthy appetite.

Jeff’s POV;
Cameron’s mood was infectious as she literally bounced from the dining room in to the living room causing me to get up with Shannon Amber still in my arms as she guzzled down her bottle.

The sound of the CD player kicking to life reached me as I made it in to the living room to see Ron knelt down in front of the machine and pulling out a case from the envelope and placing a CD in to the player.

“From Corey?” I asked sitting down on the sofa as Shannon finished her bottle.

“Mmhmm,” Ron nodded as she pressed play on the CD.

The sound of Corey Taylor’s voice saying Take 1 filled the room causing Ron to turn the volume down to save our daughter’s ears. I watched her as she sat herself down next to the speakers and listened as the start of the song began.

It was almost as if Shannon recognized the sound of Corey’s voice as she started to slowly drift in to sleep causing me to smile as I remembered all the times that Ron had listened to Corey Taylor whether it be Stone Sour or Slipknot and she had said that our daughter was going to be a Corey Taylor fan even if it killed her but it seemed that she had certainly got her wish as I listened to the words of the song;

I'm not a victim,
Till I let you take me down.
I'm not a target at the sites of your mercy,
I never asked for anything,
I'm not asking now.
I will not be afraid,
I will not be afraid.

I've done this on my own
And I don't care what you do to me,
I wouldn't hand over what is mine
I've done this for too long,
To let you take it away from me,
It's to late to stop me
'cause I refuse to die.

I haven't weakened just because I've shown myself
I've taken everything, except what's for granted
I'll leave hypocrisy for everybody else
I will not be afraid
I will not be afraid,

I've done this on my own
And I don't care what you do to me,
I wouldn't hand over what is mine
I've done this for too long,
To let you take it away from me,
It's to late to stop me
'cause I refuse to die.

I'm not a problem
Until you make one out of spite
I'll give you hell and consequences for trying,
Don't want an enemy,

I will not be afraid,
I will not be afraid,

I've done this on my own
And I don't care what you do to me,
I wouldn't hand over what is mine
I've done this for too long,
To let you take it away from me,
It's to late to stop me
'cause I refuse to die.

I've done this on my own
And I don't care what you do to me,
I wouldn't hand over,
I wouldn't hand over what is mine
I've done this for too long,
To let you take it away from me,
It's to late to stop me
'cause I refuse
I die.
I refuse to die!

Looking at Ron as she pressed the button to play the song again and she looked up at me; the tears in her eyes as she nodded her head.

”You like it huh?” I asked softly; as I gently placed Shannon Amber in between 2 cushions so that she couldn’t roll off the sofa and gently moved down to the floor where Ron was.

“I really, really love it Jeff…it’s me; it’s everything I have been through without saying words and it’s everything that I am without going in to detail…it’s exactly what I wanted,” She whispered as my body came to rest next to her own, facing her I gently pulled her in to my arms where she clung to me so tightly as the song started again.

“It really is all you angel, its just you down to a t, I think that Corey has done an awesome job for you,”

”Oh God I have to call him back and look at me…”

”He can’t see you on the phone sweetness,” I chuckled softly earning me a light slap on the arm as she tilted her head and stuck her tongue out at me.

Leaning to the envelope that she had laid down with her phone she picked it up and dialed the number that she had dialed about 5 minutes previously. I listened as she talked with the man who had written this song for her. I had to admit that Slipknot was a little too hard for me but I did enjoy some of Stone Sour’s stuff; Slipknot was more Matt’s thing than mine but I listened to it more ‘cos of Cameron.

Eventually she hung up the phone and placed it to the floor while I quickly checked on Shannon Amber who was still fast asleep on the sofa sandwiched in between the 2 large cushions.

“He said that as long as I was sure about it being perfect then he would get the copyright sorted and get it set up for going on the new Stone Sour album, which he is FedEx-ing out to me before the end of the day,” She said excitedly.

“Well that’s good right?”

“It’s better than good Jeff; it’s making me desperate to get out in to that ring…can we go now?”

”Angel I would love too but it’s too cold for Shannon Amber out there right now,” I said softly wiping the hair from her face and smiling at her as she pouted.

”What time is Matt getting home?” She asked me.

”Why?” Matt asked as he opened the door and stepped over the threshold. “Hey isn’t that Corey Taylor singing?”

I watched as Ron got to her feet and explained the situation to my big brother who kept glancing over at me clearly amused by my girl’s enthusiasm at the turn of events.

“I was wondering if you would watch Shannon Amber for an hour or 2 while I take Ron up to the ring to start training?” I asked getting to my feet.

“Are you kidding me? I get to spend time with the most gorgeous little baby in the whole world; of course I don’t mind,” He replied setting his bag down on the floor and heading around the couch where he gently scooped her up in to his arms and instantly waking her.

The minute her eyes met her Uncle Matt’s she started giggling and gurgling affectionately. Generally our daughter was a happy child; there was little that made her cry, she always loved to be with men more than women but Ron had advised that apparently she had been the same when she was born.

“Go on get out of here,” Matt said making little funny faces at his niece who was happily eating up all the attention.

Ron and I both moved to her to kiss her but we were barely even acknowledged as she basked in all the attention that Uncle Matt was raining down on her.

“Do you ever get the feeling that we ain’t needed?” Ron giggled as we both stuck our feet in to our sneakers by the door and headed out after Matt blew a raspberry at us causing Shannon to giggle even harder.

“You know I really do,” I agreed with my girl as we closed the door and headed out towards the woods that would lead to the ring that we had left in there, and where Ron had trained before.

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Cameron’s POV;
Despite the cold of winter I was sweating; the minute that Jeff and I got in to the ring we had been working; doing moves, trading blows and generally building up my stamina again. When I had first stepped in to the ring I had been rusty to say the least and had almost given up but Jeff wouldn’t let me give up; pushing me hard and I appreciated him for it.

Backing him in to the corner of the turnbuckles I delivered a elbow to the face causing him slump down slightly giving me the advantage; I jumped up wrapped my legs around his neck; threw my body backwards and threw him through the air until he was lying flat on his back in the centre of the ring.

“Ok tiny this is your moment…swanton bomb go for it,” He urged me softly as he lay where he had landed from what was looking to be my most strong move.

“Jeff I don’t know if I can…”

“You can baby girl; I have complete faith in you,” He smiled as I climbed up on to the top rope and looked down at him. “Don’t think it through…just do it!”

“But what if I do something wrong…?”

“You won’t; trust me ok…? You’ve been watching me fight for God knows how long; you know how to do this,” He encouraged me. “Just don’t think about it…if you think it through too much then it won’t work,”

Nodding my head; I threw myself upwards in to the air and half way down I twisted my body in the air and landed on my back on his stomach.

“1…2…” Shannon appeared from no where and slammed his hand down on the canvas as he slid in to the ring; then just as he was bringing his hand down for the 3 count Jeff rolled his shoulder off the canvas. “Damn Cam that was a perfect swanton bomb…you could give Jeff a run for his money,” Shannon praised me as I rolled off my man and jumped to my feet.

“It couldn’t have been that perfect when he rolled out of it,” I said leaning my hands on my knees and watching Jeff as he used the ropes to get to his feet.

“You need to be prepared Ron…sometimes you will be up against someone who can roll out of even the best moves,” Jeff informed me. “But Shan was right…that was perfectly executed,” He smiled as we began to circle one another again.

Our eyes locked on one another as we moved around the ring; Shannon staying where he was obviously happy to play ref for the time being.

“Thank you,” I smiled as we moved in to one another and locked up; our faces inches from one another; he was so close that I could feel his breath on my face and I was struggling to focus on what we were meant to be doing.

”Take me in a head lock angel,” Jeff said.

I loved working with him; letting him teach me all he knew about wrestling moves; although I had surpassed them in the ring and gone on to do boxing and mixed martial arts, I still wasn’t the best at wrestling as I had all but abandoned it for the rougher of the sports.

Doing as was asked of me, I wrapped my arm around his neck and hooking my hand in to the other holding him firmly and tightly against my chest.

“Good now I am going to push a little until I push you towards the turnbuckle ok?” He asked as his hands moved to my waist.

“Ok,” I nodded.

“Now twist your arm as if you are trying to rip my head off,” He instructed me.

I had to admit that I didn’t take long to get the hang of things especially with Jeff teaching me; he made it easy and he was always supportive no matter what we were doing.

Doing as I asked; Shannon moved so that he was stood in front of us as Jeff held one hand on my waist and the other on my leg.

“Ok Jeff try lifting her,” He suggested causing Jeff to try and bring his eyes up to look at his friend.

“That’s not where I am going with this dude…” Jeff said as I continued to twist as he had instructed me to do.

“No I know you’re not but I want to check something,” Shannon said scratching his hand across his chin thoughtfully.

Going with it; Jeff tried to lift me from the ground but my feet were perfectly planted on the canvas causing him to fail in his attempt.

“Perfect Cam,” Shannon smiled as if that had been what he had been attempting to demonstrate to his friend. “Ok that was all I wanted to see,”

“Ok…Ron I am going to push you towards the turnbuckle and I want you to jump up on to the top rope ok?” Jeff informed me; his voice soft and supportive.

“K,” I agreed getting ready to be pushed towards the turnbuckle.

“And when you get on to the top; I want you to do the whisper in the wind ok?”

“Jeff I don’t know if I can…” I objected looking at Shannon, who just shrugged his shoulders softly.

“Yes you can; you thought you couldn’t do the swanton and you nailed it perfectly the first time,” He encouraged me softly.

I had always known that his faith in me was strong but this seemed to be too much, I didn’t know if I could do this, I didn’t know if I was capable of such an energetic move.

Jeff’s POV;
I had no doubts in my head that she could do this; and the more moves I showed her the better equipped she would be when she got in to the ring and the less chance there was of her getting hurt.

“Just remember what I told you; don’t think it through; just do it,” Gently pushed her towards the turnbuckle without giving her the chance to object and she jumped up on to the rope as instructed.

Throwing herself high in to the air she twisted her body in the same fashion as I did but she was completely off mark and fell hard on to her back on the canvas.

“Ron!” I rushed forward and fell to my knees next to her.

“That…was…awesome!” She panted as she smiled up at me happily. “I don’t care if I didn’t do it properly,”

“Damn baby girl,” Shannon chuckled from the other side of her body where he had slumped down to ensure that she was ok.

“What?” Ron asked pushing herself up in to a sitting position and finally getting up to her feet.

“That was impressive,” Shannon and I both said at the same time.

“Thanks; let’s go again!” She said jumping on her feet trying to keep her heat up as the air turned colder as slowly the sky began to turn dark.

“One more then we have to head back to the house,” I agreed.


”’Cos it’s getting dark sweetie and we won’t be able to see what we’re doing soon enough,” I chuckled moving to her and placing my head to her side so that she could get me in to the headlock that I was in moments previously.

There was no need to work on her locking ability because she had that down to a t; all that really needed work was the whisper in the wind and the rope leg drop, which we hadn’t attempted yet but I knew that she wouldn’t have too much problems with it.

Once again she propelled herself from the top turnbuckle at the perfect delivery point but somehow she kept missing but this time she clipped my shoulder with her foot. But because it was getting dark I couldn’t see where she was going wrong, so we decided to call it a day and head back to the house.

When we arrived back at Matt’s house the contractor for our new home was waiting in the living room as Matt fed Shannon Amber who was instantly bombarded by her Uncle Shannon and she ate up the attention.

Ron and I were happy to leave her with her two Uncles right in the moment so that we could talk to the man who had been in charge of the project of getting our new home built.

Cameron’s POV;
Jeff and I had listened as the contractor had informed us that the house was ready; everything had been finished, the decorators had been in and finished with the decoration that we had asked for and the house was all ours and he handed over the keys.

Thanking him, we saw him to the door and the minute he was gone we collapsed in to each other’s embrace; happy in the knowledge that we could now move our Family in to our new home and just maybe start to build the resemblance of a normal life; well as normal as we could be with two wrestlers in the unit it was going to be tough but we knew that after everything that had been thrown at us, we could do this most probably with our hands tied behind our backs.

“Why so lovey dovey?” Shannon asked as he and Matt walked back in to the main area of the house with Shannon who was happily giggling in their presence.

“They’re always like that,” Matt announced chuckling, which earned him a flip of the bird from his brother to a glare from me as CT came jumping down the stairs happily.

“Mom! Mom!” He said excitedly racing over to me and hugging me so tightly that I could feel the effects of the work out that I had just endured beginning to set in but I didn’t fight his embrace as I held on to him just as tightly.

“What is it baby?” I asked smiling down at him as he looked up at me with those huge green eyes that I swore were becoming more and more like Jeff’s rather than Steven’s.

“I passed my math test today,” He gushed happily.

My boy was very much like me when it came to numbers; he really struggled to get his head around them and understand them. It had been my own downfall at school as I sat quietly in the background too afraid to ask for help for fear of what everyone would say.

“Well I say that is even more cause to celebrate tonight,” Jeff said leaning over and ruffling CT’s hair affectionately.

”What do you mean celebrate?” Matt asked as Shannon gently played with Shannon Amber who was still giggling happily.

Jeff and I had been more than lucky with her; she was a happy baby, mostly because she was completely doted on by the people in our lives. With Uncles coming out of her ears and women who adored the air around her; it wasn’t hard to see that she was going to be completely smothered by affection as she grew and for that reason alone I felt happy about everything.

Shannon’s POV;
I knew that Jeff had pushed her hard because he wanted to ensure that he had equipped her with all the necessary tools to help her in the career that she had willingly chosen in support of her man.

Before Jeff had taken his paternity leave; Vince had talked to him about Cam getting a title shot at the women’s championship belt when she came back, I don’t believe that he had talked to her about it yet because they had so much going on in their lives at the moment that I figured he didn’t want to talk too much about work but from today’s work out it was obvious that Cam was ready to get back.

“Well it seems that you will be getting your house back sooner than you thought big bear,” Cam smiled as she held up a set of keys. “Our house is ready so we will be moving out,”

“Already?” Matt asked his face falling. “Wasn’t that a bit quick?”

“A bit quick? Dude it was almost 5 months,” Jeff chuckled from where he was stood with his girl and her son both wrapped up in his arms.

”We get to move in to our own home?” CT asked looking up at them excitedly as Shannon cooed in my arms where she was slowly falling asleep after being fed.

I was really surprised at how good a baby she was; I had experienced baby girls before and more often than not they had been fussy and always crying but Shannon Amber very rarely cried, she was happy and always giggling which just made her a joy to be around.

“That we do big man,” Jeff smiled down at his adopted son.

The papers for the adoption had come through a week ago; he and Cam had taken him out just on his own to celebrate. I knew it was hard trying to juggle all the things that they had piled on them lately and trying to ensure that CT wasn’t left out from all the attention that Shannon Amber was getting they had felt it important to treat his adoption as just a celebration for him.

They had, had no shortage of babysitters for Shannon who was a pleasure to look after. And it had ended up with Matt, Shane, The Bullet, The Legend and me sitting here in Matt’s house looking after her.

“Can I go start packing?” CT asked excitedly.

“Not tonight baby; we are going out to celebrate and everyone’s presence is required,” Cam replied looking over to where Matt was sat on the sofa and I was stood with her daughter in my arms gently rocking her back and forth as she slowly drifted in to sleep.

“Ok well let me leave, I will pick up Shane and The Bullet will you be ok to get the Legend?” I asked moving to Cam’s side and slipping Shannon Amber in to her Mom’s secure embrace where she mumbled softly but didn’t wake up.

“Yeah we can do that! We’ll meet at Miller’s at say 8?” Jeff suggested from the side of his girl.

“Great I can’t wait,” I said pulling the front door open and stepping outside; closing the door quietly behind me.

Driving away from the house; I couldn’t stop thinking about all that Cam and Jeff had overcome; the things that had been thrust in the way of their relationship had been things that most couples would have crumbled from rather than stand and fight; but that was what Jeff and Cam had done and from what I could tell they were much stronger for it.

Matt’s POV;
I couldn’t believe that the time for them to move out had come. I had gotten so used to them being here and I was slowly getting past all the things that I felt for my brother’s girl and thankfully getting our friendship back on track.

The girl was my best friend and I was just glad that she was the woman she was and hadn’t let it ruin our closeness. Not that I had thought for one moment that she would have; because that just wasn’t Cam’s style.

“Hey you ok big man?” Her voice tore through my thoughts as she threw herself down on to the sofa next to me.

Looking around to see that Jeff was disappearing up the stairs with Shannon and CT. Leaving me alone with his girl and I knew instantly that he trusted me around her again, nothing could have prepared me for the rush that welled inside me from his actions.

“I am Cam…just a little sad that you’re leaving is all,” I said as she rested her head down on my shoulder and sighed heavily.

”I am a little sad to be leaving but we both know that it is for the best…I mean Jeff and I were slowly taking over your entire house,” She giggled as I pressed my lips to her head softly.

“I know…at least now I can get my house back,” I chuckled feeling content and comfortable with her again and I was glad about that.

I had hated feeling distanced from her when she had found out how I felt but it had been nothing that she had caused, I had just needed to pull back and assess things for myself and now that I had, I knew that I had an awesome girlfriend who got me and supported me unconditionally much like Cam and Jeff and I wouldn’t trade that for anything or anyone.

“It’s ok if Kara comes tonight right?” I asked quietly.

“Of course dude; I love that girl and I think that she’s good for you,”

”Me too,” I admitted. We both sunk in to a compatible silence that never failed to amaze me. “Jesus Cam you need to shower…you stink honey,”

”Hey no fair…your brother worked me like a damn slave,” She giggled pushing out of my embrace and sniffing under her arms instantly she was pulling a disgusted face. “But you’re right…I really need to shower! We’ll see you in a little bit big man,”

“K honey,” I chuckled as she left me alone with my thoughts.

Now that they were moving out, Kara and I could spend more time here instead of her cramped apartment that she shared with two other nurses. Infact maybe it was time to take this relationship a step further.

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