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 Message regarding my fics

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PostSubject: Message regarding my fics   Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:49 am

Hiya girls,

As you may have noticed I've been adding to my fics section. I am hoping that in adding a few very different fics (i.e different male leads) that I'll be catering for a few peoples' different tastes. Just remember to let me know if you are enjoying a particular story and I will be quick to keep updating it, and slower updating the ones no one's really interested in reading yet, I'm here to cater to what you want.

Just a note too, I frequently get asked to write fics for people (i.e write them into a fic with their chosen male lead) or to just write a fic with a male lead of their preference. I'm afraid that due to my very busy life I just do not have time to do such endeavors, and also to write a fic I have to be interested in the person I'm writing about, they have to be a muse to me and inspire me to write because of the person that they are (I do not write fics purely because I find the male leads I write about hot, as I do not transmit myself into the female lead character like a lot of writers do). So just a polite warning if anyone was about to ask me to do this, I'm afraid I'd have to respectfully decline.

Love and all that crap,

The Nola Very Happy
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Message regarding my fics
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