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 Worlds apart ,never alone { Christian Kane fic}

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PostSubject: Worlds apart ,never alone { Christian Kane fic}   Tue May 24, 2011 6:49 am

Worlds apart but never alone { Christian Kane }
By: Tjangel
Rating: R ( to be on the safe side )
Disclaimer: This story is completely fantasy and is in no way to be taken as true, the persons involved in this story are fictional… and have no real involvement with Christian Kane .
No hard of offence of any kind is intended .
All misspelled words are of my own making.

Amberly’s pov

Here I was in LA ,going to see my boyfriend of 4 months and I was still kind of nervous. One I had never been to LA and 2 I had no clue where I stood with him.
My older sister Liz would tell you I was being used by him. I think she is just jealous of me .

I thought back to the day we met. It was the greatest event in country music history besides the CMA”s it was fan fair.
I was standing in line with Liz who was bitching because it was hot. God she could whine more than a 2 year! I reached over tapping her” please do everyone a favor and shut the hell up and bear it this was your idea”

I had work I could be doing but Liz begged me to come she had gotten tickets from one of her many lovers . we kept going up about a inch until it was our turn.
I admit he was pretty hot …. O.k. he was steaming ! he could melt butter with that smile!

Christian looked at my sister” name sweetie?” which caused my sister to start screaming. I calmly said” her name is Liz”
He laughed as he signed the picture “ related?”looking at Liz. Making me look at her still screaming.
I smiled “ I know it is a tragedy for a 36 year old to be screaming like a 2 year old”

Christian pulled out another picture “ your name ? yes you are getting one . you stood in line for the past 2 hours and had to deal with that !” pointing to my sister.
I smiled’ oh o.k. it is Amberly “
He signed it then wrote something down on another piece of paper .
I did not know what it was until his agent came over” Ma’am these are for you”
Handing me some ticket .
My sister saw what they were and sneered she hated my job because it was mine. I was not like her and waited for a handout “ what did you do for those? Show some tits?”

I stopped and looked her “ if you would stop acting like a 2 year old you would notice I did not do anything . I have a life that I built for my own and yes I design lingerie and yes it is my own company but you know what it is mine no one can take it away” leaving her .

I walked around for awhile looking at all of the stuff. When I felt someone tap me on the shoulder causing me to turn the first thing I saw was that Smile.
Christian laughed” Christian Kane the actor, the singer and now the charmer” holding his hand .
I took it “ Amberly Kerstetter the owner of Twisted Angel lingerie company”
He motion for me to follow him so I did I had nothing better to do”

He came up to the café they had set up for the stars. He sat down “ it is hot “
Causing me to laugh” it is not hot yet. Wait to July it reaches 100 then you can say it is hot”
He smiled as he got up” want something to drink?”
I shook my head” I am fine “
We sat down in the café and talked for hours until my phone rang. It was probably Liz
He laughed at my expression and whispered” see you in a hour I need to go warm up”
I nodded as I answered” yes Liz?”

My sister was being a first class pain in my ass “ are we going or not?!”
I took a deep breath” yes ! let me get out of here!’ walking out of the café wanting to shoot her .
Liz met me at the bottom of the hill with one of his shirts. “ here got you one of his shirts”

I took it was still weary of her she had been a bitch all day and now she was nice something was up .
We walked to our seats , we were right at the stage !
Christian walked out looking over and smiling.
He began to sing but I was lost I had never heard of his music. But when he started singing ‘ thinking of you ‘ I felt a connection felt like he was singing it to me.

Liz had to leave her husband was home from the road .. I looked up as he smiled really big. Still singing his heart out.
His set was about up when his agent came over and whispered” Mr. Kane would like to ask you to dinner?”
I looked up and mouthed’ yes”
Now here I was in LA airport waiting.

Christian walked up, hugging me then gave me a kiss “ hey ! you made it ! come on lets meet the guys I have told them all about you!”
Causing me to give him a look “ like what?”
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Worlds apart ,never alone { Christian Kane fic}
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