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 Safe Haven

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PostSubject: Safe Haven    Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:58 am

* frist chapter is the teaser *

Safe haven
By; Tjangel
Rating; R to M
Disclaimer: This is piece of writing is a work of FICTION. I am making no monery gain from this piece of fiction. It was written purely for entertainment purposes. All celebrity figures within this story belong to themselves. All o/c's belong to me and are a work of my imagination. All lyrics used belong to the artists who write and perform them.

I am in no way claiming that I know any of the celebrities within this piece of fiction. The storyline has been written from my mind, and in no way does it feature any real events.

There is violence, and anger and sexual situations mentioned in this fiction - so if you are offended by such material, or are under the years of 18 please press your back button right now. Otherwise, I hope that you will enjoy.

Notes ; sorry for all of the cussing ..did not mean to offend anyone..

Jeff’s pov

I thought I was on top of the world only to learn the that what I announce to the world about me becoming a father was a lie. My girlfriend of 6 years lied to me Manda was not mine.
We fought like dogs about the lies now we are still fighting . Carrie lied to my whole family . she has tried getting back in my bed but I have sent her back to hers at the end of the hall. She had killed that love ….

I was looking for ways to get out of my own home it had became a hell Carrie was bitching again she had been going on for hours Shannon called he had hired a new manager and wanted me to meet them since I worked there too part time.
I jumped at the chance to get out!

I walked into Gas Chambers seeing for once it was clean. Shannon caught my look and laughed” come on meet the one responsible for all of this “
We walked back where there was this hot ass blonde sitting in my chair working on someone .
Shannon stopped” Jeff meet my new manager Amethyst Hargrove “
I stood there with my mouth on the floor ….. this was my first and only love ! when I finally put my tongue back in my mouth I replied” hey Ami, how is Garnet … I mean Trey?”

Ami took a small break, tilting her head” the only person that called my brother Garnet was Jeff Hardy”
I laughed” the one and the same … how are you?”
Shannon looked at the both of us “ do you two know each other??”
I turned” childhood girlfriend….” Sitting down.
Shannon came to sit in his seat” oh she is the one that your dad said you followed everywhere and I do mean EVERYWHERE!!!”

Ami looked up “ he paid Trey for a nudie of me$100.00 for it.” Looking at me “ dumbass it was a fake!”
I laughed” now I know that I got to find that con artist and beat his ass”
Ami laughed as she wrapped up this guys arm” go to the end of the square and look for lawyers inc. and there is where Trey is…” laughing.

Shannon stopped drawing” that is right Trey is a lawyer now… Jeff you and Ami will have to share a space for awhile while Justin is still here and for your information Kat Von D trained her. She is good!”
I heard”flattery still does not get you a piece of that red velvet cake”
I bust out laughing Shannon loved cake and here was Ami being mean..

I looked around as more customers came in , watching as she did a tattoo of a dragon for this dude … it looked so damn real. Kat was probably wishing she was still in LA… but I knew Ami could draw she saved my ass many times in art. Who could draw Madonna upside down??
Ami got up to go to the back she was looking at the coke machine.. I knew it was out of cokes.

She walked back in glaring at Shannon . I stood up “give me some cash I will do see your mom and get you a drink” trying not to laugh.
Ami stood up pulling out a 5 “ large Dr. Pepper please someone needs to fill up the coke machine!”
Shannon looked up” does no good Oz and Stacey drinks them all!”

Ami raised her gun” see this boys… I am going to tattoo a bitches name that is not your woman’s on your asses if you drink all of the Dr. peppers . I will bring the drinks in and fill it up. “
Shelly , Stacey’s girlfriend” Ami I will help you if they do”
I walked out laughing ,walking next door where Lucy Ami’s mom walked from the back” Jeff this is a nice surprise! What can I do for you?”
I smiled as I leaned over” why did you not tell me your beautiful daughter was back?! She is asking for a DP?”
Lucy filled up the drink as she looked at me , I swear she could see my soul” drop that slut and find your way back to my Ami…. Charley really messed her up. Kat taught her to do the tattoos to save her then I sent her to the cabins … I don’t like the new Ami but I will take her instead of having nothing”

As I walked back I remember the day she lost her father and met Charley… no one could tell her anything she had to learn what kind of man he really was on her own. We all felt like he would destroy her .. we just did not know how true it became.

I walked back in “ here Amethyst Rayne and tell me why tats?”
Ami reached over seeing the container” MOM! Hell Jeff I did everything else. Why not? And FYI it is still not hard to draw Madonna upside down” causing me to laugh. And shoot her a bird.
She blew me a kiss did she not realize how much I would love to feel her lips again?
I watched as Ami checked on a client who she let go of because his ass was asleep.

Ami waved then turned and walked back cleaning up the area before she ate.
Just then Carrie called and began to pick a fight. I got out of my chair and went outside so no one had to see this. My family did not know how bad it had gotten . I looked back at Ami eating and laughing and realized I still loved her. I had never stopped .
Maybe there could be a second chance for us. We were both wiser, both older I thought about it I wanted to feel loved again and know my woman would never lie to me ….
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PostSubject: Re: Safe Haven    Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:16 am

Safe haven 2

Ami’s pov

Seeing Jeff again brought back the memories some good and some I did not want to remember but I still catch myself thinking back to the day we snuck off to Top Sail North Carolina. I remember the night we stayed due to bad weather … our parents had to known what would happen but they never let on that they did. I never told Jeff about the baby…. The one I lost… the one I did not know I was pregnant with until I was 5 months along. …. His baby.

I remember him trying to tell me about Charley Foster but I was still mad at him I did not listen now I kick myself since then …the only thing that came out of my marriage to Charley was that I got the house and his people turned to me instead of him..
Jeff walked back in 2 hours later “Ami! Why did you not tell me that Charley was a drug lord??”

I just shrugged “ you did not ask … but I thought everyone knew he is in federal pen so no problems there how did you find out ??”
Jeff sat down “ my ex girlfriend’s little girl is his. Carrie just told me when I told her to get out my damn house !”
I stopped drawing” Carrie Christophers ? she is a fucking slut ! she has like 5 kids I do mean 5 kids…oh my god you did not know!!!??hell Jeff she has been with everyone ! … hey Boss if there is nothing else I am going to get out of here and finish this at the house.” Watching as he nodded I could not stand Carrie now I knew Jeff was her latest victim.

I walked back to my work station when I noticed that Shannon had followed me “ it is Jeff isn’t it? I am sorry I thought you would love to see a old friend… it might be too soon with the divorce and all”
I turned around and patted his cheek” it is o.k. it woke me up to a lot of things and I really need to get to these cokes before Sam’s closes “

I left after everyone gave their ink order …. I helped that I knew someone that dealt with tattoo ink. One of the guys that was in with Charley dealt with tattoo ink so I have a connection there. My next stop was Sam’s to get the cokes , snacks and the office stuff. Shannon called asking if we could meet at my place to discuss the line of clothing we were trying to do

A hour later I had everything I needed as I pulled up seeing everyone get out their cars. ….what was Jeff doing here? Oh well there was nothing I could do about it. I parked my explorer and got out.
Shannon walked out” get everything? “ I smiled” I think so “
My mother opened up the door “ oh good I was afraid I would not have enough fixed”
I looked back” my mom the homemaker trying to feed everyone “

I took my shoes off by the door as I walked thru the house to the kitchen getting the drawings I done for the shirts .everyone was feeding their face as I walked in I laid the drawings down “ be back” running up to my room and changing .
I came back in to the kitchen when Shannon looked up” get some clothes on! God damn you have filled out!”
I stuck my tongue out at him” o.k. here they are let me know if you like them or what you want to change I have a guy that will do these”
Shannon looked up” damn you have connections everywhere !”
I smiled “ I am a drug lord ex wife I have peoples “

Jeff looked at me “ so you are not into selling and using?”
I sat down “ never was. After my divorce and his arrest I told everyone to leave but all of them said no and that if I needed anything it was mine”
My brother walked in with my nephew” oh a meeting sorry”

I stood up “ get your ass in here and eat and give me Jamie”
Jamie sat down on my lap banging a spoon on the table as everyone looked at the shirt design.
Stacey started to play the air drums on the table causing Jamie to laugh and show his one tooth off.
Trey and I rolled our eyes when my mom went ape shit over that tooth. Jeff laughed at our faces he remembered how my mother was … she was worst now.
I did not want to think about what would happen when I finally gave her a grandkid.

But I had nothing to worry about …. No one wanted a drug lord ex wife . I would just spoil Jamie. Since his mom was one of Charley’ victims.
I still carried the blame for her death even though everyone said it was my fault. I would never forget how she died in my arms rather than face my brother with the fact that my ex husband raped her and got her hooked …..
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PostSubject: Re: Safe Haven    Fri Apr 15, 2011 6:44 am

Safe haven 3

Shannon’s pov

I watched as my best friend watch Ami .. he still love d her you would just tell but was it enough to mend the fences ? I heard of how they broke up … over something stupid I wish now I was at school that day to help them stay together.
Ami snapped her fingers at me “ which one boss?”
I smiled” all of them give him the order and tell him to put his siggy on them and we will give him some business too”

Ami gave Jamie to his dad so she could clear the table . I saw a lonely woman who was trying to live as I saw the house I noticed it was a pretty prison I decided to help her leave it” hey Ami lets go on a bike ride tomorrow?”
Ami turned” we both have to work and I will be alittle late I have something I have to do”
I saw Jeff ask if it was Charley? She shook her head no that puzzled him even more.

Trey leaned over to whispered in her ear but I caught what he said “ do you want me to ask mom to watch Jamie I can go with you?”
She looked up” no it is something that I have to deal with on my own.”
Turning away from everyone I saw the lonely tear drop as she walked out.
I told Oz to open up I was going to find out what caused the tears ….was it Jeff or something else?

The following morning

I followed her to a grave site . I watched as she sat down ,cleaning it off.
Then I caught the name ‘Dalton Nero Hardy born April 1st 1994 died April 2nd 1994 ‘ whoever the little boy was he was special to her.
Then I remember today was the first! Oh god Dalton would have been 16 !!
I left before I was discovered . but who was Dalton and why was Ami visiting his grave?

I went to the shop , I kept thinking of who Dalton could be … was he Jeff’s ? why did she not tell him? When I got to work I asked Oz to hold up for a minute so I can go speak with the one person I thought who knew. Jeff came in 30 minutes later as I walked out the door he looked over as I said” gotta to speak with Trey of a minute”

I ran down to where Trey was . Sherry who was the front end secretary looked up” can I help you?”
I stopped” can I see Trey Hargrove for a minute?”
sherry motion for me to go on back .
As I walked back I thought of what I would say to him.
Trey looked up as I walked in “ hey Shannon what can I do for you?”
I sat down “ who was Dalton? Tell me I made a mistake by thinking he was Jeff’s ?”
trey turned and looked out the window” there is no mistake he was Jeff’s but understand this . she found out when she was about 5 months along 2 weeks later we were at the hospital delivering him to save him Charley had found out Dalton was not his and went off on her. I was there for his birth and his death. My mom does not even know. “

I left Trey’s office with a heavy heart I knew some how , some way Jeff needed to know even if his son was dead.
Jeff looked up as I walked back in “ she is stocking the back coke machine and she found this little coke machine for the front she is bound and determine to get us out of the hole we are in “
I nodded as I saw her , she looked over” they are running and they are stocked.

I leaned against the counter “ I need to ask you a painful question Ami”
Ami stopped then looked at me “ ask?”
I took a deep breath” who was Dalton Hardy?” sharing a look with Jeff who stopped drawing.
Ami’s eyes filled up with tears “ no one please forget it… how did you find out about him?”
I shared another look with Jeff” I followed you … I know who he is thanks to your brother do you think his father would have liked to known?”

Ami turned” why!? He is dead I got to hold him for a damn hour before he past away in my arms! Let it go please!!”
Jeff looked at her” we had a child and I never knew?! How old would he had been if he would have lived?”
I answered “ 16 according to Trey she found out when she was 5 months and 2 weeks later they were delivering him to save him thanks to Charley “

“ I wanted that baby it was the last thing I had of Jeff” I heard her say . Jeff looked at me as I took the deepest breath I could before I spoke “ I am sorry to bring it up . but we all needed to know I like to know a little about the people I hire “
I watched as Ami turned around “ you want to know the real reason I divorced Charley ??? I got tired of the beatings and the raping … he would say it was because I could not give him a son like I did Jeff now if you will excuse me I am going to put away the damn ink” walking off.

I sat down in my chair blowing out a breath did I just fuck up a great work relationship with Ami ? as I watched her walk back in to her new work area I looked over at Jeff then mouthed ‘ sorry I thought you should know about him’
Jeff nodded then whispered” I will talk to her later”
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PostSubject: Re: Safe Haven    Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:09 am

Safe haven 4

Jeff’s pov

It stunned me to find out I had been a father but it hurt also … I barely been adult when he was conceived I did not fault Ami for trying to save him but I started wondering what he would have been like when I heard a snap in my face I looked up “ yes Ami?”

“ you have a client are you ready?” she mumbled as she walked off” what is this space out day??”
I got out of my chair , walking to the front to see Alex . I laughed” back for another one ?”
he looked up from his magazine” no man back to finish the original one up “ I nodded “ give me a few minutes …what are you doing?” looking as Ami drew tattoo up.
She looked up” Shannon is going to ink me while it is slow “

Shannon yelled for Ami to come on back to his area. I then saw the tattoo it was pair of angel wings banded Alex and I sat there and watched as she got the tattoo it was on the ankle bone. But then I saw she had more … this would have been 3 but Shannon laughed at Alex “ this makes 4 she has one of the tip of her spine…. But if someone can get into her good graces again he would know what it means “ looking at me . then I saw as she made a face he must have hit that ankle bone.
I was shocked she had any! She hated needles I knew she used to flinch when getting shots.

I was buys the rest of the morning when I got a spare minute I saw her sitting up the displays of the shirts she put a lock on the cabinet giving Shannon the other key. That is when he told her he had a dentist appointment and was leaving early. Then looked back at me .
Alex looked back and mumbled” damn she is hot! How can you work with her??”
I stopped and watched her “ yes she id and she is all mine just does not know it yet again”

Alex looked at me “ lucky damn dog! How??”
I laughed “ this time around I will not let her go over a damn key”
Alex was puzzled but Shannon spoke up” Alex , Ami is Jeff’s first love and middle thru high school girlfriend . they broke up over him losing a key to something I don’t remember “
We all did not hear as Ami walked back” the key was to my apartment and that is not the reason I was told he cheated on me with Sherrie Shoemaker”

I stood up stretching my legs for a minute “ so we were both told lies”
She looked over” what was you told smart ass…. I could not take a cheater you knew that .. her friend Carol showed me pictures of you two in a very interesting position that is why I dumped you “
I took a deep breath” I was told you went out with Jason because you was mad at me about the key”
I laughed but agreed with her “people need to mind their own damn business ! it was never about a key !”
I knew Shannon was going to leave soon and I knew this was my chance to get her back if I could.
I needed to let her know I never gave up hope we would find our way back to each other.
Shannon left about 2:30 . he came Ami the codes so she could lock up… tonight we closed early since it was one of our slowest night …

Ami was putting up advertisement of the shirts and the prices when I walked in from the back.” How’s the ankle?”
she looked up” burning but I can not let that stop me “
I leaned over her display case “ why did we ever break up? We still cared? “
Ami got off the ladder” we were young and stupid ..why are you asking YEARS later when we can not get that kind of love back … that innocence?”
I sat down “ but we can try again …this time not letting anyone get in our way”

Ami looked back at me “ you have a child ….so I am told. … why me anyway ? I am not the same person anymore Charley changed me … I am not the shy Ami you knew back then”
I shrugged” I am not the same clumsy Jeff anymore … and the baby is Charley’s not mine “
She giggled” you were never clumsy… how is itchyweed?”
I smiled at her …. She remember him after all of these years”missing your smiles… Carrie did not like him so he stayed hidden…. He loved you “

Ami shook her head” I can not believe you hooked up with her !”
“ you was not around what was I suppose to do? “ smiling as Ami walked over to me , leaning down “ even if I was around you still got with that Ho I would have smacked you!!”

I reached up grabbing her face with both of my hands ,whispering” if you were around I would have never looked at her… what do you say can there be another chance of us ?”giving her a kiss hoping she would not pull away.
Ami stumbled into my arms. I just hoped no one showed up I did not want to let her go.

The shop’s phone started ringing Ami leaned back,breathless “ I have to get that !” getting off of my lap.
I heard her say” Gas Chamber ink, this is Ami?”
then she looked over as she laughed” I will go ahead and close shop and ask Jeff to go with me to come and get your butt so he can drive to your place in the truck”
I snickered as she hung up” Boss is drugged?! And they will not let him drive?”
Ami nodded as she laughed … I walked over and grabbed her” damn no more playtime!!” pouting .
She put her finger over my lips “ just make it worth my while this time “
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Safe Haven
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