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 Opposites Collide - Wentworth Miller/OC fic.

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PostSubject: Opposites Collide - Wentworth Miller/OC fic.   Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:25 am

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction in its entirety. I am not claiming these events to be true to life in any way, shape or form and do not know Wentworth Miller personally. The story itself and OC's are of my own creation and no monies are being made off it. 18+ for adult content. Enjoy Smile

Chapter One - A new day.

A large white and yellow painted bedroom in apartment block number one, Eastmoore Row, Chicago. February 22nd 2004.


The sound of my alarm buzzing in high volume is the first noise that filters into my ears at 4am on a miserable and rainy Tuesday morning. I reach out and smack the snooze button on and turn back over, letting my eyes flutter shut again but not able to rest. You see that’s the problem with hitting snooze, you know it’s going to go off again at such antisocial decibels you just can’t settle back down for any desperately needed Z’s you might need. And so I throw myself out of bed and head to the bathroom to take a shower and clean my teeth in vain hope it’ll wake me up. I have a long day ahead of me that’s for sure.
I flew out to Chicago a few days ago to get myself sorted before starting on my new job, and I must say the dreary weather the windy city is experiencing right now is making me feel a little homesick, but I hope my day will be filled with other distractions to help me keep my mind off how much I’m yearning for sunny Hollywood right now. I should be used to this by now, the life of a TV and movie makeup artist often means we have to travel. But after arriving at the set and being introduced to the immediate crew I’ll work with and some of the cast I go about starting my work, and sure enough I find I have my mind taken off the fact I’m homesick quite nicely.

‘I can’t believe you just said that! I’m going to have to keep my eye on you that’s for sure!’ I say after throwing my head back and laughing heartily at what the guy whose makeup I’m doing has just said to me. The number one reason I love first days? Meeting lots of new people and enjoying chatting to them as I make their faces look perfect for the camera, this camera in particular filming a new television series entitled ‘Prison Break’. And yeah, if it takes my mind away from the constant thoughts of missing home it’s a double bonus.

‘Well don’t give me reason to duchess!’ he replies with a smile as I blob a smear of foundation on the back of my palette and blend it with a sponge, pressing it to his nose once I’ve got the right consistency for his skin tone.

‘You’ve known me for a grand total of an hour and already you’re giving me nicknames?’ I ask, pausing and looking at him with a rueful smile. I know more or less by this point that this guy sat in front of me is going to make my job even more enjoyable than it already is, he’s real funny to say the least and I have to say I love actors who enjoy banter with the crew, who still know what the meaning of ‘down to earth’ actually is.

‘Yes duchess, that’s your new little name from me to you! And anyway let’s not go jumping the gun here, you were the one telling me how she was going to restrain me in the first place, I think personally it’s a little forward to tell someone you’re going to tie him to his seat if he doesn’t sit still! And misleading.......................because I bet you won’t do it and then I’ll have got all excited for nothing!’ he replies, the few crew members and actors dotted around all laughing their heads off. Oh yes, Robert Knepper is definitely a man I’ll be keeping a close eye on. If for nothing else other than the fact the man can’t sit still for five minutes, or go ten without cracking some kind of joke.

‘And I think this lovely young lady has just come to fetch you for your scene, so c’mon out of my chair!’ I say to him as I see one of the runners hovering outside of the makeup trailer with a handful of paper work under her arm.

‘Robert we need you now’ she calls in through the open door.

‘First she wants me in the chair, now she wants me out of it. Make up your mind!’ He laughs.

‘GO!’ I order him through my chuckles, watching him fake looking scared and salute me.

‘No doubt I shall see you later duchess’ he said with a wink, giving my arm a friendly squeeze and sliding out of the chair. I just hope all the cast are as nice as him. When he wasn’t joking around and making me laugh he was telling me all about his family, every inch the proud father to his son and devoted husband to his wife. It’s nice to see in a world so full of broken marriages and children being shunted between their parents who often don’t even have the grace to be civil to each other for the sake of said children. At least that’s my own view on it having seen it with my own eyes for so many years after my parents divorced when my sister Alex and I were twelve and fourteen respectively, and our little brother Jack just a baby in arms.

It’s probably the reason we formed such a close bond, because we were the only real consistency each other had after our parents ugly separating and even more bitter and ugly divorce. It’s no surprise that close sisterly bond went on to form a prosperous business partnership that has lead us from studying theatrical makeup college right up until now, two very talented makeup artists working freelance rather than for a studio and in doing so calling our own shots.

We specialise in not only the standard screen/theatrical makeup but also body painting and, like today’s task, application of temporary tattoo’s too. It’s a lot more complicated in this field than the ones you stick on with a wet cloth. But our work has lead us everywhere from nights painting beautiful models for parties at the Playboy mansion to painting carnival girls and boys for a modelling agency attending the Gay Pride day in London. And now it leads us here, on the set of the new show being taped to show our expertise in not only regular work, but a very complex piece for the lead character Michael Scofield.
I am yet to meet the actor playing him, a man by the name of Wentworth Miller who Alex and I will be spending a considerable amount of time with as we apply what’s meant to be an half bodysuit of tattoos masking the blueprints to the fictitious prison he and his brother are plotting their escape from in the story. It’s going to be very interesting work for sure, after seeing the pictures and sketches that have been drawn up for us to work with I can imagine it’ll take a few hours to be completed in such detail, so I only hope that Mr Miller is a lot less fidgety in his seat that one co star I could name. Setting that amount of transfers requires patience from both artist and subject, something my sister had obviously been thinking too.

‘Well, I hope he’s in for a long wait with all these we have to painstakingly apply to him’ she says as I turn around and walk over to the table she’s leaning her hands on, looking down at all the images and trying to set out each of them in order to how we have to place them on Wentworth.

‘Yeah and me, let’s hope he knows what he’s in for!’ I agree as I stand by her side and look over the pictures on the exact placement of the transfers once again and begin to help Alex out in getting them all laid out in some kind of order while we wait for the man himself to arrive. And so we stand and work out the placements for each tattoo, Alex looking at her watch and figuring she has enough time to run out and fetch us two coffee’s from catering before our subject gets here, so off she goes while I begin to arrange the powders and setting sprays needed to fix the transfers. And just when I think it’s only me left in the makeup trailer I sense there’s someone there, and when I turn around I’m faced with perhaps one of the most intense looking pairs of sea green eyes I’ve ever seen in my life, with just a hint of blue in there too.

‘Hello, I’m Wentworth. Nice to meet you’ he says as I shake his outstretched hand and literally have to cough to force myself to speak. Beauty often stuns me into silence, be it a painting or a tattoo, a place or a building; and yes, sometimes a person too.

‘Hey Wentworth, I’m AJ. And likewise, it’s nice to meet you too’ I reply, letting go of his hand and noticing immediately the soft texture of his skin, almost too velvety in feel to be that of a man.

‘So you’re the one who has the laborious job of making me look how you do then?’ he says with a smile, seating himself in the chair to my side as he looks over my vast collection of tattoos.

‘Well my artwork isn’t quite as dense as these, but yes in short I am’ I say to him, gesturing to the pictures of the transfers all laid out to my right.

‘My god! How many hours of work is all this then?’ he then continues as his studies my two full sleeves a little closer with much interest.

‘Each arm took sixty hours, and I’ve lost count of how long the portraits and what not on my legs took! It was worth it though, all that pain and sitting around for hours while they were being done’ I say, reaching across the table in front of me to grab a handful of tissues and make sure I have everything I need to begin the application, while Wentworth sits back and seems more interested in talking about real life ink rather than the faux ones about to be applied to his body.

‘There’s some fantastic detail there, I really like this one’ he says, pointing out the black and grey roses I have adorning the top of my arm. ‘Well, I say one but to be truthful I don’t really know where one begins and the other finishes! But that’s the point of sleeves I suppose isn’t it?’ he continues.

‘Well yeah that is the general point, for it to look like one big collective piece of art. Just like I have to achieve with you right now so if you wouldn’t mind, it’s erm..............I........need you to take your shirt off’ I say, turning away from his gaze and letting my red hair hang over my face as I can feel myself blush. Why was that so hard for me to say to him? I’m no shrinking violet and normally I’ll order someone to disrobe in front of me with a comic twist, I’ll yell ‘strip for me baby!’ or something to that effect to make it less uncomfortable for them, to put a bit of humour into it. And because I’m a self confessed loud jackass. But with this man, I can almost feel like I’m tripping up over my words, like a sudden attack of shyness (which I NEVER suffer from) is hampering my attempts at speaking normally. I’m never usually lost for words around the criminally gorgeous.

‘Look at that, shirt is off and you didn’t even need to buy me a drink’ he laughs, a deep rumble of a laugh that makes my heart flutter quickly in my chest for a few beats, my face still hidden behind my hair.

‘So you’re a cheap date is what you’re trying to tell me if one drink is all it takes for you to undress then?’ I eventually manage to joke back, feeling like I’m coming back into my stride a little more as I turn and look at him. Immediately I gulp, he has the most smooth and beautifully creamy coloured skin I think I’ve ever seen, on a body that’s perfectly to my taste. He isn’t muscular and he isn’t skinny, which seems to be the trend with a lot of men I’ve dated in the past, he’s the very nice middle ground between those two aforementioned physiques.

‘How many drinks does it take for you to show how far down that back tattoo goes then?’ he replies, without actually answering my question.

‘Is that a general question of inquisition or a request?’ I fire back, watching a smile start to curl his beautiful lips until it spreads across his whole face.

‘You’re very quick witted AJ, I like that’ he says. And there goes my heart again doing that merry little inconsistent beat in my chest, making my whole body feel light and airy. What the hell is going on here? I can’t be sure, but I’m almost certain that was bordering on flirtation for a few seconds there between us.

‘And you seem to be the kind of guy who either doesn’t answer questions or answers them with a question of his own. Not that I like to make assumptions on someone’s character literally five minutes after I’ve met them’ I say, preparing a big pot of blotting powder and swirling it around with a large brush.

‘Well normally I would say that’s a fairly wrong thing to do yes, but in this instance you’re right. I guess I do that quite a bit’ he confesses, running a hand over his short hair. ‘And pardon me for in turn making a quick judgement about yourself, but I seem to sense you’re the kind of woman who says exactly what’s on her mind regardless’ he continues, that smile still playing on his rosebud like lips.

‘I have my moments’ I reply casually. ‘Now, on with business I think, thanks sis’ I say, firstly to him and secondly to Alex who has just arrived back with two fresh coffee’s, one of which she passes to me and then with that hand thrusts it in Wentworth’s direction to introduce herself. And after introductions are out of the way we begin our job in hand and start to carefully apply the transfers to his arm, stopping to take photographs so we know the exact layout we are using directly on his body rather than paper so we have a much more accurate little map to work with for all future sessions. And my initial prognosis about this being a lengthy job doesn’t let me down, two hours in and we’ve only just about managed to cover both of his arms.

Wentworth’s POV.

Being sat here I really do feel like I should be bored out of my mind, and I bet that in due course I will start to feel some kind of boredom set in, but at this moment in time my interest has been..............nicely captured I suppose you could say. Having something to hold my interest while I’m sitting here having endless transfers stuck on my body was something I was prepared for, bringing with me books, DVD’s and my i-pod, but we’re now two hours into it and I haven’t picked up any of those items. My focus it seems is entirely on AJ, who I have to admit is one of the most fascinating looking women I think I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. Small and toned with slightly tanned skin, two predominantly black and gray full sleeves of tattoos on full show, neon red hair and very bee stung looking lips.

And furthermore, oddly I feel there’s an instant attraction there from my point of view at least. And I say oddly because heavily tattooed women have always been the kind of beautiful creatures I’ve admired from afar, but they’ve never really been my cup of tea so to speak; they just never fitted my description of the kind of woman I’d want to date. Not to my taste to date I suppose you’d sum it up as, but at the same time I don’t exactly find girls with tattoos repulsive just because I don’t have any of my own. But right now that opinion I held for so long is being turned on its head, because I just cannot deny the fact that the woman currently leaning over me, her face inches from mine as she applies a transfer to the front of my shoulder, is so beautiful I can feel my breath catch in my throat each time I catch her eyes, which are incredible. Blue just doesn’t even come near explaining the colour and clarity of them; imagine the bluest sky you ever saw and times it by a thousand and you’re still nowhere near close to describing the hue of her irises.

‘I have to ask, are you wearing tinted contact lenses?’ I suddenly blurt out, watching her eyes leave the transfer paper she’s carefully just peeled away and look straight into mine. I don’t know if butterflies in the stomach are just a girl specific, but I’m not ashamed to admit she just gave them to me in that one look.

‘Nope, not much on me is natural but my eyes most definitely are’ she replies, smiling and gently shielding my face with her hand as she applies the setting spray and then gives the transfer a dust down with the large brush containing the power granules that will set it further.

‘Oh her boobs are natural too but that’s really about it’ I hear Alex say behind me, making me laugh a little but then feel bad for AJ, who is obviously embarrassed at her sisters little jokey admission. I watch her put a dainty hand to her face and shake with silent laughter before she speaks.

‘Ignore her’ she says. I can’t resist the temptation to take it further though.

‘So they aren’t real then?’ I ask, smiling and laughing as she gives me an eye roll and looks even pinker in the cheeks.

‘You know what I mean!’ she cries, laughing harder.

‘Do I?’ I tease back, watching her look like she’s becoming stuck for words. I just can’t help but flirt with her, and usually I’m never like this with women I work with, even less like it with women in general too unless I’ve got to know them a little better. I wouldn’t call myself painfully shy but I wouldn’t say I was particularly outgoing either, somewhere in between the two is the place I think I fall, but this kind of behaviour is a notable first for me really. It’s like my mouth is just running away with itself without my head connecting to any of it. Talking to her just feels easy.

‘Wentworth, I could answer this in a way that’d embarrass the hell out of you, but I choose not to. Now be quiet and behave yourself while lady makeup here concentrates on her job in hand’ she eventually replies. And once again, I can’t help myself in the reply I give her.

‘I don’t embarrass easily, so why don’t you just tell me what you were going to say? Either that or I might have to rethink my earlier assumption’ I say.

‘It’ll keep’ she whispers whilst fixing on the next transfer, her smile soft yet big enough to stretch to her eyes, making the corners crinkle a little. I wonder what it is up in her head that’s obviously amusing her, that line she just told me that ‘will keep’ for now I can imagine. And now all I can damn well think about is what she was planning on saying to me. God, this girl’s got my interest and she’s got it quickly too. The way she looks, the way she speaks, the way she acts; I know two hours isn’t a long time but it’s telling me already that AJ is the sort of woman I really do think it’ll be worth getting to know. If only to find out what she was going to say that would allegedly embarrass me.

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Opposites Collide - Wentworth Miller/OC fic.
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