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 The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction

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PostSubject: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:32 pm


This piece of writing is a work of FICTION. I am making no monery gain from this piece of fiction. It was written purely for entertainment purposes. All celebrity figures within this story belong to themselves. All o/c's belong to me and are a work of my imagination. All lyrics used belong to the artists who write and perform them.

I am in no way claiming that I know any of the celebrities within this piece of fiction. The storyline has been written from my mind, and in no way does it feature any real events.

There is violence, and anger and sexual situations mentioned in this fiction - so if you are offended by such material, or are under the years of 18 please press your back button right now. Otherwise, I hope that you will enjoy.

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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:36 pm

TITLE - The Other Half (of Me)
CHARACTERS - Christian Kane, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, O/C's
GENRE - Supernatural/Romance
RATED - 'R' 18+

The race is on - Eve needs to find her Other Half - if she doesn't - all the work that has been put into her will have been for nothing. Once she finds 'him' - they will have to fight like Hell to remain together and out of the Supernatural's raidar. Strong Sexual content, violence, and adult situations.

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PostSubject: Chapter 1 - Introduction   Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:41 pm

The Other Half (of Me).
Written By; HarleyMac. Date Started; 15/04/2011.

The Prophecy, New York;

The world will shiver in their presence; they will know nothing of what is coming. 'They' will be stronger than most, they will be branded to be recognised as the one. A star and a moon will be instrumental in the new phase of the world.

A New Breed – will come to be through these 2 women – their completion will be secured when they find their 'him'. The longer that they go without their other half; the more human they will become. Their powers will diminish until they are mere mortal – it is imperative that they find their companion in the mortal world.

They will lead the world into a new phase of mortality.

Their powers are those of which has never been seen in one breed before. Visions, telekinisis, strength, power force to protect, pale saphhire coloured eyes; that deepen in the presense of their other half, highly sexual beings – drawing all kinds of creatures to them, healing powers – these new hybrids will be used in the battle of light versus dark. One will have the power of the elements, the other will have the power of spirit. These beings will instill a sense of calmness and peace when mortal's are around them.

January 2011, New York;

Eve's POV;

We were hurling through the rain that was showering the city – gripping the hand of the man next to me. I could see the fear in his eyes – this was it. The time had come for us to begin our journey for what we had been created for. The air was cold as it whipped at my flesh, the rain lashed me like a whip from the bowels of Hell and my eyes were casting tears that were only falling from the sheer force in which we were falling.

We had been prepared, shown from the moment that we had been created that we were going to be saviours – in the fight between light and dark. We would be the creators of the New Breed. Our genetic make up had been manipulated from many different creatures which were then injected into us as humans and we had grown up knowing that we were the new breed, and all that was being placed on our shoulders.

James – would serve as my brother on earth. We came from different family lines; think along the lines of Superman and you won't be too far from what me and James are.

Free falling, we were coming closer towards impact now – the scent of the country side hit us as it floated through the air, the sound of animals scurrying through the bushes to hide from what was coming. Being taught that animals have a much more sense of what people are; we were aware of how we had to remain undiscovered for a little while to say the least. We had been told that if we haven't found our other half within a year – all of the skills that we have been blessed with will begin to fade and if we still hadn't found our mate within another 6 months we will become completely human and have failed in our mission to bring a new hybrid human to walk the earth and our punishment is to remain on earth as a human.

From what the research showed – we would slowly become insane as our layers of power were stripped away. To go from having the ultimate power we have to not having any at all; leaves our brains slightly mushed in the sense that when it all fades away; it drags brain matter with it to the point where we could end up as vegetables. There was no precise document on what would happen – it would either be insanity or vegetables – being that we were the first of our kind – it was trial and error.

The hum in the air was undoubtedly the sign that we were coming – it had been predicted that the world would shiver when our presense landed on the earth. We would have someone waiting for us to take us to our new home.

Alexander – he was an agent from our plane – who had been delivered here a few years ago, to get established so that we could come in as his neice and nephew. We would have a place to stay, clothes to wear and jobs were waiting for us – Alex was completely set up with a bar that he had opened, and built into a successful business.

How did our mutation happen?

More than 30 years ago; the government had captured the supernatural creatures that walked their earth. Scientists worked on them, extracting sample after sample of blood, bone marrow, brain material (they hadn't cared about killing the creatures at that time, especially if it aided their research) they tested and tested the results until they had managed to manipulate all of the DNA into a syrum that was then implanted in me and my brother James.

Apparently, James and I had been chosen because a) my Mother was a crack whore and sold me for the first of a fix and b) James' Parent's had abandoned him on the steps of the FBI offices in Georgia.

We had been transferred to this place – it was like no where on earth, we were nurtured and raised, then on our 16th birthdays we were injected with the syrum that the 'officials' (as we called them) had been working on for all that time. At first it didn't seem like it made much of a difference – but then slowly as the days passed; James and I started showing signs of the implants working. At first it just felt like we had more strength and longer stamina. For James his visions began first, mine was the teleknisis and then everything else just slid into place. We were trained in all martial arts, torture techniques – inflicting and receiving, weapon tactical and gun range.

The impact on the ground was painful; but it didn't kill us. With our various powers, we barely felt the pain. Duck and roll, then we were on our feet in the middle of a field; the cool air whipped at our bear flesh as we remained still.

"You ok?" I asked James.

We had been raised as brother and sister, but we were in no way related to one another – we had different parent's. Our human DNA was in no way connected to one another – our guardians had ensured that when they chose us. If you think of the movie La Femme Nikita but with a supernatural tint to it. If we were successful then more of us would be brought in and turned. The plan was to have 10 couples from all over the world be introduced to this so that the human race would continue with hybrid powers.


Because the human world was in danger from the Supernatural element and they didn't even know it. Being able to protect themselves against such dangers was a high priority for the government. Not only would it give the mortal race the chance to concentrate on bigger threats such as war and all the other natural disasters that had been increasing.

"That was some journey," James sighed as the sound of a car approaching reached us where we stood. "You?"

"You're not bloody wrong," I agreed with him. Unfortunately, we had to remain where we were for a little bit – the car that was coming, was about 2 miles away. "I need a smoke,"

"You do know that it's not good for you right?"

"We're a new hybrid breed of being and you're telling me that smoking is bad for me?" I laughed, "to be honest, I think that human's are more of a threat to us, if they find out what we are,"

I knew that he worried – we were the only family that we had ever had and that was important to us. Nothing could come between the connection that we shared with one another. We had gone through the same things – trained at the same level; with our guardians, there had been no such thing as the weaker sex – I was trained as hard and as long as Aiden was. It had made me a much tougher woman – at least that was the plan.

I wouldn't say that the training had been easy because it hadn't – we had been taken to our very breaking edge and then pushed some more. Psyche evaluations were normal to ensure that mentally we were remaining as stable as our bodies were becoming from the constant reign of training.

As I became more aware of my surroundings – I could feel 'him' – the man that I had to find before 18 months had passed. The steady beat of him; he was near, he was somewhere out there and I had to find him before I faded and became completely human again. Slowly my heart caught up to his rhythm and settled into perfect sync with it. Now I just had to find him. After having this power in my veins; I never wanted to go back to being just a mortal human. It didn't appeal to me – I liked feeling strong and in control, I liked that I could look after myself.

Knowing that there were things such as Vampire's, Djinn's, Witches, Werewolves, ShapeShifters, Faeries, zombies...........pretty much anything that you had seen in movies, TV shows, or books were real and they hid in the shadows. Most people found comfort in pretending that they weren't there, or that if they tried to rationalize what they had seen it comforted them. Essentially, it was all about comfort for humans and as long as they didn't have to face it or deal with it, then they were safe. Unfortunately that was exactly what got them killed. Then there were the people who knew exactly what was hiding in the dark of night and in the shadows; some of them took it upon themselves to fight these creatures, some were like me and James – supernaturally enhanced to fight the beasts.

For example – there was truth in the stories of Van Helsing, the Charmed ones, Constantine and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The problem being that the people writing such things usually got the details fudged or wrong. There were so many things to remember when it came to these things that walked the streets.

2 balls of light pierced the otherwise dark country side, my eyes honed in on the vehicle and instantly recognized it as Alexander's heading straight towards us.

"Can you feel 'her'?"

"I can," James nodded; his hands clasped behind his back – standing to attention. "I am..........they didn't tell us that it would feel like this,"

"No but damn, it feels good," I was pumped up, wired even and all I wanted was to run off this extra pool of strength that I had gotten through the connection of our hearts being on the same plane. I wondered if he could feel it – did he know what it was?

"I can see you're energized,"

"More than the bunny itself," I laughed jogging on the spot. "I don't think that I have ever been this hyped up,"

"I agree – you have never been like this," he nodded, he was right – we were always taught to remain controlled, stoic if possible.

"It feels amazing to be here though, don't you agree?"

"I do!" he agreed as the car got closer and we began wading through the large corn field where we had landed leaving behind nothing but 2 slight dents in the growth where we had landed.

Lesley, our commanding officer had always said that I was the more hyper of the 2 of us, James was much more controlled and poised. It had definitely made us completely different subjects, which had been our names for the first 14 years of our lives. At the age of 15 we had been told to pick out a name that we liked and that was officially when we were born. James had chosen the name of his hero; James Hetfield of Metallica. I had chosen mine from the bible – the whole Adam and Eve deal had seemed somewhat humourous to me. We were given all of our birth certificates and immunisations then they were sent to Alexander who would hold them for us, being that he was supposed to be our uncle.

By the time we reached the side of the road, the car was pulling into the side stopping space. Alexander stepped out of the drivers side, and smiled at both of us.

"How was it?" he enquired.

"Not at all what we imagined," James informed him.

"Get in – there are clothes for you both in the back seat, you can get dressed on the ride back to the city," Alexander ordered us, and as we literally were soldiers – we nodded and did what we had been told without complaint or question.

The heat in the car felt like a smooth velvet blanket brushing against my cold flesh. I slid the skin tight jeans up over my legs as James struggled to get the top over his head and in the end, I was creased over giggling out of control. Being that James was as strong as I was and as good at kicking ass as I was and here he was stuck with his head trying to squeeze through an arm and he was trying to move but the top was restricting his movements.

"Help!" he muffled loudly, "Evelyn help me!"

"Damn don't go getting your knickers in a twist James," I scolded at him for using my full name. I had wanted Eve but the agency had thought Evelyn was much more appropriate.

"I don't have knickers on smart mouth," he hissed as I pulled the arm sleeve off his head and guided it towards the neck line and then he was there giving me the evil eye.

"Nothing has changed I see – bickering as usual," Alex announced from up front as he turned the car back towards the direction that he had come from.

It was true – we had always bickered like true siblings, but what I always knew and felt grateful for was the fact that it didn't matter what we had going on as 'siblings' James would forever have my back. There was nothing that he wouldn't do for me, and vice versa. James, for all intents and purposes – was the only family that had been constant in my life.

"Hey Alex; please tell me you have smokes?" I leant forward over the front passenger seat and watched as the man pointed to the glove box, which I all but dove towards and pulled out my brand of cigarettes and happily lit one up then proceeded to put on my bra and leant back in the seat which was nice and soft, and warm. "Cheers dude,"

"Not a problem kid," he replied, calling me as he usually did. I don't think that it would truly matter how old I got; he would always call me kid.

The cool air pushed through the small gap that I had made to blow my smoke out and flick my ash out of. It felt wonderful to be completely honest and thankfully the back windows were blacked out giving James and me the perfect privacy to finish getting changed. By the time, I had finished my cigarette, pulled on my off shoulder top and slid my feet into the knee high black heeled boots the country side had changed from remote and vast to scattered buildings, which only seemed to grow as the car kept moving towards the centre of the town.

The car eventually slowed and came to a stop; indicating that we were where we had intended to be taken.

"We're home," Alexander announced, pulling the key from the ignition and opening the door.

The place where we were going to call home, was a flat studio style apartment that was above the Hybrid – the rock bar, Alexander had opened for our cover. I could hear the loud drum beat of heavy rock music pumping inside, and I sincerely hoped that they would have sound proofed the apartment up the stairs from it. Otherwise, my sleep pattern would be completely shot to shit. Not that I slept normal hours, but still – having the persistant thumping of music would drive even me crazy.

There was an entrance to the side and then the back of the building, or you could go through the bar to get to the private exit up to the apartment. Tonight, we went down the alley at the side of the building and then out into the back bay where there was a set of stairs that led up to the private entrance.

Once inside, Alexander locked the doors behind us and began to climb an inside flight of stairs to another level.

"This is your home James," he pointed to James to go check it all out. "Check it out, come on Eve,"

We climbed another flight of stairs to the very top of the building; the floor hard from the wooden floorboards that hadn't been covered with carpet. Towards the end of the long hallway there was another door that Alex explained was the door to the roof which was a nice little area for having BBQ's or just hanging out with friends. It was private and very secluded.

"I'm going to leave you to get settled, my part of the house is the floor under James'; so if you need anything, you know where to find me," he informed me.

"Thanks dude,"

"Not a problem kid," he smiled and descended back down to the lower levels where I could hear him begin telling James exactly what he had told me moments previously.

Happily, I stood in the hallway – after all the years of training, of knowing that I was a part of something that was going to be huge, I could hardly believe that I had made it. There had been many moments when I had wanted to quit – to just tell them that they had picked the wrong kid, now I am glad that I didn't. This was definitely decorated with my style in mind.

At the base; we had been asked to pick out the things that we liked – giving us pictures to look at; so we could pick our own style. The red brick worked well with the deep reds and other dark colours that were spread evenly through out the rooms, which I noticed as I moved from room to room. My large TV was hanging from the roof on a bracket. A large purple plush corner sofa was placed in one corner of the room – photos of me and James were placed in the wrought iron frames, I had picked out. Every little detail I had explained was placed in the room making it feel warm and homely.

I had my own kitchen which looked very surgical; something that I insisted on; I had a huge phobia of unclean work spaces. The bathroom was equally as sterile with splashes of a vibrant blue colour used in the candles, the pot pourri, the blind on the window, the towels etc. A large claw foot free standing bath was raised from the floor and a free standing shower cubicle.

Finally my bedroom – everything that I had dreamt of and more. Being in the base for all my life; I had insisted warm and comfortable colours – black and red was the main foundation; one wall was painted entirely black and the rest of the walls were a deep red that made me feel safe. The roof had material coloured nets on the roof – giving a very Egyptian feel. A large black wrought iron king size bed sat in the middle of the room; the head board resting against the wall. It was literally perfect – everything that I had imagined and more.

We had been allowed to follow the world; so that when we arrived in it – we had opinions and knowledge of the things that most people were involved in. It definitely felt like everything that had been covered by the team who had been in charge of us.

Before we had left base – we had been given our back ground. Lesley, our charge hand, had been used as our Father figure (there were plenty of pics of us all around the apartment) and he had died in a car wreck that had been reported as happening just outside of Atlanta where we were supposed to live. Reports had explained that the house we lived in was in foreclosure, so we had been in the process of moving in with our Uncle Alex who owned New York hotspot Hybrid. The plan went ahead and we moved in with him. Our Mother had supposedly died while giving birth to James who was supposed to be a year younger than me, when in actual fact we were the same age. They had used one of the weapon trainers, Mary to take pictures with me when I was little, just so there was some form of proof.

Looking in the closet in my bedroom, to find that it was packed with the types of clothes that I like. I had to admit that there seemed to be no fault in what they had come up with for a back story for us. I just had to hope against all hope that this would work.

I had no desire to lose all of this, so my immediate plan was to find my other half, and the quicker I found him the better. If I didn't find him; then I would end up losing all of this, they would give me a settlement amount of money and cast me out into the big wide world with only my military knowledge. It definitely left me limited in what I could do.

No I wouldn't even think like this – everything would work out for the best. I would find him – I had to find him, especially when I could feel him so close to me; it was like this overwhelming desire of knowing that you have someone out there but unable to see them with your own eyes. All I knew was that when we met; I would know it. I would be able to feel it in the fact that our hearts were beating to the very same rhythm as each others and I could hear it, feel it and just know it without fault.

Then when that happened – I had to keep him safe; the creatures that wondered around the streets in the dead of night, would no doubtedly have felt James and I as we broke throught he seal between this world and the one where we had grown up; which would mean that they would know we were powerful and would want to either kill us, use us or worse; get to our plans before we had the chance to carry them out. To be honest; they could seriously hurt us if they ever managed to find us or find out what we were upto. Our survival depended on James and I keeping a low profile.

The world however, wasn't about to make that easy for us, not even in the slightest way possible.

But for tonight, we had the time to be alone, to just chill and relax before we started to live our lives in the real world, for the first time in the 30 years that we had been alive.

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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:05 pm

I don't know how you manage to keep cranking out such amazing stuff but you never fail to do so whenever you write. It was wonderful, as always, and I'm definitely excited to read more. Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:08 pm

awe thank you honey Very Happy I am glad that you enjoyed it Very Happy This is a little bit of a challenge, being that I am creating an entire world *YIKES* Shocked affraid lol xoxox THANK YOU for reading and taking the time to comment - means the world to me Very Happy xoxox More soon xoxox

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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:29 pm

Okay first word, wow. If only technology was advanced enough in this day and age to be able to conduct experiments like this, which already has caught my interest fast. Immediately you tell the reader what these super human hybrid creatures are, their strength, their eventual weakness (in not finding a partner). For me upon reading this and also the fact that everything is pretty much ‘trial and error’ with these super humans, did raise the question of ‘it might be brilliant, but is it right to do this to someone?’ I suppose this is a subject you will no doubt address as the story continues. Just one thing to note to you, there is no such word as ‘syrum’. I think you mean ‘serum’ hun Smile

And what a clever plot line with introducing these creatures secretly into the population to prepare for the as yet unannounced dangers the human race could face. Scary thought, but a VERY clever idea. Well bloody done! Every bloody detail in this is crystal clear, I have a wonderful picture of it in my mind as I read, lovely descriptions there. The part about Eve’s heartbeat picking up on ‘his’ and becoming in tune with it was just…amazing! Loved it!!!!! That’s such a good idea! I just…….I’m lost for words over how GOOD this is!!! It’s like I’ve just found a new book and cannot put it down, I want to turn the next page and find more but the end just came up and I honestly felt like ‘AWWWWWW NO NO NO NOT THE END! NOT YET!’ and had a bit of a fit about it because I LOVE IT SO DAMN MUCH!! More woman!!

It’s just got me hook, line and sinker! I want to read about Eve meeting him, because it’s just bound to be explosive! It’s like, I can feel the energy bubbling up already and she hasn’t even met him. It’s the way you describe how she can ‘feel’ him. It conjures up more a vivid feeling that mental picture, it will be a powerful moment that is for sure. It makes me wonder, did he feel it too when her heartbeat went into sync with his? Was there anything he felt at all? Will he feel something or know Eve is ‘the one’ when he meets her? I NEED TO KNOW!
As you might guess, I bloody loved it! A thoroughly enjoyable read I hope will be updated on a VERY regular basis!!xxxx
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PostSubject: Chapter 2 - Everything Changes   Mon Apr 18, 2011 3:34 pm

The Following Day;
James' POV;

My new bed was nice and soft – not something that I was used to. However, I had managed to sleep peacefully. I wonder how Eve slept. The sound of thumping music catered my belief that she was indeed awake. I knew her well enough to know that she was in a relatively good mood with the sound of Guns N' Roses, Civil War blasted through her speakers.

When we had been informed of coming into this world, we were told that we would remain together – at least until we found our other halves. It would do us good to be together; especially if we failed to find our other half. We would soothe one another if, God forbid, we never found our other half. It would make the change from what we were, to human, more comfortable which was why we had the ability to instil the sense of calm and relaxation on others.

The scent of roasting coffee beans reached down to where I was lying, encouraging me to get to my feet and stumble up the stairs to her apartment – we were so used to being around one another first thing in the morning, that this felt normal when everything else felt like it was moving on fast forward.

Walking into the kitchen, to find her dancing completely unaware of her surroundings; it always bothered me how sunny she was first thing in the morning. I needed more than an hour to get into the happy state that she was in right now.

"Morning brother," she sang turning round to see me.

"Still got your unnatural sense of presense!" I muttered sitting at the breakfast bar.

"Of course, always on alert brother," she carried on dancing as she poured the steaming mugs of fresh coffee. "How did you sleep?"

"Like a log," I admitted.

Eve hated stupid sayings; like 'I slept like a baby' as she stated – babie's wake up all the time during the night, so she hated that saying. Waking up dead was another one that she couldn't stand to hear, and another personal favourite for her – one of these days you are going to turn up missing. It really bugged her – to the point of hysteria when she heard them.

"Me too," she smiled as she moved to place a mug of coffee in front of me.

For all intents and purposes; Eve was my sister, but I was male, not blood related to her so I could appreciate her beauty. At the age of 28 years old, she was a pretty girl; not knock you down beautiful, but the type of pretty that has been in front of you all your life but never noticed kind of pretty. With silken dark chestnut coloured hair that reached her shoulder blades; we both had pale saphire blue eyes and had been advised that when we met our other half, they would become a much more deeper shade of blue. Apparently it was the alert that we needed to know who our other half was if we couldn't see it or feel it any other way.

I took a few moments to look around – everything was in a mess; pans and mugs were laid out near the dishwasher, she had obviously been cooking too and the scent of French toast; giving her the look that I was hungry and she started laughing.

"You hungry?" she laughed back.

"Starved," my stomach grumbled in accordance to my words.

"Nothing changes," she smiled as she moved to the cooker which was placed eye level in a wall.

"No you're wrong there, everything changes," I said.

The silence that stretched between us was all the answer that I needed from her – she was agreeing with what I had just stated. We had thought that we had been prepared for this, but nothing could have prepared us for how surreal this all was. Our training had been extensive – we had been given one hour a day for leisure time; we were given toys, allowed to watch half an hour of TV a day, and listen to music when we were 12 years old. Everything was in moderation, our studies and our training always came first.


"Yeah?" she turned to look at me as she sprinkled icing sugar over the slices of the French toast.

"Can you still feel 'him'?"

"Yeah – it's so strong, I don't think that they were even aware of how strong it was going to be," she explained, "all night; it's like his ups and downs have been deep inside me,"

"Are you finding it as weird as I am?"

"Oh yeah," she nodded placing a plate in front of me. "I take it that you've been feeling 'her' all night too?"


"Do you think that they know?" she asked.

It was a good question, and one that I had been pondering myself – it was hard to imagine that they couldn't feel us the way that we were feeling them. We had been told that we were going to be able to feel them when we entered this plane – but they hadn't stated that it would be this distracting.

The plane where we had been living – was one that was almost parallel with Earth; the Government had found a way to use it to their advantage, something to do with maths and technic's. Some of the supernatural world believed that the plane where we had been was a form, or dimension, of Hell – but to us, it was home. It was where we had been raised, we had been safe (for the most part) and we had been trained to be what we were now.

What were we?

No one had ever really told us – we were part human, part mixture of a bunch of supernatural beings.

"I'm really not sure," I admitted digging into the breakfast, "mmmm this is good,"

"Don't get used to it," she took a seat next to me, "there will not be food from me every morning, in fact tomorrow I will be coming down to you for breakfast,"

Just like any school, we had been expected to attend home education. We were taught to cook, taught how to sew and mend our clothes, we were taught English, Math, Science, and car maintenance. All classes were compulsary; we were given no reason to miss each and every class. We never got sick – it was due to the supernatural blood that we had pumping in our veins.

"I guess there is no point in trying to flatter you to believe that you are the better cook out of the 2 of us?"

"Damn straight there isn't," she laughed sipping at her coffee.

My mind wondered as we sat and ate in silence. It was difficult to remember that we didn't have to hurry to make class. Usually we went from breakfast straight to weapons training. Today would be the first day of our real life and one that was still feeling really scary. Not because of what we didn't know but because of how different it was to the life we had lived for the past 28 years.


"Mmmm?" I mumbled through my mouthful of food.

"Do you think that we can really do this?" she asked adverting her eyes away from me and focusing on her plate solely.

"I have no doubt,"

"I love the fact that you are so optimistic," she nodded still remaining focused on her plate and food.

"You guys awake!?!" Alex called as he climbed the stairs into this floor of the apartment.

"In the kitchen!" Eve called out seemingly happy to hear his reassuring voice.

My sister liked to make people think that she was a rebel – it was the reason that she dressed as she did and said the things that she did, but she needed the structure of a guardian to tell her what to do. In a way we both did – it came from the way that we had been raised. We were physically stronger than the people who had raised us, and mentally we could withstand a Hell of a lot of torture but we were compliant to the unit that had trained us – they were our family.

"I just wanted to make sure that you are both settling in well........" he started as he walked into the kitchen, "mmmmm I don't suppose there is any left for me?"

"In the oven," Eve smiled at him.

"Thank you Evelyn," he replied moving to the oven as I noticed the clench of her jaw – a reaction that always came from being called her full name. "I have all of your appropriate papers and cards down in my apartment, we will get them on the way down to the bar where I will train you how to work,"

"More training?" Eve sighed slumbing down in her seat.

"Yes, more training," Alex laughed as he took a seat on the opposite side of the breakfast bar from us.

We ate in silence, all of us lost in our own thoughts. My own wondering if we would be able to pull this off without casualties – but our main priorites were our other halves. Their safety was the upmost importance – if anything happened to them then the race would never even get off the ground for another 28 years. Of course, our own safety was important too; that was the reason that we couldn't afford to be just letting random people know who and what we were.

It felt like there was danger all around us and we had to remain alert.

"You need to learn the prices of drinks and how to pour them, you need to know how to mix cocktails and you need to learn where everything is," Alex explained after a few moments.

"When do we get to have fun?" Eve enquired.

"Once all the danger is eliminated!" Alex replied sternly.

I could feel Eve's anger build inside her – we were both sprung pretty tightly and getting to be able to let off some steam; it was definitely something that we needed. All these years we had only really had one another to socialize with and it had become boring along the way. Now that we were out in the world, we wanted to let our hair down and just have some good old fashioned fun.

"Alex?" Eve started raising her voice in the middle of the name.


"Can't you just let us have a day off to have some fun?" she asked him.

Alex looked up and was caught dead in the stunning stare of Eve – she had the ability to make her ice cold eyes look extremely alluring. In her etiquette training, she had been taught how to use her looks to her advantage. And she did whenever she got the opportunity and now she was such an expert at it, that almost any man wouldn't be able to resist her. Except Alex it would appear as his expression remained stoic and in place.

"No!" he replied as I suspected he would, "we have little time to get you intigrated into the bar scene, where we are hoping you will meet your other halves, and the quicker that happens, the less we have to worry about it not happening,"

"You know that all work and no play makes you really boring right?" Eve asked as defiantly as ever.

"I am aware," he nodded, "I can live with it!"

"Buzz kill!" she muttered downing the last of her coffee.

"And I am ok with being that too," he retorted to her and they literally stared one another down. Until they both started laughing, "I'm glad that you haven't changed Eve,"

"Yeah well, I like being me...........for the most part," she smiled, "and it's good to see that you're the same drill sergeant as you were back there,"

"You'd know something was wrong if I weren't,"

"This is very true," she laughed once again, clearly enjoying the banter that they were engaging in. "Y'all can do the dishes while I go change," she rose from her chair and skipped out of the kitchen.

"What is with her today?" Alex asked me – Eve never skipped, Eve was never what you could call very girly.

I mean in appearance of course she was a girl; but she preferred to be down and dirty with the guys – fighting, smoking, playing pool, working on cars etc – she was a true tom boy right down to the very heart of her.

"She says that she can feel 'him' – she actually said it last night when we landed – and I have to admit that it's like feeling someone elses soul," I explained, "it's as weird as all Hell!"

"You mean she is feeding off 'his' energy?"

"Yeah," I nodded.

Eve and I know one another inside and out, knowing that she was feeling because I was feeling it too, meant that I could read her better than ever. This was definitely more than what we had been expecting. It would take some doing to get used to it. If I were to be honest; I'd say that I was freaked out by it. And not much freaked me out.

An Hour Later;
Alexander's POV;

We had been preparing for this for 30 years; 2 years had been used to gather intel and the specimens to see how we could create what the world needed. When area 51 was engineered it had been done with the mind of having some of the military placed on site to take care of it all. We knew that there would be more disasters, so a special task force was put together to deal with the supernatural war that we were dealing with

Eve and James had been chosen as the lucky 2 – especially when they had absolutely no family, and no one claiming rights to them. We took them to the other side where we isolated them and placed them together – we wanted them to be like brother and sister and we were lucky when it had worked out that way.

"That's it Eve, you're doing so well!" I encouraged her as she poured a pint glass of beer from the pump.

"Piece of cake!" she smiled placing the drink onto the bar top and slid it towards me.

Evelyn was like a volcano; she had a short fuse and that made her dangerous; which was why I was glad that she was on our side. With the power that she had in her; she was stronger than any female that I had ever encountered, Hell was she stronger than most men I knew. The only problem with her was that she was a free spirit and liked to do things her own way – if she was given an order; she'd find a way to do it in her own way – it was what had made her a great weapon to have. She was tenacious – she'd alter her tactics to finish a job; over and over again. There was nothing that she would willingly give up on.

Torture was something that she seemed to revel in – pain had become a friend to her, due to the strenuous torture that we had put them under – she had become used to it and manipulated it to help her should she need it.

Mentally – she had this uncanny ability to shut down when we tried to break her mind. Nothing could penetrate her mind blocks. She truly was an amazing young woman.

James on the other hand – he was the exact opposite to what Evelyn was. Where she accepted the physical torture and used it to her advantage; James blocked it the way Evelyn did with the mental torture. James accepted the mental torture and twisted things around, he was caniving and sneaky. With him; he was always already 2 steps ahead of you and he liked to know that. It was a drug for him.

One thing that they both had in common, was the way they dealt with murder of the supernatural beings that we had put them up against over the course of the years. They did it, they didn't complain about it and they didn't talk about it – instead; the minute it was all over; they would retreat to their residence and blast their music so loud that the foundations were surely shaking underneath them.

For both of them; music was their greatest weapon. They used it and eventually, they had figured out how to make playlists on the new invention Ipods; and they wore them when fighting with the supernatural beings.

It always surprised me to think of the humans who had absolutely no idea of the supernatural beings that wondered around in the same paths as they did. With all the movies and TV shows, books and graphic novels that depicted such beings; they were all so willing to believe that they were creatures of mythology or inventions of a warped mind rather than sit down and saying I wonder. If they did – then we wouldn't have had to go to the lengths that we had with Eve and James.

"What time do you open Alex?" James enquired.

"In about 3 hours," I informed him after checking my watch, "we have a band playing here tonight, so it will be unusually busy!"

"Band? Anyone we know?" Eve asked excitedly.

"They used to be called Kane, but now they go by just the singer's name, Christian Kane!"

Like a volt of electricity; the name seemed to slam into her and for a moment, I was more than sure that her eyes changed to a darker blue. It was obvious that she felt it as she gripped the edges of the bar to steady herself.

"What the fuck was that?" she asked me glaring as if she wanted to rip my head off my shoulders, "is that some new type of torture that y'all cooked up for us?"

"No!" I shook my head. "Christian Kane,"

The same reaction happened – her body almost convulsed at the mention of the name. It was such a strong reaction that it definitely made me wonder if maybe this guy was her other half. If he was; it would definitely make it easy – this way they would meet quickly, and they just wouldn't be able to fight the attraction to one another.

"What the Hell?" she was becoming more and more hostile with every mention of the name.

We had never known the identity of the other halves for James and Evelyn. It was just something that was destined to happen – mentioned to us by the Powers that Be. To explain; The Powers that Be – they are in charge of fate, they lead soul mates to one another, soul mates is not something that works for everyone. It doesn't apply to every day run of the mill type individuals.

Think of Bonny and Clyde – they were destined to meet and create the havoc that they did on the world. Franz Von Papen was meant to meet Adolf Hitler – all of these connections weren't about evil and good – it was about the fates that were already in the making of the world. James and Eve had their own other halves because they were going to be inventors of the new world. And the new world was already being pushed into place – first with the birth of Evelyn and James.

"God that feels so good – but what the fuck is it?" Eve asked her eyes burning a hole through me.

"Don't take this as gospel but I have a feeling that this man is your other half," I replied.

"Seriously?" she gripped the edges harder, "he's in a band? That's so sexy,"

Of course that was going to be her reply – she was ever the free spirit. At first my superiors had been unsure of using Evelyn; because even as a child – she wanted to do things her way; she walked without ever learning to crawl, the first words that she spoke were fuck and bastard. Everything had to be on her terms. Even now, it seemed like she had lucked out with her other half.............if I was right.

What we didn't know – was that in a hotel a few blocks away; the man in question was feeling more and more calm; like he knew that something amazing was about to happen, only he had no idea what it was. Already he was feeling the effects of Eve – he had felt the ground shake the previous night, the energy of power shifted into the city where he was staying for a few nights and he was amped up much more than usual.

True love was about to spark – and no one had any idea of how intense it would be.

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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Mon Apr 18, 2011 5:00 pm

As usual, this chapter is absolutely perfect. I adore the world that you're creating and I cannot wait for the next update. I'm eager to read about the shenanigans and adventures that James and Eve get into and I'm interested to see how they manage to get out of them. Very Happy Don't keep me waiting too long!


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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:16 pm

I like the way you open this with James’ POV, and detail the way he notes all this to be so strange to him. It would be unrealistic if you portrayed either of them to suddenly fit in easily into this new world they’ve been trained and prepared for. I mean, of course they have to fit in easily, but it’s going to feel strange to them for a while and you describe this as its seen through James’ eyes perfectly. I thought you did a good job in showing Eve’s frustrations at more training. I bet she’s wondering when her life will begin in the sense of when is she allowed to have a bit of fun? It sounds like her life has been pretty regimental so far.

Having Alexander’s POV here was perfectly timed, seeing exactly what the human/supernatural hybrids truly are, by a man who helped develop and raise them to be the weapons they are now. Because that is what they are to me, government super weapons being integrated into the population with no one being the wiser. It was interesting to hear of their abilities and differences. Like they are the same creature, but they both have differences in what makes them who and what they are. Like their abilities to withstand different forms of torture, but how they are the same in the fact it drives them, it doesn’t hamper them.

Then at the very end, the powerful feeling invoked in Eve at the mention of her other half’s name, that was wonderfully written! Wonderful! The use of language to describe both that and Alexander speaking of what Christian had felt since Eve’s arrival really set the tone for the impending meet, and it is something I simply CANNOT WAIT to read! Please, PLEASE HURRY with another chapter! I’m hooked!!!xxxx
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PostSubject: Chapter 3 - Knocked for 6   Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:06 pm

Across Town, New York;
Christian's POV;

Last night had been strange, even for me. My world wasn't as clear cut as what the public believed. Why? Because I saw the world for what it was – I saw things that most people believed were just bedtime stories to scare kids into doing what we wanted.

Vampire's, werewolves, witches, Djinn's, faeries, demon upon demon that had so many different names that it was easier to just pick them singly and sort them out. My best friend, Jensen Ackles, who played the demon hunter in the popular TV show Supernatural, was indeed a real life hunter in the real world too. Along with his co-star Jared Padalecki. It was hard to believe that this was the real world – not at all anything like what we would imagine when growing up.

But last night it was much stranger than normal – there was a subtle shaking in the earth, the kind of surge of power that I had never felt before. It was so strong that I am pretty sure that all the supernatural beings within 500 miles would have felt it. I was just a mere mortal and I felt it. It truly wasn't something so strong that it would alert to the situation. I think that I only noticed it was because I knew about the supernatural world.

What I hadn't expected to feel was this weird feeling of knowing that what had happened was something that was going to effect me directly. It was like my heart calmed into a more relaxed rhythm, almost like it was syncing up to someone else's. Now I felt so calm and relaxed that I was pretty sure nothing would make me lose my temper. I was eager to talk to Jensen and Jared to see if they had caught any scent of something new.

I was buzzed – this energy that was bursting through me was more than anything that I had ever felt before. Tonight I had to take to the stage in a bar called Hybrid – apparently it was an old bar, but it wasn't one that I had ever played in or even stepped foot inside.

Grabbing my phone from the counter in my kitchen, I dialed Jensen's number first, he was my best friend after all.

"Chris baby, how's it going?" Claire, Jensen's girlfriend answered.

"Not bad, baby doll," I smiled, always finding her affectionate approach amusing, "is the big man about?"

"Well he is, but he's in the shower at the moment," she informed me.

"Ok well, can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can," she replied as the click of a lighter filtered down the line to me, indicating that she was either smoking a cigarette or a joint.

"Did you feel anything last night?"

"You mean that amazing tsunami of power?" she asked me.

Claire was a huge part of the supernatural world – she was a witch. A bonified witch who held real powers and the ability to cast almost any spell that you could imagine. If anyone knew what was going on; it had to be her, even if it wasn't altogether the entire picture.

"Yeah – did it effect you?"

"Like you wouldn't believe; there was some major mojo in that wave, something that I have never felt before,"

"I felt it too,"

"What?" she asked sounding surprised, "but you're not supernatural!"

My insides were trembling – almost in anticipation. I don't know how I knew it, I just knew that there was something major about to happen. Something that I hadn't imagined happening. I was worried, this didn't feel right. Well not the feelings that I was feeling inside; because the fact was that inside me right now – it felt more right than ever to be feeling these surges of power, but on a whole I just knew that something wasn't right. Something was about to change my world and I couldn't even pin point what it was.


"Jensen and Jared didn't even feel it – they wouldn't have had an idea if it hadn't been for me and Britt,"

"Listen, come by Hybrid tonight – take the guys with you yeah?"

"Of course," she replied, "we'll see you later tonight,"

I bid her farewell and dialled Jared's number and moved to the window of my hotel suite to look out to the busy streets of the big apple. Grabbing some tabaco from my tin and placed it inside my mouth. I didn't always use the tabaco this way – every now and again, I'd smoke a cigarette. Right now, I couldn't smoke due to the new smoking laws in the state.

"Hey Christian, what's up?" Britt answered her phone, since Jared's was busy.

A weird thing had happened over a year ago now – Jared and Jensen had been our hunting with Claire, when they happened upon a Vampire; at first they had tried to take her down but she was just too strong even for Claire who was powerful beyond her years. The Vampire hadn't even tried to hurt them; she had been fast and calculating in her attempt to fight them off and upon their investigation they had found that this particular Vampire wasn't killing victims.

That Vampire was Britt. When she was hungry; she'd compel people and feed, before glamouring them into believing that nothing had happened. It was her way of remaining strong but sticking to her principal of not killing to feed. After years of existance, she had become sympathetic to the plight of human's and didn't want to kill them anymore.

People were off the market, being that she had lived for so long – she had grown a conscience and it was something that definitely made her stand apart from the majority of the Vampire's that we had been up against.

"Are you and the big man busy tonight?"

"No why?"

"Would you be able to come to the bar I am playing tonight?"


"Yeah that's the one,"

"Yeah we'll be there,"

"I didn't wake you did I?"

"No I was just getting up," she informed me, "Jared is just on the phone to his momma!"

Jared had told me that he wanted to be turned – with all that he did with his job however, it made it impossible for him to be turned just yet. Something that Britt felt strongly about – she didn't want to turn him because it would mean that he only had about 5 years at most to continue his career; something that she didn't want to take away from him until he was ready to give up being an actor. For a Vampire – that was huge and I respected her for it. I couldn't even imagine how tempting it must be for her to go too far when she was feeding on him.

"Ok well I will see you later tonight yes?"

"You will," she replied, "catch you soon!"

"Bye honey,"

From the moment that the feeling had hit me – it was like my entire body was tingling with what could only be described as the aftermath of orgasm. I felt relaxed, spent almost but it was so much more than that. Something that was definitely stronger than anything any of me and my mates had ever experienced.

Grabbing my guitar case, I pulled it out to tune it up for what I would during the show. Every night, I tried to make the shows different so that those fans who came to every show wouldn't get bored with the set list. It was also good for us too – the band didn't get stale and I didn't get bored with singing the same songs every night.

I had only heard of good things when it came to this bar Hybrid. Apparently, it was a good place for bikers to hang, but it wasn't limited to that genre as they had a good reputation for all types of people mingling together. I liked the thought of that – being that we weren't strictly one type of music; we were classed country but people who listened to us, they always said that there was that touch of rock in there to the songs too.

I was proud of the work that we had done as a group – the new album had been successful, the shows were beginning to bring in more and more fans. I couldn't be dismayed at that.

I was trying to shake off this amazing feeling but it just wasn't going anywhere soon. My heart kept fluttering wildly, my insides seemed to be in that pleasurable state of sensitivity. It felt so amazing, like something that I was getting more used too. I hoped that it would continue while I was on stage – because it would make it a show to remember if it did. It felt like I had so much energy running through me that I could probably pick up a car on my own, with one arm.

Before I even noticed it – it was time for me to leave and make my way to the bar. Thankfully my car was waiting for me, so I had to run from the foyer to the car – which was harder than you could imagine when there were fans littering the front of the hotel. Once in the car, I settled behind the darkened out windows and continued to ponder the events of the previous night.

The city flew by in a blur until we were parking in front of the bar where I was playing. There were already fans crowding the street waiting to get in; the car went down the side alley and then turning to the left so we parked next to the docking bay and I safely got out and made my way inside.

"Hi, I'm looking for Alexander Simpson," I said the tall man who looked to be around his late 20's.

"Just through that door," he pointed me in the right direction.

Pushing the door open, I was immediately wrapped in the most amazing translucent blue eyes that I had ever seen and it was like a soccer punch to my gut. I don't know how I know it – but I just know that this girl was the one for me.

I have to steady myself by gripping the wall that is next to me. And I can feel the sudden weight of being submerged in the most incredible scent of a spicy perfume. Dressed in a pair of tight fitting and ripped blue stone washed jeans and a top that hung from one shoulder and was slashed on either side completed a look of supreme confidence that made me unable to even walk, let alone think of something to say.

Eve's POV;

I could barely stand the immensity of what I was feeling – every bone in my body ached for reprieve; but it wasn't to be given it as I became entirely submerged in the beautiful blue of his eyes – they were the kind of shade that I had only read about; like they were the blue that you get when you strike a flame. I had always believed that the eyes were the windows to the soul and if that were true – then this man had one Hell of a beautiful soul.

That was when I could feel the change in my eyes – they were darkening; I don't know how I knew it but I did. I had found my other half and it had taken all but 24 hours.

"Hi," he said stretching his hand out to me, "I'm Christian,"

"Hi," I smiled and reached my hand into his; and just like that my world exploded in to a more vivid colour and the earth trembled under our weight and when I looked back to his eyes – he was looking around him as if he couldn't quite believe that this was happening, "uhm.........I'm Evelyn, but everyone calls me Eve,"

"It's a pleasure to meet you Eve," he said once our worlds have leveled and everything had stopped moving.

"The pleasure is all mine," I smiled and it was like the sight unbalanced him somewhat as he reached for the wall again to steady himself. "Are you ok?"

"Yes thank you," he nodded finally able to straighten himself up to his full height which wasn't altogether tall, but still taller than myself.

I could feel his heart beating in time to mine, I could feel the uncertainty that he was experiencing. I had known that this was coming; I had been somewhat prepared for it but Christian – he had absolutely no idea of what had just hit him. My fear now, was that I would have to explain all of this to him. The supernatural world and all the things that were hiding in the shadows.

"Were you looking for the changing room?" I asked trying to put him at ease and as he slowly began to calm down – my own power of relaxation had started to kick in and he began to feel calm.

I could feel his heart rate slowing down as he came back to himself. I couldn't, however, stop myself from admiring him. Gorgeous didn't seem to fit, handsome wasn't fitting enough, pretty was not an option. This man was something else, something completely new to me. Was that real? Or was I assuming that because he was my other half?

"Yeah, I'm sorry," he answered, "you just kind of threw me there........."

"That's ok," I laughed, "you kind of had the same effect on me if you hadn't noticed!"

"Well at least it isn't just me then," the sound of a hearty rumble filled the air around us. That laugh, it was amazing – he was amazing. Something about him just hit me – like a tidal wave; that even if he weren't my other half; I would love to take that body out for a test drive.

Snuggly fit stone washed jeans that had rips at the knees, sculpted those legs, the Alice in Chains t-shirt clung tightly to his form, and man did he have the kind of form that I wanted to spend hours getting drunk on. Cowboy boots adorned his feet and a guitar case hung from one shoulder.

"You never been here before?"

"No ma'am, this is a first for me," he smiled at me making my knees knock together.

"Just as well you bumped into me then,"

"Absolutely," he winked at me.

We had been told that we would feel overwhelmed by the connection to our other half but this was more than overwhelmed – I was barely gripping to the edges of reality. The sound of his southern accent seemed to sliver over my body like the caress of his hand – it made me feel hot and horny as Hell. Something inside me ached – just to feel touch, to experience one kiss with him; this was completely out of my control and I didn't like it.

Yes the feeling was great, amazing even but I didn't like being out of control. I was so used to being strong, I was so used to being in charge of everything to do with my body that this was scaring me.

"I can show you around if you like?"

"That would be great," he nodded as I pushed the changing room door open. I stood against the door while watching him moving inside and laying his guitar box on the long counter. "And if there is anything that I can do to repay the favour........"


"Yes?" he stopped unpacking the guitar and looking up to meet my eyes; once again making me tremble inside.

"Well I'm new to town and I don't really get out much with the bar and all.........."

"In that case, don't make any plans for after work tonight," he smiled again.

"So what are we going to do?"

"I'll think of something," he winked, "now you going to show me around?"

Nodding, I smiled as he walked back towards me. Well that was somewhat easy – getting him to take me out already. It helped that he was gorgeous, and he obviously felt the same way about me – I could tell from the way his eyes were assessing my frame. I could see and feel the hunger emiting from the unqiue blue.

"Alright come on,"

I grabbed his hand and began to lead him through the downstairs of the bar; showing him the stage area where he would be playing and he wanted to get up there and get a feel for the place – I guess most musicians were the same and I had no right to judge, so I tried to stand back but he seemed unwilling to let my hand go as he pulled me on to the stage too.

"This is perfect!" he smiled across at me – I could see the passion he had for his job, shining through; it was so sexy to watch a man so into his work, so passionate about what he did. "What are the lights like?"

"Wait here," I eased my hand out of his and as I did so; there was like some kind of magnetic resistance between the movement.

On the other plane, we had been taught to expect the unexpected but this was so much more than unexpected. We had been taught that our other halves would be aware of us to a lesser degree than what we would feel but if I was reading this guy right, and I was pretty sure that I was, then he was feeling almost every single thread of what I was and the intensity that I was feeling it too. I admired the fact that he was able to hide it – he was recovering well from every touch, from every new force of feeling and of the fact that this felt so totally right between us.

Alex had showed me and James how to do the lighting for tonight – the switches were behind the bar, and they were designed in a easy format so that you didn't get mixed up. The stage was suddenly ablaze with light and the rest of the bar was dimming down in lighting until it was clear that the stage was the vocal point of the bar.

"This is perfect Eve," he groaned into the microphone and it made every inch of me want to fall to my knees.

What was he trying to do to me?

"Yeah it really is," I stood there resting against the bar to compose myself. All I wanted to do was rip those clothes from him and let him be my first.

Being where we were when growing up – I hadn't had much experience with boys, I knew that basics, had been shown in sex ed class, but I had never actually been around anyone that I felt attracted too before. It was kind of scary to be completely honest – but I wanted it more than ever before, especially if it was going to be with this guy.

Who ever heard of a 28 year old virgin?

I bet not him. And I didn't intend on admitting that to him anytime soon. I knew that some men really found it a turn on to think of being someone's first, but I was also aware that the opposite was true too. Some men found it a huge turn off and I didn't want to take the chance that Christian was one of those men.

My eyes followed the flow of his arm as he wiped some of his long hair from his eyes. A thick strong neck was obscured from view with his long hair, the 5'o'clock shadow along his jaw line was sexy and made him appear more manly than what was reasonably acceptable in a male. Another pet peeve of mine – 5'o'clock shadow – seriously; what the Hell is that? It bugged the hell out of me, but it was the only way to describe his brustle.

Those eyes were fixated on me with as much insistancy as my own were on him. The sexual chemistry was rising between us and I had the inability to move as he started walking towards me – weaving through the tables and chairs, he was intent – but I was unsure of what he was intent on, and unfortunately I didn't get the chance to find out as Alexander walked in behind the bar so that he was next to me.

"You must be Christian," he held out his hand in a friendly gesture towards the man.

"Alexander right?" Christian enquired.

"That's right, it's nice to meet you.........."

"Excuse me guys," I interrupted and headed back through to the back of the bar and then climbed the steps to the living quarters above.

I needed distance right now, I needed a cold fucking shower more fucking likely. I was in my place, showering running and stripped out of my clothes in the matter of seconds with my hybrid speed. Cold water washed down over me; cooling the raging inferno that was inside me. My breath started to return to normal.

The meeting of that man, had felt like I had been thrown through a loop – knocked for 6 and I had to get myself back under control before I saw him again and went for round 2.

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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:31 pm

This world that you're creating with the fic is amazing. I love how you're comingling mortals and immortals so easily. It's really coming together an a wonderful read and I am absolutely hooked. I cannot wait for the rest of the fic. Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:40 am

Brilliant opening details here hun, of the fact that Christian did indeed feel it when Eve dropped to earth and her heartbeat immediately fell into sync with his. Some beautiful use of language there in how he explains how he’s feeling because of it (but of course, does not know the reason) and I like how he automatically called his friends, those ‘in the know’ about the supernatural realm. I like how you showed that Claire felt something too; I think it would have been unrealistic just to have that kind of power only touch Christian because of him being Eve’s predestined other half. You just pour the detail into this story and really make it come alive; I can picture it all clearly in my minds’ eye which makes it all the more enjoyable.

WOW!!! The power you described of their first meeting, it was like I could feel the ground shaking! It just seemed so vivid and clear, like how all of a sudden everything just burst into beautiful colour as you described, and everything just clicked for her when she met him. She could even feel her eyes darkening, and for the reader you could really sense the relief she felt at finding her other half in just 24 hours. I can imagine she was anxious over when she’d meet him exactly. Then she details that juxtapose of hating the out of control feeling he gives her, yet liking it and obviously not wanting it to stop either. I could really ‘feel’ this scene, you write them as being almost drunk off of each other’s energy which I think probably comes close to how they both feel right now, even if only one of them is aware of the reason why. For Christian, it must feel like the strongest attraction he’s ever known, and for Eve, she knows exactly why it’s that strong. I also think she’s right with what she notes over the intensity of their meet; she will have to tell him sooner rather than later. That kind of energy cannot be explained away with anything other than the truth.

Adding the detail of the fact that they arranged their first date within 3 minutes of meeting one another just sealed that instant and huge connection between them. The way they suddenly started speaking to each other with such ease too in the following dialogue really cemented that. Very well written mate, and then the hand hold! How well detailed!!! I cannot believe the intensity she felt from just a hand hold, I cannot describe it, how they way you worded that entire scene + the magnetic draw she felt when she let go.....I just cannot explain how perfect it all played out in my head, just.......perfect. I cannot sum it up with anything other than that. This is a wonderful piece of work and I literally cannot bloody wait for the next instalment! xxxx
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PostSubject: Chapter 4 - Obvious Attraction   Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:22 pm

An Hour Later, Hybrid Bar;
Christian's POV;

The dressing room was one of the more nicer ones that I had been in. At least it was clean; not something that we were used too in these types of bars. Of course this bar had something that the others didn't – Eve. With every fibre in my being I was sure that we were going to get together – at least it was what I was hoping for after the show tonight.

Being that she was new in town; it was a good excuse for me to spend time with her if I offered to show her around.

Right now, I had a job to do, so I needed to stop thinking about her – that was appearing easier to think than to actually do. Especially when all I could think about was the fact that when our hands had met; there was an instant jolt of electricity flowing between us. I was sure that she felt it – how could she not? And those eyes; I swore they seemed to become more blue as the moments we spent together increased. They were haunting me – every time I closed my eyes I could see them staring at me.

A knock at the door tore me back to the present moment and away from my distracting thoughts. I glanced up in time to see her stood in the doorway.

"Hey sorry to interrupt, but Alex said that it's almost time – there is a bottle of Jack on stage waiting for you with a couple of beers," Eve informed us, a shy smile toying on either side of her lips.

"No need to apologise," I assured her, waving her to come in, "come meet the guys,"

"I don't want to impose,"

"You're not," I rose and marched to her; taking hold of her hand and once again I was spinning in the charge that was between us, "Eve this is Steve, Jason, Will, Ryan and well you already met me,"

"I did," she smiled before turning and flashing that bright smile at my band mates; who all seemed to be unaffected by it.

Was it just me?

Was I the only one who could see that there was something different about this girl?

Was it supernatural?

God knows why but I always seemed to find myself most drawn to supernatural women; maybe it was the air of confidence that they had about them, maybe it was the mystery about them....I didn't know, all I knew was that this girl was affecting me in a way that no other woman had ever affected me.

"Hi it's nice to meet you," she said shaking everyone's hands, "I hope that y'all have a great show, I am really looking forward to it!" she turned back to smile at me, "Alex said I can get away as soon as your set is over – so I'll wait for you out back?"

"Perfect," I nodded feeling my stomach flip dramatically.

When she looked at me – it was like I was spinning into a deep void that seemed never ending. Just the low simmering chemistry that flowed between our seperated bodies was more spine shivering intense than it had been when we had first met. It was like I needed her to be with me, I needed her within eye sight at all times and that scared me.

There were the always popular – taking things too quickly, which I had been guilty of in the past but this – this thing with her was taking that to extremes and it felt completely right. And to sound completely cheesy; it was like her aura had me suspended in time; awaiting her instructions. The natural ruby in her lips gripped my attention as she excused herself from the dressing room.

"What the Hell was that?" Steve asked looking directly at me.


"You and the jailbait?" he asked and I shook my head, "the air between you both was shimmering, like asphalt on a hot summer day!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," grabbing my guitar out of it's case, "you guys ready?"


I missed the look that they shared with one another. Steve's words were spinning around in my head; bouncing off the confines of my skull until I literally thought that I was going insane. Was what Steve saw real? Surely if it were then Eve had to be a supernatural being. But what was she?

Being part of the real world, and the real fight against the creatures of the darkness – I had learned quickly that not all supernatural beings were evil. That of course, didn't mean that Eve wasn't evil – she could be, she could be working some kind of crazy power over me that we hadn't experienced before. Now I was more confused than ever; yes my attraction to her had been instant, there was just this strong pull that made me quiver inside. It hadn't crossed my mind that it could actually be something that she was doing to me.

"What we starting with man?" Ryan asked walking along side me.

"Tonight we're starting with The Chase," I said as we listened to Alex announce us onto the stage.

I was still somewhat dazed about what was going on around me. So Steve (who was a fan favourite) stepped up to the mic and began talking to the crowd while I opened the whiskey that had been left sitting on the amp, and gulped it down. I could feel her – she was watching me, her eyes burning into me and I couldn't help but wonder if that shimmering space was visible with her as far away from me as she was.

"Steve?" I questioned while the crowd cheered and he came over to pick up his guitar, "you know what you said about the shimmering thing?"

"Yeah man?"

"Can you see it now?" I asked him still holding my back to Eve and the crowd of fans.

"Yeah worse than before," he informed me once he had checked and was looking back to me, "what the Hell is going on?"

"I don't know but I plan on finding out," I replied feeling my breath racing away from me – this was affecting me in so many different ways. The music for The Chase had began and I turned to move to the mic; my eyes found her easily – she was there at the bar; her attention focused on the job she was doing but it was like I could feel her emotions.

'A little bit of bourbon, and a broken neon sign, once again I'm riding shotgun, to everything that's on my mind, Just a bartender, to tell my troubles too........'

It was at that moment, her eyes fixated on me and I just melted – everything that I was feeling exploded inside me to the point where it was almost that calm post orgasmic feeling that you get. As if she were giving me energy – I concentrated on my job at hand and just let loose to have the best night on stage with this tour so far. At the end of the show – we had decided before hand that we were going to finish with Sweet Home Alabama, Jensen decided that he and Aldis (Hardison from Leverage) were going to come up and sing with us.

"Hey what's going on with you and the chick at the bar?" Jensen questioned me as we broke down the stage.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm talking about the shimmering between the 2 of you – you know that she isn't human right?" my best friend enquired.

"What? How do you know?"

"Britt picked up on it," he stated, "she can't pin point what she is, neither can Claire – we're thinking a new breed of something!"


"What?" he asked, "wait – you asked her out didn't you?"

"Am I really that transparent?"

"You're a demon magnet dude – you of all people should know that," he chuckled placing the drums to the side of the stage where they would be transported directly to the truck that would be waiting out back.

"Fucking typical!" I muttered under my breath.

"Who knows, this one might be a good demon," he was still laughing.

"Fuck off man!"

I gave my friends a quick hello, and then moved over to the bar where Eve was still standing behind the bar. I watched the way she moved – she had these sinful wide hips that seemed to sway with every single movement that she made, her legs were long and when she walked it was like the most graceful thing that I had ever witnessed. There was a tint of flirting with every word she spoke to the customers.

"I'm sorry Christian, can I get you a drink while I finish up here?"

"Beer would be great honey, thanks!" I smiled and the man who had been introduced to me as James placed the beer in front of me and smiled.

"On the house,"

"Thanks man,"

"Not a problem," he smiled before moving down to the other end of the bar where a group of women, who appeared to be on a hen night, were making fuss and noise – enjoying the brides last night of freedom.

The jukebox replaced the lack of music now that we had finished our set. I leant against the bar, and allowed myself to ponder over what Jensen had said to me and just as I let my thoughts begin to branch off in to other thoughts, I felt my shoulder being tapped.

Turning round, I was bombarded in a hug from 2 fiesty women – one a witch, the other a Vampire. If there was ever anything that had convinced me all supernatural creatures weren't evil – it was Britt and Claire. Just maybe Eve wasn't evil after all.

Eve's POV;

Christian was talking with 2 extremely pretty women – they were talking quietly amongst themselves while I finished serving the customers that had been backed up before I left.

I had enjoyed listening to Christian's band – they were the perfect blend of country/rock that it was impossible to not get into the music. Everyone seemed to have willingly fallen into step and had the good time that was insisted on by the song; The House Rules. I'd watched even the big tattooed bikers getting into the music – the music was so good, and Christian had this intense charisma that demanded attention.

"Take one for yourself darling," the old grey haired, Scottish biker at the end of the bar insisted.

"If I have another drink handsome, I'm gonna be fall down drunk,"

"Can't hold your drink huh?" he chuckled nodding his head. "Working here will definitely put hair on your chest lassie,"

"That don't look so good on a woman," I laughed pulling the white rag out of my back pocket and wiping down the pump and counter where the glass rings had left stains.

"Evelyn," Alexander called me – I swore he did that just to piss me off. For the length of time that he had known me; he had known that I hated being called Evelyn.

"Yeah bossman?"

"You can go," he ushered me to the back of the bar area, which was away from the customers, "you have to try and take things slowly, but to explain things to him, I want you to take him here," and with that he handed me a piece of paper with directions to whatever this place, he wanted me to go, was.

"What is it?"

"It's the conformation that you will need," he told me, "and the affirmation that he will no doubtedly need!"

"Ok thanks,"

I hadn't seen James all night – we had been so busy, and even now as I was making my way out of the bar, he was busy being the centre of attention with all the females. Being brought up with him as my brother – it never actually crossed my mind to think of him as attractive or not attractive; but I could see why women were drawn to him. He wasn't my type. Besides we were as close as brother and sister – it had to be that way to explain things.

Grabbing my jacket from the iron coat hanger out the back in the employee area, I let myself into the main area of the bar and moved close to where Christian was standing but not close enough to warrant him thinking that I was imposing. Etiquitte classes were essential when you weren't raised in this plane. I knew that guys hated women who were clingy.

It was all things that could be taught in a lesson, don't be too clingy, don't share every single detail of your life to him, don't give him cute little nicknames unless he does it first, don't make silly little pictures and photoshop them – yes we had been made to watch 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'. It had given me the rules of dating and what should be avoided like an automatic gun.

"Eve?" Christian waved at me.

"Hey," I smiled turning to walk to him.

"I'd like you to meet 2 of my friends – this is Britt and Claire,"

I was wrapped into a hug by the 2 women as they introduced themselves to me and asked questions.

It was time to put our 'life' story out there, but I knew that too much details would make it feel fake, so I just skimmed the basics about moving in with Alex after the loss of our Father. And how it was the first time that we had really been in to the city, which was why Christian had offered to show me around. It wasn't long after that; when Christian made our excuses and we left the bar out into the cool night air.

"Did you enjoy the show?" he asked me as we turned right and headed towards the end of the street.

"You were amazing," I smiled up at him.

"Are you trying to stroke my ego?"

"Maybe," I laughed as we seemed to just move against one another and our hands automatically slipped into one another's.

"This is crazy,"

"What's crazy?" I asked confused.

"This........I hope that I'm not over stepping the mark but; I feel so – overwhelmed by you,"

"Is that a good thing?" I laughed.

"I'm not sure," he chuckled.

"Ok so why don't we put that aside for now, and just...........have some fun?"

I was eager to get out there and actually have fun, maybe live my life for a little while. Being raised on the other plane all my life; I hadn't had all that many chances to cut loose so to speak. It was time for me to have fun, I just hoped that Christian was up for it.

I wanted to stay out until sunrise, I wanted to drink so much that I end up spewing, I want to drink so much that I can't remember the night before and I wanted to lie outside and watch the moon and the stars in the sky. All the things that most human's take for granted. I wanted to eat late at night, in an all night diner, I wanted to experience those jitters at the end of the night when you are expecting a kiss goodnight.

"Sounds good to me," he nodded.

It was in that moment that figures stepped out of the shadows and when we stopped and looked behind us; we realized that we were boxed in. All around us were figures and where it would normally scare a human female, I felt nothing but bored – these guys were chump change to me.

Then I remembered that most men like to think that they can save their women; so I grabbed on to Christian's arm and tried to portray fear in my eyes. All my instincts were kicking in – I was spoiling for a good fight – work out some of this energy that was pumping through my veins.

"We don't want no trouble," Christian spoke up confidently.

"Well you see – that's where we differ; you and your pretty little...........thing........."

"She's not a thing!" Christian jumped up holding me close to his body as he stepped towards the mouth piece. I turned so that my back was to his and eyed the guys behind us. "Apologise!"

"To that – no way!"

Was it possible that they knew I was a supernatural being?

I decided to take the lead, and began to manovuer us down a side alley. If I could get us out of the street then it would be much easier for me to deal with the situation. The purpose of people like me; was so that we could keep the supernatural war under wraps. At least until we made the new breed more sustainable; if the news got out about what was happening, I would be hunted like an animal.

"Let go of my hand," I hissed to Christian.


"Just trust me!" I replied and felt him loosen his grip on me and by the time he realized what I was doing it was too late, I had bit my hand, turned to face him and grabbed his hand, biting in to his palm rubbing both of our hands together so that our blood mixed and then took my position behind him again.

"What the hell?" he asked me as the gang closed in on us slowly.

"Relax and fight," I hissed as my foot flew up and connected with the solar plexis of the guy to my right and my fist connected with another's face and just like that, I could hear Christian fighting the other 3 guys on his side.

"You fucking............" the one I had kicked yelled as he started to rush towards me.

"That's not the way to talk to me," I muttered flinging my arm out and literally sending him sailing through the air without even touching him. I heard the crack of bone when he hit the wall and fell flat on his face. At least that was one down and out and I turned back to the other 2 that I was facing.

"We don't want your kind in our city!" the larger of the 2 stated as he towered over me; clearly thinking that he could intimidate me. Dropping to my knee; I slammed my forearm up into his groin and he fell like a bag of potatoes (I assume that is the saying, I can't be expected to remember every little detail). I loved the sound of him howling in pain.

Whirling around in a circle so that I could check on Christian who was almost done with the 3 guys who had confronted him. Turning to face the last of my own guys – who was stood with his arms crossed over his chest; just watching.

With one flick on my hand – the man was off the ground and watching me with wonderment in his eyes, there was a slight flicker of fear there too.

"What do you want?" I asked him.

"To rid this world of filthy scum like you," he snarled as I felt the connection with Christian strengthening as he stepped up beside me.

"Eve?" Christian asked drawing my attention to him but I still managed to keep the man hovering above the ground.


"What are you?"

"We need to talk," I replied flicking my wrist once more and sending the guy flying into the wall and landing on top of the other man, "and there is somewhere I have to take you so I can explain,"


"Do you know where this place is?" I asked pulling the note from my back pocket and handed it to him.

"Yeah its underground," he nodded.

It amazed me that he willingly came with me; especially after what he had just seen. There was a fire in his eyes, the kind of fire I knew came from having my blood in his system. I had a different DNA than he did – down to the serum that had been administered into me every 4 months from the age of 10. I was strong, I was powerful, and I could do things that no human had the business of doing.

We headed in silence, leaving the carnage behind us – I wanted to get this out in the open – granted it went against all I had been taught; but it was clear that he wanted answers, and he had every right to know the truth, and I think that Alexander would have been right – he would need verification on what I was about to tell him about me and him being destined to be with one another.

I wasn't some silly naive girl who thought it was all romantic – this could impact badly on our lives; we would be in constant danger, Hell he might feel boxed in – that he has no choice, that it's all been taken away from him and I just had to hope that it wouldn't feel that way for him.

I didn't pray much – but right now, I wanted to pray for Christian to have patience and understanding.

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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:13 pm

Poor Christian. He's like Sam is in Supernatural: a demon magnet. Haha. As always, Sweetie, i LOVED this chapter and I think the world that you're creating is both interesting and unique. I'm definitely hooked on this story and I cannot wait to see where it goes. Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:55 pm

Well, what thoughtfulness the meeting with Eve has plunged Christian into, which is good because it further strengthens and solidifies the notion that he is her other half. I think any lesser reaction from him to their first meet would be unrealistic. I like the fact here as well that you were quick to show that Christian isn’t unwelcoming of supernaturals when he mentions his attraction to them, which bodes well since his future girlfriend is a mix up of hmmmm, nearly all of them? Hahaha! It really does throw him through a loop for a while, and I can really sense clearly that he’s so affected by it that he questions if it’s only him feeling it, that energy around her. Thank god his friends confirmed for him that what he was noticing was visible to them too.

The detailing that continues and holds up strongly throughout is like the thread that stitches the story together. It’s alive with colour in my mind, like I’m watching a film or a TV show. I know I’ve used these words to describe your work in the past, but I honestly do think it! The way you’ve learned to extend and elaborate on details over the years from when I first mentored you in your writing is just fantastic. You should feel proud at being able to produce such quality as this piece Smile

Moving on with Eve’s POV, I adored the fact she could acknowledge Christian was embraced by ‘two extremely pretty women’ as she worded it and not feel any pangs of jealousy or feel threatened. Shows her to be strong and confident, just as a supernatural woman is expected to be really (and as Christian recalled them to be earlier in the chapter too). I was very curious to know the place Alexander told her to take him, that part was massively teasing! Then the way you showed them just slipping comfortably into sync with each other, the easy hand hold displayed yet again just confirms to the reader that this is meant to be. You write it so believably that way too!

Then the ending, wow, she’s not to be messed with is she? Both hard fighters, how well suited by that alone! What a well written fight scene, and I wonder, did those guys know exactly what she was? How is that possible if they did? Lingering questions here! The very, very end though, that made me feel nervous for Christian to be about to learn so much, and how involved he will become with the woman he’s only just met. We could end up with an exploding head situation on our hands here! Absolutely wonderful chapter honey, I got so lost in the story I didn’t want to come back out of it again! I like the way this has a fast pace to it too. I have noticed in some of your works you can linger on one moment in time for a little too long, this has such movement to it that I can see this is an issue of the past. You’ve done so well, keep it up xxxx
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PostSubject: Chapter 5 - Learning the Truth   Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:29 pm

20 minutes later, East corner of Central Park;
Christian's POV;

What the Hell was this girl?

We had left those guys in a messy pool of limbs and blood 20 minutes ago, while I had led the way to where the directions on her piece of paper indicated. The entire walk had been silent while I went over the action from earlier – those guys had been literally twice her size; there was no logical way that she could have done what she did. And I hadn't missed the fact that she had used her mind to haul that buff dude off the ground and with one simple flick of her wrist – she had sent him crashing into the wall where he crumbled to a mess on the ground.

"That's it there," I pointed to a tomb mosuleum that wasn't even secure.

"Ok," she nodded stopping mid stride and looking to me; her eyes searching mine for something and once again that feeling between us was rising.

"Are you a witch?"

"What? How do you know about Witches?" she asked moving to a park bench and sitting down; crossing her legs and lighting a cigarette.

"I'm a hunter," I explained.


"Yeah," I nodded to her question.

Being a registered hunter meant that every supernatural being that you took down, and delivered to the city supernatural banks, were paid for. There were many people out there who made an honest and profitable living from being hunters – I didn't need the money; I just wanted to make a difference and this had seemed to be the only way that I could do that. I always put the money, that I made from this interest, into a charity to help people less fortunate that I was.

"Then you know about the supernatural war and how the government are looking for a way to contain it all,"

Being that they paid normal civilians for hunting creatures; it was easy to assume that they were indeed looking for a way to contain all of it. The money that we made from hunting – it was tax free, almost like doing our duty to keep our world clear of such unnatural beings meant that we deserved a break on the money we made from it.

"I think that everyone assumes that,"

"I am what they made to help," she said so matter of factly and as if she had trusted me all her life, to just burst this out was definitely a huge risk for her. With all the beasts that were running around in this city – they could be anywhere, I could be working with them – she just trusted me so easily and when I tried to assess it; it truly felt like I could trust her too.

"I don't understand," I shook my head.

"Come sit?" she requested patting the space next to her, and I moved as if my legs were independent from my own body until I was sat next to her and looking into her eyes. "30 years ago – the Government decided that the Supernatural world needed to be brought down, I am not so good with my history but I believe that it was around that time that they started out as a small operation with only one office in the whole of the United States where hunters could bring in their bounty and collect their money. Back then it wasn't so beneficial to hunt and it didn't really take off; but it remained open for those who were hunters.

"The Government started tests on these creatures that were brought to them by the hunters. They extracted DNA from them and started working on a serum that could be administered to a human. It took a few good years for them to get it acceptable; but eventually when I was 10 years old they figured it out.

"I had already been in their possession for my entire life. My Mother had sold me for the price of a fix; I was taken to the 'other' plane where I was raised. I was raised without love or affection. All I knew was that I had to learn to fight; combat training, weapon training, species lessons, and other human lessons that would help intigrate me into the general population when the time was right.

"When I turned 15 years old; they started administiring the serum as much as humanly possible, until I had gotten so strong that I didn't need it anymore......."

"Are you saying that you're not............."

"Human?" she asked and I nodded, "no I am human, I just have a few other things in my DNA that make me a super human,"

As I sat here watching her talk – it was easy to see that she wasn't lying. This was her truth – this was what she had been through and this was what she was – she was more than anything that I had ever seen before. Just being with her, I knew that she was more than anything that I had ever encountered.

I also, knew one other thing to be true – I couldn't walk away from her. It was crazy, it was insane and all other words that you could think of when it comes to being stupid. However, deep in my being, right at my very core – I couldn't deny that this girl was in some way connected to me; and I had no option but to go with it.

"What is the purpose?" I asked.

"The purpose is...........we will be the proto-type for the New Breed,"

"New Breed?"

"You believe in God and the church and all that stuff right?"

"Of course,"

"You remember Adam and Eve right?" she asked me and I stared unsure of what she was trying to tell me, "well with technology and science in the world – God isn't the only one who can create Adam and Eve anymore,"


"The new Eve," she laughed, "we were allowed to pick our own name, I found it slightly humouress – what can I say I have a very weird sense of humour,"

"Does that mean James is your Adam; so to speak?"

"No!" she shook her head, "this is going to sound crazy but have trusted me up until now, please just continue to trust me now?"

"Sure," I nodded.

"You are Adam!" she let out a long, slow breath as she uttered those words.

"What?" jumping up from my spot next to her, I stared down into her eyes, "you're crazy............"

"You don't believe me?"

"No!" I stated, "that's insane – it's just not possible............"

"Seriously........" she started laughing, "after all I have just shared with you – that is the part that you don't believe?"

How was I meant to react?

This girl had shown up out of nowhere, had knocked me on my ass and then told me that I was meant to be the Adam to her Eve.

"Look I know that it's weird and it's epic scary but the truth is between me and you – we are going to bring a whole new race into being,"

"No! No! That-that can.......can't be right!" I stuttered, "what about James?"

"James is........he has his own Eve to find,"

"But how can we get this new race going – he's your broth.............."

"No he isn't," she said so calmly that it made me want to scream, "we are the same age, but he has completely different parent's to mine; his parent's had left him on the steps of the FBI office in Georgia – they brought him to the 'other' side at the same time as me,"

"What is the 'other' side?"

"It's a plane that runs paralell to this plane; it's sometimes called the shadow plane – it's all very mystic and practically unheard of. We have lived there all our lives, we only just came to this plane last night,"

"Last night........wait..........was that you last night?"

"Me what?"

"Last night, I had this weird feeling in my chest – like my heart went completely nuts for a second; like I was having a panic attack and the earth moved; I swear that everything felt out of whack for about half an hour,"

"Yeah, that was us," she replied inhaling on her cigarette, "when we came through the atmosphere – it ripped slightly, thankfully it repairs itself, but I could feel you from the minute I was in this atmosphere and that little fluttering in your heart – that was mine catching on to your rhythm,"


"Christian, you and me – we're soul mates, we are meant to be – it is completely out of our hands,"

"I don't believe you!"

"That is why I have taken you here," she informed me, "apparently something in there will give you the confirmation that you need,"

I looked back over to the mosuleum – I swear that this wasn't here before. I knew almost every inch of this park and I had been every corner; but this had in no way been here before, it wasn't like it even fit in with the image of the park. Something hinky was definitely going down here and I looked to her again, there was a softness on her features, something that screamed I could trust her.

Slowly she stood to her feet and eased the directions note out of her back pocket and looked to the words that had stated we needed something earthly to go where we were going.

I was secure enough in my fighting battles – that I nodded my head, and started walking towards the crypt. I could feel her walking behind me and it made me feel more at ease.

Eve's POV;

"Are you doing this to me?" he asked.

"Doing what?"

"Making me feel calm?" he asked me as he pulled the door open on the old looking crypt.

"Sorry," I mumbled closing the crypt door behind me.

When the click sounded out it echoed all the way down the steps that were now in front of us. We were stood on a ledge and when I turned, the door was no where to be found. I guess we were stuck until we got what we came here for.

The note that Alexander had given me stated that we needed something earthly for the Powers the Be. I pulled my Gucci watch off my wrist and stepped in front of Christian who seemed unsure of what to do now that we were here. I knew that this was confusing for him and it was most definitely overwhelming with the news that I had delivered moments previously.

"Are you ready?" I asked looking up at his profile.

"I think so," he replied taking a deep breath and taking the hand that I offered him, at least that was something.

I had been so worried that he would push me away with what I had disclosed to him, but he seemed strangely calm. Something that I admired in him. It would be so easy to understand if he freaked out and refused to believe me; but he was willing to go through this, to let me prove to him that we were indeed what I had claimed we were.

Getting down to the bottom of the concrete steps, we were engulfed in what felt like a white mist; like the morning mist over the green fields in Scotland at the beginning of a hot summer day.

"I don't know about this," Christian voiced his concern.

"Come on – you're a fighter should we need it, and with my blood you're likely to be hyped for a while," I encouraged him.

Nodding his head, we moved carefully through the mist until we were walking into an empty space; it was circular in structure with high golden pillars to give the illusion that the entire place was being held up by them. Closer inspection told the real story – the entire place was entirely solid and didn't need the pillars to hold it up at all. It reminded me of an old Egyptian movie that I had once watched – the name of it eluded me right now, but you get the imagery from that right?

"What can we do for you?" a male voice enquired and when Christian and I twirled around in the direction – we saw a man enter the area wearing what appeared to be an expensive Armani suit and a beautiful serene looking woman who was dressed in a floor length white dress.

"You seek answers," she looked directly at Christian.

"Yes," he nodded.

"We brought you this," I held out the Gucci watch and waited in anticipation to see if it passed the test and felt calm when they smiled.

"We have been given many of these teller's of time, but none this beautiful!" the woman informed me as she slipped it on her wrist, "we must explain that while we can tell you about the past and the present; we are not viewers, like you......" the woman stated turning her attention to me.

"What we can tell you is what happened in the past to bring you both here to this moment," the man clarified in the most vague way possible.

"Ask what you wish," the woman revealed.

"Is what she told me the truth?" Christian enquired nodding his head towards me.


"What does it mean?" he asked.

"We know that Evelyn," insert me cringing here, "has explained the history of what happened to her and the evolution of her species. Everything that she told you was accurate. Being designed for 2 purposes; the first being the Mother to the new breed that will walk in this world. The second being that she and James will lead this new breed into the phase where humans will not have to fear the supernatural world anymore.

"You will be paying a huge part in that – regardless of what you say; because what you feel for one another, even this early, is completely out of your control. Soul mates are created when there is a certain thing that has to take place in history and this is happening. You and Evelyn are soul mates – brought together for one purpose – bring about the New Age!"

"What about my freedom of choice?"

"Are you saying that you wouldn't chose this woman?" the girl asked moving around me in a circle, making me feel extremely cautious, "she smells inviting, she's not unpleasant to look at........."

"I know all of that," Christian looked to my eyes and I could feel my heart flutter, "I just don't understand why this has to be put upon us,"

"Because we have set it to be that way," the woman stated as she sniffed my hair, making me feel even more uncomfortable.

"But why?"

"Because it needed to be done," the man replied moving around Christian as the woman was doing to me, "you should feel honoured that we picked you,"

"Honoured?" Christian almost choked on his question.

I could understand his annoyance to the entire situation – I had reacted in the exact manner that he was reacting right now. I had wanted to know why I couldn't just go out there and burn my way through a pile of guys like most women my age did – but over the years, I had gotten used to the idea. It certainly meant that I didn't have to spend time dating all the wrong guys, or going through all the heartaches that came with being single.

"You felt her coming into this atmosphere didn't you?"

"Yes," Christian replied, still looking completely unsure of the entire situation.

"And it knocked you sideways – you could feel her energy surrounding you and I can tell that you have been feeding off it most of the evening; am I right?"


"Then tell me what the exact problem is...........? You seem perfectly happy holding her hand,"

"Would you be comfortable being told that years ago you were picked to be some kind of instigator to a new breed to walk the earth?"

"I would be happy if it brought me love," the woman announced, "the arrogance of man never fails to surprise me. You complain about never finding the right woman, then when you get one handed to you – you still complain!"

"I'm not complaining,"

"You are, and frankly – we are getting bored of it," with the flick of her hand; she sent the both of us flying backwards and the moment we landed we realized that we were back in the park and the crypt was gone.

"What the fuck was that?" Christian rose to his feet and dusted himself off.

"That would be the Powers that Be,"

"What? They are real?" he asked holding his hand out to me, which I graciously accepted.

"Of course they are real," I laughed dusting myself off now.

"I can't do this................" he said, "I'm sorry I just can't!"

"Can't do what?"

"Me and you – this is too much, it's not right............"

My insides quivered with his words – this could end up worse than I had predicted. My initial reaction was to blurt out that I needed him to keep me strong, that I needed him to remain who I was but all of my lessons had taught that a woman should never beg to a man – it was an extremely ugly characteristic. The last thing I wanted was to be seen as ugly to this man.

Who knows, I might have reacted this way if I had just been told about it. I couldn't blame him for his reaction – not when he was trying to be polite about it. So instead all I did was nod my head.

"One thing before you go........."

"I'll walk you back," he offered.

"No! I'm strong, I can handle anything that comes at me," I informed him. "When you get back to your apartment or hotel, or whatever, just drink something alcoholic – it will make the crash of my blood leaving your system a little less painful,"


"When we mixed blood earlier – it gave you an extra boost in energy, when that leaves your system – you will crash harder than a toddler coming off a sugar high, alcohol seems to lessen the fall,"

"Oh...........thanks," he muttered scratching the back of his head, "I guess I'll see you,"

"Yeah, take care," I stated before turning and began the journey back to the bar, I was pretty clued up on my surrounding areas; it was like I had an internal navigation system in my brain.

And it gave the tears that were falling from my eyes the chance to dry up.

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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:07 pm

I LOVE this chapter Sweetie. It is absolutely amazing. I love the fact that Christian's reaction was so realistic. It would be difficult for something like that to sink in for someone and it would be hard to accept. I adore that fact. Very Happy I am definitely excited to keep reading and eagerly waiting for the next chapter.


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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:21 pm

Honey I got halfway through reading this tonight but with everything I had to get in before bed I had to leave it (ARRRRRGH!) to read tomorrow Sad + Matthew is being noisy so I can't fully concentrate either! Will get to the rest ASAP!!! Smile xxxx
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Thu Apr 28, 2011 5:43 am

Firstly, I liked the explanation about the protocol for hunters in the US. It gives the idea further validity and keeps your reader well informed of the ins and outs and the way the land lays, how it is all controlled and generated etc… very clever ideas there. Wow, the way you just had Eve come out with that, I liked it, the bluntness of it that just goes to enforce the way she’s been brought up to be strong and direct; I guess that goes with their words too. just came right out and said it, but then again I don’t think at a time like this she really can do anything but be straight up, regardless of what she is. Again, this is shown in her concise yet thoroughly detailed explanation to Christian about whom and what she is exactly, and how she became to be the super human hybrid she is today. I love the Adam and Eve idea, and I love the way Christian admitted, crazy at it felt to him, that there was a connection that was completely undeniable between them. But having said that, I do not blame him one bit for freaking out when he found out that HE was the new Adam hahaha!! Totally believable!

The part where they go to the underground ‘Indiana Jones’ style lair and talk to those ‘people’ (I use the term loosely, as I’m reading this now from what Eve is feeling off them they do not seem human), the details were fantastic, as usual the scene came alive for me totally up in my head. So the powers that be are people of sorts then, love that idea! The end part though, that made me feel sad for Eve. To be honest it was a perfectly natural reaction on Christian’s part, who could blame him at all for being so confused by all of this and not wanting any part in it? I think that is just what my reaction would be too, run for the damn hills! But.....I know they aren’t going to be apart for long. I just know it! Wonderful work hun, loving this story even more with every chapter I read xxxx
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PostSubject: Chapter 6 - Putting the Brakes On.   Tue May 03, 2011 10:24 pm

Christian's POV;

Usually I wouldn't leave a woman stranded on their own – but Eve was a strong girl, she had more than proved that in the alley with those hunters. There was no way that she wouldn't be able to fend off anyone or anything that wanted to attack her.

I just couldn't deal with it all – my life had perfectly fine until I had been informed that my marriage, my love life had already been mapped out for me.

How was I meant to deal with that?

Wasn't it bad enough that I dealt with those creatures of the supernatural world? Now I had to accept the fact that I was expected to spend the rest of my life with one of those creatures. Yes I went out there and hunted of my own free accord but that was my point exactly; it was my choice. Now I was being told that I didn't have an option; that my choice in girlfriend/wife/mother of my children – had already been made for me.

I wasn't mad about the fact that it had been Eve who had been picked for me; but I had just met her – for all I know; we may have nothing in common, we may find that we are only physically attracted to one another and not at all suited in any other matter. I mean the girl was beautiful, and there was that instant connection that we had both clearly felt for one another. And there was the pull that I felt to her – this inexplicable need to be around her. But it was all down to choice and the fact that mine had been taken away from me – made me angrier than I had ever been before.

I guess what Jensen and the other's had said about me always been attracted to the demon's and supernatural beings was true – Eve was something new, she was something that had been orchestrated since her birth. I couldn't even begin to imagine what kind of life that she had, had. From the way that she had described it; she had been trained, she had been modelled and manipulated to the point where she truly didn't have the kind of life that all kids should have, or teenagers, of even the first few years of her adulthood. I couldn't begin to comprehend what she had seen, what she was capable of and what other kinds of powers that she had.

Distance was what I needed right now – it was all happening so fast and it was just too much to handle in one go. It was one thing to meet someone that you felt some form of connection with; but then to hear on the very same night that you met her that you are meant to be with her and create a new form of human. It was utterly insane and I don't think that I could have handled it in any other way.

Before I knew it – I was stepping out of central park and just across the street was the hotel where I was staying. By the time I had gotten to my room, I was feeling more rational.

If Eve and I were supposed to be starting the new race – what would our children be like?

Would we be expected to train our children the way that Eve had been trained?

What kind of powers would they have?

Would they be in danger?

Throwing myself down onto the bed; I stared to the ceiling and tried to assess everything. It was like someone had taken my brains and put them through a fucking potato masher. There was so much to think about. So much to consider and right now, I had the feeling that Eve was feeling the same way as I was. Through that connection between us – it was like; I could feel her so strongly. Just like I had been able to feel her from the moment that she had arrived in this plane.

Getting up as I remembered her words of drinking something to soften the crash that was inevitably coming my way.

Eve – now that I was alone, I felt bad about walking away from her like that. I really should have ensured that she got back to the bar safely. It didn't matter if she was strong enough to handle herself – I knew better than that. I had been raised to always respect women and ensure that they were safe. However, it was done now and I had no way to rectify the matter.

Gulping down the bottle of Jack that I always had handy, I fell back onto the bed and allowed my mind to wonder about all that I had heard tonight. I had never heard of 'The Powers that Be' before tonight – it amazed me that they were even real. Where had we gone when we entered that crypt? It was obvious that it moved around, considering the fact that the moment we had been ejected the entire thing had disappeared.

"Yeah," I answered as my phone started ringing.

"What happened?" Jensen asked me; cutting straight to the point it would appear.

"What do you mean?"

"Eve just got back – she seemed kind of bummed, what happened? Did you just not hit it off?"

"No it wasn't like that," I replied gulping another mouthful of drink, "we just felt like it was all happening too soon,"

Where I was only receiving this news now; Eve had, had time to digest it and get her mind around it. I couldn't stop wondering about whether or not she had reacted the same way as I had – did she have the same questions that I had running through my mind right now? Did she feel like her life wasn't her own anymore?

"Are you seeing her again?"

"I don't know," I admitted as honestly as I could without going into the details.

I knew they were my friends and I knew that they would be there for me whenever I needed them but the problem was – right now, I wanted to think this through without hearing any other opinions on what they felt I should do. This was hard enough to digest – more opinions and thoughts would only to serve confuse me more.

"You sound as bummed as she looked, you want some company?"

"Not tonight man," I answered, "give me a call in the morning though yeah? We could catch up?"

"You got it big man," he replied, "later dude,"

"Later," I ended the connection and wondered what to do with myself, pulling out some more tabaco and placed it in my mouth as I lounged where I was on the bed and let my mind wonder again.

I certainly hadn't expected my weekend would turn out like this – it had been more than enough to actually meet a girl that I liked, let alone all the other bullshit that had just happened. And now I didn't know where to turn in order to make sense of it all.

To be perfectly honest – I think that I had taken it all as well as I possibly could until I was told about the soul mates and fate deal. That had been the straw that broke the camel's back; it had been way too much to accept in just one day. I wanted to be mad, I wanted to fucking angry but there was something stopping me – some kind of mojo that was easing me and comforting me. Eve.

Looking to the bite mark she had inflicted on my hand, and was once again freaked out to find that it was closed and completely healed. What the Hell was she?

The New Breed – it hadn't exactly been her fault that things had taken the course that they had. In many ways she was in the same boat as I was. It was out of her control as much as it was out of mine. It just felt like we were toys being played with and manipulated into doing what other people said – if I hated one thing in this world, it was when people yanked my God damn chains and this entire situation stunk of higher beings playing with my life.

I had been a hunter for a long time – yet it had never even occurred to me that there was such a thing as 'The Powers that Be'. I had never come across anyone who known about them. Were they always right? Stupid question I know considering their names; but surely they had to get it wrong sometimes. Maybe this was one of those times.

Why me? Damn it I want to know why I was tapped, I want to know what made me the one that had to be part of this whole new 'breed of human'. Being in that place with the 'Powers that Be' had momentarily fried all my brain cells because it hadn't even occurred to me to ask more questions. Now I am lying here drowning in a bottle of Whiskey thinking what if – what if I had asked them why? What if I had asked them what was so special about me? There was just so much that I didn't understand and now I had no way of understanding.

Reaching for my phone, I dialled Jared's number and waited for him to answer.

"Hey what's up man? Jensen said we're meeting tomorrow,"

"Yeah we are, I was just wondering if I could talk to Britt – is she there?" I asked.

"Yeah hang on my man," Jared stated and the connection was silent save the sound of muffled voices.

"Hey you, what's up?" Britt asked eventually.

"Have you heard of the 'Powers that Be'?" I asked her.

"Of course, never actually heard of anyone ever seeing them, but yes I've heard of them, why?"

"I met them tonight,"

"What? Where? When? How.........?"

"It's a long story – I just need to know if they have ever made a mistake,"

"Not that I am aware of – hence the name – 'Powers that Be' they are the beings that come up with prophecy's and time lines for events, they talk about the future; although it isn't known whether or not they can actually see the future,"

"They can't," I stated pondering over what she had just told me, "listen I will explain everything tomorrow, yeah?

"Ok big man," she replied and we bid farewell and hung up.

I don't even know how much that helped me – or if it had even helped me. I had hoped that I would be told that there was some kind of evidence somewhere that showed they sometimes got it wrong. But Britt was clued up on all things supernatural, due to her age – she had matured, even though she still looked to be in her early 20's. Knowledge was something that she craved now – she would happily sit in the public library and pour over books of history. It made her an extremely reliable source to have on our side.

Eve's POV;

Lying in the dark of my room – Iron Maiden blasting from the speakers. I was angry, I was confused, and I was scared. What would I do if Christian refused to come around?

It wasn't like I could go out there and find another man to substitute for him. Christian was the one and if he didn't come around then I would become mortal – everything that made me up into this being, would be lost. I wouldn't be able to defend myself, I wouldn't be able to see the future, I wouldn't be able to do any of the things that we had been trained to do.

'Night and day I scan horizon, sea and sky, My spirit wanders endlessly, Until the day will dawn and friends from home, discover why, Hear me calling, rescue me, Set me free, set me free, Lost in this place, and leave no trace,'

Stranger in a Strange Land – by Iron Maiden truly spoke to me in this moment. I didn't want to be here anymore. I wanted to go home, I wanted to be in that safe cocoon where everything was familiar and safe for me. Concentrating on my anger and throwing it out there into the night – thunder crashed as if on cue and the sky ripped apart with the lightning.

"What's wrong?" James enquired walking into my room and flipping the switch.

"Leave me alone!"

"Not gonna happen," he insisted as he moved to me and laid down next to me.

"Seriously James, I just want to be left alone,"

"What happened?" he pressed again as another crash of thunder tore the music that was blasting out of hearing range.

"This God awful world is what happened," I sighed grabbing my cigarettes and lighting up.

"What are you talking about?"

"Christian and I were attacked..........."

"What? By who? Where?"

"Not far from here, we handled it – turns out that he's a hunter," I explained, "obviously he saw me use my powers so I had no option but to explain what was going on – Alexander gave us the address for the 'PTB' (Powers that Be) and I took him there where they explained the whole deal to him and it............I guess it freaked him out,"

"What did he do to you?"

"Nothing James," I laughed, "that's the point – he did nothing, other than tell me that he couldn't deal with it and headed back to his hotel,"

"He left you alone?" he was horrified.

"Calm down, I told him to just go back to his hotel – it's not like I can't look after myself,"

"That's not the point,"

"Leave it alone James," I sighed, "I just want to go home............."

"This is home now Eve,"

God I hated when he pointed out the obvious. James had always been the one who had the calmer personality – he had this uneasy knack of seeing the logic in everything that happened. That really got my back up. Damn him for being able to remain calm when everything else felt like it was falling apart.

I had never managed to grasp that ideal of logic. My emotions were far too explosive to be logical. Once I had calmed down, I would be able to think rationally but until then, I would be in this foul mood where I just wanted to be alone, but that wasn't going to happen with James around.

"I don't want it to be home!" I complained.

"Come on brat – you never know; he might come around,"

"Would you?"

"I did already!" he chuckled, "do you remember how I took the news of being told that there was one specific woman out there for me?"

"Yeah in your usual manner," I grumped, "calm, cool and collected!"

"Hardly, you never saw me in private," he chuckled, "I was so mad that refused to go for anymore injections; eventually they had to sedate me and inject me in my room,"

"Oh my God why didn't I know about this?" I turned to him and gave him my full attention now.

"Because it was all done in my room," he informed me. "It was after we had received the news – you went off on one in front of the team, and stormed off to your room, and because they assumed that I was ok with it – since I was so calm, but they got a shock when they came to get me for the injection to see me literally shredding my room apart – it was the only time that I had truly lost control, and the powers we were given just took over; it took 7 of the bigger dudes to hold me down while they sedated me,"

"It's always been different for us though – we knew that we were being created for a special reason, granted we didn't always know what, but we knew enough to know that whatever it was – it was our purpose in life. Christian has had all of his life thinking that he was a mere mortal – he had no idea that he had been tapped at birth to be a creator of the 'New Breed' and then to hear it all in one go – of course it was going to freak him out,"

"Exactly, it's an impulse reaction – he will come round,"

"I doubt it James, he really sounded like he never wanted to see me ever again,"

Whatever could have happened between us was over – there was no way that I would ever see him again. Christian had come across as extremely stubborn and intense, if he felt like he was being rail roaded into something – then he would walk away on principal. How did I know that? He was my other half, it wasn't too difficult to believe that I instantly knew him and who he was.

Besides – he was my other half; it was only natural that we would have the same reactions to things. He had walked away – exactly the way that I would have done had I been in his shoes.

I just had to admit that I was going to become human. I had failed in my mission and this was going to be my punishment. Being 100% human. For the rest of my natural life.

I felt sick – I didn't want to be human; I was happy with who I was now. I couldn't stop wondering if maybe I should go to Christian and beg for him to be on board with this – but how could I? I wasn't the girl who begged; I didn't beg – even when we had gone through the rigorious torture training, I had remained in myself, strong and silent. Truth be told – I didn't know how to beg. But what other choice did I have?

"I should go see him,"

"And do what?"

"I don't know...........beg?" I muttered and it was that exact moment that James burst out laughing at me. "I'm so glad that my situation is amusing to you,"

"Not the situation – just you and the fact that you're even contemplating begging,"

"What else can I do?"

"I could go and talk to him,"

"No!" I shook my head and got to my feet, moving to the window to watch the raw, beauty of the storm that I was orchestrating, "this is my mess and it's up to me to fix it, right now – I just don't know how to,"

"It must be a huge shock to him...........I mean yes we always knew that we were created for a purpose, but even we had a hard time dealing with the fact that we had one person out there who was our equal, you remember that, why not give him a couple of days to think on it, and if he still hasn't gotten in touch, then you can seek him out,"

"Do you think that's a good idea?" I asked turning to look at him as the rain lashed at the window with ferocity.

"I think that it's the sensible thing to do," he nodded sitting up and crossing his legs.

Maybe he was right – if I were to go to him now, I would just be way too clinical and insulting. I had to admit that I felt somewhat peeved that he hadn't just jumped on board straight away. I had thought that our connection had been strong enough to make him agree. I knew that it would feel weird to him; it would feel weird to almost anyone, but I had thought for sure that our attraction to one another would have withstood that.

I hated being wrong.

I hated it almost as much as I hated being left out to dry so to speak.

It hadn't crossed his mind to ask what would happen if we didn't go along with the legacy. I gently rubbed my wrist – right where I had my star tattoo – I had to think this through logically; it was important that I didn't push Christian away even further – because then I really would be up shit creek without a paddle.

Christian had put the brakes on this before we had even truly started – I just had to find a way for him to take his foot off that brake and just be reckless. It was going to be difficult, I knew – but I had no choice. I was in no way going to become human – I just couldn't let it happen, no matter what I had to sacrifice to get what was destined.

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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Tue May 03, 2011 10:46 pm

This story is getting more and more amazing as it progresses, Sweetie. I love it and I can't wait to keep reading. The more human side of James is great to see; it's more believable that he's not all calm, cool, and collected about everything. Very Happy I definitely can't wait to read more!


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PostSubject: Chapter 7 - The Facts   Sun May 15, 2011 4:36 pm

The Following Morning, The Hilton Hotel;
Jensen's POV;

Claire and I had gotten up early to make our way over to the hotel where Christian is staying. I had been worrying all night – Christian and I had always been close, it had only been in the past few years that we had gotten closer as mates. Now I classed him as one of my best friends.

It also was great that Claire and Christian were good friends too – it meant that I didn't have to chose who I wanted to hang out with. My previous relationships had been uncomfortable with my girlfriends and my best mates. This was just so much easier for me.

Claire had closed her store for the day, she ran a natural remedy store – all products with all natural ingrediants. It was a busy little store and gave her a great income; something that she had been determined to have when we got together in our more serious relationship. Being that she was fiercely independent; it was one of the things that had made me fall in love with her in the first place. Looking to her now; with her light blond hair tied high on her head, the smokey charcoal make up accenting her baby blue eyes – she looked so self assured and calm. It made me love her more than possible.

"There he is," she pointed to the table in the bar where Christian was sat nursing an orange juice and an empty plate. "You go on over and I'll get the drinks,"

"Ok babe,"

I weaved through the tables until I was taking a seat across the table from my mate. On first inspection it was obvious that he hadn't slept very well. The whites of his eyes were stained with the blood that always showed when you were either tired or hadn't slept well.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Having breakfast!" he was so good at doing monotone that sometimes it was hard whether to tell if he was or wasn't being sarcastic. "Thinking," he wasn't being sarcastic.

"About last night?"


"Ok is it gonna be like trying to get blood from a stone all morning, or are you gonna open up?" I pressed as Claire appeared with our juices and took the seat next to me.

"She's a supe," Christian admitted.

"Who? Eve?" Claire asked and Christian nodded, "I knew it!"

When we had been sitting watching Christian perform last night – it was clear that he was having trouble with looking away from Eve, it had been Claire and Britt who had first announced that there was something supernatural happening. They had both seen the shimmering between them – like the heat that was between them was actually within the physical world.

After they had actually talked to her – they had both revealed that she was a supe – they had picked up on it; but hadn't been able to pin point exactly what it was that she was.

"What is she?" I asked.

"I don't know," he replied making me and Claire look confused, "she's something new,"

"Something new?" Claire pondered.

"Yeah," he sighed sipping at his orange juice, "we were attacked not long after we left the bar. It was weird, but she just wasn't shaken by it; she bit her hand and asked for mine to do the same; we meshed our blood together and I swear to you – I'm still coming down from the high that it gave me. Anyway we kicked butt and high tailed it out of there.

"We headed to centrel park; because her uncle had given her this piece of paper with directions to go too. Before we went in she sat down and explained to me what she was.

"Apparently, she was born human – but her biological mother had sold her for the price of a hit. Claire do you know anything about the 'other plane'?"

"The 'other plane' is a parralell world that runs almost identically to this one – but it's mostly supernatural beings that live there. The ones that don't want to deal with human's and hiding in shadows. I don't know how you get there but I know that a lot of supernaturals have sought sanctuary there; especially since the government have started paying human's to be hunters,"

As a solo practising witch; Claire was the strongest of her kind in the immediate area. After her parent's had died; she had vowed that she would only do good magic and she took pride in the fact that she was knowledgable about most things supernatural.

"Eve was raised in the 'other plane' – she was born completely human, but apparently the government want to bring about a new race; a hybrid of human's with supernatural abilities. Eve is there prototype I guess,"


"The have trained her in everything possible – torture, fighting, weapon detail. Once she had explained that I have been tapped to be her mate to bring this new species into the world she took me to see the 'Powers that Be'." Christian explained.

"Wait what?"

"It's all true – the PTB confirmed it," he sighed banging his head down onto the table and turned silent.

This was huge. Christian was going to be the creator of a new breed of human's that would walk the earth. This wasn't just huge – this was major. It was no wonder he had been completely whacked last night when he had gotten back from his 'date' – I couldn't even imagine what he had been dealing with. Sure Claire was a supe, but I didn't have some kind of fate resting on my shoulders.

"This is huge,"

"I know!" he mumbled as his remained plastered the the table. "I don't know what the Hell I am supposed to do,"

"What do you mean?" Claire asked resting her head down onto the table so that she was closer to him; slowly he rose his face so that it was just his chin that was resting on it – identical to the position that Claire was in – now they were eye to eye.

"I couldn't deal with it last night – I thought that if I got some distance, then it would help but I haven't slept and I am as confused as I was last night,"

"Did you at least talk to her about it?"

"No," he turned a deep shade of red, "it was too much, so much to take in on one go, I mean it would have been fine if it had just been either the whole creating a new breed, or we were destined to be together, but all at once – it completely overwhelmed me,"

"Did you at least tell her that you would be in touch?"


"Christian!" Claire exclaimed.


"That's awful – can you imagine what she must be feeling?"

"Hey – I had 10 minutes to get my head around it all – she's had half her life,"

"That's not what I meant," Claire sighed, "you tell her you can't deal with it, that you need space – you don't even think that she might think that it's her that is the problem?"

"No I never said...............ahh shit!" he grumped banging his forehead against the table once again, "fucking women............y'all are insane!"

Well I couldn't argue with that – women were insane. It was like they had their very own language; one that us guys tried so desperately to understand but couldn't; instead we only made things worse. And it was like an automatic thing between them; like they are all pulled aside when they are born and have it all implanted in their heads.

"I resent that!" Claire nudged his head until he was looking up at her again, "but you need to go and see that girl,"


"Why not?"

"This is not what I had in mind for my life. You know I thought that I had freedom to pick my own woman, that I had the freedom to decide whether or not I even wanted children.........and then last night, all of that was thrown out of the window when I was told it was already mapped out!"

"Hey at least you don't have to go looking now,"

"I like looking," Christian grumped, "seriously how would you feel if you were told that your life partner had already been picked out for you?"

"Some cultures believe that is the way – why do you think people go out looking for a mate; it's about selection but in your instance you can cut out all the annoying searching stuff, she's here in front of you and you're sitting here whining about something that you have probably even believed in the first place," Claire dared to answer him back and when I saw the softening in his eyes, I had to admit that my girl was good.

Not many people could get through to Christian – he was so damn stubborn and head strong that he could drive a saint crazy. Right now, I could understand where he was coming from but after listening to Claire, I could agree with her too.

Sure it was tough for him to accept – that his life had already been mapped out. But it was no different to the times when he stated that God had a plan for him – how did he not know that this was his plan all along? He didn't; but I knew Christian; he would fight it until he couldn't fight it anymore.

Later that Night;
Britt's POV;

Jensen and Claire were out celebrating their anniversary – so that left me, Jared and Christian to hang out with one another. Jared and I had met Christian in the bar of his hotel; where, according to Claire and Jensen, he hasn't moved from since this morning when he had spent time with the other couple.

Due to me being a Vampire – it was inconvieniant being stuck behind doors during the day. Sunlight would kill me – it isn't like the way Twilight has been described – as a real Vampire, I took offence to the fact that Stephanie Meyer had suggested that my kind sparkled in the sunlight. True Blood were actually about the only ones who had tapped that myth on the head – we slept under ground, or where the windows were boarded up. Sun proof glass was used in the more desperate occassions.

Some Vampire's liked to blend in with the humans and tried in vain to live their life as a human. Personally, it wasn't for me. I was a creature of the night, and that was how I lived my life. End of story.

At least I didn't have to worry about work during the day – being a writer, it meant that I could chose the hours that I worked, and I always worked at night. It was when I was more creative – I don't know, maybe I had a muse that belonged to the night too. Muses were everywhere; everyone had a muse – even supernatural beings had them, they were always there like a shadow inspiring and whispering unheard words of encouragement. Human's had no idea, I only knew because I had come across one in the mid 1800's when I was in Rome.

Being a predator – I would hunt, usually I liked to stalk – make the thrill last longer. I would stalk them getting to know everything that was possible to know about the victim, then I would plan the perfect masacre due to their agenda. The victim I had chosen had been an artist named – Elizabeth Klaus and when I had attacked – it was almost as if she were having a conversation with someone whom I couldn't see but the minute that I had snapped her neck and her life fell away from her – this shadow appeared over her and that was how I had been introduced to muses. I had went on to become quite obsessed by them for a long time, but eventually I moved on, when I arrived in Canada in the early 1900's I lost all interest in them because I had new territory to stake and mark.

"So you met the Powers that Be – what happened?" I asked Christian.

"They just explained that me and Eve are going to be together and that we are going to create a new breed of human; I mean don't I get a say in this at all?"

"Apparently not man," Jared confirmed and I wanted to kick him for being so blunt about it when it was clear that Christian wasn't happy about this.

"You are entitled to make your own path in life Christian, just because they say it is meant to be – it doesn't have to be,"

"I don't know what I want!"

"You liked her though didn't you?"

"I did," he nodded in agreement.

"Then don't you owe it to yourself the chance to figure out if you could indeed be with her?" I asked him.

Being around since the mid 1600's – I had mellowed out a lot over the centuries, I had learned that patience was definitely a virtue, granted not one that I had, but it was still a virtue. What had come to me lately – was that if something was bothering you then you had to deal with it; otherwise it would just have a ripple effect on every other area in your life.

"I don't know," he shook his head, "do you have any idea how much pressure it is to be told that you are going to be one of the creators of a new breed of human – I mean that is huge; what am I supposed to do?"

"Did they tell you anything else about it?" Jared enquired.

"Like what?" he asked, "I mean what else is there to say after delivering that piece of news?"

"I think he means, how is it going to effect Eve if it doesn't happen?"

"I don't understand what you mean,"

"Think about it Christian, I know that you're not stupid – Eve is a supe; so she has been gifted with this opportunity to create a new life breed, but what happens to her if it doesn't happen?" I asked him.

Jared was well clued up on the supernatural world; most of his knowledge came from the show he worked on with Jensen. Most of their storylines were about real beasts and creatures of the underworld – they use different methods of killing them than in the real world, but Jared had researched it all when he had started the show and that was when he had started hunting in his real life too.

"Could something bad happen to her?"

"It depends – I mean if the government are behind this, then I wish I could say no, but the truth is – your government have the ability and means to be far more cruel than any supernatural could even imagine being," I admitted, "think about nuclear bombs, acids and nuclear agents that they use when they are in war – that is far worse than anything that I have done in the years that I have been a vampire,"


"Chris – I never left a victim alive; at least not before 1940. Your government have left soldiers to die in the fields of battle with arms or legs shot off – can you even imagine how much pain someone could be in from something like that?"

Christian nodded in agreement – as he seemed to let the information I had just shared sink in to his head.

"Look I'm not saying that I have been a saint, because I haven't, I have done things that I would rather forget but I can't – all I can do – is work towards redemption. But you are human, and I don't think that you would be able to live with yourself if something happened to Eve because you didn't give it a shot,"

"Do you really think that she could be in danger?"

"I don't know, but can you take that chance?"

All of the things that I had done in my blood crazed days weren't anything that I could be proud of. I had killed people, I had always killed people – up until around 1940 when I had just been hit by this feeling of wanting to do good, I wanted to help people, I wanted to form a life not just roam the lands of every town that I found myself visiting. My point was I never left someone bleeding to death and in agony – I would always snap their neck or pull their heart out before I walked away. Now I saw it as mercy, but at the time – I had been covering my own tracks.

"It's still weird to me,"

"It will be for a while, but you forget that we saw you with her – the strength of your connection is definitely something that is worth exploring,"

"You think so?" he asked looking from me to Jared, I nodded my head in agreement feeling as if I had done all the talking so far.

"I think that you need to do what is going to make you happy," Jared stated.

"But what if she is in danger?"

"She's not your concern man. At least not with the way things stand right now – you don't owe her anything,"

Sometimes Jared could sound so cold, almost as cold as I had been when I had been evil. I knew that it was his way of staying in control, especially when things tended to get out of control in the supernatural world that we walked in.

"Is that really what you think?" Christian asked.

"Yeah," Jared nodded, "I mean it's one thing for us to fight the underworld, supernatural world.......whatever you want to call it, we have no control over what comes out of the bowels of Hell but when there is something that we can control – we have to grip it tightly man, you can't afford to lose your head over the smallest detail,"

If it was all simple then I would have agreed with him, but the truth was – we didn't know what the plan was. For all we knew – Eve might be threatened if Christian didn't go through with this, she might even die and taking that kind of risk; just wasn't who Christian was.

Having been raised in a home where he was taught to do the right thing, I just knew that given time – he would come round and he would do what was being asked of him; especially if Eve's life was in danger. And when he did that – all of us would be behind him every step of the way.

My personal opinion was – that his reaction right now, was perfectly justifiable – and when he had, had some time to think about it; he'd see that it wasn't such a bad thing. Yes it was strange to know that this girl he had just met was meant to become the mother to his children, but for some people this kind of thing happened on a regular basis.

I had been so mad when my life had been taken from me. I had actually been suffering from, what would be classed as, flu – my temperature had been sky high and nothing was bringing it down. Late one night, I had been delirious for 2 days straight when, a dark figure entered the dwelling where I was being cared for by a stranger who had found me rummaging through his rubbish in search of food, and at first I thought that it was my fever that was making me see the demon that came forth but it hadn't been and that was when I had been made. I hadn't been asked if I wanted it, I hadn't been given the option – that had been ripped from me and it left me feeling very disconnected from everything in the world around me.

So in a way, I could absolutely understand where Christian was coming from on this matter. I strongly believed that he just needed some time to get his head around what was being asked of him and then he would seek Eve out; I just hoped that she had the time to wait.

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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Sun May 15, 2011 11:36 pm

As always, this chapter is absolutely amazing, just like the rest of them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this story is coming out and I adore that Christian is having a realistic reaction to everything that's being placed on his shoulders. Very Happy I definitely cannot wait to read more.


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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Sun May 15, 2011 11:38 pm

Thank you honey Very Happy I am glad that you're still enjoying it Very Happy as you know I have fallen in love with the idea Very Happy and I am glad that you are enjoying it xoxox

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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   Mon May 16, 2011 2:58 am

Review for Chapter Six.

Well who can blame what Christian is feeling in the opening for this chapter? You’ve hit the nail on the head there, showing how frustrated, and even perhaps just a touch angry he is since he’s
discovered how his life is already mapped out to him, to the finest of details. That must be the most frustrating thing to hear really, it must feel like the word ‘choice’ has been removed from his life completely. The part where he fumes that he doesn’t know her and might not even have anything in common with her, oh how wrong he is. Christian, you’re her other half for more reasons than just attraction. To quote a favourite line from one of my favourite famous women Ivana Trump – ‘It is what it is’. I have the feeling it will take time for him to accept that though.

He is right, he does need to distance himself both physically and mentally from this, but then as soon as he’s back at the hotel his mind slips into thoughts of what their children would be like, since of course Eve is here to breed this new master race. I suppose having those kind of thoughts are completely inevitable though, after being told something so big. His mind wonders despite himself, you show this very well! He’s asking all the logical kids of questions anyone would in this situation, why me? Why now? I see him clinging to the hope that perhaps, as Britt told him toward the end of his POV that it isn’t know if the powers that be can see into the future. In those very few lines you have totally cast a light on the fact that Christian somehow hopes this might be bendable, might be able to include the words ‘free choice’ again. But they aren’t called the powers that be for nothing though. He could do well to remember that....

Now onto Eve’s POV, and I really feel for the poor girl. You can tell that she’s taken it very personally and I don’t blame her for that. I can see her fear flooding through this so brightly. In her mind Christian is her other half, no one else can take that role for him so at the moment she thinks she’s going to lose and become mortal. That must be very frightening for her. She only knows how to live being who and what she is, not a regular person. It’d completely make her lose her sense of self I feel, to become a mortal after knowing only this for her whole life. The poor girl, she’s frightened and you’ve shown this well and at the right time in the story too. It would be unbelievable if you showed this situation not to effect Eve at all.

I think that perhaps because she has been raised like this that she is struggling to see how the intense attraction and feeling of belonging with Christian could not totally sway his mind like it has hers. It’s because he’s had the freedom she has not experienced, you showed that very well in the ways you had them both struggling with the aftermath of visiting the powers that be. I like the way you had James being the rational to her (slightly) irrational thoughts too. They seem to blend well together as siblings even though they have no actual blood ties.
A thoroughly brilliant chapter hun, I cannot wait to read the rest! You’re doing so well with this story, it really is like a book I do not want to put down! xxxx
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PostSubject: Re: The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction   

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The Other Half (of Me) 18+ Fiction
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