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 Forbidden - Jeff Hardy 18+ Fiction

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PostSubject: Forbidden - Jeff Hardy 18+ Fiction   Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:14 pm


This piece of writing is a work of FICTION. I am making no monery gain from this piece of fiction. It was written purely for entertainment purposes. All celebrity figures within this story belong to themselves. All o/c's belong to me and are a work of my imagination. All lyrics used belong to the artists who write and perform them.

I am in no way claiming that I know any of the celebrities within this piece of fiction. The storyline has been written from my mind, and in no way does it feature any real events.

There is violence, and anger and sexual situations mentioned in this fiction - so if you are offended by such material, or are under the years of 18 please press your back button right now. Otherwise, I hope that you will enjoy

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PostSubject: Forbidden - Chapter 1   Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:18 pm

Chapter 1;



Jeff’s POV;

I had heard the clippety clop of her heeled shoes walking quite a bit behind me as I moved through the arena where we were performing tonight.

My stomach did a little flutter at the thought of seeing her, at the thought of holding her and kissing her.

Before I was even aware of what I was doing or had the time to think it through I ducked in to a hidden corner and waited for her to approach.

Slowly the sound of her metal spiked stilettos got closer and closer until she was walking past me; her hips swaying as her head hung low.

Reaching out I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to me and slammed my lips to hers. The thought of her being off limits seemed to make the whole thing that we got going on seem more exciting, more thrilling but deep down I knew it wasn’t just all about that.

What are you doing? What if he comes looking for me?” She asked breathlessly as I broke the kiss that had threatened to get out of control.

Screw him; he don’t own you Ron,” I growled wiping the loose strand of hair that had fallen out of her French braid. Gently tucking the lock of satin smoothness behind her ear, I found myself getting lost in her beautiful dark eyes.

He does Jeff! He has me exactly where he wants me,” She sighed resting her head against my own and never once let her eyes leave mine.

Why do you keep saying that? What has he got on you?” I asked desperately wanting to help her if I could.

I don’t know what you’re talking about,” She replied holding herself back up to her full height, which with the heels was almost at my own height.

I don’t believe that but I am gonna drop it! Now come here,” I growled reaching my hands to her hips and pulling her to me.

We nearly got caught this morning; do you really want a repeat performance of that?” She giggled softly as she ran her hands through my hair.

My mind cast back to this morning when I had woken her in the way I always woke her when we spent the night together and that was by burying my tongue deep inside her pussy and as she had been about ready to explode all around me someone had knocked on the door and because she didn’t want to get caught, because of his stupid demands she had bundled me in to the en suite and shut the door.

Of course it had been him; the one man that she succumbed too, the one man that she took orders from and it seemed to me that he had something on her to make her this dominated.

Cameron wasn’t the type of woman who took shit from anyone and I just couldn’t understand why she would take shit from Randy Orton the way that she did.

Hey where’d you go?” She asked running her soft smooth hand down over my face.

No where beautiful! I am right here,” I growled pressing myself against her hard until I felt her entire body cave against me.

Instantly I knew I had her where I wanted her, no matter where we were we could always seem to find ways to let the passion between us win.

Over the course of us getting together a month ago, we had done it on Vince’s desk, in Triple H’s shower, in JBL’s limo, and in Randy’s dressing room.

Each time getting more and more desperate as the constraints that Randy had put on her seemed to be getting harder and harder to deal with. I knew that she had only been working with him for a month but she had informed me of his conditions on giving her the job.

She was to have nothing to do with me, with my brother or any of our friends, which included Shannon Moore and Shane Helms. It seemed to be a pretty petty condition considering we lived in the same town when we weren’t working.

Running my hand down the side of her leg and grabbing a handful of the black pencil skirt that he made her wear; I began pulling it up her body until I could feel her breath instantly turn labored and out of control.

Maybe we should find somewhere a little more secluded,” I whispered in to her ear; as I let my tongue lick over the flesh just under her ear.

Mmhmm! We have to be quick or he will come looking for me,” She panted grazing her hand over the bulging erection in my pants.

Not a problem beautiful,” I smiled back to her.

”Oh really?” She let out a small giggle that never seemed to amaze me; I loved hearing that sound, I loved being the cause of it.

Letting go of the skirt that I had ridden up her legs until it was back down around her ankles the knee high slit on the back giving her a little more room to walk.

Cameron’s POV;

Finally we stumbled across JBL’s limo again and Jeff pulled the door open; checked inside to see that it was empty; he turned and smiled as his hand began to pull me inside with him.

Slamming the door, he pressed down on the lock door button and then his lips were on mine; kissing me with a force and passion that still managed to render me in to his puppet every single time we came together.

Just tell me you want me?” He growled as his hands began to inch the skirt up over my legs until it was bunched around my waist.

Do you want me?” I purred softly as he laid me backwards on the plush leather sofa in the back of the limo.

Never wanted you more baby,” He growled.

Good answer,” I smiled at him.

Do you want me?”

”Always,” I smiled batting my eye lashes at him seductively.

Brilliant answer,”

”Enough talk,” I said reaching my hands to his belt and ripping at it; my hands desperate to feel his cock in my hold.

Lifting his body from mine as his hand rubbed over the top of my thong, he held himself up as I continued to rip at his belt, finally getting it off, throwing it to the floor, I stumbled with his button and zipper until I had his trousers bunched around his knees; his cock throbbing and pulsating madly.

Unbutton your shirt,” He commanded me.

Why don’t you do it?” I purred softly.

“’Cos if I do it you are going to have to explain to Randy why your shirt is ripped,” He growled causing me to smile at his handsome features.

Mmmm I like it when you are forceful,” I panted as his fingers tore my thong to the side and quickly thrust the entire length of his cock inside me.

My insides molded around his girth quickly, feeling a wave of pleasure at the feel of him inside me shot through every vein in my body as my legs slid up his sides as he took his weight on his knees, on the floor of the limo.

Mmmm,” I panted desperately.

You like that?” He grunted dragging his cock out of my pussy only to slam back in hard and fast.

Mmhmm! I like when you take…charge!” I panted as his hands pulled my hips to him as he charged back in to me at a pace that was quick like I had told him we would need to be.

Once satisfied that I had picked up the pace, he slid his hands up over my curves as he hammered his way in to me with a force that I had used to be uncomfortable with but with him I knew that I was safe; that no harm would ever come to me.

Cupping around my corset covered breasts; his thumbs lapping lightly over my nipples until they were burning with a desire that I had only ever felt with this man, the heat causing them to turn hard and red, jutting through the lace of the breast cups.

Bending his head to the swollen buds he nibbled hungrily on them until I was sure I was going to pass out from pleasure that was coursing through every single inch of my body, pulsating through my lips, through my nipples and through my pussy.

The feel of his cock; dragging across every soft fold of my pussy as he pulled out of me felt more amazing than anything I had ever felt until he was hammering back in to me and I swore that was the most amazing feeling in the world.

Touch yourself,” He growled looking up at me as he released one nipple from his mouth.

Where?” I asked my hands had been placed on his chest so he literally took a hold of both hands, led one to my breasts and began to guide me in to touching me the way he wanted to see while the other hand slid down to my pussy.

Easing both our fingers in to my pussy and on to my tightened clit, he began to circle his forefinger that was placed over the top of my own around the swollen bud until I could literally feeling my energy draining away from me.

I was seeing stars from the tingle that was building, little shocks of pleasure began to shoot off around my body, tearing through my veins as he increased the pace of our fingers until we were rubbing feverishly over the exploding bud and I was literally seeing stars flashing before my eyes.

Easing both our fingers out of my pussy; he placed my finger in to his mouth and moved his own finger that had just been inside my pussy to my mouth; tasting my cum together, seemed to leave him hammering a little harder in to me until I was sure the limo must be rocking from the sheer force of us coming together.

Jeff’s POV;

Watching the way her body writhed under my own, watching the look on her face as she finally exploded all around me was all that I had been waiting for as I slammed so hard and so deep in to her that her entire back was arching off the leather sofa of the limo.

Harder…Jeff fuck me harder!” She pleaded her eyes locking on to my own and I was left wondering what Randy Orton would do if he ever found out that I was fucking his manager?

The same manager he had made sign a contract saying that she would have nothing to do with me, my brother or any of our friends. I knew he would make her life hell if he ever found out and I wasn’t about to let that happen.

Increasing my force until she was sliding across the back seat and I had to grab her hips and pull her back to me as we continued to slam together the minute I increased my force and speed she started cumming all over again.

Mmmm again?” I growled softly watching the pleasure etch over her features as she ran her hands up my chest until her long black painted nails were digging in to my flesh deeply until there was blood seeping from the cuts. “Oh fuck Ron!” I growled a little too loudly.

Mmmm Jeff cum for me baby,” She purred so softly that it seemed to slide down through her body, through her pussy and on to my cock, up my shaft until it was filling my entire body.

As if I had been waiting for that moment alone, I exploded so deep inside her that I swore she must have been able to feel it as I thundered in to her desperately my release taking me to heights that only this girl had ever taken me too.

Oh yeah…mmm…Ron…oh fuck…aaaahhhh…sweet Jesus!” I grunted as I could feel my eyes rolling back in my head as she slowly sat up; pushing her pussy hard against my thrusts seemed to bring my release to an even higher height than I had known.

Bucking wildly against me, she drew me in to the violent form of love making that we had seemed to pick straight off the bat from getting together.

You like that dontchya?” She whispered in to my ear as her hand curled around my head; holding me close to her sweating body; her other hand scratching lines up and down my naked chest causing pleasure and pain to become one entity.

After a few more moments my release had passed and all that was left was a panting, bleeding frame that had to try and catch it’s breath, get up to it’s feet and walk out of this limo looking like nothing had just happened between us.

Cameron’s POV;

The sound of the cell phone that Randy had given me so that I was truly at his beck and call began to ring as Jeff began to drag his cock out of my dripping wet pussy and the tingle that swept through me caused me to shiver slightly as he leaned in and kissed my forehead.

Hello?” I answered the phone smiling at Jeff.

Where the hell are you?” Randy barked down the line.

I’m just on my way to get your coffee…”

”You left here 20 minutes ago what the fuck is taking you so long?” He snarled down the phone.

”Sorry! I was…uhm I was a little sick, so I got side tracked…”

”I don’t pay you to be sick, I pay you to work now hurry the hell up with my coffee would ya,”

Sure I will be right there,” I replied straightening out my thong and pulling my skirt back down to my ankles.

Hanging up on me without saying another word wasn’t anything unusual for him, he loved humiliating me in anyway that he thought was acceptable, he made advances, he made leachy comments about me, and dictated the way I dressed.

I have to go,” I said buttoning my shirt back up and slipping my feet back in to the unbearably uncomfortable shoes that Randy made me wear.

I know I heard,” Jeff sighed placing his hand to the back of my head and holding me close to him, his lips placing light feather kisses over my face until he reached my lips and brushed his soft smooth lips over my own.

I really, really need to go,” I sighed.

The truth was the meetings that I had with Jeff, the times that we came together like this, knowing that he was close, knowing that he was around was what had gotten me this far and it had only been a month.

Ok,” Still he refused to stop placing light tender kisses on any area of exposed skin.

I mean really!” I tried to object but knew that it was a mute point; this man knew how to turn me in to a puppet without so much as an effort.

I know!” Slowly he deepened the kiss; making no attempt to touch any other part of my body as he just held me and kissed me with a passion that told me he was here should I need him for absolutely anything at all.

Eventually with the sound of my phone ringing again, we tore apart and I pushed the limo door open, peeped around to ensure no one was around and stepped out, straightening my cloths as I went.

Answering the phone, I walked along and told Randy that I had been cornered by Matt Hardy, Jeff and Matt had both told me that I could use Matt for an alibi when ever I was with Jeff so saying his name wasn’t something new for me.

You know I am going to have to have a little word with Matt Hardy!” Randy growled in to the phone.

It’s ok Randy, I sorted it!”

”But obviously you didn’t! Otherwise he wouldn’t have stopped you in the first place! No this stops now!” He was getting irate as he all but hung up on me.

Quickly pulling my own private phone from my bag, I sent a quick text to Matt and to Jeff, short and simple; ‘SOS! Randy is on the warpath!’

Satisfied that I had done my part in warning them, I made my way towards the canteen where I would get Randy his coffee and have to head back to the one place on earth that I didn’t want to be.

Working for Randy seemed to leave me feeling like I had taken 10 steps backwards instead of moving forward with my life.

3 years ago, I had left LA under the cover of night, after I had been beaten one to many times by my boyfriend.

So at the stroke of midnight, I had packed me and my son up and we had fled, headed around the States for a few months before finally settling down in Cameron, North Carolina where I had met my best friend Amber, and she had allowed me and my son to move in.

Changing our names, and changing my own appearance as much as I could, I set about building a new life for me and Corey-Taylor, who had adjusted to not having his Dad around easily until he had become just a distant memory that no one really talked about no more.

Randy had promised me when I took the job that I would be safe with him, he would ensure that I wasn’t pictured in the press, and that he would keep me safe as long as I had nothing to do with the Hardy’s or anyone who hung out with them.

And I had agreed to it, I loved working in the WWE and I wouldn’t want to change it for anything, I just hoped that somehow Jeff and I would never get caught, and I wouldn’t be in a position where I had to choose because I had no idea what I would do.

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PostSubject: Forbidden - Chapter 2   Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:19 pm


Chapter 2;

Matt’s POV;

Sitting with Shannon and Shane, we were talking about the tour and the matches that we had coming up when my phone started beeping with a text message.

Pulling my phone out, I smiled when I saw Cam’s name telling me that it was a text from her. Ever since she and my brother had been together, it was like I had my brother back.

Jeff’s last girlfriend; Bethany had taken him for pretty much everything that he had, she was clingy and whiny, she was possessive and obsessive, which I had noticed pretty much from the get go but Jeff had refused to hear it.

Until he had been suspended a few years back and she had hightailed it out of the relationship as soon as she heard that there would be no more free ride.

I knew it had hit my little brother bad but he had refused to let anyone see how badly Bethany had hurt him so instead he had thrown himself in to getting back in shape so that he could get back to the WWE and start to pick his life back up.

We had all met Cameron when she had been hanging out with Amber in Shannon’s tattoo shop; Gas Chamber Ink. They had newly become housemates and Cam hadn’t known anyone in town so Amber had shown her around and introduced her to everyone.

From the moment that Jeff had laid eyes on her he had informed me that he was going to make her his, and he had set about doing that. Getting to know her, finding out the things that she liked to do and a common thread had been formed when she had informed him that she wanted to learn how to defend herself.

Slowly she had surpassed him and had gone on to do martial arts and finally boxing but they still trained together and from what I knew that was how they had gotten together; they had been working out one night a month ago and it had just happened and then the next day she had gotten offered a job to work with Randy Orton as his manager.

That God damn sack of shit had cost me a further 3 months of my career after MVP had bust my knee causing me 5 months off then Randy had hit me in my appendix scar which I had just had removed then he hit me in the head causing the last 3 months of what should have been me trying to get that damn belt off MVP to be spent at home going stir crazy.

SOS; Randy is on the warpath! XC’ Jeff and I had both told her to use me as an excuse if she was with Jeff and it was obvious not only from the text that she had been with my brother but it was also obvious from the huge shit eating grin on his face as he came in to view but the minute his eyes looked at his phone he looked up at me and sighed heavily.

HARDY!?” The sound of Randy’s voice caused Jeff to flinch and instantly his guard was up which was a must when you were around Randy Orton; he was sneaky, he was underhanded and he would do anything that could give him an advantage.

WHICH ONE?” Jeff and I both turned to look at him as he strolled towards us.
”I think you both know which one I am talking to,” He glared at me his eyes full of venom as I closed my phone and stuffed it in my pocket; silently thanking Cam for the heads up.

Me?” Jeff asked smiling as he stepped up next to me.

Instantly it earned him a glare from the world champion as he moved closer to me until he was pressed hard against me.

”Gee Randy I didn’t know you cared,” I smiled devilishly at him.

I want you to stay the hell away from my manager,” He growled.
”Your manager?” I asked shaking my head. “Oh the pretty little brunette…why? She married?”
”No but…”
”She dating you?” I asked feeling Jeff tense next to me as Randy looked from me to my brother.
”No but…”
”Then I would say she is fare game; wouldn’t you?” I smiled at him.

Eventually he took off after calling me and Jeff a few choice names to which he received nothing but laughing from me and my friends. Looking at Jeff who was watching the spot where he disappeared.

I hope she will be ok,” He said softly so as not to draw too much attention to himself.
”She’ll be fine brother! That girl is a toughie,” I smiled at him knowing that he was worried for her and it was completely justified considering it was Randy Orton that we were talking about and he was the most under handed player in the book.

That’s my point Matt…”
”I don’t understand,”
”You know Ron, you know that she takes shit from no one; why is she bending over backwards to accommodate this asshole?”

My brother had a fare point; Cam really didn’t take shit from anyone, she bent over for no one, she did things her way and to hell what anyone thought of her for that, or if they had a problem tough she wouldn’t back down.

So to see her bending over for Randy and his requests hadn’t sat well with me since I had heard the news but she had her reasons and whatever they were she obviously didn’t feel like sharing those reasons with anyone.


Cameron’s POV;

It seemed to be that the only time I ever really got any peace was when Randy was on stage and tonight he was fighting John Cena for a chance to go to Backlash where they would fight again over the world title.

Of course this meant that I could hang out with Jeff and the guys, which I always found to leave me feeling calm and finding it slightly easier to deal with Randy’s constant demands and orders.

Sitting in Shannon’s dressing room with Shannon, Shane, Matt, Jeff, Amber, who had flown in for the few days with my son Corey-Taylor who stayed with her in Cameron when I was on the road.

We were all sat talking, laughing and joking. Jeff had me wrapped up in his arms, as I sat on his lap my own arms wrapped around his thick neck; taking small comfort in knowing that Randy was on stage safely out of the way and there was no way that I could get caught.

Mom I don’t understand,” Corey-Taylor said from the sofa where he was playing Juiced on the 360 with Shannon.

Don’t get what baby?” I asked looking at my son; God he looked like his Father; the same dirty blond hair, the same piercing green eyes, the same build that Steven had, had at that age.

Why you can’t hang out with Jeff and everyone else while you are working,”
”It’s complicated baby, but trust me it is for the best,” I sighed.

I knew that there was no way a 10 year old would ever understand the fact that I had literally signed my life away when I had taken the job to work for Randy.

All he could see was that when we were at home; his Mom and Jeff were together, and then seeing them on the road he saw that they could hardly dare sneak a glance at one another let alone anything else for fear of Mom loosing her job but it was so much worse than that.

If Randy ever found out that I was lying to him, that I was breaking the rules on the contract of employment then I could literally loose everything that I had fought so hard to get.

My freedom could be snatched away from me in a heart beat and there was no doubt in my head that Randy would do it, he would ensure that my picture was plastered everywhere, he would ensure the media knew exactly who I was and who I was sleeping with, which in turn would lead Steven straight to my door and I couldn’t afford to let that happen.

But why? I haven’t ever seen you this happy with a guy before; you never really…”
”Enough CT!” I ordered feeling the heat stinging my face as I looked to Amber and raised my eye browse at her in an act of help me.

CT it isn’t about that honey,” Amber said moving over to where my son was sitting, I knew that he was close to my best friend and I was grateful to that.

It didn’t make leaving him easy to do but it made it that little bit easier knowing that he was with someone he liked and someone he got along with, I didn’t have to worry about temper tantrums with him, I didn’t have to worry about the fact that he hated his babysitter.

Amber’s POV;

Looking over to where my best friend was sat on the lap of my friend, wrapped up in his arms she seemed to be at peace, finally in a place where she felt comfortable about who she was, where her life was and what she was about.

It had been a long time coming for her, Steven had all but forced her to live her life as a servant; telling her what she could do, when she could do it, where she could go, who she could hang out with. The fucker had controlled every last aspect of her life but now she was free of that, she was with us now and there was no way that we would ever let anything happen to her.

I knew that Jeff was falling for her; I had known my friend for a long time, since high school and I had never seen him so in to a girl before, even Bethany wasn’t a blip on the things that he was obviously feeling for Cameron.

Then what is it about?” CT asked me softly his eyes watching the way Jeff held his Mother close, the way he tenderly brushed the hair from her face.

I knew that he wasn’t used to seeing his Mother being treated this way by a man; he had watched in his early years of life as the man he called Father beat his Mom down at every given opportunity and I knew that, that must have had some kind of effect on him.

It’s about your Mom doing what is best not only for you but for her too,” I smiled at him as I brushed his blond hair from his face.

Cameron had shown me pictures of Steven in the off chance that he showed up looking for her and I had to admit that this kid was the spitting image of his Father; the same dirty blond hair, the same piercing green eyes and the same smile; I knew it must be difficult for Cam to look at her boy without seeing her ex but if Cam was anything it was fiercely loyal to her son.

The sound of my phone ringing interrupted CT from asking more questions as I checked caller id to see my boyfriend Leland’s name flashing waiting to be answered.

I gotta take this,” I couldn’t stop the smile from coming to my face.

I had met Leland a couple of years ago when I had been working near the bail bonds office that his Father owned in town and we had bumped in to each other when he had expressed a interest in getting a tattoo done; I had been an apprentice at the time so I had told him to come in to the shop when he had a spare moment to talk to Clive who owned the shop.

When he had shown up later that afternoon, we had ended up hanging out and getting to know one another and from that moment on it had been love.

Hey baby,” I answered as I stepped out of the dressing room where everyone was hanging out before Randy got off stage and he demanded to know where Cam and CT were.

Hey beautiful, how you doing?” Leland asked me softly.

I loved to hear the sound of his voice; he had the ability to make me feel calm no matter what was going on. The love I felt for him was like nothing I had ever felt and being with him I knew that I was safe, I didn’t have to worry about him cheating, I didn’t have to worry about him looking for another woman because Leland Chapman was a one woman man.

I’m doing great handsome! You?”
”We’re doing great! Getting all settled in,” He sighed heavily.

About a month ago his Dad; Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman had informed his Family that he was moving them all out to Hawaii to start up a bail bonds business over there and it wasn’t open to discussion, they were all going and that was it.

You sound down what’s up baby?” I asked leaning against the wall opposite the door where my friends were all having fun.

Just missing you baby,”
”Awe I miss you too, but I could always make a round trip to Hawaii on my way home?”

Way home?” He asked confused.
”Oh I am in London visiting Jeff and Matt and the guys and Cam on the WWE tour,”
”Cam is on the tour?” He asked the sound of him lighting a cigarette filtered down the line leaving me desperate to have one and wishing I had picked my pack up on the way out of the room.

Yeah I didn’t tell you?”
”Tell me what?” He asked the sound of him inhaling deeply on his cigarette left me all but gasping for one.

Cam took a job with Randy…”
”Mmhmm,” I sighed.

I didn’t understand this stupid rivalry that he had going on with the Hardy boys; was he threatened by them? All I knew was that Cam was miserable because of his stupid petty condition.

Damn I can’t imagine that going down well,”
”No it really isn’t! Randy made her sign a contract saying that she wouldn’t have anything to do with Jeff, Matt, Shannon, Shane or anyone who hangs out with them,”
”Paranoid much?” He chuckled softly.
”That’s it exactly babe! The fucker is paranoid beyond belief!”
”How is Jeff taking it? I mean I know how in to Cam he was…”
”Damn I haven’t told you that either; they got together…”

It had seemed like a lifetime since I had sat down and talked with him which meant that there were things that I hadn’t even realized I hadn’t told him yet. It wasn’t that I was purposefully pushing him out, I had just truly forgotten.

They’re happy?” He chuckled softly.

More than either of them have been in a long time,”
”Then nothing that Randy does will come in between that you know?”

You’re right…”
”I usually am!” He let out a low rumble of laughter that seemed to leave me missing him even more.

Oh and modest too,” I giggled softly.

For the next 10 minutes we talked quietly, telling each other how much we loved and missed each other, it was moments like this that made me miss him even more.

I missed feeling his arms around me, to feel the security of being held by him, to feel the love that we shared building, to feel his soft gentle kisses, to feel the way he made love to me with a passion that seemed to just strengthen with every time.

We had just started talking about when we could see each other again when I noticed Randy storming backstage from the front of the arena and he looked more mad than I had ever seen him look.

Hang on 2 secs handsome,” I said moving forward and pushing the dressing room door open.
”Awe how was lover boy?” Shannon asked smiling up at me.

Here talk to him for a few! Randy just came crashing backstage he looks mad; we need to get Cam and CT out of here,” I said throwing my friend the phone.

I watched as Cameron kissed Jeff powerfully, which left him shivering slightly from the sensation as she got up from his arms and grabbed up her things.

I will see you at the hotel in a few hours ok?” She smiled at him as she held her hand out for CT who got up and followed his Mom towards me where I looked back to the hallway to see that Randy was gone.

You got it! Be safe,” Jeff smiled as he winked at her.

Leading the way out of the dressing room, we took the back way to the canteen where we quickly purchased CT a drink and Cam a coffee before I headed back to the dressing room.

Telling my friend that I would see her later, and to be safe. I didn’t trust Randy for as far as I could throw the sneaky fucker.

People said that he was an opportunist and they were right, if he had to be underhanded and sneaky to get what he wanted then he had absolutely no problem in doing what ever it took.

I worried for my friend working for him, the fact that he got her to sign the deal seemed to be over zealous even for him but Cam had signed the contract and was trying her hardest to ensure that she was keeping everyone happy and for once keeping herself happy.

Moving back to the dressing room where I had left Shannon talking to Leland, holding my hand out for my phone Shannon bid farewell to my man and handed my phone back over to me.

Moving back out in to the hallway in time to see Randy storming past me, glaring at me angrily as Leland asked if everything was ok.

Sighing I explained how bad an idea I thought Cam working for Randy was but as he reminded me, Cam was gonna do what Cam thought was best and for whatever reason she felt that this was the best idea.

All I could do was zip it and support her when she needed ‘cos there was no question of if; it was just a question of when and I could do that, I could wait it out; she was my best friend and that is what best friends do.

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PostSubject: Forbidden - Chapter 3   Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:20 pm


Chapter 3;


Jeff’s POV;

I had been lying here just watching her sleep; the way her eyes moved rapidly from the dream that she had been having, to the way she seemed less than calm.

Normally watching her sleep she had this peaceful aroma about her but ever since we had landed in LA yesterday she had been on edge, trying to keep as low a profile as possible, hiding even more behind Randy who seemed happy to oblige and be the hero for whatever reason that had her on edge and almost shy.

I wasn’t used to seeing this side of her, she had always been so calm and collected, always holding herself with pride and dignity but for a reason that I had no idea of she was coiled tighter than a spring.

I had watched her in the hotel restaurant last night, watched the way she hung by Randy’s side, refusing to be left alone; it had bugged the hell out of me to see Randy taking any given opportunity to hold on to her, to support her the way his beady little eyes traveled over her frame, the way he seemed intent on making sure that she did lean on him.

But when I had gotten to her room in the early hours of this morning, she had refused to talk about what was bugging her, telling me that it was nothing, that she just needed Randy to think that he had her where he wanted her and then wasting no time she had pulled me in to a kiss that ended with me slamming her against the wall and taking her as roughly as I ever had.

Looking down to the sheet that was wrapped around her body, I could see the scratch and bite marks on her chest seemingly glowing in the daylight that was creeping through the curtains; highlighting her body and nothing else in the room.

Her long dark hair fanned out on the pillow making it seem darker as it blended with the cream of the pillowcases that was molded around her head. I had truly never seen anyone as beautiful as she was; everything about her was everything that I could or would ever need.

I knew that people would say it was too soon, I knew that people would say that we had only been together a month but I didn’t care, I was falling hard and there seemed to be nothing that I could do to change that fact. All I knew was that my heart was in her hands to do with it whatever she wanted.

Gently pulling the sheet away from her body, I let my eyes drink in the way that she breathed soft and heavy as her dreams kept her away from me; for the moment.

Having explained last night that Randy had interviews all day and her assistant was taking care of business so she could get caught up on his correspondence and have the day off and I fully intended on taking advantage of the fact that he wasn’t going to be around.

Sliding my hand down the centre of her body; fanning my fingers out so I was sure to graze over her breasts lightly and I was instantly rewarded to the feel of her panting out of breath as she was torn away from her dreams.

I swear a girl could feel spoiled waking up with you every morning,” She whispered softly as her head turned and her eyes fluttered open; squinting in the sun light she closed them only to open them again a few moments later and repeating the process until she was watching me intently.

Not any girl; just you,” I growled as my hand moved around her belly button lightly and she was gasping from the sensation that coursed through her from the action. “Open your legs for me beautiful,” I ordered in a firm tone that did little to calm the panting of her body.

Doing as I asked she spread her legs wide as I slid my hand down to her pussy; instantly feeling the heat radiating from inside her until all I could think about was being buried deep inside her, to feel her molding around my cock; to feel her gripping the entire length of my shaft inside her as I made love to her with an intensity that I had never had with anyone but her.

Keeping myself placed at her side, watching her face as my fingers dove deep in to her pussy until almost the entire length of my hand was buried deep inside her warm, already wet chamber. Driving my fingers deeper in to her, until I had reached her g spot; hooking my fingers around the soft pleasurable fold as she held my gaze in an intense filled stare that did little to ease my burning desire.

Tearing out of her powerful gaze where I could have quite happily drowned I let my eyes feast on the way her body was panting as my fingers nipped gently at her pleasure spot; straight away I was rewarded to her body panting harder than I had ever seen.

Oh fuck stop teasing me!” She pleaded softly causing me to smile and increase the force in which I was nipping at her g spot, feeling her pussy becoming wetter and wetter as I ground hard against the one spot that could literally render her in to my puppet.

Moving myself so that I was positioned between her legs; sliding my tongue down over her neck as our eyes stayed firmly locked on one another, the silent agreement between us that things with us could become violent in a split second but we both trusted one another without question and that was what made what we shared more special than anything that I had ever had with anyone.

Circling around her belly button for a few moments, watching the way her belly bar glistened in the light, the diamond sparkling with the same hypnotic power that her eyes held. Sliding my tongue down over the large tiger tattoo that she had inked on to her lower abdomen.

There was absolutely nothing about this woman that I wasn’t falling for. With a personality as unique as my own she never failed to amaze me. I had always been attracted to women who weren’t of the normal, but I had never actually dated anyone quite like Ron before.

Finally reaching my mark, my tongue trailed up the long wet slit of her pussy causing her entire body to shiver desperately. I loved going down on her, I loved the taste of her; she tasted so sweet, I loved the power that she seemed to instill in me when I felt her entire body caving in to the things that my tongue did to her.

Cameron’s POV;

My God he was trying to send me crazy with desire and want as his tongue continued to run up and down the entire length of my opening; refusing to give me what my entire body craved as he looked up in to my eyes.

The intensity in which he looked at me was like nothing I had ever felt and it did little to dampen the fire he had sparked inside me. Slowly he ran his hands up the sides of my body until he reached my breasts; flicking his fingers roughly over my nipples until I was ready to beg, plead...whatever it took to get what I wanted.

Jeff please!” I pleaded with him desperately as he stopped his tongue from running over my pussy and smiled up at me devilishly, the hunger sparkling in his deep green eyes that seemed to burn a hole right through to my heart.

From the moment that we had landed in LA I felt on edge, I felt scared and was constantly looking over my shoulder. And as much as I didn’t want too I had been clinging to Randy’s side, trying to ensure that I was always with someone so that should Steven find out that I was back in town he wouldn’t be able to find me.

Thankfully I didn’t have to worry about CT or Amber as they had headed back to Cameron a few days ago before we had come in to LA, so at least I knew they were in Cameron; safe and hidden from view.

Pushing thoughts of my ex to the back of my mind, my eyes moved back in to Jeff’s who was watching me concerned but the minute I looked back to him I smiled and he continued by bending his head back to my pussy and the soft smooth sensation of his tongue sliding in to my wetness seemed to melt away all the worries of being back in LA had sparked inside me.

Completely ignoring my clit his tongue dove deep in to me; rubbing over the soft sensitive area of my g spot as his fingers slid out of me to give his tongue the room that he needed.

I had never been comfortable with a man going down on me until I met Jeff. Steven had always told me that a woman didn’t need to get off while having sex; that sex was for the man not the woman. For years I had believed that and then I had met Jeff and he had shown me things that I hadn’t thought were possible.

Looking down in to his eyes that were blazing hungrily as he lapped his tongue over and over my g spot causing me to literally see stars flashing before my eyes.

Without so much as a thought on his part this man had restored my faith in men and what relationships could be about; although I knew that our relationship wasn’t exactly what he had envisioned but it was what it was, what it had to be for the moment so we just had to make the best of a bad situation.

Seemingly satisfied that he had worked me up in to a frenzy so desperate that I was panting out of control as my breath seemed to be in serious danger of letting me down; he slid his tongue out of me to replace it with his fingers that dove straight back to the one mark that could literally render me in to his puppet.

W-What are y-you doing?” I panted watching as his eyes moved to my pussy; watching his fingers sliding in and out of me the desire and hunger flashed wildly in their normal calmness.

”You’ll see,” He growled softly moving his fingers deep in to me and staying buried against my sensitive area; hooking around the spot and squeezing gently until shocks of pleasure sparked through my veins like a car being sparked to life. “Mmm; does that feel good baby?” He asked as my back began to arch slowly from the bed.

Mm-mmhmm!” I purred as words seemed to fail me completely as pleasure reached a debilitating height inside me. Nothing could have prepared me for the intense pleasure that he caused deep inside my pussy and before I was aware of it his tongue was dragging feverishly over my swollen clit.

Dragging up and down, as still his fingers squeezed around my g spot, circling his tongue around my swollen clit as his fingers pulsated around my g spot, sliding his tongue from side to side on my clit as his fingers squeezed a little tighter around my g spot.

Slowly my clit began to tense tighter as he sucked the swollen bud deep in to his mouth until I was constricting in a violent wave of pleasure that had my clit exploding so frantically in his mouth that he was growling low and raw as he swallowed down every long stream of cum that pumped out of my clit.

The feel of his growl rocked through my body at an alarming rate and I was cumming harder and faster than I ever had before.

Jeff…mmm…oh fuck yes…right there…” I panted as he tenderly nibbled on my exploding clit causing my release to turn more violent in the matter of seconds. “Yes…oh mmmm aaaahhhh fuck…Jjjjjeeeffffff!” I purred as my entire back arched clear off the mattress which in turn pushed my pussy further on to this tongue and hand as his fingers still worked me to an almost frantic state of sexual desire.

Ggggrrrrrr!” He roared in to me rocking through me once again and keeping my release going past anything that I had ever felt. Wave upon wave of delightful pleasure coursed through me until my hips were moving towards his face, wanting nothing more than to drown in the amazing orgasm that he had ignited inside me.

Feeling it begin to pass he swiftly removed his tongue and fingers from inside me, slid up my body until his cock was slamming so deep inside me that instantly my release came back twice as violent as before.

Jeff’s POV;

I couldn’t wait to plunge my cock so deep inside her that she was screaming my name, I needed to feel the amazing walls of her pussy clamping around my cock so tightly that the friction would build higher and higher.

Slamming my lips on to hers; her juices flowing between our entwined mouths as we slammed together long and hard. Sliding her legs up my body until they were wrapped tightly around my waist giving us the friction and sensitivity that I had been craving.

Watching her beautiful face as she got lost in the throws of passion; I never saw her more beautiful than when she was drowning in the pleasure; drowning in the things that we inflicted on one another and I was instantly reminded of how desperate it got between us as she scraped her long black nails down over my back; splitting open the wounds that she had inflicted on me the previous night.

The heat of blood seeping from the scratches mixed with the heat building between our bodies seemed to heighten my own pleasure until I was aware of her closing her eyes; getting lost in the delight that was building once again.

Stay with me Ron!” I growled taking my weight on one arm as my now free hand nipped roughly at her erect nipples and she was bucking more wildly against me; turning this session violent and I was lost in the way that she always seemed to make me feel.

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff…mmmm aaaahhhh oh fuck baby don’t stop!” She pleaded as I continued to force myself in to her time and time again only to drag out slow and steady, giving it to her the way she liked, slamming back in long and hard.

You feel so good Ron!” I panted getting lost in her amazing brown eyes as I slowly slid my dick out of her and whirled her around on to her stomach.

Mmmm,” She panted as I lifted her hips and quickly hurled my cock in to her pussy with a force that had her moaning in appreciation. As if sensing my need for release she took her own weight on one elbow and slowly reached her free hand to my balls and lightly traced circles around the hardening sack.

Oh good God…RRROOOOONNNNNN!” I roared out as I could feel my release traveling up my shaft so quickly that I was seeing stars flashing in front of my eyes.

Shaking my head free of the bright sparks of light flashing in front of my face, I let my eyes move down to her back; watching her muscles moving as she hurled back against my thrusts, the flexing of her defined muscles moving like a panther when it is stalking pray, the Linkin Park Soldier tattoo that she had on her right shoulder blade seemed to move with every movement her body made, the Celtic design tattoo on her lower back glistening due to the sweat that was beading her body in a thick blanket, her head thrown back in reckless abandon as my hand slid around her front, slipping in to her pussy and tugging on her swollen sensitive clit.

It was all it took as she exploded for the third time around my shaft as her own fingers circled my sack, causing ripple upon ripple of pleasure coursing through my body until I was exploding so deeply inside her that I was hurling so violently against her that she was gripping the sheets and twirling them around her hands.

OH FUCK YES…JEFF YES, YES. YES. YYYYYYEEEEESSSS!” She screamed out as my release came crashing out of me like a dam being bust open. Tightening the hand on her hip around her flesh my nails were barely existent but they still managed to dig in to her flesh. “Harder Jeff, I want it harder!” She pleaded with me.

Oh fucking God…yes, mmm, oooohhhhh Gggggrrrrrr!” I growled as I pounded so hard in to her that I knew she was going to be left bruised and finding it difficult to walk but she had asked for me to be harder.
”Mmmm yes, yes that’s better…mmmm oooohhhhh yes,” She moaned out.

As her release began to subside my own reacted in accordance until we were collapsing down on the bed, panting, sweating and pushing the covers from our bodies.

Sweet Jesus Jeff that was amazing,” She panted turning her head to look at me and smiling that most amazing smile that could literally render me to my knees.

It really was,” I agreed nodding my head in agreement with my words. I always thought that when we came together it was amazing but something about that time had been more than anything I had ever felt even with her.

What have you got planned for today handsome?” She asked turning on to her side to look at me.

Well I have to leave around midday for a signing at Virgin…” I said looking at the clock to see that it was almost 11am which meant that I didn’t have much time left to stay. “What about you?”

The look on her beautiful features changed to worry and uncertainty as she turned her head away from me and looked to the ceiling as her breath slowly began to come back to her.

I just have some Family stuff to take care of,” She said.

Family stuff, was she originally from LA?

It wasn’t like I knew that much about her as she refused to talk about the past saying that it was the past and what did it matter? It remained in the past and she wanted to live for the moment and the future.

I didn’t push; I knew that she would talk to me when she was ready and not before that just wasn’t her way. I respected that infact I respected everything about this woman; who she was, what she did, the Mother that she was and the things that she did.

I knew that I was going to fall so deeply in love with this woman that there would be no coming back from her and for the first time ever I felt completely comfortable with that.

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Chapter 4;


Cameron’s POV;

Jeff had left an hour ago and all I had been able to think about since then was calling my brother. I knew that I wanted to see him but could I really risk it?

Steven was relentless and working in the police force afforded him to be able to find almost anyone that he wanted; which was why I had changed my name and our son’s name every time I moved.

Thankfully so far it seemed to have worked because there was no way that he knew where I was, what I was doing or even my name anymore. Every night I prayed to God thanking him for small mercies but being back here in LA it seemed like I was somehow tempting fate.

God had given me an out; he had literally let me sink in to the night and here I was back in the devils layer so to speak. From the minute the plane had landed in LA I had somehow retreated to the woman I had been before I left; timid, shy, withdrawn, scared, lost and on edge.

I knew why Randy had made the stipulations on the contract; when he had looked in to me, trying to find out about me before employing me he hadn’t been able to find anything; because from all intents and purposes the woman I had become had died 20 years ago.

Being married to a cop I had learned a few things along the way on how to cover my tracks but I hadn’t been that good, Randy had managed to trace me all the way back to here; finding out about my past he had promised me to look after me if I adhered to his requests.

And because I was so scared of Steven finding me and our son I had given in and signed the contract. I had needed the job, there really was nothing else that I wanted to do, I loved working at the WWE and working for Randy afforded me the chance to build my money and possibly get my own place, plus it meant that I could hang out with my friends when the opportunity arose.

Pulling up the last number I had for my brother, I stared at the number for a few moments, hoping that somehow it was still his number but what if it wasn’t?

What if it was and Steven had the number tapped?

Knowing that my number was unlisted, I decided to take the chance and dialed the number hoping against hope that I wasn’t pushing fate too far.

Hello?” A deep male voice that I instantly recognized as my brother’s answered on the fourth ring.


”Yes who is this?”
”It’s me!” I said softly hoping that he would somehow recognize my voice without me having to say the words.

Look if this is some fan; I don’t know how you got this number but…”
”No Seth it’s me Shayne,” I said quietly.

I-Is this some kind of j-joke?” He asked me.

”Shayne it’s r-really y-you?” He stammered softly.

One and the same,” I replied getting up from the sofa in my suite and moving to the large patio doors that led out on to the balcony that over looked LA.

Where have you…? Why are you…? Where are you?” He stammered as I lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. “Are you in LA?”

Yeah I am!” I sighed heavily as people on the streets below went about their daily business with no worries of living in this town, with no stress of having to watch their every move.

Where? I need to see you Shay,” He said softly.

I had missed my Family when I had left, I had missed the small scattering of friends that Steven had allowed me to have.

What are you doing right now?” I asked.

I’m just chilling out hon why?”
”I want to see you Seth but I am a little worried about how to do this…”
”What do you mean?”

For years I had suffered in silence about the things that Steven did to me, I never told anyone, I had tried to call the police on him one night but because of who he was and the job that he did, he had walked away and threatened me that if I were to ever try and talk to the police again he would kill me and I had no doubt in my head that he would make good on his promise.

I don’t want anyone to know that I am in town, I can’t let anyone know that I am here! So if you want to come to the London West Hollywood hotel and ask for Cameron Reid ok?”

”I don’t understand why am I asking for…?”
”Seth just trust me ok? Go to the front desk and ask if you can talk to me on the phone; Cameron Reid ok?” I pressed firmly.

Sure! I don’t understand but yeah ok; I will be there in about half an hour,”
”Ok see you soon,” I said hanging up, I placed my phone on the table that lay out on the balcony hoping that I hadn’t just made the biggest mistake of my life.

Sitting down on the lounger I watched the sky line as planes came and went transporting people here or taking them away.

I hadn’t even realized that I had been sat here for so long until the phone rang, moving in to the room I picked it up.

Hello?” I said taking a deep breath.

Miss Reid?” The male voice asked.

”We have a Mr. Binzer here and he would like to talk to you,”

Ok,” I said feeling my heart beating madly in my chest as I thought about seeing my brother again after all the years of being away.

Sitting down on the side of the bed, I took another deep breath as I waited for him to come on the phone.


Hey you,” I said finding that I was smiling. “You weren’t followed were you?”
”Followed what do you mean?”
”Seth please just make sure that you weren’t followed ok?”

The line turned silent as I assumed he was doing as I asked and I waited while he did it, not wanting to rush him because this was important. It was literally a matter of life and death.

No it doesn’t look like I was followed!” He said in to the phone after a few moments.

Ok I am in room 454 come on up,” I said feeling a little more calm once he told me that he hadn’t been followed.

Ok I will be with you in a few then,”
”See you soon! I can’t wait,”
”Me either,”

Placing the phone back on the cradle, I moved to the mirror to check that I looked all right. I definitely looked different to the time he had last seen me; long gone with the long blond curly hair replaced with the shoulder blade length straight dark colored hair. Long gone was the fat that I had, had when I was with Steven replaced with a more slender frame and tattoos that had helped me express myself.

Knocking on the door interrupted my train of thought; snapping me back to the present, I moved to the door and opened it to see my big brother stood in the hall looking as nervous as I felt.

Shayne?” He asked shocked as I smiled at him.

Hey big brother,” I said grabbing his arm and pulling him in to the room, checking the hall to make sure that he hadn’t been followed and once happy that he was alone, I closed the door and locked it.

What the hell is going on?” He asked standing in the hallway that led to the main area of the suite. “Why are you staying here? How can you afford…?”

”Seth slow down a second dude,” I giggled softly just taking a few moments to look at him.

I had missed him more than I ever thought I would or could miss anyone except my son. We had always been tight when we were growing up and not having him in my life all these years had left a gaping hole in my heart.

Is Dylan with you?” He asked looking around the room.

No he’s at home,” I said nodding my head as we moved to the sofa and sat down.

The cool breeze swept in through the open patio doors and seemed to cool the air around us.

”Home? Where is home?” He asked watching me closely. “I…I think you…Steven has been a mess since you left…”
”The hell he was!” I all but growled out of me angrily as I realized that Steven had been playing the victim; the husband who didn’t know what had happened to his wife and son.

What does that mean?” My brother asked me watching as I reached for my smokes and handed him one before lighting my own.

Looking at him I knew that I had to tell him everything, there was no way that getting in touch with him wasn’t going to bring up this questions and what had made me leave LA all those years ago.

So taking a deep breath I began to talk…


Seth’s POV;

I had listened to her telling me about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Steven; the one man who I had thought loved my sister more than life itself.

That fucker had lied to me, he had lied to our whole family and he had done it with such a cool and calm exterior that we had bought it all and had kept him as a part of the family.

So what…? You’ve just been moving around…? Not settling anywhere?” I asked watching as she chain smoked her way through the pack of cigarettes that were lying on the table.

Yeah something like that! I just actually settled down about a year ago…”
”Can I ask where?” I asked reaching for her hand.

The whole time she had talked about what had happened she didn’t cry once, holding her composure she was obviously not the girl who had left here years ago.

Of course you can; I live with my best friend in Cameron,”
”Carolina?” I asked watching her closely as she nodded her head. “And Dylan?”

”Dylan is now Corey-Taylor Reid,” She informed me smiling.

So you’re a Corey fan huh?” I chuckled.

This was definitely not the girl who had left; she had always been a strict pop fan when she left it was obvious that her life had changed dramatically from the way she looked, to the way she talked and to her music tastes.

Mmhmm! Huge Corey fan,” She giggled softly.

I think you’d like him and he would like you,”
”You know him?” She asked her eyes darting up to mine.

Yeah we toured with Slipknot for a while,”

Listen to you,” She nudged my ribs softly but it was obvious that she had power in her tiny frame.

I sat and watched her for a few moments, I couldn’t believe that she was really here in front of me, she was alive, she was safe and it was obvious that she was doing good for herself.

So what brings you back to LA? And how can you afford to stay in this fancy hotel?” I asked looking around the room for sign of a man being with her; but nothing came to sight.

I am actually working…”


”I work for Randy Orton,” She sighed something in her tone told me that she wasn’t overly happy with it but I didn’t press.

The wrestler?”


”How long have you been doing that?”

Just a little over a month now,” She informed as the sound of a knock on her door filtered through the suite.

Instantly she looked panicked, she was worried that somehow I had been followed I could see it in her eyes.

Getting up she moved to the suite with me following behind her and watching as she checked through the spy hole and instantly her posture relaxed as she unlocked the door and pulled it open.

Hey reject!” She smiled as Shannon Moore came in to view.

Hey beautiful! I was at a bit of a loose end and was wondering if you…?” He started and then his eyes fell on me; instantly he was eyeing me suspiciously.

Shannon this is my brother Seth,” She said. “Seth this is a good friend of mine Shannon,”

”Hey,” Shannon said reaching his hand out to me.

Hey, how are you?” I asked shaking his hand in a firm action as he came in to the room and Cameron closed the door behind him locking it back up.

I’m good man! I have to say that we were beginning to think that Cam was an orphan,” He smiled wrapping his arm around my sister.

Her eyes met mine and I instantly knew that she hadn’t told her new friends that she had fled LA and her abusive boyfriend.

Nope! Big brother and Parent’s,” I smiled nodding my head to her to let her know that her secret was safe with me.

Well it’s nice to meet you,” Shannon smiled as he kissed her head softly.

Was there something going on with them?

Were they a couple?

Well since you are catching up with your brother, I will go find some other trouble that I can get in to,” Shannon smiled at her.

Ok reject! I will catch you later,” She smiled.

You seeing Jeff later?” He asked as she walked him back to the door.

Probably at some point! He is off doing that signing right now and then I have to catch up with Randy in a couple hours so it won’t be until long after that,”

”Ok gotchya! Be good, have fun!” He leaned in and kissed her cheek as he stepped out in the hallway once Cameron had checked both directions.

You too dude,” She smiled then closed the door behind her and walked back towards me.

Ok what is going on?”

”What do you mean?” She asked me moving back to the sofa and sitting down.

Who is Jeff? Why aren’t you seeing him until much later and what is going on with you and Shannon?” I asked feeling more confused than ever as I sat back down next to her.

Taking a deep breath she explained everything to me; from the contract that Randy had her sign, to the relationship she was in with Jeff Hardy and how it had to be kept secret because of the contract that Randy had bribed her with and how Shannon was a very good friend to her.

Jesus Christ Cam…talk about getting yourself in to a jam,” I said as she moved in to my embrace; laying her head on my shoulder as I gave her all the comfort that she needed.

”Tell me about it,” She sighed and I could see that, that was why she hadn’t been overly happy when she had mentioned that she was working for Randy Orton.

Who the hell does this guy think he is?

Literally dangling a job in front of her face and giving her terms and conditions on the job; that wasn’t what being a manager was about. That fucker should be taught a lesson about treating people the right way.

If I thought I would have chance against him then I would be the one to tell him what he could do with his God damn job but I knew that I wouldn’t stand any type of chance so for now all I could really do was support my sister in whatever she wished to do.

So tell me what has been going on with you?” She asked looking up at me and smiling.

Where to start Cam!? I thought to myself. So much had happened since she had been gone and I didn’t know how much I should share or where to even start.

Taking a deep breath, I prepared myself to talk about all that had happened since she had left…

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Chapter 5;


Cameron’s POV;

Looking at the clock on the nightstand next to Randy’s bed it was almost half past midnight and he had finally just fallen asleep leaving me with the rest of the night free.

Ever since he had gotten back from his interviews he had been in a foul mood and I had very little to no patience to deal with it. But I had sat here and tried hard to listen when all I could think about was what my brother had told me this afternoon.

The minute he had gotten in to the music industry he had sunk in to the drug scene and finally got caught with drugs in his car, he had been sentenced to 6 months in jail and when he had come out he had slipped straight back in to the drug scene because of being in the business.

Our Mom & Dad had disowned him; he hadn’t spoken to them in months, he was just freshly out of rehab and he had confessed that he couldn’t get back in to the music business because he didn’t think that he was strong enough to kick the habit a third time.

I believed him when he said that he wanted to start over somewhere that no one knew him, no one knew of his past and he could just get a regular job and be the 9 to 5 guy that didn’t have the problems that he had right now.

Instantly I had been plagued with an idea but I needed to run it by Amber first, I couldn’t just offer him a room in her home without running it by her. I was pretty certain that she wouldn’t mind but it wasn’t my home, I didn’t own the house and I felt it only polite to ask.

Letting myself out of Randy’s room, locking the door up and sliding the keys under the door as he had told me to do, I moved towards my room quickly incase he woke up and told me to come back.

Closing and locking my door knowing that Jeff had his own key to get in should he decide to come by tonight again. I moved to the sofa and sat down, lighting a cigarette before I dialed my friend’s number.

Hey hon,” Amber answered almost instantly. “Is everything ok?”

Obviously she knew how apprehensive I had been about coming back to LA; she had seen the nerves that had threatened to consume me entirely.

Mmhmm! Everything is fine! How’s CT?” I asked thinking of my boy and feeling my heart fill with all the love that I felt for him.

I seemed to know no bounds when it came to what I would do for my son. I had heard people say that the parental bond was instant and when I was 13 and found out that I was pregnant to Steven, I hadn’t believed it, I thought it was a crock of shit but the minute the nurses had laid him in my arms I had felt the largest rush of love that seemed to just keep growing and growing.

He’s good hon; you know CT he is always got something on the go…”

”Is he around?” I asked as the sound of a key in the lock had me turning to see Jeff moving in to the room, locking the door behind him.

He’s actually off out with some friends but he wanted me to tell you that he made the soccer team,”

”He did?” I asked smiling at Jeff feeling my pride in my boy grow to new heights.

Mmhmm and he said to tell Jeff that he expects him to be there at his first game,” She giggled.

Ok I will be sure to pass that on! I uhm…I-I…”

”What is it hon? Has Randy done something to you?” She asked instantly concerned.

No! No! Nothing like that. The thing is I…uhm, I called my brother today…”

”That’s great hon,” She said the sound of her lighting a cigarette filtered down the connection as I reached for the ashtray that was lying on the table.

Amber he needs somewhere to stay out of LA…I was wondering if maybe…?”

”You should know better than feeling you have to ask me hon! My home is your home you know that right?”

”I wasn’t sure if…it seems like my whole Family is taking over your home though…”

”I will hear none of that you got me?” She said firmly.

You’re really sure it’s ok?” I asked falling in to Jeff’s arms as he sat next to me and pulled me towards him.

I had wanted nothing more than to be right here all day, to feel the safety I felt when I was with him, to feel the connection that we felt to one another; to feel his support that needed no words.

I am not even dignifying that with an answer,” She giggled.

Ok I get the picture! I am off to phone him now then to let him know! Thanks honey; this means more than you could ever know,”

”From the happiness in your voice I have an idea,” She replied softly. “Go call him and I will see you all tomorrow night ok?”

”You will, luv ya hon,”

”Right back atchya!” She replied.

Hanging up, I closed my phone for a few moments wanting to gather my thoughts before I called my brother.

You ok beautiful?” Jeff asked taking the opportunity to talk before I called my brother.

I’m better than ok Jeff! I haven’t felt this happy in a long time,”

”Your brother?” He smiled wiping the hair from my eyes and tenderly tucked it behind my ear.

”Mmhmm,” I couldn’t seem to wipe the grin from my face. All I had ever wanted was him back in my life, to feel the bond that we had always shared as brother and sister.

Seeing Seth today it had just hit home to me how much I needed my brother. My Parent’s had never really gotten over the fact that I had, had a baby when I was 14; they had wanted Steven and I to get married to do the whole thing the Catholic way but I hadn’t wanted to get married, I hadn’t wanted to be trapped by marriage at such a young age.

And now looking back on it I was glad that I hadn’t; if I had been married to Steven it would have been that little bit harder to get away. I would have had to worry about marriage if I ever met another man and I had met someone.

Someone who I saw myself having a future with and if I had been married to Steven then that would have just complicated things; I would have had to explain the whole thing to Jeff and I was so glad that I didn’t have to do that.

If I were to be completely honest; marriage had never appealed to me and that hadn’t changed. I didn’t see the point of having a piece of paper to tell me that I loved and was committed to someone.

Just give me a few and I will be all yours,” I smiled at Jeff.

Mmm all mine huh?” He smiled back.

Nodding my head he let out a low growl that seemed to rock through my body to the point where I was struggling to find Seth’s number in my phone.

I had never pretended to understand the power that Jeff had over me but it was there and there was really no point in trying to fight it because it was just too strong.


Jeff’s POV;

I was quite content in just watching her as she laughed and chatted with her brother over the phone; the sound of her laugh had always had the power to leave me feeling calm and content in who I was and now was no different.

Letting my mind cast back to the first time I had seen her;

‘”Come on brother,” Matt complained as I finished up the dishes in my sink.

Damn it cous what’s the rush?” I asked.

Shannon said that there has been a new hottie hanging out at the tattoo shop and I want to go and see if she is all that Shannon said she was,”

Is it always about dick with you?” I chuckled softly drying off the last plate and placing it in the cupboard.

I haven’t been with a girl since Amy and that was 6 months ago so yes it is all about dick with me right now! So come on shake it,”

An hour later he had parked his corvette in the parking lot outside Gas Chamber Ink which was the tattoo shop that our childhood friend Shannon Moore owned. It was a recent venture but it was going very well and our friend seemed to be making a healthy profit from the shop.

Be cool!” Matt said glancing at me.

Me be cool?” I laughed loudly as he locked up his car. “I ain’t the one in the market for some pussy,”

I think you should be brother! It has been far too long between women for you…”

My relationship with Bethany had ended some months ago and I hadn’t been even tempted to look at another woman. Bethany had burned me pretty bad so for the time being all I wanted was a quiet life and to have that I didn’t need a woman.

Blah! Blah!” I said as we moved to the door that led in to the tattoo shop.

The minute we walked in, my eyes landed on her sitting in a booth with Amber; the newest member to Shannon’s store, lying out on the tattoo chair, her jeans pulled down over her lower abdomen Amber was tattooing her and they were chatting and laughing with one another.

Hey guys,” Shannon smiled as he walked over to us where we stood by the appointment desk.

Is she here?” Matt asked hugging our friend as my eyes couldn’t seem to pull away from her.

Long dark hair with purple and red panels that shone brightly under the studio lights that our friend had, had fitted. Beautiful large brown eyes that held a hint of something that I couldn’t put my finger on. Full red lips that seemed to be begging for attention as they curled up in to the most amazing smile that I had ever seen.

Damn she’s hot!” Matt said causing me to tear my eyes away and look around the shop for the girl that Shannon had told him about but there was no other women in here, which meant one thing.

Looking at my brother as he watched the hottie in the chair getting tattooed by our friend Amber. Great Matt was interested in her I could see it the way that he was watching her closely his eyes blazing with a hunger that I hadn’t seen in the longest time.

I told you dude,” Shannon smiled as he looked back to her as she flinched slightly from the pain of the tattoo. “Tough as nails too,”

”Meaning?” I asked as Matt moved over to the booth intent on introducing himself obviously.

Dude she hasn’t complained once while getting that tattoo; hasn’t even asked for a break; and Amber has been at it for about 2 hours already,” He informed me watching as Matt sat down next to the hottie and offered his hand, which she declined but smiled and engaged him in conversation.

Impressive!” I replied watching her closely as she slipped in to conversation with my brother. Quickly the sound of her laugh raked through every fibre of my being; leaving me calm and content; almost like everything was right with the world.

She is stunning ain’t she?” Shannon commented looking to me but I couldn’t bring my eyes away from her.

”Yeah! I tell you right now Shannon; I am going to make her my girl!” I said flat out not caring what anyone thought.


”What?” I asked literally dragging my eyes away from her to look at my friend as he chuckled next to me.

I just haven’t heard you talking like this for the longest time!”

I know! I haven’t been…I haven’t felt the need to get involved with anyone until this moment; she is really beautiful!” I said fighting everything inside me to not look back at her.

I hate to tell you this dude but I get the feeling that she ain’t really in the market for a man…”

”I got time!” I said determined that I would find a way in to her heart because looking back to her to see her eyes moving to mine and the flash of light that sparked from one look told me that we could have something special; something worth having.

Well you had best get over there before your brother beats you to the post,” Shannon chuckled as the door opened and a couple of giggling girls came inside.

Moving away instantly leaving Shannon to deal with it, I moved over to the booth and stepped up the steps that led inside it. Looking down at the tattoo to see the beautiful tiger lying in a bed of grass being tattooed on to her flesh by my friend.

Amber!” I smiled as she looked up at me and stopping working for a moment or 2; leaning down I kissed her head softly.

Amber had been hanging out with us on and off since high school but only recently had she started hanging out with us full time and I liked the woman she had become, she was funny, she was smart, she was creative and she was up for pretty much anything.

Truth be told in world with out this beauty I think I could have fallen hard for her but all of a sudden this beautiful woman was thrust in front of me and I couldn’t seem to see anything but her natural beauty.

Hey Skittles! This is my new housemate Cameron! Cameron this is Jeff, he is Matt’s brother,” Amber smiled introducing us.

It’s nice to meet you Jeff,” She said extending her hand to me and the minute my hand made contact with hers I felt a jolt of chemistry sparking wildly between us and that had been it, I was completely smitten.

Jeff? Jeff? Jeff?” Ron’s voice broke through the mist of the past and tore me back to the present with a bump.

Sorry beautiful,” I smiled as she giggled and moved in to my arms where she seemed to fit perfectly. “Everything ok?”

”Yeah Seth is meeting us at the airport tomorrow,” She said her voice calm and she seemed more happy than I had ever seen her look.

You’re happy about this I can see,”

”I really, really am! It has been a long time since I have had him in my life and I just can’t believe that we are both in the right place…”

Can I ask what happened?” I asked softly running my hand up and down the bare flesh of her arm.

It’s not important! It’s in the past where it belongs; no point in dwelling on things we can’t change,” Giving her normal response told me to back off and I did.

I planned on spending a lot of time with this girl; maybe even the rest of my life so we had plenty of time to share old stories with one another.

I wanted to do this right; I didn’t want to mess up the best thing that had ever happened to me so I dropped the subject and smiled at her warmly.

What do you want to do tonight beautiful?” I asked still running my hand up and down her arm gently as she melted in to my embrace.

You know I am really tired and I don’t think we have had a night where we just talk, just hold each other you know?” She asked lifting her head from my shoulder and looking up at me with the most amazing dark brown eyes that still held the same power over me as they had when I had first saw them a year ago.

Anything you want beautiful!” I smiled placing my lips to her forehead softly.

Well I am gonna go take a quick shower; wash away the memory of Randy and then we can go to bed yeah?” She asked removing herself from my arms and standing up to her full height.

You do that every night have you noticed?”

”Do what?” She asked holding my gaze.

Wash the memory of him away,”

”I can’t say as I noticed,” She replied shrugging and moving towards the ensuite leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I had learned the hard way not to ask if anything had happened with her to make her want to scrub the memory of him away so now I didn’t even bother to ask anymore.

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Chapter 6;


Cameron’s POV;

Jeff and Matt had been sniping at each other the whole flight back to Cameron; leaving me laughing harder than I had thought possible.

That mixed with the fact that I had a couple weeks off; Randy had informed me that he wouldn’t need me for a grand total of 16 days. And the fact that I was now out of LA and from what I was aware of undetected which was an added bonus.

Seth wrapped his arm around me as Jeff and Matt bickered about who was getting off the plane first.

I like him Cam,” Seth whispered in my ear as he placed a kiss to my head softly.

You do?”

”Mmhmm! It is more than obvious that he is in to you, and seeing the way he is with you…not many people get that in a lifetime,”

Thanks Seth,”

You’re really in to him huh?” He asked catching me watching my man and his brother exchanging jabs with each other.

Yeah I really am! He’s the first man that I have really allowed in to my life properly since…well you know,” I sighed thinking about my troubled past.

After I had left Steven, I had moved around so much that there hadn’t really been the possibility of thinking about letting a man in to my life. Steven had pulled me so far down that I couldn’t possibly understand what a man would see in me and it took a long time to get out of that mind set.

Even now; I sometimes questioned what Jeff saw in me, what he could possibly like about me and being in LA had just seemed to bring those questions straight back to the forefront of my mind until I had been almost distant with him.

I know but from what I can see; Jeff ain’t nothing like Steven…”

”No he’s really not!” I was safe with Jeff, I never felt like I was in any danger when I was with him and that was something that had taken a long time to get used too.

Even when we were just friends I never felt like I was in danger with him, I felt calm and at peace in his presence, which seemed to just affirm my thoughts on being with him, on letting him in to not only my life but my son’s life too.

I have to ask why you haven’t told him?” Seth chuckled as Jeff grabbed Matt in a head lock and began dragging him behind him to get off the plane.

It’s just…there is no need to bring up something that doesn’t need brought up! I am away from Steven; he hasn’t found me and I am kind of hoping that he never will,” I said looking up at my big brother hoping that he would understand why I felt I had to do this, this way.

But what if…?”

If that what if becomes a problem then I will tell him but it is in the past for now and that is where I would kinda like to keep it! Please Seth tell me that you are ok to do that?”

What ever you want to do Shay…Cam sorry! That is going to take a while to get used too you know?” He smiled holding me close to him as we followed behind Jeff and Matt.

Shannon and Shane were following behind us a bit further back.

I know and I am sorry that you are being put in this position but please for me; try to remember?” Looking up at him as we continued to walk off the plane.

You know I will hon,” Kissing my head softly as we moved through the door that led out in to the main area of the airport.

MOM!” CT came running at me causing me to let go of my brother and be encased in my son’s arms.

Even at 10 he was growing at a steady rate, which only seemed to remind me of Steven. I had known Steven most of my life and he had always been tall and built like a brick shit house.

Hey baby,” Kissing his face, I held him to me tightly refusing to let him go, just grateful that he was safe and hadn’t been in the same place as I had just been.

I missed you,” He laughed softly relenting to the fact that I was bombarding him with affection in a public place.

I missed you too baby!” I smiled looking at him and swearing that he had grown a few inches in the short time we had been apart.

”Jeff!” He exclaimed as my man came over to where I was stood with my boy.

Hey kiddo,” Jeff smiled as CT moved in to his embrace and hugged him tightly.

I was glad that my son and Jeff got along. From the minute that CT had met Jeff he had bonded with him and it had just reminded me how much my son was missing a male influence in his life. For 2 years before I met Jeff it had just been me and CT; moving from town to town, never settling in one place for long as I made sure that I didn’t leave any kind of trail that could lead to us.

CT you remember your uncle Seth right?” I asked letting myself be encased in Jeff’s strong embrace where I felt all the tension slipping out of my body.

CT shook his head no as he looked to Seth stood at my side watching my son.

Introducing them, I watched as they slipped in to conversation leaving Jeff and I alone as Amber stood with Matt, Shannon and Shane talking amongst themselves.

You seem to be more calm,” Jeff said refusing to let me go as Seth and CT seemed to get reacquainted.

I am just glad to be home and away from the ever watchful eyes of Randy,” I sighed letting my head fall against Jeff’s chest; taking the comfort that he gave without question.

I really wish that you would have just taken the job that Matt and I offered you baby,” He said softly running his hand up and down my arm.

Before I had gotten the interview with Randy for the managerial position, Jeff and Matt had offered me a job to manage them both but I hadn’t wanted to mix business with my private life and that would have been exactly what I would have been doing considering the amount of time we all hung out.

We were always together, either at the house I shared with Amber or at Matt or Jeff’s place, or at Shannon or Shane’s places. It would have just become far too complicated if I had accepted their offer to manage them both.

And now that Jeff and I were together it wouldn’t be the best idea I had ever had, so for now I was happy to be working in a place where I could see them almost every day but didn’t have to worry about managing their careers.

Seth’s POV;

Listening to my nephew talking about the soccer team that he had just been accepted on, I was proud of the man that he was becoming.

Considering everything that my sister had been through, she was doing an awesome job of bringing him up alone but then it was obvious that she wasn’t alone; she had Jeff who had obviously built a strong connection to CT.

I hadn’t been lying when I said that it was going to be tough to remember not to call her Shayne or to call CT; Dylan but I knew that she didn’t want her new friends to know about her past and I had to respect her decision on that fact.

So who looks after you when your Mom is working kid?” I asked as he led me to the chairs and sat down.

Aunt Amber,” He smiled pointing over to where Matt, Shannon and Shane were stood talking to the woman that my nephew informed me was his babysitter.

The minute my eyes found her I was blown away by her natural beauty, long chestnut colored hair that seemed to be never ending as it disappeared down her back and out of view.

Beautiful almost hypnotic hazel eyes and full red lips that I couldn’t seem to look away from; watching them move as she talked with her friends and laughed causing her face to break out in to the most amazingly gorgeous smile that I had ever seen.

Her boyfriend Leland used to look after me too but he moved,”

”Moved?” I asked unable to look away from her.

Yeah his Dad moved him and his Family to Hawaii and Leland had to go too…”

Where did that leave her?

Was she single?

Were they still dating?

I watched as her slender frame began to move towards where my sister was stood talking quietly with Jeff.

Both looked up at her and smiled as my sister pulled her in to a hug as they chatted quietly between themselves.

Seth?” Cameron’s voice tore through the thoughts that I was having about this woman.


”Come meet my best friend Amber,” She smiled as she remained firmly planted in Jeff’s arms who didn’t seem to mind keeping her close as he kissed her head and became caught in conversation with his brother and friends who had all moved over to join the group.

Hey,” She smiled extending her hand to me.

Hi how are you?” I asked shaking her hand firmly.

I’m great thanks. How are you?” She asked smiling the brightest smile that I had ever seen but it was her eyes that held the power to render me to my knees in submission.

I’m great thank you! I am just glad to have my little sister back in my life,” I said smiling at Cam as she smiled back and CT moved so that he was in front of her.

Watching her wrap her free arm around his chest loosely she seemed to be in the right place finally. After hearing all that Steven had put her through; how she had called the police only to be let down by the people who should have protected her to the night that she had upped and left; sinking in to the night never to be seen or heard from again.

Until she had called me the previous day; I had been more than shocked to hear from her because I had long ago dealt with the fact that she was gone; possibly dead and I would never see her again.

I can imagine,” Amber smiled placing her hand on my arm lightly and I swore I could feel a strong current of chemistry sparking through my veins and it seemed to go straight to my head leaving me looking like the joker because I couldn’t wipe the grin from my face.

I wanted to say thanks for letting me stay,” I offered hoping to get to know her better over the course of my stay.

Not a problem! Cam and I have become really close and I wouldn’t have it any other way, so please just make yourself at home ok?”

Thank you,” I replied happily.

Guys I hate to break this up but I think it would be a good idea to get home; people are starting to recognize us,” Matt announced looking around the airport I could see what he was talking about.

People were looking at the group of wrestlers and me, Cam, Amber and CT.

Yeah good idea,” Cam agreed looking around nervously.

It was obvious to see that she was nervous about Randy finding out that she was hanging out with Jeff and his friends and from what I had seen of her thus far she wasn’t the type of woman who easily rolled over and played nice for anyone.

Randy Orton had her right where he wanted her and for all intents and purposes no one seemed to know what he actually wanted with my little sister.

Finding myself walking along with Amber behind everyone else, she smiled happily at me as we made our way towards the baggage claim area where we could pick up our bags.

Seth I just wanted to say that if you ever want anyone to talk to about Cam, I will be here…”

”What do you mean? Talk too?” I asked cautiously watching her as her eyes moved to where Jeff and Cam were hugging each other as they waited for their bags to come round on the carousel.

I know everything!”


”Steven, the beatings, the…leaving in the middle of the night,” She explained.

She told you?”

”Yeah she did and if you want someone to talk to about it then I will be here! Like I said before; anyone in Cam’s life; is automatically without question, whether they like it or not, in my life too,”

Thanks I appreciate that,” I nodded thinking that I may just take her up on her offer because as much as I wanted to ask Cam about things I didn’t want to push her.

She had made it perfectly clear that the subject was off limits for the time being.

You’re welcome,”

”So how long have you known her?”

”A little over a year now,” She said giggling as Jeff lifted Cam up in to his embrace and kissed her passionately.

Seeing Shannon making sick faces behind Jeff’s back, Cam flipped him the bird before turning her attention solely on Jeff who took all that she had to give.

CT was planted on the back of Matt’s back; piggy back style. I felt my heart sinking slightly; I should be the one who he was that close too, I should be the one playing Uncle to him not another guy.

Instantly I scolded myself for thinking it because Cam had made the best of a horrible situation, she had fought hard to have this life and it was good to see that she was settled, that she was obviously loved and cared for and that those same people looked out for my nephew.

She’s something else,” Amber said looking back to me and smiling.

Yeah she always was! I mean I knew that when she was with Steven it hadn’t been easy for her but I always just assumed that it was because she had, had CT so young you know?”

”But you know better now huh?” She asked sympathetically.

Yeah and if I could get my hands on that fucker I would do time for his ass…”

”She’s wouldn’t want that Seth,”

”I know! I just hate the fact that he has been acting the concerned boyfriend; pretending to be going out of his mind with worry about where his woman and son are you know?”

”You still see him?” She asked shocked.

Yeah why?”

”Cam kind of hoped that he would be out of her Families life; I think she kind of hoped that if he were that would mean that he had given up on her you know?”

”Far from it; but don’t tell her that,”

”I won’t!” She smiled. “I really don’t think it is something that she needs to know,”

”I agree! As long as she just keeps doing things the way she has been there is no way that he will be able to find her,” I said hoping against hope that I was right.

Steven was like a dog with a bone and he had searched everywhere that he could think of to get to my sister, tried expanding his searches to other cities but Cam had done a good job of covering her tracks and every lead had ended in a dead end.

Looking to Amber, I found myself sinking in her beauty as she smiled at Jeff and Cam who seemed to be completely oblivious to anything or anyone around them. I already liked this girl, there was something natural and genuine about her that made it easy to be drawn to her and it wasn’t just about her beauty.

Careful Shifty; I told myself silently. I can’t let myself fall, but something told me that I was going to be completely consumed by this girl and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

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Chapter 7;


Cameron’s POV;

Leland was flying in tomorrow for a couple of days with Amber; I knew that since being apart it had been hard for them both. Their love had always been what you could call passionate and unadulterated. It was hard to imagine what they felt because I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much I would miss Jeff if we had to be apart; and we had only been together a little over a month.

Shifty had asked if he could take CT to the fair, and once CT had said that he wanted to go, I had no problems in letting them have some time alone together. Amber had asked if it would be ok if she went with them and they had both said a very firm yes.

I was pretty sure that Shifty had a thing for my friend but I hadn’t known my brother for a very long time so I couldn’t be completely sure if I was guessing right.

So while they were at the fair I took the opportunity to go hang out with Jeff at Matt’s house. For the past 45 minutes they had been sat in the living room talking about this segment that they were doing for the Hardy Show; their online reality show.

Zombie the guy filming in place of Andrew Wright the normal camera/producer/director of the show, had all but said he was going to take a nap while they decided on what to call the segment, which seemed to fuel them and they had finally come up with Win The Shot, Call The Spot.

I sat in the living room watching from a distance where I didn’t and couldn’t get caught on camera, I listened to Matt explaining the rules of the game that they had just come up with and watched as he poured some of the Orange flavor Smirnoff vodka in to the shot glasses that they had laid out on the counter.

Asking our friend Donna to be the judge on who won each shot, she smiled and agreed.

Matt!” She called as Matt clearly slammed his shot glass down before Jeff.

All right; I want you to down 3 shots of vodka one after the other,” He told Jeff who nodded his head and took the spot that had been called.

After 3 more shots the game was back on; both had already had pretty much a fare shot in them before the camera had started rolling so watching as simultaneously they won a round each until Matt had been spotted to eat a entire bottle of mustard.

Anyone who knew Matt; knew that he strongly disliked mustard; he wouldn’t have it with anything. Listening as he confessed that he was freaking out and catching Jeff’s eye as he smiled and winked at me, I let out a little giggle.

Matt had retaliated by getting Jeff to eat a whole bottle of ketchup, which he did without too much of a problem; living with a girlfriend who had to have ketchup with everything that she ate had proved to be a blessing.

Jeff…by far!” Donna announced after the next round of shots had been done.

By far!” Jeff smiled at Matt.

All right I lost fare and square.” Matt admitted turning his eyes met mine and he smiled. Smiling back I looked to Jeff as he pulled his red jumper over his head.

I have been fortunate in my life that I got a good head of hair but unfortunately I got a hairy assed back as well; so I want you to shave my back,” He turned his back to Matt. “And I mean straight razor no clippers,”

Matt silently agreed and I could see from the look on his face that he wasn’t looking forward to this as they headed towards his bedroom next to the stairs.

I followed behind as Matt slowly began to apply the shaving cream to my man’s back. There really was no contest between these 2; Jeff was the one who did it for me, from the moment that I had met him I had been attracted to him, attracted to his individuality and his creative flow but I had fought my feelings hard until a month ago when we had been working out and watching his naked upper torso glistening in the light I hadn’t been able to fight it anymore.

Shave it son!” Jeff chided his brother who was complaining about how embarrassing this was. “Shave it harder boy,”

Zombie was laughing as was Donna who stood at my side watching the 2 brothers exchanging comical banter with one another.

Why do you have to keep calling me boy?”

”I’m sorry that was disrespectful; shave it son!” Jeff said.

Finally it was done and they were ready to head back to the kitchen and the game.

I took my seat back on the sofa and watched them from my hidden spot.

God I have to win this one; there is no telling what you will make me do next,” Matt said as he poured up the shots in to the glasses.

I’m gonna make you shave my ass!” Jeff announced as everyone in the room started laughing.

Oh God I really gotta win this one then,” Clinking their shot glasses together they both downed the vodka quickly.

Matt!” Donna said.

My fucking arm locked up!” Jeff complained as he finally placed his glass on the counter.

Matt wins by default,” Matt smiled tilting his head and looking at his brother. “You had a good idea there brother about shaving the ass but I have a better idea,” He started pulling his jacket open a little bit. “I have a bit of tanner on but my ass is white, so I want you to tan my ass!”

Jeff looked to the camera his eye browse raised in an almost can you believe this shit look, then he looked over to where I was still watching them both and laughing at them.

I want you to tan my ass…NOW! Son!” Matt said getting in his face and getting his own back on little brother in the process.

Moving to the table where he had placed his spray tanner and handing it Jeff explaining what he had to do.

Oh my God are you serious?” Jeff asked shocked.

Dead serious,” Matt announced so once again we were on our way to the bathroom, where Matt dropped his jeans; pulled his boxers up so that his ass was visible.

I watched as Jeff sprayed an F on to one ass cheek and U on the other and stepped back and told his brother it looked good.

Zombie was struggling to keep the camera straight as he laughed loudly at the scene unfolding before him, Donna and I were holding on to one another trying to catch our breaths as this game got completely out of control.

Finally it was done after Matt showed us how his ass talked, causing us all to laugh a little harder. Stood in the kitchen they both poured another round of shots and stood facing each other.

Jeff!” Donna called it.

Ok you made me drink a bottle of mustard, you made me shave your back…” Matt started watching his brother.

I got a game,” Jeff announced smiling in to the camera before looking back to his brother and explaining the rules of the game. Once Matt understood; Jeff started. “Matt I’ll never tell our Dad about the time you were curious about blow jobs and you let our German Shepherd suck your dick!”

I-I never did that!” Matt said as his entire body seemed to sway from side to side. “Awe I get it; well Jeff I’ll never tell about the time you fucked your pet iguana,”

I’ll never tell about the time we were up at the horse ramps and you had these gay tendencies and you went out there and jacked the horse off!” Jeff said causing everyone to laugh.

Oh yeah well I’ll never tell…”

”And you liked it too!” Jeff announced laughing as he made horse noises; causing everyone to bust out laughing uncontrollably.

It’s my turn…I’ll never tell about the time that Dad found you in the pumpkin patch and you had cut a hole in to the pumpkin and you were fucking it!” Matt said slowly picking up momentum as the verbal duel continued.

Oh you want to go there…? I’ll go there…I’ll never tell about the time we were in Mexico you were 26 fucking years old and still couldn’t get any, you drilled a hole in the wall and stuck a steak behind and you hit it!” Jeff announced making actions to go with his words; his hips moving in a fluid motion that did little to calm the fire inside me as I watched him.

Oh yeah well I’ll never tell about the time when you kissed your first girlfriend and came in your little pants,” Matt retaliated.

Awe man…” Jeff laughed as he leaned over the counter. “Ok well I’ll never tell about the time when we used to hang out with our friend Marty and you kissed him and came in your pants,”

The sound of my phone ringing tore through the game that was being played out and looking at the phone I saw that it was Randy.

Damn it I thought that I was getting time off; I thought I would have peace for 16 days but no such luck. Getting up from the sofa, I moved out of the house to the front door and closed it behind me, leaving them to their game before I answered.


”What the hell took you so long to answer the damn phone Cameron?” Randy barked at me.


Did he need to know my every move now?

”I was in the toilet,” I lied trying to keep my temper in check as I lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply.

I need you to come back to LA at the end of the week,”

”What?” I asked feeling instantly that something wasn’t right here. “Why? You said that I had…”

”Who is the fucking boss here Cameron? Just get your ass back to LA by the end of the fucking week…” He growled at me.

Something wasn’t right about this; there was something going on; I could feel it. My hair on the back of my neck was stood to attention, I was shaking and I could feel the sickness rising in me.

Are you fucking listening to me?” He growled.

Yes! I will be there,” I said through gritted teeth as the thought of having to go back to LA seemed ready to consume me; instantly all the fun that we had been having inside seemed to leave my body and all I could feel was fear.

Good! Your flight in will be at 8am,”

Ok! Is that all?” I asked wanting nothing more than to get off the phone with him.

What are you doing? You seem to be in an awful big rush to get off the phone?”

”I’m spending some time with my son…”

”Put him on; I want to say hi!”

”We’re at the fair; he’s on a ride,” I said thinking quickly before I got myself in to trouble.

Fine! Just remember to be here at the end of the week,” He growled and hung up leaving me feeling more scared and worried about what he had planned.

Randy Orton didn’t give you time off to just snatch is away again without having a motive; what was his game?

Taking a few moments before I walked back in to the house in time to see Matt saying that it was time to get back to the drinking table.

Jeff was stood in the living room with his head in his hands as he looked up and moved to the camera.

Fucking sick!” He let out a growl in the form of a whisper and moved to the kitchen.

What had I missed?

Sitting down on the sofa, I watched as Matt muttered almost incoherently in to the camera as Jeff poured another 2 shots.

Oh shit go right ahead boss!” Matt said chuckling.

Watching as they finished their shots and Jeff slammed his down on to the counter first.

I want you to slip in to your birthday suit and do a streak around the hizzle,” Jeff said.

Matt complained, saying that it was 20 outside and he didn’t want to do it. Telling everyone that his thing would shrink using his hands to demonstrate the size.

Dude if your thing is that big I’ll fucking suck it!” Jeff announced as his body began to sway in accordance to the amount that he had drunk.

By the time they came back in to the house I had forgotten about the fate that awaited me in LA all I wanted was to enjoy the time I had here, especially when it was now sufficiently shorter than what I had been led to believe.

The last shots were poured and they both downed it and slammed their glasses down on the counter at exactly the same time.

Oooohhhh tie!” Donna called it.

Both of them looked at one another and at the same time said; “I say you get naked in the hot tub!”


Jeff’s POV;

Seeing the way that Ron was holding herself back had me instantly worried about her. Having gotten dried and redressed, I had walked in to the kitchen to hear her talking with Donna.

But there was no spark in her voice, no passion that she always had, no sign of life that had been what had attracted me to her in the first place.

Yeah the end of the week,” She told our friend Donna.

What is happening at the end of the week?” I asked sitting on to the arm of the sofa next to her and wrapping my arm around her shoulder; gently pulling her close to my side.

Randy called…”

”What did he want? You have 16 days off, why is he calling you?” My anger was instant; I had seen the way he looked at her; his cold dead eyes eyeing her in ways that didn’t just make her uncomfortable but made me almost on edge.

I have to go back to LA at the end of the week,” She announced resting her head against my stomach.

I couldn’t seem to stop hic-cupping; I had drunk so much that I knew it was down to that than anything else.

What…? Why?” Instantly my back was up something about this didn’t ring right.

Randy wasn’t the type of guy who made decisions on impulse; he thought things through meticulously; thinking through everything from every possible angle. It was what made him the cunning and stealthy legend killer as he had been dubbed.

I don’t know he didn’t say,” She sighed and it was then that I realized that she was shaking.

Hey…” I said moving so that I was kneeling in front of her, watching her as I gently cupped her head in my hand. “I will be right there; there is nothing that he can do that I won’t be able to stop ok?”

Donna slowly got up; laying her hand on Cameron’s shoulder supportively she moved away and left us alone.

Trust me Ron; I am not going to let him do anything to you ok?”

”I know you won’t,” She smiled softly. “But I just have this…feeling in the pit of my stomach,” Resting her head in my hand, and placing her hand over the top of mine.

Don’t you worry about that ok? Nothing is going to happen to you,” I whispered leaning in and brushing my lips over hers softly.

I would die to protect this girl, lay my life down in a second if it meant that she would be safe. Even in my drunken state I knew that the things that I would do for her were limitless.

In the short month that we had been together I felt more for her than I had ever felt for anyone and if those feelings meant that I had to make a true enemy of Randy Orton then so be it because I wasn’t about to let any harm come to her at the hands of him.

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Chapter 8;

Seth’s POV;

Standing at the side of the area where they had the dodgem’s where CT was happily bashing his car in to anyone and everyone. Amber was stood to my side eating her stick of cotton candy and laughing at CT.

You know I really shouldn’t come to the fair,” She giggled as another finger full of candy went in to her mouth.

Oh really? Why not?”

I can’t get enough of this cotton candy and it is so not good for my figure,” She smiled.

Stepping back and looking at her body; the way her snuggly fit jeans clung to her frame accenting her long legs, the way her fitted t-shirt framed her curvious body; there was no way that this woman was fat.

There’s nothing wrong with your figure,” I said.

Instantly I could have slapped myself; what was I thinking?

From the minute we had gotten to the house that she had opened up to me and my sister and my nephew; it was more than obvious that she was in love with her boyfriend.

Having found out that they were still very much an item; trying to make their relationship work long distance, she made no secret of the fact that she loved him more now than she ever had.

I just had to find a way to deal with that, I had to find a way to push what I felt aside and just be her friend; because she had made it painfully obvious that, that was all we would ever be.

Well thanks Shifty! I hope that Leland thinks so when he gets in tomorrow,”

Without her knowing it she had just delivered a low blow. Hearing the love in her voice, the affection she felt shining in her gorgeous hypnotic eyes all left me feeling like I had just taken a knife to the heart.

It had been a long time since I had felt an interest towards a woman; and now that I was feeling something it would figure that she was already attached; already devastatingly devoted to another man. It was just my rotten luck.

So are you gonna let me do some work on you?” She asked looking back to CT who was having so much fun that he seemed to be lost in his own little world.

Excuse me?”

”Tattoos? Do you think that I could do some work on you?”

That depends; you any good?”

”You’ve seen Cam’s tattoo’s right?”

Some of them why?”

I did most of her work; she refuses to go to anyone other than me or Kerry!”

Kerry?” I asked smiling.

Over the past few days I had hung out with Cam; but come night time, she would be busy with CT helping him with home work, or hanging out with him and Jeff so that left me a lot of time to talk with Amber who I had to admit had the same beautiful personality as her exterior.

Yeah bbbbiiiigggggg dude who works at the shop with me,” She smiled. “Looks a hell of a lot like one of the guys from Slayer,”

He any good?”

”One of the best,”

”Then maybe I should get him to work on me,” I grinned at her.

HEY!” She punched my arm as she giggled. “For that remark I don’t think I want to work on you now,”

”Ok how about if I take it back?” I said rubbing my arm where she had punched me.

Mmm maybe…”

”Ok what about if I do this,” Dropping to my knees clasping my hands and looking up at her. “Please work on me? Please?”

Oh my God get up!” She laughed as her face turned crimson in color.

If you say you will work on me,” I said refusing to move until she gave me the answer I wanted.

Ok! Ok! I will work on you; just get up!” She said reaching for my arms and pulling me upwards. The minute her hands made contact with my flesh I was left spinning from the chemistry that sparked between us; couldn’t she feel it?

If she did feel it; she was managing to keep a better lid on it than I could. Every time we touched it was like thousands of sparks igniting in my veins; leaving me feeling light headed and out of control.

So when do you want to do it?” I asked as she turned back to check on CT who was still going strong in his dodgem.

Excuse me?”

”Tattooing me; when do you want to do it?” I chuckled as her face once again turned crimson.

Well it will have to wait until after Leland has visited…”

”You’re going to be incapacitated for a couple of days huh?” I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me!

Was I really intent on torturing myself?

Like you wouldn’t believe,” She smiled happily.

It was more than obvious that she wasn’t embarrassed about how she felt about her man. It was a quality that seemed to just draw me to her even more than I already was and that scared me more than I thought it was possible.

Amber’s POV;

My thoughts quickly turned to Leland; was he as excited as I was to see him again?

Was it going to be awkward between us?

Would we still have that same spark that we had always had?

Shaking my head rid of the doubts and questions because deep down I knew that everything was going to be fine; Leland was the love of my life. Nothing could come between that.

Turning back to look at Shifty; I couldn’t believe what a nice guy he was. Always willing to listen and chat when ever I needed it. I hadn’t for one minute thought that I would get along this well with Cam’s brother but I actually enjoyed his company and that was why I had asked to tag along tonight.

I loved hanging out with Jeff and the guys but sometimes a little bit of something different did me the world of good. I needed to feel part of the real world not the little cocoon that they had created.

But ultimately I knew that we would probably end up at Matt’s house after being here at the fair and that was fine with me, I didn’t mind being there in the slightest I just liked to do other things too.

So how long are you staying for?” I asked Shifty as we moved towards the side of the dodgem area to wait for CT to be finished with what he was clearly enjoying.

Why? You trying to get rid of me already?” He chuckled sitting down on the steps that led up on to the rink like area.

No! God no please don’t think that I am trying to…”

”I was just fucking with you honey,” He continued to chuckle at my sudden embarrassment.

Evil!” I playfully punched his arm as I sat down opposite him and leant against the wooded slats that surrounded the area where CT was giggling heartily as he slammed his dodgem in to anyone who got in his way.

I try my best,” He smiled as he rubbed his arm and went back to looking at his nephew; the love he felt for the kid shining in his eyes madly.

So come on how long?”

”I’m not really sure to be completely honest! I mean I know that I don’t want to go back to LA; well at least for the foreseeable future…”

”It was that bad?” I asked.

On one of our talks he had explained his drug habit and how he had sunk lower than he thought possible and he never wanted to go back to that place.

Yeah! I mean you see movies and how they depict drug addiction; you think it doesn’t look pretty but actually living it, actually breathing it…it is so much worse! I can’t go back to that and I am afraid if I am in LA I am just going to slip again,”

Well just so you know; my home is your home for how ever long you need it ok?”

”Thanks Amber; that means more than I could ever express,”

Not a problem,” I smiled softly as we both turned back to CT and watched him as he laughed and got lost in having fun.

How simple life was when you were that age! But then CT had never really had it simple; his life had been about moving from town to town, different names and identities with every mile that he and his Mom covered.

That couldn’t have been easy on Cam but I can’t imagine how hard it must have been on CT.

Not staying anywhere long enough to make friends.

Not living in one town long enough to place roots.

Not staying somewhere that you could get used too.

Cos just as you were getting used to being somewhere you were upped and gone.

It was obvious that CT had wanted for nothing along the way though as Cameron had been Mother and Father to the boy, giving him everything that she could, being all to him in the world.

For 3 years they had literally been all that the other could rely on but now that we were in her life, we were trying to make her see that she didn’t have to do it alone no more and slowly she was getting used to the idea of having friends again, of having a boyfriend again and I knew that she was slowly beginning to think that she really could have all that she had shied away from since leaving LA.

How long have you been tattooing for then?” Shifty asked his voice breaking through my thoughts.

Pretty much since before I left school! I was working as an apprentice by the time I was 15,”


You sound impressed!” I giggled softly.

I really am! I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do when I was 15,” He informed me as he handed me a cigarette then lit his own.

I always loved art and the whole tattooing culture had always interested me you know?” I replied taking the cigarette and lighting up as I placed my now empty cotton candy stick in to the bin next to where I was sitting.

So how did working for Shannon come about?”

Well I always knew Shannon cos I have known Jeff and Matt pretty much my whole life, so we had hung out on and off over the years and then about a year ago he came to me and asked if I wanted a job,”

Were you working at the time?” He asked and he seemed to be genuinely interested in my life; it was almost like he wanted to know everything about me.

And I found that I didn’t mind telling him anything that he wanted to know. It was the first time that I had welcomed a new male friend in to my life since I had gotten together with Leland.

Yeah I was still working with the guy who trained me…but Shannon’s offer was just too good to pass up and Willie was ok with me leaving, which was good for me you know?”

You’re loyal?” He asked smiling as he watched me closely.

Yeah I really am!” I admitted feeling the heat flushing my face deeply.

It was true, I had felt so bad about leaving the man who had trained me, who had given me my break but he had been the one who had literally pushed me out the door telling me that I couldn’t stay with him forever; that I needed to make it on my own and from hearing Shannon’s vision for his shop he knew that I had a great chance to do that with him.

Matt’s POV;

Sitting at the counter in my kitchen, pouring back mug after mug of coffee trying to sober up after the long drinking game that Jeff and I had just partaken in. I could slowly feel myself coming round.

I had heard Cam and Jeff talking in the living room about Randy wanting Cam back in LA at the end of the week, it was a good thing that me and Jeff were heading back for RAW anyway because Randy didn’t do nothing without thought.

I couldn’t help wondering if he had somehow found out about Cam and Jeff. My brother and his girl weren’t exactly known for subtlety; their passion for one another wouldn’t allow it.

There had been countless times that they had nearly been caught but somehow I or Shannon or Shane had managed to step in and stop it from happening.

Looking at them as they stared in to each other’s eyes; lost in the things that they felt for one another it was more than obvious that they were made for one another.

I was happy for Jeff considering all that he had been through with Bethany, I was just happy that he had found a good woman and the fact that her son loved him too just seemed to make it seem more right than anything else.

I liked CT he was an awesome kid, very funny, very easy to like and he loved his Mother fiercely; he was protective of her in a way that I hadn’t seen on many 10 year olds but he was and Jeff had told me that the boy had talked to him when he found out about him and Cam.

Chuckling to myself as I remembered what Jeff had told me and the look on his face, I knew that he had admired the kid’s spunk and his determination to look after his Mom.

Jeff had promised that he would look after his Mom and never hurt her and I knew that Jeff would never have said that had he not meant it. Hell it had taken him a long year to get to the point where he had her in his life in every way; like he had wanted from the first moment that he had seen her.

My mind turned back to Randy and tried to figure what he wanted with Cam; why did he want her back in LA so quickly and why was he being so adamant about it?

Hey Mattitude,” Cam’s voice broke through my thoughts; dragging me back to the present.

Hey honey,” I smiled at her as Jeff stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her; holding her close to him.

You wouldn’t mind if we crashed here tonight would ya?” Jeff asked resting his chin on top of her head.

Not at all kids!” I smiled flicking her chin gently.

Thanks you’re the best,” She smiled happily.

Oh keep saying things like that and you can both move in,”

”Sssshhhhh!” Jeff whispered to Cam and she giggled softly but it was obvious that she was beat and feeling more than a little weary about what was waiting for her in LA.

Why don’t you take her to bed,” I said looking at Jeff.

Mmm good idea,” Gently turning her in his arms; he hoisted her over his shoulder fireman style and headed for the stairs that would take him to the second floor.

Night Mattitude!” Cam called back as she laughed.

Night beautiful,”

When I had first met her, I had been blown away by her beauty, I had wanted to get to know her, but I had seen the chemistry spark between her and my brother and I had pushed my feelings aside and buried them.

But now and again, I was left wondering what if!?

Would I be the one getting to comfort her right now?

Would I be the one sharing her life the way that Jeff was?

Pushing those thoughts away before I started to feel anything for her I moved to the doors checking they were locked and headed to my own bed with my thoughts on Randy and what he was playing at!

One thing was for sure; there was no way that I would let anything happen to her. I wouldn’t let her down, I would be right there backing Jeff up if and when the time came.

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Chapter 9;


Jeff’s POV;

The thumping in my head wasn’t what woke me from my slumber. The feel of Ron’s tongue running down the centre of my body was what tore me in to the land of the living.

Hey that’s my trick,” I groaned as her teeth tugged on my belly bar.

You want me to stop?” She purred as my eyes opened and found her instantly with ease.

Beautiful dark brown eyes gazing up at me with a hint of hunger in her eyes, her hair sliding between my legs causing the flesh to break out in goose bumps at the thought of what she was about to do.

Don’t you fucking dare,” I growled.

Smiling at me she slowly went back to tugging on my belly bar and running her hands over the dips of my upper torso her eyes staying firmly fixed on mine.

Nipping at my nipples roughly she knew exactly what to do to work me up in to a heightened state of desire that could only be squashed by fucking her harder than I had ever been with anyone.

Pushing all thoughts of screwing her so hard that she was literally bound to the bed, I tried to focus on the amazing feel of her fingers running down over my hips towards my legs.

I didn’t think so,” She smiled as she released my bar from her mouth and ran her tongue down over the sliver of hair that started at my belly button and traveled all the way down to my cock.

Evil woman!” I groaned desperately needing release, needing to hammer her so hard and fast that it would be over within minutes.

Again I pushed thoughts of powering my way in to her to the back of my head as her hands traveled back up the inside of my leg until she was lightly circling over my sack.

You love it!” She said flicking her tongue over the tip of my throbbing cock causing it to pulsate even more frantically for attention.

Smiling at me as her hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and slowly as if to drive me crazy began to pump her hand half way up my dick only to suck the top half in to her mouth while her hand continued to pump up and down.

Wave upon wave of desperation started to kick in as I watched her eyes as she continued to pump the bottom end of my shaft while sucking the top half in to her mouth; her talented tongue tasting me, lubricating my cock as the foreskin peeled back over the bell end.

Oh fuck yes I do!” I panted running my hands to her hair; feeling the soft smooth texture sliding through my fingers as she worked me higher and higher. “Do something for me?

”Mmm?” She purred over my cock softly causing a ripple effect to race through me.

Turn your body around?”

”I don’t know what you mean?” She asked releasing me from her mouth and stopping her hand from pumping up and down me and slowly all sense of release escaped my body from the lack of attention.

Sitting up; I reached for her and positioned her until her pussy was in my face my cock was back in her face.

Mmmm now I understand,” She purred placing her hand back to the base of my cock; as my hands roamed up her legs until I was grazing firmly over her pussy; my eyes watching her as she turned wet.

Slipping the top half of my cock in to her mouth again she resumed what she had been doing to me moments previously.

Slipping my fingers in to her pussy; I moved my head towards her and licked from the front round and was instantly rewarded to her shivering from a pleasure that rocked through her body; out her mouth and over my cock.

Sliding my fingers out of her only to slide back in to her a little deeper as her tongue worked over every inch of the top half of my cock.

Cameron’s POV;

The feel of his fingers diving deep inside me was almost too much to bear, my body was shaking, my heart was thundering against my chest, my palms were sweating to the point where I couldn’t pump up and down his shaft properly.

I had to release his cock from my hand and slide him all the way down my throat as his tongue began to inch in to me slowly. The soft smooth sensation of his tongue fucking me was almost more than I could stand.

Trying to push the thoughts of the pleasure that was coursing through my veins I watched the way his cock was sliding in and out of my mouth.

The feel of his tongue driving deep inside me was all that I could focus on; this man was far too good at doing this that I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing.

Going to move away from him but he pulled my hips back against him his tongue hitting my g spot and flicking over the soft smooth fold until I was powerless to do anything but try to remain focused on what I was doing.

Drawing his cock all the way down my throat, I let my tongue work over his hard shaft as my fingers moved to his sack and traced light circles over the hardening flesh, which instantly seemed to have him in the same position as I was in.

Still his tongue stayed buried deep inside me but he stopped moving as if he were literally frozen from the pleasure that I was inflicting on him.

Jeff’s POV;

My God I was about ready to burst violently as the feel of her tongue working over my shaft that was buried almost all the way down her throat, and the feel of her talented fingers tracing light circles over my hardening sack.

Fighting with everything that was inside me to focus on her and making her feel the pleasure that she was igniting in me. Growling in to her pussy desperately left every soft fold quivering against my flickering tongue.

Moving my tongue to her clit as I felt my release traveling up my shaft at a rate that was surely unhealthy and as I began to drag my tongue over her clit I was exploding deep in her throat; stream after stream was flowing out of me as my hips rocked against her face.

Unable to do anything but let the feeling flow freely through my veins; my tongue stayed planted against her clit as I rode the wave that she had started inside me.

Wave upon wave of release raked through my veins as I fought hard to stay conscious as the delightful orgasmic flush threatened to drag me away from reality.

Ggggrrrrr!” I growled in to her desperately which seemed to cause a ripple effect as she continued to suck me dry.

My eyes rolled back in to my head as my release began to slow until it was none existent and all that was left was a satisfied tint that left me feeling more calm than I had ever felt.

Quickly grabbing her hips; keeping my tongue planted in her warm, wet pussy as I flipped her until she was lying on her back.

Cameron’s POV;

Feeling my entire body sinking in to the bed as the feel of his tongue beginning to move inside me again fueled me to just let go and enjoy the way he always made me feel when he went down on me.

Grinding his tongue deep in to my pussy until he was hitting my g spot; instantly causing my breath to race away from me like he always managed to do whenever he set his mind to doing these things to me.

Moving to my clit he rubbed his tongue up and down then moving back to my g spot; I knew Jeff and I knew that he would happily spend hours going down on me if I would let him but truth be told I couldn’t handle the pleasure that he rocked through me.

Moving his tongue in frequent motions between my g spot and my clit; had me working up a sweat as my entire body felt like it was ready to explode with pleasure.

Jeff!” I panted desperately needing release but he was refusing to give me what I needed.

Mmm?” He growled in to me; rocking through every vein and fold of flesh that was inside my pussy.

Please?” I begged weakly as I knew that there was no energy in my body to fight the things that he was doing to me.

All I could do was succumb to the pleasure that had started to build inside me, relent to the intensity that was building inside me.

Mmmm?” He growled in to me again sensing that it was sparking jolts of electrical tingles racing through me.

Let me…I need to…please just let me cum?” I begged again just as weakly as before.

As if he were sensing my need, he moved his tongue to my clit and dragged slowly back and forth turning the bud more and more sensitive with every gentle stroke.

Once he were satisfied with how worked up he had made me he slowly began to suck my swollen bud in to his mouth. Twirling his tongue around as he sucked it hard in to his mouth.

As if my body had been waiting for it; I exploded violently in his mouth as my cum streamed in to his mouth desperately leaving my body heaving and my eyes rolling back in to my head.

Jjjjjeeeeffffff mmmmm aaaahhhhhh ooooooohhhhh fuck yes, yes…yyyyeeeeesssssssss!” I moaned out quietly remembering where we were and didn’t have much privacy.

The feel of his growl rocked through me to the point where my entire body was shivering and quivering as my back arched off the bed completely as electrifying wave upon wave flowed through my veins desperately.

My heart thundering in my chest so madly that I was sure that it was going to burst from pleasure. Slowly it began to pass and I was collapsing down on to the bed as gentle, waves of tingles continued to rock through my pussy and up through my body intensely.

Mmmmm,” I moaned out as satisfaction coursed through my body leaving behind a warm tingle of relief as his tongue slid out of me making sure to flick over every fold of me until he was turning his body and lying his head down at the foot of the bed next to me. “You are…happy with…yourself I can see!” I panted as he smiled widely at me.

Mmhmm; there is nothing like that particular breakfast snack, first thing in the morning,” He grinned at me.

Mmmm I have to admit that you might be right,”

Might be right?”

All right you are definitely right,” I giggled as he gently wrapped me up in to his arms and kissing my head softly.

That’s what I thought! And there is nothing like that to relieve a hangover,”

Awe poor baby…you hung over?”

”Mmhmm,” He nodded his head.

You want me to make you some coffee?”

”That would be great…”

”Too bad! You have no one to blame but yourself…”

”You’re mean!” He chuckled kissing my head again.

Rolling off the bed and out of his embrace, I looked down at his panting, sweating naked body lying on the bed as he looked up at me.

Ok I will go make you some coffee; get dressed!” I smiled relenting to the big puppy dog eyes that he flashed in my direction.

You’re too good to me,” He smiled watching me as I pulled on my cloths from the previous night and moved to the bedroom door.

Yeah tell me about it,” I laughed moving out in to the hall and closing the door behind me.

Moving through the almost silent house, Lucas came toddling over to me and looked up at me and whimpered softly; bending down I picked him up and ruffled his head softly.

Continuing on my way to the kitchen to find Matt looking rougher than Jeff as he sipped at his mug of coffee; looking up at me he smiled and bid me good morning in a barely audible mumble causing me to laugh and say good morning.

Did you sleep ok honey?” Matt asked smiling as he seemed to be slowly coming round.

Mmhmm! Like a baby actually! But what about you? How do you feel this morning?”

”It’s still too early to say,” He moved to the kettle and poured himself another mug of coffee.

If you’re feeling anything like Jeff was then you must be feeling rough…”

”Was feeling?” He asked turning and looking at me, which caused him to chuckle heartily. “Damn I need to get me a girl,”

Awe poor Mattitude,” I smiled grabbing myself 2 mugs and moving to the kettle as Matt moved out of the way.

Damn and she makes him coffee too…you’re one in a million honey,”

Awe thanks,” I laughed as Jeff wondered in to the kitchen; looking refreshed and happy.

Morning!” He said to his brother.

Morning dude! I don’t need to ask how you’re feeling this morning,” Matt commented as he laughed while Jeff moved to me and kissed me before I poured the coffee in to the mugs.

Nope you don’t!” Jeff replied stepping away from me and grabbing the cigarettes that he had left lying on the counter.

Bitch!” Matt said laughing as Lucas toddled over to the door where Jeff was opening it to step out on to the back decking to have a smoke.

Asshole!” Jeff retaliated as I moved towards him and handing him his mug of coffee as he handed me a cigarette which I accepted readily.

You guys are sickening you know that?” Matt asked watching from the kitchen as Jeff wrapped his arm around my neck; pulling me gently back against his frame.

Thanks dude,” I laughed as Lucas ran around the expanse of land around the house.

I’m going to shower in the hope that it will wake me up,” Matt announced from inside. “Don’t leave until I get out yeah?”

”Sure brother,” Jeff replied as the sound of him heading to his room filtered out to where we were stood taking in the view.

I loved living in Cameron but whenever I stayed at Matt’s or Jeff’s, I was always left feeling more calm and secluded than ever. The tranquility that surrounded the land was like nothing I had ever experienced.

A penny for them?” Jeff whispered softly.

Excuse me?”

”You seemed to be lost in thoughts there for a moment,”

Just thinking about how much I love it here,”

”You do huh?” He asked softly as he inhaled on his cigarette.

Mmhmm; it’s just so peaceful…I could really get used to waking up here every morning…”

”Just here or my place too?”

”Of course your place too…in fact waking up with you every morning seems to be becoming more and more appealing,”

”Care to make it more permanent?” He asked turning me so that I was looking in to his steely green eyes.

We can’t,”

”Why not?” He asked watching me closely.

“’Cos we have only been dating for just over a month it is too soon,”

Ok but tell me you’re not completely closed off to the idea forever?”

Agreeing that I wasn’t, I smiled resting my head against his chest and the feel of him kissing the back of my head seemed to instill me with a feeling that my life was going to get nothing but better with Jeff being a part of it.

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Chapter 10;


Amber’s POV;

I had gotten up an hour ago; having stumbled in to the living room to find CT and Shifty playing on the 360, I had ruffled CT’s hair as I made my way to the kitchen to make coffee.

I had hardly slept the whole night because all I could think about was Leland getting here in a few hours. I couldn’t believe just how much I missed him. The feeling of emptiness that I had felt when he left just told me that I was even more in love with him, than I had even been aware of.

Making CT some cereal and squeezing some fresh orange juice, I had made him come to the dining room and eat, without a word of complaint; he had paused the game that he and his Uncle were playing and wondered through to the dining room and happily ate his breakfast.

Cam had called me when we got back from the fair and asked if I would be ok looking after her son all night; Jeff had, had too much to drink and she was too tired to drive back to our place.

But I knew my friend; there was something bothering her I had heard it in her voice as she told me that she and Jeff would be back in time for us to go to the airport to meet Leland. So there had been no point in pushing the issue; when she made it clear that she wasn’t going to talk about whatever was bothering her.

Excited much?” Shifty asked moving in to the kitchen as I washed up the dishes and set about placing a load of washing in to the washing machine.

What makes you say that?” I smiled as I looked up in to his beautiful dark eyes.

Scolding myself slightly; I was with Leland; I shouldn’t be looking at other men. But there really was no denying how gorgeous this man was; there was nothing wrong with looking just so long as I didn’t touch.

You’re all but bouncing off the walls of the house,” He chuckled as he picked up the basket of washing that I had taken out of the washing machine.

Yeah I am excited…”

”But?” He asked placing the basket on the island in the centre of the kitchen and moved to the cupboard to get the pegs to hang out the still wet sheets.

Excuse me?”

”You were going to say but right?” He asked watching me closely as he moved back to the basket as I closed the washing machine door and pressed the settings buttons.

How do you know…?”

I have gotten to know you pretty well over the past few days and I can see that something is bothering you so please if you want to talk I am here,” He offered as we both moved to the back door and out in to the back yard.

I guess I am just a little nervous,” I admitted as we moved to the cloths line.


”That things will have changed,” I admitted honestly as I purposefully avoided looking at him.

Leaning down and picking up a sheet; I set about placing it over the cloths line and pegging it in to place.

Any reason to believe that they would have?”

Hawaii is such a far way away and…”

Amber; Leland loves you right?” He asked busying himself with hanging up the sheets and pillow cases; avoiding looking at me he waited for me to answer.


”Then just have a little faith that things won’t have changed; if he loves you half as much as you obviously love him then a few miles isn’t going to have changed that,”

I hope you’re right,”

Of course I am right,” He smiled finally looking at me as he pegged the last sheet in to place and put the peg basket back in to the cloths basket.

Oh and modest too,” I giggled as we moved back in to the kitchen and closed the door behind us.

I try my best,” He smiled placing the things away and moving to the kettle and turning it on. “I think it would be a good idea for you to have some coffee and a smoke and try to calm down a little bit; you don’t want to be worked up in a state when you see him do you?”

No I really don’t!” I admitted honestly as the sound of the front door opening reached through the house. Moving to the kitchen door that looked in to the living room where I could see CT still playing his game.

The living room door opened and Jeff and Cam tumbled in to the room, hands clasped together and they were laughing as they chatted with Matt who followed in behind them.

Cam leaned down and kissed CT’s head as Matt threw himself down next to her son.

All right; what we playing big man?” He asked picking up the controller that Shifty had been using before he came to help me with the chores.

Cam and Jeff smiled then moved out to the kitchen still holding hands, their connection shining brightly as they looked in to one another’s eyes before walking in to the room where Shifty was making more coffee for them.

Watching them together it just made me miss Leland even more and I suddenly couldn’t wait to see him, I wanted him here now; I needed him here now.

Morning hon,” Cam said letting go of Jeff’s hand and moving to me where she hugged me tightly.

Morning,” I smiled at Jeff as he leaned in and kissed my cheek softly as Cam moved to her brother and hugged him just as tightly.

Thanks for looking after CT for me,” Cam said looking between me and Shifty as she took the cigarette that her brother held out to her and lit up.

Not a problem,” Shifty and I both said at the same time.

Cam seemed to be magnetically pulled back to Jeff’s arms where he claimed her without question or complaint as he took her cigarette and inhaled deeply on it before handing it back to her.

Their connection just seemed to be getting stronger with every passing day and I was reminded of how much I loved that feeling; Leland and I had quickly slipped in to a comfortable relationship much like my 2 friends seemed to be.

With my thoughts on Leland, I bid my friends farewell and headed to pick up my man who I was going to have for a whole week. My stomach was in a fit of flutters and my heart was racing.

God Leland; I hope you are feeling energized ‘cos not seeing you since you left, I am all kinds of ready to have you all to myself for the whole week.

Jeff’s POV;

Seeing how excited Amber was to see Leland again, I knew that I would be the same way if it were Ron and I who had been apart as long as they had been.

Leland was a good guy and he obviously loved my friend with a passion to have been the one who suggested the long distance relationship deal; that was commitment no matter what anyone said.

Watching as Ron washed up the mugs that we had used and dried them before placing them back in the cupboard. The smile on her face as she placed them hap hazardly on the shelf.

You know you are too cute when you do that,” I chuckled leaning against the counter and watching her.

When I do what?” She asked the heat stinging her face as she looked at me and smiled the brightest smile that always left me tingling from head to foot.

Put away the mugs or the groceries; you get this little smile on your face; like you love doing things your way and no one else’s,”

Instantly her posture changed and she seemed to be tense and on edge.

Hey what is it?” I asked moving to her and touching her face gently.

It’s nothing!” She replied shaking her body slightly as if she were trying to push something to the back of her mind.

You know you keep saying that…”

”Saying what?”

”Whenever the subject of your past comes up you say it’s nothing…”

”’Cos maybe it is nothing,” She sighed moving away from me and wiping down the counters until the kitchen seemed to sparkle brightly. “I really should get this done you know how much of a clean freak Lele is,”

Ok!” Sighing I moved out of the kitchen leaving her alone as I moved to the living room where Shifty and CT were still playing on the 360. “Got room for another player?” I asked.

CT handed me the 3rd controller and waited for me to be loaded in to the game.

Glancing to the kitchen to see Ron cleaning vigorously; trying to get the house in to the shape that Leland appreciated. What was her secret?

What was she hiding from me?

Shaking my head, I moved my attention back to the TV and the game that her son was playing. I cared about Ron more than I had ever cared about anyone but I couldn’t help but feel the frustration building when she refused to talk about her past.

It wasn’t like I would judge her for her past; it wasn’t like there was anything in her past that would change the way I felt about her.

Why wouldn’t she just talk to me?

Why did she feel like she had to do this alone?

Was whatever in her past the reason that she took shit from Randy?

Had he somehow found out what was hidden in her shadows?

Suddenly it felt like her manager and possibly my biggest enemy ever knew my girlfriend better than I did as the questions in my head seemed ready to confirm that he did in fact know more about her than I did.

Cameron’s POV;

I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him; it wasn’t that I didn’t want to tell him. I just didn’t want to see sympathy in his eyes, I didn’t want his pity; I didn’t want anyone’s pity.

Since I had left Steven; I had taken pride in the fact that he had been wrong; I had made it without him and I was still doing it without him.

I didn’t need a man to support me financially; I had a job, a good job that was paying me very well.

I didn’t need a man to make things in my life better; I was a strong willed woman who had fought back against a situation that had seemed hopeless; I had been sure that I was going to die at Steven’s hands but I had taken charge and I had gotten my son and myself out of there.

Leaning back against the counter and sighing heavily as my mind cast back to the night that I had packed and left…

The sun had started to set turning the sky a purple and orange bland of brightness. The air was still but the smell in the air said that we were in for a storm as it seemed to buzz loudly around me as I sat out on the decking of the home that I shared with Steven and our son Dylan.

The sound of the front door slamming rang through the still night like a shot gun going off and in a way I hoped that it was a shot gun but no such luck as the sound of Steven filtered out on to the decking where I was enjoying the night and sipping at my coffee and smoking a cigarette.

Where are you bitch!?” He roared out angrily his voice getting closer and closer by the second. “What the hell are you doing out here?”

I’m just having a cup of…”

SLAP! I was cut off as his hand swung at my face hard causing me to about fall out of the lounger chair.

It was a rhetorical question Shay!” He growled out of him angrily as he stood watching me closely. “Get up stairs,” He ordered me causing me to shrink away; I knew what was coming and I didn’t want it.

My body refused to move as my head screamed at me to just get out of the chair, get up the stairs and let him do whatever he wanted to do to me.

God knows my life would be much simpler if my head and body weren’t at constant war with each other whenever he got like this.

I SAID GET UP THE FUCKING STAIRS!” He roared causing me to jump to my feet and begin to move towards the stairs that led to the second floor.

Please God if you get me out of this I swear I will never come back, I will never forgive him for this again! I pleaded in form of a pray but I knew that God had deserted me a long time ago.

What kind of God would let this happen to anyone?

Take off your cloths cunt!” He barked at me when he followed me moments later with a 6 pack of beer in his hands and a bottle of vodka.

Great it was going to be a long night. Relenting to his demands because I didn’t want a noise when our son was asleep in his bed down the hall. Lost in the land of dreams where nothing mattered anymore; what I wouldn’t give to be lost in the fantasy of my life being anything that it clearly was right in this moment.

Pushing me down on to the bed once I had removed my cloths, he climbed on top of me; place one hand over my mouth as he forced my legs open with the other hand and literally tore me as he forced his way in to me.

Pain spread through me as he pumped himself against me; completely happy with not using any protection, I knew that a trip to the pharmacy in the morning was going to be called for.

Pain continued to slam in to my subconscious as he continued to rape me; getting himself off by using brutal force and not caring how much he was hurting me; it wasn’t the first time that I had been in this position at his hands.

Turning my head away from him; I tried to focus on something other than the searing pain that he was causing inside me but he obviously had other plans for me.

Look at me bitch!” He barked his order but again my body fought with my head and refused to turn and look in to his dead cold eyes as they landed on his gun and badge lying on the nightstand.

How easy would it be to just reach for the gun and shoot him?

Pushing that thought to the back of my head as his hands curled around my throat and began squeezing hard until I was fighting with him.

Fighting against the constriction of his hands around my throat; panicking blindly that I was about to die; that this was it; I wasn’t getting out alive this time.

Then everything turned black…’

Crashing back to the present with my breath racing away from me and my hands on my throat.

Hey, Cam you ok?” Seth asked from in front of me.

Slowly he came in to focus and I could see the worry on his face.

What is it?” He asked softly reaching behind him and closing the door slightly to give us some privacy.

How could I possibly share my past with Jeff when thinking about it seemed to leave me in a state of pure panic?

Nothing!” I shook my head at my brother as he pulled me gently in to his arms and held me close to him.

Not saying anything; he knew better than to push. So he just rocked me back and forth slowly as my breath continued to come in sharp and short intakes as slowly the haze from my past began to pass and all that was left was this woman who for want of a better term; had 2 completely different personalities.

One was the calm and assured woman I had fought so hard to be and the other was the timid, scared little girl who had stayed with her abusive partner. How could I ever explain that?

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Chapter 11;


Leland’s POV;

God she was a sight for sore eyes. I had been thinking about being back here a lot over the months that we had been apart. I had wanted nothing more than to be with her; to hold her, to touch her, to kiss her, to taste her, to make love to her and nothing could have prepared me for the sudden rush of love that had coursed through me at the sight of her.

Parking her jeep in the driveway of the house that she shared with Cameron and her son CT. Cars seemed to litter the street outside the modest little bungalow; instantly telling me that Jeff and Matt were inside along with Shannon and Shane.

You ok baby?” She asked placing her hand on my leg lightly and watching me closely.

Mmhmm! You?” I asked sliding my fingers through hers and holding on to her hand refusing to let her go.

In reality a week wasn’t long but when we hadn’t seen each other in as many months; and not knowing when we would see each other again; a week felt like a year.

I’m great handsome; I am just so glad you’re here; I can hardly believe it,” She smiled happily.

That same smile that had drawn me to her all those years ago. The bright and beautiful sparkle in her almost hypnotic hazel eyes. The personality that matched her beautiful features had all been what had made me fall in love with her in the first place and nothing had stopped me in my goal to make her mine.

I know me either,” I admitted as our foreheads fell against each other.

Let’s get inside,” She whispered as I brushed my lips tenderly over hers and watched her eyes as they captured a sultry look that did little to squash my need for her.

I don’t wanna…there are people in there,” I complained softly.

I don’t think they are going to be here for long; they just wanted to say hi to you,” She giggled softly as she pulled her key from the engine and began to move away from me until she was stepping out of the jeep and moving to the back to grab my luggage.

But I just want it to be me and you,” I said following her.

It will be…”

”Yeah you, me, Cam, CT and her brother…”

”Nope just me and you,”

What? How?”

”Jeff offered to take them to his house while you are here to give us some privacy,” She informed me.

”And you didn’t think to tell me this before?” I said. “Come on hurry; the quicker we get inside the quicker we get rid of them,”

Hey; they’re my friends…our friends!”

”I know but I haven’t seen you in God knows how long; I think they will understand that I want you to myself,” I smiled as she leaned in to my arms.

Kissing her head softly she giggled as she pulled my bags from the back of the jeep and began to make her way towards the front door.

Well when you put it like that,” She smiled back at me as she pushed the front door open and stepped inside.

Racing after her, we placed my bags in the hallway out of the way and moved to the living room door; pushing it open until I was literally bombarded by people.

Once the pleasantries were out of the way, and I had caught my bearings, my eyes fell on Cam sat off to the side, seemingly lost in thought, Jeff sat across the other side of the room watching her; worry masking his face.

The atmosphere was thick with tension it was obvious that they had some kind of falling out but Jeff seemed to push that aside as he got to his feet.

”Ok now that we have said hi; I think it is time for us to get out of here,” He said moving to a pile of bags that lay in the arch that separated the living room from the dining room and picked up as much of the bags that he could carry.

The others moved to help him as Cam seemed to be lost in thought until Amber was kneeling in front of her friend and touching her leg lightly.

Cam?” She said softly causing Cam to come crashing back to the present.

Sorry hon!” She said looking around the room. “Oh hey Lele,”

Getting up she moved to me and hugged me tightly as the others waited outside for her.

Hey tiny! How’s it going honey?” I asked watching her closely.

I wasn’t stupid, I knew that Amber knew more about Cam than anyone else; the 2 women were more like sisters than just friends and I would never ask Amber to betray that confidence but it was obvious that something was bugging this girl in front of me.

It’s good dude! How was your flight?”

All the better when I finally got here and saw my woman,” I admitted looking up at Amber as she stood next to where Cam had just been sitting.

Awe you guys are sickeningly cute you know that?” Cam giggled softly as she pulled away from me. “I am gonna go and leave you 2 young lovers alone!”

With that she waved and left the house, closing the door behind her leaving me alone with Amber finally. Moving to her; I quickly scooped her up in to my arms and carried her to the bedroom at the back of the bungalow.


Jeff’s POV;

Parking my corvette by the side of my house. The ride over here had been nothing short of torture. I wasn’t used to this silence between Ron and I but it was there and it was undeniable.

Every time I looked at her she would turn her head and look out the passenger door of my car. Placing my hand on her leg I could feel her tensing and I wasn’t used to having this effect on her so I pulled my hand away from her and sighed heavily as the others pulled in behind me.

Almost instantly she climbed out of the car and headed away from where everyone was getting out of their own vehicles.

”Where’s my Mom going?” CT asked watching her as she disappeared around the side of the house and out of view.

She just needs a little time alone,” I replied looking at her brother in the hope of getting something from him.

But nothing as he helped the others unload the bags that the 3 of them had accumulated for staying here for a week.

I’m going after her…” I started as he came back for the second run for the luggage.

”Jeff!” He started stopping and looking at me. “I know that you are worried about her; I can see how much you care for her but leave her be…”

”What the hell is going on?” I asked watching him closely.

”It’s not my place to…”

”Why not? I need to know what the hell is wrong…I can’t make it better for her when she won’t open up to me,” I knew that my frustration was coming out of me in the wrong way but I couldn’t help it.

And she can’t open up because of what is wrong…look I know how you feel about her; like I said I can see it but Cam is a…she isn’t the type of woman who will lean…let me go after; try to talk to her yeah?”

Fine!” I sighed shaking my head.

If she wasn’t going to open up to me I really couldn’t see this relationship ever working, because I needed more than what she was giving me, I needed her to let me in.

Seth’s POV;

Having seen Amber with Leland; seeing the love that they shared seemed to shoot through my heart like nothing I had ever felt before; leaving me painfully aware that Amber would never look at me the way she looked at him.

I had to find a way to bury what I was feeling and try to just look at her as the friend that she had made obvious I was to her.

Rounding the side of the house my eyes fell on my little sister sitting on a tree stump her head in her hands; her shoulders moving in accordance to her tears.

Moving closer to her I knelt down next to her and touched her arm lightly causing her to look up at me.

Hey it can’t be that bad,” I whispered as she slid across the stump making room for me to sit down next to her.

How can I tell him Seth? How can I open up to him and tell him of all the things that Steven did to me?” She sobbed falling in to my arms.

You can tell him because that man is crazy about you…”

”But if I tell him; if I really open up to him then I…what if he uses it against me? What if he turns out exactly like Steven?”

”Jeff is nothing like that piece of shit!” I replied adamantly.

I knew after just a few hours of hanging out with the guy that he was nothing like her ex; Jeff would die for my sister I could see it in his eyes, I could hear it in his voice when he talked about her and I could see it in the way they were with one another.

He knows something is up…”


When I was with Steven…he had to have everything done a certain way…”

”I don’t understand,”

The groceries had to have their labels facing forward, the mugs had to be placed away in a certain position…the towels all had to be sitting in the same position…”

What does that have to do with…?”

”Jeff commented on how happy I looked when I put away the dishes at home! Don’t you see Seth if I tell him, if I tell him what I went through all that will change…he’ll pity me and I don’t want…”

”Do I pity you?” I asked running my hand up and down her back softly.

I hope you don’t…”

”I don’t! I am more proud of you than I ever thought I could be; the way you handled it, the way you took your life back…that takes guts sweetie and I am pretty sure that Jeff will see it the same way,”

I just…I can’t take the chance that he won’t! I don’t want to look in to his eyes and see pity, or sympathy…”

Holding her close to me, I listened as she mumbled almost incoherently and it was obvious to me that she wasn’t ready to tell him, she may never be ready and that was just something that he would have to learn to deal with if their relationship was ever going to stand a chance.


Jeff’s POV;

Standing in my kitchen watching her as she leaned on her brother for support and the way they were talking quietly amongst themselves.

Finally he got up and moved towards the French doors that led in to the dining room, I moved to meet him concern for my girl building past anything that I had ever felt for anyone.

Go talk to her,” He said as I pulled the doors open for him.

”You’re sure?”

”Yeah! You may not get what you want from her but you need to talk to her,” He advised me.

What did that mean?

Wouldn’t she talk to me?

Ok thanks man,” I said stepping out in to the cool air and moving down the steps that led down on to the grass.

Moving closer to hear her sniffing softly trying to push back the tears that I had seen consuming her from where I had stood at the kitchen window.

Hey beautiful lady,” I said softly as I sat down next to her on the stump where she had sat down.

Hey you,” She looked up at me with bloodshot eyes that were still threatening to over flow with tears.

What’s going on?” I asked wrapping my arm around her and pulling her closely to me and just holding her, giving her support and comfort in the best way that I knew how.

Jeff I know that you know there is something in my past that I am not telling you…but you have to trust me when I say that it is in the past and that it’s best if it stays there…”

”But if there is something that is still obviously bothering you then maybe if you share with…”

”I can’t! I just can’t baby; I am not the girl who does that…I wouldn’t be the girl that you have all these feelings for if I was…”

Ron we’re in a relationship…”

”We are?” She asked looking up at me; her eyes suddenly blazing with a happiness that instantly drowned out the unhappiness that had settled there since before we left her home.

I thought you knew that?”

”I wasn’t sure…I didn’t know what we had really…”

How can you not see what I feel for you? How can you not see that I would die to keep you safe, I would do anything that I had to, to make you happy!”

I’m just not used to…” Stopping herself from being vulnerable with me she looked back in to my eyes and I could feel myself drowning in the brown beauty of them. “Just trust me that the things I keep to myself are things that I need to keep to myself yeah?”

Will you ever tell me?”

”I can’t answer that; I’m sorry I know that isn’t what you want to hear but I just can’t give you an answer,”

Looking in to her eyes I could see how passionately she felt about this, and she was right, I had been drawn to the independent woman that she was, drawn to the carefree attitude that she had and if she couldn’t share with me then so be it because with one look in to those eyes I knew that I couldn’t walk away from her and the things that we had.


”You mean that?” She asked hopefully.

Ron; I am here, I ain’t going no where and for whatever reason you can’t or don’t want to share what you have been through or whatever it is in your past and I can handle that. But I just want you to know that whatever it is that is in your past it won’t ever change the way I feel about you…”

Getting lost in her eyes for a few moments, I knew that I was in trouble with this girl because I would lay my life down in heart beat if it meant that she was safe and out of harms way.

Randy Orton had better not have anything planned for her when she got to LA because the time had come where I really don’t think I could hide how I felt about her anymore.

You have…Ron you’ve seeped in to my heart and there doesn’t seem to be anything that I can do to get rid of you, I don’t want to get rid of you! Just promise me that if you feel like you need to talk you will come to me?”

”I will! I promise,” She said leaning in and brushing her soft smooth lips over mine.

Pulling her gently until she was straddling my lap and I was drowning in her eyes and I knew that I had meant every single word I had just said to her.

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Chapter 12;


Amber’s POV;

I couldn’t believe how amazing things had been since Leland had been back; our relationship seemed to be on the same level as it had always been.

Watching him as he dressed to get ready to leave I couldn’t believe that he had been called back to Hawaii; Dog knew how important this week had been to both of us; why did he have to call last night?

We were supposed to be going with Jeff, Cam, Shifty, Matt, Shannon and CT down to the water park today; we had paid in advance and there was no way that I could get my money back now.

I hate this!” Leland said moving back to the bed and wiping the hair from my face; tenderly cupping my face in his powerful hand.

Me too!” I agreed letting my head fall in to his hand; taking comfort from the simple gesture. “But in 2 months time you will be back right?”

”Try and stop me beautiful! I am just sorry that this trip has had to be cut short,”

”It’s not your fault but you would think that the criminals would be more considerate,” I smiled causing a loud rumble of laughter to escape his gorgeous full lips.

Looking in to his eyes which reminded me of Shifty’s eyes; why was I thinking about Shifty?

Pushing all thoughts of him out of my head as I pulled Leland to me and we fell backwards on to the bed; kissing long and slow; his tongue gliding in to my mouth tasting me as his hands held on to my hips tightly.

The sound of both our phones ringing tore through the moment as we both sighed letting our heads rest together for a few moments before we pulled apart and answered our respective phones.

You have the worse time hon,” I said checking the caller ID to see Cam’s name flashing waiting to be answered as Leland said the same thing in to his own phone.

Sorry…eeeewwwweeee wait are you in the middle of…?”

”No! Not now,” I sighed watching Leland as he disappeared out of the room with his bags; leaving me alone in the bedroom.

Awe hon I am sorry!” She giggled softly.

It’s ok; what’s up?”

We’re just calling to see if you and Lele are still going to make it today?”

”I’m so sorry I meant to call you…”

”No! No! No! Come on Amber; I know that you haven’t seen him in God knows how many months but I can’t allow you to leave me all alone at this water park with 4 guys and a kid guy!”

Leland is heading home!”

”What? Why? What happened?” She asked instantly her voice turning softer.

His Dad called; there is some fugitive they need Leland to help find…”

”Fucking cocksmoking criminals; don’t they have any sense of timing?”

I said the same thing,” I giggled softly.

When’s he leaving?”

”I’m just about to take him to the airport right now!” I said reaching for my smokes and lighting up; inhaling deeply.

Just come down to the water park when you’re done then?”

I’m not in the mood honey; I think I’ll just come home and…”

”Eat a quart of ice cream…?” She guessed correctly. “I’m not going to let that happen,”

But I am not really in the…”

”Then I am coming home right now!” She said firmly.

”I can’t let you do that; you paid money to be there and CT was looking forward to it…”

”I’ll leave CT with the guys; they won’t mind!”

”Cam I can’t let you…”

Cameron had proved how good a friend she was, without question she would drop everything for her friends, not caring if it meant forgetting about something that she had been looking forward too.

Then come on down here?”

You drive a hard bargain you know that?”

”I try my best,” She giggled softly. “Is that a yes?”

I really don’t have a choice do I?” I asked getting up from the bed and pulling open the door to my closet.

Nope!” She giggled softly. “Come on; you know I won’t let this go! It’s either you come here and get your money’s worth or I come home to you and loose my money,”

Low blow honey!” I giggled as I pulled out my black sarong and moved back in to the room; then grabbing my black bikini and began stripping out of my cloths and in to the suit.

Whatever it takes to get you down here,” She laughed as the sound of Jeff calling her filtered down the line.

All right I will be there soon! You go have fun until I get there yeah?”

Yay I can’t wait to see you! Be safe and say bye to Lele for me,”

Will do honey! See ya soon,”

We said our goodbyes and hung up. Slipping my bikini on then placing a white vest top over my top and wrapping the black sarong around my waist and grabbing up my things before moving out to the living room where Leland was checking that he had packed everything up.

Everything ok babe?” I asked moving to him and stopping him from moving around almost frantically.

Mmhmm it was just my Dad saying that things are getting out of hand back home,”


”An informant has come forward to say that the fugitive is planning on skipping town…”

How much is the bond?”

50 large!”

Jesus!” I felt bad for Leland; my man was very much a Family orientated man and the thought of being so far away while his Family were obviously going through something so big would have him in knots I knew but there was nothing that he could do until he got there. “Just try to calm down baby…”

”I can’t calm down Amber…”

”What use is you getting all worked up going to accomplish?” I asked leading him to the sofa and sitting him down. Reaching in to my bag I pulled out my smokes and lit one and handed it to him.

I hate this…”


”I feel like I am being forced to choose between you and my Family!”

Looking at him, I could see the worry creasing his handsome features; see the way that this was really getting to him. The thought of causing him worry and stress didn’t sit right with me, but what was I meant to do?

Leland’s POV;

Looking at her beautiful features and seeing the way that she was worried about me; made me fall in love with her more than I had thought it was possible too.

I loved the things that we shared; the love that flowed so easily between us was something that I had never thought I would find myself questioning.

But here I was thinking about how we were ever going to withstand the test of time when I was going to be constantly feeling guilty about leaving home to come visit her.

Wrapping her up in to my arms she collapsed against me and held on to me tightly as we savored the last few moments that we had alone.

When it was time for us to leave the safety and cocoon of her home, I was left wondering if this was going to be the last time that I was going to be here.

Loading my luggage in to the boot of the car, my thoughts turned to how I had always thought that Amber and I were going to spend the rest of our lives building what we had, being sickeningly happy but now here I was questioning everything that I had thought I would always hold dear to me.

So you will be out in 2 months time right?” She asked as we climbed in to the front of the jeep.

Yeah,” I smiled at her knowing in my heart that this relationship was on its last legs but I wanted to fight for what we had, I wanted to at least try to make it work because I loved her with all my heart.

And here is hoping that the criminals will be a little more considerate,” She giggled backing the jeep out of the driveway and turning in the direction of the airport.

Here’s hoping,” I chuckled resting my hand on her leg causing her entire body to shiver slightly. “I really miss you Amber,”

I miss you too handsome,” She said looking at me as we stopped for a red light.

This being an adult deal sucks,”

”You don’t have to tell me! God do you remember when life was easy?”

Like it was yesterday,” I admitted smiling as the light changed and we were on the move again taking me closer to the one place that I didn’t want to be.

All I wanted to do was tell my Dad that I was on vacation with my girl and head down to the water park with her to hang out with our friends and have fun like any normal couple.


Amber’s POV;

Checking my appearance for the 100th time in the mirror; I had, had to reapply my make up as it had run from the crying I had done from saying goodbye to Leland to watching the plane taking off taking him away from me again.

Satisfied that I didn’t look too much of a mess, I moved to the park entrance and moved inside the fun park. Looking around for my friends and I didn’t have to look long or hard as my eyes fell on the guys throwing themselves from the large wooden frames that were placed around the water.

Moving towards where they were and looking along the sand to see Cam sat with Shifty talking and laughing with her brother obviously they were reconnecting with one another after being apart for the years that they had been.

As I approached CT called his Uncle to join them and as he stood to his feet my eyes were drawn to his muscular build.

My heart began racing, my palms turned clammy and my knees threatened to buckle from under me. Wearing a pair of red surfing shorts that covered the majority of his legs but being topless I was drawn to his tattoos that covered the majority of his upper torso.

Struggling to pull my eyes away from his muscles; as they seemed to be drawn to his six pack, to the way his abs began to ripple as he leaned down and kissed his sister’s head as Jeff came sprinting up the sand and plonked himself down next to her; wrapping her up in his arms.

My eyes seemed to move back to Shifty as he moved down to the water; his muscles rippling in the sun, his tattoos complimenting the shape and dips of his amazing physique. The blond in his hair shining under the sun, his tongue sliding out over his lips.

It seemed to be that his body was moving in Baywatch style slow motion as he sprinted down the sand and threw himself in to the water.

Moving to Cameron and Jeff, I plonked myself down and sighed as they both turned and looked at me.

Heavy sigh pretty lady!” Jeff said holding on to Cameron loosely.

Heavy thoughts dude,” I smiled at him.

Baby could you get me an ice cream?” Cam asked him rummaging in her bag for her purse.

Instantly he put his hand on her arm and looked down on to her eyes, which had her smiling brightly at him.

My shout; Amber?” He asked instantly taking the hint that she wanted to be left alone with me.

Sure thanks Skittles,” I smiled as my eyes turned to the water to see Shifty lifting CT above his head and bombing him in to the water.

Why was I suddenly looking at him in the way that I looked at Leland?

What was happening to me?

The sound of Jeff kissing Cam broke through my thoughts as I turned back to look at them to see him sprinting off along the long white sand.

Ok what’s going on in that little noggin of yours?” Cam asked turning on to her side and smiling at me supportively.

I miss him so much Cam; I miss having him around…you know sitting in at night without him there to snuggle up too…I didn’t think that him being gone would ever make me feel this lonely,”

”Awe hon! I wish there was more that I could do,”

You do more than enough! I just can’t help thinking that this isn’t going to work…”

”Honey you guys have the kind of love that will last longer than anyone is aware of; what you guys have is strong and it is powerful…it’s the kind of love that most people spend their whole lives looking for,”

But how can it last with all the miles that’s between us?” I asked.

I had felt a change in Leland when we left the house to drop him off at the airport, I didn’t want to admit it but knowing him as well as I did I knew that he was thinking the same things that I was thinking.

Where I had once thought that our love would be able to last the distance that had been thrust between us; now I wasn’t so sure. And that fact that I was now questioning everything that I had held so dear to me for so long, I was left with an empty void deep inside me.

I know this won’t be what you want to hear but what will be, will be you know?” She said handing me a cigarette as she lit her own and inhaled deeply.

I hate to say this but I think that our relationship is on its last legs!” I finally admitted out loud and somehow it didn’t make it any easier to accept or understand.

Sweetie; whatever happens, I will be right here! I may not know what to say ‘cos lets face it I ain’t much good with words but I will always have a shoulder for you,”

”You’re better than you think…”

”I have my moments,” She smiled as the sound of CT giggling from the water filtered up the sand to where we were sat talking.

My eyes fell on Shifty and all I could think about was the fact that I was beginning to see him in a new light; there was no doubt that he was hot but his personality was amazing too and there seemed to be a strong friendship between us even though I had only known him less than a week.

My thoughts turned to Leland and all I could hope was that, the next time he came in to town things would be a little better and he wouldn’t have to rush off home early.

Maybe that was, what was wrong with me? He had been torn away from me early and I was selfish in wanting him to myself for a little longer. God I hoped that, was what was wrong with me.

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Chapter 13;


Jeff’s POV;

Amber had sunk in to a funk since Leland had left earlier today and no one could blame her. Thinking that she had him with her for a whole week only to have him snatched away it seemed to be a cruel joke.

Staring at the alarm clock on Ron’s side of the bed to see that it was 1am; I had been lying here unable to sleep since we had collapsed sweating from an exhausting and intense love making session.

Since we had talked at my house a couple days ago, I couldn’t seem to shake the fact that there was something horrible in her past.

Why couldn’t she open up to me?

Did she really think that anything that was in her past would make me see her any differently?

Over the course of the days since we had talked she seemed to be sinking further in to a funk that I couldn’t seem to get her out of. I would catch her staring in to space; lost in thoughts or memories that I had no idea of.

Watching her sleeping; she used to seem to calm when she slept like she was at peace but lately all that I could see was worry and fear masked on her beautiful features.

Grabbing my cigarettes I silently climbed out of bed and moved out of the bedroom and through the house towards the kitchen to see the light on.

Pushing the door open my eyes fell on CT standing by the sink gulping down a glass of water; sweat encased his body as he panted slightly.

What’s wrong big man?” I asked moving to his side and feeling his head to feel his skin clammy.

I just had a bad dream is all,” He replied smiling at me.

You want to talk about it?”

”It was just something…no I can’t!” He said placing his glass in the sink and moving to leave the room.


Yeah?” He turned back to look at me.

If you want to talk about anything at all…I am here…”

”I can’t Jeff!” He turned to look in to the main area of the house that lay silent and still. “My Mom wouldn’t want me too,”

With that he left the kitchen; closing the door silently behind him leaving me staring at the space where he disappeared from view.

What had he meant by that?

Was it to do with the things that Ron refused to share with me?

Sighing I lit my cigarette and opened the back door; feeling the cold breeze wrapping around me tightly freezing the questions that were building inside me.

Could I really deal with this?

Deal with knowing that there was something bugging Ron; bringing her down, leaving her a shadow of her former self?

Now that I knew whatever it was; was bugging CT too, I just wanted to help. I wanted her to let me in, to trust me like I trusted her but it was more than obvious that she just didn’t.

What kind of relationship was that?

Were we ever going to last if she wouldn’t open up to me?

Inhaling deeply on my cigarette, I tried to push all the thoughts to the back of my mind, I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t think I could have a relationship with her if she wouldn’t open up to me; ‘cos she meant more to me than I had ever thought possible.

5 minutes later I had finished my smoke, I locked the house back up and moved back through the house to the bedroom where my girl lay sleeping; lost in dreams and possibly memories of her past that she wouldn’t share with me.

As I walked down the hallway I could hear her moaning, quickly getting more and more frantic. Without thought, I raced in to the room to see her thrashing around the bed; muttering No! Over and over again.

Rushing forward, I tried to get her under control but she was strong. From all the training that she had done in learning to defend herself, she had more strength in her that she gave herself credit for.

Pinning her shoulders to the mattress, I sat down on the side of the bed as I watched the sweat beading her beautiful features.

Ron!” I whispered softly. “Ron…Ron honey; come back to me, come on baby…”

No! No! No!” Her eyes fluttered open and landed on me. “Jeff what’s going on…?” She panted as her body finally relaxed under my hands and she stopped thrashing.

You were having a nightmare princess,” I whispered as she sat up and flung her arms around me.

It was just a dream?” She asked almost in relief.

Yeah baby! It was just a dream,” I placed my hand to the back of her head and held her close to me giving her all the support and comfort that I could despite not knowing what was going on with her.

Clinging to me tightly, I could feel the shake in her body beginning to calm down until all that was left was her panting body pressed hard against my own.

You want me to get you some water beautiful?” I asked pulling back from her and looking in to her eyes; instantly I was drowning in the calmness that shone through them.

That would be great thank you,” She whispered softly as she run her hands through her hair and let out a low sigh.

Kissing her forehead, I moved out of the bedroom back to the kitchen where I had caught CT not long ago drinking water; panting and sweating in much the same way that his Mom was doing now.

God give me the strength to be able to deal with this!?

Cameron’s POV;

The haze of the dream slowly began to lift as I realized that I was safe, that I wasn’t back there with Steven, I was free and I had the life that I had always wanted.

I had friends that I liked not the ones that my man picked out for me, I had a man who supported me more than I had thought it was normal to support someone, I had a son who had been instantly accepted by my friends and my man.

I knew that Jeff was frustrated with the fact that I wouldn’t open up about my past but I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t bring myself to tell him all about the degrading things that Steven had put me through.

Getting up from my bed I moved to the window and cranked it open; letting a cold breeze sweep through in to the room, cooling the charge in the air that had been caused by the violent dream that I had, had.

By the time Jeff came back with my water, I had pulled my hair from my face and had sat back down on the bed; reaching for the smokes, I lit up and inhaled deeply feeling the smoke invading every inch of my body; taking over and calming me.

You ok beautiful?” Jeff asked worry masked not only his voice but his handsome features as he sat facing me.

Yeah I’m fine!” I smiled weakly at him as I fell back against the pillows.

Watching as he crawled back to his side of the bed and gently pulling me towards him.

Grabbing the ashtray, I moved my body so that my head was lying on his chiseled stomach; wrapping his arm across my chest he watched me closely.

You’re sure you’re ok?”

Yeah it was just a nightmare is all,” I looked in to his eyes for a second before turning my attention to the ashtray and swirling my cigarette around the walls, which was something I did when I was on edge.

Well you know that I am here should you want to talk yeah?” He asked leaning his head down and kissed my forehead.

Keeping one arm draped across my chest while his other hand slowly ran through my hair; calming me and soothing me in ways that no man had ever taken the time to do before.

I know thank you,” I smiled at him before going back to paying attention to my cigarette.

Slowly he drifted in to sleep, leaving me awake with my thoughts and memories to keep me company…

The house lay still and silent during the day with no evidence of the nightly battle that raged inside the confines of the walls. Dylan was happy playing with his toys as I kept the house up to Steven’s impossible demands.

The sound of his car pulling up outside the house seemed to always leave the fear sinking in to my body and now was no different. What was waiting for me on the other side of that door?

Picking Dylan up, I moved him to his bedroom quickly. I tried my hardest not to let him see what was going on with me and his Dad. Because no matter how much Steven beat me down; he loved Dylan more than life and I knew that he would never hit him.

Racing back down the stairs to the kitchen where the kettle had just turned itself off; pouring his coffee in to his mug, I placed it on the counter and lit a cigarette for him and placed it in the ashtray.

Shayne?” He said walking in to the kitchen.

Hey bab…”

”I need you to run me a bath…now!” He growled the warning tone in his voice.

Nodding my head, I left him to his coffee and cigarette and moved up to our bedroom and in to the en suite and began to run him a bath.

A few moments later he was walking in to the bathroom and stripping out of his cloths he slipped in to the water and lay back on the base of the tub.

Get out!” He grunted at me.

Walking out in to the bedroom, I closed the door slightly and began to pull out a fresh set of cloths for him and moved around the room making sure that everything was in place.

My eyes landed on the photo of me and Steven taken the day that Dylan had been born and I couldn’t help wishing that things were like that again. We had been happy; I hadn’t been constantly walking on egg shells.

Maybe things with Steven and I just weren’t to be. It seemed to be that things were beyond repair between us; nothing I did seemed to be good enough. I tried with everything that I was to make sure that I did things to his standards but still I was always beaten down.

Moving out of the bedroom, I moved along the hall to Dylan’s bedroom and gently pushed the door open to see my son playing with his toys happily content unaware of the tension that always seemed to hang in the air when Steven came home.

I loved my son; I would do anything for him, die for him, step in the way if Steven ever hit him, I would take it all to ensure that he was safe and happy. I had been so scared when I had found out that I was pregnant.

The thought of having this little vessel dependent on me for absolutely everything had been the hardest thing to deal with but knowing that I had Steven had helped me get used to the idea and filled me with a certainty that I could do this.

But 2 years on and I was wondering if I had should have just told Steven that he didn’t have to have anything to do with us, because this life wasn’t what I had thought it would be.

SHAYNE?” Steven yelled from the bedroom.

Closing the door to Dylan’s bedroom and moving to the bedroom that I shared with Steven.

What the fuck is this?” He asked holding up the plane ticket that Seth had sent me.

Seth…h-he asked me t-to go see him o-on the tour…”

”No!” He said firmly shaking his head.

But I already told him that I would…”

”Then you will just have to fucking call him and tell him you made a fucking mistake won’t you?” He growled moving towards me.

But he is expecting me and Dyl…”

”Are you arguing with me?” He asked pulling his hand up and whirling it full force to my face; causing me to fall face first in to the door frame. “I ASKED YOU A FUCKING QUESTION!”

Stumbling as I tried to regain my footing as I all but fell to the ground; trying to crawl out of the bedroom door.

Leaning down he grabbed me by the hair and began to drag me back in to the bedroom as Dylan came toddling out of his room; instantly his eyes wide as I tried not to cry out in pain from the way his Father was dragging me backwards.

Go back to your room Dylan!” Steven growled low in his throat as our son began to cry. “NOW DYLAN!”

DON’T YELL AT HIM!” I screamed finding my voice which only gained me a punch to the face; feeling my lip split as my nose bust and blood poured out of me.

DON’T FUCKING TELL ME WHAT TO DO BITCH!” He roared at me slamming the door shut in Dylan’s face.

The sound of my son screaming as Steven kicked, punched and slapped me around the room. Throwing me against the chest of drawers and slamming my head down on the solid oak wood of the furniture.

I relented and didn’t fight as all I thought about was getting to Dylan to make sure that he was ok. To let him know that everything was ok.

Punch after punch drained me of all energy that I had; throwing me across the room as if I were literally a rag doll until he had enough of beating me down.

Get the fuck out of here,” He grunted as I slumped down to the floor.

Blood seemed to stream out of me quicker than what I thought was healthy but I literally crawled out of the room to find Dylan crying outside his room.

Steven slammed the door behind me as I moved painfully towards my son. Picking him up; he just screamed a little louder as he looked at me.

Moving in to his room and in to the en suite closing and locking the door, I placed him on the toilet seat while I painfully moved to the sink and ran some water in to the sink to wash up.

It’s ok baby,” I whispered leaning down in front of his tiny screaming body and trying everything I could to calm him before Steven lost his cool and gave me another beating for not being able to control Dylan’s crying.

Washing my face until all that was left was the already bruising flesh, I moved back to him and pulled him close to me and comforting him, with soothing words and gentle kisses to his face…’

The haze began to lift from the memory and all that was left was the dread of what was waiting for me in LA.

Deep down I knew that something wasn’t right; Randy wasn’t the type of man who gave you time off to snatch it away without something being in it for him.

Turning my head to look at Jeff; lost in sleep and dreams where everything was safe and peaceful. What I wouldn’t give to have that kind of sleep.

But since Randy told me that I had to come back to LA; I hadn’t slept all that well, I was constantly tired and worried about what he had planned.

I couldn’t explain the feeling of being closed in on, was it Steven?

Or was I being paranoid?

Closing my eyes I tried to cast my mind to something other than Steven and the feeling of him closing in on me.

Please let me be paranoid! Don’t let him have found me! But even as I thought that I knew that I was reaching!

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Chapter 14;


Jeff’s POV;

Waking with a start, I looked around the room to find Ron no where to be found. Wondering where she was, I slipped out of bed and pulled on my jeans, then moved out of the bedroom.

Finding her sat out on the decking at the back of the house, lost in thoughts the worry lacing her beautiful features. A mug of coffee in her hands along with a cigarette placed to her lips as she inhaled deeply.

Where is everyone?” I asked taking a seat next to her.

Seth wanted to take CT shopping and Amber decided that she was going with…”

”You didn’t want to go?” I asked placing my hand on her leg as she looked directly at me and smiled.

Too much going on up here,” She pointed to her head.

Anything you want to talk about?”

”Jeff!” She sighed heavily looking away from me.

Come on Ron; I saw the fear in your eyes last night when you woke from that dream…it wasn’t just fear from an irrational nightmare, it was genuine fear…”

”And I’ve told you that I don’t want to talk about it,”

”Don’t or won’t?” I asked helping myself to a cigarette and lighting up; inhaling deeply feeling my frustration building again.

Jeff don’t do…”

Don’t what? Don’t ask to know anything about my girlfriend? Don’t ask what has been bothering her? Don’t worry about her when she wakes in the middle of the night sweating and thrashing around the bed?”

You think it’s so easy? You think that I want to keep things from you?”

Well I don’t know Ron…all I know is that you won’t talk to me…I know there is something in your past but for what ever reason I am being pushed aside…how do you think that makes me feel?”


Well what am I supposed to think when no one will tell me a damn thing!?” I spat at her feeling my own anger building towards the surface.



NO ONE CAN FUCKING HELP…DON’T YOU SEE THAT THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I HAVE TO FUCKING DEAL WITH; I CAN’T RELY ON ANYONE…I HAVE NEVER HAD TO RELY ON ANYONE AND I AIN’T ABOUT TO FUCKING START NOW!” She screamed at me as she all but jumped out of her chair and began pacing around the decking inhaling on the last of her cigarette before lighting another.


SCREAMING AT ME TO TELL YOU ISN’T GOING TO WORK JEFF; STOP ACTING LIKE A KID THROWING HIS DUMMY OUT THE FUCKING CRIB! TEMPER TANTRUMS DON’T FUCKING WORK ON ME!” She screamed heading back in to the house and leaving me out on the porch staring after her wondering where this had just come from.

Sitting still for a few moments; trying to get my anger and frustration back in to check, as the sound of her slamming doors reached me out on the decking.

Unable to get my anger in to check, I tore out of my seat and moved inside the house tearing through the rooms until I found her in her own room, pulling cloths from the closet and throwing them in to her bags.


JUST FUCKING LEAVE IT ALONE JEFF!” She screamed angrily.

What is so bad that you can’t tell me?” I asked sitting down on the bed and looking at her.

You wouldn’t understand! I keep fucking telling you that I can’t…I just can’t tell you but you…you have to keep pushing me!”

Because I care about you; I want to help, I want to make it better for you…”

If you cared about me; then you would leave it alone! You can’t help, nothing can help; and you most certainly can’t make it fucking better,”

How do you know that I can’t?” Reaching for her hand but she pulled her hand out of reach and gave me the coldest look I had ever seen.

The venom in her eyes wasn’t something that I had been sure she could possess but seeing how mad she was right now; it was obvious that I didn’t know everything there was to know about her.

Because I have been dealing with this longer than you have been having wrestling matches so just leave it the fuck alone…you can’t be my savior; you can’t be the hero, so either drop it or get out!”

Ron if you would just talk to…”


JUST TALK TO ME!?” I yelled grabbing her wrist as she went to move to the door.

Looking down to my hand on her wrist, she looked back up at me and stared at me with anger in her eyes.

Let me go!” She said her voice firm yet angry in a way that I hadn’t thought was possible.

Talk to me!” I pressed a little more firmly refusing to back down as I held on to her arm.

I SAID LET ME GO!?” She screamed frantically as she tore her wrist out of my grasp and stared at me. “Get out!” Her words cold and unfeeling.

I just want to…”

Get…out!” She repeated herself refusing to back down as I could see that her entire body was shaking with anger.

But her eyes told a different story; she was scared.

Scared of me?

What the hell was going on?

I said get out, now!” She repeated again as she moved away from me, making sure to keep a distance between us as I watched her.

Ron please…”

”No! I can’t keep having this same conversation with you Jeff; you are making it too difficult!” She said. “Just leave…leave me alone! I don’t want you here!”

But we…”

”We nothing! Just get out!” She turned and moved in to the en suite; closing and locking the door behind her.

Staring at the door for a few moments, as I realized that I had most probably just thrown away the best thing that had ever happened to me.

Sighing I got to my feet and left the house, closing the door behind me with my thoughts on the look in her eyes; what had she been scared of?

Had she really thought that I was capable of hurting her?

Looking back to the house hoping against hope that she was going to come tearing out of the house, telling me that she didn’t mean it, that she didn’t want to fight but when she didn’t appear, I moved to my car and climbed behind the wheel.

Cameron’s POV;

What the hell was wrong with me?

Why couldn’t I just have told him?

Because I don’t want his sympathy, I don’t want to see pity in his eyes and I don’t want him thinking that I need protecting.

I had put the past behind me and I wasn’t the same pathetic little girl that I had been when I left that house all those years ago.

Moving to the window and watching as he drove away; he had really gone. When I had told him to leave he had just walked out the door. Why was I feeling empty now that he had gone?

Sighing I moved back in to the room and quickly changed in to a pair of workout cloths. My pride wouldn’t allow me to call him, I couldn’t back down on this not when he had been the one pushing me.

So I moved out to the garage where I had set up a gym, strapping my wrists up, I moved to the punch bag and quickly worked up a sweat as I worked out my frustrations with punch after punch.

I didn’t even realize just how long I had been out here until CT came in to the garage and tapped me on the shoulder.

Hey baby,” I turned and hugged him close.

Where’s Jeff?” He asked me instantly.

He’s gone home,” I said instantly feeling my body tensing at the thought of Jeff and what had happened between us.

Awe but I wanted to play this new game with him,”

Maybe another day baby,” I said kissing his head softly.

My thoughts on Jeff as I accompanied my son back inside the house where Seth and Amber were sitting in the living room talking about the music that they liked.

Was Jeff thinking about me?

Did he regret what had happened between us?

Pushing the thoughts to the back of my mind, I moved in to the kitchen and grabbing myself a bottle of water then telling my brother and friend and son that I was going to shower real quick then I suggested that we go out for something to eat.


Matt’s POV;

Jeff had shown up at my house fresh from an argument that he had, had with Cam. I knew that he was frustrated; I knew that he wanted to be there for her, to support her in anyway that he possibly could.

Come on man; just come out for something to eat with me,” I suggested trying to pull him from this funk that he seemed ready to sink in to.

I don’t want…”

”You have to eat dude,” I said grabbing up my wallet and keys.

You know…I just wanted to be there for her, to support her…”

”I know you do brother! I can see how in to her you are but come have something to eat with me and we will talk?” I asked moving towards the door.

Sure,” He sighed following behind me.

By the time we had arrived at Miller’s restaurant, Jeff’s eyes landed on Amber’s jeep parked in the parking lot. Moving with a little more enthusiasm he made for the front door to the eatery.

Jeff!” CT noticed him almost immediately and going to get up but Cam stopped him and told him to sit down; as she refused to even look at Jeff.

Ok what the hell was said between you 2?” I asked as we were ushered to a table a little bit away from them.

Amber and Shifty both looked up and smiled at us as we walked past. Cam looked up and all but looked straight through my brother as she refused to acknowledge Jeff’s presence.

Hey Matt,” She smiled at me causing Jeff to all but turn back round but I kept on pushing him forward.

Hey honey,” I said.

Reaching our table, Jeff slid in to one side as I took the other and looked at the menu we had been handed. Jeff however was too busy looking over to where Cam was sat with her friend and Family.

All right talk to me,” I said watching him closely.

What do you want to know?” He glanced at me momentarily then went back to watching her.

What caused the argument?”

”Last night…”


”I was awake most of the night watching her sleeping; I went to get a glass of water and then when I came back she was thrashing in her bed, obviously having a nightmare but once again she refused to talk to me about it…then this morning I pressed a little too hard and it just kicked off!”

Can’t you just let this go Jeff; I mean it is obvious that she don’t want to talk about it…”

”If you could see the fear in her eyes Matt; if you could have seen the way she was frantic in her sleep you would want to know what was going on…I just want to be there for her, to help her…”

”What exactly is there about that girl that makes you think that you need to help her?”

I don’t know…”

”I mean come on Jeff you know that girl is as tough as any man that we know…”

I know! I know that there is no way that she can’t look after herself but it’s just like…it feels like she is holding a part of herself back from me! It’s like I am sharing her with ghosts from her past…”

See you just said it there…” I started but he looked at me questioningly. “They’re ghosts; it’s not like they are in the present…”

”But they are in some form or another! It’s like they are pulling a part of her away from me, she’s sinking Matt; I can see it and because she won’t tell me what is going on; I can’t help her, I can’t make it better…”

Maybe you’re not meant to make it better dude; maybe you are just meant to be there to try and help her in the here and now…”

But how am I meant to do that when…?”

”Jeff dude, you need to let it go! For all you know; just being a part of her life is helping her…there is no denying what that girl feels for you…”

”You have to be kidding me right? I mean you saw just now!”

She’s mad dude; give her some time to calm down! You guys are too good together for you not to be together; what you guys share isn’t something that can just be thrown away over a little argument!”

Looking at Cam in time to see her stealing a glance at my brother, I knew in a second that I was right. What they shared wasn’t lost!

It was more than obvious that they loved one another; they just needed a little space and time to get past the things that were said.

I knew better than anyone that things said in the heat of the moment; were rarely how you really felt. I just hoped that Jeff would have the patience to leave her be until she calmed down.

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Chapter 15;


Cameron’s POV;

Having been on the same flight as Jeff had been nothing short of torture. We hadn’t talked since we had fought and there was nothing I wanted more than to have him by my side right now; I was scared and on edge but my pride wouldn’t allow me to make that call.

Randy had been overly nice to me since I had arrived; sending his limo for me, getting me coffee instead of the other way around and because of that I was left feeling more on edge than I had thought possible.

Sitting in my room, waiting for Randy’s limo to pick me up to take me to the arena where he was fighting tonight. I stared at the 4 walls of the same hotel that I had stayed in; a week ago.

My insides were crawling and fluttering around the pit of my stomach making me feel sick and nervous. The hair on the back of my neck was stood to attention and it had only ever done that when I had been with Steven.

Thoughts of my ex seemed ready to devour me whole, over the past week I had felt like I was drowning in memories of all the stuff that I had gone through to get to this point in my life and there didn’t seem to be anything that could stop them from coming.

Things I had thought I had put to rest years ago came back with a vengeance intent on controlling me to the point where I was barely functioning. Surviving on coffee and cigarettes, my entire body felt like it was ready to collapse from exhaustion because I hadn’t been sleeping much.

Whenever I closed my eyes all I could see were flashes of my life with my ex flashing as if they were some kind of home movie on constant repeat.

Throwing myself in to the en suite I sank to the floor just as the entire contents of my stomach came crashing out of me violently and painfully.

10 minutes later there was nothing else to come out of me and I stumbled to the sink where I washed my face and brushed my teeth to get rid of the sick taste that lingered at the back of my throat.

Moving back in to the main area of my suite, I picked up my phone and stared at it for a few moments before I typed a message to the one person that I was missing more than I had ever thought it was possible to miss someone.

Jeff’s POV;

Sitting in the locker room with Matt and Shannon, we were talking about what we were going to do after the fight tonight. We had a couple days lay over before we could head home and we decided to maybe go for a drink after the fight tonight.

I hadn’t talked to Ron since we had, had that big fight. Matt was right, she needed time to calm down and get her head straight. I had to learn to drop this whole wanting to know about her past because if I didn’t I was going to loose her if I hadn’t already.

The sound of the Tool song that I had set as my text message tone began to play loudly. I reached in to my bag and pulled the phone out, seeing it was a text from Ron.

I think we need to talk! C X’

The smile was on my face before I could stop it as I finally felt the fear of loosing her slip out of my body.

I agree; r u here? J X’

What’s got you smiling like a idiot?” Shannon asked as I stretched and got to my feet feeling pumped and ready to face absolutely anything.

There is only one thing that could make him grin like that…” Matt started.

Cameron!” They both chorused at the same time.

I was about to agree when my phone began to play the song again and I literally tore my phone in 2 to get it open.

Not yet! Just waiting 4 Randy’s car 2 pick me up! C X’

Randy was sending his car to pick her up? Why didn’t that sit right with me? Randy was never forth coming in helping her get to the arena’s. Telling her to just get a cab, why was he doing this?

Instantly my instincts were telling me that something was about to happen but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

Ok baby; b safe. J X’

Looking to Matt and Shannon they both instantly looked at me questioningly as they waited for me to talk.

Something feels off…”

”Meaning?” Matt asked watching as I began pacing.

Randy is sending his limo to pick her up…”

What is he playing at? He doesn’t do that,” Shannon voiced my own thoughts as my phone began to ring again.

Always. Will c u when u get off stage; I will be waiting out back. I missed u, C X’

Thoughts of Randy seemed to fly straight out of my head as I read the text. She had missed me, she had really missed me. I had been so scared that I had somehow ruined the best thing that had ever happened to me but hopefully this meant that we could talk.

If it meant that I never found out what was going on with her then so be it because I couldn’t stand the thought of her not being in my life.

Quickly typing my response back and placed my phone in my pocket with thoughts of seeing her, holding her, touching her, kissing her and telling her all the things that I needed to tell her.


Seth’s POV;

Ever since we had been at the water park I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about Amber; seeing her in her bikini, the way it highlighted her amazing frame, the way her curves had seemed to stand out against the line of the bathing suit.

Being here in the house alone with her was nothing short of torture; it seemed to be that she was everywhere; the intoxicating scent of her powerful perfume seemed to hang around me intent on torturing me in ways that I had never felt before.

He’s asleep,” She said moving in to the living room from putting CT to bed.

He’s ok though?”

My nephew had informed me that he had been having nightmares about his Dad lately; that he remembered a lot of the things that his Father had done to his Mom and it was haunting his dreams.

CT had made me promise that I wouldn’t tell Cam though; telling me that he didn’t want his Mom to live with the knowledge that he remembered a lot of what had happened.

I had nodded and agreed to keep his secret on the condition that he would come to me should he need to talk and he had nodded and agreed to my terms.

Yeah he’s fine!” She smiled moving out to the kitchen so I got up and followed her.

What time does this pay per view start?” I asked looking at the clock to see it was 7pm.

In an hour,” She smiled across at me and instantly I was lost and completely disorientated.

What do you say that I head down to the store and grab us a bottle of JD?” I asked needing a moment or two away from her intoxicating presence.

Oh that would be great,” She smiled rummaging in her hand bag that was lying on the island of the kitchen and pulling out her purse.

My treat Amber,” I said refusing to take the $20 that she tried to hand me.

I can’t let you do that,” She objected trying to stuff the money in to my hand but I refused.

”Yes you can; my God you are letting me stay here…it’s the least I can do!” I said stepping away from her as she stepped a little too close and I was left painfully aware that this girl was off limits. “D-Do you want me to get some popcorn while I am out?”

Ooohhh yes please,” She smiled. “Sweet!”

You got it,” I said grabbing the keys to her jeep and moving through the house desperate to get fresh air in my lungs to replace the scent of her that had taken up residence in my veins and every inch of my insides.


Amber’s POV;

I had pulled out a bowl and 2 glasses and the bottle of cola that Cam had bought a few days ago; placing all the things in the living room on the coffee table as I flicked through the channels until I found the right one for the pay per view that was due to start in half an hour.

The sound of the front door opening reached me in the living room, I turned in time to see a harassed Shifty walking in to the room.

What’s wrong?” I asked instantly concerned about him as I watched his body falling down in to the sofa.

Since being at the water park, I found that I was looking at him in a completely different light. I knew that I shouldn’t be, I knew that what I was feeling for him was wrong but I couldn’t seem to stop myself.

I just got recognized in the store is all,” He sighed heavily.

We had talked a lot over the course of him being here; he had confessed that he didn’t want to be in the lime light no more, that he was scared if he slipped back in to that post he would loose himself again, loose everything that he had worked so hard for and he didn’t want that.

I had listened as he told me about the hell he had gone through to kick the drug habit that he had formed and I found that I was impressed by his fierceness to stay completely away from the whole drug scene. It wasn’t many people who could admit that they had a problem but to know that a certain lifestyle was causing him to slip time and time again, then to walk away from that when it was all that he had really known took more guts than I had seen in a long time.

It seemed that Cam got her fierceness and guts from her brother and for that I admired them both in what they had done and achieved.

You ok?” I asked sitting down next to him and touching his arm lightly and was instantly rewarded to the feel of his muscles rippling under my touch.

Yeah! I just…it’s not that I don’t appreciate them knowing who I am or asking for an autograph but I just want completely out of it you know?”

”I can understand that Seth! I mean you went through hell to get your life to this point and I think you have the right to want a little peace you know?”

”You know you understand far too well,” He chuckled as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and gently pulled me close to him, kissing the top of my head in the process.

My God what the hell was he trying to do to me?

I try my best,” I giggled nervously as we seemed to just slip in to a compatible silence that left me feeling calm and at peace.

This was what I missed most about Leland; the nights where we would curl up in front of the telly and just enjoy being in one another’s arms, to take comfort from one another, sharing everything that a couple could share.

With him gone, I had been constantly fighting with myself, fighting with the overwhelming sense of drowning that had taken over me.

And it seemed that ever since Shifty had walked in to my life it seemed that I was finding the whole thing a lot more easier to deal with.

Well your best is more than great,” He whispered softly as his hand gently ran up and down my arm causing a ripple effect of desire to spark in my veins so violently that I was struggling to catch my breath.

T-Thank you,” I stumbled as the sound of the bell ringing on the screen indicated that the pay per view was starting.

Please welcome to the ring; raining from Cameron, North Carolina Shannon Moore and his partner raining from; Phoenix, Arizona Jimmy Wang Yang,” Lillian Garcia the presenter announced as the crowd went crazy as my friend and his wrestling partner made their way to the ring.

Once they were in the ring, the presenter went on to introduce John Morrison and The Miz were announced and they came down to the ring with a cocky swagger that did wonders to build my dislike for them.

Self centered sons of bitches!” I muttered causing Shifty to let out a loud rumble of laughter. “What?”

You don’t like them I take it?”

”Anyone who is up against my friends; I hate!” I informed him causing him to laugh a little louder as we watched the fight and chatted about other fights that we had seen and liked.

The connection I felt to this man wasn’t like anything I had ever felt with Leland; with Leland it had been instant attraction but I found with Shifty; we were building a solid friendship that left me wondering what exactly was going to happen with Leland and I.

And here are your winners; John Morrison and The Miz!” Lillian announced after about half an hour of them fighting.

Fucking cocksmoking fuckheads!” I mumbled as I reached for my glass of JD and cola.

Wow!” Shifty laughed loudly as he handed me a cigarette and lit his own. “You have such a way with words,”

It’s from living with your sister,” I smiled at him as we watched the next uneventful fight that was taking place.

Yeah I swear that girl could walk in to a bar and sailors would come running out!”

You know…” I laughed. “You might be right?”

Might be right?” He asked in disbelief. “I know I’m right,”

All right you’re right,”

Watching as the last 2 fighters began to make their way backstage, as the diva fight was announced and these women started making their way down to the ring.

Instantly we both seemed to loose interest in the TV as the screaming started and the women’s fight was on. I was slightly taken aback to see Shifty loose all interest in the scene on the TV as whenever I watched this with Leland; he loved to watch the women’s matches.

Finally it was over; I quickly excused myself to go to the bathroom. With my thoughts on Shifty and all the things that I was feeling for him, I knew that I had to get it under some kind of control because I was with someone; I loved Leland, I had always loved him and I always would, nothing was going to change that; not even this silly little crush that I had on my best friends brother.

Moving back in to the living room in time to see Jeff exiting the ring after beating Santino who was lying in the centre of the ring on his back panting with his hands over his face.

Jeff was smiling and he seemed to be more calm than he had before they left to go to LA for the pay per view. Had he and Cam made up?

The sound of Randy Orton’s entrance music tore my thoughts away from my 2 friends. Watching as he came in to view fully dressed and walking with a cocky confidence that did little to make me like him.

As he climbed to the ring, he looked over to Lillian who handed him over the microphone quickly and began to talk about his manager and my best friend. Instantly Shifty and I were moving forward in the sofa; our attention focused on him as he literally ordered Cam out in to the arena.

”What is he doing?” Shifty asked anger rising in his voice.

Shaking my head as I watched my best friend coming in to view, looking more nervous than I had ever seen her and it wasn’t hard to see that she wanted to be anywhere but right in that ring at the moment.

My heart was hammering madly in my chest; so I couldn’t imagine how Shifty was feeling as he watched his sister moving down to the ring slowly. As Randy roared at her to hurry up that he didn’t have all night; instantly Shifty was on his feet pacing frantically.

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Chapter 16;


Cameron’s POV;

I had known that something wasn’t right. I should have trusted my instincts, I shouldn’t have come back. But what choice had I had?

When Randy told you to do something you had to do it, regardless of how you felt about it. Looking at him as I made my way slowly to the ring. The sound of the crowd muttering who is the girl? Seemed to ring out in my ears as my heart thundered madly in my chest.

HURRY THE HELL UP CAMERON! I DON’T HAVE ALL DAY!” He roared in to the microphone.

Sliding in to the ring, I stood up to my full height feeling the sickness rising in me as he moved towards me and thrust a piece of paper in to my hands.

What does that say Cameron?” He asked prowling around the ring and watching me closely; his cold dead like eyes seemed to burn in to me causing everything inside me to turn cold and frozen.

Looking at the piece of paper to see the contract I had signed when he had offered me the job. My signature shone on the white of the paper like blood as if I had signed my life away.

WHAT DOES IT SAY?” He roared at me again.

It’s the contract I signed,” I replied in a whisper.

I don’t think the crowd can hear you,” Throwing the microphone at me as he moved to the other side of the ring and demanded a microphone for himself. “Now what does it say?”

It’s the contract that I signed,”

So you can read?” He spat at me sarcastically. “What are the terms and conditions of this contract?”

That I have to carry out all duties to the best of my…”

Not that part! I think you know the part I mean,”

I-I’m not sure I-I know…”

Y-Yes you d-do!” He mimicked me cruelly. “READ IT!” He yelled at me causing me to jump and all but shrink away from him as the crowd booed at him loudly.

That I am to remain away from Jeff and Matt Hardy and anyone who associates with them,”

At the mention of the Hardy boys the crowd went crazy; I could feel the flutter in the pit of my stomach as I thought about Jeff; there was no way that he could get to me; I had told him to meet me out back of the arena when his match was finished.

Then please take a look at the screen and tell me what you have been doing!” He said pointing to the screen above the entrance behind me.

I didn’t want to turn my back on Randy but I knew that if I didn’t he would just yell at me and belittle me even more on national TV.

My eyes landed on the big screen as images of me and Jeff began to play in succession; images of us kissing, of us talking hidden in places where we had thought we were alone and pictures of me with his friends hanging out and having fun.

Would you mind explaining what exactly is going on?” Randy asked.

The world slipped out from under me as I knew that my relationship with Jeff had been exposed and there was no one to come to my aid. I was alone on the stage with Randy; but surely he wouldn’t hurt me with so many people watching!

Slowly turning to face him my eyes landed on the one man who I had never thought I would see again; the one man I had thought I had erased from my life.

Shrinking backwards as he moved towards me, shrinking out of reach trying to find a way to get out of this predicament, as I quickly reverted back to the woman I had been all those years ago.


Jeff’s POV;

Standing out the back of the arena; waiting for Ron I glanced at my watch to see that I had been here for about 20 minutes already and there was still no sign of her coming.

Had she changed her mind?

Had she thought better of talking?

The sound of my phone ringing tore through my thoughts, as I pulled it from my pocket and saw Amber’s name flashing waiting to be answered.

Hey Amber; what’s going on?” I asked.

Jeff…” She sounded frantic, almost on edge.

”Hey what’s wrong honey? What’s happened?” I asked lighting another cigarette and inhaling deeply.

”Listen to me Jeff; this is important! Do you care about Cam?”

”You know I do! What’s this about?” I asked feeling my stomach tying itself up in to knots as the feeling of dread swept through me.

I need you to get back in the ring…”

”What? Why? I’m not scheduled too…”

”Jeff trust me! Randy has her cornered in the ring…”

Hanging up without thought I threw my cigarette away and raced back in to the arena in time to catch Shannon and Matt on the way to the entrance that led to the ramp down to the ring.

”What the hell is going on?” I asked but didn’t have time to wait for a reply as the 3 of us burst out in to the arena almost instantly the crowd was going crazy at the sight of us as we raced down to the ring.

All 3 of us baseball sliding in to the ring as Ron was being pulled in to the arms of a tall man who looked remarkably like CT.

I missed you so much baby! I thought something awful had happened to you,” The man was saying to her as she fought with everything inside her to get out of his grip as Matt, Shannon and myself stood up to our full height.

Ron!?” I questioned moving to her side.

Instantly her head snapped around and I could see the fear that had been masking her eyes since Randy had called her back here flashing wildly.

Was this man the reason she had been so scared?

Was this the reason that she wouldn’t open up to me?

Her eyes were pleading for help as she fought against his embrace until he was literally squeezing the life from her frame and I could see the pain it was causing her.

”You get to let go of her now!” I stated as Matt and Shannon went to work on Randy; quickly knocking him to the floor and piling on top of him keeping him away from where I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

You don’t get to tell me what I do with my girlfriend!” He spat at me as Ron literally fought her way out of his clutches.

Y-Your what?” I stumbled slightly taken aback by his admission as Ron moved to my side and slipped her hand in to mine and instantly I knew that he was talking crap but from the look that flashed in his eyes he believed every word that he was muttering.

He’s lying!” Ron said her voice shaking with fear much like her body that was pressed against my side as she gripped so tightly to my hand that I swore she was cutting off the circulation.

Ask her about Dylan!” He said moving forward as she held her ground next to me.

Who is Dylan?” I asked looking at her.

”Ooohhh you changed his name too!? Tell him about our son Shayne!”


What the hell was going on?

With a movement quicker than the eye he tried to grab her but she ducked out of the way; letting go of my hand as she moved around me.

The sound of her heels hitting the canvas of the ring, had me more than aware that she wouldn’t be able to fight in the impossible high heels.

Moving so that I was in front of her unprepared to let him get a hold of her, as she stayed behind me, her hand on my shoulder telling me all that I needed to know.

She wanted nothing to do with this man and despite feeling more than a little confused by the course of the conversation I was determined not to let him anywhere near her.

Bringing his fist up to connect a punch on my face she pulled me away as it had been faster than I would have been able to duck.

Fighting with her had always seemed natural, like we could count on one another for absolutely anything and now seemed to be no different. Her posture turned cold and in control as she stepped in front of me as I caught my footing.

Blocking a punch that was heading straight for her face, she connected with her own mean right hook and split his lip causing him to chuckle loudly.

You think you can beat me bitch!” He growled getting in to her face and grabbing her shoulders; getting ready to throw her across the ring.

Matt and Shannon stepped up behind him quietly having knocked Randy Orton out.

I would really think twice about that boys; I could snap her neck in the second that it takes you to attack!” The man said without turning around.

As if Cameron sensed the threat she brought her own wrists up and over his; slamming down until his hold on her had been broken but he wasn’t out as his fist connected in retaliation on the side of her head and she fell to the ground out cold.

Fighting everything inside me to drop to my knees by her side, I looked at this tower of a man and threw myself at him in a spear movement that instantly knocked him to the ground and all air out of his lungs.

Taking the momentum, I went with it and began laying punch after punch on his face; blood seemed to splatter from his already split lip thanks to Cameron, his nose bust and a cut above his eye appeared as if from no where.

Getting up I kicked him before climbing on to the top turn buckle and executing a perfect swanton off the top causing the crowd to cheer loudly.

Satisfied that he wasn’t a threat anymore, I threw myself at Cameron as Shannon and Matt kept her guarded as they tried to wake her but she wasn’t coming round.

Bundling her in to my arms, the 3 of us slid out of the ring, Matt and Shannon taking the back to ensure that I got her out of there safely.

The feel of her dead weight in my arms, scared me; had he hit her so hard that she wouldn’t come back? Fear and blind panic caused me to move quicker until we were backstage and moving through the halls until we reached my dressing room.

Pack up my stuff Matt; we’re getting out of here before he comes looking for her,” I said still holding her in my arms and leaning in to her ear. “Come back to me baby, Ron please I need you to come back!”

Finally Shannon and Matt had my things packed up and we were leaving the arena; sliding in to the back of the car that had been assigned to us I still held her unconscious body close to me.

”Can you take us to the hospital?” I asked the driver as my panic continued to rise.

Yes sir,” The driver replied as Matt sat next to me while Shannon took the front passenger seat.

She’ll be ok Jeff!” Matt said softly.

How can you say that? You don’t know! Didn’t you see the force in which he hit her?” I asked taking my attention away from her for a mere second to look at my brother only to turn straight back to her.

I did! But she is a fighter; she ain’t going to go out like that,” Matt said reaching for her almost dead like hand.

Holding on to her as the car rumbled through the night streets to the nearest hospital.

Pulling up outside the doors, I was out of the car before anyone could stop me; possessing more strength than I had given myself credit for.

Randy Orton was going to pay for this! If it was the last thing that I did, he would pay and I would make sure of it.

Throwing myself through the doors begging anyone for help until I had finally been heard and Cameron was placed on a stretcher and we were ushered in to a cubicle.

What happened?” The doctor in charge asked me.

She was hit in the head…”

How did it happen?” He asked checking over her.

The sound of silence filled the room as I looked at her lying there; she looked like she wasn’t even there anymore.

How did it happen sir?” He asked again snapping me back to reality.

Uhm someone punched her on the side of the head,”

Can you show me where?” He asked placing his stethoscope to her heart and listening intently.

Does she have a heart beat?” I asked looking at him closely as fear continued to rise in me at an uncomfortable pace.

Yes sir she has a heart beat! But I need to know where she was struck,”

Once I had shown him where that asshole had hit her, he informed me that it would be a good idea to get a scan done to ensure that she hadn’t broken anything and the sound of the urgency in his voice did little to calm the fear that was building in me.

An hour later and she was back in the cubicle and slowly coming round from her concussion, which the doctor had informed me was wrong with her.

She had been struck on the one spot that could knock anyone out but she would be fine; there had been no cracks or breaks in the scan.

Mmm!” She mumbled softly as she fluttered her eyes slowly.

”Ron!” I exclaimed all but throwing myself at her and kissing her face softly. “You’re ok! You’re ok! You’re ok!”

What happened?” She asked her eyes meeting mine slowly and I could see the fear beginning to spark. “Oh God Steven…no, no, no…please tell me I dreamt it!?”

I’m sorry baby!” I shook my head as I watched her as closely as possible.

Oh God I need to get home, I need to…I have to leave!” She was beginning to panic frantically as she tried to sit up but was obviously still weak from what had happened as she literally fell straight back down on to the bed.

Miss Reid,” The doctor smiled as he came in to the room and closed the curtain behind him. “You have some very worried friends in the waiting room,”

Excuse me?” She was beginning to become hysterical as she shook her head.

It’s just Shannon and Matt sweetie,” I soothed trying to calm her as I ran my hand through her hair.

You’re sure?” She asked turning and looking at me.


Was this Steven guy what she had been trying to hide from me?

I listened as the doctor informed us that she would have to remain awake for the next 12 hours to ensure she didn’t slip in to concussion again. Nodding my head I agreed to ensure that I wouldn’t let her fall asleep and we were allowed to leave.

Telling the driver to take us to the nearest motel, I knew that she didn’t want to go back to the hotel and for whatever reason I would support any reason that she had for not going back there.

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Chapter 17;


Cameron’s POV;

Fear was rising in me; panic was intent on taking over as I thought about what had happened.

Randy Orton had sold me out! That fucker had ruined everything that I had worked so hard for; he had just taken it and turned it to shit.

I would have to run again; I had to get to CT and get him the hell out of Cameron; I was going to have to leave behind all my friends, my Family and Jeff.

I could kill Randy for doing this to me; kill him with my bare hands if I had too.

My life was ruined yet again by a man and all I could think about was getting back to Cameron, getting CT and getting the hell out of dodge.

Jeff moved around the room, checking windows and the door to ensure that everything was secured and we were safe. I watched his handsome face as he let the worry crease his normally calm features.

Jeff…” I started.

I never should have gotten involved with him; I should have stopped myself from feeling anything for him. It was because of me that he was worried and I hated the thought of causing him problems like this.

What is it beautiful?” He asked moving to the bed where I had my knees drawn to my chest and my arms wrapped tightly around them.

I need to…I have to get…CT he’s…I can’t stay here, I need to get back to Cameron…I need to get him out of there, I need to disappear!” I panicked as he watched me closely.

Ron you’re going to talk to me; you’re going to tell me who that guy was and why you were so scared of him, why he called you Shayne and you are going to tell me once I have called Shifty and Amber to let them know you are ok, you got me?”

Watching his face and how serious he was, I nodded my head knowing that I had no option but to tell him now. Randy had put me in the position where I couldn’t keep it to myself now and for that I hated that son of a bitch.


Seth’s POV;

Having watched the scene unfolding, I had felt a sliver of relief when Jeff, Matt and Shannon came crashing out in to the arena but seeing my sister panicking and trying to back away from Steven had left me feeling more helpless than I thought possible.

Watching the way she had handled herself once she had back up I couldn’t be more proud of her but she had taken a nasty spill to the side of her head and I had felt my stomach lurch in to my bowel as she had fallen with a sickening thud.

My phone started ringing and I grabbed it quickly; checking caller ID to see Jeff’s name flashing waiting to be answered.

”Tell me she is ok?” I said answering instantly.

”She’s fine; she has a little concussion but she is fine,”

”What the hell is he playing at?” I growled angrily.

Don’t worry about it Shifty; I am gonna make sure that it is taken care of I promise you,”

Is she with you?” I knew that if Jeff said he would sort it; he would do just that.

Yeah she is,”

”Can I talk to her?” I asked as I finally sat down and Amber gently placed her hand to my arm and let her head rest against my shoulder.

The sound of him talking to my sister filtered down the line then it turned quiet as Amber’s phone started ringing. Getting up she moved to pick it up and was drawn in to a conversation with the caller that I instantly recognized as Leland from the way she talked.

Hey,” Cam’s voice rang down the line.

Hey you! You ok?” I asked running my hands through my hair.

Fucking Randy Orton; ball bag motherfucking twunt faced asshole!” She ranted in to my ear causing me to laugh slightly.

Say what you mean hon,”

”Why? Seth why did he have to do that to me? What did I do wrong…? I fell for a man; so what…?” She said her voice breaking slightly.

You didn’t do nothing wrong sweetie! You and Jeff are meant to be…”

”There is no way that we will ever know now,” She sighed heavily.

What do you mean?”

I can’t stay in Cameron Seth; I can’t stay where he will find me…I mean Randy knows my address; oh God what if Steven is on his way there right now?” She began panicking.

Cam sweetie; you need to calm down; take a deep breath…”

A deep breath? You have to be kidding me? That asshole ruined my life once; he made my life a living misery and there is no way that I can allow that to happen a second time,”

It won’t happen again Cam…”

”You don’t know that!”

”I do honey; you didn’t have anyone on your side last time; now you have me, you have Amber, you have Jeff and his friends so please just take a deep breath and try to calm down!”

I can’t do this a second time Seth!” She sighed heavily as if she were ready to just give in.

Yes you can,” I said as the line turned silent and I could hear Jeff talking in the back ground. “Cam?”

”Yeah I am here sorry Seth! Jeff said to tell you that Shane and Bullet are on their way over to the house right now; they are going to stay until we can get home,”

Ok see already you have more support than you had…”

”You’re right!” She said. “I just can’t believe this…why couldn’t I have just turned Randy’s offer down?”

”Because you are trying to support you and a 10 year old; you needed the money so please don’t go blaming yourself ok?”

I should have known better than to trust someone like Randy; he is exactly like Steven…”

”Yes he is but you are not the same woman that you were when you were with Steven; you are stronger than that, just try to keep that in mind…”

”I don’t know if I am…”

”Cam you took your life back; you got out and you have built yourself a life that you are happy with right?”

”Of course,”

”Then let us in; let us help you and I promise you won’t be let down!”

”I’ll try!” She sighed as the sound of her lighting a cigarette filtered down the connection and causing me to grab my own cigarettes and lighting up.

You go, get some rest and we will see you in a couple of days ok?”

”Promise me that you won’t let CT out of your sight? Don’t let him go to school, just keep him in the house…if he wants to go out make sure that someone is with him; preferably you…promise me Seth!”

I promise honey! Just try to get some rest ok?” I said feeling my worry for her building.

I hadn’t know that she was going through what she had been with Steven the first time around, but now that I knew there was no way that I was going to let her down, I would be right by her side helping her fight this asshole.


Jeff’s POV;

Listening to the fear in her voice as she made her brother agree to keep CT safe and in sight at all times. I had never heard this woman sounding scared in the past but seeing her on the bed running her hands through her hair as she smoked on the cigarette between her lips it was obvious that she felt fear just like the rest of us.

Who was this Steven guy?

What had he done to her to make her so scared?

Finally she hung up the phone and placed it on to the mattress next to her and glanced at me before removing the cigarette from her mouth and flicking it in to the ashtray.

You want to know about my past? Well are you ready?” She asked trying to slip her mood back in to neutral, which was what I was used to seeing on her.

Mmhmm,” I nodded sitting down on the bed facing her and watching as she ran her hands through her hair again and sighed heavily.

I didn’t push as she seemed to slip in to silence for a few moments. I hated that she had been forced in to telling me; when she had fought so hard not to have to tell me and I could see it in her face that she was really uncomfortable about telling me and I instantly could see just how much she had been prepared to keep it all to herself.

That man…that Randy had in the ring; his name is Steven and he is CT’s Father,” She said looking at me and I could see how nervous she was about this.

Reaching for her hand, I took it in to mine and held it close to me; hoping that she would see just how much support she would get from me.

And CT is Dylan right?” I asked softly.

That’s right; CT was born Dylan on the 4th March 1998,”

Isn’t CT’s birthday 16th August?” I asked watching her closely.

”When we…when I left I had to change everything Jeff; not just our names…”

”Why did you leave?”

Let me start at the beginning; I met Steven when I was 8 or 9; we went to the same school and I told my Mom that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him…” She laughed as she drew her knees back up to her chest and hugged them close to her. “It’s funny how things turn out!”

Reaching for the smokes she lit another one and offered me one; shaking my head no she smiled and closed the pack then inhaled deeply on her lit cigarette before she continued talking.

We became inseparable; play dates; we were always together then when I was 13 we slept together and the first time; I fell pregnant with CT!” Flicking her cigarette in the ashtray she sighed heavily. “My Parent’s were livid; they wanted me to marry Steven and settle down but I wasn’t…I’m not…I don’t believe that you need a piece of paper to say that you love someone you know?”

I completely understand and I completely agree with that,” I admitted realizing that this woman was more like me than I had been aware of.

So they bought us a house; moved us in to it the minute I turned 16…Steven wasn’t…what we had shared before…it was like it was gone; he didn’t…he wasn’t who I thought he was…”

Meaning?” I asked feeling my stomach twisting in my gut tightly; praying that she wasn’t about to tell me what I thought she was going to tell me.

He beat me…at every given opportunity…actually beat doesn’t seem to be the right word for it…”

He hit you?” I asked feeling my temper rising and wishing that I had hit the fucker harder than I had when he was in that ring.

Yeah…hit me; beat me; degraded me in anyway that he saw fit…he uhm…he-he…uhm he raped-me!”

I could see her searching my eyes, watching me closely for my response and all I could feel was a pride in her; a pride that she had gotten out, that she had changed her life and her circumstances and had become this amazing woman that she was now.

”What?” I asked softly.

You’re not looking at me like…I thought you would have…pitied me or shown some kind of sympathy but I…I-I don’t understand…”

What is there to understand baby? I am proud of you; I am so proud of what you have done…you beat it; you got out and you got your son out; why would I pity that?”

That’s why I didn’t…I didn’t tell you about it because I didn’t want to see that look in your eyes you know?”

Baby you will never see pity or sympathy in my eyes; I mean yes I am mad as hell that you had to go through that; I mean it is killing me inside to know that you were subjected to something like that but the woman you are now; that is the woman I am proud of,”

Throwing herself in to my arms she held me close; refusing to let me go, I held her just as close taking comfort in the fact that she had finally opened up to me.

So what made you leave?”

He uhm…he raped me one night and because I wouldn’t look at him he tried to choke me to death…I knew that I had to get out then. If I stayed I was…I would probably be 6 feet under by now,”

Anger welled inside me but I fought it with everything that I had as I just pulled her back to me, holding her close and kissing her head tenderly.

What about CT?”

I think that he hasn’t been too scarred by it…”

”I think there is something that you need to know,” I said remembering the look in CT’s face the night before we had fallen out.

What?” She asked pulling back from me and looking at me; her eyes burning in to me causing me to loose all sense of time and reality.

I explained what I had seen and I could see the troubled look on her face as she let what I told her sink in. Sighing she leant forward and took a few deep breaths.

You ok?” I asked rubbing my hand over the small of her back as I moved behind her and continued to rub up and down her back.

I can’t believe this…I thought I had left before he could be scarred by this but…”

Hey you did what you thought was best; you made the best of a situation that you couldn’t control. Baby there isn’t nothing that you could have done different…”

I tried calling the police, I tried to leave countless times but he always caught me…”

”What did the police say?” I asked wrapping my arms through her waist and pulling her back against me gently.

Steven was…is a cop so they took his side; pushed what I said under the carpet to protect their own!”

”Fucking asshole!” I muttered angrily.

Holding her close; there was no way that I was going to let this asshole win; not when I had finally got her to open up to me; I wasn’t going to let her down.

I want you to lean on me ok Ron? For anything at all; I am going to be right here by your side, no matter what ok?”

I’m not used to…I don’t know if I can Jeff; I have done this on my own for so long that I don’t…I can’t remember how to lean on anyone for anything at all,”

Don’t worry baby; I will teach you…I am gonna show you what a real man is; show you how a real man treats a real woman; you’re safe with me ok?”

I know! I always have felt safe with you baby and that hasn’t changed especially after tonight,” She finally let her entire body cave back against mine.

Without even realizing it; she instilled me with more power than I thought possible to keep her safe, the determination to keep her out of harms way sparked and nothing was going to keep me from my goal or promise to keep her safe.

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Chapter 18;

Cameron’s POV;

Turning in his arms and looking in to his steely green eyes I could feel my resolve weakening; could I really do this?

Could I really fight Steven?

Did I have enough strength?

What is baby?” He asked gently wiping the hair from my face.

I don’t know what…I am not sure if I can do this Jeff!”

Yes you can princess; you have the basic instinct to survive and to have that shows me that you are stronger than he is giving you credit for! Just trust me and lean on me and I will ensure that you get through this,”

O-Ok I w-will try,” I stumbled I couldn’t believe that he had reacted in a completely different way to what I had envisioned.

I had been pushing him away for a reason that turned out to be just in my head.

I am so sorry Jeff,” I whispered letting my head fall down; my eyes landing on the bed below us.

Hey,” He said firmly as he gently cupped my face and lifted me to look at him. “I don’t want to hear sorry from you; after hearing all of this I can totally understand why you were the way you were,”

The sound of my phone ringing prevented me from replying as I reached to the nightstand where I had left it lying; unknown number.

Hello?” I said taking a deep breath.

You’ve been a very bad girl Shayne!” Steven snarled down the line.

Hanging up I refused to talk to him, what could I say?

There really was nothing to say other than him winding me up to the point where I lost my cool and I didn’t want that. Instantly it began to ring again before Jeff had a chance to say what was about to come out of his mouth.

Hello?” I said answering again.

”Don’t you dare fucking hang…” Steven started but I did just that and hung up again.

Steven?” Jeff asked concern lacing his voice as he brushed the hair from my face as once again my phone began to ring.

”WHAT?” I screamed in to the phone.

I TOLD YOU NOT TO HANG UP ON ME!” He screamed in to the phone.

Oh would you look at that…” Hanging up again I sighed and began to run my hands through my hair as once again my phone started to ring. “What do you want?” I resigned myself to the fact that if I didn’t talk to him then he would just keep calling and jam up my phone.

What did I tell you I would do if you ever left?” He asked me his voice low and threatening.

Fear raked through my body as I looked at Jeff who was watching me closely his eyes full of concern as the fear and trepidation began to rise in waves of sickness.

What did I tell you Shayne?”

Steven please just…”

WHAT DID I TELL YOU BITCH!?” He roared in to the phone angrily.

That you’d…kill me!”

Tell me Shayne do you have a death wish?” He asked his voice calming and taking on the authorative tone that he always used to use on me.

My entire body began to shake violently but I was instantly in Jeff’s arms where he gently run his hand up and down my back in a gesture that was intended on calming me and slowly it began to work.

I am talking to you…”

”I heard you!” I spat feeling my courage building slowly.

Then answer the question,”

Do you?”

Excuse me?” He asked instantly confused by my confidence.

Simple enough question Steven; do you have a death wish?” I asked and was instantly rewarded to Jeff kissing my head supportively.

Are you…threatening me?” He asked his voice turning slightly shaky.

No; how could I threaten you? There is no way that I could…”

”That’s right bitch; don’t forget who you are talking too,” He snarled his anger coming back. “You walked out of my life with our son and you disappeared in to the night…I can’t let you get away with that!”

Then do what you think you have too,” I snapped and hung up the phone.

Turning it off I threw it to the bed and collapsed in to Jeff’s arms where I clung to him tightly.

”You did good baby girl,” He whispered softly as his hands continued to rub up and down my back tenderly.

I’m glad you think so; ‘cos I think I may have just pissed him off!” I sighed heavily.

Whatever happens; I am going to be right here by your side ok? Nothing is going to scare me away; let him try to do what he wants, let him try to hurt you ‘cos it ain’t happening,” He said as the sound of knocking on our door tore through the room.

Panic began to settle in; was it Steven?

Had he traced the call?

Guys are you in there?” Matt’s voice filtered through the thick wood of the door and instantly I felt more calm and collected.

For now Steven didn’t know where I was; he hadn’t found me and I had to just keep that in mind until I could get home to where my son was. Please just let me get through the next couple of days until I can get home to my boy! I prayed silently as Jeff went to answer the door.


Amber’s POV;

Standing in the hall that led to the kitchen with my phone planted to my ear listening as Leland tried to take in what I had told him about Cameron.

And you’re the only one who knew about this?” He asked me as I glanced back to the living room wanting nothing more than to go and console Shifty who had his head in his hands.

Yeah me and Seth obviously,”

Is she ok?” He asked obviously concerned for my best friend.

I don’t know! Seth was talking to her a few minutes ago,” I wanted to go and comfort him, to let him know that Cam would be safe with Jeff, Matt and Shannon.

Ok well go and talk to him baby and text me to let me know if she is ok yeah?” Leland asked as if sensing my need.

I will baby! Thank you for understanding…” I said as the front door bell began to ring and I watched as Shifty got to his feet and moved out of the living room.

How could I not understand Amber; that girl has become like Family to all of us…”

I know but I was worried because I didn’t tell you about her that…”

”What? I would get mad?”


”Not going to happen beautiful! Now go check on Seth and let me know what is going on yeah?”

”I will baby; thanks again! I love you,”

”I love you too princess,” He replied almost instantly without thought and I was left feeling a little more confused than I thought possible. “I’ll hear from you soon,”

You will,”

I had just ended the call when Shane and the Bullet walked in to the living room with Shifty following behind them. Moving in to the living room and closing the door that led to the kitchen.

Hey honey you ok?” The Bullet asked as he sat down on the sofa and watched as I took the seat next to Shifty.

I’m fine just worried about Cam you know?”

We just talked to Matt he is on the way to their room now; Jeff took her to a motel,” Shane informed me causing Shifty’s posture to relax slightly.

Well that is something I guess!” I said reaching for my smokes and lighting up, passing out to Shifty and Shane as Bullet smiled softly and relaxed back in the sofa.

Any idea what that was about?” Shane asked looking from me to Shifty.

Shifty?” I looked at the man next to me and it looked like he had aged 10 years since the scene had unfolded on the telly.

I-I…I can’t!” He said looking at me his eyes pleading with me to explain. Taking his hand in mine I nodded my head.

An hour later I had explained everything that I knew to our friends who looked shocked and taken aback from what I had just relayed to them.

I never would have guessed…I mean Cam always seems so calm and in control; I can’t imagine her being the kind of woman who…”

”Who what?” Shifty asked staring at the Bullet. “Let a man do what that piece of shit did to her?”

No Shifty that isn’t what I meant…I just meant that I didn’t think that Cam would be the type of woman who…I just never would have guessed she doesn’t fit the stigma of an abused woman,” The Bullet said softly.

And what is the stigma?” Shifty asked his back instantly up and he was ready to get in to it big time with the Bullet.

Shifty…the Bullet didn’t mean anything by it!” I said stroking my hand over his arm softly; wanting nothing more than to be there for him.

Cameron had told me that she thought he had taken the news far too well; he hadn’t gotten mad, he hadn’t screamed or let his feelings be known which she had expected and from what I knew about him I had expected him to go nuts and it was obvious that he had been bottling it up inside him.

I know…” He shook his head and looked at Andrew who was sitting on the sofa nervously. “I’m sorry Bullet,”

Its ok man,” Andrew replied his body relaxing as he moved forward in the sofa and watching Shifty and I closely.

I just can’t believe that fucker did this to her…what did she do wrong?” Shifty asked getting up and beginning to pace back and forth.

”She didn’t do nothing wrong Seth; Randy is twisted and perverse in ways that no one really understands…”

”I should have gone with her,”

And do what?” I asked watching him as he flicked his cigarette in the ashtray.

I could have…” His voice trailed off as he realized that there really was nothing that he could have done.

I really would hate to be in Randy’s shoes from now on,” Shane said softly.

Meaning?” Shifty asked looking to Shane.

Seth I know that you can see how Jeff feels about your sister; and I know that you are ok about that but Jeff is fiercely protective about Cam he isn’t going to let Randy get away with this,”

I know! And in all honesty I am taking small comfort in that right now,” Shifty said finally sitting back down next to me and gently pulling me to his side.

It was an action that left me gasping for air but it felt more right than anything I had ever felt with Leland; where did that leave my relationship with my boyfriend?

I knew that I still loved Leland; I knew it because whenever I talked to him my heart would do a little flutter but being with Shifty I found that I wasn’t missing my boyfriend half as much as I had been before Shifty walked in to my life.

Do you think Steven will try and…?” I started to ask as he placed his lips to my head and held me closer to him.

I know he will! Ever since Cam left; he has been like a dog with a bone; trying everything at his disposal to find her and when it yielded no results he tried to expand his search to other town’s but Cam did good; she literally disappeared with the night…she covered her tracks, made sure that she didn’t leave a paper trail…but now that he has found her I don’t know what is waiting for her…”

”What do you mean used everything at his disposal?” The Bullet asked reaching for my glass of Jack and helping himself to a mouthful.

Steven is a cop…”

So she learned from the best then?”

She really did! She took it all in and stored it in her head and then when the time was right; bam she sunk in to the dark of the night and no one had a clue where she was…”

Until now!” Shane said sighing heavily as he finally realized that this situation really did seem hopeless. “Can I ask you something?”

Sure,” The man holding me in his arms replied.

Didn’t she try to call the cops?”

Didn’t you hear me…? Steven is a cop…”

”I don’t understand what you are getting at,”

Cam called the cops on Steven one night after he had beaten her black and blue; because Steven was one of them, they told my sister that there was nothing they could do and swept it under the carpet…that’s why she left; she knew that she had no where to turn!”

What about you?”

What could I have done? You saw that guy; I ain’t no match for him, my Father was no match for him, and my Mother certainly wasn’t a match for him,” Shifty informed the room as his body began to tense towards eruption.

Gently rubbing my hand on his arm, feeling his muscles rippling under my touch as he smiled down at me.

You think she is going to be able to handle it?” I asked softly.

Cam isn’t the woman that she was when she left; I had noticed that after talking with her for 5 minutes; she is stronger than she ever was, she is collected and her mind is in the right place…I think she’s going to have a fight on her hands but essentially I know that she can do this! Now that she has Jeff and you guys; she can do anything!” He admitted looking around the room at his sister’s friends and I could see the appreciation that he felt to all of us for being there for his sister.

Well for whatever it is worth we are going to be right here and we will do what ever we can to help her through this. Now what are we going to do with CT?” Shane asked smiling at Shifty.

Cam wants him home from school, she doesn’t want him going anywhere without someone; preferably me but I am ok with you guys taking him out ‘cos if Steven does come here I still ain’t no match for him,” Shifty said.

Shane and Andrew both nodded and smiled softly as we all seemed to slip in to our own thoughts. My own train of thought slipped to what I was feeling for this man who was holding me close to him.

All thoughts of Leland slipping away with every soft caress that Shifty ran up and down my arm tenderly. Cam had always said that everything happens for a reason and maybe Leland had to leave for me to meet Shifty.

Just maybe I was meant to be with this man; God knows he was here when Leland wasn’t!

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Chapter 19;


Shannon’s POV;

Jeff let us in to the room that he had booked for himself and Cameron; now that the news was out there was no need for them to hide, which I figured would only make them stronger as a couple.

There was no denying that they were meant to be together; their connection was just getting stronger and stronger with every passing day. And nothing that Randy did could come in between that.

Matt and I had gone back to the hotel and grabbed up their things and ensured that we weren’t being followed before we drove back over here; getting the driver to ride around for a bit before we got him to drop us off at a motel further down the strip where we slipped inside asked the guy on the desk if there was a back way out of the complex, which he instantly showed us too.

Cameron had taken her bags, kissed Matt and I before she headed in to the en suite to get changed out of the cloths that Randy had made her wear. If anyone knew Cam they knew that formal cloths weren’t her thing and having to dress the way that Randy insisted had driven her crazy.

How’s she doing?” Matt asked as we sat down on the suite in the main area of the room.

She’s been better!” Jeff growled as he paced placing his cigarette to his mouth and inhaling deeply before flicking it in to the ashtray. “I’m going to fucking kill Randy,”

Well should you need help you know we got your back,” I said glancing to the en suite door, which remained closed and hiding her from view.

Thanks man,” Jeff said following my gaze to the door that was keeping Cam away from us. “She’ll be fine Shannon,”

I had gotten to know the girl really well since she had been hanging out with Amber and I liked her, she was spunky, she was easy to hang out with and I looked at her like she was a part of the Family; I would do whatever I had to ensure that she was safe.

Who was that guy Jeff?” Matt asked resting his feet on the worn out coffee table that lay in the middle of the main area of the room.

He was my ex,” Cameron announced as the door opened to the en suite and she came in to view, looking more comfortable in a pair of tight fitting bleached jeans and a black t-shirt that read Music Saved My Life! Her long dark hair pulled off her face, which was completely devoid of make up and I could see the way that Jeff reacted to the sight of her.

There really was no doubt in my mind that my friend was in love with this girl and vice versa as she smiled brightly at him, whether either of them knew it yet or not it remained to be seen.

Why did he call you Shayne?” I asked as she moved over to where I was sat down and she leaned down and kissed my cheek before repeating the action with Matt.

“’Cos it’s my name…my real name!” She said causing Matt and I to look at her completely confused.

Gently pulling her down on to my lap she smiled at me before she began to explain what she had obviously told Jeff who seemed to bounce on the balls of his feet hearing it for the second time.

That is what you couldn’t tell Jeff?” Matt asked reaching for her hand and holding on to her firmly as my arms kept her wrapped up firmly.

That’s right! I didn’t want…I couldn’t let him know when…Steven has forced my hand and I had no option to tell him and I am glad that I did!” She nodded looking to her man who smiled at her warmly causing her to remove herself from my embrace and move to him.

Claiming her tiny frame in his arms, he kissed her head softly as Matt looked away. I knew that Matt had been interested in her when we had first met her was it possible that he was still interested in her?

Guys…” I said looking away from Matt to Cameron and Jeff who were stood wrapped up in each other. “We have booked a couple rooms too; luckily one on either side of you,”

Thanks reject that means a lot to me,” Cameron smiled tearing her eyes away from her man and smiling at me.

You’re welcome honey! And it should go without saying but I want to make it completely clear; we are here for you, we will help you deal and fight this motherfucker ok?”

Thanks guys,” She smiled brightly as Jeff kissed her head softly.

We talked for a little while, before Cameron slipped her MP-3 player in to the outlet on the DVD player in the room, and turned the music on, and almost as soon as the music started her posture began to relax and change from the coiled position that she had been in from the minute we had arrived here.

Matt and I had bid them goodnight and left them alone to talk and just be with one another. Matt said goodnight and headed to his own room, while I moved to mine and closed the door. Pulling my phone from my pocket I dialed Shane’s number and waited for him to answer.

My friends that were staying with Amber, Shifty and CT needed to know the truth and what they could be facing.

Cameron’s POV;

Music always helped me to feel calm and in control, whether it be anything from Country, to Rock, to Nu Metal to Dance and now seemed to be no different, as the sounds of the new Theory Of A Deadman album began to play.

You ok beautiful?” Jeff asked as I threw myself down on to the sofa where Matt and Shannon had been sat moments earlier.

Yeah why?”

You’ve had to explain about your past twice now!”

I know baby but I am fine! I feel calm and in control; this isn’t going…I can do this!”

Yes you can,” He moved so that he was knelt in front of me; his steel green eyes burning in to me until I felt my entire body shivering out of control. “Dance with me?”

To this?” I giggled softly. “It’s a bit rocky to dance too,”

Getting up he moved to the MP-3 player and skipped a couple tracks until he found the one that he was looking for.

This one isn’t,” He smiled as he moved back to me, holding his hand out to me.

Taking his hand, I smiled at him as he gently pulled me in to his arms, holding me close to him, one hand holding on to the back of my head while the other held on to my waist firmly as he began to move us to the beat of the music as he began to sing softly in to my ear.

I always loved to hear him sing; his voice low and sexy which was perfect for this kind of song.

Listen to the words baby,” He informed me as the song began to play properly and his voice complimented the lyrics perfectly;

When I first saw you standing there

You know it was a little hard not to stare

So nervous when I drove you home

I know being apart is a little hard to bare.

Send some flowers to your work an home

So that I will have you in my arms again

We kissed that night before I left

And now that’s something

I could never forget

You've got all that I need

Looking at all or nothing

Babe it's you and I

With you I know that

I am good for something

So lets go give it a try

We got our backs against the ocean

It's just us against the world

Looking at all or nothing

Babe it's you and I

Looking at all or nothing

Babe it's you and I

Lets take a chance go far away today

And never look back again

Since I said I loved you in Las Vegas

It's never been the same since then

You've got all that I need

Looking at all or nothing

Babe it's you and I

With you I know

I am good for something

So lets go give it a try

We got our backs against the ocean

It's just us against the world

Looking at all or nothing

Babe it's you and I

Looking at all or nothing

Babe it's you and I

This is it nothing to hide

One more kiss never say goodbye

This is it babe your all mine

Looking at all or nothing

Babe it's you and I

I know that I am good for something

So lets go give it a try

We got our backs against the ocean

It's just us against the world

Looking at all or nothing

Babe it's you and I

With you I know that

I am good for something

So lets go give it a try

We got our backs against the ocean

It's just us against the world

Looking at all or nothing

Babe it's you and I

Looking at all or nothing

Babe it's you and I

Babe it's you and I

As the song came to a finish he pulled his head back to look in to my eyes and I could feel myself sinking in to his eyes that always held the power to make me forget everything that was going on with my life and now seemed to be no different.

It is just you and me; you me and CT that is all I have ever wanted Ron!” He whispered his voice low and sincere.

Me too Jeff,” I replied feeling weird about being this vulnerable with him but he had more than proved his loyalty to me tonight.

There had been no need for him to come tearing in to that ring but he had done it without question, which was nothing I had ever had before.

Years ago I had prayed and hoped for someone to come to my rescue; I had lost myself in dreams of my prince charming coming to save me from my monster of a boyfriend and when it hadn’t happened and I had, had to save myself, which had quickly killed the hope I had of a prince charming.

But here he was stood in front of me, holding me close, promising to keep me and my son safe and for that I think I fell in love with him in a instant.

Feeling the heat stinging my face at the thought of what had just popped in to my head; I buried my head in his shoulder and listened as the next song came on.

Jeff listened quietly, until the third time the chorus started and he began to sing the words to me again;

There's a little piece of heaven

Right here where you are

the fact that you keep trying

Is what sets you apart.

Help me find the reason

And I'll help you find the way

To get rid of all your pain

Little by little, day by day

Little by little, day by day

The song finished and slowly he moved me backwards until we were falling on to the bed; his lips capturing mine in to a kiss so passionate and hungry that I completely forgot about the news that had just broken a couple of hours earlier.

Steven’s POV;

Turning around I glared at Randy Orton. This man was pissing me off and if he thought that he somehow had me on side then he had another thing coming.

I watched as he ran his hand over his shaved head nervously as we lost the car that was transporting Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore back to Shayne.

I had thought that I would never see her again but she had made the biggest mistake that she ever could have by taking a job with Randy Orton and then breaking the terms and conditions of the contract that she had signed seemed to have been fate leading me to her all this time.

I had been reluctant to believe Randy when he called me and told me that he had Shayne working for him as his manager; the girl had covered her tracks well and if it hadn’t been for her taking that job I doubt I would ever have found her.

And that was what was bugging me; obviously my girl was clever when it came to covering her tracks why blatantly break the terms of her contract with the knowledge of working with Randy Orton; surely she had to know that he wasn’t the type of man to be crossed.

In many ways he was like me; I hated the fact that she had crossed me and taken my son away from me and for that reason alone she would have to pay.

Now what genius?” I asked glaring at him angrily.


”Y-You w-what? You seemed to be suddenly at a loss for words,”

I don’t know what to tell you,” He said his eyes avoiding looking at me and instantly I knew that he was nervous around me and so he should be.

If he thought that he was getting away with talking to Shayne like that then he had another thing coming!

Then you had better think of something; I am not a very patient man Randy and I want my girl back and I want her back now!”

You could try calling her again!” He suggested.

Did you take a spill to the head Randy? I told you her phone is switched off!”

Try the work number I gave her…”

”What’s this now?” I asked moving towards him.

I gave her a separate cell phone for work purposes so that I could always get a hold of her…”

Give me your cell phone,”


”She won’t answer if it is a unknown number; if she sees your number there is a bigger chance of her answering,”

Nodding his head he handed the phone over to me and I pressed the call button on the number that he had pulled up.

Hello…?” Shayne’s voice answered breathlessly. “Mmmm,” She purred in a sexy tone. “What do you want Randy? I don’t work for you anymore!” She spat in to the phone as the sound of a man heavy breathing in the background sparked an anger in me that I hadn’t expected to feel.

Shayne was my woman; she didn’t seriously think that after a couple of years that changed anything between us did she?

It was more than obvious that they were fucking as the moaning and groaning got louder; causing me to see images in my head and I had to hang up without saying a word.

Bitch was going to pay for cheating on me! I would make her pay and there was no one on this planet that was going to be able to help her.

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Chapter 20;


Jeff’s POV;

The way her eyes were burning in to mine was enough to leave me spinning in to oblivion. Once we had fallen on to the bed kissing we had just laid there touching each other gently and kissing; lost in the moment and in each others eyes.

Slowly we had began to remove each others cloths until we were naked and still we just kissed and touched each other until my fingers were sliding in to her soft warm wet pussy.

Stroking the insides of her chamber gently had her panting almost instantly until she had straddled my body and thrust her hips down on to my cock engulfing the entire length of my dick until I was buried deeper than I ever had been.

Slowly we had begun to move against each other, taking time to get reacquainted with each others bodies. It had felt like a year since I had been with her and I didn’t want to rush the amazing feeling that was coursing through me.

You feel so amazing,” I panted as her hands came to rest on my chest to steady herself.

Mmmm Jeff you feel so hard,” She purred as her long black painted nails dug in to my chest causing me to flinch from the pain.

Sliding up and down over my cock; her movements intense and slow as I watched her body moving seemed to turn me harder than I thought possible.

Sweat encased both of our naked panting bodies as she raked her nails down the flesh of my upper torso; drawing blood as she went.

I had wanted her to feel the control of this after everything that she had told me but seeing the way she was moving, watching her body as she thrust down on to me was almost too much to bear and I was flipping her.

Before she turned on to her back; I stopped her body until she was lying out on her side. Guiding my hand to move her top leg in to a bent position, I grabbed my cock and eased myself into her and was instantly rewarded to a tight thrust.

Mmmm!” She purred softly as my hand slid under her neck and the other moved to her pussy. “Oh yes…mmm baby right there,” She panted as my fingers dove deep feeling my cock as I pumped in to her still in the soft and steady pace that we had picked.

The Mp-3 player continued to play as I listened to her breathing heavily, the sound of the Kid Rock song that was playing seemed to wrap around me leaving me more than painfully aware that this was exactly how I felt about this girl.

Up and down that lonely road of faith
I have been there
Unprepared for the storms and the tides that rise
I've realized one thing, how much I love you
And it hurts to see, to see you cryin'
I believe we can make it through the winds of change

And if you just hold on, I wont let ya fall

I won’t let you fall no
We can make it through the storms
and the winds of change

Though I walk through the valley of darkness
I am not afraid
Cause I know I'm not alone

And if the wind blows east, would you follow me
And if the wind blows north, would ya stay your course
And if the wind blows west, would ya second guess
And if it blows to the south, would you count me out
And if the sun don't shine, would you still be mine
And if the sky turns grey, would you walk away
Would you say I do, if I say I'll be
And walk this road through life with me
You know I love youuuuuu

On this lonely road of faith
On this lonely road of faith

Watching her body moving against my thrusts, the way her flat toned stomach tightened and constricted as she kept the pace that we had set, the way her chest rose and fell rapidly in time to her shortness of breath.

Ron!” I growled low in my throat in to her ear.

Jeff!” She panted sliding her hand down the front of her own body and slipping in to her pussy; finding my fingers instantly and helping me stroke the walls of her pussy as my cock drove in to her deeply.

I-I…oh fuck Ron I love you!” I growled desperately and instantly she stopped moving against me, stopped her fingers from moving with my own.

Turning her head to look at me, her eyes blazing with tears and uncertainty as I quickly withdrew from inside her and turned her on to her back.

Moving in between her legs and looked down at her; seeing the shock on her beautiful features as she panted out of control.

W-What did you j-just s-say?” She stumbled.

I love you…I have always…from the moment I first saw you I knew that I was going to completely loose myself in you and the more I got to know you the more I realized that was true and seeing you going down in that ring tonight; it just made me realize how much I am in love with you,”

B-But…w-we haven’t b-been together a-all that l-long…”

Doesn’t make it any less true! Look Ron I know that after everything that you have been through; it may take you a little longer to feel what I am feeling but I needed you to…”

I love you too,” She whispered her eyes never once leaving my own as she ran her hands up my arms and curling them around my head softly letting her fingers rung through my hair.

You do?”

Mmhmm! I tried to tell myself that I didn’t…that I don’t but when we had that argument I knew that I had done the one thing that I had said that I never would again…and that was fall for you; I love you Jeff!”

Just with those 4 little words I felt like I could walk on air, the happiness that spread through me wasn’t like anything I had ever experienced and before I could say anything else she had her long toned legs wrapped around me and drawing my cock back in to her.

Our eyes staying locked in the same way that our bodies were locked we began to move slowly against each other, the desire, the love, the connection that we had always shared began to rise past anything that we had ever felt and I was drowning out of reality in to the safety and love that her beautiful eyes offered.

Cameron’s POV;

Jeff loved me; I didn’t think I could feel more happy than I did right in this moment. Watching as his eyes stayed focused solely on mine as he made love to me with an intensity that we had never had before.

The sweat creased his brow as he slid his hands under my body and up to my shoulders; holding me tightly against his sweating chiseled frame we moved as one our bodies coming together in every way.

Tighten your legs around me beautiful,” He whispered in to my ear causing my entire body to shudder from the inside out.

Doing as he asked my legs tightened around his waist and instantly I was rewarded to the friction of his cock pushing in to me and dragging out at an agonizingly slow pace.

The feel of his hands pushing my shoulders down to meet his thrusts set a new slightly faster pace as sparks of pleasure began to ignite through my veins causing me to see stars.

Bringing his head to my shoulders he bit down on my flesh causing me to draw him in to a faster pace, desperation was igniting inside me as the sound of his moaning flowed in to my ear and through every inch of my body.

Mmmm, ooohhhh, aaahhhh, fuck yes…Ron!” He groaned softly as he still pushed my shoulders down causing my entire body to move against his thrusting.

I could feel my pussy getting more and more wet with every slam that he inflicted on me and before I was aware of it happening I was constricting violently around his hard thick shaft as he continued to make love to me like he never had.

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jjjjjeeefffff!” I panted as pleasure took me to places where I was seeing vibrant flashes of light before my eyes.

My back began to arch from the bed, my legs tightened harder around his waist and my nails scraped down the flesh of his back causing him to shudder and flinch slightly under the pain that I was inflicting on him.

Biting down hard on my flesh caused my release to reach new agonizing heights that I had never reached before and then it was happening for him too; I could feel him unloading all that he had to offer inside me and his body shuddered and twitched madly.

Ron, Ron, Ron…oh fuck baby…RRROOONNN!” He roared out of him hungrily before sinking his teeth deep in to my flesh causing pleasure and pain to slam together in a force so violent that I could feel myself passing out from the sheer force.

The next thing I was aware of was Jeff placing his lips to mine and I was instantly back in the land of the living and looking in to his amazing steely green eyes that always held the power to leave me feeling safe and protected from anything that I had ever experienced.

You ok princess?” He whispered pulling back from me as the feel of his cock throbbing against my insides seemed to leave me feeling like I was burning in the sweat that had encompassed both of our bodies.

T-That w-was…my God Jeff…I have n-never felt anything like that before,”

Me either gorgeous,” He smiled softly as he placed his lips to my forehead and slowly slid out of my pussy; leaving my entire body shuddering as wave upon wave of pleasure coursed through me.

If that was what make up sex is like then we should argue more often,” I smiled as he collapsed down next to me.

”No! I hated every minute of not talking to you. Ron I missed you much more than I thought it was possible to miss someone,”

I know me too,” I admitted honestly.

It was true not talking to him had left my heart feeling like it was ripped in 2 and there had been nothing that could heal it. All I had wanted to do was call him, to tell him that I missed him, that I needed him to be a part of my life, that I was sorry for loosing my cool with him but my pride had refused to allow me to do that.

Jeff’s POV;

Feeling her body sinking in to the mattress of the bed, as she turned on to her side and looked at me, I turned my own body so that I was facing her, watching her, drowning in her beautiful dark brown eyes.

Everything that I could ever want or need was lying watching me, smiling at me and reaching her hand out to my arm where she held on to me tightly.

You missed me?” I asked unaware of how she had really felt when we had fallen out.

More than I had ever allowed myself to miss anyone,” She admitted her eyes staying focused solely on my own.

Did you miss Steven when you left?” I asked wanting to know how she had felt about him; had she loved him?

I missed being with someone but no…I didn’t miss him as a person,” She replied keeping her eyes on my own.

Did you love him?”

”In the beginning I did…I thought that I would love him forever but towards the end all I felt was hate and disappointment…”


Yeah; he wasn’t the man I had thought he was. When we first started dating it was like we were meant to be you know; like he had been made for me and me alone but then when we moved in with one another and had CT with us; it was like a switch going off and he changed in to this monster…”

When was the first that he hit you?”

We had been out at my Mom & Dad’s for thanksgiving and he was complaining the whole ride home about CT crying the whole time we had been there, then when we got in to the house CT was still crying and fussing, Steven told me to put him to bed and when I did he just laid in to me; telling me that I needed to get better control of our son,”

Was it bad?”

”Excuse me?”

”Was it a bad beating?” I asked as she reached behind her for the smokes and handed me one before lighting her own.

No…Steven was…is a clever man…”

”What does that mean?” I asked as she placed the ashtray between our naked bodies and swirled the tip around the walls of it.

He would never hit me anywhere that couldn’t be covered up…the first time he hit me was a punch to the stomach and when I fell over winded he kicked me a couple of times…all in places that could be covered,”

And it just continued after that?”

Yeah pretty much; always in places that could be covered by cloths,” She informed me. “It was easy for him to act like he was the doting partner and Father ‘cos he had basically cut me off from everyone, he chose my friends, he chose when I talked to my family and he chose what I did with my life and that was being a stay at home Mom,”

I can’t imagine what that must have been like,”

It was difficult; but I coped the best way I knew how…”

”Which was?”

Music; I have always loved music, but when I was with Steven it seemed to be the only thing keeping me going that and CT…”

”Did he ever hit CT?”

No; not once; he yelled at him a couple of times but he never raised his hand to him,”

I can’t…I knew that there was something in your past but I had no idea that it was this,”

How were you to know if I didn’t open up to you?” She asked smiling softly as she placed her cigarette to her lips and inhaled deeply.

I know but I should have known…you’re not the type of person that keeps things to themselves without good reason, I should have just trusted that and not pushed…”

Forget about it baby; it’s in the past you know now and that is the most important thing right?”

It really is and I am going to make sure that you and CT are safe, there is no way that this asshole is going to get near you again ok?”

I know babe; I always knew that I could trust you…”

”You amaze me!”

”How so?” She asked shocked as her eyes moved to my own and watched me closely.

Your ability to carry on, the way you can still trust after everything that you have been through…not many women could do that…”

Jeff don’t try and make me in to something I’m not; I was still weak and the thought of Steven being back in my life is causing my entire body to feel like I am living on a knives edge, I’m not strong…”

”That’s bullshit! You walked away, you left everything that you knew behind you, you moved out of his radar, you covered your tracks, and you built a life for you and CT that takes more guts than you are giving yourself credit for,”


No maybes baby; you have my respect and I know that Matt and Shannon respect you too, so just push all those thoughts to the back of your head ok?”

Nodding her head she looked less than convinced but I could make her see that she was everything that Steven had made her believe that she wasn’t and given enough time, I would build her in to the woman that she wanted to be, the woman that she had worked so hard to become; the woman that Randy Orton had tried to destroy tonight by doing what he had done.

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Chapter 21;


Amber’s POV;

Standing in the airport with Shifty, CT, Shane and The Bullet people had begun to stare and I could feel Shifty shifting around uncomfortably next to me.

CT had been happy that he didn’t have to go to school but was confused as to what was going on. We had talked and decided that it would be best coming from Cam than any of us so all we had, had to do was wait for my friend to come home.

I had called Leland and informed him on what was happening; instantly he had offered to fly out when Cam came home, to which I had agreed happily. I had a feeling that things were going to get bad for my friend and I would need all the support and help that I needed, so Leland had asked for time off from work to be told by Beth that they couldn’t spare him.

Instantly I was left wondering how our relationship was ever going to work with the whole distance thing becoming more and more of an issue.

I had confided in Shifty who had been amazing; telling me to give it time, that long term relationships took time to adjust too, after being with Leland every day for as long as we had been together it was obvious that it was going to take some time getting used too.

I had agreed but then there was the way I was feeling about him too; every time we were alone together it felt like I was drowning in him, the connection I felt to him was stronger than anything that I had ever felt but it was obvious that he saw me as his friend and nothing more when he had given me the advice that he had about Leland.

MOM!” CT took off; racing through the crowds towards where his Mom, Jeff, Matt and Shannon had just cleared the door.

Hey big man,” Cam hugged him tightly; holding him close to her she refused to let him go, as she placed kiss after kiss to his head before looking up to where we were stood waiting for them.

Mom I have been having the best time with Uncle Seth, Shane and Bullet,” CT confessed enthusiastically.

Good I am glad baby,” She replied as the 5 of them began to walk over to where we were stood. Letting go of CT who was instantly on Matt’s back, she moved to Seth and fell in to his arms.

You ok honey?” He asked kissing her head affectionately.

I’ve been better! Just tell me that you haven’t seen him?” She asked pulling back and looking at her older brother.

Not a sign,” He replied holding her close to him.

Thank God for small mercies I guess,” She sighed relenting to the death defying hug that Shifty held her in until she was giggling softly. “Dude I need to breathe,”

I am just glad to have you back in front of me; safe and out of harms reach,” He said finally letting go of her slightly but keeping her in his hold.

I knew that he was fiercely protective of his little sister; especially after all that she had been through but Cam was tough she knew how to protect herself.

Having been training with Jeff and Matt or Shannon for the past year she had quickly surpassed them and gone on to boxing and mixed martial arts; building her reputation which was steadily growing in the fighting circle.

Steven would have a fight on his hands if he thought that he could just come and take CT; Cameron wasn’t the same girl who he had beaten down all those years ago and for that I was grateful.

Jeff’s POV;

I watched as Ron moved out of her brothers arms and moved to Shane and the Bullet to thank them for looking after her son while she had been stuck in LA.

We had tried to get a flight back sooner than what we had tickets for but there had been nothing available and we had, had to sit it out and wait.

I had watched as she basically crumbled before my eyes; she hardly ate; preferring to pick at her food, she was loosing weight at a rapid rate. With her sleep pattern broken from nightmares until she refused to sleep at all; drinking vast amounts of coffee to keep her awake; she was basically surviving on cigarettes and caffeine and it was easy to see that her nerves were shot.

Without 2 mugs back to back first thing in the morning she would suffer from the worst case of the shakes that I had ever seen but I was hoping that now we were home in Cameron she would calm down and get back in to some kind of pattern.

The sound of my phone ringing interrupted my train of thought and as I glanced at the caller ID to see Vince’s name flashing waiting to be answered.

Hello?” I answered cautiously.

”Jeff?” His powerful voice barked down the line.


”Ahh Jeff I am glad I caught you. I wanted to talk to you about Cameron,”

”What about her?”

”We have been inundated with calls about her; people want to know who she is, how she is?”

She’s fine now that she is home sir,”

I would completely understand if you wanted a fight with Randy set up in light of what happened?” He said the ever opportunist.

Yes I really would,”

At the Royal Rumble you will have that fight son! Some of the executives and I have been talking about Cameron…” He said instantly launching the conversation the way he wanted it.

Yes?” I asked cautiously as we all seemed to move towards the baggage area to grab up our bags so that we could get home.

We’d like her to become a part of the story between you and Randy?”

”No way!” I said instantly without thought.

It would be a very good story son and it would catapult your career through the roof…”

”You want me to capitalize on the fact that my girlfriend is in danger?” I asked in disbelief; I knew that Vince was manipulative but I had never taken him for being this cold.

She isn’t in that much danger…”

Anger flushed through me as I kissed her cheek softly and moved away from the others so that I could give him a piece of my mind in private.

”You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about Vince! That guy that Randy had in the ring the other night; was the man who Cameron used to live with; he beat her, he abused her in ways that I am not even comfortable talking about let alone thinking about. And now because of Randy’s pettiness he is back in her life…you do realize that she has every right to sue don’t you?”

I had, had no idea!” Vince said instantly the tone in his voice changing to a more understanding tone and he sighed heavily before talking again. “Jeff I can promise you that Randy will be reprimanded for this…”

”Not before I get in to the ring with him!” I said stubbornly.

You’re sure this is what you want?”

It is about time someone taught him a lesson. Vince you know as well as I do, as well as anyone knows that since he got Cena’s belt he has become insufferable, well I am sorry but that stops and it stops with what he has done to Cameron!”

I completely understand! I will get the notice out about the rumble and get the preparations done on the match, then I will get back to you in a couple of days ok?”

Thanks Vince!” I said looking over at my girl as she laughed with Shannon and Shane; looking like any other normal 24 year old hanging out with her friends but I knew that underneath that bravado she was scared and she was barely hanging on by a thread.

And that was all down to Randy Orton and there was nothing that would stop me in my goal to make him pay for what he had done to her.


Seth’s POV;

I could see that Cam’s friends were worried for her; the way they were watching her closely, refusing to leave her alone as she helped carry the luggage in to the house.

Jeff had announced that he was staying at the house with us; in an instant I knew without a doubt that he was head over heels in love with my sister.

I had known it before but seeing them together now it was more than obvious that their connection was building past anything that they had thought would happen and most probably more than anything that they had ever felt with anyone else.

Stealing a glance at Amber as she moved towards the kitchen to make the coffee that Cam had requested, I was left wondering if we would ever feel anything like that.

Over the course of the past couple of days, I had been sure that I was feeling a spark that wasn’t completely one sided.

Was it possible that she was feeling what I was feeling?

Or was she just lonely?

I knew that Leland had offered to fly in when he had heard what had happened with Cam but due to his work commitments he hadn’t been able to follow through on the plan.

Amber had confessed that she thought it was just Beth trying to cause problems because she thought the woman didn’t like her but how could this Beth woman not like her?

Everyone who came in to contact with Amber loved her; it was just the way Amber was. Her personality was addictive in ways that left me feeling more than out of my depth, her sense of humor was off the chart and I found that we laughed more and more with every passing day.

The truth was I was falling for her but I knew that for the moment what I was feeling had to be completely one sided but I knew that it was just a matter of time.

When I had first gotten here she was always talking about Leland, how much she missed him, how she wondered what he was doing and if he missed her half as much as she was missing him but lately his name was being mentioned less and less.

Was I crazy in thinking that, that could mean what I wanted it to mean?

Moving in to the kitchen behind her, my eyes found her easily without an effort as she stood by the kettle waiting for it to boil for the coffee.

”You ok honey?” I asked leaning against the island in the centre of the kitchen.

I am! I am just glad that she is back here you know?”

I know me too! But I meant are you ok; ‘cos I know that Leland should have been getting in today too?”

There is no point in throwing a hissy fit…it is what it is you know?”

No one could blame you for being upset sweetie,” I offered as I handed her a cigarette and lit my own.

No I know but I refuse to sink just because he can’t come in one time,” She said holding her head high.

Well if you need to talk…I am here ok?”

”Thanks Seth I really appreciate that,” She smiled at me causing my heart to race off at 5 times its normal speed and my knees threatened to give way from under me.

Anytime,” I replied as the sound of the others heading towards where we were talking quietly.

Instantly the room was bursting with bodies causing my eyes to be torn away from Amber as she turned to the kettle and continued to pour up everyone’s drinks.

I could see that she was struggling with the absence of her man but I would do anything I could to ensure that she was ok, that she didn’t have to struggle alone.

If I was meant to only be her friend then so be it because walking away from her, not having her in my life at all just wasn’t an option no more.

Cameron’s POV;

On the drive back here I had seen the way that Jeff was gripping to me tighter than necessary. I knew that he was worried about me but this was something different.

Once I had been handed my mug of coffee from Amber, I reached for Jeff’s hand and led him out on to the decking at the back of the house, closing the door behind me to ensure that we got some privacy.

”Ok spill it!” I said as we both sat down on the same lounger and huddled together; taking comfort from one another’s bodies.

Sorry? What?” He asked resting his chin on my shoulder as one arm snaked around my waist while his other hand held on to his mug of coffee.

What’s bugging you Mr. Hardy?” I asked resting my head against his.


”Lie!” I said turning to look at him and when his eyes wouldn’t meet mine I knew for a fact that he was hiding something from me. “Look at me Jeff?”

”It’s nothing Ron,”

Jeff what did we talk about in LA?” I asked causing his eyes to finally meet mine. “That we would never keep anything from each other again and here you are breaking that promise,”

Vince called me,” He sighed as I sipped at my coffee but my eyes remained focused on him.

”What for? What did he want?”

To ask if I wanted to fight Randy…”

”And you said?” I asked instantly my panic was rising because I knew the answer without needing to hear the words.

I said of course…we are going to fight at the Rumble in a couple of weeks,”

Jeff please don’t do that on…”

He’s not getting away with it Ron; so please don’t think you can talk me out of this! I am going to make sure that I bring a world of pain to him,” His tone was determined and I knew there was absolutely no talking him out of it.

All right,” I sighed heavily reaching in to my pocket for my smokes and handing him one before lighting my own.

He said that they have been inundated with calls from fans wanting to know who you were and how you are,” He informed me causing me to feel a flutter in my stomach. “He even suggested doing a story with you, me and Randy!”

I-I…I don’t want that Jeff!” I panicked quickly.

No I know and I told him that absolutely no way was that going to happen,” He soothed reaching his free hand behind my head and pulling me back to him. “I promise you Ron, that I will keep you safe and I know in my gut that, that kind of story isn’t going to help the situation,”

Thank you,” I whispered letting my forehead rest against his and feeling safe and protected from what the world had just thrown at me.

No need to thank me beautiful! You’re safety and happiness is all that matters to me,”

Our eyes stayed focused on each other as we both turned silent and sipped at our coffee and smoked our cigarettes.

Being home, I knew that I would feel better about things and I had been right, I was calm; I was at peace, and I was feeling more at ease with everything.

I knew that if Steven found us here I had a fighting chance of coming out of this alive because he didn’t know the area, he didn’t know the house and he didn’t know me anymore, I wasn’t the same girl who would lay down and just take whatever he threw at me.

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PostSubject: Forbidden - Chapter 22   Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:59 pm


Chapter 22;


Corey-Taylor’s POV;

Some of my friends from school dropped off my homework yesterday and because I wasn’t sure what my Mom was planning on doing, I had set about doing it because now that she was home I was pretty sure that she would be sending me back to school come the beginning of the week.

Deciding that I needed a break; I moved out of my room towards the living room where the door was closed just as I was about to turn the handle and walk in to the room I heard Jeff talking.

That fucking asshole isn’t getting away with it guys,”

It wasn’t often that Jeff swore but when he did it usually meant that he was angrier than I had thought he was capable of being. But unlike my Dad; Mom didn’t have to worry about Jeff hitting her.

I had always known that there was something wrong with the relationship that my Parent’s had, had. When we had lived with him, our house would turn in to a war zone every night and I would sit in my room listening to my Mom screaming for him to stop but he never did.

Well we got your back dude. Randy Orton is gonna get what is coming to him…” Shannon said.

I liked Shannon; he was funny but then again all my Mom’s friends were funny, I loved hanging out with them and they always made me feel like I was a part of the fun that they had.

Damn straight he will! Vince called me earlier…”

”What? What did he want?” Matt asked.

To see if I wanted a fight with Orton…so come the Rumble it is gonna be just me and him in the ring and I swear to God he is going down!” Jeff was fierce when it came to my Mom. No matter what he was always there for not just her but for me too and since we had left LA I felt like I finally had a Dad.

And what about Steven?” My Uncle Seth asked quietly.

What about my Dad?

What were they bringing his name up for?

I don’t know…all I know is that now he has found me; he won’t let it just go!” My Mom replied her voice barely a whisper at the mention of my Dad.

Dad had found her?

What would that mean?

How had he managed to find her?

Turning on my heel I moved back to my bedroom and closed the door. Turning down my Mom’s Disturbed CD. I loved my Mom she was cool where my friends Parent’s were slightly out dated and behind the times but my Mom had the best taste in music and she always let me borrow her CD’s.

I knew that my friends were slightly jealous of how fun my Mom was, and the fact that I got to hang out with some of the best wrestlers ever.

Signing in to the internet, I pulled up the search engine that I always used and typed in WWE and waited for the pages to load up.

Clicking on the first page I opened up the message board and scrolled through the threads until I found a thread titled; who was that girl? Sensing that it had something to do with my Mom, I opened it and began to read through the pages and pages of comments.

Some of the comments were nasty and mean as they talked about my Mom being Jeff’s girlfriend, when had that gotten out?

The last I knew was that I wasn’t allowed to mention Jeff or the others in front of Randy because of what he had told my Mom about what would happen if he ever found out that she and Jeff were dating.

Using a guest profile I quickly typed a question; could some1 tell me wot happened?

Minimizing the page, I went back to doing my homework and waited for a reply to come. My mind wasn’t really on the work in front of me anymore; all I could think about was the fact that my Dad had actually found my Mom and I didn’t know what that meant.

Would I have to see him?

Would he make her life as miserable as he had?

Would he make me see him?

I know that I didn’t want anything to do with him; as far as I was concerned I didn’t have a Father, the man that he was, wasn’t the type of man I wanted in my life.

I was fiercely protective of my Mom after all that we had been through, after everything that she had done to ensure that I was safe, I would do whatever I had to make sure that she was safe.

People said that I was pretty grown up for my age but I had, had to grow up real quick when we left. Having to remember the new names that my Mom picked out for us whenever we moved, having to remember not to tell anyone about where we came from, what had brought us to the new town she chose.

It had been tough going but my Mom had been everything to me for so long that my loyalty lay with her and her alone. I didn’t owe my Father a thing.

Pulling the page back up, I refreshed it and was rewarded to a reply of someone telling me exactly what had happened. I could feel my blood running cold as I realized that in fact my Dad had found her and that could possibly mean that we were on the move again.

I didn’t want to move, I didn’t want to leave all of this behind, I was finally settled here, I had friends, I had made the soccer team and I liked my Mom’s friends.

Why did he have to ruin everything?

Why did he have to come back?

Didn’t he understand that we wanted nothing to do with him?

Didn’t he understand that we were doing fine without him?

The sound of knocking on my bedroom door caused me to quickly close the page that I had been looking at and move to the door, turning the lock I pulled the door open to see my Mom smiling at me.

Hey baby,”


Can I come in? There is some stuff that I want to talk to you about,” She said remaining on the other side of the door watching me.

Sure,” Pulling the door open a little wider, she said thank you and moved in to the room, closing the door slightly behind her and followed me to the bed where she sat facing me.

I could see the worry on her face; see that she was scared about telling me that my Dad had found us. I fell back against my pillows and watched her as she moved so that she was lying next to me.

Cameron’s POV;

I couldn’t believe how nervous I felt about this. I had known that I was going to have to tell him about Steven finding us but I hadn’t counted on it being this difficult.

Lying next to him we both stared at the roof; lost in our own thoughts. Reaching for his hand I held it close to my stomach and took a deep breath.

CT the thing is…”

”Yes?” He asked turning his head to look at me as he gripped on to my hand tightly.

I won’t be working with Randy anymore; so first thing first we don’t have to hide the fact that I am with Jeff anymore,”

Good I am glad! I never liked Randy,” He admitted.

I’ll let you in on a little secret; I never did either,” I smiled at him as I took a deep breath. “Secondly the reason that I didn’t want you in school this week…”


”On the pay per view that just passed; Randy…he had uhm…he found your Dad and told him where he could find me,”

I know…”

”How did you…? How could you have…? Who told you?” I asked turning on to my side to watch him closely.

I over heard you guys talking in the living room; then I went on the computer and did a search,”

”CT you shouldn’t have…”

”Why not? It’s my Dad; this involves me too…” He replied his eyes blazing with a stubbornness that I knew he had inherited from me.

You want to see him?” I asked feeling the panic rising in me again at the thought of CT wanting his Dad to be a part of his life.

Are you kidding? I would rather eat sweetcorn than have anything to do with him,”

CT hated his vegetables but he would eat them to make me happy but the one thing that he refused to touch was sweetcorn and I knew in that instant that he really did want nothing to do with Steven and for that reason alone I felt my body relax.

So what is going to happen now Mom?” He asked looking to me for the answers that I didn’t have.

I don’t know son! I really don’t…”

Are we leaving?”

”No…” I replied and instantly the smile was on his face and it was the most genuine smile I had ever seen. “I see you’re happy about that,”

I really am! I like it here Mom; I like my friends, I like being on the soccer team and I like your friends and I really like Jeff,”

I’m glad about that baby, I know that everyone likes you too especially Jeff,”

Jeff had told me about how much he was impressed by my son and now that he knew the truth he said he was even more impressed but not just with my son but with me too and the obvious amazing job I had done in raising my boy alone.

Jeff’s POV;

Standing in the hallway listening to Mother and son talking about all the things that they had been through to get to this point in their lives. I couldn’t feel more proud of them if I wanted too.

Ron had survived this far alone but now she wasn’t alone she had more friends and support than she knew what to do with and I knew that it was a little overwhelming for her.

Mom?” CT asked softly.

”Yeah baby?”

Do you think that it would be ok…if I called Jeff…”

”Baby you know you can call him anytime…”

No I didn’t mean that…I mean do you think that I could call him…Dad?”

Instantly I could feel a lump forming in the back of my throat. I hadn’t expected to hear that but something inside made it feel more right than anything else.

I-I…I don’t know baby!” I could hear how taken aback Ron was by her son’s question but she had nothing to worry about I would be honored to have CT call me Dad but I didn’t want them to know that I was eavesdropping on their private conversation. “I will talk to him and see what he says; is that ok with you big man?”

Mmhmm! I really like him Mom; I think he is good for you…you’ve been different since…”

”How so?”

”You just seem to be more in control of things and you are much calmer, not always looking over our shoulders with him and I think that is a good thing. Steven never made you smile the way that Jeff makes you smile,”

You’re absolutely right…Steven never…Jeff is…” Her voice trailed off in to nothing and I knew that it was difficult for her to admit her feelings.

After being alone for such a long time that being vulnerable with a man wasn’t going to just click in to place; it would take time for her to get used to having all this support and I wanted to make it as easy as I could for her.

We’re talking about pizza for tea what do you say?” Ron asked her boy.

Pizza! Yay!” Much like his Mom; pizza was his favorite food and would quite happily live on it much like Ron.

Smiling I cleared my throat and moved towards the bathroom near the back of the house. Glancing in to the room, I smiled at the 2 of them lying out on CT’s bed and carried on walking not wanting to invade.


Matt’s POV;

Everyone was fed and feeling slightly sleepy after the large pizzas that we had consumed. Cam was lying with her head placed against Jeff’s stomach as he stretched out on the sofa.

Amber was leaning against Shifty’s chest as they snuggled down on the other sofa; what was it between those 2? They looked more than comfortable in each others arms; they looked like they fitted together; almost like 2 pieces of a puzzle coming together.

CT was lying on his back on the floor, staring at the ceiling his hand rubbing over his full stomach.

Shannon, Shane, Bullet and myself were flaked out on the chairs and floor ready to burst from the amount we had eaten.

I watched as Cam rolled around on to her side and reaching to the coffee table for her smokes and threw out to those who smoked before lighting her own.

Matty could you crank that window?” She asked smiling directly at me causing my heart to flutter madly.

Careful Matt! I told myself as I smiled and moved to do as she asked. You can’t afford to let yourself fall for this girl. She was completely off limits; she is with my brother and that means a completely no go area.

But I couldn’t seem to stop myself as her eyes sparkled at me as she inhaled deeply on her cigarette and held it deep inside her before blowing smoke rings around the room.

Thanks dude,” She said before letting her head fall back against my brother’s stomach.

You’re welcome,” I replied as she took the comfort from my little brother who gave it without question.

Mom?” CT asked from the floor where he had taken up residence on the space next to the sofa where his Mom lay in the arms of the love of her life.

I knew that what I was feeling was stupid because there was no doubt that she belonged with my brother but damn it, I couldn’t help it.

Yeah baby?” She asked moving and peering over the side of Jeff’s legs down to her son who was staring up at her already.

Can we get a dog?” He asked.

What? Where did that come from?”

”I was just thinking is all…most of my friends have dogs and I would like one too,”

I don’t know CT it’s a big responsibility…”

”Please? I will look after it; I will feed it and take it for walks…” CT pleaded causing me to smile.

I remembered when Jeff and I had pleaded with our own Father for a dog and how we would do all that CT had just promised but it had been our Dad who had taken care of the dog once we got it.

I’ll think about it ok?”

”Thanks Mom you’re the best,”

Unlike most only children, CT didn’t badger his Mom for an answer; he was happy with his Mom’s word that she would think about it and that was just a credit to how well Cam had been doing in raising her son alone.

But she wasn’t alone no more and we would all do whatever we could to help her and I knew I wasn’t just talking about me.

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Chapter 23;


Cameron’s POV;

Sitting at my vanity desk removing my make up, I was aware of Jeff watching me closely. Looking to the bed where he was lying through the mirror to indeed find him lying with his arms folded behind his head watching me intently.

”What?” I smiled as I rubbed the night cream in to my face and began to brush my long hair in to a ponytail.

Just thinking how beautiful you are,”

”Awe you charmer!” I giggled softly tying my hair back and placing my brush on to the wood of the desk and moving to the bed.

Pulling the covers back I crawled under and snuggled in to his side, where he instantly wrapped me up and held me close as he kissed the top of my head.

Not a charmer; just honest!”

”Honestly babe; I am a mess without my make up…”

”I don’t want to hear that! You look more beautiful than ever without your make up,” He replied without thought.

I’ll agree to disagree,” I looked up at him and smiled as he brushed his lips over mine softly. “What were we talking about?”

I was just gonna ask you how you feel now that you are home?” He smiled as he winked at me.

I feel much calmer, I feel like I am in total control you know?”

”I’m glad baby! And I meant every word I said earlier; I will make sure that Randy Orton pays for what he has done to you,” He repeated what he had said earlier.

I know you will,”

I love you baby,” He whispered softly.

”I love you too,” I replied and instantly the smile was on his handsome face causing me to smile too. “You like hearing that huh?”

More than you know,” He chuckled softly as I slowly let my head fall down on to his chest.

There is something that I want to talk to you about babe,”

Ut oh this sounds serious,” He said sliding down the bed until he was level with my face.

”It kind of is! I didn’t…I had no idea that…”

”What is it princess?” He asked gently cupping my face in to his hands; his eyes blazing with a fierceness that always left me feeling cocooned from the world.

I really had no idea of how to do this; CT had more than floored me with his admission that he would like to call Jeff Dad; but wasn’t it too soon?

Ron?” He pressed a little more softly but still managing to leave me crashing to earth with a bump.

I was talking to CT earlier…the thing is he doesn’t want anything to do with Steven…”

”That’s a good thing right?”

Yeah…oh God yeah it really is! What I am trying to say is that…he told me that he doesn’t want to see Steven but the question he asked me was…”

”I know…”

”You do?”

”Yeah I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I was heading to the toilet and I didn’t want to interrupt your talk with him and I heard him asking…”

”How do you feel about that? I mean if it is going to make you uncomfortable then there is no need to say…”

”Ron?” He smiled as his thumb wiped over my cheek bone firmly causing me to break out in shivers. “I would be honored to have him call me Dad…don’t you see how much I love that kid? I swear I don’t think that I could love him more if he were my own!”

Thank you Jeff; CT is going to be psyched to hear the news,”

No need to thank me sweetheart; he is a real credit to you…there is no way that I could love you and not him,” He whispered softly running his hand around my head and pulling me to him.

The feel of his lips smoothly brushing over my own seemed to spark something primal inside me and I was left with nothing but a calmness that everything was going to work out for the best.

I wasn’t stupid enough to think that it was going to be an easy fix but with Jeff by my side, with Amber, Seth, Matt, Shannon, Shane and Bullet by my side I knew that I was going to be much better equipped than I had been all those years ago.

Jeff’s POV;

The feel of her complete submission never failed to fuel me for her in ways that I had never experienced with anyone. There was absolutely no doubt in my head that I was going to love this woman until the day I died.

Sliding my hand down her back softly until I was grabbing her ass and pulling her to me; where she always seemed to fit so perfectly; like she had been made to be with me and only me.

Desperation began to kick in as we tore frantically at each others cloths until we were naked and panting out of control in a way that still shocked me every time it took over my body.

I want you so bad,” I growled running my hands up her sides until they were entwined in her long smooth locks of hair and I was drowning out of reality in to her amazing eyes.

I want you too,” She purred copying my movements and running her hands through my hair until I could feel my entire body shivering in time with her own.

Turn over for me beautiful,” I ordered as my dominant side took over.

Smiling sweetly at me she turned over; happy to be dominated for the time being. Sliding my hands up her legs; I slowly began to guide her until she was lying completely flat face down on the bed.

Straddling her amazing frame for the time being as I watched her body panting trying to catch up with her breath as it raced away from her. Slowly moving my head to her shoulder blades I traced my lips over the top of her flesh making sure not to actually touch her and was rewarded to the chemistry sparking from my lips to the flesh on her back.

Mmmm,” She purred softly as her entire body shuddered from the feel of my lips barely touching her exposed flesh and the feel of my breath on her skin.

You like that?” I asked reaching for her hands and pinning them to the pillows above her head.

Mmhmm,” She panted breathlessly.

Sliding my lips down the centre of her spine until I reached the dip that separated her back and her ass; nibbling on the flesh of one ass cheek had her flinch slightly as I slapped her other cheek playfully then slid back up her body.

Spreading her legs wide, I positioned myself in between her legs and pressed my full weight on to her body; using one hand to guide my cock in to her pussy.

A contented sigh escaping her lips as I slid all the way inside her; feeling the tight penetration and almost instantly the friction was building between us as I just held myself deep inside her; feeling my cock throbbing against her walls desperately.

”Jeff please,” She panted as my hands slid up her sides; up over her long toned arms until I was clasping my fingers through her own.

”Please what?” I whispered softly in to her ear where my head came to rest.

Move!? I need to feel you fucking me…I need to feel you sliding in to me only to drag out…I need to feel the amazing feel of your cock screwing me like only you know how to,” She pleaded in a needy tone that told me she did in fact need all of those things.

Letting go of one of her hands, I moved it to her hair and pulled it from the flesh that I wanted to taste, running my tongue up the side of her neck as I began to drag my cock out of her only to screw back in to her forcefully.

Better?” I grunted in to her ear as the feel of her insides molding around the entire length of my shaft felt better than I remembered.

”Oh fuck yes,” She panted as I slid my hands back in to hers and kept her pinned to the bed. “You feel so good; this feels so good!” She panted.

We had experienced sex with me being behind her but nothing like this; the tight friction that seemed to envelope both of us was almost more than I could bear as the feel of the skin around the bell end of my cock began to peel back over the tip of my cock.

Ron…mmm you feel so God damn tight!” I growled biting down on her neck; letting my tongue swirl around the flesh as it tore, tasting her blood as she buried her face in the pillow and screamed out.

Driving in to her deeply; to drag out slowly and steadily careful not to slide in to the wrong opening had us both quickly building a sweat until I could literally feel her tensing towards release; pinning both her hands with one hand I slid my free hand down the side of her body until I was sliding under her stomach.

Continuing on my way down until my fingers were brushing against her hard tight clit and she was moaning out a little louder as I began to drag my fingers back and forth the tensed clit.

Feeling the pleasure closing in on her, I began to twirl the swollen bud between my thumb and forefinger until she was trying to quicken the movements in which I was driving my cock in to her but the position was a complete submissive position not giving her any chance of changing the way in which I was slowly screwing all the pleasure I could out of her.

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff mmmm aaaahhhhh ooooohhhhh aaahhhhmmmmmm holy fuck don’t stop!” She pleaded with me and as I moved my lips to her ear and softly blew in to her she exploded so violently around me that my pace and force increased.

My cock bringing her closer and closer to oblivion as my fingers stimulated her clit in ways that had her biting down on the pillow as moan after moan escaped her beautiful lips.

Keep cumming for me Ron,” I whispered so softly in to her ear that she was shivering from head to foot and it seemed to rocket through my veins until I was shuddering over the top of her back and unloading all that I had to offer in to her dripping wet pussy.

The feel of her juices slipping down my hand seemed to fuel me as I hammered in to her with a force that I was worried would scare her but she didn’t let anything like that show as she just let out long, delighted moans that seemed to rake through my body in ways that it never had before.

Ron oh God yes…mmmmhhhhh fuck yes, yes, yes, yyyyyeeesssssss!” I growled out of me hungrily as I powered my way in and out of her so fast that she was turning more and more wet with every stroke that slammed in to her.

My release was rocking through me time and time again taking me straight to heaven and as I reached the peak; my cock dove in to her one last time and held perfectly still; getting the benefit of her violent constrictions around my shaft drawing every last drop out of me.

Slowly we began to come down from the high of release until all that was left was 2 panting bodies that were encased in a thick blanket of hot, sticky sweat.

But neither of us cared as we collapsed in to a heap panting and heaving trying to get our breaths back in to some kind of respectful rhythm but nothing seemed to be working as she snaked her arm over my stomach letting her fingers trace lightly over my sweating flesh.

And almost instantly I was good to go, turning her on to her back this time, I moved quickly in between her legs and slammed my cock all the way in to her.

Again?” She gasped at the feel of how hard I was already.

You’re too far away!” I growled pulling her body close to me but still she didn’t seem close enough, passion desire and hunger seemed to be unfulfilled as her hips moved against mine and we were both drawn in to a violent form of love making.


Cameron’s POV;

Collapsing completely, exhausted and drained from the intensity of our love making session we were panting, we were sweating and I didn’t know about him but I was in serious danger of passing out from sheer pleasure.

What the hell came over you?” I panted turning to look at him as my entire body felt like I had just been hit by a 10 ton truck.

I-I…I just couldn’t…y-you seemed to be too far away!” He turned to look at me his eyes blazing with a hunger that rocked through my entire being. “You’re still…”

No…Jeff I can’t have anymore sex; I am all kinds of sensitive down there and I think it would actually hurt if we…”

Ok princess,” He replied letting his body finally collapse exhausted on the mattress of the bed.

Both of us staring at the ceiling as we tried to get our breaths back under some kind of respectable control.

You’re ok though right?” He asked reaching his arm to my stomach. “I didn’t hurt you?”

”You always hurt me!” I smiled devilishly at him.

”What?” He asked his voice laced with concern instantly.

You know you do,” I smiled. “I’m pretty sure I hurt you too,”

Mmm now that you come to mention it,” He smiled moving his body towards mine and placing light feather kisses over my chest until he had reached my neck and finally my face where he pulled me in to a deep passionate lock.

Mmmm,” I moaned in to him softly as he gently pulled me close to him and we just lay there for the longest time, kissing and holding one another closely.

Finally we broke apart only to collapse in to one another’s arms where I felt the safety and love building past anything that we had ever felt to one another before.

You know I am so proud of how you have been handling this whole thing,” He whispered softly in to my ear as he held me close to him.

Thank you…but in all honesty I have to thank you for helping me…”

”I haven’t done anything baby,”

You have done more than you think handsome; just being here at my side is helping more than I can express,”

Well you are welcome then,” He let out a low rumble of laughter as his lips pressed down on my head.

I don’t know if putting CT back to school is a good idea though,” I admitted.

”Well why not keep him home until Monday and then see where your head is at…I mean it is only another 2 days until the end of the week anyway,”

I guess you’re right,” I pondered softly.

”I usually am!”

”Oh and modest too!” I giggled as he slowly pushed me on to my back.

I try my best but whatever you want to do I will support you no matter what,” His eyes staring down in to mine leaving me more than aware that this man was much more than I had first thought him to be and for that reason alone I knew that I could get through whatever was about to come my way in the form of Steven.

Thank you,”

Resting his head against my own; the smile we shared was intimate and left me feeling more content than I thought possible.

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Chapter 24;


Jeff’s POV;

Amber had to go down to Gas Chamber to deal with a client first thing this morning, so Shifty had gone with her to see about booking him in to get some work done by my friend.

I don’t know what it was but it looked more than likely that they were going to end up together. I had noticed that Leland’s name was being mentioned less and less around the house. Amber and Shifty seemed to be forming a tight bond and I had to admit that they looked good together.

Cameron was finally sleeping after days of being awake, so instead of waking her in my normal way, I gently and silently slid out of bed and pulled on my jeans and moved out to the main area of the house.

Walking in to the living room to see that CT was sat in front of the TV watching cartoons.

Morning Jeff,” He smiled up at me.

”Hey kiddo! I am just going to make coffee then I want to talk to you yeah?”

”Sure I’ll be here I’ve got no where to be,” He smiled up at me happily.

It was sometimes hard to remember that he was a 10 year old kid but essentially that was what he was a kid; who had, had to grow up far too quickly because of an over zealous Father who couldn’t or wouldn’t loosen the rains on his girlfriend.

I didn’t pretend to know what he had been through because I had never had to deal with anything like what Cam and CT had dealt with.

Both were stronger than anyone realized and for that they would always have a special place in my heart and I would die to keep them safe.

You want some breakfast?” I asked glancing back at him as I made for the kitchen.

Aunt Amber made me toast and OJ before she left; made sure I ate and drank too,” He grumbled causing me to chuckle softly.

”She’s a bit of a slave driver huh?”

”Like you wouldn’t believe,” He replied nodding his head then turning back to the TV and the Garfield cartoon that was playing.

Making my coffee, I lit a cigarette and smoked it before moving in to the living room where CT was engrossed in his cartoons. I couldn’t feel more proud of the fact that he wanted to call me Dad; he was a remarkable kid who had without a doubt made everything that Ron had been through seem worth it.

You mind if we turn that down for a few kid?” I asked sitting down next to him.

Sure,” He reached for the remote and turned the TV down until the sound was none existent and then turned to look at me. “What’s wrong? Have you and Mom fallen out again?”

No! Me and your Mom are more than fine,”

I’m glad Jeff; I hated it when you weren’t talking…”

”Me too! You know that I care about your Mom right?”

Yeah I know. You’d have to be an idiot not to see it,”

And you know that I will do anything in my power to make sure that she is safe…that you’re both safe right?”

I know! I think you’ve been good for her…”

”You do?”

This kid was more observant than most adults I knew; he had an inquisitive nature that meant he could quite happily blend in to the back ground and just watch people, and I had often found him doing just that.

Mmhmm! Steven…he never made her smile the way you do, he never made her laugh like you do and he never loved her the way that you do,”

You remember a lot about the past huh?” I asked as he moved towards me and all but snuggled in to my side causing a tear to form in the corners of my eyes.

It was more than obvious that he had missed having a Dad and so help me God; I was going to make sure that he didn’t have to miss out anymore.

Yeah…I remember hearing my Mom screaming in the night, hearing the way he would scream bad words at her. I love my Mom Jeff and I just want her to be happy and with you…she’s happy!”

My heart broke for him; no kid should ever be subjected to what Steven had subjected him too, no kid should have to hear their Mom screaming as their Father beat her down. The minute I heard CT admit that he remembered hearing all that it just fueled my dislike for Steven even more.

Thank you CT! And just so you know; I am happy with her too, I am happy with both of you,”

Taking a few moments to gather my composure from the vulnerability that this kid had just shown me. CT wasn’t the type of kid who talked about his feelings, he preferred to hold things inside much like his Mom but I was going to do everything that I could to make sure he didn’t have to feel that way again.

You know my Mom didn’t really have many boyfriends before you…”

”She didn’t?”

”No! There were a couple guys at most but none of them were like you,” He admitted. “I never liked them like I like you! You are fun and I know that is one of the reasons my Mom loves you,”

You know you’re pretty insightful for a 10 year old?” I chuckled softly.

So I’ve been told,” He let out a little chuckle himself as his head came to rest on my shoulder.

So I wanted to talk to you,”


Your Mom talked to me last night…”

”About getting a dog?” He asked excitedly.

No not about getting a dog,” I chuckled softly. “She told me what you asked her,”

About calling you Dad?” He asked pulling away from me and looking at me closely.

Yeah and CT I am honored that you want to call me that, nothing could make me prouder…”

But?” His face fell as he looked away from me.

No buts,”

”Really? I can call you Dad?” He asked his eyes instantly looking back to me.

Where he got most of his looks from his Father; he had without a doubt gotten his Mother’s dark brown eyes. It was clearer than I had even realized as they looked at me; huge, wide brown opal shaped eyes that sparked with hope and happiness.

Cameron’s POV;

Stood outside the living room door, I had woken about 20 minutes ago and had wondered out to make myself some coffee but had been stopped in my tracks as I heard Jeff and CT talking intimately.

The hope and happiness reflected in my son’s voice caused a lump to form in the back of my throat as the tears swam around my eyes causing everything to become blurred and distorted.

If you still want to,” Jeff replied softly.

I want to! I want to! I want to!” CT repeated excitedly.

It’s settled then,” Jeff chuckled heartily as the tears finally began to fall from my eyes.

Can I go tell Mom?” CT asked excitedly.

Your Mom hasn’t been sleeping all that well, lets leave her to sleep for a little bit,”

Ok!” CT replied happily.

”Why don’t we go make her some breakfast…French toast?” Jeff suggested.

”That’s her favorite,” CT said.

I know,”

Listening as CT agreed that it was a good idea, and with the sound of them moving towards the kitchen, I moved back to the bedroom with the tears falling from my eyes.

I had known that CT was missing a male presence in his life but I hadn’t realized just how much. There was no doubt that Jeff was brilliant with my boy, and there was nothing that he wouldn’t do for him.

A calmness seemed to settle over me at the thought of CT finally having a man that I was proud to say was more of a Father to him than Steven had or ever could be.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I tried to gather my thoughts as I reached for a tissue to wipe at my eyes as my cell started to ring.

”Hello?” I answered as I fell back on the bed.

Morning honey,” Matt’s voice rang down the connection.

”Hey Mattitude,” I sniffed softly.

”What’s wrong? What’s happened?”

”Nothing! Why would you think…?”

”You’re crying honey! What is wrong…? Come on tell Uncle Matty,”

You’re too funny,” I giggled softly. “It’s nothing,”

I’m not buying that! Is Jeff there?”

”Yeah he’s in the kitchen making me breakfast with CT!”

I’m coming over,”

”No Matt please…”

”Then talk to me sweetie,” He pressed his voice soft and calming.

I had always liked Matt; he had a calming aura about him that never failed to leave me feeling safe and protected; much like his brother did with just his presence.

CT asked me to ask Jeff if he could call him Dad last night,”

And what did Jeff say? Did he say no; is that why you’re…”

No Matt; Jeff said yes and I just…I overheard them talking about it is all…”

”Aren’t you happy about it?” He sounded confused.

I’m more than happy about it…that’s why I’m upset! When I left Steven I thought that I would never find a man who would put up with…”

Jeff loves you sweetheart; he would do absolutely anything that he can to ensure that you ‘and’ CT are safe! Of course he was going to let CT call him Dad; he loves that kid as if he were his own,”

I know; he told me that last night,”

It’s gonna take some getting used too hon, but I know that you can do it,”

Thanks Matty,” I giggled softly as the sound of pots and pans clanging together caused me to laugh a little harder.

What’s so funny?”

”They are supposed to be making me breakfast in bed; they think I am still asleep…but with the noise they are making they could wake the dead,”

Be careful honey…if Jeff is cooking you could very well have burned pots and pans,” Matt let out a loud rumble of laughter causing me to laugh a little harder. “So what you got planned for today?”

Well CT has his first soccer game tonight and he told me to invite everyone along to watch…so you will come right?”

Try and stop me. Actually I will go round the guys up and we can come over and have a throw about with him if you want?”

That would be awesome Matty; I know he is a little nervous about it,”

”You go it beautiful! We will be over in a short while then,”

Ok big man! Thanks,”

For?” He asked sounding confused once again.

For listening! You’re a good guy dude and I am lucky to have you as a part of my life,”

Well you deserve all that you have honey and just let Steven try and take that away,”

I’ll see you soon ok?” I said feeling myself choking up again from his kind words.

”You ok?”

”Mmhmm; I will see you in a little bit ok?”

”You will and enjoy your breakfast,”

”Thanks! See ya,” I replied.

Saying goodbye, we hung up and I had just placed my phone back on the nightstand when the door burst open and CT came charging in to the room throwing himself on to the bed next to me as Jeff walked in behind him carrying a tray of French toast and coffee.

”Morning beautiful,” Jeff smiled at me as he moved towards where I was hugging my son tightly.

”Morning handsome,” I smiled up at him.

”Mom! Mom! Mom!” CT chanted excitedly.

”What?” I smiled down at him before kissing his head softly.

”Jeff agreed…he said I could call him Dad!” He informed me happily and it was the first time I had seen my boy truly happy.

I knew that the life we had lived up until this point had been tough on him; he had become more sensitive as the years had gone by but I was proud of the person that he was molding in too.

Moving around all the time, making friends only to leave again after a couple of months hadn’t been easy on him and had taken their toll until he found it hard to mix but once we had settled in Cameron he had come on in leaps and bounds.

I had watched as he had literally bloomed in to this amazing little force of energy that seemed to affect everyone that he came in to contact with.

”That’s great baby,” I pulled him close to me and just relished in the connection that I had with him as Jeff climbed on to the other side of the bed and wrapped us both up in to his arms.

Why couldn’t this man be CT’s real Dad?

Why couldn’t Steven have been like Jeff?

The feel of Jeff placing a kiss to the top of my head left me wondering if Steven had been the way he was because I hadn’t meant to be with him. Maybe, just maybe I had been meant to meet Jeff and share what we were sharing now.

That thought, once would have scared the hell outta me, but basking in the attention my man was raining down on me and my son, I felt calm and at peace inside almost like my life really couldn’t get much better than where it was right now.

I was finally in the right place, in the right man’s arms and I didn’t want anything else in life. My son was finally happy, he was healthy and he had the positive male figure that I had always wanted him to have.

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Forbidden - Jeff Hardy 18+ Fiction
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