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 Avalanche Tour April 10, 2011

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PostSubject: Avalanche Tour April 10, 2011    Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:56 am

This was the first time I've seen Stone Sour & Theory of a Deadman live. I didn't know much about any of the support acts but was blown away by 2 of them (Breanna and I missed Skillet). I got pit tickets so we were really close. Most of my pics aren't that good because my camera's kind of old but I did the best I could Smile

Art of Dying was the first band to hit the stage. Although this was the first time I'd ever heard them they caught my attention. Good music, good stage presence, they interacted with the crowd really well. I am definitely a fan of this band now. And their vocalist Jonny is fucking smoking hot! We got to hang out a little bit at their meet and greet and they are really amazing guys. Breanna had some of them sign the t-shirt I'd bought her as well as the 2 posters she and I made for the Stone Sour show.

They were so cool with her, joking and laughing and Jonny was even amused at her enthusiasm when she was jumping around while we waited our turn at getting a picture. I like that they sing messages of hope, positivity and such. Heavy music with a positive message, damned good!They are definitely a group of guys worth checking out. Their official site

Halestorm was the second band to hit the stage. I'd heard the name but never really checked them out before. Just like with "Art of Dying", their show was amazing! Their drummer Arejay was fucking brilliant and the way he twirled his sticks (even spitting one out of his mouth and still catching it mid-air!)! He came out on stage and for a second I thought Rob Zombie was about to hit the stage! He had on a shirt, scarf, mask, and hat that he hit the stage wearing but took off.

Joe their guitarist was so fucking cool! He loved Breanna cuz she was just going nuts. At the end of their set, he took their set list off the stage and gave it to Breannna! We went to go to their meet and greet and waited a while for them. When he saw Breanna, Joe pulled her to the front of the line so she could get her set list paper signed by the entire band and even got hugs from 3/5 members!! I got a semi-decent pic of her with them. Very cool band too and definitely worth checking out! Their official site

Skillet was the third band to hit the stage but we missed them because we were waiting for Halestorm's meet and greet. They sounded pretty good from where we were at in the venue but I don't know much else.

Theory of a Deadman were fucking amazing too! They're a very good live band. I was ecstatic they closed their set with my favorite song "Bad Girlfriend". They interacted with the crowd really well and did a great job of getting the audience all riled up and excited! They didn't do a meet and greet which bummed me out ;( The music was good, they sounded great! They're releasing a new album this summer, so keep a look out! Check them out here

Stone Sour! OMG! They are absolutely fucking AMAZING! I was hoping Jim would be on the side we were standing on (by the gates too so they got a good look at us!) but alas he was not ;( I couldn't get any real good photos of him. He's cut his hair so it's kinda short but he still looked fucking hot. He didn't move around too much so I don't know if he wasn't feeling well or there's something going on in his life. Regardless he played spectacularly. Maybe 1 song into the set Corey goes to the side of the stage and gets a big mouthful of water and then.... SPIT IT ON US!!!! Yes ladies, I have official Corey Taylor DNA on me. I don't think I'll ever bathe again!!! J/k ^_~

He's growing a mohawk cuz the side of his head is shaved but he's got a maybe 2-3 inche strip of hair down the middle of his head that's several inches long. And holy fucking Jesus was he just... GAH! His voice was great, and of course he interated with the crowd in true Corey fashion. He was so fucking energetic and I could tell he was having a good time. Even Josh and Shawn were having a great time and walking all over the place. They were phenomenal and I didn't expect anything less. Roy was exceptional as usual although he didn't talk to the crowd or anything. They played several songs off "Audio Secrecy" and just blew the crowd away! Josh actually gave Breanna a pick. Seriously, he pointed to my daughter and told the security guard to give it to her. Very cool move in my book! Josh, Shawn, and Corey smiled at us Smile

Over all it was a fucking mind blowing experience, both for me and my daughter, and we each walked away with a guitar pick from every single band we saw. It was a night neither of us will ever forget and I highly recommend that if you get the chance to catch this tour then I would do it! I'll post all the pictures from last night somewhere but for now here's some of the best Very Happy

Me & Breanna outside in line waiting for the doors to open up

Me and Breanna with Art of Dying (Jonny is the hottie with the black hair wearing all black and shades indoors)

Breanna with Halestorm

Breanna getting second picture with Art of Dying
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PostSubject: Re: Avalanche Tour April 10, 2011    Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:37 am

Awe that is so awesome Very Happy I am glad that you all had a magic time and that you got such GREAT interaction with 'THE MAN' lmao Very Happy he's always so great on stage, seeing him live; it's like nothing could prepare you for how awesome and amazing he is Very Happy Glad that you had a great time Very Happy xoxox

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PostSubject: Re: Avalanche Tour April 10, 2011    Tue Apr 12, 2011 2:14 am

I really wanna go see them live now but have no one to go with I don't think my sister likes them Sad
I do love theory of a deadman to, might have to go download some later lol

Aww that's cool he gave ur daughter a pick, haha all u need to do is add water and u have ur own Corey Taylor lol
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PostSubject: Re: Avalanche Tour April 10, 2011    

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Avalanche Tour April 10, 2011
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