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 A Certain History - Jim Root/OC fic.

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PostSubject: A Certain History - Jim Root/OC fic.   Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:30 am

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction in its entirety. I am not claiming these events to be true to life in any way, shape or form and do not know any famous persons' mentioned in this story personally. The story itself and OC's are of my own creation and no monies are being made off it. 18+ for adult content. Enjoy Smile

Chapter one – Hellbound.

This story takes us nearly ten years into the past, back to the year 1999, when the events of two bands being put on the same tour made for some of the most talked about occurrences in modern metal, and a trail of carnage and debauchery so vivid that it made the days of Sodom and Gomorrah look like a tea party.............

Up in the comfortable management rooms of Roadrunner records, some bright spark thought that putting their new signing, Iowa based 9 piece metal act Slipknot, on tour with Geffen records biggest act Hellbound would be great for promoting the new guys in the red boiler suits. What they didn't take into consideration was that adding two famously party loving, destructive bands together was like mixing the ingredients for a Molotov cocktail and then putting a match to it.............. Things would explode.

Before we begin, and take you back nine years to how it all began I would like to introduce you to Hellbound. They are without a doubt the biggest rock/metal act on the planet, yet to have any band topple them off the pedestal the industry and fans alike lifted them up to. When most people watch Hellbound play they comment that there's a certain aura that fills the venue or the open air, something that just radiates off the band members themselves, almost like some unseen magic. Their talent is the kind that can only be found naturally, and after precision and meticulous rehearsal and writing, the band really put their all into what they do, and each is regarded as a genius of their own instrument. Another thing that often strikes out in the memory of people aware of who Hellbound are is that damnit, they love to party. Hard. Arranging hotels that will actually be brave enough to have them as guests is something their management company struggle with!

Another thing to note is that they are fiercely protective of their fans; no less than five lawsuits to date have been filled against Hellbound's singer for assault of security guards roughing up fans. Their guitarist also received a tight set of silver bracelets and time in a jail cell for beating the shit out of a photographer with a baseball bat on their last tour. Sound like your average bunch of guys running on beer and testosterone don't they? Which leads me onto the next bit of information; there is not one male member of Hellbound, and nor will there ever will be. If you want to hear a few opinions about the girls, read on.....

'They are without a doubt the most carnage wreaking, blood spitting, heavy drinking, cocaine snorting, talented motherfuckers I have ever laid my eyes on. I love them, each is a very dear friend to me and my family' – Ozzy Osbourne - Rock legend and husband to Hellbound's long suffering manager Sharon Osbourne.

'If they call themselves ladies, god help us all. The most vile bunch of bitches I have ever had the displeasure to meet' – Gloria Mason – Housekeeping maid at the Chamberlain Hotel, New Jersey.

'I made my daughter burn all her Hellbound Cd's and posters, there is no place for such demons in our tightly knit Christian family. They are the worst influence on the youth of today and should be banned!' Mrs E. Walters - mother of a Hellbound fan.


'They are putting our reputation to shame!' - Nikki Sixx – Bassist of Motley Crue.

'People say women can't be beautiful and talented, Hellbound have broken that opinion and turned it on its head at the same time! I really admire them' – Courtney Love – Rock singer/actress.

So, I bet you are dying to know what happened when the five girls met the nine guys huh? Well read on, but make sure you strap yourself into the seat tightly and hold on at all times, this is going to be one wild ride.....
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PostSubject: Chapter Two - Idols among us.   Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:31 am

'Oi! You guys over there towards the back, are you lot Slipknot? Sorry dudes, we don't know what you look like without the masks' laughed Jade from the huge stage at the Skydome in Long beach, California- the kick off venue to Hellbound's world tour.

'Yeah that's us' 'Yep' 'Hey ladies!' came the varying replies of the men, who walked down the centre of the open air arena to get to the stage and introduce themselves to the women that were revered as gods.

'Guys I don't mean to be a party pooper but we gotta get the sound check outta the way like ten minutes ago. Can we save the chat until after? Called Scott over the PA system from the booth towards the back of the arena. Scott was Hellbound's chief sound tech, and a good friend to all of the girls to boot.

'No problem man, we'll just sit and watch in quiet awe' called back Sid Wilson, Slipknot's DJ with a small laugh as he seated himself cross legged in front of the stage, a few other members seating themselves behind him, a few preferring to stand. They sat and talked amongst themselves while the band went through the usual of testing each instrument with Scott tweaking with the sound output until it was to their liking, before running through with an entire song.

'Scotty baby, can I have a bit more welly on my mic please darling'? Oh, that's Croydon for volume by the way' said Jade in her thick London accent as various US members of the Hellbound crew laughed, and Scott did as instructed by the iron lady of rock and turned up her mic level a few notches on the sound board. When they were ready, they launched into their new single 'Medicate' off the album 'Parasite'. Every single person congregated in the arena ground to a halt to watch them run through.

'Fucking amazing' said Slipknot's bassist Paul Gray as he adjusted his sunglasses to the bright rays and looked up at Jess, Hellbound bassist and a personal hero of his. She was counted in his top five musicians of all time. She was that good.

'Yeah you got that right, fuck me I don't wanna get up and sing now! She fucking pisses all over my vocal abilities!' laughed singer Corey Taylor as he watched Jade, pulling his blonde curls over his face and comically hiding as his band mates laughed. He was right of course, you couldn't really compare Jade Barry with anyone else on the scene today, she was in a league of her own but if you had to try, most people said she had the kind of dirty, grungy voice that almost made you feel rude to listen to it, with a roar like something that hell had spat up. Yet, in the more harmonic breaks of songs her voice was simply angelic; she had one hell of a range. Another thing all members of the band noticed about her was what most people tended to, her awesome beauty. Especially one member in particular.

'You know when you told me she's about 1000 times more gorgeous in the flesh? Well up until now I really thought you were being your usual over exaggerative self dude. Damn that's one fine lookin' woman!' Commented Jim Root, one of the two guitarists. He was talking to Sid who had met Jade before at an album signing in New York two years ago, being an avid Hellbound fan he had travelled from Iowa with his then girlfriend Natasha to meet the girls in person, and at the time he never considered one day his band would be put on tour with them, it was a dream come true.

'Well I hate to say I told you so, but really dude, stop staring' said Sid as he noticed his band mates daze as he looked up at the blonde singer.

'Sorry what did you say' said Jim suddenly, shaking himself from his trance like state.

'Exactly' laughed Sid, opening the lid on his bottle of coke as he laughed to himself and shook his head.

'Shut the fuck up!' said Jim, giving Sid a punch in the arm and pushing his temple length black hair from his eyes.

'Well if you will have a roving eye worse than Casanova!' Said Corey with a wry smile.

'I like ladies, your problem is what exactly?' said Jim, taking a cigarette Corey offered him.

'Nothing! Hey if you bag her at least it'll make a change from the rotation of groupies you have coming off the bus, then on the bus then off the bus again' said Corey, dissolving into laughter about halfway through his sentence. Jim Root was not a notorious ladies man for nothing. The other guys referred to him as 'the man whore' on quite a regular basis.

'Somehow I don't think I'll be holding my breath on that one dude, I've heard she's fussy' said Jim.

'Which is a quality in itself I actually really admire, there's been one too many female musician to open her legs for the easy route to fame. The fact that she ain't no 'ho makes me look up to her even more' said Sid.

'Ass licker' said Jim and Corey at the same time.

'Awwww, I thought what he said was actually quite sweet' came the voice of Jade suddenly from the corner of the stage. So lost in their chatter they were they hadn't noticed the sound check was finished. Sid's cheeks almost turned maroon while Jim wondered just how much of their conversation she had overheard. Jade climbed off the stage and walked over to them, introducing herself with a hug and a kiss on the cheek for each, surprising each of them as her manner differed so much to what had been said by many a person commenting on the pretty singer.

Most people who haven't even met her would have you believe Jade Barry is a totally vile, quick tempered bitch. Those people haven't met her. Jade is the very epitome of a strong woman who takes absolutely no bullshit, and because of this gets a name for herself as being a bit of a psycho when in fact, she's one of the nicest people you could ever meet, and extremely friendly and down to earth. Not to mention exceedingly intelligent with an IQ of 142.
After briefly chatting to them Jade and the rest of the girls went over to Scott to talk through the sound, making sure everything was perfect. She did this by standing in the centre of the audience area and listening to the girls run through without her singing, then each in turn left their instruments to take a wander down to the centre of the Skydome and listen intently; they weren’t known as perfectionists for nothing and often took time going through this routine to make sure everything was just right. They considered it their duty to their fans to make sure they put on the best gig they could for them as all members had been present at shows they had paid a lot of money for in the past and felt the performances a tad lack lustre. They were determined not to be one of those bands, and had strived for perfection or something close to it since day one.
After finally finishing their meticulous checking the girls stood around and chatted casualy to the 9 usually masked men, all getting along great and already seeing similarities in each other that made that 'getting to know you' process all the more easy. Guitarist Joanne Slater was deep in conversation with fellow stringsman Mick Thompson about the best guitar pickups to use, Joey Jordisson and Jen Brown where discussing varied drumming techniques, and unbeknown to each other, Jade and Jim stood checking each other out as they talked within a small group of assorted Hellbound members and roadies while Slipknot's gear was all set up on stage ready for their sound check. The venue sound man (they didn't have their own travelling tech like Hellbound) perched himself in the booth and called out over the PA that he was ready to start, and with that the nine men all took stage while Hellbound lingered around stage front to watch them run through a sound check.

'Damn that man is hot' whispered Jade into Jen's ear as she walked over to her lifelong friend and handed her a beer.

'Impossibly tall, black hair, brown eyes and a pretty handsome face, however did I work out you'd reach that conclusion in about five minutes flat? Said Jen sarcastically, twisting the top off her Miller.

'Because you know me inside out?' said Jade, quirking an eyebrow.

'And by the time this tour is out I think he will know you inside out too if you get your wicked way' said Jen with a snort of laughter. Jade rolled her eyes and elbowed her in the ribs, then turned her attention back to the focus of their conversation.

'Fucking hell, you really are gorgeous aren't you big fella?' She thought as she watched him lift up his guitar and fiddle with the strap, then look down on her and shoot her the quickest of winks she had ever seen, so quick she spend the rest of the sound check pondering if it really was a wink at all, or if he just had something in his eye. Little did she know, the former prevailed 100% over the latter of that statement. He was winking at her alright, she was most definitely w
hat he had in his eye.
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A Certain History - Jim Root/OC fic.
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