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 A Crushed heart still beats

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PostSubject: A Crushed heart still beats    Fri May 06, 2011 7:31 am

A crushed heart still beats
By : tjangel
Rating: R for now will post when it gets to M
Disclaimer” this is story is strictly fictional in no way it is to be taken Serious . I do not own any of these men . I only own the name the use of my brothers names ( Ray and Jimmy ) and the use of mine. there is no money being made from this... this is to cover everyones asses including my own.
Note; this was written before the death of Bin Laden ( however you spell that cursing name )

Teresa’s pov

Here I was in North Carolina alone!
I came here to meet my real family only to learn I had 2 brothers that was still living . my parents was killed a month before in a head on collision .. my brothers was Marines overseas.
Jimmy and Ray was both worried about me being alone all the time so they introduce me to the Hardy family before they left boy I was having fun now!!

Jeff and Matt was huge flirts that could make a normal girl smile but I was not worth remembering so I was told so many times!
Thru the brothers I met Shannon , he was cute but standoffish but I understand he was going thru another divorce . he was in pain he found his wife in bed with another and from the sounds of it . it was going to a messy one.
I envy Julie! From the looks of things Shannon treated her like gold .. the way I treated Chase while I was treated like shit.
I did everything in my power to make him happy even made myself doing it.

I got a job at the bowling alley it was not a good job but it put a little money in my pocket since my brothers paid the bills ….the guys came in all the time and hung out with me
They told me they were keeping me company but I think it was that they were bored out of their asses!

Matt walked in looking for me as I walked out of the bar where I was putting up all of the stuff I just received . my back was killing me I lifted something that was way to heavy and now I was hurting! But I would not tell anyone I learned from that mistake!
I looked at him “ need something ?”
Matt leaned over the counter” need a lane and a size 10 .. Jeff ,Beth and Shannon are on their way”
I rung him up for the shoes and turned on the lane.
As I bent down I gasp not realizing they were there and heard me . I tried wipe the tears before I raised up but I guess I did not get all of them. Jeff stopped “ what did you do?” watching me .
I shook my head” nothing just misjudged something I am fine”
Everyone left the front counter so I told Sandy to call me when someone came in and I went in the bar trying to lift the case of crown royal on the bar.

Sandy walked in “Teresa why don’t you ask one of those fine men to lift that !? you are too stubborn for your own good!”
I looked back at her” I am o.k.!”
She left , mumbling something I did not pay her any of attention .
Just as I lifted the box again I felt someone behind me I turned and yelled” I am fine !”
Shannon looked at me “ no you are not! Sandy told on you give me that ! and stop being superwoman where does this goes?”
I motion for the bar I could put the contents up later.

Sandy came thru the door” Teresa you have a very important call at the front counter “
I looked at her” be there in a moment let me lock up”
I picked up the phone as I got to my counter” Strike and Spare this is Teresa speaking?”
I heard my brother yelling “ sissy ! Ray is gone ! his van was in front of mine and it just blew up!!”
He was crying over the last 6 months we all had gotten very close.

My boss came in and saw the tears I was trying to hide.
He counted my drawer down , he knew it was bad anytime I got a overseas call I got them. Sandy looked at me and whispered” which one?”
I mouthed Ray
My manager Rick motion for me to go.

I could not face my friends so I snuck out back … this day was shitting anyways first the voicemail from Chase now this … I could not deal with anyone .
Sandy must have told because there was 3 cars in my driveway .
I kept remembering Beth telling me that Shannon liked me but I did not believe her I just couldn’t who would like me ?
Matt opened my door, seeing me “ I know saying sorry is not going to bring him back but I am here if you need me “ trying to hug me but I did not want that I was hurting to much.
I was not use to it . I got out of my truck and walked into my house.
I sat down on my couch , I was so numb .. trying to keep the tears in ..everyone told me they had to leave but they promise they would be right back.

I must had moved but I did not remember… getting the items in front of me . I heard everyone swear .. Beth saw the gallon of Jack and the bottle of pills she replied” those pills better be for your damn back! And you will not be taking them with that ! Ray would not have wanted this ! now we brought Dinner.”
I mumbled” not hungry “ still staring at the far wall. Where the pictures were .
Beth walked up” tough shit . you are going to eat . it would kill Jimmy to loose you too:
She wiped the tears that spilt down my face she smiled” I will be there even help you make the arrangements just ask”
I looked over at her “ it would make it to real “ trying not to cry.
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PostSubject: Re: A Crushed heart still beats    Fri May 13, 2011 6:57 am

A crushed heart still bleeds

I sat there watching as Beth took charge of the situation it scared all of us seeing the pills then the Jack I knew they did not mix if it was not for Teresa . I would be dead now she forced me to see reasons and now it is my turn I knew I could not loose her.
Her dog Patches came in , she knew Teresa was upset…. I remember meeting Tia when she came from California to do a home study …Patches was a gift from Ray..

Teresa saved Patches and now it was time for Patches to return the favor…
We all knew something was wrong as soon as Sandy told us she left… Teresa never left work early except when she was sick or this .
I noticed someone coming up the driveway so I got up and walked out.

He introduce himself as Major Rogers from the USMC he was there for the family .
Matt who had walked out with me shared a look we were here for her. Not some strange man who she did not know. They did not know she would fight ….

Matt spoke but you could tell he was not happy!” we are here for her. She is in so much pain she has the booze and the pills out. and NO you are not going in there my sister in law and brother are working on her. Just let me tell you what has happen and you can tell me if you can help her.she lost her parents to a head on collusion and now Ray and if for some strange reason Jimmy is next there is no getting her back!!”

Major Rogers pulled out a box : please give her this and let her know I am here “
We watched as he left . then we turned looking at the house .
Matt whispered” lets get this done “
I knew what was in that box would hurt her and god I did not want to see the tears .

Teresa noticed her trying to hide it and spoke up” might as well give me what you are hiding “
Matt looked at me “what is in this box could hurt you. we met someone here that is here for you and Jimmy”
Teresa threw up her hands” oh great someone else telling me what and how the feel”

Beth came in the room “I am not trying to ..just that if you need someone to beat up Jeff is available “
I heard her laugh when Jeff came out of her closet yelling Hey.
I swallowed a laugh” tell me Jeff what are you doing in the closet or do I want to know?”
Teresa mumbled” that is where the Jack is going thinking I will not find it “
I heard Jeff swore before pulling out the bottle trying to find another spot.
I held out my hand “ give it to me I will take it home she does not need it here”
Watching as she opened the box.

I turned away when I heard her cry it broke my heart to hear it . but I knew there was no way Ray was coming back,
I took several deep breaths before turning to her I really wanted to take her in my arms but she was not mine …. Yet.

I saw Beth look at me then smiling sadly. She noticed the light flashing on her answering machine , she walked over punching the button .
Teresa jumped up and ran to the phone “ no ! please I can not take his shit tonight “
Beth turned” who!? What the hell is going on!?”
Teresa whispered hoping noone would hear but I did .” it is Chase he had been calling me threaten me .”

Beth turned and saw all of us “ don’t make me call the boys on him and you know they will do it “
Teresa lowered her head then whispered” I know I am the stupid one just let it go for now”

Jeff looked at Beth” who Beth? Someone has hurt her I want to know!”
Teresa looked at us” it is Chase Montgomery and I will deal with him later he just wants me back “
Beth looked at her “ he wants to own you as a piece of property I know how he treats women please don’t go back with him … there is other men who would give you the world if you would just take the glasses off and see them for who they really are “ looking at me .

* sorry so short , working on a new Fic a Christian Kane or lets just say attempting too*
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PostSubject: Re: A Crushed heart still beats    Tue May 24, 2011 6:48 am

A crushed heart still beats 3

Jeff’s pov

I sat at her kitchen island where she had stools at thinking of who Chase and why was he bothering Teresa
Matt leaned over” he is the guy from the car shop, the one that dad wants to slap???”

I turned to her “ why ? he is the one that is stalking you is he? Do something you don’t need this ! call the cops”
Teresa looked over at me “ they told me until he actually makes a move towards me they cant do anything trust me I have called and called and as of why I went out him…. He showed me attention I got tired of being the third wheel”

I happen to glance across the room at Shannon , he was sitting there staring out the window.
I knew by the way he was sitting he was mad as hell , he wanted to go out and find Chase then beat the shit out of him but that would just hurt Teresa . she cared even if she was scared shitless to admit it .

Shannon had been hurt too. Julie did a number on him. She made him believe she was different but in fact she was just like his first wife ….a cheater.

Beth walked up to me and whispered” I don’t want to leave her alone “ watching me . I lowered my head and whispered ‘ Shannon has her . he will watch her” watching as Shannon looked over and nod then spoke” go one I have her “
I walked over to Teresa” we are going to go out for awhile if you need us please call”

Shannon stood up” no need to worry guys I have her I will stay”
I watched as she looked up”why? I am fine knowing Beth she hid the knives and I don’t remember where I put the gun”

I swore she had a gun in this house!!!!
I pulled her up “ grab some clothes you are going with us ! I am not taking a chance you finding it “
Teresa pushed me back “ No ! I am not ! all I want to do is sit here ! to be left the hell alone!”
I got into her face “ sorry sweetheart we are not leaving you alone we are your friends , we are here for the good and now the bad”

Shannon motion for us to leave .. I knew he had her under control I just wish they would quit dancing around each other and get together and I did not care if they slept together first to get it done”
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PostSubject: Re: A Crushed heart still beats    

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A Crushed heart still beats
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